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10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Phone -
Published: 1 year ago By: Facts Verse

By: Facts VersePublished: 1 year ago

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Music: Kevin MacLeod

Narrated by : Darren Marlar

Chsameed Ehsan
'Chsameed Ehsan' 3 weeks ago
We know every thing
Anthony Mejia
'Anthony Mejia' 2 months ago
Parralel space is security folder in samsung j3 emerge
Chas Gash
'Chas Gash' 3 months ago
My phone broke i droped it
Sonu Kr
'Sonu Kr' 3 months ago
pretty smart
Joshua Francis
'Joshua Francis' 3 months ago
Subscribe to my channel I just started today
'REDX REDX' 4 months ago
'OxiClean' 4 months ago
IOS 11.0.1 Update -Bug Fixes -Removed Herobrine
Elleking32 KaptenLeon
No banana pepper
Krista Gineris
'Krista Gineris' 5 months ago
B b b but I know how to take screen shots
I'm pretty sure we ALL know how to block someone, I mean it's a daily thing we all do!!
Zidan Khan
'Zidan Khan' 6 months ago
10 things you already KNOW about your phone
Travis Gulley
'Travis Gulley' 6 months ago
I actually found out that updates for apps and updates for your iPhone can automatically install even when your not connected to the internet updates might actually be downloading and installing even if your not connected to the internet so that is why you don't have to worry about downloading and installing updates manually because it does it automatically also bad idea to use cellular data because the updates can use a lot of cellular data
Vinh Tran
'Vinh Tran' 6 months ago
bad instruction, bad voice
Dev mister
'Dev mister' 6 months ago
I didn't know you could charge your phone
Cuddle The Piglet
'Cuddle The Piglet' 6 months ago
Don't you hate it when your holding your phone up and the phone falls and hit your face?
Echoxsoldier GT
'Echoxsoldier GT' 8 months ago
who does not know how to take a screen shot this dude is a newbie in this world people these days
'XXXAudios XXX' 8 months ago
On 0:29 it says July 3rd that's when it's my bday😊😂
legend 2800
'legend 2800' 8 months ago
Damn son where did you find this
'Earth' 9 months ago
Avis Banks
'Avis Banks' 9 months ago
For real?
karnal kazafi
'karnal kazafi' 10 months ago
Eric Simbuera
'Eric Simbuera' 10 months ago
I lost it when he explained how to do a screenshot
Tristan Coakey
'Tristan Coakey' 10 months ago
everyone knows how to do that vibert shit
Sophia Gonzales
'Sophia Gonzales' 10 months ago
There's another trick for the iPhone screenshot. Go to device then more then screenshot.
'7502' 10 months ago
'VIRAL SHAH' 10 months ago
All of them are like the most common things everyone knows about!!
Lucas Fernandez
'Lucas Fernandez' 10 months ago
Who the hell cant take a screen shot or doesn't know about find my iPhone or doesn't know how to make a word password??? Is this meant for the elderly like 99% of these are for people who don't understand how a phone works
'Andreiva' 10 months ago
do you are from romania?
'Carisen' 10 months ago
What about for Nokia users...? 😩
sarah slocum
'sarah slocum' 10 months ago
I turned my phone on airplane mode and threw it. It didn't fly. 😐
Subscribe to my channel and 💯Percent I will sub back
The moustache Mafia
'The moustache Mafia' 10 months ago
There is another way to take screenshot in iphone without pressing the buttons. All u have to do is. Go to settings and general and accessibility and Assistive touch and costumise top level menu And Finnaly u can change. 3d touch action to screenshot
The moustache Mafia
'The moustache Mafia' 10 months ago
There is another way to take screenshot in iphone without pressing the buttons. All u have to do is. Go to settings and general and accessibility and Assistive touch and costumise top level menu And Finnaly u can change. 3d touch action to screenshot
Filip Zemirek
'Filip Zemirek' 10 months ago
So... how to make screenshots?
Gursharansingh 22
'Gursharansingh 22' 10 months ago
its nice
B-Gaming Jora
'B-Gaming Jora' 10 months ago
like:find 10$ tomorrow subscibe:find 100$ tomorrow
Katie Kim
'Katie Kim' 10 months ago
Vishnu Nayak
'Vishnu Nayak' 10 months ago
please make a video about jaliyan wala bag incident
Feeli Makinen
'Feeli Makinen' 10 months ago
i have samsung 7
Shreya 404
'Shreya 404' 10 months ago
screenshots!!😂😂😂 everyone knows it ... BTW everyone's life going on these screen shots😂
Best Monster high Talented kitty
does it work on iPhone 6
Best Monster high Talented kitty
does it work for iPhone 6
Lori Anderson
'Lori Anderson' 11 months ago
Sakura Chan
'Sakura Chan' 11 months ago
ummm...u can have more than 1 account on fb and it works on ur app too so wot's the point?
Dylan Wood
'Dylan Wood' 11 months ago
Reform farm truck excellent comment broken treatment offer.
'Brad' 11 months ago
Wonder if the video makers were aware that MobileMe hasn't existed for years.
Ashraf Jan
'Ashraf Jan' 11 months ago
10 Unexpected Cool Things You Didn’t Know Your Smartphone Could Do The 8 Worst Things You’re Doing With Your Smartphone, Get Resist over
Angry Bull
'Angry Bull' 11 months ago
Eberyone knows these things
HeinePlayzYT _
'HeinePlayzYT _' 11 months ago
Am i the only 1 who noticed that it said "Aeroplane mode"? 4:01
HeinePlayzYT _
'HeinePlayzYT _' 11 months ago
Factverse: most smartphones will allow u to take a screenshot!" Me: no kidding..
'SuperDolphinX799' 11 months ago
send this too scarce
'beatz' 11 months ago
hacked by ourmine lol
Alex Lee
'Alex Lee' 11 months ago
you have been hacked by ourmine by the way
XxCodBlasterxX 1
'XxCodBlasterxX 1' 11 months ago
why do all of his videos have the same title? was he hacked?
Simon Samson
'Simon Samson' 11 months ago
whats this fact verse have you been hack? whats this ourmine are back?
Yep I am a totally normal Gorillaz fan
Another tip: if you don't plug in your phone, it'll die
Amazing Life Stuck in time.
One life , live it! Live History!!!
Jake McNabb
'Jake McNabb' 11 months ago
for number 9 is there another app for apple
Super Nova
'Super Nova' 11 months ago
This is more like "How to use your phone 101"
Bhavesh Bharambe
'Bhavesh Bharambe' 11 months ago
Damn I didn't even know ANY OF THESE!
Niamh Mc Donogh
'Niamh Mc Donogh' 11 months ago
I'm Irish I thought myself to learn everything on this list by myself,and I'm 8 years old too...looks like I'm not stupid and other people aren't lmao
Cat Studio
'Cat Studio' 11 months ago
wow i can charge my phone this changes everything
love pink cute Am
'love pink cute Am' 11 months ago
Eli Charlton
'Eli Charlton' 11 months ago
Eli Charlton
'Eli Charlton' 11 months ago
I knew all of it
Adrian Dahl Lauenborg 6A Tarup Skole
We all know about screen shot
'jay22098' 11 months ago
10 Things I Already Knew About My Phone
Gary Liu
'Gary Liu' 11 months ago
I konw string shot
'24KVines' 11 months ago
Everyone knows that you disrespectful stupid Idiot
Youtwo bd
'Youtwo bd' 11 months ago
Arun S S
'Arun S S' 11 months ago
I thought i would get something better than this
Victoria Gokoglian
'Victoria Gokoglian' 11 months ago
yeah i cant tack a screen shot
Evan Gramas
'Evan Gramas' 11 months ago
All of these I already knew and were obvious
Chuba Longchar
'Chuba Longchar' 11 months ago
4 years back I accidentally discovered screenshot on my phone while I was in a hurry to pee.
'Dausy' 11 months ago
we know all of that sorry change the title to "10 things you knew about your smartphone" :)
Psylent One
'Psylent One' 11 months ago
all people who have phones knows it i dont know why did they put it in the video
Jia Yao Ong
'Jia Yao Ong' 11 months ago
what fact verse is going on? Who dont know the tech of screenshot?
kids place on channel 9
what's iPhone? I live in pennsyltucky.
The Pixelated Lantern
'The Pixelated Lantern' 11 months ago
Basically everyone knows this
Al ahad Basunia 2012
'Al ahad Basunia 2012' 12 months ago
not to be let
'delano62' 12 months ago
These are all great tips. But how do you make a phone call?
'Killertank321' 12 months ago
im guessing this video is for people like my grandma lol
devil Anonymous
'devil Anonymous' 12 months ago
but but i dont have an phone
papa vader
'papa vader' 12 months ago
omg a screenshot :0 is exactly what I would say if i was an 80-yearold
Mikhail Torralba
'Mikhail Torralba' 12 months ago
my phone can turn in to a bomb
'zRazvan_' 12 months ago
Esti roman?
police is here
'police is here' 12 months ago
I know the 1 3 5 8 10
Harm van Aaken
'Harm van Aaken' 12 months ago
my samsung s5 mini aint taking a screen shot with power and volume down😠
Rose McPartland
'Rose McPartland' 12 months ago
You shouldnt of named this video 10 things you DIDNT KNOW about iphones. most people know how to take a screenshot and see what apps use battery the most. like this is so stupid you should of named it 10 facts stuppid people who cleary shouldnt have iphones dont know, or you could just delete the video
Eduardo Nichols
'Eduardo Nichols' 12 months ago
fairly Anybody watch one's better than this one @
Dion Rodriguez
'Dion Rodriguez' 12 months ago
I am able to take a screenshot two different ways
'MaxMeanTM' 12 months ago
*reads title* *looks at thumbnail* I never knew you plug in your phone
Ricardo Guevara
'Ricardo Guevara' 12 months ago
How would turning "lol" to "laugh out loud" be more mature?
John Matthew Dorion
'John Matthew Dorion' 12 months ago
6:49 What about TracFone? The phone I have is the LG 306G
Mr Jojo Red Cat
'Mr Jojo Red Cat' 12 months ago
I think heres a fact you never knew about your phone: in some letters on your phone keyboard, sometimes, if you push on them, it will give suggestions as some other e's in different languages.
Mr Jojo Red Cat
'Mr Jojo Red Cat' 12 months ago
I really like the charging fact, I always have to charge my phone and since I wanna record, I want it to charge it faster, so that fact about charging your phone faster is a good tip, that is what I'll do!
'J Q' 12 months ago
Znot bad
Assxassin Hunter
'Assxassin Hunter' 12 months ago
on 3:50 you can also charge it fast if you put it on airplane mode.
Sneak Geek
'Sneak Geek' 12 months ago
This guy literally looked up "what does everyone know about their smart phone" then put what he found into a video.
Sneak Geek
'Sneak Geek' 12 months ago
Everyone knows how to change certain contact vibration ringtones dumbass
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