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10 Lies You Were Told About Islam -
Published: 2 years ago By: Alltime10s

By: Alltime10sPublished: 2 years ago

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Is Birmingham a Muslim-only city?
Are there hundreds of terrorist training camps dotted all over America?

The media might say yes, but the truth is no. AllTime10s is here to debunk 10 lies you were told about Islam.

Sources -

10) Muslims Hate The West
Source: Huffington Post

9) Terrorist Training Camp
Source: CBS News

8) No Go Zones
Source: The Guardian

7) Islamic Terrorist World Domination

6) Celebrating 9/11
Source: Washington Post

5) ISIS represents Islam

4) Muslims Support Violence
Source: BBC

3) Only Muslims in Birmingham
Source: The Guardian

2) Muslim Women are oppressed
Source: Britain First

1) Muslims must kill people of other religions
Source: CBS News

Music: Sword of the East by Tim Garland and Asaf Sirkis

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'HAWK EYE' 32 minutes ago for bringing the truth about our peaceful religion..liked ,commented and SUBSCRIBED.. this is all I can do to thank u!😇
Khalid noor
'Khalid noor' 2 hours ago
thank you for telling the truth GOD BLESS
Lykha Usman
'Lykha Usman' 2 hours ago
God bless u
'TF BH' 3 hours ago
Terrorists are not Muslims a kind of, if they are then why they attack on their own country.just go and search about APS school attack.You hater some of them get training by them selves.
'TF BH' 3 hours ago
Islam teaches us to love every country even our enemies so every fact u told about Muslims are wrong. first go in depth of it and the say something u haters
Master ShuShu
'Master ShuShu' 3 hours ago
I am a Muslim and i respect every one around me and this is not true do not be fulled
'JustI478' 4 hours ago
A collection of dubious statements followed by dubious rebuttals.
Age Groot
'Age Groot' 4 hours ago
Muslims see disabled children as Allah's punishment. Well that's not true,the invisible wizard has nothing to do with that. Some of you are by inbreeding thou tradition RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TERRIBLE situation of those poor children,shame on you! USE YOUR BRAIN AND STOP THOSE CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN.
flash 98449
'flash 98449' 6 hours ago
unknown mindyourown
'unknown mindyourown' 6 hours ago
'MordGotHorde' 6 hours ago
We just hate pork dat is all
Sarita Roy
'Sarita Roy' 6 hours ago
Please remember , whenever they tell you that most victims of Islamic terrorism are Muslims,these are Muslims that are in minorities
Tanki Unlimited
'Tanki Unlimited' 7 hours ago
Thank's I love you guys No homo And also I'm ready for the shitty terrorists comments everything you see about Islam on the Internet is fake
Rich Miller
'Rich Miller' 14 hours ago
Clearly this video was made possible by finding from the muslim masjid.
Trigger K
'Trigger K' 16 hours ago
4:06 “Over 9000”
Jan Mellconyan
'Jan Mellconyan' 17 hours ago
Fuck you it should be 10 truths told about Islam
Natsu Dragneel
'Natsu Dragneel' 18 hours ago
Very doubtful RESEARCH and smells TAKIYYA propaganda.
With permission,to speak...Gentlemen,ladies, fellow..Mankind.. The Good books,had already that whoever you maybe, the "HEAVENS before GOD",Allah, will judge each individuals,of their deeds @ act...even animals..Just follow your faith,and true path..the good books are emphasizing. TELL TRUTH ALWAYS...The commandments of Moses..dont turn back to Sodomites..stick to your prayers...always, enjoy yourself peacefully.
ugandan knuckles warrior
Thx for protecting my religion
WideSalman Robloxgamin
The lies is.....i have a Christian girlfriend...
ihab fathi
'ihab fathi' 1 day ago
Islam does not want us to hate the west But we are taught by some extremists to hate the west when we were younger
steve clark
'steve clark' 1 day ago
Muhammad a child rapist and mass murderer, slain by a poisoned roast lamb gifted by a bereft Jewish woman, fulfilling the Quran prophecy and that Muhammad was a false prophet.
WaterAge Gaming
'WaterAge Gaming' 1 day ago
Thank you. I'm a muslim and I live in the west. It's awesome! Also, half of the Quran teaches life lessons, like don't lie and don't be mean to each other.
Aj Jingco
'Aj Jingco' 1 day ago
Last time I was this early: Muslims are still killing people!
'DJAwesomeFunv2' 1 day ago
Reading all the comments in the first comment already makes me pissed but i am gonna keep my cool Hi i am muslim and i do not hate the west the QURAN shows us that we should not kill or hate anyone we kind of also follow the 10 commandments and the male is first cause He HAS A DUTY TO PROTECT THE WIFE if he does not do this SIN and in the list of who to love the mother comes third first is god secon is our prophet mohamed and Thirs your mother and than father i hope you understand that muslims are nice i do realise there a terrosrism out there and honestly i am disgusted at this they claim to be muslims but are the devils followers no muslims support them i hope you realise this thanks
Kanat Saulebayev
'Kanat Saulebayev' 2 days ago
Alltime10s shut ur mouth you are the lier it’s my religion
Little Dude
'Little Dude' 2 days ago
Whoever thinks Muslims hate other religions or want to kill people that follow these religions must be stupid. As the video states in Quran it was stated that whoever kills a non Muslim shouldn’t call himself one Even Mohamed will stand against him. I’m a Muslim and I freaking love you guys Not only celebrities or youtubers but I have many friends that I met on social media.
SHAZAM lightwing
'SHAZAM lightwing' 2 days ago
God bless u
Natsu Dragneel
'Natsu Dragneel' 2 days ago
It is said that if you have a friendship with a Muslim you may rarely trust him till the time of sun set after which don't trust him or don't spend time at his house during the night time because he may take a chance so that he can enjoy his life in Jannat (Islamic paradise) with 72 Hoors (prostitutes) for killing you.
Ashraf Ahmed
'Ashraf Ahmed' 2 days ago
why do people separate muslim and west? no one says christians and west separately when christianity and islam came from same area, western countries can adopt islam you know
'Atlas' 2 days ago
Through teachings there is a clear understanding that Islam is unorganised and is divided throughout the world you have those that have adapted to a new generation of Islamic teachings and you have those who still fulfill the demands of which the original Islamic foundations was built upon. This video isn't entirely correct as it's only using accounts that show the involvement or defence of Islam however some of which was ridiculous accounts that being said Islam is being camouflage by the media and those of certain political stances. I conducted a few chats with those within Islam and those from different generations of Islam those from a older generation are more associated with the original foundations and consider to support those associated with the "Religion" instead of the nation or people who aren't associated with Islam commonly linked with a brotherhood or cult. Hence why you had those and the streets wanting the police dead for arresting a man who was Muslim. The newer generation of Islam support and attempt to be involved with western values and support the nation that they live within however one of the individuals I talked said it's a forces religion with no expression of freedom or ability to do as they wish. The older generation want to force their methods on the local population which the younger generation wants to follow the local laws. If a clear Islam is based on the fundamentals of a cult however it's hidden from the media. However those such as Britain first are blatant fools and racist individuals. That being said a British Islam needs to be made as certain areas are teaching the violence of Islam in schools to young children that's what is causing the bloodshed and indoctrination of those who want to kill the innocents. This video I understand is under terms of forced views as the Government will silence you however next time don't make propaganda.
sarah M khan
'sarah M khan' 2 days ago
Thank you for making this video ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
'Temujin' 3 days ago
lmao the lies
Aleks 1234
'Aleks 1234' 3 days ago
Islam the Ideologie of Dead...
Aleks 1234
'Aleks 1234' 3 days ago
Octagonal Artist91
That's right I'm a Muslim but I haven't been taught anything like to hate the west nor do I have received any training for terrorism or something and know this I don't hate the waste.
Marc Evan
'Marc Evan' 3 days ago
Wow this is lie i am a Muslim and we love our religion the Quran teach us how peace is made in Islam and how our is included in Jesus because Jesus is our prophet and he is the messenger of Allah and you killed him well that is right but Allah have exchanged Jesus into some one who looks like him.
Person On The Internet
Oh my fucking god i should stop watching political shit again, Im fucking 14 Years old, And im watching this kinda thing,I dont hate muslim, The fact is im a muslim myself, But how do Iglesias Comedy video came to politics came to isis attack came to antifa came to anti muslim and fuck muslim community came to here, Youtube if you cant control the recommended thing just stop making some bullshit law again please
tamkeen sakeena
'tamkeen sakeena' 3 days ago
Shahryar Mirza
'Shahryar Mirza' 3 days ago
SubhanAllah _Bro I'm a Muslim and I respect all the other religions_ *Islam teach Peace* Love you all My Brothers and sisters who are reading my comment and thanks for the Video bro.....❤❤❤
James Hussey
'James Hussey' 4 days ago
Oh yeah, Muslim women aren't oppressed, but you know, lets just forget about the whole wear a hijab or death thing, or maybe the fact that you can lawfully rape girls at any age. And that last one was total bullshit. WHY ARE THERE ATTACKS ON CHRISTIAN CHURCHES OPERATED AND EXECUTED BY MUSLIM GOVERNMENTS THEN?!?!?!?!??!!??!?!? Because they are terrorists and need to learn how to be decent human beings.
James Hussey
'James Hussey' 4 days ago
Really? 83% of people in Iran say that America is an enemy of the persian/Iranian state, according to a referendum in 2016. The biggest danger today are cars and social media. Islam is next. Because a faith that says killing people is ok is pretty bad. And that is only an American study. What about Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia? In the timespan of me watching this video, 12 people have been killed because of Islam ISIS DOES REPRESENT ISLAM! Their actions are directed by the quran. If you look into what it means (in arabic), you will realize that if their religion was what the real religion of the world was, than they would be the first to heaven. ISIS kill's anyone who defies them, because they are technically carrying out 'Allah's will'. So in their own religion, they are doing the right thing. Muslims also kill Muslims all the time. They do that, because Muslims are murderers, rapists, and thugs Have you thought that those Muslims just might be smart enough to say that they aren't extremists? Because they might get a phone call one day from the FBI.
siti husada
'siti husada' 4 days ago
First :muslim is not isis
Cool Soviet
'Cool Soviet' 4 days ago
There is one lie that I have been told about Islam and it’s that Islam is a religion of peace.
'Lucarrio1020' 4 days ago
I mean no go zones are confirmed across Sweden, Germany and France. I live close to a no go zone in Sweden, police regularly stops people from going in there and tells them that they go at their own risk. Also only armed police ever goes there. Some of the things in this video are true, others are false.
'SealthruX' 4 days ago
"lies" nah, you mean total truths u try to disprove cuz u beta af
'Solly' 4 days ago
Lovely! So you guys are idiots. Unsubscribe!
'HijikataSanTV' 4 days ago
im my country a lot of people celbrating the 9/11 t attack
'HijikataSanTV' 4 days ago
muslims hate the west but they will die for a us or eu passport
alexandra gottardo
Sometimes common enemy need to be Made in order to unite the people...after Comunist colaps US need another "common enemy" for their people to avoid civil war...and Islam is the perfect choice due to its fast spread around the globe in the late 20 Century...(of course Israel Will be happy because they can build houses in Palestine's teritory whenever they want because Islam has been already became common enemy)
'MY BLACK DIARY' 5 days ago
Such stupid people believe it
Noel Relova
'Noel Relova' 5 days ago
propaganda of islam! this is taqqiya! muslims are allowed to lie to nonbelievers. these are no lies, it is true. to alltime 10, you are now smalltime 10, you used media to lie.
Muhammad Junaidu
'Muhammad Junaidu' 5 days ago
This comment section is a warzone
Adonic Manoj
'Adonic Manoj' 5 days ago
Everyone needs to learn point 1
Anjman Aashiqan e Mahboob e khuda saw
We don't care about negative comments of barbarians. We are Muslim and world most powerful religion in all aspects. Now narrow minded will say how powerful? But answer is that we are peaceful actually and if someone hurts us, we are out of control because of power of Lord of Lords ie Allah
kasem harthi
'kasem harthi' 5 days ago
If the American media speaks of terrorists. Muslim did not ignite the First World War Muslims did not ignite the Second World War Muslims did not kill 7 million Jews Muslims did not kill 200 million native indian Muslims did not steal North America, South America and Australia Muslims did not kill 70 million in the name of Christ Muslims did not make african slave Muslim were not colonized Asia and Africa Muslims are the ones who helped the Jews to escape from Nazism by giving them a fake identity Muslims who received the Jews when expelled from Christians Muslims did not throw a nuclear bomb on Japan and did not fight Vietnam Stalin and Pol Pot and mao tseTung, Lenin and Ho Chi Minh and Leonid Birginev and Mussolini and Hideki Tojo and King Leopold II and Kim Il-sung all those killed more than 400,000,000 million and they are not muslims while the Taliban made by America to fight the Soviets and isis alqaida made by America to fight Islam and this is not my words, the words of terrorists There is a statistic in the United States that every 30 seconds a bank robbery and every 40 seconds rape and every 50-60 seconds murder
Age Groot
'Age Groot' 5 days ago
To all idiots thinking WE WESTERNERS think you're ALL's not true. We Westerners think you Muslims FIT BETTER in a Muslim-country like we do in a non_Muslim-country.
Edward Kenway
'Edward Kenway' 5 days ago
This video its just a propagandistic bullsh*t, obviously you dont have any idea of what happening in Europe at least and how is destroyed from inside out from our "peaceful" muslim migrants!!! Just Stop the lies Plz!
top list
'top list' 6 days ago
nowdays real muslims are westerns, and nowdays muslims have islam applied by british empire. This is a fact that only few know!
Ahmad Faraz
'Ahmad Faraz' 6 days ago
Good work bro....
Vicente  Garcia
'Vicente Garcia' 6 days ago
There are 61k ignorant people disliking this video
Nuh Remy
'Nuh Remy' 6 days ago
Thank you for the facts!!!
Khan Bros Gaming
'Khan Bros Gaming' 6 days ago
Sharifa Lodin
'Sharifa Lodin' 6 days ago
Islam is literally just a religion, just like Jewish and Christianity, people acting like were from another world.
Aloner Stoner
'Aloner Stoner' 6 days ago
mahjabeen ali
'mahjabeen ali' 6 days ago
love you my haters
mahjabeen ali
'mahjabeen ali' 6 days ago
you even can't pronounce islam . you are pronouncing it izlam .ok so we promote violence .i didn't knew it .thanks.i am a muslim girl .i like to wear hijab. we are not oppressed by islam .if we don't want to wear hijab ,its ok we will not wear hijab .there are many muslim girl who don't wear hijab.but WHO THE HELL ARE YOU to say something about guys wear short cloths we don't care .so why do you care.we don't hate the west .we don't hate other religions . and try to pronounce islam and muslim correct.
Razi Shah
'Razi Shah' 6 days ago
The Birmingham one made me laugh because I am English and it is hilarious that an American thought this was true
V Xi
'V Xi' 6 days ago
Again lies from the war lover US
'DariaPlays' 6 days ago
In my region when September 11th comes, we mourn with our Christian partners. Even in school they tell us what happened and to pray for the lost lives.
Phil Oop North
'Phil Oop North' 6 days ago
Muslims in my area regularly commit such anti-western atrocities as collecting for foodbanks, feeding the homeless and providing refreshments to people who have attended Remembrance Sunday services (like Memorial Day for the Americans).
dzahe gamer
'dzahe gamer' 6 days ago
And Muslim's don't kill
dzahe gamer
'dzahe gamer' 6 days ago
This video is just a piece of lie!!!!!!!!!.Aduhai takleh fikir.Dia mana tau apa2!
rad camran
'rad camran' 6 days ago
Respect my country, you thought it was a terror country, but your wrong. The regime is bad. But that doesn't mean its a terrorist country. FOR IRAN!
'FEED EZ' 6 days ago
Thank you so much, you are the only youtube channel who tell the truth about islam say hello to your new subcriber m8
Luc Malafarina
'Luc Malafarina' 7 days ago
What a bunch of lies and propaganda. Yes, many muslims don't hate the West, but many more, because of Islam and Muhammad, hate the West and want to conquer it, to emulate their false prophet. Don't be naive. Surveys done to know what muslims think have no credibility whatsoever, because in Islam, you re allowed to lie when it suits you, Islam and the situation.
'Adeeb' 7 days ago
I’m a muslim living in the west i’d say that I like where I live
jannath ahmed
'jannath ahmed' 7 days ago
I am muslim thank you for saying we are not terrorists
Raketemensch 00000
Okay, first a disclaimer that i'm not filled with bigoted hate toward muslims. I dislike all religion, but especially the abrahamic ones (when taken seriously by their adherents). But i think most people are basically decent and as we make moral progress people tend to ignore the more heinous stuff in scripture. But i gotta say, #5 (ISIS does not represent islam) was not very convincing. I'm not of the mind that ISIS is the best or purest form of islam, and believers arguing over what is doesn't interest me much, just as in the usa you have liberal christians accusing anti-gay evangelicals of perverting jesus' message (i guess they just ignore the old testament?), and vice versa. 'No true scotsman', etc... whatever. But to just say that "In reality, ISIS is not just un-islamic, it is anti-islamic", and then refer to the number of their victims, as though that supports the claim, is... wtf is that? Just because they're killing people who identify as muslim? If a hard-core fundy christian kills abortion doctors or gay men who identify as christian, that doesn't make them 'anti-christian'. I'm *not* saying there is no case that ISIS is in fact objectively contrary to any sane definition of 'muslim/islamic'. I don't know enough about the quran/hadith to say. But this video did nothing to make that case. #4 even less so. I've heard different numbers, also from pew polls. Majorities, sometimes quite large majorities in some countries, even supposedly liberal ones like indonesia, support the death penalty for apostasy. Am i wrong about that? Have i been misled? [Okay, quick search says 'sort of'. I guess indonesia does not have a majority of muslims favoring death for apostates, but much higher numbers in the middle east, and, more to the point, on other questions there is just TONS of popular support for violence. One tasty tidbit: support for fucking *stoning adulterers to death*! Pakistan 89% Indonesia 48%. And okay i guess that's just among those who "say sharia should be the law of the land", but that's 84 and 72 percent respectively. There's plenty of other statistics, and ALL of them should be disconcerting to anyone with an iota of concern for human rights. Read some actual pew polls, cause this 0.000000033242% BS in the video is not painting the full picture, at the very least.]
EGElsaGaming [Mcpe and more!]
Gosh ppl these days are plain dumb AND rude. Also all religions must be respected. Im catholic and i respect any religion,Im not judgemental.
Jamilu Idris
'Jamilu Idris' 1 week ago
Alhamdulillah thanks for this wonderful video. May Lord Almighty continuously helping Muslim Ummah exposing the hiding liars towards Islam and Muslims
Amira Musa
'Amira Musa' 1 week ago
Finally people know the truth
Carl Johnson
'Carl Johnson' 1 week ago
Hey bro you must disable comments.
Ardi Nakg
'Ardi Nakg' 1 week ago
dont care about #JHON OSAGIE he is fucking toxic and racist *lets just say that he is nothing or gone or anything
Ardi Nakg
'Ardi Nakg' 1 week ago
ISIS is made of america and israel so whos the terorist now?
Christian F-5
'Christian F-5' 1 week ago
11. Islam is a religion of peace.
'BaconandEggs' 1 week ago
#1-Islam is a religion of peace
Mahmudul Hasan
'Mahmudul Hasan' 1 week ago
ma sah Allah may the Almighty bless you my brothers.
hacked games
'hacked games' 1 week ago
hacked games
'hacked games' 1 week ago
Thats rught
seep2p p2p
'seep2p p2p' 1 week ago
Thank to show me who LIES thank to ( Sharia Law is the best : Taqiya). It make me laugh so hard now. If you are a true Muslim and do not hate other (or other religion) and want peace to all then thumb up!!!
Maddie L.
'Maddie L.' 1 week ago
Muslims are unique, so are other religious. Nobody deserves to be hated, nobody deserves to be bullied for their skin, race, gender or class. You don't make fun of other religions because you never know they have better behaviour than you. #MuslimandImproudofit
Mhd Sisi
'Mhd Sisi' 1 week ago
Thank u
Mhd Sisi
'Mhd Sisi' 1 week ago
Jud Assaleh
'Jud Assaleh' 1 week ago
I hate the west because of how they fucked the arabs in the 20 century and how racist they are And it is not in our religious creed
'Fasttony64' 1 week ago
They dont specifically hate the west. They hate any country that isnt run by islam
Jhhjjj Gghhbb
'Jhhjjj Gghhbb' 1 week ago
And eygptian
Jhhjjj Gghhbb
'Jhhjjj Gghhbb' 1 week ago
I am a muslim
elia khalifa
'elia khalifa' 1 week ago
Thank you for your effort and fairness.
SD Elimento
'SD Elimento' 1 week ago
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