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Slide Hammer Log Splitter -
Published: 2 months ago By: Taras Kul

By: Taras KulPublished: 2 months ago

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eduardo sampoia
'eduardo sampoia' 1 week ago
Get an axe...over 1000 years of proven efficiency.
Jimmy Dunn
'Jimmy Dunn' 4 weeks ago
I have those same gloves. He must've seen me wear em...
Jack Lavender
'Jack Lavender' 1 month ago
That's shite
'EVIL Co.' 1 month ago
Great video...lame a man and hand me an axe.
Bradley Hewell
'Bradley Hewell' 1 month ago
That's too much work, I'll stick to a wood maul
Mateusz Kulczycki
'Mateusz Kulczycki' 1 month ago
this is useless. Any axe would do it 7times faster
'patchy_plyz' 1 month ago
"Moves log splitter up and down " say i wish it was bigger
Fortune Finders
'Fortune Finders' 1 month ago
You can tell hes used to jacking his wood...
Kaleb Elliott
'Kaleb Elliott' 1 month ago
I think it's actually a pretty neat invention
basem zabaneh
'basem zabaneh' 1 month ago
1 2 3 4 boom
'sooner4life38' 1 month ago
Way to much effort. Impractical vs axe!
Devon Tutor
'Devon Tutor' 1 month ago
Next video "how to plant trees"
Johni Black
'Johni Black' 1 month ago
Producers or name of that nice gloves pls. Thx from Germany.
'jody024' 1 month ago
Pretty good workout product.
Ryan Blevins
'Ryan Blevins' 1 month ago
Dude too much work use a 4 pound splitting mall but this is a lot safer for clumsy people
Logan L
'Logan L' 1 month ago
This is the first time he didn't approve a gadget 😂
Mary Lauf
'Mary Lauf' 2 months ago
Splitting maul for sure a lot less work. This one seems to invite injury.
Andrej Stakne
'Andrej Stakne' 2 months ago
This vs an axe with 1 hit or 2
'KevsWorld' 2 months ago
Hes thrusting 😂
Turbo Conquering Mega Eagle
Looks like a really good way to slice your femeral artery open
Fia Nordahl
'Fia Nordahl' 2 months ago
Kom igen! Använd runkarmen! ;)
Pleurop Tv
'Pleurop Tv' 2 months ago
1:22 One! Two! TREE!
'mgcauctions07' 2 months ago
Onwy three hundid heets. So eezy. .
oliver stewart
'oliver stewart' 2 months ago
Trail bill tend proof request worried Muslim enemy evaluation general.
Eating with jazper
'Eating with jazper' 2 months ago
Those gloves he haves are around 50
king. Jovany Muah
'king. Jovany Muah' 2 months ago
Wasn't as satisfying as I thought
king. Jovany Muah
'king. Jovany Muah' 2 months ago
Just use an axe 😂 it's easier you, were exhausted asf lol
Ocean Chong
'Ocean Chong' 2 months ago
It seems that the action needed to use this splitter is specialised for men.
ali behbehani
'ali behbehani' 2 months ago
For kids
Cipriani Francesco
'Cipriani Francesco' 2 months ago
The cheapest axe will work better
Marshall Freeman
'Marshall Freeman' 2 months ago
Split on this.
'Valteros' 2 months ago
Im sorry, but the movement he made splitting the wood was just, i lmaoed
CJ Meyer
'CJ Meyer' 2 months ago
Dean Normandin
'Dean Normandin' 2 months ago
Amelie Channel
'Amelie Channel' 2 months ago
1:25 1:25 1:25
'brettcone' 2 months ago
Should have done the Sledge hammer with a wedge
Ondris Bartos
'Ondris Bartos' 2 months ago
ye thats all good but why are ur hands so shaky?
Kev Gunner
'Kev Gunner' 2 months ago
Split hard wood next time. "1 to 2 thousand hits and you get a chunk"
'ZWIAD OWCA' 2 months ago
Vishrut Iyengar
'Vishrut Iyengar' 2 months ago
those final seconds during a jack off....
WarBoy 1389
'WarBoy 1389' 2 months ago
usless item
'cdawson198600' 2 months ago
Another 2 pounds on the slide and six inches of slide distance and it would probably work a lot faster.
Numb Tee
'Numb Tee' 2 months ago
Just started watching and in less than 10 seconds he looks so guess?......the word "BOOM" will be repeated often and he will be so proud of himself....."led chek dis-out"..........nope
Bens sawmill
'Bens sawmill' 2 months ago
looks like a lot more work and a few more blisters than an axe
'Unicron78' 2 months ago
Need to grease the shaft. . .
oso sexy
'oso sexy' 2 months ago
Joshua Yeager
'Joshua Yeager' 2 months ago
six times when I could a done it in one swung
Tim Wheat
'Tim Wheat' 2 months ago
Where can I get one of those
'dominus' 2 months ago
axe is much better =]
'Tyvole' 2 months ago
Seems like hard work compared to a well-designed splitting axe/maul.
Virgil R Garwood
'Virgil R Garwood' 2 months ago
The design of that seems simple enough to cut and weld to be longer. Put a weight on the back of it too.
Hachi boy
'Hachi boy' 2 months ago
Cool dune buggy
David Kover
'David Kover' 2 months ago
I think you need to lube your shaft there big boy :P
Andreas Valvis
'Andreas Valvis' 2 months ago
today isnt No1 priority hahahaha
Numrah Nadeem
'Numrah Nadeem' 2 months ago
Andrei Bujor
'Andrei Bujor' 2 months ago
Just use an axe
A Dude needs 100,000 subs without video?
Axe is much better than that side winder hammer
'Urix88' 2 months ago
It's quite an interesting tool to have, I guess it's advantage would be that you have more control and accuracy of where you want to cut.
'spyrmac' 2 months ago
Safer more precise. Axes are easier unless it's stuck the first time
chie tan
'chie tan' 2 months ago
no tnx i think i can go on normal axe hahaha
hey you
'hey you' 2 months ago
You will be finished with your first cord sometime next decade.
momin mohamed
'momin mohamed' 2 months ago
crazy russian hacker how are you doing I noticed something that your hands shake alot
Buddy Boy
'Buddy Boy' 2 months ago
Rare footage of a Russian soldier splitting wood for keeping warm. 1945 colourized
The Ayatollah of Rock n
it's nice to see alternatives, good video
Laycie Carey
'Laycie Carey' 2 months ago
This video is more entertaining if u watch with the captions on lol
Rob Zoomi
'Rob Zoomi' 2 months ago
Your the best taras, keep up the awesome videos!
'300tank' 2 months ago
You would have gotten more views using an axe
BKMF 777
'BKMF 777' 2 months ago
if there was a weight on top it would be easier
Roy Wrenn
'Roy Wrenn' 2 months ago
I think that I'll stick with my splitting malls.
Bullyfan 2317
'Bullyfan 2317' 2 months ago
Wig split from big herc
'Manfromvegas' 2 months ago
So it's a post pounder, but your post is a chisel.
Shellbug-Michelle Greene
Yeah, the concept is super cool...
Sckhar Leviathan
'Sckhar Leviathan' 2 months ago
this seem to be a lot more tiring than using an axe
'RDR' 2 months ago
Ville Lepoaho
'Ville Lepoaho' 2 months ago
Cool, but seems useless
Redneck Metalhead
'Redneck Metalhead' 2 months ago
I'm too lazy. I like my hydraulic splitter the best lol
that_one_guy the second
The person who invented this: ""I want to practice hand jobs inconspicuously."
Dead Eye
'Dead Eye' 2 months ago
That looks like a waste of time and energy to me.
Raivis Vabaļs
'Raivis Vabaļs' 2 months ago
I would split such an easy wood log in 1-2 hits with a regular axe.
'DC ADVENTURES' 2 months ago
Looks much more work than an axe
Ben h
'Ben h' 2 months ago
easiest way to split firewood is use a hydraulic log spliter
Muhammad Aslam
'Muhammad Aslam' 2 months ago
i think that's alright but if you are comfortable with it you can use it
'l3arrett82' 2 months ago
it works but the maul is best.
CSA Chevaux sans abri
Be nice if it was loaded with preacher so you hold it above release the thing and boom log split. Push it back in and boom.
rares tudor
'rares tudor' 2 months ago
better use an axe
'Flames' 2 months ago
You showed us a better way in the past with an axe
'Flames' 2 months ago
Taras you luke kul
Joel Simpson
'Joel Simpson' 2 months ago
Useless, makes life harder
Austrian Prepper
'Austrian Prepper' 2 months ago
use axe for less energy
'Cheerok' 2 months ago
Thats like a splitting wedge...but complicated. Hit the wedge with the backside of a heavy axe or a maul. Less energy needed, less strength needed. The thing from the video only makes sense if you want to combine exercise (as in doing more than needed) with splitting...
Samuel Vargas
'Samuel Vargas' 2 months ago
Great vid Taras in my opinion the splitting mull is way better because you use up less time and energy
StickOnFire Gaming
'StickOnFire Gaming' 2 months ago
Ehh useless
Everyday Life
'Everyday Life' 2 months ago
One swing with a double bit axe less work
Lewis Casey
'Lewis Casey' 2 months ago
Taras please do a video showing us round your forest/garden
Adam Rosica
'Adam Rosica' 2 months ago
You should do a video on cool gadgets and accessories for your Can Am RZR!👍🏻😀
'I'm not a nigger?' 2 months ago
Looks great Taras very useful for the young one
Jason Low
'Jason Low' 2 months ago
Jai Chawla
'Jai Chawla' 2 months ago
2:35 thats what she said
'Professor_Poo' 2 months ago
What type of gloves is he wearing
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