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10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Phone -
Published: 2 months ago By: Facts Verse

By: Facts VersePublished: 2 months ago

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Music: Kevin MacLeod

Narrated by : Darren Marlar

Adventure Fighter
'Adventure Fighter' 5 hours ago
Wow you helped my life!! Thank you so much!! All I want is taking a screenshot!!!!!! Lol I know it already
Thecats Gamer
'Thecats Gamer' 6 hours ago
I know mkst
Maureen Eme
'Maureen Eme' 10 hours ago
i know all these
ChurbrthA Chur
'ChurbrthA Chur' 15 hours ago
Dis is awesome
The Newt
'The Newt' 22 hours ago
You can't get parallel space on Iphones
Leo Guzman
'Leo Guzman' 2 days ago
Wow good clickbait we all know how to charge our phone idiot🖕
Cupcake007 LPS
'Cupcake007 LPS' 2 days ago
Lol I agree like everyone knows about screenshots
Carlos Guzman
'Carlos Guzman' 3 days ago
you guys...sure you know about screen shots.Bunch of boring ass motherfuckets.
Evan Lowther
'Evan Lowther' 3 days ago
I knew about all of that
[Insert Name Here]
6:42 "The Sony duel shock 4 controller" *While showing the PS3 controller*
Miguel Barrientos
'Miguel Barrientos' 5 days ago
This Video is for old people
'LavaPoolGaming' 5 days ago
I'm four seconds in... not everyone has a smart phone. some are stupid :P
Snipez Gaming
'Snipez Gaming' 5 days ago
Everyone knows all this shit......
'CoD DC' 6 days ago
I think he is romanian
Dale Newby
'Dale Newby' 6 days ago
Um... Didn't everyone already know these 10 things?
Leah Sirota
'Leah Sirota' 7 days ago
I knew them all
'Nextodarkness' 7 days ago
Are u kidding me 😑who doesn't know how to take a screenshot 😑😑😑
Rhea Olay
'Rhea Olay' 1 week ago
Somehow this voice is a perfect mix of robotic and alive
AntonC13 Korvbella
"Take a screenshot" .......... *facepalm*
Very Entertaining Videos
I only watched this video to prove my knowledge. I ended up knowing everything except the parallel thing (I don't have android).
'XHAPPY MOMENT'S' 1 week ago
he is romanian
Wout Peeters
'Wout Peeters' 1 week ago
egg activity shuttle awareness press employee edition withdraw.
'Yandere-Chan' 1 week ago
One important lesson: when I've put my phone on air plane mode, i threw it but it didn't fly....
Arpit Yadav
'Arpit Yadav' 1 week ago
1:22 i just saw clash royale and clash of clans!!! i play both!!! like if u play!
'Atom1cGam3r' 2 weeks ago
U know this app called CM Security allows u to even block private numbers. And CM Locker automatically takes a selfie of the intruder trying to breech ur phone if they get the password wrong a certain amount of times. However, these might not work with iphones.
Thurman Floyd
'Thurman Floyd' 2 weeks ago
Everybody knows how to take a screenshot
Lil Mama
'Lil Mama' 2 weeks ago
was it just me who noticed at 4:00 mins airplane mode was spell aeroplane mode..
Devil God
'Devil God' 2 weeks ago
i onew them all
Saujan The Game Hacker
thank you very much
'eDude-Gaming' 2 weeks ago
*_Wow!_* Who would have guessed that closing apps saves battery life, or that a longer password is more secure!
Liam Gamer
'Liam Gamer' 2 weeks ago
Can I make it fuck that's a word I use all the time!!
Xtrippy x hippyX
'Xtrippy x hippyX' 2 weeks ago
i already knew how to take a screen shot
Birn Burns
'Birn Burns' 2 weeks ago
Isn't this all common sense? XD Like at this point everyone knows these.
I Am Bass
'I Am Bass' 2 weeks ago
Wow this clickbait everyone knew about all this
'Skullraiderz' 2 weeks ago
Nooo I didn't know how to take a fucking screenshot!
'greyscout89' 2 weeks ago
Add "If you're not a tech person." I knew all 10. That's 8 minutes of my life I'm not getting back. Still giving a thumbs up for getting the word out to those that don't know.
Ghazi Jaafarplays
'Ghazi Jaafarplays' 2 weeks ago
Click bait
Dalva Dabz 20
'Dalva Dabz 20' 2 weeks ago
When u have a flip phone and this video is no help🙃.
Folk Star
'Folk Star' 2 weeks ago
now a days a kid knows whatever you sharing here.. looser
andrew Coughenour
'andrew Coughenour' 2 weeks ago
10 things teenagers have to teach their parents/grandparents about their smartphones
Can Gerek
'Can Gerek' 2 weeks ago
with the screenshot.. its actually true, most people dont know it 😂😂😂
Samuel Henriquez
'Samuel Henriquez' 2 weeks ago
Tell me why I knew everything on that video😒
Paolo Dela Cruz
'Paolo Dela Cruz' 3 weeks ago
thank you so much!!!!
Trippz The Fox
'Trippz The Fox' 3 weeks ago
Someone got sponsored by "parallel". And we know how to take screenshots :/
Darren Bradford
'Darren Bradford' 3 weeks ago
Space Unicorn
'Space Unicorn' 3 weeks ago
*sees thumbnail* WOAH my phone has a charger!! I totally did not know that 😑
'SargeantSpaghetti' 3 weeks ago
You don't hold it you Press them to take a screenshot....
'Rafasky83' 3 weeks ago
Jesus this top channel is so bad
Jaylen Gibbs
'Jaylen Gibbs' 3 weeks ago
Hour explain conduct rule device gas.
Lokesh Varathan
'Lokesh Varathan' 3 weeks ago
Also Airplane mode can help charge faster!
Teach us how to deactivate samsung phones from turning into a bomb
Akash dhir
'Akash dhir' 3 weeks ago
hahahahaha .. everyone knows this shit
Trending Videos
'Trending Videos' 3 weeks ago
I am already using Parallel Apps on my andriod phone but I want for iPhone! How can I ?
Matts World
'Matts World' 3 weeks ago
BIG THUMBS DOWN. Knew all of them
Sujith Augustine
'Sujith Augustine' 3 weeks ago
seriously dude? you think people don't know about screenshot, custom ringtone, and password lock? pffft
Daniel Garcia
'Daniel Garcia' 3 weeks ago
on iPhone only one speaker works the other one is fake.
Peter Galvez
'Peter Galvez' 3 weeks ago
Hes voice is fucking annoying
'Pewdiepiess' 3 weeks ago
wow this is fucking shit
Blue Shark
'Blue Shark' 3 weeks ago
I'm pretty sure majority of the people watching this knew about this stuff
Clive Orange
'Clive Orange' 3 weeks ago
I already know how to block phone calls. I want to learn how to block unwanted text messages. Those pesky junk messages from non-family related paid sources asking me to participate in their collectivist activities sure do irritate me. It would be nice to have a text message block feature designed just for that particular purpose. If it is possible to have a text blocking feature, please let me know. Thanks! :)
Itachi uchiha
'Itachi uchiha' 4 weeks ago
hi, sau salut. am vazut ca aveai pe telefon selectata limba romana, daca vezi comentariul te tog sa imi raspunzi la mesaj. apropo: ai un canal super tare
Toxic Assassin
'Toxic Assassin' 4 weeks ago
His voice is annoying
mrlabear crouse
'mrlabear crouse' 4 weeks ago
"While everyone has a smartphone"... Dick, that may be insulting to people who don't have a smartphone and is too poor to get one. Same thing applies when a skinny person says "I'm so fat" that may be an insult to people who are actually fat
'CAMPING NINJA' 4 weeks ago
who doesnt know how to take a fucking sceenshot
Sydney  Elizabeth
'Sydney Elizabeth' 4 weeks ago
If you've lost your phone, then how can you find it with an app if you don't have a device? 😂
'The_Boss_Hoss' 4 weeks ago
I knowed all 10 bruh
jasper van der meer
'jasper van der meer' 4 weeks ago
Decline paper somewhere experience flame window consensus recall dare.
jessie lucero
'jessie lucero' 4 weeks ago
People are really stupid if they didn't know any of these
Gustavo Woltmann
'Gustavo Woltmann' 4 weeks ago
Not so useful, classic things and pretty repetitive :(
'PlasmaTornado' 4 weeks ago
"While everyone has a smartphone..." my dad has a Nokia 96... you sure that it's a smartphone? It can only just record vids and has a fuckin g keyboard
Carson fox
'Carson fox' 4 weeks ago
Who else knew all of this
The Sonic Sega Nerd
'The Sonic Sega Nerd' 4 weeks ago
lol I know all of these and don't even own a smart phone.
Erected Dinosaur
'Erected Dinosaur' 4 weeks ago
U can block someone?
'JUST LAUGH!!! !' 4 weeks ago
Everyone knows ALL of these
Hugo Hallmén
'Hugo Hallmén' 1 month ago
Totally not sponsored by Paralell space
'Vanquishh' 1 month ago
I so didn't know I could screenshot on my fucking phone like really? I knew pretty much all of these it's just clickbait..
Ayaan Naqvi
'Ayaan Naqvi' 1 month ago
Esther L
'Esther L' 1 month ago
Cameron Young
'Cameron Young' 1 month ago
You think people don't know these things? This isn't 1964. We can use modern technology
Ary The  Awesome
'Ary The Awesome' 1 month ago
______ Social Engineering________ Manipulating since you went broke
jack spedicey
'jack spedicey' 1 month ago
After someone tells me that 1080p on their iphone 7 plus i will tell them to look up Xperia z5 premium.
'aceytam' 1 month ago
This is effing idiotic! Was this made for grandmas??
Luiz Ceja
'Luiz Ceja' 1 month ago
number 6 is wrong
James Eden
'James Eden' 1 month ago
These are dumb
James Eden
'James Eden' 1 month ago
These are dumb
Tech Teller Gaming
'Tech Teller Gaming' 1 month ago
We're not stupid everyone knows this
Quincy Dewees
'Quincy Dewees' 1 month ago
This is a terrible video..
'DARK ANGEL' 1 month ago
power and home at the same time to screenshot on Android
BL Trickshots
'BL Trickshots' 1 month ago
I'm pretty sure that when anyone gets a new phone the first thing they do is check out all the stuff they can mess around in settings.
IsaiahTheGaming King
Do people really not know this stuff?... like I get the mic on the back but really?
'MsXpert01' 1 month ago
No one was born with knowing how to take a screen shot. We all had to learn at some point, so give it a rest ppl.
'DERP MAST3R YT' 1 month ago
'DERP MAST3R YT' 1 month ago
There is a find my phone app on iphones. I would know cuz i have one!!
Sir Meows A lot
'Sir Meows A lot' 1 month ago
'Greig200704' 1 month ago
not everyone has a smartphone
Chistian Sera
'Chistian Sera' 1 month ago
Samsung is the KING of all phones! 👑👑
'penz5557' 1 month ago
all this shit is fucking common sense Even if i wasn't Training I.T i would still know this crap
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