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Chocolate Chip Cookies | How It's Made -
Published: 3 years ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 3 years ago

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It's one of America's favorite foods. Learn how chocolate chip cookies go from industrial mixer to dessert platters across the U.S. | For more How It's Made, visit

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'Cordyceps' 6 hours ago
Id be fired on the first day for eating the entire batch.
Rihanna_ Playz
'Rihanna_ Playz' 1 day ago
how to make chocolate chip cookies 1. get cookie dough 2.put them in the oven 3.take them out when ready 4.let then cool off them
'TaekwondoTara' 3 days ago
Who would prefer to eat the cookie dough than the actual cookie?
Yanna Salonga
'Yanna Salonga' 1 week ago
that's a lot of chocolate chips
Andy VADER251/psn Garcia yax
Notice when you see the first chocolates then the second scene the chocolate chips look smaller and dryer, hmmmmmmmm🤔🤔??
Mehmet Korkmaz
'Mehmet Korkmaz' 2 weeks ago
اش هاد
Patrick Ikose
'Patrick Ikose' 2 weeks ago
"the station erects the box " ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
redford 이
'redford 이' 3 weeks ago
that is a lot of butter!!
'Leangelois' 3 weeks ago
omg that poor cookie dough @1:38 :'(
My username was too long
I put that much butter on an individual slice of toast.
Eliza Hamilton*Schuyler
Who else saw that cookie that didn't make it into the box at 2:07
'LS1NNOVATIONS' 1 month ago
you think that's enough butter there chief?
The Imagination of  Palasian
Did anyone see the cookie next to the Machine at 1:38?I wonder how it got there..
German Martinez
'German Martinez' 2 months ago
who else eating chips ahoy while watching this
Millie Oliff
'Millie Oliff' 2 months ago
Who else is eating cookies whilst watching this 😂🍪
unicornian land
'unicornian land' 2 months ago
That is a biiigg chunck of butter
Nathan St.Louis
'Nathan St.Louis' 2 months ago
the chocolate chip cookies are butter cook is good😀👑🔔☺
Jak dat Boi
'Jak dat Boi' 2 months ago
just imagine working in that factory
Jak dat Boi
'Jak dat Boi' 2 months ago
That time when you come to these videos just to see what they look like just because how delicious they look
Just a random viewer
'Just a random viewer' 3 months ago
I wanna have sex with biscuit ❤️
Unknown User
'Unknown User' 3 months ago
1:46 erects ehh, gets a boner
'JM911204' 3 months ago
Damn that was a lot of butter. Just 1lb/4 sticks is like $5 or $6 where I live.
shelendice BF
'shelendice BF' 3 months ago
cook it
Maria Osorio
'Maria Osorio' 3 months ago
That butter was T H I C C A F
Samantha Winans
'Samantha Winans' 3 months ago
how exactly do cookies have metal particles inside as shown at 1:40?
ajalia bennett
'ajalia bennett' 3 months ago
man these comments have me crying of laughter 😂😂😂
Sy Thao
'Sy Thao' 3 months ago
Why would there be Metal in the cookie dough???
'Literatetree' 3 months ago
That man is an oompa loompa!
How it
'How it's made ibmu' 3 months ago
wow nice
Andrew Hanson
'Andrew Hanson' 3 months ago
This makes me sad.
'MrEpic313' 4 months ago
that one butter block used in prep is more butter than i'll ever eat... jesus that's one hell of a heart attack
Charles Ong
'Charles Ong' 4 months ago
'TheDonovan717' 4 months ago
Madagascar is a separate island from Africa
'Purplepoppyanimator' 4 months ago
1:25 Why don't restaurants just make the bloody cookie dough by themselves? It's not that hard, even the average household kitchen has all the ingredients to make cookies, jfc.
'AlixxA7X' 5 months ago
I couldn't be trusted around that much cookie dough...
Heather Oglevie
'Heather Oglevie' 5 months ago
Help... me... can't.. stop... watching.... these........
Will Patton908
'Will Patton908' 5 months ago
where is the hair that you put in don't lie there is hair put in it if you did not know that
'Cass' 5 months ago
seeing that butter got my fat ass excited
Mr Gazebo
'Mr Gazebo' 5 months ago
1:40 is that even possible!?
Rafe Navarro
'Rafe Navarro' 5 months ago
I know the ingredients for Chocolate Chip Cookies, because I make homemade Cookies.
The Void
'The Void' 5 months ago
what if someone sent you to the store for a stick of butter and you came home with this?
Anthony John Gadzi
'Anthony John Gadzi' 6 months ago
did anyone see the cookie on the side at 2:05
Mike Gregory
'Mike Gregory' 6 months ago
Meanwhile im planning the greatest heist ever... Who's with me?
Anime Fan
'Anime Fan' 6 months ago
There's a stray cookie at:
Anime Fan
'Anime Fan' 6 months ago
Mad Max
'Mad Max' 6 months ago
that a big a$$ butter
lold - stuff
'lold - stuff' 6 months ago
0:23 butter: "HALP ME"
Brianna Velez
'Brianna Velez' 7 months ago
I have been watching this stuff for years and I love how they show us what we eat and how it's made
Max Garcia
'Max Garcia' 7 months ago
I don't get it when I mix chocolate chips with anything else it melts or mixes with it but why doesn't it do it with cookie dough?
areeba !!!
'areeba !!!' 7 months ago
who is watching this hungry and in the middle of the night
Bonnie The Fowa Bunny
go watch brawl of the objects
Manny Der
'Manny Der' 7 months ago
'masmantour' 7 months ago
Glad to know it's not Madagascar, Europe.
Dean Neubek
'Dean Neubek' 7 months ago
did this bitch just say "Madagascar, Africa" like it's a damn city 0:50
XxUndertale DogexX
'XxUndertale DogexX' 7 months ago
I would eat the cookie Dow cold
'Tocen' 7 months ago
My favorite part is when they add the fleeb to the shlombo
W.D Gaster
'W.D Gaster' 7 months ago
Imma make me some cookies!!!!
ملاك الاحسـاس•
dead memes
'dead memes' 7 months ago
Poor chickens.
'DoubleNDestruction' 7 months ago
in the begging it looked like honey I shrunk the kids
Irisse Serapio
'Irisse Serapio' 7 months ago
Nabeel Suliman
'Nabeel Suliman' 7 months ago
who's watch this while eating cookies
Ryan furner
'Ryan furner' 8 months ago
'Zaffron' 8 months ago
Yam delicious :)
I think making a homemade cookie is better 😒
michael eaton
'michael eaton' 8 months ago
I'm eating chips ahoy cookies right now
Jacob Nachimson
'Jacob Nachimson' 8 months ago
I literally just eat raw cookie dough.
LPS Biscoito
'LPS Biscoito' 8 months ago
1:41 poor cookie in the corner :(
○º frαncєscα º○
Mohammed Patel
'Mohammed Patel' 8 months ago
Erects the box 😅😅😅😅😅😅
Evie Hutton
'Evie Hutton' 8 months ago
This channel is stupid why do you make these videos tell me are you stupid???
iiDreaminqCupake Lel
'iiDreaminqCupake Lel' 9 months ago
Ew who's this lady narrating this I'm always used to the man doing this lol
'Katiejoy25' 9 months ago
I need to get something like this.
learning sign language
do cake mix
Fluffy Tater Tots
'Fluffy Tater Tots' 9 months ago
omg an HD how it's made video
'Weridnerd' 9 months ago
Me sees chocolate chip cookies me say 'Man I'm hungry I wish I can just jump in there and steal all the cookies man I'm sooooo hungry!LADY JUST GIVE ME DE COOKIEZ NEED COOKIEZ SOOOO BADLY!'
'GDPlayr' 9 months ago
"The first machine erects the box" all 10 year olds are dying.
Chrissie McGowan
'Chrissie McGowan' 9 months ago
0:56 looked so good. I wanna eat it all
Tasandra Morgan
'Tasandra Morgan' 9 months ago
Leafy Lord and Savior
'Leafy Lord and Savior' 10 months ago
You can just make these at home!
'GravityZero' 10 months ago
then Chips Ahoy put chemicals in their cookies to make them soft and it tastes fucking horrible
'COOKIE' 10 months ago
OMG.... COOKIES !!!!!!!!!
Jade Sarmiento
'Jade Sarmiento' 10 months ago
the butter is so big
Shantellis Parchman
'Shantellis Parchman' 10 months ago
i would not want to leave that place if i worked there i would stay 24/7
Gavin Chico
'Gavin Chico' 10 months ago
everyone knows how to make chocolate chip cookies! didn't you make them with your grandma??!! *sorry if you didn't*
Brad Marchand Fan #63
'Brad Marchand Fan #63' 10 months ago
That's a big ass block of butter!
mejestic man 44
'mejestic man 44' 10 months ago
thats a fat cookie 😂
'npsit1' 11 months ago
mmmmm cookie dough....
Nails Stay Done
'Nails Stay Done' 11 months ago
those are the cookies they sell at the masters 😍😍
Idk & idc
'Idk & idc' 11 months ago
And I thought I used a lot of butter
Max Vlogs
'Max Vlogs' 11 months ago
who is the customer?
'NumaticVacuum' 11 months ago
Sat here watching this eating a cookie
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 11 months ago
How It's Made: Babies
Galaxy boo_
'Galaxy boo_' 11 months ago
ShadowGirl Gamer
'ShadowGirl Gamer' 11 months ago
Bet it smell good in there🍪
'df-ddfrtyhh' 11 months ago
So much butter
'MyRevoltec' 11 months ago
lonely cookie at 2:07
The Duck in the Tux
'The Duck in the Tux' 11 months ago
Its Tumbie
'Its Tumbie' 11 months ago
i dont see how the workers dont just reach over and take a chunk of cookie dough and eat it
'ElectroGamez' 11 months ago
Wonder how many workers steal a cookie.
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