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Chocolate Chip Cookies | How It's Made -
Published: 3 years ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 3 years ago

2, 014, 650 views

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It's one of America's favorite foods. Learn how chocolate chip cookies go from industrial mixer to dessert platters across the U.S. | For more How It's Made, visit

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Monica Robles
'Monica Robles' 2 days ago
just a little bit of butter..😑
Buttercup lover2011
I hate ads
Tol bean is Dehydrated
Dang D A S A L A T O B T T R
Beebo Blepbloop
'Beebo Blepbloop' 4 days ago
I want to be a cookie now
Zxavian Soto
'Zxavian Soto' 4 days ago
Who else said "holy shit" when they seen that gigantic ass block of butter
'LukeMorris' 5 days ago
I would swim in that shit
'ForTech' 6 days ago
Mix butter and sugar, it tastes nice
CalistaTheGamer yeoh
video : then butter me : you mean that yellow brick? video : stir me : why do we need that much butter video : then chocolate chips me : and that? won't that make u fat video : now eggs me : yep
'PhantomStrider' 6 days ago
I've yet to figure out why I find watching cookies be made so calming and enjoyable.
'UghImDone' 1 week ago
I'd be as big as the factory if I worked there...Not even gonna lie
'M3T4L R0N1N' 1 week ago
2:04 runaway cookie
NataCat 132
'NataCat 132' 1 week ago
Then butter 0:15 XD
'EllieNoir' 2 weeks ago
I want to eat that vat of dough. It would kill me but I would die happy
edit R&M
'edit R&M' 3 weeks ago
Yum ^-^
'SuperionGamer' 3 weeks ago
Kids just make your own cookies its more fun trust me
Reesie Love
'Reesie Love' 4 weeks ago
Spongebobs grandma is *shook*
Wolfassassin2222 Ness
going on another watching spree, who's with me?
BPD healing
'BPD healing' 1 month ago
No metal particles in cookies is good
Jorge Liendo
'Jorge Liendo' 1 month ago
I want two of those boxes of cookies
Skyler Cass
'Skyler Cass' 1 month ago
That how we get them in FFA blue and gold
'Wuz BOPPINN' 1 month ago
🅱️hocolate 🅱️hip 🅱️ookies
Cash Tunstall
'Cash Tunstall' 1 month ago
Where is the og narrator?
Smallest Little Flower
You just told me how to make cookies in five seconds thanks
Cube Stacker
'Cube Stacker' 1 month ago
Spoiler, they are made from your oven
Isaac Barela
'Isaac Barela' 1 month ago
Do u really need to watch how chocolate chip cookies are made
'PushAventón' 1 month ago
Click bait smh
Justin Deliberto
'Justin Deliberto' 1 month ago
Idk why but I laughed my ass off when the guy put the whole thing of butter in there
Collins Raymond
'Collins Raymond' 1 month ago
Aren't they supposed to be flat 😯😯
Bianca Cooper
'Bianca Cooper' 2 months ago
Who else thought that when they put the chocolate in the bowl look like pennies
Itz Lizz
'Itz Lizz' 2 months ago
So much butter!
Yael Horowitz
'Yael Horowitz' 2 months ago
now you see, this is the difference between factory and homemade. factory cant add the most special ingrediant Human Souls
Chris Campbell
'Chris Campbell' 2 months ago
Grandma shed a tear
Dummy 521
'Dummy 521' 2 months ago
I didn't know we used salt for this, we sure gave a lot of salt because of Trump
Uh No
'Uh No' 2 months ago
It's sad nobody here knows how to make a simple cookie.
Mega Mew
'Mega Mew' 2 months ago
I could never work in a place that makes or serves food, because I would eat everything.....
Sarah Bryant
'Sarah Bryant' 2 months ago
Umm why metal detectors??? 🤔🤔
Iehdhssnns Jasmsmmasn
2:05 do you see that lonely cookie that fell out
Tenzin Orsar
'Tenzin Orsar' 2 months ago
I've never seen a stick of butter that big!
Jayden Calado
'Jayden Calado' 2 months ago
*DAMN* that is a big one butter!!!!
Diego Shipmon
'Diego Shipmon' 2 months ago
Wow the how it's made community has the most toxic comment section I've seen, and I'm in the gaming community
Sasasara Romero
'Sasasara Romero' 2 months ago
Where is the love?
ChickenCoffee12 ROBLOX Account name
I am a tiny human and that is my huge kitchen aid
John Paul B. de Luna
'John Paul B. de Luna' 2 months ago
I was like "oh my God!" At 1:37 When I saw cookie fell out of conveyor belt... 😂😂😂
Hannah Craven-Griffiths
Woah that was a load of butter at the start
'StonedRailfan' 2 months ago
She's so annoying
The Fox And Retr0
'The Fox And Retr0' 2 months ago
This said it was by How Is made but all I see is the Science Channel
Tharz XP
'Tharz XP' 2 months ago
So this is how cookiezi is made.....
Florence Ritchie
'Florence Ritchie' 2 months ago
I would get fired for eating all the cookie dough
Jess Didani
'Jess Didani' 3 months ago
"then butter" *thinks to self it's just gonna be like 2 sticks* *DUMPS ONE GIANT BLOCK OF BUTTER IN*
GravyCatMan `
'GravyCatMan `' 3 months ago
Who else saw that cookie by the box by the edge? 2:03
Nightshine Moon
'Nightshine Moon' 3 months ago
When I saw that big block of butter I was like what the frick and WOW
Matthew Gonzalez
'Matthew Gonzalez' 3 months ago
this episode doesn't need too exist because it is just chocolate chips cookies it's easy!
Popcorn Chicken
'Popcorn Chicken' 3 months ago
ellielovesowls 17
'ellielovesowls 17' 3 months ago
that was a lot of chocolate chips
'mxalegria' 3 months ago
"The fridget temperature"
Cynthia Rose
'Cynthia Rose' 3 months ago
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm i love choclate chip cookies
XxMightyDylanxX YT
'XxMightyDylanxX YT' 3 months ago
Why does food look better raw??
Andrea Cruse
'Andrea Cruse' 3 months ago
Factory in episode teach to bake chocolate chip cookies
Pinkie Pie
'Pinkie Pie' 3 months ago
I will fap to this
Greg Slater
'Greg Slater' 3 months ago
where can i buy a box? ill take ten.
Aumville MSP
'Aumville MSP' 3 months ago
Holy shit that's a lot of butter
Park_ Chanyeol
'Park_ Chanyeol' 3 months ago
Imagine working there~ my fat ass would freakin eat every cookie
Diana BP
'Diana BP' 3 months ago
Porqueeee tuve que ver éste video porqueeeeeee 😭😭😭😭😭🍘♥
'Rodrick' 3 months ago
Xxitsirisxx Msp
'Xxitsirisxx Msp' 3 months ago
Onyx Bolt
'Onyx Bolt' 3 months ago
this voice in this one is so horrible tbh
pam clemente
'pam clemente' 3 months ago
great i am now craving for chocolate chips 😭
Drake F
'Drake F' 3 months ago
the first station erects the box the second one puts a plastic lining over it
Vanessa Hoyt
'Vanessa Hoyt' 4 months ago
I hate edited comments ಠ_ಠ😒😡😡😡
Vanessa Hoyt
'Vanessa Hoyt' 4 months ago
why the heck do I need to know how *CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES, THE EASIEST COOKIE EVER MADE* they're made?!
Sir Furgiblurge
'Sir Furgiblurge' 4 months ago
At 2:00 that li'll cookie made a break for it!
Von Pascasio
'Von Pascasio' 4 months ago
I ate from a literall brick 9f butter?
I saw that one cookie that got stuck there alone and got real sad
Shadsy The Hedgehog
'Shadsy The Hedgehog' 4 months ago
Imagine if all the ingredients in the huge mixing vat were to create 1 giant cookie
Shariq Arain
'Shariq Arain' 4 months ago
I feel like this is the most useless episode, and I wonder why....
That Cute Red Panda
'That Cute Red Panda' 4 months ago
Like how she says "Madagascar, Africa" I'm like yea mate thanks did not know know where Madagascar was, though it was Asian or something
Laura Loveridge
'Laura Loveridge' 4 months ago
That's a lot of fucking butter batman!!!
Mike Stefanik
'Mike Stefanik' 4 months ago
anyone else think that when she said flash it sounded weird at 1:15
Brett Leitermann
'Brett Leitermann' 4 months ago
I would get fired so fast if I work there
Typewriter Mania
'Typewriter Mania' 4 months ago
Thanks for ruining my childhood!
'ghostechful' 4 months ago
That butter is huge
Felipe Parra
'Felipe Parra' 4 months ago
And that's how you get your cookies you fat slob
Musia Winner
'Musia Winner' 4 months ago
Musia Winner
'Musia Winner' 4 months ago
pumpkin Charlie
'pumpkin Charlie' 4 months ago
where can i buy a box , or a thousand
'qwerty112311' 4 months ago
Isn't it a bit racist there is no black or yellow sugar?
Amelia Williamson
'Amelia Williamson' 4 months ago
"Erects" the box
'Leolly' 4 months ago
Some of the cookie dough dropped to the ground. Poor little cookie dough
joe raupp
'joe raupp' 4 months ago
i love raw cookie dough yumm
Trey Biller
'Trey Biller' 4 months ago
I eat that shit raw
'BadSuperhero' 4 months ago
isn't it kind of weird that they have a metal detector, like has someone eaten metal things from a cookie?
'WantedPineapple' 4 months ago
I think that butter is bigger than my future Its Huuuuuugee
Munch &Crunch
'Munch &Crunch' 4 months ago
DreaMS _
'DreaMS _' 4 months ago
Is it okay to eat a cookie like this without baking it
'HeyThat'sCatchy' 4 months ago
So Giants really did exist!
Pulpo Pol
'Pulpo Pol' 4 months ago
Oh my god, how much butter do they added​?
WolfGaming 284
'WolfGaming 284' 4 months ago
'TheDelacruzjosa' 4 months ago
That's a big butter
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