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YouTube Sent A Mysterious Package... -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Unbox Therapy

By: Unbox TherapyPublished: 2 weeks ago

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- Today's Mystery Video -

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'King' 3 hours ago
"my first google search" "pornhub"
Yousuf Al-Ayoubi
'Yousuf Al-Ayoubi' 5 hours ago
'NeWzTeCh' 8 hours ago
hello everyone I'm from algeria, check out my new chanel just for encouraging me ;)
'Endy' 11 hours ago
Comedyshortsgamer got a box too, he got an Adidas tracksuit too
Crimson El Madison
I love gadgets
'TheDjKevon' 1 day ago
0:02 you are so funny!!! You´re the best man!
'Arfan' 1 day ago
I want gifts ( ˘︹˘ )
'roxcyn' 2 days ago
I need to know the brands of your outfit.
das RIM
'das RIM' 2 days ago
You're oficially SLAV now! You choose who you want to be, russian, serbian, bosnian, czech, polish...
'groszek919' 3 days ago
Now you can be a real Slav !
'Charleydoesstuff' 3 days ago
i have two of the phone pixel sweaters i got them in new york
Asmaa Bawazir
'Asmaa Bawazir' 3 days ago
you know what, screw my university lets be youtubers
Christian Gordon
'Christian Gordon' 3 days ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
'Eroith' 3 days ago
It is Actually Illegal to say HAAaaY bitch to a cop officer
Alper Karadağ
'Alper Karadağ' 3 days ago
So now on you're a russian mafia?
booger king
'booger king' 3 days ago
Lol! Google earning millions and just sending this as gift :D
Zara Murray
'Zara Murray' 4 days ago
I've just realised that you look a lot like AfterPrisonShow
Lawrence L. Deacon
I think you should be in a movie.
Elijah Berry
'Elijah Berry' 4 days ago
You're welcome
Byron Baker
'Byron Baker' 4 days ago
outfit is 💀killer I need an Adidas suite like that
Alex Logsdon
'Alex Logsdon' 4 days ago
Bryan Castillo
'Bryan Castillo' 4 days ago
dan has one of the youtude jacket
Laur Balaur
'Laur Balaur' 4 days ago
you shoud do some slav squats in that track suit:)
Radu Alin Costin Radu
You look like the russians from CS GO SUKA BLYAT!
Insane Wolf
'Insane Wolf' 5 days ago
lol thought the first thing was a thong
All Tube
'All Tube' 5 days ago
if u were not unboxing these shits u wont be watching u
Sarah Ahmed
'Sarah Ahmed' 5 days ago
The boxes were nicer than the gifts.
orlando flores
'orlando flores' 5 days ago
The Utopian Kingdom
You should breakdance in that unbox!
Samson Blay
'Samson Blay' 5 days ago
this is YouTubes way of saying: "MOVE TO RUSSIA!!!"
Akhil Madi
'Akhil Madi' 5 days ago
Who's jack?
Jesper Svendsen
'Jesper Svendsen' 5 days ago
shiiiiit we got a new slav in da haus
Juan F. Balcazar
'Juan F. Balcazar' 5 days ago
ducking lov your humour Lew.
Gianella Narvaez
'Gianella Narvaez' 5 days ago
Who is Jack anyway
Who did the music? I think he lifted the horn sample from me. lol
Ahmad Rafiq
'Ahmad Rafiq' 5 days ago
Weren't you disappointed that there were no gadgets inside ?
AL Haidar
'AL Haidar' 5 days ago
he's trying to be like pewdiepie with the screaming and the bad jokes
Alfie Guy
'Alfie Guy' 5 days ago
sw4GGA UNcle
'sw4GGA UNcle' 6 days ago
YouTube forgot Vodka..
Sean Montenegro
'Sean Montenegro' 6 days ago
Lewis Slav version
Doc Spoc
'Doc Spoc' 6 days ago
James Chaberka
'James Chaberka' 6 days ago
Stefan Cojocaru (Skyman)
20$ gift for almost 8mil subs ... garbage people working in a garbage company called google
Peter L
'Peter L' 6 days ago
Cool gifts
Cohen Abbott
'Cohen Abbott' 6 days ago
Shoutout to YouTube on YouTube
Important Member
'Important Member' 6 days ago
Loool you looked like a living, younger version of Fidel Castro
Edmar Farias
'Edmar Farias' 6 days ago
He reminded me of Fidel Castro in that jacket
'TechGamerize' 6 days ago
Stormzy lmao
Chemically Attractive
How do they know his size?
Nahom solomon
'Nahom solomon' 6 days ago
Life is not bed by bed bro just chilll!!!!!sometimes it happens..😩😔🤔☹️☹️☹️😈😡😜😙😙😂😔😜😔🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
Ravi Grewal
'Ravi Grewal' 6 days ago
Love your videos. Keep up the good work
'TekNO EL' 6 days ago
youtube becomes a gopnik
Jakob Siska
'Jakob Siska' 7 days ago
My 1st Google search was I used to play there a lot when i was little.
Ash Sami Alvi
'Ash Sami Alvi' 7 days ago
Slav in tracksuits
Simon Pichler
'Simon Pichler' 7 days ago
Scene opportunity function document transform contrast cream
'Kaahn' 7 days ago
adiedas? *TRIGGERED*
Shane Lyrics
'Shane Lyrics' 7 days ago
i searched what the first search on google was from unbox therapy and it was pornhub
Rafee Ahmed
'Rafee Ahmed' 7 days ago
Google's got a good sense of humor
Techtonic Tech
'Techtonic Tech' 7 days ago
It's none of that it's a 'Belated Holiday Surprise'
Willyjr 218
'Willyjr 218' 1 week ago
Love the outfit and the sweatshirt
Roberto Solorzano Santos
te pareces un entrenador
Elijah Santos (ELi)
I think YouTube want you to get out the box
'ReNZo™' 1 week ago
YouTube want you to be a road man
Adam Smith
'Adam Smith' 1 week ago
Where can I get the YouTube badges
'Jecker' 1 week ago
YouTube puts time into this but can't put any time into fixing the age restrictions fucking people over :/
ceejay Els
'ceejay Els' 1 week ago
Jack is You Tube
Ibrahim Muluk
'Ibrahim Muluk' 1 week ago
legit slav right here
Ung Nung
'Ung Nung' 1 week ago
pixels too small for your pocket you record in 4k right?
Nick Green
'Nick Green' 1 week ago
Oh my all this corporate fake love..I suspect without money there would be no love
sadiq ali
'sadiq ali' 1 week ago
loud nonsense
Kjell Boevink
'Kjell Boevink' 1 week ago
now you can be a real slav
tech and fun kings
give me that google pixel i need it
Brian Mejia
'Brian Mejia' 1 week ago
that's a sweet adidas jacket
Juan Sebastian Iglesias
Shit result I really like this violfntl~ interaction
Noober ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
0:03 What if his mom walked in.
Tony s
'Tony s' 1 week ago
you can tell this guy never got laid a day in his life
'JackRadoPlays' 1 week ago
nadeshot is fresh in his lol
Connor Cummings
'Connor Cummings' 1 week ago
Anyone who is from the UK will get this, he looks like Stormzy 😂
Johannes Xoagub
'Johannes Xoagub' 1 week ago
Adam Ali
'Adam Ali' 1 week ago
Very reserved review.. scared he might lose his endorsements. Just admit they're garbage
Arturo von Knobloch
can you send the pins?? hahahaha I literally want those
Cheden Mitchel Ragragola
what if google actually listened and showed him his first google search and it was some porn site
Raiko Kõrge
'Raiko Kõrge' 1 week ago
you don't pronounce adidas you say it
Edrees Noorzai
'Edrees Noorzai' 1 week ago
what the fuck is wrong with this guy
Matthew Smith
'Matthew Smith' 1 week ago
Native mechanical accuse command radiation.
yacine aouimeur
'yacine aouimeur' 1 week ago
Антон Ступин
'xmfbx' 1 week ago
his face 00:09
'DrakestrDL' 1 week ago
'K THE POWER' 1 week ago
So lucky
Domestos Bleach
'Domestos Bleach' 1 week ago
one day we'll teach Americans to pronounce Adidas properly
Sven S (Kolick)
'Sven S (Kolick)' 1 week ago
Lew became a Gopnik
'CrAzYgIrL' 1 week ago
I just found out edge runs YouTube videos better than chrome. That's ironic
Jamare Matthew
'Jamare Matthew' 1 week ago
LML mad chill
'electricps3' 1 week ago
10/10 russian adidas cosplay
'electricps3' 1 week ago
its so unfunny to shout at jack
Vadim Bohonko
'Vadim Bohonko' 1 week ago
подписывайтесь на мой канал
Harry Arimini
'Harry Arimini' 1 week ago
Mans looking like StormZ with that red Adidas jacket
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