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10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Phone -
Published: 3 months ago By: Facts Verse

By: Facts VersePublished: 3 months ago

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Music: Kevin MacLeod

Narrated by : Darren Marlar

hi ;D
'hi ;D' 1 day ago
I'm Irish I thought myself to learn everything on this list by myself,and I'm 8 years old too...looks like I'm not stupid and other people aren't lmao
Muriel Malit
'Muriel Malit' 2 days ago
wow i can charge my phone this changes everything
Denise Am
'Denise Am' 3 days ago
Eli Charlton
'Eli Charlton' 3 days ago
Eli Charlton
'Eli Charlton' 3 days ago
I knew all of it
Adrian Dahl Lauenborg 5A Tarup Skole
We all know about screen shot
'jay22098' 3 days ago
10 Things I Already Knew About My Phone
Gary Liu
'Gary Liu' 6 days ago
I konw string shot
Video Play
'Video Play' 7 days ago
Everyone knows that you disrespectful stupid Idiot
Mizanur Rahman
'Mizanur Rahman' 7 days ago
Arun S S
'Arun S S' 2 weeks ago
I thought i would get something better than this
Victoria Gokoglian
'Victoria Gokoglian' 2 weeks ago
yeah i cant tack a screen shot
Evan Gramas
'Evan Gramas' 2 weeks ago
All of these I already knew and were obvious
Chuba Longchar
'Chuba Longchar' 2 weeks ago
4 years back I accidentally discovered screenshot on my phone while I was in a hurry to pee.
'Dausy' 2 weeks ago
we know all of that sorry change the title to "10 things you knew about your smartphone" :)
Psylent One
'Psylent One' 2 weeks ago
all people who have phones knows it i dont know why did they put it in the video
Jia Yao Ong
'Jia Yao Ong' 2 weeks ago
what fact verse is going on? Who dont know the tech of screenshot?
Enna Eirelav Oinotna
I use lucky patcher. Lol
kids place on channel 9
what's iPhone? I live in pennsyltucky.
The Pixelated Lantern
Basically everyone knows this
Al ahad Basunia 2012
not to be let
'delano62' 3 weeks ago
These are all great tips. But how do you make a phone call?
'Killertank321' 3 weeks ago
im guessing this video is for people like my grandma lol
alen spahić
'alen spahić' 3 weeks ago
When being hoe is life~
devil Anonymous
'devil Anonymous' 3 weeks ago
but but i dont have an phone
'anonymous' 3 weeks ago
omg a screenshot :0 is exactly what I would say if i was an 80-yearold
Mikhail Torralba
'Mikhail Torralba' 3 weeks ago
my phone can turn in to a bomb
'zRazvan_' 3 weeks ago
Esti roman?
police is here
'police is here' 3 weeks ago
I know the 1 3 5 8 10
The Dutch Sh*t
'The Dutch Sh*t' 3 weeks ago
my samsung s5 mini aint taking a screen shot with power and volume down😠
Rose McPartland
'Rose McPartland' 3 weeks ago
You shouldnt of named this video 10 things you DIDNT KNOW about iphones. most people know how to take a screenshot and see what apps use battery the most. like this is so stupid you should of named it 10 facts stuppid people who cleary shouldnt have iphones dont know, or you could just delete the video
Eduardo Nichols
'Eduardo Nichols' 3 weeks ago
fairly Anybody watch one's better than this one @
Dion Rodriguez
'Dion Rodriguez' 4 weeks ago
I am able to take a screenshot two different ways
Maxwell Hutchison
'Maxwell Hutchison' 4 weeks ago
*reads title* *looks at thumbnail* I never knew you plug in your phone
Ricardo Guevara
'Ricardo Guevara' 4 weeks ago
How would turning "lol" to "laugh out loud" be more mature?
'Ammy' 4 weeks ago
I knew all of them and I'm 12
John Dorion
'John Dorion' 4 weeks ago
6:49 What about TracFone? The phone I have is the LG 306G
'MAMA' 4 weeks ago
I think heres a fact you never knew about your phone: in some letters on your phone keyboard, sometimes, if you push on them, it will give suggestions as some other e's in different languages.
'MAMA' 4 weeks ago
I really like the charging fact, I always have to charge my phone and since I wanna record, I want it to charge it faster, so that fact about charging your phone faster is a good tip, that is what I'll do!
'J Q' 4 weeks ago
Znot bad
Assxassin Hunter
'Assxassin Hunter' 4 weeks ago
on 3:50 you can also charge it fast if you put it on airplane mode.
Spoken BMX
'Spoken BMX' 4 weeks ago
This guy literally looked up "what does everyone know about their smart phone" then put what he found into a video.
Spoken BMX
'Spoken BMX' 4 weeks ago
Everyone knows how to change certain contact vibration ringtones dumbass
Spoken BMX
'Spoken BMX' 4 weeks ago
Everyone knows how to block a contact or phone number dumbass
Spoken BMX
'Spoken BMX' 4 weeks ago
No one thinks that an e-mail looks like it was typed on a phone dumbass
Spoken BMX
'Spoken BMX' 4 weeks ago
Everyone knows how to set up a letter passcode dumbass
Spoken BMX
'Spoken BMX' 4 weeks ago
Everyone knows how to take a screenshot dumbass
Spoken BMX
'Spoken BMX' 4 weeks ago
Everyone knows what Find My iPhone is dumbass
Jake The Emerald Brick
Who else thought it said 10 things you didn't know about your iPhone not phone
'iO4KZA' 1 month ago
I know all this it's not hard😂
The Unknown eagle
'The Unknown eagle' 1 month ago
airplane mode boosts your charging iphone lightspeed mode boosts your charging iphone by 100x
TheGuyHere 815
'TheGuyHere 815' 1 month ago
Who over here is using Peel Smart watchon to control their tvs?
Kat TheFanEnthusiast
I've seen that phone-remote thing before. Several ceiling fan manufacturers (like Fanimation) have apps that you can control your fan with. Not surprised they did it with TVs too.
Kat TheFanEnthusiast
I use low power mode all the time! In fact, I'm using it now!
AVZ Gone
'AVZ Gone' 1 month ago
whondoesnt know about these
Jennifer Macdonald
'Jennifer Macdonald' 1 month ago
i know everythinghe said
Adventure Fighter
'Adventure Fighter' 1 month ago
Wow you helped my life!! Thank you so much!! All I want is taking a screenshot!!!!!! Lol I know it already
Thecats Gamer
'Thecats Gamer' 1 month ago
I know mkst
Maureen Eme
'Maureen Eme' 1 month ago
i know all these
ChurbrthA Chur
'ChurbrthA Chur' 1 month ago
Dis is awesome
The Newt
'The Newt' 1 month ago
You can't get parallel space on Iphones
Leo Guzman
'Leo Guzman' 1 month ago
Wow good clickbait we all know how to charge our phone idiot🖕
Cupcake007 LPS
'Cupcake007 LPS' 1 month ago
Lol I agree like everyone knows about screenshots
Carlos Guzman
'Carlos Guzman' 1 month ago
you guys...sure you know about screen shots.Bunch of boring ass motherfuckets.
Evan Lowther
'Evan Lowther' 1 month ago
I knew about all of that
[Insert Name Here]
'[Insert Name Here]' 1 month ago
6:42 "The Sony duel shock 4 controller" *While showing the PS3 controller*
Miguel Barrientos
'Miguel Barrientos' 1 month ago
This Video is for old people
'LavaPoolGaming' 1 month ago
I'm four seconds in... not everyone has a smart phone. some are stupid :P
Snipez Gaming
'Snipez Gaming' 1 month ago
Everyone knows all this shit......
'CoD DC' 1 month ago
I think he is romanian
Dale Newby
'Dale Newby' 1 month ago
Um... Didn't everyone already know these 10 things?
Leah Sirota
'Leah Sirota' 1 month ago
I knew them all
'Nextodarkness' 1 month ago
Are u kidding me 😑who doesn't know how to take a screenshot 😑😑😑
Rhea Olay
'Rhea Olay' 1 month ago
Somehow this voice is a perfect mix of robotic and alive
AntonC13 Korvbella
'AntonC13 Korvbella' 1 month ago
"Take a screenshot" .......... *facepalm*
Very Entertaining Videos
I only watched this video to prove my knowledge. I ended up knowing everything except the parallel thing (I don't have android).
'XHAPPY MOMENT'S' 1 month ago
he is romanian
Wout Peeters
'Wout Peeters' 1 month ago
egg activity shuttle awareness press employee edition withdraw.
'Yandere-Chan' 1 month ago
One important lesson: when I've put my phone on air plane mode, i threw it but it didn't fly....
Arpit Yadav
'Arpit Yadav' 1 month ago
1:22 i just saw clash royale and clash of clans!!! i play both!!! like if u play!
'Atom1cGam3r' 1 month ago
U know this app called CM Security allows u to even block private numbers. And CM Locker automatically takes a selfie of the intruder trying to breech ur phone if they get the password wrong a certain amount of times. However, these might not work with iphones.
Thurman Floyd
'Thurman Floyd' 1 month ago
Everybody knows how to take a screenshot
'llxsweetheartxll' 1 month ago
was it just me who noticed at 4:00 mins airplane mode was spell aeroplane mode..
Devil God
'Devil God' 1 month ago
i onew them all
Saujan The Game Hacker
thank you very much
'eDude-Gaming' 1 month ago
*_Wow!_* Who would have guessed that closing apps saves battery life, or that a longer password is more secure!
Liam Gamer
'Liam Gamer' 1 month ago
Can I make it fuck that's a word I use all the time!!
Xtrippy x hippyX
'Xtrippy x hippyX' 1 month ago
i already knew how to take a screen shot
Birn Burns
'Birn Burns' 1 month ago
Isn't this all common sense? XD Like at this point everyone knows these.
I Am Bass
'I Am Bass' 2 months ago
Wow this clickbait everyone knew about all this
'Skullraiderz' 2 months ago
Nooo I didn't know how to take a fucking screenshot!
'greyscout89' 2 months ago
Add "If you're not a tech person." I knew all 10. That's 8 minutes of my life I'm not getting back. Still giving a thumbs up for getting the word out to those that don't know.
Ghazi Jaafarplays
'Ghazi Jaafarplays' 2 months ago
Click bait
Dalva Dabz 20
'Dalva Dabz 20' 2 months ago
When u have a flip phone and this video is no help🙃.
Folk Star
'Folk Star' 2 months ago
now a days a kid knows whatever you sharing here.. looser
andrew Coughenour
'andrew Coughenour' 2 months ago
10 things teenagers have to teach their parents/grandparents about their smartphones
Can Gerek
'Can Gerek' 2 months ago
with the screenshot.. its actually true, most people dont know it 😂😂😂
Samuel Henriquez
'Samuel Henriquez' 2 months ago
Tell me why I knew everything on that video😒
Paolo Dela Cruz
'Paolo Dela Cruz' 2 months ago
thank you so much!!!!
Trippz The Fox
'Trippz The Fox' 2 months ago
Someone got sponsored by "parallel". And we know how to take screenshots :/
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