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Everything Wrong With Baby Driver In 14 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 5 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 5 months ago

4, 328, 530 views

78, 298 Likes   5, 270 Dislikes

Here's a movie that most people, including us, found super enjoyable. And yet... sins and stuff. We gotta do what we gotta do.

Next week: Two 2017 movies get sinned.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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'Ding_Us' 51 seconds ago
How are they able to edit/download full movies onto a pc or mac
'Sunzu49' 2 hours ago
Despite the romance being a central to ths story, it, along with Debora, was just so _boring._ The way they immediatley started flirting, and how she simply said "Okay" with Baby's plan to run away together, I remember thinking, 'So unrealistic.'
Chris Gehringer
'Chris Gehringer' 8 hours ago
the high speed chase music is the j0hn spencer
Eric Billington
'Eric Billington' 10 hours ago
bull to the shit!
Kenneth Liang
'Kenneth Liang' 19 hours ago
Shouldn’t Deborah be in prison too for helping Baby?
Lytning Stryke
'Lytning Stryke' 21 hours ago
I've never seen so many sins knocked off so many times in a single video.😂
'TheRedOne00' 24 hours ago
The fingerprint thing isnt valid cuz you dont get restered until like 15 and Baby was already working for Kevin Spacey
Clint Donaldson
'Clint Donaldson' 1 day ago
10:55 that mall is waaay smaller than it looks in the movie. It's really just a glorified food court.
'NICULL' 1 day ago
gopnik driver
Bailey Kelt
'Bailey Kelt' 2 days ago
13:50 Well, they did say in the movie that most of the crimes were committed before he was 18, so in baby's defense he was technically a juvinial under the coercion of a mob boss who on multiple occasions threatened to kill him and his loved ones.
Bailey Kelt
'Bailey Kelt' 2 days ago
11:50 It's the ATL hood, and hobo's like to camp in bathrooms.
Bailey Kelt
'Bailey Kelt' 2 days ago
3:35 i've seen crazier shit in Decatur...
Jeff T
'Jeff T' 2 days ago
Oh. My. F*king GOD what a train wreck of a movie! I am so glad I watched this before renting that stupid movie. I could have died of B*llSh*t poisoning. You, Sir, are a life saver.
daniel jackson
'daniel jackson' 2 days ago
This movie is just a huge Easter egg meant to lure in nostalgic music fans, not knowing they are getting their money stolen from this pointless, uninspired movie.
Gercho-San Andrade
Buddy looks so much like Negan that I was waiting for Rick or the zombies to enter the movie all the time.
Taylor bell
'Taylor bell' 3 days ago
3:36 they were people that were there to help guard the money truck
John Harper
'John Harper' 3 days ago
More ex machina cliques of saying ex machina cliques for everything that happens
Dark Rage
'Dark Rage' 3 days ago
Avarta 2 2020
RJ Bull
'RJ Bull' 3 days ago
You forgot a sin for all the white boy dancing
Super Critic
'Super Critic' 3 days ago
You guys take this a tad bit too seriously.
BIG3506/ ZeeBenton
14:08 I couldn’t breathe
Lincoln Vlogs
'Lincoln Vlogs' 3 days ago
They are friends.
'McHaazelnutz' 4 days ago
I really loved this movie, the blend of music used in different scenes and sequences was really creative and fun to watch. i dunno might be cuz i never watch movies like at all
'Damocles54' 4 days ago
You guys take this way too seriously. You also said baby got back. Intentionally or not, -1 sin lol
Oğuz Korkmaz
'Oğuz Korkmaz' 4 days ago
You can't hear those sounds outside the bank BUT those screaming sounds are actually in the song Bellbottoms. Get your sins right mate, don't mess with me E Wright Also the loaded guy with truck is not a bystander he is an undercover security for the money truck, so it makes sense he is loaded.
'Dirkgaming30' 4 days ago
The subie also doesent sound like a subie and its awd
Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau
"I was just blinded by the balls on that kid." I'm sorry. That just ruined it for me. Everytime I will watch this movie and I hear this one line, it'll make me wince a lot.
'Sdy.DeathCall' 4 days ago
Do accident man
'TheBatfink38' 4 days ago
Guys... you take this more than a little to seriously. But that's why I come back again and again.
'TheGrayBear' 5 days ago
11:51 Starbucks...
Connor Ashby
'Connor Ashby' 6 days ago
In the laundromat scene all the washing machines are full of clothes in a red blue yellow order over and over
Milan Joaquin
'Milan Joaquin' 6 days ago
15:24.. "14 minutes or less"... hmmmm
Sanstasticguy12341 GAMING,BLOGS,ETC
Michael Hansen
'Michael Hansen' 7 days ago
...Have you ever been in a car where the airbag blows? It's obstructing your view as hell, and the gases from the explosion that pumps up the airbag STINKS like dead-rat. So, yeah, I would have hit that "turn off passenger airbag" button too.
'thatonedork' 1 week ago
surprised he didn't comment on the "irony" of his name turning out to be miles
Ryan J
'Ryan J' 1 week ago
you take this all a tad bit too seriously
Mr Wrecker
'Mr Wrecker' 1 week ago
why u gotta hate on the best action film of 2017, like u can do better, plus ur so-called "sins" are either part of the film or are just dum made up shit. Ur just one of those people who find wrong in everything and can never enjoy life.
'TheRustyPyro' 1 week ago
3:13 WOW
'Naze' 1 week ago
When you hear the stuff inside the bank, that's part of the song.
Luca Mason
'Luca Mason' 1 week ago
Weren't the two other red cars a part of the criminals plan to escape and was already organised
Swindlehadyn :D
'Swindlehadyn :D' 1 week ago
4:57 the pizzas take like 10 minutes it IS the drive that takes the longest
'ZolloCubeJube' 2 weeks ago
you guys take this a tad bit too serious
andrew simoes
'andrew simoes' 2 weeks ago
andrew simoes
'andrew simoes' 2 weeks ago
at the ending baby met his F8
james ferguson
'james ferguson' 2 weeks ago
Overrated movie no depth to storyline
Liana H
'Liana H' 2 weeks ago
Liana H
'Liana H' 2 weeks ago
He killed him for the shotgun? Jesus unnecessary murder much
B-Boy Dizzy
'B-Boy Dizzy' 2 weeks ago
You forgot the "waiting for inmate outside of prison while leaning up against a car" cliché.
B-Boy Dizzy
'B-Boy Dizzy' 2 weeks ago
This movie was a big steaming pile of shit. The main character is that new breed of millennial who recently started collecting records but calls them "vinyls". Oh, and Potsy from happy days called, he wants his jacket back, fag.
'Yagger' 2 weeks ago
fuck you guys... seriously...
Ocean Chee
'Ocean Chee' 2 weeks ago
Loved this episode!! One thing though. 1:04 when you mentioned the three cars, I’m pretty sure that was planned to get baby out of there. Just hypothesizing!
Alfonso Sepulveda
'Alfonso Sepulveda' 2 weeks ago
3:12 savage, funny af
'NaturesNinja' 2 weeks ago
You literally make 1-3 sins of the start of each movie, Every. Time.
Blake Bumbalough
'Blake Bumbalough' 2 weeks ago
Fucking loved hocus pocus by focus
Blake Bumbalough
'Blake Bumbalough' 2 weeks ago
2:38 didn't Vin Diesel make this apparent in XXX?
'FMBEAST' 2 weeks ago
You can start old cars with a screwdriver so sin 66 is bullshit
Nico Dragomanovits
'Nico Dragomanovits' 2 weeks ago
1:02 They also would also be following the vehicle based on the temperature of the engine !
'Adamen_CZ' 2 weeks ago
*Me at the hocus pocus scene:* 🔫😎 Bitch u better take sin off
Shawn Bird
'Shawn Bird' 2 weeks ago
You keep referring to semi-automatic guns as automatic guns, learn what guns are.
Shawn Bird
'Shawn Bird' 2 weeks ago
3:01 I call it "One of these guys is a pedophile, but it's ok, because he's gay shot."
Wookie Commander
'Wookie Commander' 2 weeks ago
Dude you can’t pronounce ansel elgort?
Connor Hoagland
'Connor Hoagland' 2 weeks ago
Everything wrong with this sins video, with time codes for your convenience. 00:11 They're trying to keep a low profile as they approach the bank 00:20 We later see the characters thoroughly plan a heist. So how is “expert heist scouting” a sin? 00:40 We later learn Baby is able to read lips, so it's possible he can understand what's being said (this is speculation though) 00:52 Once again, everything has been planned in advance. Baby knows what he's doing 01:09 The other two cars could be trying to get away from Baby and he's matching their speed. And no one complains that Cinemasins is taking it too seriously, just that they’re idiots 01:17 Refer to 01:09 01:25 Baby has no criminal record, therefore his fingerprints are useless. Furthermore, we later see the crew crush cars, so they know what they're doing. 02:03 It's four black coffees, we hear the machine functioning, so it's possible they filled all four cups in a timely manner 02:22 Debora is wearing her work uniform, and it does not take long to tie back one's hair 02:31 Yes, she did hear it. She later says “Am i being recorded for quality assurance?” 02:32 She knew he recorded her singing, and she's being playful. Furthermore, the tape has not been rewound, so she can't possibly be recording over anything. 02:56 Someone getting a bad impression of Baby is not a sin 03:02 Not a sin, just an assholic comment 03:26 A little comic relief is not a sin. The others could have told the JD to buy the masks for them and he messed up. 03:37 Lots of people in the South have guns, and being in the wrong place at the wrong time is not a sin, it happens. 03:58 We just don't see Baby unlatch the seatbelt on-screen. It's implied he or another character did it when he lifts the child. 04:05 JD, Bats, and Eddie all have backgrounds. They're only there for a payday, and Doc selected them for their robbing ability. Not a sin 04:09 Baby is taking the car to be crushed, so it's irrelevant what evidence is left. They're destroying the evidence 04:31 He likes her and he's letting her play with the tape recorder. Not a sin 04:47 Baby needs an entry-level job. A pizza delivery job is just that 04:58 Many pizzerias cook their pies at high heat for a low amount of time. It takes around 5-7 minutes, depending on your oven. 05:34 Baby has a clean record, and can easily keep a low profile. Using him to scout the post office makes sense 05:41 Mixing and matching is still “never the same crew twice” idk why it's being sinned 06:04 Buddy and Darling mention that they know Baby won't snitch to Bats 06:19 And Buddy has a “Hers” tattoo, what's the point in sinning this? 06:24 Not a sin, as the film doesn't disprove that Bats was seen by the cameras 06:38 He could have beaten, stabbed, or strangled the clerk. It's never shown, so what does it matter? 06:48 They survive because they're good at what they do. Not a sin 07:00 He's obviously desperate, scared, trying to get to a car any way he can 07:13 She didn't say her last name, and what does it matter? She's planning to kill him later anyway. 07:21 This isn't a sin 07:28 Debora literally said “they have me pulling doubles all week...” a double shift is usually 16 hours 07:33 Debora can sense something is wrong because Baby walks in with three people she's never seen, and made a point of not greeting her as he comes in 07:41 Getting bored and leaving is not a sin. Plus drinks are usually ordered before food. 07:47 Not a sin, people have a tendency to change their minds 07:54 Baby is the getaway driver. Bats is relying on him for a big payday, so he has no reason hurt Baby. 08:05 Doc could not have reasonably assumed that the crew would cause a scene. He'd be forgiven for thinking that the crew would know any cops were his cops. 08:19 It isn't worth it for Doc to call out his entire crew for lying. They have a heist tomorrow and need to focus 08:53 Buddy was hiding behind a blind curve 09:00 Bats could have picked Baby's pocket. He is a renowned thief after all 09:25 Awful lot of speculation. Not sure what's wrong with the scene 09:35 Baby has played it and rewinded it several times, it's assumed that it's been rewinded to the point and played back 10:02 Doc has all the tapes, and it's been established that Baby is an indispensable asset. Therefore Baby being the getaway driver shouldn't seem like a risk to Doc, or at least can be a risk worth taking. 10:14 You can get a lot from a look, therefore it's not a sin 10:22 I didn't see it as her just getting to work, she appears to just be getting back from her break 10:31 Another misunderstanding of deus ex machina 10:48 When I first saw this movie, I immediately knew it was “passenger airbag off” mainly because it has the universal “airbag” symbol on it 10:56 The police are swarming the mall and looking for anywhere Baby can be. They don't notice him until he makes noise running away. 11:03 No one notices Baby until he exits the store, so there's no way the police could prevent his escape 11:06 It has been established that Baby knows how to steal a car, and that's all the audience needs to know. The how is irrelevant 11:16 Chance encounters aren't sins 11:19 She's not shooting to kill. She’s spraying and praying to keep the cops heads down long enough for Baby and Buddy to get in the car. 11:29 The policeman aimed for the largest part of her body (center mass), and Darling was completely exposed. Not the hardest to hit. 11:40 Buddy obviously fought his way out after shooting several cops. There weren't many there to begin with, and he's incapacitated at least three of them. 11:52 Several eating establishments, especially in urban areas, have bathrooms that require keys or pass codes. It's a way they can make sure only paying customers use the restrooms 12:00 A kiss to signify a bond between characters isn't a sin 12:10 There's really nothing wrong with this scene, it's an artistic decision by the director. 12:36 Yes it's her cue to come in. She came to console baby after she heard Doc chew him out. Not a sin 12:41 Evil characters can have a change of heart. Doc’s kindness was established when he payed for Baby's dinner, and when he took his nephew out to scout the post office. A third-act change of heart, while a convention, isn't a sin 12:57 We never see where else Buddy has searched. He could very well be going down the list of places Baby could have gone. Not a sin 13:03 Yeah it's a police cruiser, those things are like tanks 13:17 Not a cliché, but a convention. Final showdowns aren't supposed to be a cakewalk 13:20 Dropping the gun near Baby when he was literally right next to him isn't a sin 13:24 The previous scene literally shows Baby and Debora avoiding fire, with Baby reclining Debora’s seat so she's out of the way, and himself ducking behind the dashboard so he's a smaller target. It's like Cinemasins didn't watch that scene at all. 13:36 That sequence is meant to show how Baby's kindness helped him out when it mattered most 13:53 Baby has never committed armed robbery (except the scene where he steals the Old woman's and Vapers’ cars). Everything before that had been larceny. Furthermore, Baby could have proven to a jury that he was not guilty by reason of duress for any crime he committed for Doc. Not a sin 14:08 The movie is a throwback to old fifties-era wild romances. What's wrong with a happy ending, asshole? Not a sin In all, I've counted ~67 incorrect “sins”. This video has been made by someone who either didn't understand the movie, or didn't watch it in its entirety. A common trend would be when Cinemasins calls any artistic decision, liberty, or convention a “sin” and demonstrates a gross misunderstanding of not only those conventions, but of film as well.
'TwistedLlama' 2 weeks ago
I thought the asian didn't need to die too, but i watch this movie too much and realised he fucked up the masks, shotgun, and he was tripping over with the bags when running to the car with the baby in it. (still a harsh punishment tho)
Jocelyn Asayas
'Jocelyn Asayas' 2 weeks ago
wow all is a joke ryt haha u gay
ryan metzger
'ryan metzger' 2 weeks ago
Still a great fucking movie
Walter Joy
'Walter Joy' 2 weeks ago
Challenger changes from an R/T to an SRT. And the guy in the truck was a Navy Guy, and in GA they’re allowed to carry
'bobbybrainstorm' 2 weeks ago
Forgot to mention how Deborah disappears after baby exits the coffee shop
Gaming Central
'Gaming Central' 3 weeks ago
Wow one of the first movies that didnt break 100 sins but it is a good movie.
Owen Hansen
'Owen Hansen' 3 weeks ago
This is tied for my favorite movie
Bailey Shuttleworth
'Bailey Shuttleworth' 3 weeks ago
The thing with the car and the finger print wouldn't have worked because the police don't have traces of his print alternatively even if the police do get an example of his finger print it wouldn't match I guess you can link evidence but police still do not know it is him
Jorge Taveira
'Jorge Taveira' 3 weeks ago
You sin off a lot in this movie, there are others you don't! Easy to see you liked it :/
Jfeldy Tunes
'Jfeldy Tunes' 3 weeks ago
I disagree with your legal reasoning at 13:50. While those are the correct sentences for the crimes Baby committed, he did not have free will. Remember that Doc forced him to commit the crimes. So the sentence can now be changed with the judge and jury’s consent. So this sentence, in theory, more than possible.
Noodles doodles
'Noodles doodles' 3 weeks ago
I love this movie!! and this Video is awesome
'ABORTION' 3 weeks ago
nothing is wrong with baby driver heck u
Sara Rahimpour
'Sara Rahimpour' 3 weeks ago
Is CinemaSins from Atlanta?? If so then ayyyy ATL! If not then booo
Lincoln kom Trikru
'Lincoln kom Trikru' 3 weeks ago
Some of us know him better as Slavic driver.
Jhon Jack
'Jhon Jack' 3 weeks ago
You are talking this too seriously
'Prisoner0fToday' 3 weeks ago
12:13 "Vaping is the New Biting an Apple" I Freakin' Lost it LMFAO XD Baby Driver is a Great movie tho. Flawed but Great ★★★★★
Sophie Smith
'Sophie Smith' 3 weeks ago
I’m pretty sure the three red cars was deliberate
Paper Armory
'Paper Armory' 3 weeks ago
My favorite part is how nobody ever realizes that it’s a satire channel
Carly Booth
'Carly Booth' 3 weeks ago
I'm watching Baby Driver with my brother right now and we got to the part at 3:07 and I'm just like "Wow that aged horribly"
Jasper Martin
'Jasper Martin' 3 weeks ago
This movie was actually really, really good. So 100 sins for you Cinemasins ha.
jayatishree pandey
'jayatishree pandey' 3 weeks ago
Hahahaha this is awesome! Please do Thor ragnarok and justice league
Gavin Brodene
'Gavin Brodene' 3 weeks ago
Ok, these were actually kinda fnny (: . But 30-40 of them were BS, like not even a problem AT all.
'westplace2001' 3 weeks ago
1:02 that identical red cars were part of the plan. Kevin spacey plans each heist and the 2 red cars was part of their way to evade the robbery.
Trent from accounts receivable
14:13 the diner is called bo's not Bob's
Brandon Morris
'Brandon Morris' 3 weeks ago
Don't you take this a tad bit too seriously?
'ehill1536' 3 weeks ago
Was he slow? No. Sin removed?
Kim Salinas
'Kim Salinas' 3 weeks ago
yes low points but for me i think the cliches are intentional and well delivered so the score should be lower. great movie!!
LocalBlackAndRed -PhPl
Surprised there was no old lady saying "what the fuck" cliche
Christopher Ayon
'Christopher Ayon' 3 weeks ago
Is his second Channel Cinema Wins ???
Joseph Lipscomb
'Joseph Lipscomb' 3 weeks ago
She would have been just as arrested as him, what with the whole double murder thing...
Ed Scott
'Ed Scott' 3 weeks ago
I don't care I still like it
'Spodrmen' 3 weeks ago
I lovveeee this movie sm
Sam Baeseman
'Sam Baeseman' 3 weeks ago
Buddy has a tattoo that says hers they're twinsies
Derpus Destiny
'Derpus Destiny' 3 weeks ago
4:44 you forgot to mention the washing machines
Braiden BF
'Braiden BF' 3 weeks ago
It's 15 minutes tho lol
Jake Boykin
'Jake Boykin' 3 weeks ago
Nothing wrong with this movie it’s a movie not real life gay ass channel
Joey Johnson
'Joey Johnson' 4 weeks ago
15:13 song?
Howdy Hoo
'Howdy Hoo' 4 weeks ago
It’s better if you blare CHEEKI BREEKI over it
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