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Christian DelGrosso Vine Compilation with Titles - All Christian DelGrosso Vines - Top Viners ✔ -
Published: 3 years ago By: Top Viners

By: Top VinersPublished: 3 years ago

10, 531, 370 views

97, 781 Likes   2, 345 Dislikes

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Payton Kemp
'Payton Kemp' 5 hours ago
First of all lol second of all lol and third of all lol. its all funny😂😂😂XDXDXD
'Łuigi' 5 hours ago
40:42 That part was soooo sad! 😞
'ghostpg3d' 21 hours ago
5:30 i am dying of................................................................who else is still reading this
'ghostpg3d' 21 hours ago
5:32 is the funny store
J&J pranking 36
'J&J pranking 36' 21 hours ago
12:06 I actually have a girl i like on my phone as my crush and this happened to me
the famous Winston reminds me of how to basic! xDDD
Bela Welch
'Bela Welch' 1 day ago
my teacher thinks zebras are the worst but I think their beautiful
Carling Berglund
'Carling Berglund' 1 day ago
26:46 I can relate I hate when people say that to me
'catears217' 1 day ago
What song did christian dance to when his parents made him breakfast
Autumn Alexandra
'Autumn Alexandra' 2 days ago
Joshua Basa
'Joshua Basa' 2 days ago
Alivia Overmyer
'Alivia Overmyer' 2 days ago
I totally agreed with him saying zebras are the best thing in the whole entire world.
Kawaii Anime-Tube
'Kawaii Anime-Tube' 2 days ago
Kawaii Anime-Tube
'Kawaii Anime-Tube' 2 days ago
Rip all earphones users
Liu Woods
'Liu Woods' 2 days ago
2:59 is sometimes me
Macey Heaps
'Macey Heaps' 2 days ago
this is so funny
XXSkrub LordXX
'XXSkrub LordXX' 3 days ago
10:56 though it's what it feels like
Einmau Katelyn
'Einmau Katelyn' 3 days ago
Heavenly Angel
'Heavenly Angel' 3 days ago
Omg 😂lol I feel bad for his mom he is abusing her (in a joking sense I wasn't bieng literal ) Christian is so funny
Funtime Foxy0804
'Funtime Foxy0804' 3 days ago
3:18 😂😂😂😂😂😂 das definintly me in the morning after a shower
'WolvtronGaming' 3 days ago
18:47 you don't laugh you have no soul
Edvina Grigaliunaite
I love this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✝️✝️
Aaron O
'Aaron O'Leary' 4 days ago
7:27 I actually started yawning too
Ally Craft
'Ally Craft' 4 days ago
Who yawned with them
RJ Lal
'RJ Lal' 4 days ago
3:00 the song is called latch
Sempiempire 7710
'Sempiempire 7710' 4 days ago
I subscribed
Rylo EN
'Rylo EN' 4 days ago
0:46 what am I looking at
The ultimate Galaxy #iwokeuplikethis
at 2:51 you can see Christian muscles for once
Dash GMD
'Dash GMD' 4 days ago
I swear Christian can be a little TOO MUCH and a little TOO ANNOYING.
GD Cley
'GD Cley' 5 days ago
2:57 she doesn't do that to me ;-;
i love you BOADI
'i love you BOADI' 5 days ago
38:23 lol!!😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😅😅😹😹😂😂
Haley Covers
'Haley Covers' 5 days ago
Omg the one about everyone saying a after everything I can relate to because my little sister does it ALL the time
'DeRaNGeD GaMePLaY' 5 days ago
Marina Romero
'Marina Romero' 5 days ago
12:40 lol this is so me!
May The Changed Girl
29:32 Oscar! What the heck! Your too young! 😂😂😂
Klaudija Cickeviciute
Christain,s Germany accent is so bad
Michael Mccloud
'Michael Mccloud' 5 days ago
I love the one on 9:24
Holly Dance
'Holly Dance' 5 days ago
9:24 OH. MY GOD.
GameTimeErin 06
'GameTimeErin 06' 5 days ago
0:25 the conjuring! am I right?
Adri Gravestone
'Adri Gravestone' 5 days ago
what's the name of that song at 4:24
Pine Apple
'Pine Apple' 5 days ago
In the yawning one I actually yawned 😂
Jayla Rosario
'Jayla Rosario' 5 days ago
When the vine of yawns are contagious I started to yawn
McKenna Hoh
'McKenna Hoh' 5 days ago
Who else yawned at the vine "Yawning is contagious"?
Makayla Crees
'Makayla Crees' 5 days ago
I bet almost everyone yawned at 7:24
Lily Thomas
'Lily Thomas' 5 days ago
I can realate
hor shohib
'hor shohib' 5 days ago
I WAS DEAD AT 2:37😂😂😂😂
AquaticFoxes AJ
'AquaticFoxes AJ' 6 days ago
2:56 me FASTER DRIVE FASTER !!!!! sees bird STOP !!!!!!! sees kid i don't like KEEP DRIVING !!!!!
luckystar strauss
'luckystar strauss' 6 days ago
what's the song at 3:00?? 😊
Juan Martin Soto
'Juan Martin Soto' 6 days ago
I like the one vine where santa is spreading joy to everyone
Taylor Bee
'Taylor Bee' 6 days ago
11:10 that was hot 😏👉👌👅💦
Emmi & Zakk
'Emmi & Zakk' 6 days ago
Dora:where is the bed?? Me: bitch ur sitting on it 😡 Dora:where is it? Me: BITCH YOU ARE SITTING ON IT Dora:let me check the map Me: OK WHATEVER BITCH CHECK THE MAP Map:Bitch listen to that girl she just said ur sitting on it! Dora:here it is!!
'Happy' 6 days ago
Karate Girl
'Karate Girl' 6 days ago
R.I.P head phone users
YT Ashley5700
'YT Ashley5700' 6 days ago
Me when I stretch literally: ~Stretch~ YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
'Piccansol' 6 days ago
Does anyone know the song on 3:33 ? 😂
Rikki Gale Gordy
'Rikki Gale Gordy' 6 days ago
9:51-9:56 favorite vine
Rikki Gale Gordy
'Rikki Gale Gordy' 6 days ago
8:37 favorite song
'Rays' 6 days ago
What's the song at 4:37
David Li
'David Li' 6 days ago
Guys My brother got mad because my soda ginger ale , it has my name on it but my brother wants it. The cap has The name is david but my brother wanted because My BROTHER was mad and he was CRYING so LOUD. I DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT IT. LIKE HE IS A PILE OF 💩.
Martha Quintana
'Martha Quintana' 7 days ago
anime girl
'anime girl' 7 days ago
27:06 triggered
Abbey Cowan
'Abbey Cowan' 7 days ago
girl do not do that . your being maen to girls i love you :)
Vanessa Franklin-murray
this was my first watching vine i was laghing so hard. and i was german i didnt understand
Isis Cendejas
'Isis Cendejas' 7 days ago
it's Dad his dog died I cried do much
Drama Llama
'Drama Llama' 1 week ago
3:31 music?
David Cameron
'David Cameron' 1 week ago
At 17:45 that's me in the morning
Cutegamertoychica Esperanza
This is like the funniest vine I ever watched 100% 😂😂😂😂
Cutegamertoychica Esperanza
Are u feeling well
Sharky 101
'Sharky 101' 1 week ago
17:01 lol
Marley Blackledge
'Marley Blackledge' 1 week ago
"Your lucky I don't chop your balls off and feed it to a zebra"
VikingGhost 4
'VikingGhost 4' 1 week ago
how to yell to your mom in German you sound like medic from tf2 panicking
Matthew Baier
'Matthew Baier' 1 week ago
what was that song at 3:30
Dylan Marrujo
'Dylan Marrujo' 1 week ago
3:58 that's Exactly what I do
Pet Owner
'Pet Owner' 1 week ago
Ok ummm I was promised titles
Kawaii Slayys1
'Kawaii Slayys1' 1 week ago
I relate to all.
Paolo Mart
'Paolo Mart' 1 week ago
R.I.P Oscar in the ghost vine. 😥
Wolf Gaming
'Wolf Gaming' 1 week ago
3:03 is my little brother
Cora Cruz
'Cora Cruz' 1 week ago
I wish I was related to him
Jenna Reyes
'Jenna Reyes' 1 week ago
you just replayed the same ones
Kay  George
'Kay George' 1 week ago
omg this guys so funny! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Rhianne Chanab
'Rhianne Chanab' 1 week ago
What does the D mean
Rhianne Chanab
'Rhianne Chanab' 1 week ago
What does the D mean
Cadence Lewis
'Cadence Lewis' 1 week ago
its 12:06 at night i spent all that time watching vines lol any one else?
Joshua Vlogs
'Joshua Vlogs' 1 week ago
How does Christian has man boobs
Somthinf Nsuddbdg
'Somthinf Nsuddbdg' 1 week ago
Darren Teo
'Darren Teo' 1 week ago
14:17 what song is that
'TheAbyssWatcher' 1 week ago
5:35 what song Is that?
HeartacheLady Endy
Mom-ah!! I'm trying to make a vine-ah!!!!! 😂
'xyhaan' 1 week ago
they were watching the conjuring on the scary movie vine
'Aiden' 1 week ago
26:16 lol
Angel Barba
'Angel Barba' 1 week ago
Shica - Rocket League and more!
At 36:54 the phone said 11:42 and then in the next bit it I read it backwards and it said 12:13
Alex hoang
'Alex hoang' 2 weeks ago
oh my god its not just me i alway s yell at my mum in fake german i always say smit fa un fa fa hiezan furg and i always say farichringantov
'Georgia' 2 weeks ago
I love it all actually
'Georgia' 2 weeks ago
4:53 - 4:57
'Georgia' 2 weeks ago
'Georgia' 2 weeks ago
'Georgia' 2 weeks ago
1:22 until 1:25
Sara super
'Sara super' 2 weeks ago
I am laughing a lot because I cab relate to all of them. 😂😂😂
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