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Instant Water Freezing - 5 Amazing Tricks -
Published: 2 years ago By: Mr. Hacker

By: Mr. HackerPublished: 2 years ago

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5 amazing tricks with instant water freezing

Mohamed Ali
'Mohamed Ali' 2 hours ago
This is fake!
'TANG INA MO' 4 hours ago
what happen if i drink that
salvador II legaspi
'salvador II legaspi' 9 hours ago
There something in the water
salvador II legaspi
'salvador II legaspi' 9 hours ago
Divyesh Chauhan
'Divyesh Chauhan' 1 day ago
Mr. Haker kai bottle me rakha pani liquid nitrogen to nahi????
Sapan Gain
'Sapan Gain' 1 day ago
not possible
Arsh Learning Tech
Which typ of water man
silayan prabu
'silayan prabu' 1 day ago
Are you joking?
swati kakad
'swati kakad' 1 day ago
Abhay Raju
'Abhay Raju' 2 days ago
It's fake
Amar Kumar Sah
'Amar Kumar Sah' 3 days ago
instant hahahah lol
Best fun
'Best fun' 4 days ago
I liked
krish Mahajan
'krish Mahajan' 5 days ago
Niyas Pp
'Niyas Pp' 6 days ago
Florin Daniel
'Florin Daniel' 6 days ago
Its in romanian sorry
Ratna Singh
'Ratna Singh' 1 week ago
Yes it works
'KatieDoesCodes' 1 week ago
Or put it in the freezer for an hour and it will be ice cold
Ankur Khan
'Ankur Khan' 1 week ago
Did it work for any one?
Rafat Rahman Niloy4
don't belive this its fake
Vadim Tosun
'Vadim Tosun' 1 week ago
When the wine glass is a beer glass
Bass THA Sasquatch
This title is deceiving
Louis Tiong
'Louis Tiong' 1 week ago
What happens when u drink it?
Salim Khan
'Salim Khan' 2 weeks ago
is it realy happen
Abu Zao
'Abu Zao' 2 weeks ago
Spy Crab
'Spy Crab' 2 weeks ago
I was suppose to drink blue and i put it in the the freezer one day when i open it and drink it it turn to ice
U r using cold ice
Sankalp Anand
'Sankalp Anand' 2 weeks ago
You suck
Parul Gupta
'Parul Gupta' 2 weeks ago
Amazing 😍
'Smahs' 2 weeks ago
'Juben' 2 weeks ago
So he used freezer. I thought he will tell some different technique to freeze water instantly without using a freezer to cool it first.
Umer Khan
'Umer Khan' 2 weeks ago
nothing happen
lucas santos
'lucas santos' 2 weeks ago
King of random
Daxaz Daxaz
'Daxaz Daxaz' 2 weeks ago
3d Sound
'ROMAN REINGS' 2 weeks ago
Ohhhhh his instant means 2 to 3 hrs 😮😮😮😮
current orange
'current orange' 2 weeks ago
Happended to me by accident more than once
Haris Taousidys
'Haris Taousidys' 2 weeks ago
At 1:53 it looks like a dementor is passing by!!😀
kookie bookie
'kookie bookie' 2 weeks ago
That's looks so cool!!
shyam mishra
'shyam mishra' 2 weeks ago
This is real working
Kenneth Rivera
'Kenneth Rivera' 2 weeks ago
It happens me all the time
'SHOW MAKER' 2 weeks ago
I neva freeze
الاا ةىةل
'الاا ةىةل' 2 weeks ago
this video is fake and ur tricks are all fake so dont make video otherwise i will complete to police for making the people fool and making loss of time. ((Innond sala video madid andre ni naag saath haudhi thini)).u are not MR.hacker U R get lost.
Yashu 7898
'Yashu 7898' 2 weeks ago
Or keep the bottle in the freezer for 15 hours
Clan Hammaad Flashfire
What if you freeze your mouth in the refrigerator. Without shaking. You will produce ice😂😂
Shiny Crystal
'Shiny Crystal' 2 weeks ago
Aditya Bulbule
'Aditya Bulbule' 3 weeks ago
No its not true zoot hai ye sab
Keifoong 7788
'Keifoong 7788' 3 weeks ago
0:58 " Let it go , Let it go "
padmalatha peruri
'padmalatha peruri' 3 weeks ago
Glitch Animations
'Glitch Animations' 3 weeks ago
*INSTANT* 1.5 Hour wtf Why??
Ali_ Naeem
'Ali_ Naeem' 3 weeks ago
I complete 1st water trick but fake
Dhruv Sharma
'Dhruv Sharma' 3 weeks ago
Bro I tried but I failed to do first and second trick as well as third forth and fifth to.. Can someone give me some tips.. Hit like if u too tried and failed to do it. Do comment to help me... Plz.
NarayanaMurthy Rajaram
Is this real
'Natal11' 3 weeks ago
'Alex' 3 weeks ago
I do this all the time lol !(: pretty cool
Haydar Ali Akbar
'Haydar Ali Akbar' 3 weeks ago
Finally i can die in piece
Luis Tan
'Luis Tan' 3 weeks ago
Haji Baba
'Haji Baba' 3 weeks ago
sk jasimuddin
'sk jasimuddin' 3 weeks ago
this is instant? cheater.
Queen of kitchen
'Queen of kitchen' 3 weeks ago
Awesome tricks
'Mattwerty' 4 weeks ago
2 of the five "tricks" are the same "tricks" from before -_-
Lassi Kähkönen
'Lassi Kähkönen' 4 weeks ago
Instructions unclear got my dick stuck in a toaster
Mushfiqur Rahman
'Mushfiqur Rahman' 4 weeks ago
Saju Niyaz
'Saju Niyaz' 4 weeks ago
Its fake
Jad - Minecraft And More
learning is funn rock guru
real cooool
dj sk beatbox
'dj sk beatbox' 4 weeks ago
33 DONT SHAKE IT!!!!.. 35 ..SHAKE IT
Aman Singh
'Aman Singh' 4 weeks ago
'NTDTV' 4 weeks ago
Hi Mr. Hacker, It's Michelle from NTD Television ( ). Our mission is to uplift the world through sharing Truth, Hope, and Humanity. Your videos are great! We totally love them (such as )! We would like to upload your videos on our websites with full credit, and would like to give you more details. Please drop me an email at [email protected] Thank you.
Vaidehi Mohan
'Vaidehi Mohan' 4 weeks ago
just keep it in the simple instead of wasting5.5 hrs.dumb
Funny video
'Funny video' 4 weeks ago
Kardam Mansi
'Kardam Mansi' 4 weeks ago
How is it possible
Jovit Pratap singh
'Jovit Pratap singh' 1 month ago
IT doesn't work,do not try 😐
sorin soproncu
'sorin soproncu' 1 month ago
Woooooow!!! 😮😮
'Laserman' 1 month ago
'CLASHER YASH' 1 month ago
I think it is fake
Satvik Pruthi
'Satvik Pruthi' 1 month ago
Today is my birthday can i get 100 subs on my channel.pleeeease😅☺
Wanda DScott
'Wanda DScott' 1 month ago
This happen to me by accident. My Husband had a bottle of flavored Purified Water in the freezer. I took it out, cracked it open and poured it over Ice. I as shocked. I said to him what the hell is in this water to make it do this. We had to google it. Because distilled and Purified water has no impurities, when super cooled it reacts in this manner. It is for real. I will have fun amazing the Grands with this trick.
ayan beyblade bettel
yuvraj sharma
'yuvraj sharma' 1 month ago
Freezer or not
Jash Ghelani
'Jash Ghelani' 1 month ago
What was the science behind it.. BTW thw video was awesome 👏👏👍
Bhavesh Patil
'Bhavesh Patil' 1 month ago
Really works!!!
Aayush Aggarwal
'Aayush Aggarwal' 1 month ago
can u explain why it happens?
Future trunks
'Future trunks' 1 month ago
What will happan when you putt your fingers in that
Cheerag Sridhar
'Cheerag Sridhar' 1 month ago
Which has low freezing point
Cheerag Sridhar
'Cheerag Sridhar' 1 month ago
Acetic acid
Cheerag Sridhar
'Cheerag Sridhar' 1 month ago
Actually this glacial
Cheerag Sridhar
'Cheerag Sridhar' 1 month ago
This is fake
Shuly Khatoon
'Shuly Khatoon' 1 month ago
'Kewiner' 1 month ago
Instant = 5 hours
John Steve
'John Steve' 1 month ago
Can you hack Delta wars ????
Aduloo ASMR
'Aduloo ASMR' 1 month ago
1:00 kto od friza ?
entertaitment everything you like
Instant water 💧 freezing does not work just boring
lan gu
'lan gu' 1 month ago
I tried several times, But it didn't work. I used distilled water bought from Walmart. I tried 1.5 hours, 1 hour 40 minutes, 2 hours and 2 hours and 20 minutes. Would you please help find out why? I really want to show it to my daughter. Thanks.
Sir M
'Sir M' 1 month ago
narmin sajin
'narmin sajin' 1 month ago
Can you teach me how to do it
Yashu 7898
'Yashu 7898' 1 month ago
Wtf howw unbelievable thanks bruh
Peerthy Kaushik
'Peerthy Kaushik' 1 month ago
The water became ice whhen i did it
Sanjay Bhakta
'Sanjay Bhakta' 1 month ago
Beau Mirchoff
'Beau Mirchoff' 1 month ago
Yr u are lovely aweson
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