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Christian DelGrosso Vine Compilation with Titles - All Christian DelGrosso Vines - Top Viners ✔ -
Published: 3 years ago By: Top Viners

By: Top VinersPublished: 3 years ago

10, 961, 125 views

102, 283 Likes   2, 458 Dislikes

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'HowTo' 3 weeks ago
The song at 14:12 is slow down by Selena Gomez
puggle snuggles
'puggle snuggles' 1 month ago
at 6:13 there's a girl in the background
Jalynn Kitchen
'Jalynn Kitchen' 1 month ago
16:03 Sometimes babies die..
Nicole Bainbridge
'Nicole Bainbridge' 1 month ago
Who else is reading the comments looking at the ones that say yawn and then yawning because of them like this if you are
Shane Del Castilho
'Shane Del Castilho' 1 month ago
7:56 I lost it.
CookieMan 909
'CookieMan 909' 1 month ago
Fuckin nigga
Rogelio Nuno
'Rogelio Nuno' 1 month ago
Pause at 0:06 you see a guy in the background
Chloe Sup
'Chloe Sup' 1 month ago
I love how he is the opposite when he says driving with friends verses driving alone the alone is soooo me
Pusheenlover 2106
'Pusheenlover 2106' 1 month ago
11:10 when bae comes into the room 😂
lego Nightwing #1
'lego Nightwing #1' 1 month ago
18:19, I have that same situation with my mom
Spoopy The devil
'Spoopy The devil' 1 month ago
The yawning is contagious one got me yawning. Also pause at 7:32 lol
FnafQueen Forever
'FnafQueen Forever' 1 month ago
Eva Yurkiv
'Eva Yurkiv' 1 month ago
PATRICA!! Can you quiet down Honey?
In Fa Me
'In Fa Me' 1 month ago
8:35 Song nameeeeeeee??????
Tyler Barr
'Tyler Barr' 1 month ago
Christian is one of the funniest dudes I know
Joe Venegas
'Joe Venegas' 1 month ago
U are funny
Ninja Cat
'Ninja Cat' 1 month ago
Does anyone know Christains snap chat??
Summer Jones
'Summer Jones' 1 month ago
Summer Jones
'Summer Jones' 1 month ago
Omg 8:27
Kiana S
'Kiana S' 1 month ago
Can someone tell me what the song was in the swiffer vine?
Coco Velasquez
'Coco Velasquez' 1 month ago
11:10 or 11:10 is so sexy
Delaney Christian
'Delaney Christian' 1 month ago
4:44 I'm dead!!😂
Elijah Gutierrez
'Elijah Gutierrez' 1 month ago
10:55 look at the contact name😂
Maddie Herira
'Maddie Herira' 1 month ago
Is he Mexican 😂
Easton Smith
'Easton Smith' 1 month ago
What's the song at 2:59
Lou Lou
'Lou Lou' 1 month ago
19:14 my favorite 😂
Tiffany Westlund
'Tiffany Westlund' 1 month ago
Favoit words of all time'it looks like a damp potatao!'😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😸😸😸😸
'Unicornio!lover' 1 month ago
Stop asking if ur Watching in 2017 EVERYONE IS OK! U DONT NEED TO ASK EVERYONE IF THEY ARE um There not STUPID! They know when they are Watching in 2017 OK
Francesca The Demon
'Francesca The Demon' 1 month ago
25:47 Omg I'm dying lol
Barry Herron
'Barry Herron' 1 month ago
35:07 100/10 Dadddi (;;
Poppy Kershaw
'Poppy Kershaw' 1 month ago
2:10 "IT LOOKS LIKE A DAMN POTATO!" Christian Delgrosso 2016
Antrace Glenn
'Antrace Glenn' 1 month ago
Rip headphones users for when he screams and you have it loud😂😂😂 Also rip vine
Emmyz Outlet
'Emmyz Outlet' 1 month ago
I die every time he yells😂😂😂
Bethel _
'Bethel _' 1 month ago
4:30, little did they both know. 😯
Monster man
'Monster man' 1 month ago
This guy reminds me so much of Jim Carrey and I love it! Jim's one of my favourite comedians and Christian's one of my new favourite viners.
caprain rubber duckie
5:58 yas Dora's dumb
'Bec' 1 month ago
i remember me and my friends talking about curtis leopore and christian delgrosso and jerry purpdrank vines when we were in like year five aww bringing back memories
charmie Calo
'charmie Calo' 1 month ago
Jack: it was an accident Christan: accent
tiny NIJA 124
'tiny NIJA 124' 1 month ago
plan c Mal
'plan c Mal' 1 month ago
random person: do you have a bathroom me: no we shit in the garden
'doenders' 1 month ago
11:54 lol that is what i feel
Te Whiu Te maipi
'Te Whiu Te maipi' 1 month ago
His voice was meant for something eh
Taco Gamer Extreme !!
I only dislike these because people use other good YouTubers vines
QueenJ Auguste
'QueenJ Auguste' 1 month ago
9:25 😂😂 his moms reaction tho 😂
ismael cosio
'ismael cosio' 1 month ago
Is Gampa Joe ok
Angel195 Movies
'Angel195 Movies' 1 month ago
And what's the song at 26:03
Angel195 Movies
'Angel195 Movies' 1 month ago
What song is At 14:13 ?
Luuk van der Boor
'Luuk van der Boor' 1 month ago
Heya there !! sue It looks for me pretty sick wovk$choice . .
Sky Thekiiler
'Sky Thekiiler' 1 month ago
Christian is used in so many Homestuck edits...
Melinda Morris
'Melinda Morris' 1 month ago
Luna the wolf
'Luna the wolf' 1 month ago
'vinyltap' 1 month ago
Edita pajalic
'Edita pajalic' 1 month ago
02:16 haha 😂😂😂❤
'TeamDerpMCPE' 1 month ago
Who is watch this IN 2017?
Epsilon Kraft
'Epsilon Kraft' 1 month ago
you know what time it is try outs for jeepers kreepers
Rabia Cura - Sir Winston Churchill PS (1555)
People with anger problems be like
Nydia Rubio
'Nydia Rubio' 1 month ago
39:41 That's me XD
Mandy LOLZ
'Mandy LOLZ' 1 month ago
😂😂When he say "FFFUCK" I always laugh so much 😂😂Christian is the best Binet and youtuber 😂
Triphine 11
'Triphine 11' 1 month ago
I just saw christian's dog who just passed away 😭😭😭
Triphine 11
'Triphine 11' 1 month ago
How did i die??? 😂😂😂😂
Nydia Rubio
'Nydia Rubio' 1 month ago
Nydia Rubio
'Nydia Rubio' 1 month ago
Christian I want you to Shut The F**k up you stupid a**hole before I Sh*t
Kickinitk Cole
'Kickinitk Cole' 1 month ago
I acully yawned
Sonja Bennett
'Sonja Bennett' 1 month ago
27:13 is the funniest vine ever lol
'ßÂÐ ЄИĞЄL' 1 month ago
8:37 What name the song ? 🌚
'STARCO WILL LIVE' 2 months ago
9:31 you look like someone in my school named Marlon
Aidan Bateman
'Aidan Bateman' 2 months ago
Toxic Domination
'Toxic Domination' 2 months ago
4:38 What's the song?
Amaiyah Girly Gamer
'Amaiyah Girly Gamer' 2 months ago
When they were yawning I yawned
Angel Torres
'Angel Torres' 2 months ago
I've been having a shittastic day, this definitely helped take the edge off, forty minutes well spent.
Jenny Mize
'Jenny Mize' 2 months ago
We need to band together and get Christian a zebra
'fishtouch' 2 months ago
how do we have the same mom
Jensen Perez
'Jensen Perez' 2 months ago
I like your vine
Zach Lotter
'Zach Lotter' 2 months ago
I was in my friend's dream once. I tripped on a rock and eaten alive.
Moon Creeper
'Moon Creeper' 2 months ago
I loved the ''Cooking Vis Zee Famous Winston'' LOL LOL XD
daniel1505r _YT
'daniel1505r _YT' 2 months ago
12:38 he said pop tarts
Ben Knudsen
'Ben Knudsen' 2 months ago
It's not a vine without a title
galxyglar3 art and gaming
And thier are some funny yandare or something else anime vines in this I'm still watching
galxyglar3 art and gaming
At 1:45 you can tell that was in one of he yandare simulator memes and it's funny in real life
dAng3rxs SkiIl
'dAng3rxs SkiIl' 2 months ago
🔝3:32🔝 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂That was fucking Amazing😂
Shavez Khan
'Shavez Khan' 2 months ago
14:13 music pls
'DerpyICEcube' 2 months ago
Julia Rockholt
'Julia Rockholt' 2 months ago
World's Coolest
TwistedTrialer MCCRIP
New sub your so funny i wanted to be like u
Olivia Pedley
'Olivia Pedley' 2 months ago
I feel bad for Christian's mom.😂
Sam Hanke
'Sam Hanke' 2 months ago
Sam Hanke
'Sam Hanke' 2 months ago
Elyas Karamt
'Elyas Karamt' 2 months ago
Lolipopins Pop
'Lolipopins Pop' 2 months ago
Is it weird that I also read the signs as fast as I can
'wolflover98ize' 2 months ago
3:20 that's happened to me before
Kaddie 07
'Kaddie 07' 2 months ago
Someone pls tell me the song at 5:31 plsss
Christina Hernandez
'Christina Hernandez' 2 months ago
Lol too funny
Rowan Perron
'Rowan Perron' 2 months ago
I can relate to parant logic
Nunez Family
'Nunez Family' 2 months ago
Why does Dora need to find the bed 😏
Starblade 1
'Starblade 1' 2 months ago
11:54 My best friend is doing that all the time. She just can't close her mouth. Heeeelp!
Kaddie 07
'Kaddie 07' 2 months ago
I didn't yawn but when the vine was over I made myself yawn to fit in with everyone. No I still don't fit in ok fine be like that jk
Kaddie 07
'Kaddie 07' 2 months ago
Some one pls tell me what the song is at 5:34 pls!!
'Kaylee' 2 months ago
'LizzyTheShark' 2 months ago
14:32 he looks so hot!! And zebras are da best!!!
Makayla Spurgeon
'Makayla Spurgeon' 2 months ago
Me to easily amused!!!!
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