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Instant Water Freezing - 5 Amazing Tricks -
Published: 1 year ago By: Mr. Hacker

By: Mr. HackerPublished: 1 year ago

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5 amazing tricks with instant water freezing

Dark Viprin
'Dark Viprin' 12 hours ago
2:00 that didn't work
TnT Jack
'TnT Jack' 3 days ago
lol its easy to find the first video but nice tricks bro
Birendra Kumar
'Birendra Kumar' 1 week ago
it's totally fake
Allen Tilson
'Allen Tilson' 1 week ago
do it with a water gun
Suzete Ståhlsparre
Does the glas break if you do this
Niki Marov
'Niki Marov' 1 week ago
I do not have -18* freezer <;(
Ladbai Gujher
'Ladbai Gujher' 2 weeks ago
Mr hacer u r great
Elliott Spratt
'Elliott Spratt' 2 weeks ago
1:45 what happens if you put your hand in?
Kenneth Ficara Toba
'Kenneth Ficara Toba' 2 weeks ago
Can i put it on frezeer with -1 temperature
Christopher Louque
'Christopher Louque' 2 weeks ago
my mind is blown. wtf??!?!?!?
Joshua Gupta
'Joshua Gupta' 3 weeks ago
You are an amazing person.if possible please tell how do you do the trick in your videos.☺️😍👌👌👍
Daily Satisfaction
'Daily Satisfaction' 3 weeks ago
music plz
Jim Gardner
'Jim Gardner' 3 weeks ago
Four hours isn't exactly instant is it? Demonstrate that without disturbing the bottle.
Julian Biondollo
'Julian Biondollo' 3 weeks ago
How much is 1.5 hours? Oh okay, instant MY ASS
Padepokan Lindu Aji
'Padepokan Lindu Aji' 4 weeks ago
Julian Studios
'Julian Studios' 1 month ago
This takes 5.5 hours i dont see how thats "instantly"
christina silva
'christina silva' 1 month ago
non of these work
Kuba IIX
'Kuba IIX' 1 month ago
Who else thought that the water would taste good but u realize it's water
Saeru ruru
'Saeru ruru' 1 month ago
X- Ray
'X- Ray' 1 month ago
So I'm guessing the science behind hitting the bottle is pressure. More pressure will make the already slow water molecules get packed closer and thus freezing it. However what intrigues me is why it starts at the top rather than the point of impact...
Duy Khoi Pham
'Duy Khoi Pham' 1 month ago
Are you mrgear's friend ?
'이승현' 1 month ago
Can someone help me The water bottle just freezes completely in the fridge after like 50mins how do I just get the bottle to a tempature that is cold but not frozen?
'Jazzy37' 2 months ago
This actually did work I tried it, and I have a video of it on my channel.
Parmis Khalili
'Parmis Khalili' 2 months ago
Can you eat the ice water afterwards?
žygimantas šeęštokas
not 1,5 hours 5,5 becose you need to leave it for 4 hourd duh
žygimantas šeęštokas
hey you need to chill
ragemurali krishna
'ragemurali krishna' 2 months ago
life haks
'SonicGirlGaming' 2 months ago
One and a half hours, that's what that means
Anmol Ay
'Anmol Ay' 2 months ago
I also so it and it is true
Sophie Wong
'Sophie Wong' 3 months ago
how know u that?
Eunike Agatha
'Eunike Agatha' 3 months ago
Doing this to make myself pretend that I'm Elsa XD
Pappu Hashmi
'Pappu Hashmi' 3 months ago
very nice brow
'willgtl' 3 months ago
It's not even instant when you don't consider that you first have to cool the liquid to near-freezing. Instant means an immeasurably small (Infinitesimal) amount of time. Nice try, but to be liberally classified as an instant, you would have to make that water freeze in less than the amount of time it takes a photon to travel the length of 24 hydrogen atoms. Good luck!
Albie Johnson
'Albie Johnson' 3 months ago
in this trick I will pretend my self to be Elsa on Frozen
Raja9980 !!!
'Raja9980 !!!' 3 months ago
Wow that was mind blowing
Khaled Masud Evan
'Khaled Masud Evan' 3 months ago
you are amazing...
jasmine allen
'jasmine allen' 3 months ago
Mere afford Ms film seek loud ten.
Violetfools Bailey
'Violetfools Bailey' 3 months ago
Dk you have to use a wine glass when you put the ice cube on top of the water
U TechMania
'U TechMania' 3 months ago
great video
Dol esha
'Dol esha' 3 months ago
u r amazing
WeakPassword -
'WeakPassword -' 3 months ago
1.5 hours isn't instant
Cristal Labadan
'Cristal Labadan' 3 months ago
that's was so cool
Huskylover babyoreodog
Tafseer Fatima
'Tafseer Fatima' 3 months ago
water h kya
i like how he's first video was so well made and edited well like the newer ones.
Jay York
'Jay York' 3 months ago
an hour and a half isn't instantly you fucktard
Brandon Clark
'Brandon Clark' 3 months ago
can some one please spell it out fot me. how the fuck does this work. why and how???
Shaikh Faizan
'Shaikh Faizan' 3 months ago
Magic Collection Channel
Hiba khan
'Hiba khan' 3 months ago
It's just awesome :)
Sava Stankovic
'Sava Stankovic' 3 months ago
this video makes me sing let it go
'IQRAMA VASTA' 4 months ago
does it work with tap water
A l e x a n d e r
'A l e x a n d e r' 4 months ago
Does this means I can say that I last 1.5 hours in the bedroom?
Kjartan Awesome Shadow
'Madog_123' 4 months ago
watched this in class .😊😊
Ελενη Μαρια Παπαδακη
please speak greec
Chezzy Elle
'Chezzy Elle' 4 months ago
Will it damage the cup?
Sarah Um
'Sarah Um' 4 months ago
does it has to be in the freezer for 1.5 hours..?
Awesomeness Redefine
'Awesomeness Redefine' 4 months ago
keep it in the freezer for 12 minutes
10 000 Tilaajaa Ilman Videoita ?
What If I Do Waterbottletrickshot Whit This Bottle
Mallika Banerjee
'Mallika Banerjee' 4 months ago
define: clean drinking water...tap? distilled? filtered? bottled?
'KaioGamez' 4 months ago
im bout to go do this right now!!!😀
Arsam Ahmad
'Arsam Ahmad' 4 months ago
pour liquid nitrogen in the water
Lim Zi Qi
'Lim Zi Qi' 4 months ago
Can I use tap water instead of clean drinking water ?
Kurd game
'Kurd game' 4 months ago
Charles Kelvie Suiza
'Charles Kelvie Suiza' 4 months ago
People who say it's fake is because they haven't actually tried it. I've tried it multiple times on my classmates and they're still wondering how I did it.
Dinesh darudkar
'Dinesh darudkar' 4 months ago
it will work???!!!!
Dark Overdose
'Dark Overdose' 4 months ago
You are a liar !
'GoldenNightYT' 4 months ago
fake i did that it did nothing i tried it 24 times
Monsta Killah
'Monsta Killah' 4 months ago
0:50, water bottle flip challenge
hii power
'hii power' 4 months ago
U r too good men
Farisha Afza Azhari
'Farisha Afza Azhari' 4 months ago
why i do it didn't work????!!!
3pups&me -Christina
'3pups&me -Christina' 4 months ago
i bet u feel like Elsa when u do that!
'U_got_me' 4 months ago
omg this is cool😎
Kong Meng
'Kong Meng' 4 months ago
Zohrain Abbas
'Zohrain Abbas' 4 months ago
This is totally a lie because a chemical is added in the water for instant freezing. I followed the instructions but it didn't work.
James First
'James First' 4 months ago
It's not just water, I've seen this trick before. They add something to the water
'LoganTheIceDog' 4 months ago
rocky Rock
'rocky Rock' 4 months ago
clean drinking water?? will fresh water from handpump work???
Maarten V.
'Maarten V.' 4 months ago
I wouldnt say 'instant'.... It takes 5,5 hours! And a room temperature of 25 °C?? That is hot man.....
Shayla Nguyen
'Shayla Nguyen' 4 months ago
Ok um 1.5 hours is the new "instant" guys
Raj Deb
'Raj Deb' 4 months ago
it's the biggest fake nothing happens
'炭がませいら' 4 months ago
Are you copying wengie?
Alecx Tagle
'Alecx Tagle' 4 months ago
Let it Go!
Pinoy House
'Pinoy House' 4 months ago
works with beer
Ray Charles
'Ray Charles' 4 months ago
Ilse Veronica Briones
WOOOOW !!!!!!!!!!
Mikey Lawrence
'Mikey Lawrence' 5 months ago
oh instant means 1.5 hours ok...ok bruh
Josh Angle
'Josh Angle' 5 months ago
I have seen wengie do these ice tricks checkout her channel plz she is awesome!!!!!
Matt And Emily
'Matt And Emily' 5 months ago
Sub too ne
Luke dagostino
'Luke dagostino' 5 months ago
Is this a bunch of bullshit or what
العب براحتك
Briansylvester Camama
how many minutes is 1,5 hours?
MR_Mine TV
'MR_Mine TV' 5 months ago
1:30 or 1:50 How long i Hafe to wagt Because ther is Rice 1,5 minutes
Georgia Noble
'Georgia Noble' 5 months ago
it worked for me yay 😆😆😆😆😆😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
'AtelCoppes' 5 months ago
*amazing :) It's better video in youtube ;)
Angie_Loves_ Kats
'Angie_Loves_ Kats' 5 months ago
Trick 6: Put a little piece of ice on your finger, touch the really cold water and it looks like you have ice powers lol
Radheyshyam Verma
'Radheyshyam Verma' 5 months ago
this is exclusly CHUTIYAPA
'Dani ARTS' 5 months ago
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