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10 Lies You Were Told About Islam -
Published: 12 months ago By: Alltime10s

By: Alltime10sPublished: 12 months ago

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Is Birmingham a Muslim-only city?
Are there hundreds of terrorist training camps dotted all over America?

The media might say yes, but the truth is no. AllTime10s is here to debunk 10 lies you were told about Islam.

Sources -

10) Muslims Hate The West
Source: Huffington Post

9) Terrorist Training Camp
Source: CBS News

8) No Go Zones
Source: The Guardian

7) Islamic Terrorist World Domination

6) Celebrating 9/11
Source: Washington Post

5) ISIS represents Islam

4) Muslims Support Violence
Source: BBC

3) Only Muslims in Birmingham
Source: The Guardian

2) Muslim Women are oppressed
Source: Britain First

1) Muslims must kill people of other religions
Source: CBS News

Music: Sword of the East by Tim Garland and Asaf Sirkis

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'LearnWithTheBest' 37 minutes ago
Great Video!
'SnookOGPlays' 1 hour ago
This is the msot retarted thing ever as a muslim i have never seen any of these or heard other than people rambling about " ISIS = Islam / muslims "
Cs go giveaway Guy
'Cs go giveaway Guy' 2 hours ago
Number one Islam is peaceful
Ryan Mcelmurry
'Ryan Mcelmurry' 2 hours ago
"There are not really Secret terrorist camps, because we couldn't find any of those that are Secret"
Ryan Mcelmurry
'Ryan Mcelmurry' 2 hours ago
"it's not true that Muslims hate the West because ONE study, which asked them to think of us in a good light, showed them thinking about us in a good light"
Spring Tubers
'Spring Tubers' 2 hours ago
Donald Trump is right
Axl Rose
'Axl Rose' 4 hours ago
Islam is peace. we'll see on judgement day. so long brother
Redwan Kabir
'Redwan Kabir' 5 hours ago
still people dnt get it so no use
'FrauenArzt2012' 5 hours ago
If only the actions of the Muslims this video is talking about were in line with this video. Actions speak louder than words. Muslims have a bad reputation for a reason.
The Slim Reaper
'The Slim Reaper' 7 hours ago
Some of these lies are actual facts...
I living,I travelling,I seeing and I writing; 10) Westerners hate the all muslims. There is no hatred in Islam.Hatred is an impulse of human. purpose of İslam; discipline of Hate impulse. atheism.christianity,judaism...etc. other religions and trends; Accepts hate feelings as usual/necessary/inspiration/inevitable and they're supports it. 9) yeah,Founders of Terror Education Camp; Usa,England,France,Germany,..etc.complete Westerners because Westernes Hate the İslam religion and all muslims. 8) No go zones for İslam and muslims. This is the known real; ''Islamophobia'' purpose of İslamophobia;The exclusion,insult and tyrannize of Islam and all muslims.This is not freedom of thought. European human rights institutions and Western justice institutions isn't acting sincerely in this matter. They're one sided (partisan prejudiced)and they are acting in a subjective way. 7)World domination of westerners imperialists. Atomic bomb,nuclear bomb,biological bomb,chemical bomb...What's the new bomb? answer;''Islamophobia''.because ;This is money and raw material war. well,Where is the raw material?(gold,diamond,oil..etc.) answer;Middle east and africa-İslamic territories. Who is offensive? Who is defensive?hahaha terrorist!.Who is Terrorist? 6) propaganda 9/11; ''Islamophobia'' 5) DAESH represents Islamophobia. yeah,Founders of Terrorist Organizations. What are their purposes? answer;to steal/exploitation raw materials of in the İslamic states and to prevent the spread of Islam. 4) Westerners Support Violence. Evidence ; ''Islamophobia'' Aim; yeah again ‘’ to steal/exploitation raw materials of in the İslamic states and to prevent the spread of Islam.’’ 3) Only non-muslims in Birmingham ; Only non-muslims in England Only non-muslims in France. Only non-muslims in Usa (trump the dump) Only non-muslims in World hahaha Islamophobia; Only muslims in graveyard 2) Non-muslim Women are oppressed; Nudity,porn,fall-out factor,ex-girl/other girl ,maybe partner,deception culture…etc. İslamic women;respectable,main factor,mother/sister,forever wife,family culture 1) other religions must kill all people of İslam. Look at back,you look at world now; Target of Hate;muslims Target of Rape;Muslims Traget of İntrude;muslims Traget of Torture;muslims Target of massacre;muslims Target of Starvation; muslims Target of Exclusion ;muslims Target of Execution ;muslims Target of Boomb;muslims Target of doom;muslims And Target of death; muslims Who is killing? Hahaha Who is killer?
Asma Rao
'Asma Rao' 9 hours ago
I love islam and im proud to be a muslim.......thank god islam does not teach us immorality that exist in westren countries.....we also dont need any clarifications about islam in the videos because we r happy with what we are!
'Zaid' 11 hours ago
Typical leftist/Muslim apologist BS. All so-called lies have to do with Muslims, Not Islam and the left does a very good job mixing the two intentionally to frame any criticism of Islam as bigotry because it makes it a criticism of muslims. While there are good muslims and bad ones. There is one Islam, and here are some facts about Islam (Not Muslims) FACT: Islam is a totalitarian ideology. it governs every aspect of muslims' lives from worship to economics, finance, clothing, politics, you name it....THIS IS NOT A LIE FACT: Islam calls for world domination. THIS IS NOT A LIE FACT: Women in Islam are inferior: - Men are allowed to marry 4 women but not the other way around..FACT. - It takes 2 Women to testify in sharia court for their testimony to be equal to that of one man...FACT - Inheritance: Women inherit less than men (at least 50% less)...FACT FACT: Islam is one-way street: You leave, you die...So much for a religion of peace and love!....FACT You're welcome to prove the above wrong.
bito b2
'bito b2' 12 hours ago
thank you asking Allah to guide you on the straight path, the path of those who have received Allah's grace; Amen. important Note: Iran doesn't represent islam, they are Shia not Muslims
'turkey_hill' 13 hours ago
You said that the Quran states, "One who kills a non Muslim person protection will not even small the fragrance of paradise." That statement is NOT in the Quran. That statement is in Sunni Hadith. Sunni Muslims do not believe the Sunni Hadith is the word of God. Sunni Muslims only believe that the Quran is the word of God. Moreover, Sunni Hadith is not even honored by Sunni Muslims unless the rating of the hadith is 'Sahih' (meaning authentic) or Hasan (good). They do not honor Sunni Hadith that is rated da'ef (weak). Quran-only Muslims do not honor any Sunni or Shia Hadith. 85% of Muslims identify as Sunni Muslims and about 15% identify as Shia Muslims. Very few identify as Quran-only Muslims. You also fail to notice the dark side of this Hadith passage. This Hadith passage is applied to non-Muslims who live as second class citizens under the protection (or rule) of the Muslims. How do non-Muslims get protected by Muslims? By paying a special tax (called the jizya) to their Muslim rulers. How do Muslims rule over non-Muslims and make them second class citizens that have to pay the jizya? By a) conquering non-Muslim lands and supplanting their rulers or b) by allowing non-Muslims to immigrate to their lands. In the case of a), how would you like it if France conquered the U.K. and then made the British pay a special tax to the new French rulers? Depending on how the French rulers use this tax, the tax can be viewed as EITHER fair or some form of extortion. If the French use it to improve the roads in British neighborhoods and provide them with better schools, then this tax will be viewed as something that is used for the benefit of the British. If this tax, however, is used to benefit only the French rulers and French settlers, then this tax on the British will be viewed as extortion that is no different than the extortion that the Italian Mafia would exert over local businesses while claiming that it is for their 'protection'. This Hadith also doesn't go into what happens if non-Muslims don't want to pay the jizya to be 'protected'. Well, the Quran states to, "Fight the unbelievers until they are humbled into paying the jizya." Only AFTER they are HUMBLED into paying the jizya are they finally 'protected'. What happens to these non-Muslims if they refuse to be humbled into paying the jizya because they would rather say, "thanks but no thanks" to this 'protection'? Well, the Quran says to keep fighting them until they are humbled? What does fight mean? I am willing to believe that 'fight' in medieval 7th century Arabia is with swords and spears. This is not a time of law and order where the tax collection agency takes the non-Muslim to court and then an arrest warrant is issued for the non-Muslim who refuses to pay the jizya. Fight does not mean 'arrest' in 7th century Arabia. Fight means take your swords and spears and make those non-Muslim pay or else. THAT is the dark side of this Hadith that your video fails to go into.
'vaginakongen' 14 hours ago
fuck a pig
Alpha Bravo
'Alpha Bravo' 15 hours ago
youth from west should know the history, it was USA who funded and trained Osama Bin Laden and gave jihadi narrative to muslims in afghanistan and pakistan, it was the time when CIA was behind these bunch of terror groups just using them for their interest, you can't keep snakes in your home believing that it will bite only your neighbors, Being a muslim i dont hate west, i dont hate any person beling from any country, race or religion, we need to save this world for our generations. Regards
Cow King
'Cow King' 18 hours ago
not all muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are muslim.
Daneshwari Hammond
'Daneshwari Hammond' 18 hours ago
the god of Islam that tells Muslim to keep on killing can not be almighty god but Ashur the Assariyan diety that is defied as almighty. that's causing problems of insurgencies and genocide across globe. please do more research on Hebrew faith. because Hebrew hide a lot for self defence. hitler was not wrong anyway.
Daneshwari Hammond
'Daneshwari Hammond' 18 hours ago
God of Islam says keep on killing. Koran every page inspires one to kill unbelievers. so Muslims begin killing and understand nothing much above blood bath.
Donald Trump
'Donald Trump' 19 hours ago
Sharia Law demands for muslims to lie about Islam in order to convert others to it.
justlovething 7766
'justlovething 7766' 20 hours ago
lets get straight to the point, if all muslims were terrorists, everyone would be dead! infact this whole planet would be dead! but guess what ?? they are not which is why we all are still alive!!! and it doesnt matter what religion it is!!
lindsay kapp
'lindsay kapp' 21 hours ago
Ooo Sss
'Ooo Sss' 22 hours ago
Islam it's NOT a religion of peace. It's a religion of war and hate.
Ecchi Version Of Liquid
The problem is obvious....they murder Muslims girls in the west..who don't wear the hijab and date non-Muslims. So don't tell me these women aren't oppressed, they are factually more oppressed than any western woman. Religion has always been a bit crazy, just study all the religions of the world, it's easy to see how crazy people are...and how they think their crazy beliefs are real.
Zenny R
'Zenny R' 22 hours ago
'Diehardbobcat' 22 hours ago
all these are true. stfu
'pyctam' 1 day ago
if this religion need to be defended by its followers , then sure it is the weakest religion. And daer admin what amount have you been paid ror this lies . 😂😂😂😂
??? ?
'??? ?' 1 day ago
Thank you:)
Strawberry Blonde
Look minang woman they're biggest matriarchat muslim, and aceh woman, many of them are hero, warrior, queen, real admiral woman,they are strong and independent, before. western have equality and freedom, this woman already free
Maram Munib
'Maram Munib' 1 day ago
I just hope that people would stop being so ignorant. if Islam is so oppressive it wouldn't be one of the most followed religions. why won't you understand that Isis bombs Muslim countries? why won't you understand that Isis hates Muslims and kills them just as much and if not even more? don't claim that you read the Quran because you didn't, if you did you'd truly know what a beautiful religion Islam is. no religion in the world orders people to kill others, be terrorists, stone women etc etc. stop being blind and believing the media. if you truly want the truth search for yourself, which is really not that hard. I just hope that the world can live in peace for a single day. if you're not a follower of the religion stay out of it.
'bangfarang' 1 day ago
MUSLIMS; THEY SMELL LIKE ISLAM "I dont have to cite any reference for you because I have fully understand your mental sickness." —Suraya Khan, to me, at this video
Moe Molin
'Moe Molin' 1 day ago
slow moe guys ? i think thats them
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 1 day ago
Isis aren't Muslims, they just got their brain washed.... Muslims wouldn't dare kill or harm ppl
'LagTitroN' 1 day ago
I'm sorry but bastard Muhammad disagrees with you
'bangfarang' 1 day ago
HE MIGHT AS EASILY HAVE BEEN WRITING ABOUT NOTHING BUT ISLAM "Certainly any one who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices. If you do not use the intelligence with which God endowed your mind to resist believing impossibilities, you will not be able to use the sense of injustice which God planted in your heart to resist a command to do evil. Once a single faculty of your soul has been tyrannized, all the other faculties will submit to the same fate. This has been the cause of all the religious crimes that have flooded the earth. —Voltaire (Norman Lewis Torrey: Les Philosophes. The Philosophers of the Enlightenment and Modern Democracy. Capricorn Books, 1961, pp. 277-8)
Marl Norgshock
'Marl Norgshock' 1 day ago
We need to spread the message against this ridiculous prejudice against Muslims.
Just A Passerby
'Just A Passerby' 1 day ago
One of the thing that is forbidden whenever muslims went to war is destroying other religions sacred house such as temples and churches.We,muslims and no muslims,learn this in history during high school alongside Buddhaism,Christianity, the world war,the west modernization and of our own country in my country.Isn't it amazing that for once high schoolers know so much more about one of the major issues in the world while there are adults who fear a whole group of people that they know nothing about other than things spouted of them by medias?
Win Stabell
'Win Stabell' 1 day ago
"Research found"--- Its called lying here. Muslims have their own word for it as it is part of Islam. There are many local areas where police and non-Muslims dont want to go and I have been to some of them; they are Islamist controlled and exist all over Europe and in the United States, among other places. Fact: This video is full of false information and disinformation. Fact: Most Muslims want Islamic law and will replace all other laws when they get a chance. Fact: Islam is incompatible with universal human rights.
'bangfarang' 1 day ago
Athoub Hisham, who lacked the intellective capacity to help ol' Muhammad—he shouldn't feel bad about it; NO Muslim has that capacity—has deleted a thread he started at this video, and left behind a sort of suicide note saying "Im deleting my comment, because you guys just show how unbelievably racist people can be, and the fact that you stick to false stereo types." The whole world should know by now that, when Muslims have their diabolical fantasies shot out of the sky, they're likely to limp their way from the scene of their failure whimpering over their shoulders about the wickedness of the victors. Mr. Hisham's loss, of course, had nothing whatsoever to do with race, no matter that he may be too confused to know it. It had to do with the paucity of his case, specifically his inability to deal with the following post that thread had contained. “Then [the Qurayza] surrendered [in March-April 627], and the apostle confined them in Medina....Then the apostle went out to the market of Medina...and dug trenches in it. Then he sent for them and struck off their heads in those trenches as they were brought out to him in batches....There were 600 or 700 in all, though some put the figure as high as 800 or 900.” —Ibn Ishaq's Sīratu Rasūli l-Lāh ("Life of the Messenger of God") "A raid led by Amr [known best for the Muslim invasion of Egypt] went to Dhat. He set out with fifteen men. He encountered a large force whom he summoned to Islam. They refused to respond so he killed all of them." —Al-Tabari's History of the Prophets and Kings (Amr was sent on that mission by Muhammad himself in 629.) Muhammad died on June 8, 632. By November 636 Muslims were besieging Jerusalem, which surrendered the following April. Perhaps even before Muhammad's death, Muslims invaded Persia, during which invasion Islam's second caliph, Umar, demanded Yazdgird III’s “acceptance of my terms and your submission to me....Submission is your only option. Allāhu Akbar.” “Burn all those who had not left their houses for the prayer, burning them alive inside their homes.” —Muhammad, contemplating an option at Bukhari 1:11:626 “Call [apostates] to reëmbrace Islam; if they refuse...burn them with fire and kill them with force and take the women and children as prisoners of war.” —Abu Bakr, Islam’s first caliph, in Al-Tabari’s History of the Prophets and Kings “Khosrau [Chosroes] will be ruined. There won’t be a Persian King after him. Caesar [Byzantium’s Heraclius] will be ruined. There will be no Caesar after him. You will spend their treasures in Allah’s Cause.” —Muhammad, at Bukhari 4:52:267 “(In the words of) Allah's Apostle 'Whoever changes his Islamic religion, then kill him.’” —Bukhari 9:84:57 “O True believers, when you encounter the unbelievers, strike off their heads.” —Qur'ān 47:4, with which Al-Hajjaj bin Yousef justified a slaughter in 712 of thousands in Brahmanabad “[If Muslims] are asked about proof for the soundness of their religion, they flare up, get angry and spill the blood of whoever confronts them with this question. They forbid rational speculation, and strive to kill their adversaries.” —Muhammad ibn Zakariyā Rāzī (854-925) “The accursed law that Mahommet gave [Muslims] commands them to do all the mischief in their power to all other descriptions of people, and especially to Christians; to strip such of their goods, and do them all manner of evil, because [Christians] belong not to their law.” —Marco Polo (1254-1324) “One hundred thousand infidels, impious idolators, [were made] food for the sword.” —Timur, writing about his December 17, 1398, slaughter in Delhi “It was founded on the laws of the prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise.” —Thomas Jefferson writing about what he and John Adams learned in their March 1786 meeting with the Tripolitan ambassador to London “Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. [They] are witless....Whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword and in the shadow of the sword! People cannot be made obedient except with the sword!” —Ruhollah Khomeini, 1942 “Kill whoever changes his faith [from Islam]....If they [any Muslims since Muhammad] had gotten rid of the apostasy punishment, Islam wouldn’t exist today.” —Yusuf al-Qaradawi, February 2013 “Islam was never for a day the religion of peace! Islam is the religion of war....Mohammed was ordered to wage war until Allah is worshiped alone....He himself left to fight and took part in dozens of battles. He never for a day grew tired of war.“ —Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ISIS caliph Islam, folks, is coming undone. But will it come undone fast enough? The West, of course, is ALSO coming undone.
Dope Ish
'Dope Ish' 1 day ago
Anne Shine
'Anne Shine' 1 day ago
الحمد الله هنالك من يعرف الإسلام بأنه يدعو للمساواه و السلام
'BOOZYTV' 1 day ago
Title of this video should be "10 truths you were not told about Islam "
'BOOZYTV' 1 day ago
I'm a Muslim. I fuck goats all day. I'm a camel fucker also. I feel funny when you dumb fucks believe all this bullshit we(Muslims ) say "Islam is a religion of peace" , "true Muslims are not Terrorists" , "muslims respect every religion". Our final quote would be allah is the only god. All others are demons and infidels.
sidra shamsi
'sidra shamsi' 1 day ago
bulshit video.. totaly false
amani ahmad
'amani ahmad' 2 days ago
Karen S
'Karen S' 2 days ago
your sources are fake news
Patrick Aidan Crawley
The video is bullshit.
Patrick Aidan Crawley
This is terrible, infantile propaganda. Shame on the people who made this video.
'kasim8t3' 2 days ago
wow Gamer
'wow Gamer' 2 days ago
I am from Qatar
wow Gamer
'wow Gamer' 2 days ago
I am from the Middle East
wow Gamer
'wow Gamer' 2 days ago
I am Muslim
Brie Bushnail
'Brie Bushnail' 2 days ago
U lie!!
'MotörheadCharge' 2 days ago
Islam banning Death Metal.
'FrantomKentom' 2 days ago
Everything is because of USA with their ''theory's''
Iftikhar Ahmed
'Iftikhar Ahmed' 2 days ago
thoroughly enjoyed the video
Sami Khan
'Sami Khan' 2 days ago
islam supports feminism if people think that quran teaches people to hit their wives it is wrong because in the whole history/biography of Muhammed (saw) never beaten his wives and he always followed the quran
Jiamin Chen
'Jiamin Chen' 2 days ago
People! You guys need to learn from communism. Unlike Eu and NA Muslim, Chinese Muslim have no problem condemn Isis or Hamas. What you guys doing is wrong. For a long time, Eu and NA are laughing about China's policy about Muslim. Who is laughing now? U need to cracking down Muslim Culture, change it in a way to fit your own society. You can't allow Muslim take your money one hand, and then use the other hand to bomb the shit out of you.
Taktik Maktik Yok Bam bam bam
Muslims NOT terrorist Muslims Peacefull Deaş Terrorist Deaş fucking ateist
'Innominate' 2 days ago
I will admit as a muslim, there are a lot of lies in this videos
'finndino' 2 days ago
Wow what a load of bullshit. nogo zones dont exist, islamic terrorism doesnt exist...I stopped watching after 6, had enough of your lies thanks.
AKS99 -
'AKS99 -' 2 days ago
Nice attempt of libtard propaganda. Unfortunately it involves the use of bullshit sources and bullshit quotes throughout. Lie after lie after lie. This must've been produced by Taqiyah studios
'dropthehammer' 2 days ago
My parents are muslims, and I happen to be an atheist because I do not agree on their worldview. As you can see, I'm still alive, no stonings or beheadings. BUT, do not think that everybody is perfect. There are a lot of extremists on this world who actually believe in Jihad, the holy war, and are able to kill a child just because of the brand they wear. Much like the templars and the inquisition during the middle ages.
Vasilije Vukovic
'Vasilije Vukovic' 2 days ago
Why are people so goddamn racist about Islam?
'Jacques' 2 days ago
I find it sad that this kind of video even needs to exist. Thank for this video though. I hope one day we will stop making enemys out of friends.
mark carey
'mark carey' 2 days ago
What crap. All religious texts say everything. That's why they endure.
Fadi Hijazi
'Fadi Hijazi' 2 days ago
All this quackery and slander Muslims Always people who want the good of mankind accuse suffered their worst accusations because they want Karllepeshrah I challenge that is something which I have said is true I watched the video and saw the amount of hypocrisy and lies that Frunh people so hostile to benevolent
Kabax qabiilkaaga
'Kabax qabiilkaaga' 2 days ago
There are 1.6 billion muslims on earth, if islam teached anything about murder or killing then I think there would be WAAAAAY more violence....
Mehdi Hatimy
'Mehdi Hatimy' 2 days ago
Don't believe that they are lying
'Caranthirn' 2 days ago
Some of them are true some of them are wrong. Muslim women are opressed for example.
'bangfarang' 2 days ago
THE CHILDLIKE, AND DIABOLICAL, NAÏVETÉ OF MUSLIMS "If he [Muhammad] did made a dreadful decision, we will still accept what he had done as righteous. This is because, his way, his rule, and his actions, are perfect." —neko_r ising
maral khalilnia
'maral khalilnia' 2 days ago
okay but being taught to hate something and actually hating it based on your own opinion, thoughts and beliefs are two completely different things and just for your information we actually are TAUGHT to hate the west in Iran.
Damian Heijn
'Damian Heijn' 2 days ago
jesus fuck you bunch of cucks
billy kancrout
'billy kancrout' 2 days ago
will u have brain used dont falling the media...&thanks
'andrmn' 2 days ago
A religion with a way in but no way out, is a prison, not a religion.
clavis regni
'clavis regni' 2 days ago
Only evil spreads lies about the truth...they under the assumption that it will benefit for the dislikes on this video, clearly you have chosen your we too are waiting.
Erlend Lund
'Erlend Lund' 2 days ago
The last one is wrong, if you real the koran And skip to Mohammed you will find the correct answer
Fenryr Greyback
'Fenryr Greyback' 2 days ago
Morocco, a muslim country, was the first country in the entire world to recognize the USA as an independent country. The longest standing ubroken treaty the USA have ever signed is with Morocco, the first diplomatic property the US have had abroad is in Morocco. ISIS have killed more muslims than any other particular group of people. Those are facts. Quit talking shit about muslims because it's untrue. They're not terrorists, they don't like murder/rape/crime more than any other religion or group, they go to disneyland and enjoy it there, they read books and watch the news and hate the people they see on them who kill innocents and give them the worst reputation. They're normal people, that should be a good enough reason for you to respect them.
Sam Hudson
'Sam Hudson' 2 days ago
Duhh everyone knows its the Christians that are doing the terrorist attacks not the Muslims absolute bullshitttt
Mikael Gamerz
'Mikael Gamerz' 2 days ago
'ipadgirl' 2 days ago
people need to know 5 . it hurts when someone u know dies praying in a mosque and people tell Muslims they r terrorists
Moamen Ahmed
'Moamen Ahmed' 3 days ago
We don't teach our young to hate the west but the hate is build up in them to the west from what they see from acts from the west against Islam
Martin Whittenbury
I ask just this, Is a Synagogue/Cathedral/Buddhist Temple/Shrine allowed to be built in Mecca? Perhaps one other question, Can a Non-Muslim attend the Haj in Mecca? Plus one other, Can a woman wear a mini-skirt in a Mosque? If so, Can she lead the Friday prayers in front of the men?
Aris Paputungan
'Aris Paputungan' 3 days ago
I hate propaganda media
'euejin' 3 days ago
I like these video
Colin Klinedinst
'Colin Klinedinst' 3 days ago
coca cola backwards is aloc acoc it sounds like Allah Akbar and it was osama bin ladens favorite drink
The Legend 27
'The Legend 27' 3 days ago
I like That Other countries try to sue and Do things and talk About America (It was pretty funny)
Shaikh Ahsan
'Shaikh Ahsan' 3 days ago
Nice job brothers...👍👍👍
Aditya Tri Putra
'Aditya Tri Putra' 3 days ago
Thank you For telling the truth my brothers ;3, assalam...
Nicholas Marinich
'Nicholas Marinich' 3 days ago
I encourage everyone to do their own fact-checking on this because this is terribly misleading. Many verses he recited are not even found in the Qur'an, rather the Hadith, and he even distorts them. You should be ashamed of yourself.
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