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10 Lies You Were Told About Islam -
Published: 2 years ago By: Alltime10s

By: Alltime10sPublished: 2 years ago

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Is Birmingham a Muslim-only city?
Are there hundreds of terrorist training camps dotted all over America?

The media might say yes, but the truth is no. AllTime10s is here to debunk 10 lies you were told about Islam.

Sources -

10) Muslims Hate The West
Source: Huffington Post

9) Terrorist Training Camp
Source: CBS News

8) No Go Zones
Source: The Guardian

7) Islamic Terrorist World Domination

6) Celebrating 9/11
Source: Washington Post

5) ISIS represents Islam

4) Muslims Support Violence
Source: BBC

3) Only Muslims in Birmingham
Source: The Guardian

2) Muslim Women are oppressed
Source: Britain First

1) Muslims must kill people of other religions
Source: CBS News

Music: Sword of the East by Tim Garland and Asaf Sirkis

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'roydamanna' 10 hours ago
"Some people seem to mistake Objectivity for Negativity, and wishful-thinking for Positivity." "Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed."
Captain Bhenchod
'Captain Bhenchod' 10 hours ago
ARRRGGHH! More bull from the pseudo-intellectual loony left!
You know who i am
'You know who i am' 13 hours ago
Good video mahn👍🏻
faderspar 1
'faderspar 1' 20 hours ago
Who are racist.I hope you go to hell
Abasyn Peshawar
'Abasyn Peshawar' 2 days ago
terrorists has no religion. their religion is terrorism. and are mostly used by the wealthy countries to take advantages of
'chieftech714' 2 days ago
so many lies, mostly from the white extremists in the right wing. Why can't we have truth, all day, every day? instead, we have a president who has 1000 lies on record in 10 months of "service"
'ProGamer' 2 days ago
thank you
George whiplemyer jr.
See Trump is right. FAKE NEWS, does exist.
Raymond Reddington
The Crusaders purged Islam from Spain, thank god.
Raymond Reddington
RELIGION OF PEACE said no one ever...
Elyse Gemini
'Elyse Gemini' 2 days ago
Isis doesn't represent Islam that's like saying that the KKK represents Christianity and we all know it doesn't
Stfu Hoe is dope
'Stfu Hoe is dope' 2 days ago
Lol 57k extremist ffs they got butt hurt over facts lmao
my life
'my life' 3 days ago
Fuck off islam is the best we can help yr the LIE
Rasmus Vohlakari
'Rasmus Vohlakari' 3 days ago
#11 it is a religion of peace
Giselle Hamidi
'Giselle Hamidi' 3 days ago
Muslim people not only get attacked physically by ISIS but with hatred words from other religions, like tf happened to society??
Mohamed Teffahi
'Mohamed Teffahi' 3 days ago
This is a lie and if anyone want to distroy Islam distroyme first
Bo Horn
'Bo Horn' 3 days ago
Jesus, these refutations are thin. Half of these are irrelevant anyway.
Ale Pinilih
'Ale Pinilih' 3 days ago
im muslim and im sad that people think we do all these things and think all muslims are terrorist.
The Real Mexican
'The Real Mexican' 3 days ago
Quran 9:30 "the Jews and Christians are perverts, kill them."
Hassan Amir
'Hassan Amir' 3 days ago
MaxPlayz Roblox&More
This vid is straight fact
muhannad shady
'muhannad shady' 4 days ago
well believe it or not first: . i live in Baghdad-iraq when 9/11 happened we were having lunch and it came on TV , and i remember it like yesterday , we were shocked by it, my dad told us that those are innocent people getting killed by bad people , and i cried along with my lil sisters when we saw people running and crying and missing people too and we said our prayers that night to them souls ,without knowing what Islam ,Christians means we just felt bad for the matter and after all these years i came in here hearing that Americans thinks that we celebrate 9/11 !! really !!! i don't want to exaggerate but we felt sorry for u guys more than u did 2- isis took 4 of my bestfriends and 2 of my cousins and lots of my neighbors so yeah i hardly see that we support isis 3- we don't kill people from other religions ,i mean (all of us) ? nope there are muslims that believe none muslims should be dead but u can only find them in saudi arabia and afghanistan 4-we don't live in deserts i swear we have land like solid and green trees ,we don't ride camels to school ,like riding my camel yao black on black camel toe , no we have cars last and not least we don't fuck goats , yes most of us remain virgin cuz islam refuses sex before marriage but doesn't mean we fuck goats
David Emerson
'David Emerson' 4 days ago
David Emerson
'David Emerson' 4 days ago
what a crock of shit .................. look at history
The Pro gaming channel
WTF I’m a Muslim and I love America no one ever told us to hate the west or being a terorest
Benjamin J. Walker
that point about  is the percentage of attacks, if that's the case then how is it that Islamist extremism the most common form of terrorism?
maykel b
'maykel b' 5 days ago
Where can i find that last quote from The quran??
Mohammed Qasim
'Mohammed Qasim' 5 days ago
thanks for this:)
'Äijä69' 5 days ago
Islam *is not* a religion of peace!
Wiz Khalifa
'Wiz Khalifa' 5 days ago
57k Jews disliked it :D now I believe the world is run by Jews
Wiz Khalifa
'Wiz Khalifa' 5 days ago
how many lies told about islam?
jijou 24
'jijou 24' 5 days ago
6:48 @Alltime10s you have mentioned two statements of the Prophet Mohamed. Here are a few Quran verses: "God does not forbid you to deal kindly and justly with those who have not fought against you about the religion or expelled you from your homes. God does not love the unjust people." [al-Mumtahanah 60;8]. “And fight them on until there is no more oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah; but if they cease, Let there be no hostility except to those who practise oppression.” [Al-Baqarah 2;193] "So if they remove themselves from you and do not fight you and offer you peace, then Allah has not made for you a cause [for fighting] against them." [An-Nisa 4;90] . "And if they incline to peace, then incline to it [also] and rely upon Allah. Indeed, it is He who is the Hearing, the Knowing." [Alanfal-8;61]. "There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion." [Al-Baqarah 2;256] "O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm for Allah, witnesses in justice, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah; indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do." [ Al-Ma' ida 5;8].
fsd spdf
'fsd spdf' 6 days ago
Muhammed is LGBT
Faiz Dahlan
'Faiz Dahlan' 6 days ago
I am suni Muslim just want to let you all know that almost 80% of world population has been brainwashed by TV & Internet
Jack Sparrow
'Jack Sparrow' 6 days ago
Eugenie 321
'Eugenie 321' 6 days ago
Here's some bottle water and a bottle of pill which are great for head ache, excuse, please slow down I can't hear u properly... ohhh, u r asking why I'm giving u these items? smmmmh.... you'll see later when u read the comments. Oh yes Popcorn is on for sale!!!!
Ahmad Khan
'Ahmad Khan' 6 days ago
This is the real big truth of ISLAM thanks aloooooootttttt for this beautiful video thaaaanks aloooooootttttt
Abhijit Bairagi
'Abhijit Bairagi' 6 days ago
fake video, if muslim read quran then they will become terrorist or they leave islam
Aniket Kumar
'Aniket Kumar' 7 days ago
I dont trust this.
Mustafa Nader
'Mustafa Nader' 7 days ago
Why people hate islam before talk about islam read about it and you will find its the right religion all this religions is fake except isalm (true) religion all this religions christianity , jesus is not true it came iblis
Raashid Khan
'Raashid Khan' 7 days ago
This is fake video Islam tells everything correct who r u to tell that idiot
Lukas Budiman
'Lukas Budiman' 7 days ago
Az Zukhruf 61 Luqman 34 Maryam 33 34 Al maidah 68 Ali Imron 45
Dawaleeb Alhawa
'Dawaleeb Alhawa' 7 days ago
bullshit, I am from the middle east and thE first thing they teach is to hate AnNasara walyahood and move to the WESTERn civilization.
arendra shukla
'arendra shukla' 7 days ago
i hate Islam becoz muhamud try to kill every non muslim, terrorist r doing That they Call themself mujjahid,
Siti Nursyazana Bte Mohd Yassin
Loved the video 💕 thank you so much for uploading this. Though it's disappointing that many non-muslims are against the facts in this video. No matter how much you try to prove with clarifications and facts, they're persistent that Islam is not a peaceful religion; which is indeed false.
'DELIVERANCE' 1 week ago
You need to see this and then make up your mind.
'DELIVERANCE' 1 week ago
If you believe this presentation you just fell for it.......It is a known fact, right from the Quran, that if you don't accept Islam you are to be killed and if you want to leave Islam you are to be beheaded. Islam is a religion of hope and fear, Christianity is one of love and trust. Don't believe me look at all the world events of Islamic terrorism and this article says we are to put our heads in the sand. Islam is an instrument of Satan, period.
chou hamid
'chou hamid' 1 week ago
Fuck islam
Donald Margolis
'Donald Margolis' 1 week ago
Check these videos out:
Gamer GodGO
'Gamer GodGO' 1 week ago
My best friend is jew and i am muslim
Rania Mella
'Rania Mella' 1 week ago
That's not true I'm Islamic and I know u guys are so racist ! That really hurts my feelings u know part of the muslims are not terrorists u are so racist and ur an adult be more respectful to muslims reply if u agree
Paul Masgalajian
'Paul Masgalajian' 1 week ago
Muslims are not afraid to die. They're afraid to LIVE !
Luka Vidic
'Luka Vidic' 1 week ago
yes thay hate west
manhal mohamed
'manhal mohamed' 1 week ago
The people who is not Muslims please be a Muslim
Daniel Fairclough
'Daniel Fairclough' 1 week ago
Its only lies if you listen and believe Taqiyya.
Saad H H
'Saad H H' 1 week ago
Aryaman Manish Joshi
Alltime10s Actually does a good job trying to remove stereotypes of a religion and still gets hate, even by some from Muslims. Religion is fucking cancer, whoever believes in a divine entity in the clouds is retarded
Alessio Leporati
'Alessio Leporati' 1 week ago
Do all lies have to do with terrorism? What about that stereotype that says all Muslims are purist who never drink alcohol or fornicate?
claudio pelus
'claudio pelus' 1 week ago
there are horribel a lot of false profets arround islam and that makes it dangerous for this easy believers take care of your family if you not want to be involved in any islamic false statements
'Dynamitx' 1 week ago
People should start using phones numbers as their name, religion etc..
Xxgold sparkXX
'Xxgold sparkXX' 1 week ago
do u know that people that suffer from isis are kids that wants to go to school and learn and u know Islam are always hated by people but we are harmless we just believe in the one and only god that we believe , we have our own good in ourselves
'ANIQ 86' 1 week ago
If you guys still hate Islam it means that you're an atheist because I've asked my non-muslim friends "Why you guys don't hate us but respect us?" and they answered "Our religion taught us to respect other religions and if we don't we're count as not following our religion,". Most of my friends are Christians, Buddhist and Hindu but they never hate me but they respect and praised me.
Самир Мурадов
US , Israel and Illuminati is the real evil mastermind behind anti-islamic terror organisations!
Самир Мурадов
isis has nothing to do with islam they are made by US an Israel
Cookie Doge
'Cookie Doge' 1 week ago
You forgot one lie: *Islam* *is* *a* *religion* *of* *peace*
'dbzgal04' 1 week ago
If Islam is about peace and doesn't oppress women, why are Muslim women prohibited from marrying outside the faith while Muslim men are allowed to? I've read it's because the kids must follow their father's religion. No offense, but why should it matter who any Muslim falls in love with and/or which faith their kids follow, if Islam truly is the "religion of peace" that it claims to be?
Alia Al
'Alia Al' 1 week ago
Ten lies you were told about islam or twn lies you were told about muslims. There is a huge difference as one is an archaic and savage ideology but the latter are people who choose wither to implement the literal teaching of quran (like Isis) or to be a hippie muslim "islam is the religion of peace" kind of crab
MOHD ilham ilham
'MOHD ilham ilham' 1 week ago
im muslim isis is no-muslim
Dude Dude
'Dude Dude' 1 week ago
so how many butthurt down in the comment section
Light Fortune
'Light Fortune' 1 week ago
I am a muslim and I know that you can wear a niqab or a burka if you want to. It is a choice If you want your family pr husband only to see your looks, then wear a burka or a niqab
account_name_online online
How can they say women are not oppressed when Islam allows wife beating? If that's not oppressive then what is?
Saleh Shagale
'Saleh Shagale' 1 week ago
god bless u man! that is completly right about islam and all must know about it
hasoon al shamsi
'hasoon al shamsi' 1 week ago
I am a Muslim and none of my parents wear hijab and w don't carry bombs around I live in Dubai and I've been to America and I can tell u that it's way better here there is no racism at all I have alot of Christian friends
Donald J Trumpaka A-V-A
3:40 but they scream allahu ackbar,how does that have nothing to do with Islam
Donald J Trumpaka A-V-A
Islam is shit
Benjamin Koh
'Benjamin Koh' 2 weeks ago
My point isn't to hurt any religion My point is to say that religion is shit and gods probably don't exist So why are we saying other religion is shit in the first place? Will there ever be a point where different religions respect each other? (This is just my fucking opinion)
Nadea Tembam
'Nadea Tembam' 2 weeks ago
we never hate other religion or races...but we do hate them for what they did
Your Majesty
'Your Majesty' 2 weeks ago
Search “what name non believers say about Muhammad” THE FOREFATHERS OF EUROPE AND AMERICA. Fck Zionist Jews who rule all media.
Ultra Plague
'Ultra Plague' 2 weeks ago
Why are these Americans telling lies about Islam!!???
Amin The researcher
'Amin The researcher' 2 weeks ago
The reason why people say that muslim woman are being oppressesd is because of people in countries like bangladesh india and pakistan were woman are actually oppressed
Semih Budak
'Semih Budak' 2 weeks ago
There are proofs and links for that but ignorants still denies it. lol
notch aferston
'notch aferston' 2 weeks ago
ISIS is not islam, and Islam is not ISIS. Please understand this guys.....
notch aferston
'notch aferston' 2 weeks ago
Omg, lots of u peoples were brainwashed by the media!!
Rachel Wise
'Rachel Wise' 2 weeks ago
lies lies lies!
Albert Johnson
'Albert Johnson' 2 weeks ago
World Media is owned by satanic follower Islam is againts satanic follower Satanic follower hate islam. Media made islam as a bad guy
juggernautmanic rebooted
from Islamics are fucked up 2 American politics are fucked up
Helen Zoubi
'Helen Zoubi' 2 weeks ago
this was all proven to be lies lol you should remove it
Jjsjsjs Xjhdjdjdj
'Jjsjsjs Xjhdjdjdj' 2 weeks ago
كلامك صح أخي يوجد تشويه لصورة مسلمين و يقولون كلام عنا غير صحيح أشياء اخره لا تعرفها مثال: أننا نحن عرب قوم أغبياء غير متعلمين هذا ما يقولون هنا للكذب على أعلامو ايضا. نحن مجرمين و متعصبين و حياتنا صعبة هذا كله وهم و خيال &£££££أذا شخص واحد او أشخاص أدعوا انهم مسلمون او كانوا مسلمين و فعلوا شيئ من أجرام و ارهاب لا يعني كل مسلمين هكذا هذه حملة لتشويه صورتنا حضارية يعني اذا كان هناك مسيحي او يهودي فعل جريمة او ارهاب يعني كل مسيحين و يهود مجرمين هذا ما يفعله أعلام كاذب (ليس كل ما يقال على اخبار او جريدة صح ٤٠٪ من اخبار صادقة ٦٠٪ باقي كذب و ستشهد لكم ايام أتمنى من صاحب قناة يوتيوب قرأة تعليقي على فكرة ترجمة قوقل سيئة. بعض شيئ غير جيدة
Jjsjsjs Xjhdjdjdj
'Jjsjsjs Xjhdjdjdj' 2 weeks ago
كلامك صح أخي يوجد تشويه لصورة مسلمين و يقولون كلام عنا غير صحيح أشياء اخره لا تعرفها مثال: أننا نحن عرب قوم أغبياء غير متعلمين هذا ما يقولون هنا للكذب على أعلامو ايضا. نحن مجرمين و متعصبين و حياتنا صعبة هذا كله وهم و خيال &£££££أذا شخص واحد او أشخاص أدعوا انهم مسلمون او كانوا مسلمين و فعلوا شيئ من أجرام و ارهاب لا يعني كل مسلمين هكذا هذه حملة لتشويه صورتنا حضارية يعني اذا كان هناك مسيحي او يهودي فعل جريمة او ارهاب يعني كل مسيحين و يهود مجرمين هذا ما يفعله أعلام كاذب (ليس كل ما يقال على اخبار او جريدة صح ٤٠٪ من اخبار صادقة ٦٠٪ باقي كذب و ستشهد لكم ايام أتمنى من صاحب قناة يوتيوب قرأة تعليقي على فكرة ترجمة قوقل سيئة. بعض شيئ غير جيدة
Conker Plays
'Conker Plays' 2 weeks ago
I don't even want to look at the comments 😑😑
'MythoVirus' 2 weeks ago
Arab countries are fucked up, Arabic culture most of it is now obsolete, however Arabs still sticks to those regressive cultural ideology. That's why Arabs are far behind. BUTT( yes second T because I like booty), yes but Islam is something else, don't link Arabs to Islam that's moronic. Islam the religion is in its essence a manual for people to live a proper way as god intended. All the DON'T in Islam are there for a reason, For example: --Killing innocent people is a big no no, atheist/christian/muslim or whatever any person is off limit to be killed, that makes sense right? cool. --Stealing is a big no no, because do I need to explain that? -- Incest is taboo -- Pedophilia is a no go, HOWEVER Islam does not follow the "18 age of consent" rule, because this is all man made, artificial, it does make some sense however it shouldn't be an absolute number, in Islam it's simple, consent to have marriage is after reaching puberty, as it's more biologically oriented and make sense, rather than a random number of age 18 or 16. If in rare case a lady had delayed puberty due to some hormonal dysfunction, and she hasn't reached natural puberty yet at 18, it does make sense that she cannot get married, so again random numbers although convienant in our current era, it's not absolute. --Killing ex-muslims, is not true, if that ex-muslim wasn't plotting against declaring a real war against muslims, then that ex-muslim can live in peace and killing him/her is wrongful by Islam. --- Alcohol and other illicit drugs are sins, because of obvious reasons, Alcohol can, scientifically speaking cause poor judgment by its user, and this poor judgment can lead to death rape theft etc... You might wonder why little alcohol is not allowed, although it doesn't cause poor judgment, the user has the potential to get drunk by mistake, or the user will slowly adapt to alcohol and increasing the dose till reaching the drunk state... So all what Islam is doing here is a Preventive method to avoid committing regrettable mistakes, and like in medicine Prevention is the most important approach to take. --- Why Pre-mariatal sex is a big no no, to avoid bringing a bastard to this world, so it's here to prevent future babies to suffer, as we know many bastards are left behind, poorly taken care of, the father is not known in many cases, so all that does is breaching the child rights to have a proper life... And to prevent the spread of veneral disease is also an indirect good cause to prevent pre-marital sex. Imagine if all humans followed the rule that sex is reserved for husband and wife, then you can easily see many STI reaching a very low level and some might even get extinct. ---Why Islam forces people to prey, fast, share money with the poor, the benifts can be easily observed. I will not dwell in this topic, but I believe all the MUSTs of a Muslim to follow has physical,spiritual, emotional, and societal benefits. For example it's proven scientifically fasting for a prolonged periods (in Ramadan) it has many potential health benefits, also it reminds the muslims of the poor people that has no food/water, also during fasting it's not only about fasting from food and water, it's about fasting from other stuff like cursing and any bad behaviors. Example 2, Prayers, we pray not to make god feel more powerful or us less powerful, we pray for many benefits for us humans, god will not gain anything from our prayer. Some benefits of praying daily, it reminds the muslim of the presence of god, therefore to remind the muslim to do good rather than sins, also prior to praying we have to wash up, and act that can potentially remove germs from our bodies. Also praying to god, has many emotional pros, it can decrease incidence and severity of depression anxiety etc... I'm not saying if you are religious you wont get depressed or so, as many biological causes including your genetic plays a role, however praying does have benefits like taking a walk, yoga etc.. Also by forcing 5 prayers per day, Sedentary people are forced to do some minor exercise that in the long run can prevent disease.... Ofc God has many reasons to force us to do many stuff like raying fasting, I just touched the surface of the matter, and mentioning all benefits is beyond my scope rn. --- Islam rewards great behavior and punish bad ones, like you should treat your neighbors with respect, you should always keep in touch to your family, strict obeyance to your parents. Anyways I had a point and explained my self, why Islam as the religion is a great manual for us people, and that's the reason we follow Islam. What Arabs or muslims themselve do in this life is rubbish in many ways, but please don't connect that to Islam. Lastly fuck extremists.
Zaki Tamimy
'Zaki Tamimy' 2 weeks ago
so many hatred toward islam i see... and most of those haters put inaccurate and misleading translated Qur'an verses as their proof. HA, lol i bet those kind of people mostly read from some provocative anti-islam websites and watch FOX news as in 2 points of this video that says the hate speech came from them. please educate yourself about islam from the proper source like the moslem on your neighbour OR directly ask an Ulamā or Ustāth for explanation as they were the people who knows islam best.
Flooding TheSea
'Flooding TheSea' 2 weeks ago
I am sorry but this list is filled with half truths: 10. Asking "What do you admire most about the west?" is not a way to determine hatred towards the west. It's a way to see if any of them can have any positive thoughts about the West. I hate Hitler, do I admire things about him? Yes, I do. He is a great strategist and one of the best speech givers in history. That doesn't prove anything. 9. IDK about that but it does seem like a revival of the CIA's "soviet ghost towns" consipiracy. 8. You should go to the no go zones yourself, as a woman wearing a T-shirt. I've been to a "No Go zone", It's similar to east jerusalem in a sense. 7. While it's true that terrorism in general shouldn't worry you as much as getting hit by a bus or having cancer it's also true that stating a statistic about european terrorsim between 2006 and 2013 is irrelevant and rediculous. Charlie Habdo happened in 2015, so did the colonge new year's eve censored stories. 6. I don't think Arabs generally give a damm about the US. This doesn't seem probable. 5. "ISIS was responsible for the deaths of over 9000 Muslims" - This shows me how little you know about Islam. Do you know what does Suna and Shia means? Suna muslims and Shia muslims kill each other all the time. The fact that they killed muslims don't make them anti-muslim because muslims do kill muslims, quite a lot actually. What does make them muslim is their Ideologies and the fact that they want to impose Sharia law (a MUSLIM mandate) 4. I think that a muslim's tolorance and support for violence depends on the muslim. However, not identifying with extremist is not the same as being against violence. Many muslim countries practice barbaric execution policies for gays and cheating wives without being supportive of the extremists. Also, it's important to note that 0.006625% of 1.6 billion is still 10 milion and 600 thousand people. That's a lot of people to identify with some of the most violent organizations and ideologies that currently exist on earth. 3. That's ridiculous propaganda 2. It's true that in the quran it's not specifically stated but that doesn't change the society. I think you owe Ayaan Hirsi Ali an apology... As someone who knows muslims up close I can tell you that except the more "modern" countries (Lebanon, Turkey and a few others which are only moderatly sexist (still very sexist compared to europe)) the vast majority of Muslims are stuck in the middle ages in this aspect. I've been culture shocked by how muslims treat their woman multiple times. I don't think I heard a lie as blunt as this about Islam. Muslim countries are currently the most sexist countries in the world. Iran was an exception to that before they got their new US-sponsored muslim leader in the 70s. Now they regressed and women have to cover themselves in public. Just for your information a woman must ask her husband's permissions to do a varity of things like starting to work in a new job, driving and more according to quran. Women are not allowed to leave the house without a man escorting them, drive a car, participate in a sport competition or wear make-up in Saudi Arabia. I really think you should research your stuff a little more. 1. This is a long contrevertial debate. Fact is, terrorist organizations lean on various Jihad-related verses and sword verses. So even if these verses don't try to propegate violence, violence is done in their name.
Akshay Khanna
'Akshay Khanna' 2 weeks ago
vmath101 vmath101
'vmath101 vmath101' 2 weeks ago
Here is a goid video about mohammed
That Rubber Duck
'That Rubber Duck' 2 weeks ago
What about the fact if you suck a dick and you're a man you get killed? Are you seriously going to ignore that?
dno 203
'dno 203' 2 weeks ago
if all muslims are terriost then their will no be live on the planet or other religions cause they will be dead 1.6 b !!
'ZOOM !!' 2 weeks ago
*Baiscally Every extremist is anti-humanity no matter what religion he follows...*
Jason William Keller
I'm guessing your a lying ass muslim
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