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YouTube Sent A Mysterious Package... -
Published: 9 months ago By: Unbox Therapy

By: Unbox TherapyPublished: 9 months ago

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- Today's Mystery Video -

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Unbox Therapy
'Unbox Therapy' 9 months ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- Today's Mystery Video -
u are very lucky man😂
Mark Starace
'Mark Starace' 4 days ago
You rock!!!
Candace Whitney
'Candace Whitney' 1 week ago
This is my favorite channel
Chris Wilson
'Chris Wilson' 1 week ago
the first thing u googled is google lol
Francis Poku
'Francis Poku' 1 week ago
thanks for Appreciating google as much as youtube..... not
luis espinoza
'luis espinoza' 2 weeks ago
This video jwopiu a lot ...thancks You tube
'TECH AND GAMES' 2 weeks ago
I don't understand y u always yell at jack who is jack?? 😂😂😂😂😂
I Kohver
'I Kohver' 2 weeks ago
My dad is so annoying when people think he has the right to tell them to stop being so cute when I don't have to work
I Kohver
'I Kohver' 2 weeks ago
I have don't want my friends to get a job and they don't like my business
Justine Jay Tayting
'Justine Jay Tayting' 2 weeks ago
have to get lot of subscribers??
AgitatedWolf673 j
'AgitatedWolf673 j' 3 weeks ago
Unbox therapy marathon
Mrthemali shah
'Mrthemali shah' 4 weeks ago
Love u bro
android all in this zip
your video are super cool
Insight Entertainment
video editing software name please share?
Health is wealth
'Health is wealth' 1 month ago
super video boos,
Titan Tiitan
'Titan Tiitan' 1 month ago
The way the top fits him perfectly
Keerthi bro gruops
'Keerthi bro gruops' 1 month ago
Hello sir one my request please upload one video please this one requested for one month after delete please replay me my YouTube channel subscribe like video please sir please replay me
jump cuts part 2
'jump cuts part 2' 1 month ago
hey bro I also get gifts for subsribe
'KERALA BLASTERS' 2 months ago
man will you pls sent me a nikonD5600? pls pls my whats app number( 9846988564)
'NINJA MASTERPIECE' 2 months ago
Hey lew the sweater actually has a hidden feature the head hole is wear you can put the charger through and charge your phone
The Icing Food
'The Icing Food' 2 months ago
Breaker X
'Breaker X' 2 months ago
How much you get pay bro
'TheM4GICGAM3R' 2 months ago
Subscribe to me!!
Youssef Waleed
'Youssef Waleed' 2 months ago
You are the best youtuber that UN box phones and YouTube mystery
Tech Nic
'Tech Nic' 2 months ago
You do overreacting.
Ellie Neko
'Ellie Neko' 2 months ago
all i know is that dan and phil got these
'DrkWrior' 2 months ago
shouting out youtube in a youtube video gg
Adiat Hossain
'Adiat Hossain' 2 months ago
You are not young any More
'Ralkey' 2 months ago
He is abusing jack
'Nightbot' 2 months ago
'GABE VERDE' 2 months ago
Who is jack?!?
Fly like a kite
'Fly like a kite' 2 months ago
sorry but i did not like this video
'GENERAL D Λ M N E D' 2 months ago
Guys plz plz plz subscribe to my channel plz plz
Quianchang Sangma
'Quianchang Sangma' 3 months ago
who the hell is jack?? you say that name everytime
Quianchang Sangma
'Quianchang Sangma' 3 months ago
who the hell is jack?? you say that name everytime
hani hani
'hani hani' 3 months ago
Then giv it to mee😂
Victor THAPA
'Victor THAPA' 3 months ago
AND!! who is jack ??
Anmol Gill
'Anmol Gill' 3 months ago
Broo u r toooo good👌👌👌👌
mehedi hasan2209
'mehedi hasan2209' 3 months ago
nice bro
England is my City
'England is my City' 3 months ago
Did he just shout out YouTube on YouTube?
The Dreamer
'The Dreamer' 3 months ago
bro i just found your channel and let me get this straight u'r the best youtuber ... ! period .
Johnny Russo
'Johnny Russo' 3 months ago
Now that I think about fingerprints and lint from your pocket I really want this😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
zawaad khan
'zawaad khan' 3 months ago
nice therapys
eDialogue - English
'eDialogue - English' 3 months ago
Isn't the first gift a bottle cover for beverages?
'RAMSES' 3 months ago
Nice gopnik suite
Aditya Narayan Mohanty
hey congratulations
Daniel Esler
'Daniel Esler' 3 months ago
Im an apple user but pixel is a little nice but everyone has there own opinion my opinion is Iphone whats yours?
william angel
'william angel' 3 months ago
Chinara Kensen
'Chinara Kensen' 3 months ago
PeaSea World
'PeaSea World' 3 months ago
Hi.. My Name is DS Harsh...There are some animation Tutorials and HTML Tutorials on my channel... Watch them.Like them. Subscribe to my. Support me !!!
music yolo
'music yolo' 3 months ago
how do you get those things
Rohan Das
'Rohan Das' 4 months ago
i am your big fan from india
gelo olorga
'gelo olorga' 4 months ago
its a cool video♥♥
titou badro
'titou badro' 4 months ago
beautiful men with adidas
praca spcjalna
'praca spcjalna' 4 months ago
wow that's dissapointing...
logi ratna
'logi ratna' 4 months ago
are yo louzer
Joseph Fayad
'Joseph Fayad' 4 months ago
When u said it's to late know I was singing it's to late know to say sorry
Samuel Arruda
'Samuel Arruda' 4 months ago
dude.. where's my car.
Nancy Rahme
'Nancy Rahme' 4 months ago
This box is obvi a play button
Rainbow Dash
'Rainbow Dash' 4 months ago
thought it was a play button
Jesus Lim
'Jesus Lim' 4 months ago
Can u send that to me lewis? Please
PB Creation
'PB Creation' 4 months ago
how u start ur first video on YouTube
Nuansa Kautsar
'Nuansa Kautsar' 4 months ago
Keaton Moodley
'Keaton Moodley' 4 months ago
Wat up unbox therapy
Blue Joe
'Blue Joe' 4 months ago
(• •
'KOFO JB. Axe' 4 months ago
'MICHAEL WYANT' 4 months ago
what if you was a nobody, then they wouldn't send you Sht. Good4U
Cutie Pie
'Cutie Pie' 4 months ago
hi yesssy im very rich now😯😯😯😯thanks mom and dad
random person
'random person' 5 months ago
1:35 pls tell me whats that song is cause its stuck in my head now...😣
Angel Dorantes
'Angel Dorantes' 5 months ago
fake live ?
Katyusha Voroshilov
'Katyusha Voroshilov' 5 months ago
wear Ushanka... =) perfect
Jay Calhoun
'Jay Calhoun' 5 months ago
Now i really wanna know what m first google search was...
Arfin Show
'Arfin Show' 5 months ago
Adidas #a-di-das
Moazzam Ahmed Choudary
Did anyone notice pewdiepie at 3:48?
Rosee swift
'Rosee swift' 5 months ago
OMG You are so funny.
'TECHNICAL SUDHEER' 5 months ago
stop over acting
Talha 9896
'Talha 9896' 5 months ago
whoes that fucking jack
erin bradley
'erin bradley' 5 months ago
I find him extremely annoying....but my curiosity wins out so I just skip to what is inside the box. This video was NOT worth it btw.
fgh kl
'fgh kl' 5 months ago
ana mariella
'ana mariella' 5 months ago
i want the boxes hahahaha
Solomon Amedzo
'Solomon Amedzo' 6 months ago
You're like a grown baby!!! makes your show so interesting... watching all night! Tops!
kinggenwell TV
'kinggenwell TV' 6 months ago
Guess who joined the blood gang!!!!!!!!!!
Zee Galicto
'Zee Galicto' 6 months ago
published this in my 24th year of my existence, i feel so lucky rn
Tech warrior 777
'Tech warrior 777' 6 months ago
hey man thanks for all the awesome videos!! you crack me up man!! I love the way that you're videos are choregraphed!!! and the modern setup of you're background!! keep on rocking
Zach Hart
'Zach Hart' 6 months ago
This guy is so crazy
'ASH TaG' 6 months ago
pls help me grow my channel :(
Guest 666
'Guest 666' 6 months ago
Hi Lewis
Ahmad Asad
'Ahmad Asad' 6 months ago
why doesn't they sent to me? why because I live in bangladesh or what!!!
Siddharth Rout
'Siddharth Rout' 6 months ago
I love the Pixel jumper so funny
Sean Mullaney
'Sean Mullaney' 6 months ago
You sir are great! Always a fun watch! Great YouTuber! Respect ✊
Mary Jos A. Roxas
'Mary Jos A. Roxas' 6 months ago
i want to have the youtube box
'Andrematthewsgaming' 6 months ago
my channel is new tell me what to do in my videos
Tokugawa Shogun
'Tokugawa Shogun' 6 months ago
love you ...from Japan :)
Fadhilah Mansor
'Fadhilah Mansor' 6 months ago
This guy looks crazy and nice at the same time!
Mr Rain
'Mr Rain' 6 months ago
you amazing man... pls do giveaways
Jairam Das
'Jairam Das' 6 months ago
why youtube send you the gift
'Lubetube' 7 months ago
Man just what are you😍😍
Asad Iqbal
'Asad Iqbal' 7 months ago
How come you always get gifts from Youtube
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