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10 Lies You Were Told About Islam -
Published: 11 months ago By: Alltime10s

By: Alltime10sPublished: 11 months ago

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Is Birmingham a Muslim-only city?
Are there hundreds of terrorist training camps dotted all over America?

The media might say yes, but the truth is no. AllTime10s is here to debunk 10 lies you were told about Islam.

Sources -

10) Muslims Hate The West
Source: Huffington Post

9) Terrorist Training Camp
Source: CBS News

8) No Go Zones
Source: The Guardian

7) Islamic Terrorist World Domination

6) Celebrating 9/11
Source: Washington Post

5) ISIS represents Islam

4) Muslims Support Violence
Source: BBC

3) Only Muslims in Birmingham
Source: The Guardian

2) Muslim Women are oppressed
Source: Britain First

1) Muslims must kill people of other religions
Source: CBS News

Music: Sword of the East by Tim Garland and Asaf Sirkis

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Kiril Semerdzhiev
'Kiril Semerdzhiev' 11 minutes ago
#11:Islam is a religion of peace
Nikolai Lukov
'Nikolai Lukov' 17 minutes ago
ISIS does not represent islam- absolute BS. This video does not differentiate between muslims and islam which are two separate things. Muslims can be peaceful, islam certainly is not..
PuffyBunny Gaming
'PuffyBunny Gaming' 18 minutes ago
Islam is a piece regilion , of you hate muslim / islam i hate your regilion !! live islam!! I love islam
Abdirahman Arab
'Abdirahman Arab' 32 minutes ago
Douglas albazi priest says Isis are not real Islam u believe but when we do you oppose FUCK!!!!!!!!!!
دياب جمال
'دياب جمال' 1 hour ago
thank you guys
Ayesha Qureshi
'Ayesha Qureshi' 3 hours ago
tifa m
'tifa m' 3 hours ago
thank you guys for this video it s very important 🙏
Maisha Zahin
'Maisha Zahin' 4 hours ago
Thnx for revealing the truth.
Mohamad Dassan
'Mohamad Dassan' 4 hours ago
thank u for clearing this subject to non-muslems so that they might finally understand that Islam is all about peace
RaziF Fahado
'RaziF Fahado' 5 hours ago
I should say Republicans and Fox News are the worst people on Earth and most of them are so stupid & ignorant. They don't know anything about the world and they say so many nonsense about Islam.
Muhammad Tuah
'Muhammad Tuah' 5 hours ago
Naf A
'Naf A' 5 hours ago
My country is more than 95% Muslim and a LOT of foreigners, especially from the west come here as tourists. When I see them walking among all of us with our hijabs and stuff, I always wonder what they think of all the nonscence the media talks about regarding Muslims.
Chuck Ravin
'Chuck Ravin' 6 hours ago
KORAN → goden bestaan niet → Moslims zijn goddeloos
Ahmed Gehad
'Ahmed Gehad' 6 hours ago
Finally someone who knows that Muslims are good and kind
Dark Knight
'Dark Knight' 6 hours ago
women's are now mostly converting to muslim. women's were brainwashed by them. this musilm fucker's have somany wife's plus so many children's. that's why this evil religion is growing. The next world war is to wipe out the entire muslims from this world.
Agar - Z-WaPPz
'Agar - Z-WaPPz' 6 hours ago
i love you for spreading that
Mostafa Magdi Abo Khedr
thanks alltime10s that's was an honest one
Brem Tarigan
'Brem Tarigan' 7 hours ago
islam, my destiny.. and i love all of law.. nothing bad on it.
Shaban Asif
'Shaban Asif' 7 hours ago
Firstly according to Holy QURAn true muslims are peaceful ,they live simple,all humans are equal,there are equal rights(from slave to king),paradise under your mom's feets,your father is a key of paradise,respect your parents and dont even say uff no matter how much you busy or tired when they ordered you something,all muslims are as brothers and sisters,womans must protect themselves,dont ever lie,dont ever hurt someone.etc. NOW YOU TELL DOES ANY OTHER religion except IsLam ordered you that?According to this how could a true muslim is a turrorist?how true muslim would hurt someone? Tell how?
sonic boom
'sonic boom' 7 hours ago
every Muslim is not a terrorist but every terrorist is a Muslim. it justifies enough
aswind BL4ckZzz
'aswind BL4ckZzz' 7 hours ago
I hope the people who clicked UNLIKE button would get "HIDAYAH" from Allah SWT. Aamiin.
Red King
'Red King' 8 hours ago
Nice work Guys
Mohamed Soubih
'Mohamed Soubih' 8 hours ago
thanks for saying the truth 😄
Saima Amir
'Saima Amir' 8 hours ago
islam is a religion of peace politiciana are just stupids!
Alister Dsouza
'Alister Dsouza' 8 hours ago
Islam has no lies its the followers that have shaped their own beliefs....there are terror camps, there are terrorists, ISIS murdered Shite Muslims which is a different sect altogether of Islam....who ever uploaded this video is an idiot...and knows nothing
sooraj ragavendra
'sooraj ragavendra' 8 hours ago
U guys are awesome
Ahmed Omer
'Ahmed Omer' 8 hours ago
Thanks guys this is just totally right
'Anissa COOKIE' 8 hours ago
thank you guys. foolish people should see your video who are brainwashed by media lies
Brap Cam67
'Brap Cam67' 9 hours ago
Muslims are disgusting 
sunil gupta
'sunil gupta' 10 hours ago
fuck u...who the mother fucker made this video... every point in this video is false...u might be a son of Muslim bitch so you made this kind of video... whole world knows about Muslims... ISLAM is a fucking false religion... simply they kill innocents in the name of religion... Muslim fallow the rapist chef... Mahumad raped 6 year old child Ayesha fucking religion nd fucking fallower...ash hole
monde paul
'monde paul' 10 hours ago
One thing that baffles me about moslems is there propaganda and how they enjoy lying to unsuspecting people i almost fell for these lies till i decided to read on my own. Please read the koran read them hadiths and then read books. I recommend a book by Craig wain called ""prophet of doom"" Islam was not spread by ""preaching ""But by then sword. Moslems will give examples of the catholics inquisitions and crusaders but the difference is that. The catholics and crusaders had to do that even though they scripture said otherwise in short Islam sanctioned the brutality of Muhammad and friends while catholics had to hide the bible to justify what they did because it condemned them. The Koran actually calls those who don't go to murder as hypocrites and says Allah hates them for sitting home when they should be killing infidels. So stop lying to us we are not idiots.
Muhammad Syaeful Jabbar (ipul)
it is difficult to get people who are deceived into believing that he had been deceived May Allah guide us all
Nadaa Zahra
'Nadaa Zahra' 13 hours ago
bless you for telling these facts to other peoples around the world. #peace
Império Brasileiro
'Império Brasileiro' 13 hours ago
I didn't noticed that you were so leftist shits than I though. Say Islam is a religion of peace to everyone who are killed every day by muslims, it would be cool to listen ( sarcasm ).
Kandy Floss
'Kandy Floss' 13 hours ago
where are all the moderate muslims on here standing against extremism and terrorism? that's the posts that you need to be on. that's why no one believes you when you say Islam is a nation of peace. Speak out against terrorism and extremism if you want us to believe. Yes i'm talking to YOU MODERATE MUSLIM.
'Drowning' 14 hours ago
islam is a religion that promotes peace so looool @ all the idiots mentioned here
'SA_PRO_ GAMES' 14 hours ago
no your wrong muslims cant kill pepole shut up scamer
Kowboy Kowbay
'Kowboy Kowbay' 14 hours ago
Ps : dschihad killed more than 200 million people
Diana T.
'Diana T.' 16 hours ago
Thank you so much for this video. Hope it will open the eyes of some people 💖
Dijon dar
'Dijon dar' 16 hours ago
The No go Zones are very real.
Waleed Samarkandi
'Waleed Samarkandi' 16 hours ago
Amazing video liked and subscribed terrorists who call themselves muslims are not I hope that everyone will soon realize that
gerald lahiang
'gerald lahiang' 17 hours ago
in Indonesian ther are too much muslim hates America and Israel... the reason about why they hates Israel is because Israel attacking palestine & the next reason why they hates America because they believe..dajjal in America... (i heard this opini from all of my neighbor)
Oliver Middleton
'Oliver Middleton' 17 hours ago
Fuck off please you know nothing ...
lol lilo
'lol lilo' 17 hours ago
thank you
Nouf Makhafh
'Nouf Makhafh' 18 hours ago
1996koke btw u will burn in hell, and at the end time u will beg for mercy but it will be to late
ahmed perez
'ahmed perez' 18 hours ago
I don't think I can take this channel seriously anymore. Fuck cucks that have never left their country telling me that what I saw in Middle East wasn't real.
ash ketchum
'ash ketchum' 19 hours ago
for 900 years islam destroyed india, Asia, china... that's sufficient for us to hate them. Pakistan is sufficient proof for terrorist activities..
Brian Moya
'Brian Moya' 19 hours ago
You can never have an honest debate with religious people because they will only cherry pick the good parts about their beliefs and accuse you of being brain washed if you point out the atrocious stuff in their holy text
'BroodallyHonest' 19 hours ago
I'm from Pakistan, and I was born and raised Muslim. Let me tell you the truth. Islam preaches two different things for two different situations. First, if you're a Muslim living in a land of non believers, you are commanded to live with them in peace. You are commanded to peacefully convert the population to Islam. This is where the other part of Islam comes into effect. Once the population is big enough, Muslims are commanded to fight the infidels until they feel themselves subjugated. Also, a lot of Muslims receive this message, but they're just not militant enough to follow it. The message of Islam is simple: The whole world needs to be converted to Islam. Fortunately, there are many moderate Muslims who refuse to fully understand their religion.
paresh deshmukh
'paresh deshmukh' 19 hours ago
why keep trust on any god of any religion if it creates such unrest between us???
Sagar Gazmair
'Sagar Gazmair' 19 hours ago
I don't hate Muslim neither could I like them.. #reason majority of the Muslims I came across are cunning in nature like Muhammed (false prophet) who makes law according to his own benefits.
mohamed sabeerdeen
'mohamed sabeerdeen' 19 hours ago
masha allah
kazim shabbir
'kazim shabbir' 20 hours ago
Thank you guys so much. Definitely subscribed
Jean-paul Griffin
'Jean-paul Griffin' 20 hours ago
both Christians and Islam have destroyed pagan culture. why is this always forgotten.
Alla Al shatwi
'Alla Al shatwi' 20 hours ago
Thank you for doing this video guys
Levi Victor (Victor is levi)
thnx bruh i thought muslims were evil isis dudes who want to kill all other religions
Couch Potatoe
'Couch Potatoe' 20 hours ago
Thank you for getting rid of these misunderstandings :)
Taha Traidi
'Taha Traidi' 20 hours ago
this video is shitty , don't wast your time watching it , i'm a muslim and I know well my religion , this is all bullshit and lies , the only terrorists in the world are the ones who try to make islam look like a religion who support violence , no idiots , islam support peace and all the good things , oh god ! everytime when I see these two guys in this video , they fucking disgust me , racist bastards!
Amy Rose
'Amy Rose' 20 hours ago
that moment when Muslims think all people who aren't part of their faith, are Christian/Jewish😂 They say it's a religion of peace, yet they kill gays and threaten them.
Amgad Abdelaal
'Amgad Abdelaal' 21 hours ago
Thank you guys :)
nerd noddy
'nerd noddy' 21 hours ago
i am ex muslim, this video itself is a false or sarcasm
Ferris Irvine (The Multi-Talented MOFO)
ISIS is not made up of Muslims. They are founded by Heretics who DO NOT worship Allah. You know like you Christians have your Satanists and such?They worship the Devil and believe that killing is ok? ISIS is run by Heretics who the Koran calls the "Shi'Ar" or "Syi'Ah". I know, MARVEL Comics has an alien race with the same race but I swear this is fact.Look it up. The Shi'Ar advertise themselves as Muslims because that is their main goal. To make all Muslims follow their beliefs. The Shi'Ar worship not Allah but sinful heretic Imams who disobeyed the Koran and the previous Holy Books.
Peter Harper
'Peter Harper' 22 hours ago
it talks about doing Jihadi in the Qu'ran
Peter Harper
'Peter Harper' 22 hours ago
this movie is complete rubbish. all the "evedince" is from 'college surveys'
Eiho Linggi
'Eiho Linggi' 22 hours ago
ha3 nice video guys this is why you people are being slaughtered every day....... keep it up
Sandra P.
'Sandra P.' 22 hours ago
well done video, thanx for sharing
Hessa Alfalasi
'Hessa Alfalasi' 23 hours ago
if i became a millionaire one day in the future, i would proudly make those youtubers rich. i live in one of the richest countries, so there might be a chance for y'all. thank you very much, bless you.
Kanal Ohne Videos
'Kanal Ohne Videos' 23 hours ago
you're hero
'Anonymous' 23 hours ago
You talk funny, and some of this might not be true, leading to the fact YOU really are racist!
Francic King
'Francic King' 23 hours ago
1 question when America blow up japane with nukes were American president was muslim?
Lucy Heartfilia
'Lucy Heartfilia' 24 hours ago
Besides, if all of us Muslims were all terrorists then wouldn't there be, like, no world?
'rzh1pb' 24 hours ago
explain this under taqyia
maga player 33
'maga player 33' 24 hours ago
you lier world biggest lier
'Aysha' 1 day ago
How suddenly Islam became threat to people and somehow all terrorist acts are linked to Islam?! How suddenly a small group of people make a country that ALL THE WORLD is afraid of and can't stop it????! (Isis) it's clear that this is an evil plan.
Waleed Alzadjali
'Waleed Alzadjali' 1 day ago
all of us got one life to live, don't waste your time with hateing others, what ever is their religion, we all human, islam is religion of love so do other religions, i love human and I deeply respect their beliefs and religions
Arifin Nuzul
'Arifin Nuzul' 1 day ago
Those lies are nonsense, so can it be believed by some people. And how can it be told to others -_- Don't they think about it that it doesn't make any sense
Peter Hendriks
'Peter Hendriks' 1 day ago
It is very misleading to use a narrator who can perfectly imitate Douglas Murray's voice. Murray is a famous British anti muslim debater. Using Murray's voice is like using Churchill's voice to express enthusiasm about Hitlers National Socialism. This in itself is enough to prove that we are dealing with people who a prepared to use psychological tricks in order to affect their public's way of thinking.
putera .07
'putera .07' 1 day ago
nice video.. thumbs up for this 👍👍👍 the messages in the videos are totally great 👍 to show the truth to the people
Hamed Tnt
'Hamed Tnt' 1 day ago
God is one.
Pk Spy
'Pk Spy' 1 day ago
I Agreed with Alltime 10s,,, Islam always teach to Respect other Religion and satay with peace and prosperity.
gavino delatorre
'gavino delatorre' 1 day ago
fuck Islam
Ravenous Demon
'Ravenous Demon' 1 day ago
Both Christianity and Islam are stupid
Bruce Williams
'Bruce Williams' 1 day ago
Alltime10s clearly didn't read the Quran if they think women are not oppressed.
'herm608' 1 day ago
You are fake
Parlin Marbun
'Parlin Marbun' 1 day ago
fucking teroris. al qaedah, isis, boko haram, hamas. lol this religion
Desmond Miles
'Desmond Miles' 1 day ago
This is propaganda Islam is evil and there are too many lies and half truths in this video never knew u were leftist liberals trying to pander to the retards ISIS is Islam everything they do is justified
Raylon Havard
'Raylon Havard' 1 day ago
if Islam claims to be the relegion of peace, why do they hijack airplanes, bomb merathons, and shoot up gay bars? doesn't make sense to me.
Die Please
'Die Please' 1 day ago please explain this.
ahmad shauqi
'ahmad shauqi' 1 day ago
Kevin Mitnick
'Kevin Mitnick' 1 day ago
Thanks bro for bring up the truth, very appreciate that, but Iran is Syiah..thats all
Fantage Fun
'Fantage Fun' 1 day ago
yes. its very offensive when you're walking down the street and get pointed at, called "f*ckin terrorist, get out the country". Its not fair that most muslims are judged by what they wear and what others portray of them. Isis are murders and they don't spare even muslims. us muslims are just as afraid of isis as Christians, jews and people with no religion are. most muslims are outraged that isis are killing people, INNOCENT PEOPLE, and calling themselves "muslims". There is a sentence in the quran that muslims sometimes say to other people "To you your religion and to me mine." We have not been taught to judge people by what their brothers or sisters do. We, like you should, have been taught to let people belive in whatever they want. Like, just cause some muslims are cold blooded murders, doesn't mean all muslims are. We are normal people like you and everyone else but we just maybe dress differently, belive in a different god but we are NOT barbaric like people seem to think. PLEASE at least talk with a muslim or read the quran before you make false accusations about people who you never take the time to know. there are Christians who are muderers and hindus who have murdered but what about the millions of innocent people who are loving and peaceful. Don't judge a religion by a few evil people that you see on the news.
'もな' 1 day ago
I don't know why some people blind about the truth of Islam u don't search u just listen to what Islam haters say I heard horrible things about other religions, countries, and people who r not Muslims but I didn't hate everyone who follows that religions or that countries i hate the the bad thing Islam taught as to not spread the hate everywhere bc some of ppl or something done by stupid ppl I learned to love everyone no matter where are they from or what r they follow bc of something bad happened by someone who doesn't represent everyone that doesn't mean everyone is the same there's bad ppl and there's good ppl And about ISIS there r a lot of Muslims killed by them, a lot of mosques bombed by them, why do we destroy the place we feel the peace find our spirituality in?! Absolutely Muslims r not that much to destroy their homes Just stop being racist bc u haven't met a true Muslim or haven't been in Islamic country we're different from what u think and what heard U should read more about racism Racism includes religions too not only colors and races And if u found any harmful from any Muslim that "doesn't mean all the same" Me and other Muslims got insulted much times but we kept respect u so respect as we do that show the manners and how grew up
Abdou Stayfi
'Abdou Stayfi' 1 day ago
you did great job in this clip
'Melon' 1 day ago
Not gonna lie but some of the Islamic scholars are not the cleverest..
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