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Instant Water Freezing - 5 Amazing Tricks -
Published: 2 years ago By: Mr. Hacker

By: Mr. HackerPublished: 2 years ago

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5 amazing tricks with instant water freezing

hi hi
'hi hi' 4 hours ago
destiny crisis
'destiny crisis' 1 week ago
sub to me and ill sub with 50 accounts
'ladyrob4110' 2 weeks ago
uhm, I've been doing this for years
aiman haziq
'aiman haziq' 3 weeks ago
xXNight HalkXx
'xXNight HalkXx' 3 weeks ago
It doesn't work it was patched in last update
this is awesome
Gamer 4 Life
'Gamer 4 Life' 3 weeks ago
its not work
EmilyLoves Puppi3s
'EmilyLoves Puppi3s' 4 weeks ago
I left mine in over night
Joanne Wolf
'Joanne Wolf' 4 weeks ago
We just tried it, your a joke👿
Bui Duyen
'Bui Duyen' 1 month ago
I do it like the video but it allways frzee after 1:30:00
Bhavyen dhruv
'Bhavyen dhruv' 1 month ago
oh its true......................yeahh
'ZanDaMan' 1 month ago
I did this earlier and it made it a slushie instantly. I had it in there for about 2 hours and 15 minutes and I took and out and put it on the counter and walked back to shut the freezer and when I turned around I saw it was freezing. I was confused because it looked frozen but the bottle was squishy then I realized it was a slushie
Ghanshyam  Shukla
'Ghanshyam Shukla' 1 month ago
Very nice
Ghanshyam  Shukla
'Ghanshyam Shukla' 1 month ago
Very nice
'maksik.' 2 months ago
Why does this work? Is it because 1.5 hours get it just close enough to the freezing point but doesn't freeze so when you add a piece of ice it cools the water and completes the freezing process?
MR. Nobody
'MR. Nobody' 2 months ago
is this sodium asitate
MR. Nobody
'MR. Nobody' 2 months ago
hey man this is not water
Hit music video world
Alexis Ibanez
'Alexis Ibanez' 2 months ago
I tried it its so cool I just did it randomly I put water in the freezer and hit on accident and it worked I did it two times in a row and it does work
'DRoHoFG' 2 months ago
Hacks nd Experiments
'Hacks nd Experiments' 2 months ago
Hello everyone! Subscribe to me and i will subscribe back with two accounts.Also give me 3 views each and i will give you 6 views each.When done reply done.
Savannah City
'Savannah City' 2 months ago
Everyone, I believe there has been a misunderstanding. Many people say "1.5 hours is -a lot- or -that's not instant- Its called instant ice, because it has appeared as liquid (in which it is) and the hitting, or sudden motion cause's a physical change. Where it turns into ice. It is -INSTANT- ice, yes the process may be a bit long. But, once completed it is instant ice.
world of games
'world of games' 2 months ago
Local lol
Leo Mingo
'Leo Mingo' 2 months ago
Tauhid Rahman Gazi
'Tauhid Rahman Gazi' 2 months ago
why I can not doing
Mairof Gaming
'Mairof Gaming' 2 months ago
Is this real?????!!!!
'SomeRandomGuy' 2 months ago
I got clickbaited
venrera faltis
'venrera faltis' 2 months ago
S C I E N C E very cool video (pun intended)
Shivam Rathi
'Shivam Rathi' 2 months ago
Well made video
Poonam Tripathi
'Poonam Tripathi' 2 months ago
ahh you did not need fridger lolol
'McOinky' 2 months ago
Hrrrm this could explain the trick Dynamo did with the freezing fountain
'username61211' 2 months ago
Retard video... go F yourself for wasting my time
john Sheehan
'john Sheehan' 2 months ago
how long do you have till it doesn't work or does it just never run out
Tina Chelwani
'Tina Chelwani' 2 months ago
it's not working at all n i tried it two times it's all fake 😔😓😏
adi sutar
'adi sutar' 3 months ago
where can u find -18° C ?
Warta Present
'Warta Present' 3 months ago
welcome please to Warta Present
Aakarshan Singh
'Aakarshan Singh' 3 months ago
ducky fake
Ramsha Asad
'Ramsha Asad' 3 months ago
for how much of time should we keep the water bottle in the freezer ?
ניר אפשטיין
this is not working to me
Jitender yadav
'Jitender yadav' 3 months ago
'SUMEDH DOLKE' 3 months ago
looks good, doesn't work?
Lập Nguyễn
'Lập Nguyễn' 3 months ago
T tLloyD's mO :-O I'll mo k?
Allison Rose
'Allison Rose' 3 months ago
Wtf !! 😄😄😄 awesome trick !
Jovan Climaco
'Jovan Climaco' 3 months ago looks like i have a Science Fair presentation preparation already
Mango Diaz
'Mango Diaz' 3 months ago
I did this before and thought I had the ability to make magical slushies
Mayand Raj
'Mayand Raj' 3 months ago
necessary to keep at -18°c??
Ditas Veg
'Ditas Veg' 3 months ago
Cannot cannot cannot believe
DJCritic Productions
'DJCritic Productions' 3 months ago
instant=1.5 hours
tucker baskit
'tucker baskit' 3 months ago
Sweet I am going to use this trick to get Ice in an AC unit to cool my room =D
Venkadesh Prasath
'Venkadesh Prasath' 3 months ago
does this process definitely need exactly -18℃?
Future King
'Future King' 3 months ago
Yo this is real I tried it I swear promise you that this happened to me I was scared I didn't know what to do but this trick is cool
Bread crumbs
'Bread crumbs' 4 months ago
I can't believe this
'IVIakeItHappen' 4 months ago
anyone tried this with fruit juice or alcohol?
Ngan Dang
'Ngan Dang' 4 months ago
Ngan Dang
'Ngan Dang' 4 months ago
Rajneel Tiwari
'Rajneel Tiwari' 4 months ago
What should I do if my freezer. has no celcius markings but 1 2 3 4 5 and coldest marking
Jake San Buenaventura
Dbz goku
'Dbz goku' 4 months ago
Abishek Upadhaya
'Abishek Upadhaya' 4 months ago
can you show us about magnet experiment
Shampa Kanjilal
'Shampa Kanjilal' 4 months ago
kiya water bottle me ice tha isliye wo wosa shape liya?
Raj Mohite
'Raj Mohite' 4 months ago
'LEO_sm03' 4 months ago
Doing this for the science fair this year
Chief IndianYT
'Chief IndianYT' 4 months ago
is it really possible in real life or it is possible behind camera only.???
Cole Hostetler
'Cole Hostetler' 4 months ago
For #3 what temperature for the water? Dry ice? Wet ice? It's not working for me
'COSMIC DINO' 4 months ago
What if you bottle flip it and it worked 🤔
Sasha Kusumadewi
'Sasha Kusumadewi' 4 months ago
i like this video
WV Redneck
'WV Redneck' 4 months ago
did this by accident once almost shit my pants i thought i was losing my mind
Dc Comix
'Dc Comix' 4 months ago
I was thirsty when I watched this
looserjr hi
'looserjr hi' 4 months ago
does it have to be exactly 1.5 hours?
Akshay Sri
'Akshay Sri' 4 months ago
does this work with opened water bottles ???
Fernando Aquino
'Fernando Aquino' 4 months ago
let's burn him.
'PeepEditor' 4 months ago
guys I Did it but i h ave a prob I hit The bottle n My table broke
'SEYEON PARK' 4 months ago
Is this really work?
Alex Bro
'Alex Bro' 4 months ago
Mr hacker I like this vid
elizaann 00
'elizaann 00' 4 months ago
I remember doing this when I was little. It was on accident, I was so amazed when the water in the bottle suddenly froze in front of me.
'Chris' 4 months ago
What if you drink it, will it solidify in your throat?
prasad hewalkar
'prasad hewalkar' 4 months ago
Tanghour Meas
'Tanghour Meas' 5 months ago
is this really work?
Jayanth Gadam
'Jayanth Gadam' 5 months ago
wtf you fucker...
'slaywee' 5 months ago
i hit the water on my table and it breaked.
prank bazen
'prank bazen' 5 months ago
prank bazen
'prank bazen' 5 months ago
Foster Kendall
'Foster Kendall' 5 months ago
that Moana music in the background
Henri Huttunen
'Henri Huttunen' 5 months ago
Wow thats amazing!
'TheVidBeast' 5 months ago
'Lazzam' 5 months ago
I hate when my beer does that..
Mahendra Mahi
'Mahendra Mahi' 5 months ago
instead of hitting.. turn upside down quickly..
Phoebe PM
'Phoebe PM' 5 months ago
stephanie gallegos
'stephanie gallegos' 5 months ago
I already knew that
Brett Atkins
'Brett Atkins' 5 months ago
Pulls out exacto knife
Jayson Rittenhouse
'Jayson Rittenhouse' 5 months ago
Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I put bottles of water in the freezer for about 2 hours. When I took them out, I realised that the water had already started to freeze. The bottle was solid since the outer layer of the water closest to the plastic had already frozen, but most of it was still liquid. First, I tried hitting the bottle with the water inside it - nothing really happened but I think some of the water that wasn't already frozen began to freeze a bit because a lot more ice crystals formed, but it was nothing like what happened in the video. With the other bottle, poured some of it into a glass and place ice in it - nothing happened at all. Am I leaving it in the freezer for too long or too short? It seems like I'm leaving it in for too long since the water started to freeze, but shouldn't that mean the rest of the unfrozen water should freeze instantly? Or it is something to do with the freezer? Is it too cold? Would freezing it more slowly at a less colder temperature work? Or is it to do with the water? I filled the bottle with filtered water from the fridge dispenser.
the running orc
'the running orc' 6 months ago
I tried it it's so cool
Chara Dreemurr
'Chara Dreemurr' 6 months ago
Thanks! I have done all of these hacks that Mr. Hacker has on his videos and put them in my basement closet! Now I can survive the Undertale Tricoonforce in 2018!
Rajasekaran Sathish
'Rajasekaran Sathish' 6 months ago
wow so nice video
Dark Viprin
'Dark Viprin' 6 months ago
2:00 that didn't work
3RroR SanS
'3RroR SanS' 6 months ago
lol its easy to find the first video but nice tricks bro
Birendra Kumar
'Birendra Kumar' 6 months ago
it's totally fake
Allen Tilson
'Allen Tilson' 6 months ago
do it with a water gun
Suzete Ståhlsparre
'Suzete Ståhlsparre' 6 months ago
Does the glas break if you do this
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