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HUMANS (Powerful) -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: TheProphetsPath

By: TheProphetsPathPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Nick RT
'Nick RT' 6 days ago
God created Adam sa. with different kinds of dirt taken from earth? But when he openned his eyes he was in jannah? So did the creation happened in jannah but the 'ingredients' were from earth? Subhanallah.. no wonder dirt and dust has the ability to purify and can be use in tayamum before sholah.
Pomegranate Juice
'Pomegranate Juice' 2 weeks ago
You guys should really check out these ads. I just saw an ad about a woman claiming that islam is a religion of terrorism on an islamic video.
Islam is Peace
'Islam is Peace' 2 weeks ago
plzzz......!!! subscribe "you are a Muslim channel"that is a very good n lovely channel n Alhumdulillah the team of that channel they're working very good we've should help them by subscribing n sporting them!
'akou12' 2 weeks ago
We can't show naked women, yet you post thumbnails and clips of men. :/
Faizan Altaf
'Faizan Altaf' 2 weeks ago
I don't like the thumbnail, Shaytaan(Satan) exploits the physical beauty with the inner beauty.
'Reu' 2 weeks ago
After some not good experiences... After some hurts... I got it that all about Hereafter... All about what Allah SWT planned for my life... When I lost more then once twice third times what I wanted. I got it that I improved myself as person as muslima as daughter as sister as friend... moreover improved my relationship with Rabna... Tawaqqul... I got what that's mean... The inner peace with whatever will happen.. AlHamdulillah. I still not getting what I want, still on my tests. I need to keep trusting the best is yet to come In Shaa Allah. So don't give up, sisters and brothers! When you less expect blessings will come in Shaa Allah!!! Stay strong
salafi Sibgatullah Malik
'killah4860552' 2 weeks ago
I swear by Allah as soon as he said "may Allah open our doors" the door of the balcony opened even though it didnt move for 20 minutes
Sergi Akbar
'Sergi Akbar' 2 weeks ago
Is that zakir naik speaking? Because if it is him, he should very well know that Allah doesnt have a purpose to create Adam or having any kind of purpose a matter of fact.. Allah DESIRED to create Adam
Cat Leyva
'Cat Leyva' 2 weeks ago
Hi i'm a teenage girl I'm studying science this year and idk why but in my second semester all of my test results have decresed heavily and idk what to do even though i study hard before an exam. Like every exam i revise it weeks before and i make sure i cover every chapter but my results are getting worse and worse. All i want to do is to make my mom proud of me and i want her to be happy, my father is always on his phone and everytime we try to talk to him he says "shut up" or "you're annoying me". So please help me i'm getting depressed even though i make dua everyday when i make salah. I feel ashamed to go back home with a trash test result. So please help me and give me advice i need someone to communicate with please i'm getting lonely and depressed.
Zups Shaw
'Zups Shaw' 2 weeks ago
No one cared who i was til i put on the mask
Aisrah siblings
'Aisrah siblings' 2 weeks ago
Allahu Akbar
Sergi Akbar
'Sergi Akbar' 2 weeks ago
THIS COMMENT DISPROVES EVOLUTION PLEASE READ!!!Stand back ya'll! I'm about to explain the creation of Adam SCIENTIFICALLY! so... Allah collected different parts of the earth to create him, he took black, brown, yellow, red, white, etc... when Allah said this in the quran he doesnt literaly means he took various colored dirts from earth, making clay. I believe that "different parts of the earth" is actually adaptational trigger to a creature's enviroment in the form of genes or natural selection thats already been stored in Adam's dna by Allah... so the first children race of adam is negroid, because of the genes that would suit his children the most in scorching africa... physical adaptation to the enviroment in the genes thats already been placed there by Allah... next the negroids spread out from africa to asia, the negroids found themselves in a new enviroment completely different.. then again the natural selection adaptation genes to its enviroment in their dna mutates again amd their children would be mongols, etc... and the reason why Adam lived for so long and bears many children is because.. in the hadith you will find this "and Allah has created Adam in 60 cubits of height" IMAGINE THIS! THE QURAN AND THE PROPHET'S HADITH TELLS US IN DETAIL! that Adam as. Is a staggering 27 meters tall titan, his children would be shorter and shorter and shorter for millions of years then eventually be as tall as us right now... MASHA ALLAH!
Medina medina
'Medina medina' 2 weeks ago
Allah created humans all equal regardless of colour or race. İts humans that put a sledge between us, not Allah. İts humans that separated people into class ,race etc
Sheikh Shahroz Traders
Zaid Khan
'Zaid Khan' 2 weeks ago
Assalamualikum guys......
Trustnobody Never.
'Trustnobody Never.' 2 weeks ago
Subhanallah i didnt know this. This video's always learn me more about islam. 😍❤
'Rorschach' 2 weeks ago
Allah should create all humans race are white caucasian and that's will be no racism. I will love Allah so much and thankful to him. But he can't 😢😢😢
Faizan Tariq
'Faizan Tariq' 2 weeks ago
Amara Kaira
'Amara Kaira' 2 weeks ago
Mashallah great wisdom 🙏🏾.... if anyone sees this follow me on instagram I will be doing a live interview with Mufti Menk soon Insha’Allah my IG is (Yungafri)
Ayaan Ahmed
'Ayaan Ahmed' 2 weeks ago
Alhamdulillah Walhamdulilah Subhana Allah Astaqfurula Allahu Akbar!
Sergi Akbar
'Sergi Akbar' 2 weeks ago
2nd like, first comment
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