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10 Lies You Were Told About Islam -
Published: 1 year ago By: Alltime10s

By: Alltime10sPublished: 1 year ago

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Is Birmingham a Muslim-only city?
Are there hundreds of terrorist training camps dotted all over America?

The media might say yes, but the truth is no. AllTime10s is here to debunk 10 lies you were told about Islam.

Sources -

10) Muslims Hate The West
Source: Huffington Post

9) Terrorist Training Camp
Source: CBS News

8) No Go Zones
Source: The Guardian

7) Islamic Terrorist World Domination

6) Celebrating 9/11
Source: Washington Post

5) ISIS represents Islam

4) Muslims Support Violence
Source: BBC

3) Only Muslims in Birmingham
Source: The Guardian

2) Muslim Women are oppressed
Source: Britain First

1) Muslims must kill people of other religions
Source: CBS News

Music: Sword of the East by Tim Garland and Asaf Sirkis

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Dean Konstantian
'Dean Konstantian' 2 hours ago
Proberganda from the corporate run liberal left, I can see " moderate Muslims " very pleased by this absurdity. Not only does Islam love the west but wishes to culturally Erich western civilisation and has great respect for all world cultures, That's what Islam has been doing for the last 1400 years, peacefully respecting all world cultures FUCKING SURREAL ! Read some history books and Islamic literature on the adherence to Islamic cultural diversity. DISGRACEFUL
Kurisu Kamisori
'Kurisu Kamisori' 3 hours ago
this is all a lie.... stop brainwashing the public
'Ackerman' 3 hours ago
'Brook' 5 hours ago
This channel rely in non credible sources for their list.. for what!? To gain more muslims subcribers.. who's mayer and think tank conpiracy dummies? tss you both faggot
Perfect101 Rock
'Perfect101 Rock' 6 hours ago
your right
'MrPeaceofcake3' 18 hours ago
I am a Muslim you are right
'Robozgraggi' 18 hours ago
First of all: 10, 9, 8, 6 and 3 basically have not much to do with Islam itself but rather with muslim people (and yes, talking about people instead of an idea makes a difference!) For the rest of these "lies", a little research in the Quran itself easily debunks everything you stated in this video. This video is nothing but pro islamic propaganda!
Scott Gaming yt
'Scott Gaming yt' 1 day ago
if you do the math only 10,000,000 Muslims identify as extremist
Richard Benoit
'Richard Benoit' 1 day ago
If you look at the early history of warfare in the Mid East... "Islam" (Sharia Law) was uses as a means to justify / rationalized and to recruit peoples on the expansion of political gains (Take over other countries using subversive / any means)... Psychological Warfare Consolidation would be an accurate term to describe the early expansion of Islam (Sharia Law) and made to look like a "Religion"... If it was not for Christians / Catholic Church acting behind the scenes ('Islam') which is a military invasion tool, not religion, would have taken over very long time ago... ... There are both men and women who openly speak on the subject of Islam and warn about open hostilities and how the non "Muslim" are basically dirt beneath their feet... All Muslims only except 1 law and that is the Sharia Law and only except it as being the defacto law... regardless which country they are in... They do NOT see any other's nation's law as valid and EVERYTHING is justified in their view. It is common for the Western People and Non Muslims to cry foul about "Racism" and "prejudice" when pointing to injustices towards the Muslim people and to a certain point is fair... HOWEVER, Islam / Muslim / Sharia Law is all exactly the same thing... Everyone who speaks about Islam is talking about Muslims... anyone who speaks about Sharia Law in an open way who is not Muslim is prejudiced and said to be engaging in hate speech. Learn the early history before saying "Islam" (Sharia Law) is peaceful... (Hint: it is NOT) ...
Kamil Ibri
'Kamil Ibri' 2 days ago
10. We hate the west indeed. Because it's built on sin. We don't hate western people though. We don't hate people we hate the sin.
shabana latif
'shabana latif' 2 days ago
Who the heck said that islam support violence and muslim must kill non-muslims.
'A.D.S.F' 2 days ago
i'm a muslim from Algeria and as i see trump and fox news told most of this lies lol well .. you can see what they're doing to USA now .. anyway i realy thank you for this video شكرا
Naufal rafi difanka
shut up ppl,come to Indonesia (country with the biggest islam population in the world) and tell me, How is Islam
Right-Wing Rambler
the no- go zones do exist in Britain, you can enter but women and homosexual people are experience harrasment and not uncommonly extreme violence in Birmingham
Noran nona
'Noran nona' 2 days ago
I'd like to say I am muslim and I am not terrorist then all of you are talking about wearing hijab I am wearing hijab because I want to wear it it prevents me from being exposed to guys and many thing I love hijab I love myself being covered I am really and I am really proud of it and I feel better for being covered and women who don't wear hijab is not in the prison we leave them free that is their life
bible bill
'bible bill' 3 days ago
Islam makes your" heart hard" because of all the strict rules , do's and don'ts , like you have to pray 5x a day , fast every spring for 30 days in a row not aloud to enjoy alcohol in moderation .  Read the book of Colossians .Most Muslims get real mean and angry when you try to even discuss the subject which is my experience .  What kind of religion is it when the people won't even discuss it ?
Andy Molina
'Andy Molina' 3 days ago
Still I don't believe this!
Zohar Of Kekistan
'Zohar Of Kekistan' 3 days ago
So I found the idiotic part of channel
AIRules786 !
'AIRules786 !' 3 days ago
guys, we are not violent, we are peaceful, those who are violent do not belong in Islam, those who judge from gender love or colour, are extremists, those who stone woman are extremists too, real muslims respect every person in this world no matter what belief or skin or gender love
'msjulie301' 3 days ago
U guys are idiots stupid Muslim lovers female dogs stupid craps
Luv Animals
'Luv Animals' 3 days ago
thanks for this video!!!😀😀😀
Adit Gaming
'Adit Gaming' 3 days ago
thankyou for make this video :,)
The Angry White Male
I got a serious question for all the muslims on here. How do you reconcile Bachi Bazi where you rape young boys and then at the same time through gays off rooftops because being gay according to your beliefs is wrong. Raping young boys seems pretty gay...shouldn't you all be committing suicide for breaking sharia law?
'Aguila701' 3 days ago
So basically anything that comes out of Fox News.
'wirtuozsnu' 3 days ago
Number 10 - it's a clear manipulation. The poll and the statement relate to two different things.
'Muzzy' 4 days ago
I'm a Muslim and I'm Scottish now and my cousins in Pakistan are soooo jealous I live in the west and they call the west London nothing else but London now tell me was I thought to hate the west
Rj Beast/mismag
'Rj Beast/mismag' 4 days ago
and if u think that u r an idiot
Rj Beast/mismag
'Rj Beast/mismag' 4 days ago
Islam is not a religion of terrorist
Rj Beast/mismag
'Rj Beast/mismag' 4 days ago
so true
Barrett Tabler
'Barrett Tabler' 4 days ago
Islam the religion of hate.
'kitemanmusic' 4 days ago
@2.40 talking about the number of deaths linked to Islamic terrorism, and conveniently starting after 911! How many innocent people have been killed worldwide by Islamic terrorism since then? That number runs into thousands. Many cities have no-go Muslim areas: Paris, London, Rinkby in Sweden to name a few. Europol's findings are totally unbelievable. So 99.3% of attacks were non-Islamic? That is farcical. They don't say who is responsible do they?  ISIS bombing mosques? Yes they were the wrong sect! This video is a complete whitewash. It does say in either the Koran or Hadith that non-believers must either convert to Islam or be killed (unless they want to pay protection money. This only applies to people of the  Book, i.e. Christians and Jews)
Own Own
'Own Own' 4 days ago
Allah has no son. But the one true living God does, his name is JESUS.
Omar Shareef
'Omar Shareef' 4 days ago
Plz disable comments for the video
Joseph Hanicak
'Joseph Hanicak' 4 days ago
This video is absolute bull shit. The last point is so incredibly stupid, it's sad. Have you ever heard about Muhammad? He would let his soldiers rape any women they wanted to if they weren't Muslims. And the Qur'an specifically states that women are not equal to men. In fact, Iraq has a law where women can't drive, and they have to be accompanied by a man at all times. Why? Because Iraq is a theocracy. Also, if you're found to be an atheist or gay in Pakistan, you're dead. 100% of the time. In fact, Ayaz Nizami is going to be hanged in Karachi for blasphemy.
Johnny big
'Johnny big' 4 days ago
read the news
'blackdunya' 5 days ago
Finally some truth👌❤
Saudi Tube
'Saudi Tube' 5 days ago
i will just say that maybe any muslim can be wrong so dont judge persons by their religon . problem is in humans not in Religons .
Omar Hamza khan
'Omar Hamza khan' 5 days ago
I am Muslim
Lee  FaengYul
'Lee FaengYul' 5 days ago
only they hate teaching of other imams
Lee  FaengYul
'Lee FaengYul' 5 days ago
isis are muslims bro
Lee  FaengYul
'Lee FaengYul' 5 days ago
Steve Hooper
'Steve Hooper' 6 days ago
9/11 is the date sulha din retook jerusalem from the christians so it is a celebrated day in islam not because 9/11 newyork.
موت ضحك مع سلطان علي العبدالواحد
He said he will punish and the Muslims but he didn't
موت ضحك مع سلطان علي العبدالواحد
We like them but the difference is the riligion
موت ضحك مع سلطان علي العبدالواحد
Check before you say something
Tom Sawyer
'Tom Sawyer' 6 days ago
don't get me wrong all religion is retarded. but this is obvious bull shit propaganda.
DJ Reech
'DJ Reech' 6 days ago
Selectively quoting a couple of verses that appear to advocate non-violence & peace, without even referencing sources, is not what I call evidence. There are plenty of quotes from Islamic writings that advocate & even command the opposite! This video is bullshit! The whole bloody thing was founded by a violent & deranged person! How can these dickheads deny that?
Ibrahim El
'Ibrahim El' 6 days ago
Funny how whites/europeans bash on Muslims/Islam, but who destroyed the native americans? Stole their wealth and land? Killed the people? Who engaged in the biggest slave trade of negroes ever? Who committed the biggest genocide on Jews? Exactly, whites did this and they did it because of a certain belief system, namely Christianity and white supremacy. And yet they tell the world that they are the good ones and that everyone else is bad.
Itmum Rhythm
'Itmum Rhythm' 6 days ago
May Allah bless you guys.Alhamdulillah.You have spoken the truth.
Walter White
'Walter White' 7 days ago
You deserve Golden Goebbels Award for stating propaganda comrade. keep spreading lies that you may get job in EU ministry of propaganda.
A Kkkk
'A Kkkk' 7 days ago
I live with Muslims it's almost all true
A Kkkk
'A Kkkk' 7 days ago
Yes they hate the west they do stop Islam 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Jatham K West
'Jatham K West' 7 days ago
Britain first are morons, but they are not fascists
Fida Hussain
'Fida Hussain' 7 days ago
keep it up.
shareef shaik
'shareef shaik' 7 days ago
Let truth prevail
shareef shaik
'shareef shaik' 7 days ago
I love Jesus (peace be upon him) But I hate church hypnotizes who controls nations
shareef shaik
'shareef shaik' 7 days ago
I love Jesus (peace be upon him) But I have church hypnotizes who controls nations
Ronny Plake
'Ronny Plake' 1 week ago
Bull shit
dew lest
'dew lest' 1 week ago
thx so much ""all time"" for being neutral..
Akhtar Sultan Alaudin
why anybody hate muslim,like if you muslim
MyNigh William
'MyNigh William' 1 week ago
Raf galvão
'Raf galvão' 1 week ago
so what the difference about non muslins and infidels ?
Lemari Abby
'Lemari Abby' 1 week ago
Fuck u motherfaker
Arda Pasha
'Arda Pasha' 1 week ago
I am a Muslim I am not a terorist !
mohammed shams
'mohammed shams' 1 week ago
I'm a Muslim and I don't hate you
enna irvine
'enna irvine' 1 week ago
great video , Thankyou
'Pepridge' 1 week ago
Muslims rape children!
FitGreatLionelMessi ROBLOX Gameplays and More!
Thanks Dude for protecting my religion. best yt channel ever
'1996koke' 1 week ago
Muslim objections and how to answer them: Not every muslim is a terrorist=I agree and not all terrorist are muslims, but the worst terrorist are muslims ISIS arent muslims because they kill people=Based on that Mohamed wasnt muslim Muslims only kill if they are attacked first=Read a history book, Muslims usually were the ones who attacked first You complain about terrorist attacks but you forget about crusades=And you forget that muslims were attacking europe centuries before (and after) the crusades Muslims respect other religions=then why muslims are the only ones making a war because of religion on this days? But Hitler was christian=Most historians agree that Hitler wasnt christian, he only pretended to be one because germany was a christian country The western world hates muslims=Thats why we are recieving millions of refugees while muslim coutnries dont You are a trump suporter=Not everyone here is from the USA ¿you know? Also just because I dont belive in this manipulated facts that doesnt mean that I support Trump
hafizul alif
'hafizul alif' 1 week ago
where do they get all these ideas about islam has to do with violence or terrorism? and guys said that this video is a manipulation are totally manipulated by their media. smh
KoyoCicak Dasher
'KoyoCicak Dasher' 1 week ago
no matter what you guys do, you cant change people opinions and thoughts.. I'm a Muslims as well, and we all have our own beliefs.. so yeah.. look m8, its not about religions, its all about humanity.. u see, muslim kills muslim.. christian kills christian, u get my point? we're all human, got life to live n shit to do.. but these people just keep saying randomly n accusing that muslims is a bad religion.. like, 'ure a muslim huh?' 'yeah i am' 'fuck ur religion, fuck isis' u see my point? just bcuz of someones claiming they representing muslims do some serial killings and terrorisms etc, all of muslims around the world take alllllll the blame.. well u guys just blame it on religion.. dude wtf? look, if a christs kills a muslims, did anyone blame it on their religion?? noo right? its racist man.. ITS NOT ABOUT RELIGION, ITS ABOUT WE OURSELVES
mustayeen sharaf
'mustayeen sharaf' 1 week ago
i like how people say that islam promotes rape and child marriage and all that shit. checked your prisons lately? all of em must be muslims innit?
Connor Haik
'Connor Haik' 1 week ago
1) The entire world including the west hates the United States. 2) secrete camps do exist and train radicals to attack us everyday. But we should thank the CIA for that. 3) If Islam wants world domination, why don't the Nuclear muslim countries go attack the West? 4) Isis is the the creation of the United States CIA.
'J T' 1 week ago
this mental retard hasn't read Quran 4:89:91 or Quran 4:34.
Living on sunshine 101
thank you for making this video and clearing up rumors and conspiracies about the religion that are completely false.
Rhys Oliver
'Rhys Oliver' 1 week ago
They said they admired nothing? How did they frame the question, you can still have admiration for your enemy.
Safwan Azam
'Safwan Azam' 1 week ago
I'm Muslim and I just want to say that if anyone is indoctrinated by anti Islamists then please watch this video or talk to a Muslim person
'Afrocanuk' 1 week ago
The only means of defending Islam is by lies; countless lies.
'00aBs00' 1 week ago
all those "lies" ... will surface to be the truth in next decades ... dont worry ... theyre doing a great job conquering your countries without you knowing it yet ....
gogadget go
'gogadget go' 1 week ago
Don't worry guys it's only a anti climax that these bigots are going through, once they find out that the chump is just a fat tosspot who said wateva to get in there, they'll all slide and slither their way back home under those rocks. looloolool. btw Islam is set to statisticly take over the world, not by immigrants but by converts like me. loolooloolool.
Steve O
'Steve O'Neill' 1 week ago
This is full of distorted facts and false arguments, and about the most accurate one is about Birmingham.
Anons Everywhere
'Anons Everywhere' 1 week ago
Thank You For Showing People That Islam Is Not Bad
Demon William
'Demon William' 1 week ago
You should read Sharia Law. For example; Sharia Law o9 (Ie. o9.8 and o9.9.) This video is tell a lie on your part. You must at least read Sharia law to know what you are talking about. Sharia Law o9.0 JIHAD (Page 599 of Reliance of the Traveller or Reliance 2, ref. to Revised Edition.) (0: Jihad means to war against non-Muslims, and is etymologically derived from the word mujahada, signifying warfare to establish the religion. And it is the lesser jihad. As for the greater jihad, it is spiritual warfare against the lower self (nafs), which is why the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said as he was returning from jihad, "We have returned from the lesser jihad to the greater jihad." The scriptural basis for jihad, prior to scholarly consensus (def: b7) is such Koranic verses as:(1) "Fighting is prescribed for you" (Koran 2:216); (2) "Slay them wherever you find them"(Koran 4:89); (3) "Fight the idolators utterly" (Koran 9:36); and such hadiths as the one related by Bukhari and Muslim (Go to read the entire o9 for yourself.) Sharia Law o9.8 The caliph (o25) makes war upon Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians Sharia Law o9.9 The caliph fights all other peoples until they become Muslim. Sharia law o9.13 allow rape captive female even her husband still alive.
'silverturdburn' 1 week ago
This video is such propaganda.
Kurniawan miller
'Kurniawan miller' 1 week ago
The Qur'an is no doubt... Who cares what ppl say, Believe in Allah and his messengers.. Disbelivers are awalys trying to put us down
al-Moroccan Gutierrez
neha khan
'neha khan' 1 week ago
a really good video.
'woogyone' 1 week ago
Muslims must be stopped
Thank you AllTime10s for making this video :) Its nice seeing a video made to prove islam haters wrong <3
richies quest
'richies quest' 1 week ago
Religion is a fairy tale there are so many which one is right ? Wake up you brainwashed religious fools.
Sulaimy A
'Sulaimy A' 1 week ago
The theory is like this : If majority of Western people hate Islam than the politicians need to demonize the Islam MORE in order to gain the Majority!! and same thing happen in Muslim world ..if majority of people hate the West than the politicians need to demonize the West MORE in order to gain the Majority!!
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