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Christian DelGrosso Vine Compilation with Titles - All Christian DelGrosso Vines - Top Viners ✔ -
Published: 3 years ago By: Top Viners

By: Top VinersPublished: 3 years ago

10, 754, 867 views

100, 163 Likes   2, 407 Dislikes

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NightLight :3
'NightLight :3' 7 minutes ago
ImJust ALlama
'ImJust ALlama' 2 hours ago
26:42 Did one of my friends die😭😭😭
oyun box
'oyun box' 9 hours ago
halil ibrahimden gelenler
Time God
'Time God' 13 hours ago
That joke made me laugh so hard
Hi Humans
'Hi Humans' 18 hours ago
That worm at 11:08
WolfOnline_Gamer GrEeN
I don't know about you but I'm feeling twenty toooo
Alsan Ashraf
'Alsan Ashraf' 1 day ago
out of every 10,000,000 people 2000 are if you get it😂😂
"5000" gigabyte memories, so a $200 hard drive can hold more storage in out brain
Momo Chang
'Momo Chang' 1 day ago
29:11 lol
Dazzling Piplup
'Dazzling Piplup' 1 day ago
Is it weird how when they yawn I yawn
'Ishforlife' 1 day ago
Not me. If he had no Wi-Fi for Christian I'd stay
Star Galaxy
'Star Galaxy' 2 days ago
Dude seriously some of these are so relatable 😂
'Athena's Wisdom' 2 days ago
14:13 what's the song??
Goku 4
'Goku 4' 2 days ago
Is he related to Tom cruise?
Sky Maske
'Sky Maske' 2 days ago
at 3.32 whats the somg?
'KINGTHUNDERTHE2nd' 2 days ago
I'm deaf now
Lee yoo min
'Lee yoo min' 2 days ago
wait now I actually know why blind called blind because it will make you blind
Kasper The Disappointment
Who is the other guy in the "Selfie Marathon" vine?
Susanne Montes
'Susanne Montes' 3 days ago
Dark Lazer
'Dark Lazer' 3 days ago
27:06 I love walking dead
ethan goens
'ethan goens' 3 days ago
I subscribed
ethan goens
'ethan goens' 3 days ago
1:16 I can relate... *R.I.P Me - Died from her dream - 2017*
tom mul06
'tom mul06' 4 days ago
at the dog dying one isn't it a little bit we rid that both of them had before they died
Adventures of A Teenager
im not mad at his grind tho......
jai figueroa
'jai figueroa' 4 days ago
0:47 I'm dead and 4:35 so tru
'MASTER GAMER123' 4 days ago
i was dying watching this
'Berrynose's Poem' 4 days ago
What was the song he was playing on the vine 'Sometimes I get carried away'
'Berrynose's Poem' 4 days ago
I am the worlds biggest Christian DelGrosso fan 0.0
Rori Smith
'Rori Smith' 4 days ago
haha these are funny
Sheri Van damme
'Sheri Van damme' 4 days ago
Hughes Gaming
'Hughes Gaming' 5 days ago
Salvador Rojas
'Salvador Rojas' 5 days ago
And a gate
Salvador Rojas
'Salvador Rojas' 5 days ago
I can jump over freaking fence WTF and I'm WHITE
Warrior Wolfox
'Warrior Wolfox' 5 days ago
XD Not all girls act like that XD
Speedforce Studios
Mr. Grimm.
'Mr. Grimm.' 6 days ago
5:34 = lol
Hayden cr
'Hayden cr' 6 days ago
At 3:37 I love that song
Andrew Toch
'Andrew Toch' 6 days ago
BlackBerry 15
'BlackBerry 15' 6 days ago
I actually yawned
Kaylee Perkins
'Kaylee Perkins' 6 days ago
So relatable
Cheyenne Caldwell
'Cheyenne Caldwell' 6 days ago
you are my favorite you tuber PS that's how my mom is 😂😝😎
'HA CHANNEL WEST' 7 days ago
that's so me
natalie mackinnon
'natalie mackinnon' 7 days ago
what's that song at 8:30?
Galaxy Geek
'Galaxy Geek' 1 week ago
9:24 though 😂
Laura Mayes
'Laura Mayes' 1 week ago
7:29 I actually yawned after like wtf
Alexbrine Gaming
'Alexbrine Gaming' 1 week ago
17:46 this is living proof that dinosaurs are still living. We can sound like the dinosaurs
Gabriella Littleton
After they yawed so did I
'TUNFISCH INSEL' 1 week ago
Ich fühle mich gerade richtig angepisst wegen dem Deutsch
Jordan Anderson
'Jordan Anderson' 1 week ago
0:39 scrolling threw undertail but you can't stop
Shatyia Givens
'Shatyia Givens' 1 week ago
7:40 their face expressions LMFAO
OhRandom Person1234
Me when person dies in movies: Oh aw Me when DOGGO dies in movies:NOOOOOOO HE WAASSS TOO LOYYAALL WAAAAAAHHHHH
Fear Darkness
'Fear Darkness' 1 week ago
Going into bathroom after watching a scary movie 🔫lololol xD😂😂😂
Noah 03o
'Noah 03o' 1 week ago
Can I get a HOOYAH!!!??
Iplay Roblox
'Iplay Roblox' 1 week ago
the only award I'll win is who jumped of of a 5 year old's scooter with her best friend
Iplay Roblox
'Iplay Roblox' 1 week ago
30:06 The minion is watching your soul
Mona Lopez
'Mona Lopez' 1 week ago
I 💙 zebras
Esbern Vampire hunter
Ok you both sound the same when she message you first
Wizardy Mika5678
'Wizardy Mika5678' 1 week ago
has anybody wanted to kill or beat up dora?
Rochelle Pretorius
OMG that is funny :-)
angel sewa
'angel sewa' 1 week ago
I love al your vidios
• tehkizzz •
'• tehkizzz •' 1 week ago
Tranquil Cupid30
'Tranquil Cupid30' 1 week ago
I like the dance when he tries to get rid of the fly
Mina Fakhar
'Mina Fakhar' 1 week ago
I think I got headache with all his loud screams
'Goldengirl47810' 1 week ago
don't you just love the feeling when Christian just yells in your headphones but I love him anyway
Sharksamazing _35
'Sharksamazing _35' 1 week ago
I love the ones where Curtis is Cupid
Hogal 2907
'Hogal 2907' 1 week ago
2.39 what's the song
'Stan' 1 week ago
18:43 my big brother loves that face 😂😂😂😂😂
Cake Popz
'Cake Popz' 1 week ago
0:13 Me and my mom in a nutshell.
Ava Cheramie
'Ava Cheramie' 1 week ago
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday vinesay
The world of Erica
Who else yawned when everyone yawned
Kylar moody
'Kylar moody' 1 week ago
Best 40 minutes of my life
Erika Leppänen
'Erika Leppänen' 1 week ago
11:08-11:16 omg xD
The Kind Fidget Spinner
He kinda looks liek Mr Bean
The Kind Fidget Spinner
The Emoji
'The Emoji' 2 weeks ago
2:06 lmao 😂
easyerank24 lover
'easyerank24 lover' 2 weeks ago
at 27.51 lmfao
'RecordHd' 2 weeks ago
7:50 LOL
Kitten Jibanyan
'Kitten Jibanyan' 2 weeks ago
I look like a egg My nickname egg man
Kitten Jibanyan
'Kitten Jibanyan' 2 weeks ago
50 shades of blankets
'ThatTransGuy' 2 weeks ago
What is the song at 7:57?
Cookie Rain88
'Cookie Rain88' 2 weeks ago
37:55 me on Christmas
Jai Green
'Jai Green' 2 weeks ago
you speak German too
Jasmine A.
'Jasmine A.' 2 weeks ago
What's the song called on the last vine?
Viktor the comment guy
3:33 kill face
Dan The Phantom
'Dan The Phantom' 2 weeks ago
is it just me that Chris looks like Jim Carrey
Savage little Epic
'Savage little Epic' 2 weeks ago
Vis Zee Famous WINSTON XD 😂😂😂
Sólbjartur Dýri
'Sólbjartur Dýri' 2 weeks ago
31:03 i cant see it picuse im COLOR blind
Hammerhead _Falcon
'Hammerhead _Falcon' 2 weeks ago
why cant the videos be saved online???
Justin 193
'Justin 193' 2 weeks ago
3:32 as well
Justin 193
'Justin 193' 2 weeks ago
2:09 I was dying
The Jaimee Show
'The Jaimee Show' 2 weeks ago
what song is it at 2:58?
'NinjaOyster' 2 weeks ago
0:33 Why is The Professor just chilling on your sofa 😂
'NinjaOyster' 2 weeks ago
Why is The Professor just chilling on your sofa 😂
Aerith Zorden
'Aerith Zorden' 2 weeks ago
19.47 Christian . girls fan their eyes before they cry becuase OUR FOUNDATION WAS $48
* Twenty-Øne Scøuts *
Christian is so much taller than his mom...😂😂
Kotijah saroji
'Kotijah saroji' 2 weeks ago
'Pangelope' 2 weeks ago
All the parent ones for me arent true my moms so god damn chill i love her
jade vasquez
'jade vasquez' 2 weeks ago
Gabby Alen
'Gabby Alen' 2 weeks ago
Brb while I clean the blood out of my ears...
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