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YouTube Sent A Mysterious Package... -
Published: 1 year ago By: Unbox Therapy

By: Unbox TherapyPublished: 1 year ago

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- Today's Mystery Video -

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Unbox Therapy
'Unbox Therapy' 1 year ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- Today's Mystery Video -
'Mr.RedBEAR' 23 hours ago
why youtube only send dresses 🌚🌚🌚🤔
Ero Senin
'Ero Senin' 3 days ago
Google sweatshirt got zoned
Prabha V
'Prabha V' 6 days ago
I m just 5 day old subscriber and I already feel u d most genuine Utuber to date!
Shabss Attar
'Shabss Attar' 1 week ago
I wanna see jack
Nathan James
'Nathan James' 1 week ago
Jack u pervert 😂😁
Maseed Maseed
'Maseed Maseed' 2 weeks ago
There are some people that do dislikes everywhere and you are are too... I mean you too try to be over clever and exaggerate a little bit. Though I am not one of those. I do like your videos a lot. You looks good when you are serious. Haha. Didn't try to made you sad but... My apologies...
mujeeb utube
'mujeeb utube' 2 weeks ago
((((TOP SECRET)))) Please please please don't read more okay Read more
Luka Kutaladze
'Luka Kutaladze' 2 weeks ago
How old are you plese tell me am your biggest fan
āŋāş mųђāmmęd
10 M subscribers ആയപ്പോൾ ഇയാൾ ചെറുതായി കൈവിട്ട് പോയോന്നൊരു സംശയം
'dragnet53' 2 weeks ago
This guy gets lots of gifts, but no hate mail? This channel is perfect for advertisers. lol
Sourav Mondal
'Sourav Mondal' 3 weeks ago
Don't scream at jack like that
James Hiserman
'James Hiserman' 3 weeks ago
Hey Lou could you review some Windows phones for us give us your opinion
MHB Channel01
'MHB Channel01' 3 weeks ago
'IgorRyltsev' 4 weeks ago
YouTube has just sent you a Gopnik outfit. Gopnik is a street criminal in Russia full in Adidas just like this one, trying to rob people. Nice choice YouTube.
'jonlamontagne' 1 month ago
Dude 10 million here comes your diamond!
LK Game hack
'LK Game hack' 1 month ago
Congratulations bor👉❤️👈
sahil sun
'sahil sun' 1 month ago
love u uncle
'ALL TECH' 2 months ago
lavish bhatia
'lavish bhatia' 2 months ago
yes I Am happy
lorenc peca
'lorenc peca' 2 months ago
please give me a iphone 6 please please please
amal roy
'amal roy' 2 months ago
Do an unboxing video for redmi note 4 and mi max 2
Saykat singh rathor
'Saykat singh rathor' 2 months ago
You always abuse your friend in YouTube.
Vamsi Krishna yadav
'Vamsi Krishna yadav' 2 months ago
Who the hell is Jack ???!!!
'HIGH ON KETONS Kasa' 2 months ago
This is the coolest youtuber
Debasish Pradhan
'Debasish Pradhan' 2 months ago
pawan gupta
'pawan gupta' 2 months ago
I love you man...
Yash Raj
'Yash Raj' 2 months ago
Hey Give me that mad chill sweater I loved it😎😂😂😂😂😂😂😎😎😎😎
100Subs Without Vedio
Bro advance congo fir 10Mil subs
Prem Chandra
'Prem Chandra' 2 months ago
*_Wow_* 👍 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
'AP. TV' 2 months ago
Hahaahhah you're Lewis 16 haha
'davidogan' 2 months ago
These gifts suck.
5000 subs no video challenge No videos !!!!
Watching Jan 9 2018
Binay Singh
'Binay Singh' 2 months ago
Be cool eventime
Rogelio Hernandez
'Rogelio Hernandez' 2 months ago
Your first google search is - PORNHUB
Hin Ho
'Hin Ho' 2 months ago
u ar so cute LOL <3
The MineSaurus Rex
'The MineSaurus Rex' 2 months ago
Dantdm also got this
'Taniford' 2 months ago
Why is this published on 10th jan?
'SexyWalrus9000' 2 months ago
"I wonder what my first Google search was" Ah seen that, cleared it from the browser history to keep jack from seeing it
Andrew Lindgreen
'Andrew Lindgreen' 2 months ago
U just got a new subscriber thats me!
squidmen hero
'squidmen hero' 2 months ago
'nightmareXDpanda' 2 months ago
Hey I want u to get 10 million subs this 2018
'Slobber-Knocker' 3 months ago
Full red russian XD
Cyclone gamerz
'Cyclone gamerz' 3 months ago
Can you give me your google pixel I don’t. Have a mobile I am using my brotheres
'JAY GLORIA' 3 months ago
'VISHWAJIT CHAUHAN' 3 months ago
I like ur personality
'VISHWAJIT CHAUHAN' 3 months ago
Nice bro
Marie Abegail Abando
'Marie Abegail Abando' 3 months ago
Obviously your not a metalhead fan coz that's outfit reminds us about the old school Jonathan Davis style
Mumbai Office
'Mumbai Office' 3 months ago
make vedio on Nike or puma
'SHIV KUMAR TIWARI' 3 months ago
Nice video man
himaal fan
'himaal fan' 3 months ago
central taboo g
Hay Ace
'Hay Ace' 3 months ago
the sweater is for jack.
Shevan gomis
'Shevan gomis' 3 months ago
Even Google goes nuts
'VOTAIZI GAMING' 3 months ago
If you have a console,PC or laptop please give it to me. I want to start a gaming channel.Please I can't buy one.please
Andrew gindra
'Andrew gindra' 3 months ago
look like Russian gopnik 😂👍🏽
Themis Thoudam
'Themis Thoudam' 3 months ago
He turned into Fred durst...
natalie Thansoe
'natalie Thansoe' 3 months ago
i should be like you lewis. google and youtube loves you ! haha!
Emper como puedo llamarme en YouTube?
Prashant Sharma
'Prashant Sharma' 3 months ago
its annoying when he screams unnecessarily. and i was expecting more electronics in those boxes.
pallab maity
'pallab maity' 3 months ago
ilove you
'HyperTAMK' 3 months ago
Dis was on my bday
ishfaq malik
'ishfaq malik' 3 months ago
how you get this mistyerious paçkeges
Tavonga Rushwaya
'Tavonga Rushwaya' 3 months ago
Who is Jack
Retarded Hyakutake
'Retarded Hyakutake' 4 months ago
Thumb up. Buddy!
Tech Prady
'Tech Prady' 4 months ago
The dress looks like you are a prisoner
'Rafaelino' 4 months ago
Houssem Hizi
'Houssem Hizi' 4 months ago
yeah looks like the russian muffia in the rounders movie
Zoom In
'Zoom In' 4 months ago
Naha chutiya gift only clothed
Ravie Ramai
'Ravie Ramai' 4 months ago
You are welcome bro..... Glad to be part of you success... Trinidad and tobago love
Jake Kevin
'Jake Kevin' 4 months ago
"jack, u pervert" 😂😂😂😂😂
ThaTiZa SaM
'ThaTiZa SaM' 4 months ago
Phantom League Gaming
I want the google pixel
'Avxnt' 4 months ago
*cheeki breeki intensifies*
'Parker's Mania' 4 months ago
put them on xD
'Ninjaoninja2' 5 months ago
Spoiler alert: he hasn’t wore the shirt every video since this one. XD
Any Video
'Any Video' 5 months ago
Why don't you have an I tro
Dmitriy Chaikovskiy
'Dmitriy Chaikovskiy' 5 months ago
Ha ha I am an employee there
Dmitriy Chaikovskiy
'Dmitriy Chaikovskiy' 5 months ago
NYC Department of Correction has a similar picture of me
Daniel Rebecca
'Daniel Rebecca' 5 months ago
I’ll be happy if you give me a iphone 7
Nirwantastic Saud
'Nirwantastic Saud' 5 months ago
who is jack
smeej .s
'smeej .s' 5 months ago
It’s kinda like Christmas when you only get clothes and be super disappointed but you can’t show it
'ALMOKHTAR ZAMALEK' 5 months ago
u are very lucky man😂
Mark Starace
'Mark Starace' 5 months ago
You rock!!!
Candace Whitney
'Candace Whitney' 5 months ago
This is my favorite channel
Chris Wilson
'Chris Wilson' 5 months ago
the first thing u googled is google lol
Francis Poku
'Francis Poku' 5 months ago
thanks for Appreciating google as much as youtube..... not
luis espinoza
'luis espinoza' 5 months ago
This video jwopiu a lot ...thancks You tube
'TECH AND GAMES' 5 months ago
I don't understand y u always yell at jack who is jack?? 😂😂😂😂😂
I Kohver
'I Kohver' 5 months ago
My dad is so annoying when people think he has the right to tell them to stop being so cute when I don't have to work
I Kohver
'I Kohver' 5 months ago
I have don't want my friends to get a job and they don't like my business
AgitatedWolf673 HD
'AgitatedWolf673 HD' 6 months ago
Unbox therapy marathon
Mrthemali shah
'Mrthemali shah' 6 months ago
Love u bro
android all in this zip
your video are super cool
Insight Entertainment
video editing software name please share?
Health is wealth
'Health is wealth' 6 months ago
super video boos,
Titan Tiitan
'Titan Tiitan' 6 months ago
The way the top fits him perfectly
Keerthi bro gruops
'Keerthi bro gruops' 6 months ago
Hello sir one my request please upload one video please this one requested for one month after delete please replay me my YouTube channel subscribe like video please sir please replay me
venkat cdyeshwanth
'venkat cdyeshwanth' 6 months ago
hey bro I also get gifts for subsribe
vishnu achu
'vishnu achu' 7 months ago
man will you pls sent me a nikonD5600? pls pls my whats app number( 9846988564)
'NINJA MASTERPIECE' 7 months ago
Hey lew the sweater actually has a hidden feature the head hole is wear you can put the charger through and charge your phone
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