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Christian DelGrosso Vine Compilation with Titles - All Christian DelGrosso Vines - Top Viners ✔ -
Published: 2 years ago By: Top Viners

By: Top VinersPublished: 2 years ago

9, 488, 214 views

85, 908 Likes   2, 067 Dislikes

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Amy Gortiz
'Amy Gortiz' 4 hours ago
lol 😂
The Ultimate Lego Show
dude this is a total remake
xxX.mlg_goldy24. Xxx
If a American goes to denmark there rich 100$ 600 krowns. Yeah know that sounds wered "krowns" but that how it spells. GO TO DENMARK
TØP PANIC!-y PHANDOM Ever w/ Mark and Jack
7:53 is literally me all the time XD
Baileys Vlogs
'Baileys Vlogs' 14 hours ago
Howell Cobb VLOGS
What song did they play on the one were the dog died.
Terri McDonald
'Terri McDonald' 1 day ago
christian is bae. 😘😛😜😚😙💝💗💖❤💙👄💋💇😋😙 (not my bae tho)
Pam Walbrant
'Pam Walbrant' 1 day ago
JM ag dolls gaming
he is so friken cute and I'm crazy lol I like crazy people as well
Ultra Sisterz Ultra family
when your mom hit u u be like that bitch did not just hit fuck her whats her problem
Twinkystar 21
'Twinkystar 21' 2 days ago
just to answer the question even tho I'm 2 yrs late girls want guys to prove stuff to them so they know ur not gonna cheat and u will treat them with respect and not loop and to make sure ur the right choice and not degrade her as a women
miraculous LB dork
"hello?...... waaait.. is this a fabrez Comercial?!"
Imani Marshall
'Imani Marshall' 2 days ago
just needed a good giggle
Wilmarie Maldonado
Monika Kaminska
'Monika Kaminska' 3 days ago
He is so funny and loud😂
Grace Starks
'Grace Starks' 3 days ago
when there's no headphone warning and you end up with bleeding ears haha
assassin major
'assassin major' 3 days ago
who is watchin in 2017
FeedArtiFact3 gaming
esnardy cardenas
'esnardy cardenas' 4 days ago
I bet no one can make a text that long
Katelyn Humphreys
'Katelyn Humphreys' 4 days ago
The ones with Oscar😢😥😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Luna ScarletFox
'Luna ScarletFox' 4 days ago
what's the name of the Mexican song at 5:33
Luna ScarletFox
'Luna ScarletFox' 4 days ago
what is the song playing at 4:20
Shana Rampersad
'Shana Rampersad' 4 days ago
At 8:12 so funny 😂
Alin Indira Tranquilino Salado
+Mikeyguy94 one question...... are you a boy ??
Alin Indira Tranquilino Salado
Steven Li
'Steven Li' 6 days ago
I think he is so funny and crazy
Beatriz Murillo
'Beatriz Murillo' 6 days ago
He is really really cute 😍😍😍😍😍😘
Exile Trident
'Exile Trident' 6 days ago
song at 3:33
Brooke Macpherson
'Brooke Macpherson' 7 days ago
Brooke Macpherson
'Brooke Macpherson' 7 days ago
I tried the thing to wake up your feet and I accidentally broke my leg 😓
Merdina Medunjanin
he is just like my brother
Merdina Medunjanin
i am dying of laughter my sis asked if i was ok
Cynthia Terry
'Cynthia Terry' 1 week ago
5:58 was definitely the funniest. That shit took Dora to a whole new level. 😂 This guy deserves an Oscar. 👏🙌
Casey Stanford
'Casey Stanford' 1 week ago
10:39 I think we all can relate
Casey Stanford
'Casey Stanford' 1 week ago
8:04 lol
Casey Stanford
'Casey Stanford' 1 week ago
I love that cheesy smile he does!? XD
Melissa Corman
'Melissa Corman' 1 week ago
Plz say this in your next vine what are bees that produce milk BOOBIES HAHAHHAHAH
'MUTANIUS 1ON' 1 week ago
he is so funny
Shalie Mott
'Shalie Mott' 1 week ago
Cupcake Narwhal
'Cupcake Narwhal' 1 week ago
11:39 was hilarious and I love the Dora logic
FeedArtiFact3 gaming
FeedArtiFact3 gaming
'MR.Azoom' 1 week ago
that so funny i love her video
Dorian Laurent
'Dorian Laurent' 1 week ago
margin sequence sand lbruxxf longtime doctrine near daily.
'Rainbowpizzadog' 1 week ago
3:30 I'm dead😂😂😂
Super girlSartourius
27:45 is totally me!!! if that's you to like this comment.!!😆😆
silly funfair
'silly funfair' 1 week ago
I 31.12 is that a real tattoo on his side
Braier 12
'Braier 12' 1 week ago
I just realized that the vid is a HAUL HOUR
Lwiza_O Oraha
'Lwiza_O Oraha' 1 week ago
7:30 OMG LMFAOOO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
'Laurence04' 1 week ago
7:52 R.I.P Oscar
TheTrickshotKid 10
Definitely my favourite viner
Nicole Bainbridge
'Nicole Bainbridge' 1 week ago
The 2k that disliked this have not lived
_ReDriftKing Gamer
'_ReDriftKing Gamer' 2 weeks ago
8:27 Lol Got Me at Mc Donald's
ticci toby girl
'ticci toby girl' 2 weeks ago
2:56 *gets gun* sexist
Sophia Carlisle
'Sophia Carlisle' 2 weeks ago
TeenRebornMommy 2002
14:38 I can totally relate to that....I still do it...
TeenRebornMommy 2002
3:17 I was dead...xD I'm still laughing!!!!!
Ilse Carrasco Olavide
Jose Chavex
'Jose Chavex' 2 weeks ago
I laughed so hard
Jose Chavex
'Jose Chavex' 2 weeks ago
I laughed so hard
Christina Friesen
'Christina Friesen' 2 weeks ago
"Why do white girls walk in odd numbers? BECAUSE THEY CAN'T EVEN!!!" omf this killed me!!
Claudia Soto
'Claudia Soto' 2 weeks ago
2:58 name of song ??
Lupe Valencia
'Lupe Valencia' 2 weeks ago
Lupe Valencia
'Lupe Valencia' 2 weeks ago
T RandomDragonFox
'T RandomDragonFox' 2 weeks ago
I can relate
T RandomDragonFox
'T RandomDragonFox' 2 weeks ago
on Monday I sleep in my closet. which is so small. I love him he is hilarious. I wanna meet him so much
katilyn peterson
'katilyn peterson' 2 weeks ago
chrishtan is AWESOME !!! :3
'AlexieplayzMCYT' 2 weeks ago
some one was at the back at 6:10 I just notice it😂
eat,sleep,love Logan Paul
am I the only one who yoned
Mia Martinez
'Mia Martinez' 2 weeks ago
when I see pictures of me I see my long hair and I'm all like I'm so glad I cut my hair it was so long. my older brother would always do my hair.
'maja292929' 2 weeks ago
39:50 Funniest moment ever :D
Koshi Fujita
'Koshi Fujita' 2 weeks ago
What's the song on 2:58
Ryan_gamer Minecraft And More!
19:17 totally me lol
Ali Kandil
'Ali Kandil' 2 weeks ago
what is the song at 7:55
Mahad saleebaan xasan
nigga You nest
Joann The Troll Doll
at 4:22 i act exactly like Christian is that bad?
Dabbgirl2016 2016
'Dabbgirl2016 2016' 2 weeks ago
When it said your yawning was contagious it made me yawn too
Kissha Ann Ravago
'Kissha Ann Ravago' 2 weeks ago
on 0:31 he talks like courage from the cartoon courage the cowardly dog😂😂😂😂😂
jaydh raha
'jaydh raha' 2 weeks ago
all was funny
Benjamin Mejia
'Benjamin Mejia' 3 weeks ago
Like videos
Kiela Wolf
'Kiela Wolf' 3 weeks ago
I can relate too every one of these! Seriously 😂
Noreen Carvalho
'Noreen Carvalho' 3 weeks ago
He's like the male version of me 😋 because I'm crazy and scream a lot
Tatiana Saldia
'Tatiana Saldia' 3 weeks ago
#true#when my parents tell me to wake up then i say im up i fall back to sleep
Jason Dietz
'Jason Dietz' 3 weeks ago
your mom is hott
'wiggry' 3 weeks ago
jak on matkę traktuje
'KoMoDoZ' 3 weeks ago
Song At 16:39??? Anyone? I Need It For My Utube Videos I'll Give A Shoutout To Whoever Tells Me First.
Olivia 1D
'Olivia 1D' 3 weeks ago
i miss the old vines
Panic!KillJoy AtHeadly
The oh you don't even know one gets me every time!
Pepper Anderson
'Pepper Anderson' 3 weeks ago
Dara Sabrina
'Dara Sabrina' 3 weeks ago
his dog just died 😢😢
superstar Maria
'superstar Maria' 3 weeks ago
what is that songs name at 11:24
superstar Maria
'superstar Maria' 3 weeks ago
he reminds me of wolfie raps
moose girl
'moose girl' 3 weeks ago
"wake up its morning time"😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛
Purple Illuminati
'Purple Illuminati' 3 weeks ago
If the best things in the world are free, then why does my dog's stuff cost money
Brendan Victorio
'Brendan Victorio' 3 weeks ago
On the first one I got jump scared, like if you also got jump scared
Dylan Broeckling
'Dylan Broeckling' 3 weeks ago
poor oscar
Queen King197704
'Queen King197704' 3 weeks ago
At the part 30 minutes and 38 seconds that's what my brothers and sisters are like they get on my nerves 😩😩😩😩😩
David Melanson
'David Melanson' 3 weeks ago
Bella Josey
'Bella Josey' 3 weeks ago
I was watching this and my family was trying to talk to me!!
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