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Closer to China: China's Science and Technology I- the latecomer catches up 01/24/2016 -
Published: 1 year ago By: CGTN

By: CGTNPublished: 1 year ago

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Closer To China examines how science is transforming China through an exclusive interview with a pioneer of China’s science, the former president of Chinese Academy of Engineering, a true scientist, Dr. Song Jian. This episode focuses on how China, as a latecomer, is seeking to catch up with the scientific capabilities of developed countries.

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Nikola Tesla
'Nikola Tesla' 2 weeks ago
I fucking hate confucianism. It is such a pedantic form of education and a sluggish practice in Chinese culture
神州 Shenzhou
'神州 Shenzhou' 4 months ago
China may be late to modernization, but China will regain its former status one day. China already has the world's largest highspeed railway network, the world's faster supercomputer and the world's biggest radio telescope. China is planning on connecting Asia to the Americas through highspeed railway and is also planing on building a bigger particle accelerator than the CERN.
alioune badara
'alioune badara' 7 months ago
La Chine devient la première puissance économique mondiale
Mr Sharath Gopalan Aiyangar
Hats of to you chinese. You know the value for investing in local Industry.
Tired AF
'Tired AF' 8 months ago
Liberal art, feminism study degree.
'songarkng1' 8 months ago
google (PISA test 2015 ) tells where the future of China is going .
Isaac Wang
'Isaac Wang' 9 months ago
God bless China
cakeman son
'cakeman son' 9 months ago
well theres a new superpower with a space dream
pizza rio
'pizza rio' 9 months ago
so this is prove that liberal art destro civilitation if they take control.
'李中虚' 10 months ago
China Icons
'China Icons' 10 months ago
Interesting watch
song le
'song le' 11 months ago
fuck china. get uot islands
'srdtpa' 11 months ago
Needs to invest MORE in sci&tech.
J Nigel
'J Nigel' 11 months ago
i never trust chinese media just like CCTV or Xinhua. they are like the extension of the chinese government.
Shinji Kataoka
'Shinji Kataoka' 11 months ago
China needs to bring back the popularity of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics ) and create a policy to discipline students to participate in STEM education programs and majoring in science related fields in college.
hanafi tanudjaya
'hanafi tanudjaya' 11 months ago
china soon makes her own computer processors , no need to buy intel or amd all china home grown
hanafi tanudjaya
'hanafi tanudjaya' 11 months ago
china state administration system is the best.Democracy is fail system.Look at India and others democracy countries
xing su
'xing su' 12 months ago
'jlwc88' 12 months ago
Surly China again in the 21st century...
'UpNfamish2' 1 year ago
No Newton, it is because of language and smaller countries. In the West, Arabic persevered Ancient Greek scientific knowledge and efforts and then fueled the Renaissance which in turn , by Latin, led to the discovery of modern science all over Europe; its many different small countries While in China and in the East Asia; its three countries,Japan, Korea and China, the "Latin" was Han language. Cultures under Han language we're could not lead to fermentation of scientific ideas.
joe blow
'joe blow' 1 year ago
china's leaders may be part of the communist party, but they have strong science/tech educational background. in America, our leaders are life long fundraisers who have a liberal arts background.
'Torstein' 1 year ago
You mean China's Stolen Science and Technology - the latecomer copies up
Jahanzeb Zarkoon
'Jahanzeb Zarkoon' 1 year ago
Congratulation our Elder Brother China to New Super power of World we stand with u in every movement Long live
'任戰' 1 year ago
China is not a latecomer in science and technology but it jjust entered into a sleep mode hundreds 0f years ago. The world's first earthquake detector was invented in China, centuries before European. Chinese began making steel ( mixing and heating wrought iron and cast iron together) in the 6th century, many centuries before any other countries. The world has been led to believe that science and technology is something originated from the west but they just have no idea how far the west was actually behind the east for the first 15 to 16 centuries.
Layyllz Ben
'Layyllz Ben' 1 year ago
China aren't the first country invent the things you mentioned in the first place keep that in mind it was Muslim Spain which was called andalus you wouldn't know or believe because it was an untold history not majority know of it but if you research it you will surly find out
Luis Andrade
'Luis Andrade' 1 year ago
China's economic model might not be. based on religion but the gains that China has made in technology are nothing short of Miracle!!
Calvin Wong
'Calvin Wong' 1 year ago
You are a great communist comrade. Long live the CCP! Chairman Mao is the lord of ten thousand years!
'dajowira' 1 year ago
they are reverse engineering from alien technology, same as america, except for china americans are the aliens.
kien leow
'kien leow' 1 year ago
well i think china is even better that some country!they cant even crack and absorb the tech,not to mention copy!! ^^
Kaizer Kempfer
'Kaizer Kempfer' 1 year ago
Espionage first (copy) talke later.
suzuka suzuki
'suzuka suzuki' 1 year ago
Why he mentioned democracy, want to go to jail?
Otto Jihaad
'Otto Jihaad' 1 year ago
good job dudes and dudets.
Tab4 Gaming
'Tab4 Gaming' 1 year ago
Those Chinese shit don't know how to quit, they're the ones who are responsible to air pollution. some dreams of you Chinese motherfuckers. Ugliest creature on earth, they're not even look like humans inside and out
'SEAN PAN' 1 year ago
You can't label shows like this--- governmental propaganda.
'dadaweiwei' 1 year ago
Technology of thief national. lol
'Metaphysical2012' 1 year ago
I have faith in the Chinese system of governance to generate even greater and better infrastructure momentum within the scientific spectrum in the 21st century and beyond.
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