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Christian DelGrosso Vine Compilation with Titles - All Christian DelGrosso Vines - Top Viners ✔ -
Published: 2 years ago By: Top Viners

By: Top VinersPublished: 2 years ago

9, 663, 803 views

87, 649 Likes   2, 101 Dislikes

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Yandere Chan
'Yandere Chan' 6 hours ago
14:13 XDDDD
kawaii SylveonSky
'kawaii SylveonSky' 11 hours ago
In 7:45 in the video he looked like pat from popularmmos
Kristina Hunter
'Kristina Hunter' 19 hours ago
R.i.p users
Alexis Cook
'Alexis Cook' 19 hours ago
watch 3:31-3:35
Adilene Florencio
'Adilene Florencio' 21 hours ago
omg the Mrs. clause always cracks me up 😂😂😂😂😂
Pika Sansa
'Pika Sansa' 22 hours ago
Why do you scream so much
Melaysia dollars
'Melaysia dollars' 22 hours ago
so many memories 😭
Puppy Gamer
'Puppy Gamer' 1 day ago
Omg 😲 this is my favorite 3:19 hahaha
Sophie Monk
'Sophie Monk' 1 day ago
He is so cute and crazy
Do u here how bad u sound??? Sor- SHUT UP!!!😂😂😂😂😂
Dewonna Phillips
'Dewonna Phillips' 1 day ago
Hi peps
Gino Gentile
'Gino Gentile' 1 day ago
Christian are you half Italian ????
Audrey Sykes
'Audrey Sykes' 2 days ago
I could not stop laughing
'SoccerGamer395' 2 days ago
Man l am so sorry about your dog l have a dog l know how you feel inside for that l am going to sub.
Leena Osman
'Leena Osman' 2 days ago
Angel Rybkowski
'Angel Rybkowski' 2 days ago
the beginning from 39:27 and on is halr
Aadi Biswas
'Aadi Biswas' 2 days ago
rip oscar
Bumble Bee
'Bumble Bee' 2 days ago
i should not be watching this while drinking tea imma end up with tea all over my computer xD
'iamnothedv¡g' 2 days ago
7:22 i actually yawned
CHAILYN Kesselaer
'CHAILYN Kesselaer' 3 days ago
9.56 tho 😂😂😂😂
Joshua Mahurin
'Joshua Mahurin' 3 days ago
wklwalzll sad dss
Brooklyn Cake
'Brooklyn Cake' 3 days ago
Braxton White
'Braxton White' 3 days ago
Hmm gotta wake up for school in 4 hours. Meh mabye later
Jewels Langdon
'Jewels Langdon' 3 days ago
omg my through hurts and I was loughing soooo hard and I felet like I was ganna die haha
Jeni Scarano
'Jeni Scarano' 3 days ago
I thought I was the only one who screams after they stretch
XXsniperwolfXX Lighter
I just like to sleep in
Nick Horn
'Nick Horn' 3 days ago
lol do not watch by your mom
'Aneta' 3 days ago
7:26 who yawn? 😂💤
Marley Janey Bennett
he looks ugly
MZG Music
'MZG Music' 4 days ago
R.I.P Vine
Molly Dill
'Molly Dill' 4 days ago
I really like this guy but he makes fun of girls A LOT😶
William Orozco
'William Orozco' 4 days ago
3:30-3:36 killed me
Alexis Skye Mendoza
12:07 that face
Alexis Skye Mendoza
'Veilentaitee' 4 days ago
whats the song in 5:35?
Pop Pop
'Pop Pop' 4 days ago
Did anyone else yawn at 7:24
Kayla Moldovan
'Kayla Moldovan' 4 days ago
These are the funniest😂😂😂
Kim Jong Un
'Kim Jong Un' 4 days ago
I must use this as the korean national anthem
Bruh_itz_shadow #lol
Lol I live were Helen keller was born
Undertale Freak
'Undertale Freak' 5 days ago
The best thing in life is living
EternalMane - Roblox and More
7:24 i yawnd at that vine too
'Swagin' Stuff' 5 days ago
50 degrees is not cold at all.
Claire Emond
'Claire Emond' 6 days ago
'Issy' 6 days ago
How do girls like wind in the hair and face if da wa me I'll be like me: (holds down hair, wind goes down) phew (wind comes bak) OMFGGGGGGGGGG
chicken and fries
'chicken and fries' 6 days ago
who else yawned when they put yawning is contagious 😂😂
Chintzy Fufu
'Chintzy Fufu' 6 days ago
Cassiah Serrano
'Cassiah Serrano' 6 days ago
I hate when the burr out the middle finger on television its not like we don't know what's behind there is it a giraffe or something
Flash wolflover
'Flash wolflover' 6 days ago
Hello Cristinan Slenderman will teach you wat he tought me
'KPOP LOVER' 6 days ago
20:14 if you listen closely to the background music, I am sure the song is from BTS Intro. the mv is so awesome, plz check it out
Madison Foster
'Madison Foster' 6 days ago
song at 23:45?
Movies With Toys
'Movies With Toys' 6 days ago
By the time I am watching this I have just had a nightmare Christian makes everything better
'I_love_anime' 7 days ago
2:28 a giraffe 😂😂😂😂😂
Girly Gamer
'Girly Gamer' 1 week ago
I can agree with the sneeze one
Megan Logan
'Megan Logan' 1 week ago
rip Oscar he was in the ghost vid
oilstainscarletscales nurplepurple
Curtis would make a very pretty female
28:24 is so funny hippos
'littlepettets' 1 week ago
Anyone realize on his channel he copies reaction time and Logan Paul but still subbed he is awesome
Nicki Vee
'Nicki Vee' 1 week ago
R.I.P to all the people using headphones 💀🎧
Ashtheweirdo 14
'Ashtheweirdo 14' 1 week ago
Song at 14:12
Rose Scott
'Rose Scott' 1 week ago
JustShadow Dust
'JustShadow Dust' 1 week ago
RIP Headphone Users
FusionIsa the random
I think my favorite guy is the one that puffs up his face every time he "cries".
Daisy And Friends
'Daisy And Friends' 1 week ago
They actually made me yawn
Larry lol
'Larry lol' 1 week ago
Who actually yawned at the part where they all yawned
Foxy and Sans
'Foxy and Sans' 1 week ago
Who else actually watched this on Friday?
Janessa Yontar
'Janessa Yontar' 1 week ago
Christians socks at 4:15 ahahah it's so cute xD
marc rait
'marc rait' 1 week ago
Also at 4:40 what's the name of the song?
marc rait
'marc rait' 1 week ago
At 5:47 what's the name of the song?
Raven Korubi
'Raven Korubi' 1 week ago
at 7:22 I yawned
Anna Wyatt-Hiles
'Anna Wyatt-Hiles' 1 week ago
I will be your friend Christian
CrInGy Hawkeye
'CrInGy Hawkeye' 1 week ago
0:54 ScyndicateProject confrimed
Susan Glasgow
'Susan Glasgow' 1 week ago
I can relate to this so much
cupcake family xoxo
Wow hij kon net Nederlands praten woah zo cool
CrInGy Hawkeye
'CrInGy Hawkeye' 1 week ago
BaBy CaRoT
Lara Chan
'Lara Chan' 2 weeks ago
What is the song on 5:45-5:50?
Hannah Dingle
'Hannah Dingle' 2 weeks ago
I think he is the only guy viner that I can relate to - really makes me laugh
Thunderstorm racer15
a can relate
'LardyLife' 2 weeks ago
Jason .C
'Jason .C' 2 weeks ago
David Hernandez
'David Hernandez' 2 weeks ago
MLG Ghost
John Wells
'John Wells' 2 weeks ago
Because they can't even!!!!😂😂😂
Phantom Hazmatz Cosplay
I don't have a mother 😢
pro channel
'pro channel' 2 weeks ago
10:07 are funny
Destiny Rose
'Destiny Rose' 2 weeks ago
how cum every single one is hilarious!!!😂😂😂😍
Destiny Rose
'Destiny Rose' 2 weeks ago
luve the jack 1! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Harmony Smith
'Harmony Smith' 2 weeks ago
What's the song at 16:05
TheRedArmor Dragon
'TheRedArmor Dragon' 2 weeks ago
The funny part is that Christian ask his friend two HEY WHAT ARE U LOOKING AT! And then He Says I'm Cold in here Lol😂😂😂😂
Care Bear Kowala Kara
3:29 pfffft 。😁😁😁😂😂😂
Maybeline Ortiz
'Maybeline Ortiz' 2 weeks ago
why r they scared if the movie is over😀
xXBlu_Arrow360Xx vlogs
Oscar was so cute
Nel aeujo
'Nel aeujo' 2 weeks ago
I am I the only one who didn't ever notice Christian's giant side/back tattoo until 2:03???
Ailani Miller
'Ailani Miller' 2 weeks ago
The one where the friend with the bad taste in music and he plays the hamster dance
Jack John
'Jack John' 2 weeks ago
Thank god hes got a youtube channel
'Zoki' 2 weeks ago
2:30 and 4:56 are sooo true.
Larry lol
'Larry lol' 2 weeks ago
I wouldn't stop laughing 😂
Skelly Bones
'Skelly Bones' 2 weeks ago
AnnaMarie Baxley
'AnnaMarie Baxley' 2 weeks ago
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