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Instant Water Freezing - 5 Amazing Tricks -
Published: 2 years ago By: Mr. Hacker

By: Mr. HackerPublished: 2 years ago

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5 amazing tricks with instant water freezing

'napowik' 2 hours ago
now drink it and jump :D
'E MP' 10 hours ago
I'm confused so do you put it in the freezer for 4 hrs or fucking 1.5?
Fishy Boss
'Fishy Boss' 18 hours ago
Does it have to be hit instantly after being taken out the freezer
'tiaramonei' 4 days ago
Don’t fall for it
'SONALI SINHA' 6 days ago
is it really works
Ethan Bivens
'Ethan Bivens' 7 days ago
All these tricks worked for me
Jorge Bascur
'Jorge Bascur' 2 weeks ago
I just had that happen completely by accident. I let a "Oh Sh*t" out, and my wife got mad for it
Franco M
'Franco M' 2 weeks ago
Very clean water can slowly become 'super cooled' -- The water molecules are locked in place until the 'surface tension' is broken allowing the molecules to reconfigure into ice. 😔Physics (not math) is the basis of all the Sciences. Math is the basis of illustrating and understanding all the Sciences. IMO
'NBVlogger' 2 weeks ago
Who is here in 2018!!
Bala Raju
'Bala Raju' 2 weeks ago
Fake if you see this video you wast
Pronoti Baishnab
'Pronoti Baishnab' 3 weeks ago
I don't know what I did wrong but my any of the trick is not working 😭😩😤😟
Anu Krishnan
'Anu Krishnan' 4 weeks ago
Courtney Bunny
'Courtney Bunny' 4 weeks ago
My brother did this and he started FREAKING OUT
NightEagle 79
'NightEagle 79' 4 weeks ago
1.5 Hours is mean 1 Hour 5 minutes ?
'Greyraes' 1 month ago
I actually ended doing this by accident. Just chucked room temperature bottle in the freezer and couldn't wait any longer and vuala
Bashar Younes - Churchill Meadows PS (1314)
you need no chmical water
Brianna Nagy
'Brianna Nagy' 1 month ago
Doesnt work.
'manaze85' 1 month ago
Who drinks wine out of martini and Pilsner glasses?
Layla Cutie
'Layla Cutie' 2 months ago
Wait we need waiting 4 hour?
Madhu Raj
'Madhu Raj' 2 months ago
It was amazing
Gaming with H.H.
'Gaming with H.H.' 2 months ago
“Dont shake!” Shake the bottle” 😂🤪
'JakeTheLego25' 2 months ago
Hey guys! New definition for “instant!” It means.... 5.5 hours! Yay! Now you can say you did your homework instantly. 😃
Tom Harrison
'Tom Harrison' 2 months ago
Could anyone tell me, at what temperature does this trick stop taking effect? Advice would be helpful.
Ken Des
'Ken Des' 2 months ago
I wonder if this can work with juice
Simon Kajbaek
'Simon Kajbaek' 2 months ago
Make a face at me
'Make a face at me' 2 months ago
Wow even his first video did REALLY well!
clash royal
'clash royal' 2 months ago
Arvind Varma
'Arvind Varma' 2 months ago
Gl1mmer m4n
'Gl1mmer m4n' 3 months ago
Ten Youtubers i like 1. Jelly1. 2. *Mr. Hacker* 3. -Poke- CLICKBAITER so i removed 4. -Tofuu- CLICKBAITER so i removed 5. kwebblekop 6. Guava Juice 7. WolfieRaps 8. Home Science 9. Funny life 10. Myself lel Here is a bonus 1. *Mr. Hacker* 2. *Mr. Hacker* 3. *Mr. Hacker* 4. *Mr. Hacker* 5. *Mr. Hacker* 6. *Mr. Hacker* 7. *Mr. Hacker* 8. *Mr. Hacker* 9. *Mr. Hacker* 10. *Mr. Hacker*
George Thomas
'George Thomas' 3 months ago
What happens when you try to drink the supercooled water?
Amera Mahfoz
'Amera Mahfoz' 3 months ago
Paul Gligor
'Paul Gligor' 3 months ago
You got a new sub
Shaheer Henderson
'Shaheer Henderson' 3 months ago
It takes little time to freeze. I show it on my channel. Put the bottle in the freezer for like an hour and boom.
Happy Hoodiee
'Happy Hoodiee' 3 months ago
a nigga just tryna freeze this water instantly so he can abuse his privileges with his tongue, not wait a quarter of the day...
Seran Nedumaran
'Seran Nedumaran' 3 months ago
this is fake because i tried it many times
Lapamato Geiming
'Lapamato Geiming' 4 months ago
music sucks
Rajeev Venkataswamy
'Rajeev Venkataswamy' 4 months ago
Scientific Reason behind the first one ?
Amazing World
'Amazing World' 4 months ago
hi hi
'hi hi' 4 months ago
destiny crisis
'destiny crisis' 4 months ago
sub to me and ill sub with 50 accounts
'ladyrob4110' 4 months ago
uhm, I've been doing this for years
aiman haziq
'aiman haziq' 5 months ago
xXNight HalkXx
'xXNight HalkXx' 5 months ago
It doesn't work it was patched in last update
this is awesome
Gamer 4 Life
'Gamer 4 Life' 5 months ago
its not work
EmilyLoves Puppi3s
'EmilyLoves Puppi3s' 5 months ago
I left mine in over night
Joanne Wolf
'Joanne Wolf' 5 months ago
We just tried it, your a joke👿
Bui Duyen
'Bui Duyen' 5 months ago
I do it like the video but it allways frzee after 1:30:00
Bhavyen dhruv
'Bhavyen dhruv' 5 months ago
oh its true......................yeahh
'ZanDaMan' 5 months ago
I did this earlier and it made it a slushie instantly. I had it in there for about 2 hours and 15 minutes and I took and out and put it on the counter and walked back to shut the freezer and when I turned around I saw it was freezing. I was confused because it looked frozen but the bottle was squishy then I realized it was a slushie
Ghanshyam  Shukla
'Ghanshyam Shukla' 5 months ago
Very nice
Ghanshyam  Shukla
'Ghanshyam Shukla' 5 months ago
Very nice
'maksik.' 5 months ago
Why does this work? Is it because 1.5 hours get it just close enough to the freezing point but doesn't freeze so when you add a piece of ice it cools the water and completes the freezing process?
MR. Nobody
'MR. Nobody' 6 months ago
is this sodium asitate
MR. Nobody
'MR. Nobody' 6 months ago
hey man this is not water
Hit music video world
Alexis Ibanez
'Alexis Ibanez' 6 months ago
I tried it its so cool I just did it randomly I put water in the freezer and hit on accident and it worked I did it two times in a row and it does work
'DRoHoFG' 6 months ago
Hacks ND Experiments
'Hacks ND Experiments' 6 months ago
Hello everyone! Subscribe to me and i will subscribe back with two accounts.Also give me 3 views each and i will give you 6 views each.When done reply done.
Crazy Girl
'Crazy Girl' 6 months ago
Everyone, I believe there has been a misunderstanding. Many people say "1.5 hours is -a lot- or -that's not instant- Its called instant ice, because it has appeared as liquid (in which it is) and the hitting, or sudden motion cause's a physical change. Where it turns into ice. It is -INSTANT- ice, yes the process may be a bit long. But, once completed it is instant ice.
Leo Mingo
'Leo Mingo' 6 months ago
Tauhid Rahman Gazi
'Tauhid Rahman Gazi' 6 months ago
why I can not doing
Anime Mairof
'Anime Mairof' 6 months ago
Is this real?????!!!!
I got clickbaited
venrera faltis
'venrera faltis' 6 months ago
S C I E N C E very cool video (pun intended)
Shivam Rathi
'Shivam Rathi' 6 months ago
Well made video
Poonam Tripathi
'Poonam Tripathi' 6 months ago
ahh you did not need fridger lolol
'McOinky' 6 months ago
Hrrrm this could explain the trick Dynamo did with the freezing fountain
'username61211' 6 months ago
Retard video... go F yourself for wasting my time
john Sheehan
'john Sheehan' 6 months ago
how long do you have till it doesn't work or does it just never run out
Tina Chelwani
'Tina Chelwani' 6 months ago
it's not working at all n i tried it two times it's all fake 😔😓😏
adi sutar
'adi sutar' 7 months ago
where can u find -18° C ?
Warta Present
'Warta Present' 7 months ago
welcome please to Warta Present
Aakarshan Singh
'Aakarshan Singh' 7 months ago
ducky fake
Ramsha Asad
'Ramsha Asad' 7 months ago
for how much of time should we keep the water bottle in the freezer ?
ניר אפשטיין
this is not working to me
Jitender yadav
'Jitender yadav' 7 months ago
'SUMEDH DOLKE' 7 months ago
looks good, doesn't work?
Lập Nguyễn
'Lập Nguyễn' 7 months ago
T tLloyD's mO :-O I'll mo k?
Allison Rose
'Allison Rose' 7 months ago
Wtf !! 😄😄😄 awesome trick !
Jovan Climaco
'Jovan Climaco' 7 months ago looks like i have a Science Fair presentation preparation already
Mango Diaz
'Mango Diaz' 7 months ago
I did this before and thought I had the ability to make magical slushies
Mayand Raj
'Mayand Raj' 7 months ago
necessary to keep at -18°c??
Ditas Veg
'Ditas Veg' 7 months ago
Cannot cannot cannot believe
'DJkinq//8-BitRemixer' 7 months ago
instant=1.5 hours
tucker baskit
'tucker baskit' 7 months ago
Sweet I am going to use this trick to get Ice in an AC unit to cool my room =D
Venkadesh Prasath
'Venkadesh Prasath' 7 months ago
does this process definitely need exactly -18℃?
Future King
'Future King' 7 months ago
Yo this is real I tried it I swear promise you that this happened to me I was scared I didn't know what to do but this trick is cool
bread crumbs
'bread crumbs' 8 months ago
I can't believe this
'IVIakeItHappen' 8 months ago
anyone tried this with fruit juice or alcohol?
Ngan Dang
'Ngan Dang' 8 months ago
Ngan Dang
'Ngan Dang' 8 months ago
Rajneel Tiwari
'Rajneel Tiwari' 8 months ago
What should I do if my freezer. has no celcius markings but 1 2 3 4 5 and coldest marking
Jake San Buenaventura
Faizan Ali
'Faizan Ali' 8 months ago
Abishek Upadhaya
'Abishek Upadhaya' 8 months ago
can you show us about magnet experiment
Shampa Kanjilal
'Shampa Kanjilal' 8 months ago
kiya water bottle me ice tha isliye wo wosa shape liya?
Raj Mohite
'Raj Mohite' 8 months ago
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