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Christian DelGrosso Vine Compilation with Titles - All Christian DelGrosso Vines - Top Viners ✔ -
Published: 3 years ago By: Top Viners

By: Top VinersPublished: 3 years ago

10, 051, 915 views

92, 492 Likes   2, 211 Dislikes

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'iluvcookies' 7 hours ago
27:58 #relateable
Aden lives a life of fridge power
Drinks soda. Instant orgasms for thirsty people. Get it.
duhitztabby !!
'duhitztabby !!' 14 hours ago
cooking vis zee famous WINSTON is so funny!!!!!
Natasha Sardinha
'Natasha Sardinha' 15 hours ago
😂😂Don't watch these next to your parents
k.l.v weird girl
'k.l.v weird girl' 1 day ago
Awww Oscar looked so cute running after the ghost and the Look at It Vine is so cute 😂😍❤❤
• Summerstone •
I love all the parent logic ones! Those technically all explain everyone's parents. my mom's parent logic about doing a favor: Mom: Can you pass me the remote? *1 centimeter away* Me: Can't you get it? Mom: Please Me: Fine Mom: Thanks sweetie! Me: *Thinks I can't wait to do this when i'm older XD*
anime _fan
'anime _fan' 2 days ago
2:15 why did I see Scooby Doo in my head?
mariam samir
'mariam samir' 2 days ago
I love you Christian you are my biggest fan
mariam samir
'mariam samir' 2 days ago
you are the best Christin in the world and I love your video so much
'DANK MEMES' 2 days ago
12:38 OOPS I Licked IT (SEIZURE)
Jarod Graal
'Jarod Graal' 3 days ago
The fact that Christian is part Italian and Italians love their moms so much makes this vid so ironic.
Chris S
'Chris S' 3 days ago
the one about going to the bathroom after a scary movie one is so relatable1
Alexis Perez
'Alexis Perez' 4 days ago
it gets better and better each time
Mikey Brocato
'Mikey Brocato' 4 days ago
8:52 is hilariois
WolfieWave 255
'WolfieWave 255' 4 days ago
I love it when the car goes fast and I'm a girl
'LINAnanas' 4 days ago
this made me laugh so hard😂
Nancy Pena
'Nancy Pena' 5 days ago
16:03 what's that song
Jaxon Newman
'Jaxon Newman' 5 days ago
SO so funny 😂
Dark Witches
'Dark Witches' 5 days ago
lmao XD lol I swear I laugh
Scout 034
'Scout 034' 6 days ago
A damn potato?
Cuddy Girls
'Cuddy Girls' 6 days ago
I had a bad throat and I laughed *SOOO* hard during this and I dropped my I pad 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 I can relate to all of these
Danniel Frias
'Danniel Frias' 6 days ago
whats the song in 16:07
Debra Tillman
'Debra Tillman' 6 days ago
love your videos
Debra Tillman
'Debra Tillman' 6 days ago
love your videos
Casey Krohn
'Casey Krohn' 6 days ago
can you show us all of your tattoo
'Biz' 6 days ago
like I ur watching in 2017
Astha Raval
'Astha Raval' 7 days ago
The worst part of the video is 40:32 😔
Keko keko
'Keko keko' 7 days ago
every thing is right
Scarlett Red
'Scarlett Red' 7 days ago
who can survive this if this was made into a try not to laugh challenge? not me
Scarlett Red
'Scarlett Red' 7 days ago
yeah i also do that when a dog dies in a movie 😂
Scarlett Red
'Scarlett Red' 7 days ago
yeah i also do that when a dog dies in a movie 😂
WeridoKitty Markimoo
When he said "David" did he mean David Dorbik?
These vines are relate able
'Julienne's Vid's' 1 week ago
11:40 is so funny payback time 😂😂😂
Pixane Rules
'Pixane Rules' 1 week ago
me when Zane in ninjago died: 🎤mm whatcha saaid.🎤 single year rolls down my cheek
Adriana Rebecca
'Adriana Rebecca' 1 week ago
did you know that your friend took a video of you in the shower
Aiyaly TV
'Aiyaly TV' 1 week ago
At 7:25. I actually yawn with them
Monica Silva
'Monica Silva' 1 week ago
These vines are so funny and stupid and true
Tanialee Aveado
'Tanialee Aveado' 1 week ago
Girls fan their eyes to,dry their mascara, so it doesn't go everywhere
Kaellyn Shields
'Kaellyn Shields' 1 week ago
how to open the blinds in the morning: ya dont😉
LWR // Legendary War Rage
3:53 he wasn't supposed to
Astha Raval
'Astha Raval' 1 week ago
"how to yell at your mom in German" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂7:16
Biohazard Blackheart
lmfao i couldn't stop laughing my stomach started hurting from laughing too much and i was laughing and crying. fuuuck my heart. XD
awwalexgirl36 awesome
29:32 is how my parents are all the time lol
Thefamwith4dogs VLOGS
Bulldogs snore cuz they have flat faces
Thefamwith4dogs VLOGS
2:42 that's me
вʟαcκ шıɔσш [ανεпɢεяƨ]
Haha 3:30 got me! :D And 5:31 too^^"
'Dittos' 2 weeks ago
Someone pls tell me the song at 5:34
Cowboy Smith
'Cowboy Smith' 2 weeks ago
great videos
elene doliashvili
'elene doliashvili' 2 weeks ago
i love all of theme.there're so fanny and my favorite is 5:31 and monday : ')
Fisheries Bc
'Fisheries Bc' 2 weeks ago
'Uni_Rebbel' 2 weeks ago
Hayat Hagag
'Hayat Hagag' 2 weeks ago
27:30 I can relate when l do not brush my teeth
kingduncan 25 Gauri
'kingduncan 25 Gauri' 2 weeks ago
shut te Fuck up
doge girl
'doge girl' 2 weeks ago
the girls just wanna have fun one 😂 😂 😂 😂
Bryainterius Hickman
I yawned when the yawning part came
Wolf in The Box
'Wolf in The Box' 2 weeks ago
0:36 I Feel You Christian Here In Canada It Feels Like I'm Living In A Huge Ice Cube And Babys Do Look Like Potatoes After They Are Born Just Saying :3
Adriana Rebecca
'Adriana Rebecca' 2 weeks ago
but I got a Samsung j3 your iPhone 5s is dumd
Petrova Hinshaw
'Petrova Hinshaw' 2 weeks ago
Petrova Hinshaw
'Petrova Hinshaw' 2 weeks ago
SuppoGirl 08
'SuppoGirl 08' 2 weeks ago
7:36 I couldn't breathe!!!!
Ethan Wright
'Ethan Wright' 2 weeks ago
did u guys see Christians tattoo at 10:24?  (on his side)
Azim Khan
'Azim Khan' 2 weeks ago
9:49 that is me
heysupyo123 hello
'heysupyo123 hello' 2 weeks ago
omg who else thinks his dog is so freaken adorable😄😄😄😍😍😍
Tracy Honour
'Tracy Honour' 2 weeks ago
ZEABRAS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😇
Chelsea Mendoza
'Chelsea Mendoza' 2 weeks ago
what was that song you heared that you yelled in
CamaroGirl 9285
'CamaroGirl 9285' 2 weeks ago
2:16 is sooo true for me...
Sam Sigurdson
'Sam Sigurdson' 2 weeks ago
9:25 who does this A funny person
CTN gaming
'CTN gaming' 2 weeks ago
9:28 What the Fuck!
ayman rian
'ayman rian' 2 weeks ago
what this song name 14:14
Gabby The Shipper
'Gabby The Shipper' 2 weeks ago
in 7:48 it remind's me of oscar ;(
PurpleGuy191 Gaming
'PurpleGuy191 Gaming' 2 weeks ago
I'm rly suprised of how many girl voices he can do...
Savannah Meagher
'Savannah Meagher' 2 weeks ago
1:10 I can so relate. actually there are alot of these I can relate to
Chelsea Weingardt
'Chelsea Weingardt' 2 weeks ago
This is awesome
Voodoo_doll 101
'Voodoo_doll 101' 2 weeks ago
I love the Elmo ones. It's so funny. Like if YOU agree
Sahar Sarwaree
'Sahar Sarwaree' 2 weeks ago
Sahar Sarwaree
'Sahar Sarwaree' 2 weeks ago
19:35 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
mark morphew
'mark morphew' 2 weeks ago
3:30 it's true
'YOLO CEZZAR' 2 weeks ago
1:35. 😂😂😂😂
Sage Markham
'Sage Markham' 2 weeks ago
My week every week: Pre Monday Monday Monday two Monday three Monday four Friday Saturday Circulate
isa akhtar IA7
'isa akhtar IA7' 2 weeks ago
Nasty Little Thing
'Nasty Little Thing' 2 weeks ago
Christian Delgrosso is SO funny!!!!!!!!!!!!
salvador negrete
'salvador negrete' 2 weeks ago
Christian I'm your fan!!!
The Kuba Channel
'The Kuba Channel' 2 weeks ago
whats the song in 3.00 minuet
Amazing Yellow Toad
'Amazing Yellow Toad' 2 weeks ago
7:15 Joke
Amazing Yellow Toad
'Amazing Yellow Toad' 2 weeks ago
5:46 😂
Carolina Villalpando
the yawning video got me yawning too😂😂😂
Aarya Singh
'Aarya Singh' 2 weeks ago
4:32 what's the song??
Jackson Smith
'Jackson Smith' 2 weeks ago
At 24:20 it is . . . well . .
Carina Russell
'Carina Russell' 2 weeks ago
at 33:00 seconds you can see Oscar on the floor
Destiny Jett
'Destiny Jett' 2 weeks ago
I can relate to the parent logic ones where you ask if you can help and then later they get frustrated that they are the only one doing to work like...
Destiny Jett
'Destiny Jett' 2 weeks ago
He is hilarious I crack up so much my face turns red and it hurts to try and breathe😂😂
Princess Joseph
'Princess Joseph' 2 weeks ago
I love how he can just curse in front of his mom, if that was me I would have gotten knocked. The fuck. Out😂😂😂😂👊🏽👊🏽
Molly Games
'Molly Games' 2 weeks ago
Who's watching in 2017 lol 😂
Gideon Yolmo
'Gideon Yolmo' 2 weeks ago
t u gay y u always scream
Serah Harbi
'Serah Harbi' 2 weeks ago
Song? 5:45
Serah Harbi
'Serah Harbi' 2 weeks ago
guys whats the song on 5:45? please helppp
Advaita Mishra
'Advaita Mishra' 2 weeks ago
haha this was great
Karl Tokarski
'Karl Tokarski' 2 weeks ago
0:05 that random guy in the back though😂
alex clayton
'alex clayton' 2 weeks ago
this is hilarious
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