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Christian DelGrosso Vine Compilation with Titles - All Christian DelGrosso Vines - Top Viners ✔ -
Published: 2 years ago By: Top Viners

By: Top VinersPublished: 2 years ago

9, 853, 692 views

90, 005 Likes   2, 163 Dislikes

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alex Plummer
'alex Plummer' 2 hours ago
fuck my life
NS Eerie
'NS Eerie' 5 hours ago
Sooo funny
Manu x01
'Manu x01' 5 hours ago
13:26 Little Bit JB
Yechan Jeong
'Yechan Jeong' 5 hours ago
21:30 HowtoBasic vine XD
Sarah Chadwick
'Sarah Chadwick' 10 hours ago
happy birthday
Jesse Perry
'Jesse Perry' 18 hours ago
At 3:33 does anyone know what song that was? I forgot.
I feel really bad for his mother....
Dwight IW
'Dwight IW' 1 day ago
8:34 *me*
Elizabeth Parrish
'Elizabeth Parrish' 3 days ago
my lord i wTched this near my mom and she stared at it and my phone for hour's and screamed
Samantha Mcintyre
'Samantha Mcintyre' 3 days ago
336 song pls
Layla Argueta
'Layla Argueta' 4 days ago
Ally Jones
'Ally Jones' 5 days ago
If your not black stop acting like it some times
Mirvo Beast
'Mirvo Beast' 5 days ago
The one were he goes STRAGHT back to sleep that is me EVERY MORNING
Erika Villarreal
'Erika Villarreal' 5 days ago
When he said his friend died in his dream it was so funny because his face😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🙂😂😂
Gianna Iandolo blogs
Does he have a tattoo cause I swear I saw one on the right side of his chest when he was doing hi famous Wintson vid
Chara Dreemurr
'Chara Dreemurr' 6 days ago
#or nah
CrazyGamer 666
'CrazyGamer 666' 6 days ago
9:25 omg
Brianna Daugherty
'Brianna Daugherty' 6 days ago
Christian is a genius at his vines
Brianna Daugherty
'Brianna Daugherty' 6 days ago
Damn Christian is such a genius at his vines
Analise De Leon
'Analise De Leon' 6 days ago
a dog twerking is funny!!!😂😂😂😂😂
'GV BRO' 6 days ago
I'm literally crying right now, not becuz it was funny i'm actually having a really bad mood and when i start watching Christian's vines it literally makes me laugh while i'm crying. Thank you Christian for making me laugh when i'm feeling down. :)
Christopher Walicek
I love when dreams feel so real.😀😀😀
'GV BRO' 6 days ago
He should be the 3rd generation of Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Bean 😂😂😂
Jennifer Nguyễn
'Jennifer Nguyễn' 6 days ago
Christian don't cuss a lot like another viner
Mickenzie Tucker
'Mickenzie Tucker' 7 days ago
normal people scare me. 😶😛😖😐😑
Lazari Creepypasta
my dream are that real
Branardo123 4
'Branardo123 4' 7 days ago
That wig tho
Mikaela Diaz
'Mikaela Diaz' 7 days ago
4:29 a dream come true
C and C music
'C and C music' 7 days ago
Who else yawned in the yawning vine 😂😂 It was probably just me....
Genyva Perkins
'Genyva Perkins' 1 week ago
Kaylee Cook
'Kaylee Cook' 1 week ago
I laughed my ASS OFF
Peter Kaiser
'Peter Kaiser' 1 week ago
What's the name of the song at 5:35??? :D
'xChocolateTitan' 1 week ago
14:14 Wut song
Areej Abro
'Areej Abro' 1 week ago
Analise De Leon
'Analise De Leon' 1 week ago
Mikey guy 94 u can't like him he has a girlfriend!!
Sarah Timbers
'Sarah Timbers' 1 week ago
14:32! Omg! Zebras are my fav animal!
Mark Jordan
'Mark Jordan' 1 week ago
It is said to this day christhan is looking more blankets
Ry Vids
'Ry Vids' 1 week ago
I want to meet him so bad to become the yelling buddies and blow peoples ears off in the street...
Dave Anand
'Dave Anand' 1 week ago
2:57 has the best song what song is it?
RR 6710
'RR 6710' 1 week ago
At 9:53 it's always me when I try to clean my room
Natalie Bonner
'Natalie Bonner' 1 week ago
He is so so handsome
Joantube - Playz
'Joantube - Playz' 1 week ago
he was so cute at 13:25 to 13:26😍😍😊😊
Haley Roy
'Haley Roy' 1 week ago
'PyschoGIRL43' 1 week ago
lol I love it how he can never be serious 😂😂
Jennifer Nguyễn
'Jennifer Nguyễn' 1 week ago
Song at 4:34 pleaseee !
'MkayAnnxa' 1 week ago
3:33 best day of my life...
'E L L A' 1 week ago
always when I watch this my mom is sitting next to me and when I laugh she's asking why are you laughing and Iam always like I watch a funny video and she says can in See it?
Ashley Vázquez
'Ashley Vázquez' 1 week ago
2:54 he looks mucile
Keven Tobar
'Keven Tobar' 1 week ago
What's up Christine
Samantha Mcintyre
'Samantha Mcintyre' 1 week ago
2605 song pls
Samantha Mcintyre
'Samantha Mcintyre' 1 week ago
1607. song pls.
Samantha Mcintyre
'Samantha Mcintyre' 1 week ago
12.30 what's that song pls.
Samantha Mcintyre
'Samantha Mcintyre' 1 week ago
1o.oo what's that song pls.
Samantha Mcintyre
'Samantha Mcintyre' 1 week ago
330 what was that song pls???
Heidi Ruilova
'Heidi Ruilova' 1 week ago
At 5:40 is that anwar jibawi
i love foxy from fnaf
8:07the movie is fight club
Emma TheTwig
'Emma TheTwig' 2 weeks ago
2017 still anyone
Amal Mohamed
'Amal Mohamed' 2 weeks ago
I loved the one when he did songs change you it was lit and haliroius
the goat exploder
'the goat exploder' 2 weeks ago
rip oscar
Hey I
'Hey I'm Dom' 2 weeks ago
11:09 holy shit that upper body strength 😨 just wow😐
Hey I
'Hey I'm Dom' 2 weeks ago
1:51 wait David Dobrik
'628srp01' 2 weeks ago
Same your cute not crazy 😜
Harry Parker
'Harry Parker' 2 weeks ago
What song at 5:30
jayde colosimo
'jayde colosimo' 2 weeks ago
Christian with santa: "oh mrs.claus have you been naughty this year? oh yes you have" Hump s her like crazy. Mom:*gasps* CHRISTIAN! Me:😂😂😂😂 LOL
Shadow Crystal WolfGirlVlogs
my heart dropped when I saw the dog R.I.P
Awesome Boy
'Awesome Boy' 2 weeks ago
he is so funny
Chloe Little
'Chloe Little' 2 weeks ago
1:35 LOL omfg
Madison Alexander
'Madison Alexander' 2 weeks ago
Y did you let your Dog do that
TheFake Duck
'TheFake Duck' 2 weeks ago
What is the music in 3:10?
ginger cat
'ginger cat' 2 weeks ago
tori rose
'tori rose' 2 weeks ago
#Midnight Angels
'#Midnight Angels' 2 weeks ago
numa numa is my jam lol
lucy heartfilia
'lucy heartfilia' 2 weeks ago
omg i cannot breath its so funny hes so funny!!!p
Toxic GamerHD
'Toxic GamerHD' 2 weeks ago
The wake up one is definitely what happens to me I say I'm awake but then ......................................
horse lover
'horse lover' 2 weeks ago
lol I fell bad for your mom she must of sides laughing
Cameron Donald
'Cameron Donald' 2 weeks ago
I watched the hole video so funny I lost terribly
wolf lover
'wolf lover' 2 weeks ago
11:05 i laughed
Scary funny stupid and random
8:59 :) XD XD
wild-tangent -gamer
'wild-tangent -gamer' 2 weeks ago
at 0:29 sounds like Courage the Cowardly Dog xD
'sparkleblueberry' 2 weeks ago
Ok I was doing a try not laugh with my friend the one I laugh in is when he said No I SHIT in the sink!!! 😂😂😂😂
??? ???
'??? ???' 2 weeks ago
Taimane Su
'Taimane Su'a' 2 weeks ago
I love parent logic it's sooo funny! I am a HUGE fan of you Christian!!!
'PinkSheepFan' 2 weeks ago
"COOKING VIS ZEE FAMOUS WINSTON" those vines are hilarouis
Fikri Nesimi
'Fikri Nesimi' 2 weeks ago
the vine were he says imagine and wakin up and seeing this got me so much
AmazingHoneyIsNotOnFire !
All of these are so relatable 😂
Fluffy Dog
'Fluffy Dog' 2 weeks ago
Anyone else yawn when they yawn like if you did
Shadow Nightcast
'Shadow Nightcast' 2 weeks ago
who else yawned at 7:28...I did
Isaiah Reyes
'Isaiah Reyes' 2 weeks ago
Who's with Christian in 15:38 ?
Racheal Bender
'Racheal Bender' 2 weeks ago
my fav is 12: 23
Racheal Bender
'Racheal Bender' 2 weeks ago
whats the song called at 3:00
Areeha Imran Ahmed
'Areeha Imran Ahmed' 2 weeks ago
I don't think i can deal with Logan's death :'(
itsjust Lucy
'itsjust Lucy' 2 weeks ago
So cute 😘😘😘😘 Christian DelGrosso is bae😍😍😍😍
Kamri Coon
'Kamri Coon' 2 weeks ago
LOOK AT 0:33 ME HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
Julia Cebula
'Julia Cebula' 3 weeks ago
18:20 also true but I hate when my mom never finished the sentence
Julia Cebula
'Julia Cebula' 3 weeks ago
17:40 omg so trye
Julia Cebula
'Julia Cebula' 3 weeks ago
2:34 so true
Tyler Edwards
'Tyler Edwards' 3 weeks ago
look out love is in the air.
Asreil 65
'Asreil 65' 3 weeks ago
I can relate so FREAKING much
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