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Everything Wrong With Baby Driver In 14 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 2 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 2 months ago

3, 793, 044 views

72, 250 Likes   4, 722 Dislikes

Here's a movie that most people, including us, found super enjoyable. And yet... sins and stuff. We gotta do what we gotta do.

Next week: Two 2017 movies get sinned.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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'CERBERUS 1826' 4 hours ago
Considering what they say about you these days
'9thchild' 6 hours ago
I wish he would do sins for when characters without fail have their fingers on the trigger when they shouldn't. People who handle guns with any sort of regularity have good trigger discipline...period. Yet somehow no one in any movie or TV ever seems to be able to master this incredibly basic skill.
james the everything guy
umm excuse me man who's voice is like an angel singing in my ear those cars are being driven by the same exact people
'CashlessCaptures' 13 hours ago
0:42 adds a sin because the EJ255 engine in a WRX (EJ257 for the purposes of this film) is a turbo charged flat 4 cylinder engine with unequal length headers that gives it a signature rumbling exhaust note. The sound used in the movie was of a turbo charged inline 6 cylinder known as the 2JZ-GTE, made by toyota for rear wheel drive platforms. This is an abomination considering the film was sponsored by Subaru of America...
'N N' 18 hours ago
Also, no subtitles given for the sign language used.
'Myggdreper' 20 hours ago
Jeremy don't know a lot about crime now, does he?
peitro maximoff
'peitro maximoff' 20 hours ago
Come on this was a good movie there's nothing wrong with it
John LaFrance
'John LaFrance' 1 day ago
A Challenger is not a "sports" car, you moron.
'ConGamePro' 1 day ago
[email protected] fingerprints!!!
'MrDiesel' 2 days ago
Biggest Sin They used a WRX instead of an STI Bummer
Jack Austin
'Jack Austin' 2 days ago
This just isn't a good movie for cinemacins. Not only is edgar wright an amazing director with attention to detail, any real change in detail is on purpose. Like the coffee was ready too quickly or the sudden hair change. Stuff like that has a meaning behind it and the fact its impossible is part off the meaning.
Christian Roche
'Christian Roche' 2 days ago
This was probably one of the worst movies I have seen
Andrey Soloninko
'Andrey Soloninko' 2 days ago
4:41 yellow red blue yellow red blue yellow 1st row of the washing machines...Lol
Andrey Soloninko
'Andrey Soloninko' 2 days ago
@4:41 that washing machines have scrutinized colors in them...don't know if its a sin or just coincidence.
Ethan A. Hughes
'Ethan A. Hughes' 2 days ago
'ACAwesomeness' 2 days ago
I lost it with what you said about Kevin Spacey
Brandon Tackett
'Brandon Tackett' 3 days ago
Omg you didn't even mention when he said "THE Buford Highway".....nobody calls it that, it's just Buford Highway!!!
Caylem Donovan
'Caylem Donovan' 3 days ago
fingerprints would have been useless because baby wasn't in the police system
Everything wrong with Baby Driver in 14mins or *MORE*
'Janthdanl' 4 days ago
clutch of your dad to record the tigers. What a guy
'PHD FLOPPER' 4 days ago
Is baby deaf?
'hipnhappenin' 4 days ago
Oh my god how did I not make the Dirty Dancing Baby connection whole watching the movie??
Joshua Skula
'Joshua Skula' 4 days ago
It’s totally believable if the guy in the pickup was a marine or ex special forces but it’s downright unclear as to why he has so much firepower in his car. I imagine his house Is filled with guns like the old mans gun house from Hot Fuzz which is also an Edgar Wright film.
Cameron Stampfli
'Cameron Stampfli' 4 days ago
Nibba its a movie
Mac Benitez
'Mac Benitez' 4 days ago
The real question is why did one person buy all the masks? They were supposed to buy them individually, but not at the same time, it's too suspicious
Muttalib Khan
'Muttalib Khan' 4 days ago
Did you notice on sin 74, theres a random car drifting in the background?
'cashierboyman' 4 days ago
wait what? Air Violin xD
Max Adkins
'Max Adkins' 5 days ago
This movie is pefect
dark king
'dark king' 5 days ago
didnt anyone notice that the number of open registers is not THREE!?!
Harry Arthur
'Harry Arthur' 5 days ago
You seriously don't understand that films can take artistic liberties to make a film more entertaining. I remember when this channel brought out 4 minute videos that highlighted minor faults or jokes in film, now these videos are misrepresenting films that people have worked hard on and shining them in a negative light. But hey, gotta stretch out your videos for all of that ad revenue right? I hope that one day maybe you could start making some better content instead of shitting all over other people's.
'T-800' 5 days ago
14:31 needs its own movie.
Islam Basiony
'Islam Basiony' 6 days ago
u forgot to mention that it rained while the were doing the post office heist and it was shiny whether at the same time
sad seal
'sad seal' 6 days ago
I know this sounds weird but its not all in Atlanta
'NegativeZero' 6 days ago
Am i the only one that got the "Vaping is the new biting an apple" sin. Its refering to the, everything wrong with 300, video where hw points out how leonidis looks like a dick talking with a mouth full of apple.
'Ichthys' 6 days ago
4:37 no laundromat has EVERY single dryer being used, all with the same colors in it.
Julian Flores
'Julian Flores' 6 days ago
How to know it’s a good movie. Jeremy usually sins A LOT more than 86 sins. Also if you’ve seen the movie that’s being sinned, you notice that it feels like you’ve rewatched the movie. So if you watch the sins video for Baby Driver, having seen the movie prior, you know Jeremy skipped over big chunks of the movie which he never does
Paul Cook
'Paul Cook' 7 days ago
Good movie.
'randyfletcher86' 7 days ago
When I heard 'fuck you buddy', I also thought - did Edgar put that in because of South Park? :D
Isaac Cohrs
'Isaac Cohrs' 7 days ago
13:12 but Baby's head was under the dashboard
Isaac Cohrs
'Isaac Cohrs' 7 days ago
Lily James is soooooo damn attractive! Sorry I just felt like I had to say that.
'deth2munkies' 7 days ago
OK, as far as the sentencing goes, reminder that it's federal, and reminder that the heist where they got busted was not a financial institution, but a post office, which is a 5 year maximum plus a fine under the sentencing guidelines. Since someone died, it's murder too, and since they were killed during a robbery and he's an accessory, that's auto life in prison or death, HOWEVER, the feds can, if they wish, offer something below the mandatory minimum life without parole and the judge can accept it, but that'd be in a plea bargain and not a jury/bench trial (which he had to have if people were going to testify as character witnesses). So yeah, even worse. DISCLAIMER: I'm not a federal criminal attorney and none of that is legal advice, it's just off google.
'ShyyToaster' 7 days ago
At 0:38, it's not screaming. It's part of the song. Go listen to Bellbottoms by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and tell me I'm not wrong.
'Lt.AldoRaine' 7 days ago
Fuck me is this guy a cunt. Slanders movies for something that is required like logos to show who funded the production and mask lifting what the actual fuck. YouTube please delete or demonitise this channel.
Bellatrix Black / Emma Frost
You ARE TOO NIT-PICKY but 94% of the time, it's super funny
'Hailey' 1 week ago
Damn, I thought I loved this movie! Once the finger prints were mentioned, it was all downhill from there ;p
'Hailey' 1 week ago
Damn, I thought I loved this movie! Once the finger prints were mentioned, it was all downhill from there ;p
Dante DiGeronimo
'Dante DiGeronimo' 1 week ago
John hamm shoots John hamm
Itstripod43 2
'Itstripod43 2' 1 week ago
'TheCheeseKnome' 1 week ago
Sin for wearing same outfit throughout every hiest.
Romi C
'Romi C' 1 week ago
Does it mention that Buddy has like 9 lives? He's either a cat or being played by handsome deep sexy voiced Jon Hamm gives him special powers.
'Pessie' 1 week ago
I'm pretty sure the last scene is just a fantasy
Eemeli Kuusela
'Eemeli Kuusela' 1 week ago
Fucking love this movie
Haptic injection
'Haptic injection' 1 week ago
its in kph so he was going 50 mph
A Rock.
'A Rock.' 1 week ago
Movie best when watched with eurobeat.
'randomness' 1 week ago
You take this a tad bit seriously
Aladdin アラジン
So many sins off, lmao
كوكب المريخ
Watch The Adventures Of The Sea Man Babay
Josh Barron
'Josh Barron' 1 week ago
100 sins for not using Jon bernthal enough
'UltimateRhys17' 1 week ago
It would be better to create a “good looking” counter, not stop to add to it, and take away that amount from the sim counter at the end rather than take away one for the rest of the movie.
'Bones' 1 week ago
I'm not your buddy, guy!
Josh Fortune
'Josh Fortune' 1 week ago
Aye fuck you buddy
'AsoftDolphin' 1 week ago
Nothing it’s sent to music?
Christian Mouch
'Christian Mouch' 1 week ago
He wouldn’t have his fingerprints on record if he hadn’t been caught before.
Dikembe DK Douglas
That happy gilmore clip was perfecto!
Richard Kim
'Richard Kim' 1 week ago
Horrible movie
Anthony Manuel
'Anthony Manuel' 2 weeks ago
the Kevin Spacey saying "blinded by the balls on this kid" part had my dying.
'SLK' 2 weeks ago
Big sin: Darling gets shot at the weapon-buying scene and later on,she is just fine like nothing happened...
Aquamarine Mystique
'Aquamarine Mystique' 2 weeks ago
CinemaSins, don’t go all feminist on us. Debora and Darling were both intriguing, rounded out characters, Darling a little more so than Debora. And are you implying that the reverse isn’t also true for when a female protagonist acquires a male love interest? Is he not also “meant” for her?
'Ankri' 2 weeks ago
I miss the good ol' practical car stunts
Samuel Meus élève
'Samuel Meus élève' 2 weeks ago
Who comes here because they are too broke to go watch movies at the movie theater or buy discs?
'ahmed' 2 weeks ago
6:20 and he has a tattoo saying 'hers'
Nathan Guerra
'Nathan Guerra' 2 weeks ago
Per usual, 5 good moments buried in 15 minutes of nothing.
Roy Kleider
'Roy Kleider' 2 weeks ago
Monica probably wasn't Darling's real. Mon-nic-a, mon-nik-er but maybe I'm grasping at straws
sonic static
'sonic static' 2 weeks ago
The fucking ending >:(
Mol pop
'Mol pop' 2 weeks ago
sin number '18' should be taken off as in many jobs women can be forced to wear heels all day long especially when wanted to 'look good for men'. Buts thats society for you
kai D kai
'kai D kai' 2 weeks ago
Well the film is just a bit of fun . This guy got ocd
XxThEaFrIcAnDrUg LoRd
Prod. Hxrford
'Prod. Hxrford' 2 weeks ago
Are you seriously coplaining about the females existing in relation to the males? like really?
JaxyDude Jax
'JaxyDude Jax' 2 weeks ago
A movie sin was Debora working night shifts, but she clearly said she was working double in the laundromat scene, tsk tsk tsk
Jean Kemp
'Jean Kemp' 2 weeks ago
When you hit that like button and you hit a milestone,so you have the power to remove that like like a god ! #70K
Jean Kemp
'Jean Kemp' 2 weeks ago
No!don't ruin baby driver for me!! No!! No cinemasins
Lourenço Singh
'Lourenço Singh' 2 weeks ago
The car thing at 1:24 was done on purpose (it's said in the movie)
Plant Mom
'Plant Mom' 2 weeks ago
Sorry I can't like This shit I liked this movie way too much :/
vNinja TTB
'vNinja TTB' 2 weeks ago
The reason the bullets didn't hit him through the car window is because when shooting through a car window the bullet changes direction. If you were shooting at someone through a car window from inside you have a less likely chance of hitting them. Then if you were outside the car
Lane Myers
'Lane Myers' 2 weeks ago
'QuiteDaPlayer_' 2 weeks ago
God dammit I know this is satire but please leave a good movie alone
'IScreaMaN' 2 weeks ago
Nice 84 tigers reference
Ritam Talukdar
'Ritam Talukdar' 2 weeks ago
Go to hell
AB SinTeta
'AB SinTeta' 2 weeks ago
how about .. its ok movie eh ...
Samir Hussain
'Samir Hussain' 2 weeks ago
How do you not have a joke about Justin Bieber's "baby" that should be a sin for cinema sins
mike maceda
'mike maceda' 2 weeks ago
The movie was just stupid. Bull to sh*t. 😂😂 The actor playing the driver was just...a retard.
'Lucy' 2 weeks ago
speak for yourself i fucking loved this movie. nothing can make me like it less.
Ninja Nelson
'Ninja Nelson' 2 weeks ago
Movie Sin man talk way to damn much!!😅😆
Narwhal Knight
'Narwhal Knight' 2 weeks ago
1:23 Baby got back!
'mary' 2 weeks ago
I liked baby driver ._.
Lucas Liam
'Lucas Liam' 2 weeks ago
ever notice recoil
'Flynn HOWARD-SMITH' 2 weeks ago
You’re the type of person know one would want to watch a movie with
Austen Hilton
'Austen Hilton' 2 weeks ago
3:10 damn I’m dead
'retrostudios' 2 weeks ago
1 sin off for all of Edgar wrights brilliant visual details is something I can't stand by I say it gets 20 sins off
Zihan Zia
'Zihan Zia' 2 weeks ago
Hoooooly shit they just destroyed Kevin Spacey is this even okay to say idrc cinemasins is the best
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