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The Brain -
Published: 4 years ago By: Bozeman Science

By: Bozeman SciencePublished: 4 years ago

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The Brain: Structure and Function

In this video Paul Andersen explains the structures and functions of seventeen major parts of the brain. He begins with a quick discussion of brain evolution and ends with a review of the major parts presented inside the brainstem, cerebellum, thalamus, and cerebrum.

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Esmer Meza
'Esmer Meza' 9 hours ago
Very helpful, i get very excited towards the end when you quiz us
'dralix' 3 days ago
very informative and to the point,nice video
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'Deepika Singh' 4 days ago
It's really helpful..
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'ibrahim Fofana' 1 week ago
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Oliver Song
'Oliver Song' 1 week ago
Great video, simple and clear. Such a good job Mister! Thank you so much!
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'Thebe Moshapane' 1 week ago
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Jonathan Rios
'Jonathan Rios' 2 weeks ago
I woke up from a comatose.
Ania Lian
'Ania Lian' 2 weeks ago
but it is too simple. J Peterson explains the brain better. This model looks mechanistic b/c th interactions are not well explained and why leave that for later?
Newton young
'Newton young' 2 weeks ago
am fit for exams now
Remy Mafia
'Remy Mafia' 3 weeks ago
Why isn't this in your anatomy and physiology playlist?
'DR G' 3 weeks ago
thanks Paully
Jason bruce
'Jason bruce' 3 weeks ago
It's the medulla oblongata not oblangata
Melanie Weaver
'Melanie Weaver' 3 weeks ago
Thank you so much for this! SO helpful!
hedley productions
'hedley productions' 3 weeks ago
love you
hedley productions
'hedley productions' 3 weeks ago
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Victor 1110
'Victor 1110' 4 weeks ago
A wrench here and their!? [email protected] 02-23-2018
Scott G.
'Scott G.' 4 weeks ago
7:37 "reeseening" lol Good video though
mokshita shukla
'mokshita shukla' 4 weeks ago
despite it was short it was quite very helpful
June Jara -.-
'June Jara -.-' 4 weeks ago
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Ghabriel Melo Oliveira
just amazing!
Julio Rodil
'Julio Rodil' 1 month ago
thankss so much, loved your video you are fast and right to the point
'CheeseyDeath15' 1 month ago
THANK YOU!!! i want to become a neurosurgeon and i'm trying to learn all of this before I learn more. i have a notebook on my side and i wrote down what you said, so thank you.
Simply Renee
'Simply Renee' 1 month ago
Thank you for this video. It was understandable, and I will take your advice to get flash cards to remember the parts alongs with the sub parts !
Angella Knight
'Angella Knight' 1 month ago
Just here to learn for fun in my free time. Very interesting and well presented, I find videos explaining the brain a bit hard to understand most of the time but this made it almost like a game where I had to remember at the end and I actually remembered every single part of the brain and (most) of the functions! Well presented. Thank you for the upload and time you took to make this!
Hollywood Bangla TV
'Hollywood Bangla TV' 1 month ago
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Richa Gupta
'Richa Gupta' 1 month ago
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'Abhishek Singh' 1 month ago
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Joe Doe
'Joe Doe' 1 month ago
Great video!! Thank you!!
Natalie Greaves
'Natalie Greaves' 1 month ago
This was the best video on the basic brain anatomy I have ever seen. Thank you so much! This has helped me understand myself better. In 20+ years of seeing Neurologists, I never learned this much!
Samuel Miller
'Samuel Miller' 1 month ago
my brain said this sentence is fine when it is not what is the the problem?
'phia' 1 month ago
helped me with my bio exam, now helping me with my psych exam, boom
Muhammad Nijati
'Muhammad Nijati' 1 month ago
quote from matrix
Muhammad Nijati
'Muhammad Nijati' 1 month ago
mr anderson come with us we have serious subjects to discuss
Emoji Emu
'Emoji Emu' 1 month ago
I love this, I’m not even learning about the brain but amazing to know
Amartya DAHAL
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Antonieta Ferrou
'Antonieta Ferrou' 1 month ago
ily paul anderson
Tamar Tulp
'Tamar Tulp' 1 month ago
You explain it in an amazing way! Thank you very much.
Ejaz Hashmi
'Ejaz Hashmi' 1 month ago
first thanks to u sir for most simple and effective presentation. second, i have a question, why is so that left lobe of brain controls right side of body and right lobe of brain controls left side of body????
Adrian Swaby
'Adrian Swaby' 1 month ago
Mrs Colas
Haemosu l
'Haemosu l' 1 month ago
This video made my brain hurt.
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Bey Knowles
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Thanks! This really helps!
'380PPK' 2 months ago
I'm 47 going back to school to become a physical therapist from a career in business. Thank you Mr. Anderson for putting these videos together they are extremely helpful for folks like myself who have been out of school for a little bit. Keep up the good work!
Rahul Sehgal
'Rahul Sehgal' 2 months ago
We're is amygdala , Corpus striatum, hippocampus.
Ayush Sharma
'Ayush Sharma' 2 months ago
Thank you
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'Rahmatulla Ariamal' 2 months ago
I love getting 'brain'.
Jyoti Gupta
'Jyoti Gupta' 2 months ago
very informative and nys i learned alot thanks mr. Anderson
jingle bells
'jingle bells' 2 months ago
So if you cut up my brain And then started making it living somehow would i in essence be in some sort of living hell?
jingle bells
'jingle bells' 2 months ago
Im tripping the fuck out right now
'Mac2point1' 2 months ago
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'Yalda Shams' 2 months ago
Thank you, Mr. Anderson, It was great!
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it was great thank you
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Thank you, Mr Anderson. That was very helpful.
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Really helpful for Quick revision tysm sir
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Perfect short video about brain structure , Thanks
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I want dopamine free brain
Billy Collins
'Billy Collins' 2 months ago
I had a hard time remembering everything too much information my brain is about to explode lol
Math/Gaming With Krish
Also just to add on, the hypothalamus contains the pituitary gland, which controls temperature and hormonal activity
Aseem Sirkeck
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Thank you sir as, i student of medical it is more important thing that i learned from you...
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Thank You!
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'Kenneth Mugambi' 2 months ago
wholesome video!
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'Katie Hostetler' 2 months ago
I learn so much more from you than ive learned from my any textbook or other videos. Thank you so much
Devvrat Bani
'Devvrat Bani' 2 months ago
why does every body refer to cerebellum as a different part. its a part of hind brain
'FreeThinker' 2 months ago
It's medulla oblongata, not oblangata
Aleksandra Lepovic
'Aleksandra Lepovic' 2 months ago
Thank you :)
Jon Goldberg
'Jon Goldberg' 2 months ago
Ayesha Shakeel
'Ayesha Shakeel' 2 months ago
'Elirge' 2 months ago
he's my teacher and he's shit
Namrata Dhurye
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'Juan Maltez' 2 months ago
God bless you and open your heart to Jesus He love you and He can help you to give you peace, joy, health, salvation and emotional control
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'dabeast 67' 2 months ago
You rock, I wish you were my teacher.
Rowan Ibrahim
'Rowan Ibrahim' 3 months ago
very helpful thank you the review part at the end is the best
'RIG LAKHANPAL' 3 months ago
mr anderson , the agents are coming . contact morpheus
Sakura Haruno
'Sakura Haruno' 3 months ago
That was so helpful! I know this information in my language but the last three months saw me learning everything from scratch in English as I can't seem to be able to link the information between the languages. It's been a bit of a struggle and I keep feeling like I'm forgetting information since we went into a lot of detail with Neuroscience and other brain functions so this refresher returned my hope that not everything is lost. Having everything colored as you were explaining things and in motion made me recall it a lot easier than just trying to will it to the forefront of my thoughts. Great job on the video lesson! ^.^
'Shahbaz' 3 months ago
1. Medulla Oblongata 2. pons 3. midbrain 4. cerebellum 5. Thalamus (Right Hemisphere,Left Hemisphere) 7. Corpus Collosum 8. Hypothalamus 9. Pituitary 10. Pineal gland 11. Cerebral cortex... Sir can you please write down those 17 parts. It would be so appreciable. Thanks for video it's really helpful
'Anonymous' 3 months ago
Thank you! That was really helpful.
'Shahbaz' 3 months ago
studying brain can give you headache...
'Canner' 3 months ago
I wish i lived in america all these useful viedos in youtube would bring me such easy grades.But my teacher would not acept if i name the parts in english :D
What does the brain use laziness for ? And after everyone has the same structure of brain then people are not only trying to overcome eachother but to put eachother down so they can climb up easier. Otherwise we all would be successful and there would be no sick people or beggers.
Sudipta Chakraborty
'Sudipta Chakraborty' 3 months ago
Thanks a lot sir......your video was a great help for me.
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'Sushil Suthar' 3 months ago
This was very helpful to me dear Mr Anderson. Keep going dude Again thanks
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Review starts at 10:58 Great video; thank you!
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rita louridas
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Neurons and nerves are not the same
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