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10 Lies You Were Told About Islam -
Published: 1 year ago By: Alltime10s

By: Alltime10sPublished: 1 year ago

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Is Birmingham a Muslim-only city?
Are there hundreds of terrorist training camps dotted all over America?

The media might say yes, but the truth is no. AllTime10s is here to debunk 10 lies you were told about Islam.

Sources -

10) Muslims Hate The West
Source: Huffington Post

9) Terrorist Training Camp
Source: CBS News

8) No Go Zones
Source: The Guardian

7) Islamic Terrorist World Domination

6) Celebrating 9/11
Source: Washington Post

5) ISIS represents Islam

4) Muslims Support Violence
Source: BBC

3) Only Muslims in Birmingham
Source: The Guardian

2) Muslim Women are oppressed
Source: Britain First

1) Muslims must kill people of other religions
Source: CBS News

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Alex Idek
'Alex Idek' 1 hour ago
LOOK OUT FOR THE TROLLS BELOWWW there are so many people trying to get u to fight them lol
haikaltr gamings
'haikaltr gamings' 4 hours ago
im confused why islam is racisted but the islam doesnt do anything to make the other people racist islam
Banana squad
'Banana squad' 9 hours ago
why hate on islam why not hate on north korea
Abel Bhramana
'Abel Bhramana' 13 hours ago
wow.... just alot of fucking white supremacist in the comment, and mad christian extremist who thinks they are the best and can't even think about other people feelings, why are you still debating?? ISIS isn't islam, if you can't tell that you are fucking dumb, even the pope himself is not against islam, you know why?? because no Religion is about VIOLENCE
Santiago villa
'Santiago villa' 1 day ago
Bitch lie#1 is true wtf it states in the quaran to kill any non muuuuslims fuck and they also have to kill anybody that leaves that barbaric religion calling it Satanist is fucking offensive to Satanist fuck.
Tulsatom Bob
'Tulsatom Bob' 2 days ago
Another British Tosser defending the Death Cult of Islam that wants to dominate. and destroy non-Muslims. More BS on Youtube sponsored by George Soros and CARE.
Lorin Zaharia
'Lorin Zaharia' 2 days ago
The greatest murderers in history were Christian. I don't even know if I should call them Christians though...
Murat Kurşun
'Murat Kurşun' 2 days ago
Türkler geliyor merak etmesin kimse
Arash Wahedi
'Arash Wahedi' 3 days ago
Allah is one 😌
Tyler Baker
'Tyler Baker' 3 days ago
Sorry but all Muslims are terrorists. You can't tell me otherwise.
أنا أحب الرحمن الله I love allah
Muslim people doesn't kill people but terrorists do and they don't belong to any religion they are not humans they are animals
'iVIKN' 3 days ago
You lost me on #10. I am a Christian from India(minority) who studied in a Muslim college(a minority institution) and I studied when 9/11 happened. The muslims f.... hate America! Everyone said you deserved 9/11 because of arming the Taliban and because of supporting Israel!! Poor MSM babies have no idea!!
'Cirind' 4 days ago
I was thinking Alltimes10s is good channel... But now after watching it. This channel is also political correct.
Phillip Taylor
'Phillip Taylor' 4 days ago
What a load of bollocks lies lies and more lies , bunch of Muslim loving snowflakes
'ASAP ROCKY' 4 days ago
There is a big difference between Muslims and Islam.
'ravenshireful' 4 days ago
islam is a religion of peace... as long as you are the right kind of muslim... it just is not compatible with western democratic, liberal values... Sorry but how many other religions are killing British people who go on the bus, go to a concert, walk down the wrong street in a predominantly muslim area, etc..?
Hank Mark
'Hank Mark' 5 days ago
"If anyone claims they know how bad Islam is, you can bet that person has never read the Qur'an".  Have you read the Koran?  For a woman, here are a few sample gems:  "Your women are your tillage, go to them from front or back", which means it is ok to sodomize women. "Take on, two, three or four wives if you can treat them equally, and whatever your right hand owns", meaning you can have up to four wives and as many sex slaves you can capture and afford, "Beat your wives, but do not beat them too harshly", etc. There are too many more of these gems to mention, and you do not have to go to hadiths or the sirat even.  And look at the prophit (saw), he married a six year old child (his grand daughter's age), raped her when she turned nine, beat her, and to cap it all married his own daughter in law, and if this is not enough, raped captured women in front of their husbands and then killed the husbands by slitting their throats.  And you do not think the Islamic ideology is bad!  Is there any decency left, or has shaitan completely possessed the soul?
Diane Winchester
'Diane Winchester' 5 days ago
If anyone claims they know how bad Islam is, you can bet that person has never read the Qur'an.  Jokers.  lolol.
'Pixi.ELMAYASA' 5 days ago
Wait , read this !!! So people say all muslims are terrorists , but no , listen up .... Every single religion has terrorists ... For example Muslims have terrorists Christians have terrorists Jewish's have terrorists And many more belives have terrorists 😑 So why the freaking hell people Complain about muslims ..... Just .... Just , think about it Not all muslims are terrorists Not all Christians are terroriosts Not all Jewish's are terroriosts And not all religions have terrorists There are some kind So just cut the Terroriosts thing down !!! *plz some ppl are making the word worse*
Josiah Tucker
'Josiah Tucker' 5 days ago
10 Lies We Will Tell You About Islam
Hank Mark
'Hank Mark' 6 days ago
And here are two more gems from the Prophet.“It is not permissible for a human being to prostrate to another human being. Were it permissible for a human being to prostrate to another human being, I would have commanded the woman to prostrate to her husband because of his great right upon her. By the One in Whose hand is my soul, if he (the husband) had, from his feet to the top of his head, an ulcer oozing blood and pus, and she came to lick it off for him, she would not have fulfilled his right.” (Recorded in Ahmad and al-Nasa’i,)Abu Sa’id al-Khudri narrated Muhammad saying, “A husband’s right upon his wife is such that if he had an ulcer and she licked it for him, she would not fulfill his right by that.”
DaNk MäcHįNe
'DaNk MäcHįNe' 6 days ago
Non of these I believed in the first place.
True Gamer
'True Gamer' 6 days ago
This type of vid triggers me
'cpppak' 6 days ago
super, now we can turn muslim so wall leave in peace off AA, all women can have burka and man have few wives, we will have no thieves for all of them will have hands chopped and would not have any temptation to change our believes for we would not be punished by death, and women will not wanted to have a free sex for they would like to save stones for purpose. But what we will do about the dzihad and the promise of 72 virgins if we have a peace ? don't you think in future peace many would be deprive of fornicating virgines?
Muhammad Bin Naeem
i just pray this video breaks the stereotypes. Kudos to the Channel. You guys only believe what the media shows you. The Truth is we never had grudge against the west. The western population is brainwashed into believing that Isis=islam.This is complete Bullshit. Just read the quran once and you know that killing even an infidel for no reason is Strictly Prohibited. May God Guide you All.😊
Rip Curl 69 // RC69
Bullshit.. Muslims DO hate the west. No wonder they're all taking over europe
Wolf Leader
'Wolf Leader' 7 days ago
Muslims are a waste of human beings. The Muslims should all die.
Mr Msz
'Mr Msz' 1 week ago
mike silva bettincourt
This guy is a stupid liar in the koran it said you must kill non Muslims!
Ally Rose
'Ally Rose' 1 week ago
Alltime10s thank u for saying the truth❤️
'1996koke' 1 week ago
To all those thanking for this video, only a liar say thanks for lies.
Victoria Kim
'Victoria Kim' 1 week ago
Number two is such bullcrap.. of course Muslim women are oppressed. What happens if they don't cover up in public? They get stoned, hanged, jailed. If this isn't oppression, I have no idea what is.
get lost
'get lost' 1 week ago
This is all lies...Islam has proven they are a death cult
themurder 2044
'themurder 2044' 1 week ago
am a muslim
Ikramul Haque
'Ikramul Haque' 1 week ago
Bullshit no of these are true
'It's Zaheen Time' 1 week ago
This comment section is more violent than ALL the wars in the world AND BOTH the world wars COMBINED.
Zaidi Sheikh
'Zaidi Sheikh' 1 week ago
My Muslim brothers and sisters...plz don't fight....make the non believers understand...don't force them..thats their wish..Some are there who don't even follow their own religion correctly..😤
mokrr medie
'mokrr medie' 1 week ago
thank you so much Alltime10s
Nationalist Hilpy
'Nationalist Hilpy' 1 week ago
All that shit is true islam is bad islam is trash
'Wolff' 1 week ago
Hank Mark
'Hank Mark' 1 week ago
It is disturbing to see some muslims denying some of the glorious acts of prophet (saw).  Everybody here take a deep breath and do not insult the prophet (saw) by denying what he did.  He married Ayesha when he was 53 and she was six years old and consummated the marriage when she was nine.  If you deny this, you are denying what is sacrosanct and recorded in the shahi hadiths.  You should be under fatwa.  Anyway, you will burn in hell for slander against prophet (saw).  He also married his own daughter in law, and raped captured women in front of their husbands before killing the husbands by slitting their throats.  All done for the glory of allah and mohammad.  Anybody denying these facts will burn in hell.  And if taquiyah films makes a video saying that these are lies, the curse of allah and mohammad will be on them and whoever was involved with the video production and whoever watches and agrees with it (especially muslims because they should uphold the honor of prophet (saw))  will burn in hell for insulting prophet (saw) and allah.
Hank Mark
'Hank Mark' 1 week ago
Is it too difficult to understand the difference between what people do and what the religion preaches?  Nobody is denying that there are evil people who might be Christians or budhists.  But does Christ or budha preach violence?  What about mohammad?  How many people he personally killed and commanded to kill?  Koran is manual to kill and exterminate everyone who does not believe in mohammadanism.  Of course dhimmis can live if they pay 50% of their income to muslims (from sunan al sanai).  So the point is what is the religion through its sacred scripture and model behavior of the founder say?  Is it too difficult to understand the difference?
Oliver Queen
'Oliver Queen' 1 week ago
It's John Bab Hahaha.
Paul Welman
'Paul Welman' 1 week ago
Really nice to see lads well done don't totally agree with everything like a lot of the women are beaten and raped and kept down by their husbands and it just depends on how rich on the further education but that's not the religion it's individuals
Jassy Rahal
'Jassy Rahal' 1 week ago
right now the biggest threat to u.s.a is Trump then islamic terrorism.
Jaime Speirs
'Jaime Speirs' 1 week ago
Fact check this nonsense, half truths, exaggerations and blatant lies., check David wood out.
Qadeel Amjad
'Qadeel Amjad' 1 week ago
mate your amzeing
'mmary952' 1 week ago
Liar. What a rubbish video!
Hank Mark
'Hank Mark' 2 weeks ago
Look at the second headline!  Where did they get " hundreds of terrorist training camps dotted all over America"?  Great example of taquiyah (deception) in action.  The fact is there are 100's of Saudi financed madrasas where the mohammadanism is taught in its true form, which is the form of violent jihad.  Just go to one of these mosques and listen to the mullahs and the Koran reading.
Hank Mark
'Hank Mark' 2 weeks ago
By the way, the real research (you can find it in scientifically conducted surveys) show that more than 25% of world's muslim population support isis, Taliban and violent jihad, and more than half approve it.  In some mohammadan countries, it is more than 80%.  And more than 60% worldwide support sharia including stoning adulterer woman (not man) and death for criticizing islam and/or prophet.
Hank Mark
'Hank Mark' 2 weeks ago
Now for some facts about this video.  I do not know where the producer, Taquiyah films gets their statistics.  The number of active terrorist fighters in the world (fighters, not muslims with extremist views) is more than .0066...% (which comes to around 106,000.  Just add up the thousands of active fighters in each country listed,  Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, chechnia, india (Kashmir), Philippines (mindanos island), Nigeria (book haram), Somalia (where the whole country is more or less terrorist infested), sudan, northern parts of Kenya and Tanzania, Bangladesh, Thailand and also in most other countries in the world with hundreds of fighters will make the number orders of magnitude more than presented here.  Also, there is no research by Pew or anybody showing only this miniscule percentage. Great example of Taquiyah in action.
Hank Mark
'Hank Mark' 2 weeks ago
"It's clear that almost everyone in the comments has never even known a Muslim".  Did you grow up where muslims were in significant numbers?  Did you ever try to criticize their religion or prophet (saw) with them?  Do you know that muslim is obligated to kill a blasphemer (they consider every criticism is an attack and blasphemy), especially if he criticizes mohammad?  Do you know that mohammad himself ordered the assassination of critics, even one woman who was breastfeeding her child?
'Catch_Me_If_You_Can' 2 weeks ago
LIES!the true islam is isis
Admin Jamie
'Admin Jamie' 2 weeks ago
Dear narrator of this video humans should know that what is love,world pease,friendship and freedom.But some only extremist behavior are hateful, banned everything they hate by their misunderstanding, selfish,violence,misjudging a person and others culture,backward mindset and most of all all cover up dress code in head to toe clothing and never trim a single facial hair. ALL THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE!!!!!
Sooran Murugan
'Sooran Murugan' 2 weeks ago
Yes Muslims are not that bad This is why I HAVE NOT VOTED FOR MR. DT [Donald Trump].
'BAZER81' 2 weeks ago
What utter bollocks.
'AmirSafwan' 2 weeks ago
you dont know muslim shut up ur guys are spreading viruses
Fio Salis
'Fio Salis' 2 weeks ago
ya hana na dzoharoddiinul muayyad bidzhuhuurin nabi ahmad ya hana na bimuhammad dzalikal fadhlu minallah ya hana na khusho bissab’il matsani wa hawa luthfal ma’ani ma lahu fil kholqi tsani wa a’laihi anzalallah ya hana na min makkatillamma dzohar liajlihin syaqqal qomar waf takhorot aalu mudhor bihi ala kullil anam ya hana na athyabunnasi kholqon wa ajallunnasi khuluqon dzikruhu ghorbaw wa syarqon saa iruw walhamdu lillah ya hana na shollu a’la khoiril anami al musthofa badrittamami shollu a’laihi wasallimu yasyfa’ lana yaumazzihami ya hana Alhamdullilah
creative uploader
'creative uploader' 2 weeks ago
thanks for making this great video
'Trash' 2 weeks ago
reading this comment section hurts my brain
'Trash' 2 weeks ago
All of this is blatantly obvious, but women are oppressed in Islam along with a lot of other religions.
'wrecksauce' 2 weeks ago
#10 has nothing to do with hate though? You can hate something but still admire it in certain aspects #9 Willingly invite the enemy into your territory to take them as hostages?
Çãrłöż Charly
'Çãrłöż Charly' 2 weeks ago
'Freebird' 2 weeks ago
"There are lies, damned lies, and statistics." - Mark Twain
FutureGaming Alex
'FutureGaming Alex' 2 weeks ago
I live in palestine prob no one will know it because it got occupied by israel
Robert Stevenson
'Robert Stevenson' 2 weeks ago
This is pure bullshit...
ريونه ضاغطتهم
Iraq is kicking isis ass
ريونه ضاغطتهم
Isis are gay
ريونه ضاغطتهم
Islam people are not terrorist Ok,some of them
'ElectricCrayonz' 2 weeks ago
Let's take a trip to saudi arabia! Weeeeeeeow k we r here OMG so rich they gotta have terrorists hee oh no I'm gonna die oh wait I didn't OMG I'm alive now that's the actual saudi arabia
Sal Magi
'Sal Magi' 2 weeks ago
6:24 Pround Iranian.
'XxFOXY999GAMERSxX' 2 weeks ago
im pretty sure if there is 1 bad thing about muslims in this the muslims well start a comment section war.
Keon Pinte
'Keon Pinte' 2 weeks ago
The comment section is more violent than the battle of Verdun
The Silly Goose Muffin
ISIS stands for The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.
The Silly Goose Muffin
Have you read the Quran? It proves this whole top 10 wrong.
Sammy Peytons
'Sammy Peytons' 2 weeks ago
Kuality Studios
'Kuality Studios' 2 weeks ago
This video is complete bullshit. It should be retitled "10 Lies About Islam"
'SHADOW' 2 weeks ago
well, thousands of muslim fathers and mothers were born during the british occupation of iraq in the 1920's and the israelian occupation of palastine (which was happening for years) so it's normal for people who saw their mothers and fathers dying infront of them, their homes forcefully taken away, those people will hate everyone who has a different religion, and ending up teaching their children to hate them like they do, but the muslim extremist's can't accept the fact that people and times has changed, but their grandfathers teached them that everybody from a different religion must be killed, and just to say, muslims hate homesexual couples because they're just to disgusted from them, but christians, muslims, jews, must accept that every one of them has it's good traits and bad traits, if we accepted the differences of our religions, we would be happy.
Abdullah Ali
'Abdullah Ali' 2 weeks ago
This is stupid Muslims do not support violence
Paul Kauders
'Paul Kauders' 2 weeks ago
never believed any of it . and most hate to islam comes from idiots in usa
'Avidrumble915' 2 weeks ago
Fed up of left wing liberal propaganda on youtube
'SuperGirl' 2 weeks ago
thank you im gonna link this vid to all the anti-islamists i know!
'XxAKWaRDxX 1' 2 weeks ago
fact 0: Islam is peaceful.
Video 8
'Video 8' 2 weeks ago
Christian extremists are way worse than Islamic terrorist , they will get dressed as Isis member and disguise people to be Muslim and kill Muslim babies and claim those babies were Christian, however I'm not a religious person at all I'm atheist , a free man from bs that don't know if happened or not but I should have faith in 😂
i Share
'i Share' 2 weeks ago
wonderful thank you I want to say something in every place there is a bad person and a good person and there is the ignorant and he the most dangerous, regardless of what he believes if that mean something Peace
Karen Alman
'Karen Alman' 2 weeks ago
What kind of religion celebrate death???
Rebecca Rosa
'Rebecca Rosa' 2 weeks ago
You, yes you don't go down there. Its a bunch of bullshit. Please respect all religions!
Elpidio Arias
'Elpidio Arias' 3 weeks ago
Funny thing, most of these points can be applied to white supremacists and actually be true.
Lialani Kaija
'Lialani Kaija' 3 weeks ago
Fuck politics and terrorist.
christiane kimel
'christiane kimel' 3 weeks ago
8: No go zones are in sweden, great britain and france. There are criminal gangs with muslim background, where ambulances police and journalists are attacked by gangs if they want to help someone who is not liked by the gangs. In sweden there is sharia like behavior forced to the society of some of the neighbourhoods. In he last years in sweden it was not forbidden to be a member of ISIS. i hope they fixed it this year.  6: Even i as a german saw TV footage where american muslims said that lots of them think 9/11 was right and they enjoyed it.  5: ISIS enforcing the islamic Sharia law. They live one of the most radical form of Islam. And that means that they have to kill other muslims who are not as radical as they are. It´s written in the quran. " These who claim they are muslims, but arent - they are the worst." These ones cant buy themselves free like christians, jews or kuffar. So of course they are more likely to kill moderate muslims. And by the way, ISIS operates in mostly islamic countrys, there are mostly muslims around them. If they kill 8 civilians and 2 gouvernment forces in clashes, there is a high chance of 10 dead muslims. They destroy mosces because in radical islam there cant be buildings with names or pictures of specific islamic persons.  4: the biggest statistics of the middle east shows that lot of muslims see sharia law above the laws of there country, that they would like to see sharia law as state laws and that they said "yes" to the question if it´s sometimes ok to use violence to get there religous desires.  2: Acid attacks on womens faces by mostly muslims, taharrush by mostly muslims, the invention of the niqab and burka, the laws of saudi arabia (women cant drive a car, wear skirts in public, etc.), honour killings by mostly muslims, parts of the quran (men can beat up his up to 4 wives, but women not there maximal 1 husband, all women inheret much less then men of the same family status) are part of the islamic backed oppression of women. Rules of islam and the culture that came out of it isnt supporting equality. We can be lucky that lots of muslims want to be more western and leaving radical ideologys of this religion behind. We should support this moderate way instead of hiding the radical parts. You could do the same video with national socialism istead of islam. like nazis wanted the whole world to become 1 state and then everybody would live a happy nazi live together. world peace and stuff. But this wouldnt fix the problems the national socialism has.
'REAJNXULTRA' 3 weeks ago
"10 Facts about 4 Lechit Reich a.k.a Republic of Poland"
Trampy Gamer
'Trampy Gamer' 3 weeks ago
Number 1: islam is a religion of peace
yaz yaz
'yaz yaz' 3 weeks ago
''man in the early times was almost naked, and as his intellect evolved he started wearing clothes. what i am today and what i'm wearing represents the highest level of thought and civilisation that man has achieved, and is not regressive. it's the removal of clothes again that is regressive back to ancient times.''
yaz yaz
'yaz yaz' 3 weeks ago
islam says: if you kill one person, it is like you have killed all of mankind and if you save one person, it is like you saved all of mankind.
aimar mcfarland
'aimar mcfarland' 3 weeks ago
time will reveal the truth...I have lived in Iran and yes women have freedom and sometimes theyre more educated than men..i have many Muslim friends but non of em talk about beheading down the people and killing em as ISIS says..this video is the truth
Birdie Nam
'Birdie Nam' 3 weeks ago
I can see what these guys are trying to do. They are trying to be nice towards other people, perhaps because "we are all equal". But in the end they are nothing but two gullible guys making a youtube video on the basis of ideology, not historical facts. Even if some muslims are nice people Islam is violent at its core and their prophet was a deluded, evil bastard. And, if you say that obvious truth on a street corner in a muslim country, you will be killed and the country you came from will be on the lists of terrorists.  Despise Islam and that pedophile pseudo-prophet, but love muslims wholeheartedly and in truth - that is what we need to do.
Rose Elizabeth
'Rose Elizabeth' 3 weeks ago
Dude, i do not support the terrorists who killed only 37 people but why are people freaking out on all 1B+ people for just these, millions of people in the middle East are killed by either isis or in Palestine by Jews, especially Syria, Irap and Palestine, also people only pointed out Manchester, it got soooo famous, but talk about Venezuela or other places that are never noticed, fuck isis and fuck everyone who hates muslims
Lenny Face
'Lenny Face' 3 weeks ago
This comment section is worse than World War 2.
M. Rafi Ananda A /MRAA\
alltime10s can you disable the comments, the religion comment war has started!!!
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