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Slide Hammer Log Splitter -
Published: 4 months ago By: Taras Kul

By: Taras KulPublished: 4 months ago

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'Justin' 1 day ago
NO thanks lol. With a maul you can let the tool do the work. That takes too much effort.
Brick mod
'Brick mod' 2 weeks ago
Love your videos also, curious what part of Russia you're from
'Nooniebighead' 2 weeks ago
He is jacking off the splitting hammer
'GUNNRAKK' 2 weeks ago
he used to be one of the russian top nuclear physicists but now hes jerking axe-cocks on youtube...
Wo Wo
'Wo Wo' 3 weeks ago
That first piece of wood seemed soft I feel like a axe would be better
Wo Wo
'Wo Wo' 3 weeks ago
He has pretty soft wood I think
drake arthur
'drake arthur' 3 weeks ago
taras = vladimir putin
Ill keep the axe
alex mercer
'alex mercer' 3 weeks ago
deiu Romanul
'deiu Romanul' 3 weeks ago
La sf programului te ia smurd ull :))
Scott Wood
'Scott Wood' 3 weeks ago
its shite.
Vinny C
'Vinny C' 3 weeks ago
Wouldn’t give a nickel for that thing. My ax wins hands down
Jesus Almanza
'Jesus Almanza' 3 weeks ago
You can weld a 24 pounds hummer
Jesus Almanza
'Jesus Almanza' 3 weeks ago
Better use an Axe
HaraV yaa
'HaraV yaa' 3 weeks ago
To make a pieces slice...for two moves....that hand goes hard
FruchtSafari Gonzo
'FruchtSafari Gonzo' 3 weeks ago
why would you wish a spring ? that makes no sense ! greetings from bavaria
Conor Cousins
'Conor Cousins' 3 weeks ago
Ill stick with my axe..loada shite
Marco Martinez
'Marco Martinez' 4 weeks ago
No good nex time yuo cat your juevos
hassan jepara
'hassan jepara' 4 weeks ago
perķol penak kang.. gawean penak mok gawe angel.
erhan döner
'erhan döner' 4 weeks ago
Balta olsa tek vuruş
Perse Eki
'Perse Eki' 4 weeks ago
That's the most useless piece of junk I've ever seen! 😂😂😂😂😂 You must be the most positive person in the history of human beings.
Texas Rebel
'Texas Rebel' 4 weeks ago
One more time 7 times One more time 3 hits
john smith
'john smith' 4 weeks ago
Let me consider this tool.....nope.
'toomdog' 4 weeks ago
"6 times and we get a piece." It would only take one time if your were using an axe
Mod Squad
'Mod Squad' 4 weeks ago
I just use my press to do it
Виктор Николаевич
отличная плюшка для инвалида, зачётная вещь, уважуха!
Marcin Turkuć
'Marcin Turkuć' 1 month ago
Zamiast 1x machnąć siekierą to lepiej 3 x tym wynalazkiem...?
david lefort
'david lefort' 1 month ago
Rather use an axe
Garrett Borton
'Garrett Borton' 1 month ago
Lot of work for soft wood tree
CorpseFukr 71
'CorpseFukr 71' 1 month ago
Pros and Cons to this and Axe.
nate watkins
'nate watkins' 1 month ago
This is the dumbest way of splitting wood I’ve ever seen. A maul or splitting axe would work a lot better
nate watkins
'nate watkins' 1 month ago
This is the dumbest way of splitting wood I’ve ever seen. A maul or splitting axe would work a lot better
'jrod898' 1 month ago
Could use some handle bend some rebar and weld some handle on there
Osama Obama
'Osama Obama' 1 month ago
Could even add more weight on the slider
john bill
'john bill' 1 month ago
it it had a bigger head, was a bit taller, weighed a bit more, and was spring loaded i bet itd be alright.
Scott Haddock
'Scott Haddock' 1 month ago
I wonder how Wranglerstar feels about this "splitter" haha
'v1antbo' 1 month ago
Axe or Mall
Propane and propane accessories
One good swing of an axe and it's split. So how is this better
most complicated man
" booom how awesome is dat "
Mordred Pendragon
'Mordred Pendragon' 1 month ago
N-No thanks....
Jake Angel
'Jake Angel' 1 month ago
Been single for a year now. Would be great at this.
Andrew Lake
'Andrew Lake' 1 month ago
Just buy a maul, it’s more time consistent
'MudMotorMania' 1 month ago
Cloudroth 216
'Cloudroth 216' 1 month ago
Just use an axe
Gregory Kitchens
'Gregory Kitchens' 1 month ago
Think ill stick with an axe. 1 hit split.
deuces roxy
'deuces roxy' 1 month ago
Now try it with a piece of red oak......
Robby Berry
'Robby Berry' 1 month ago
Might work good on straight poplar or other soft wood ...
Bruce Sutherland
'Bruce Sutherland' 1 month ago
One thing nobody has mentioned is that you could have 2 smaller people working together with it where they couldn't swing a maul on their own.
Brice Gibson
'Brice Gibson' 1 month ago
The lumberjack's shake weight
Ryan Gan
'Ryan Gan' 1 month ago
Try that with hickory an tell me how it works
'Ronin' 1 month ago
i like to start in the corner (of a round log) haha
James Williams
'James Williams' 1 month ago
this is like a post slammer
kill me
'kill me' 1 month ago
An axe
Rowrow Toepope
'Rowrow Toepope' 1 month ago
I like hiw he has a cut log already but he still needa to work for another one might as well cut the rest with what you got to cut the first log
'XxTRU3 MASTERxX 44' 1 month ago
If only they made that wedge on the end of a stick
Hyper Galactic
'Hyper Galactic' 1 month ago
Kul gadjik indeed 😀
Alpha sniper73 3
'Alpha sniper73 3' 1 month ago
I was working one time and we were removing a floor we had two of these and a floor bar got the job done in 5 hour and it was a very big job all in all works for floors logs I think we need to see what else it does 😂
Keith Kiker
'Keith Kiker' 1 month ago
Seems that this takes alot more effort then just useing a maul.
destroyer24/ Call of duty
Mark Flanagan
'Mark Flanagan' 1 month ago
It's a good concept, but it would be better if it was built more like a t-post driver, where most of the weight is at the top giving more leverage. 2 handles on the sides would also make it a lot easier to use
Paul H. Jensen
'Paul H. Jensen' 1 month ago
waste of time unless your a woman with out a man around. 11 times for what would have been one or 2 swings with a maul.
'tanktopper' 1 month ago
A maul is still better.
eduardo sampoia
'eduardo sampoia' 2 months ago
Get an axe...over 1000 years of proven efficiency.
Jimmy Dunn
'Jimmy Dunn' 3 months ago
I have those same gloves. He must've seen me wear em...
Jack Lavender
'Jack Lavender' 3 months ago
That's shite
'EVIL Co.' 3 months ago
Great video...lame a man and hand me an axe.
Bradley Hewell
'Bradley Hewell' 3 months ago
That's too much work, I'll stick to a wood maul
Mateusz Kulczycki
'Mateusz Kulczycki' 3 months ago
this is useless. Any axe would do it 7times faster
'patchy_plyz' 3 months ago
"Moves log splitter up and down " say i wish it was bigger
Fortune Finders
'Fortune Finders' 3 months ago
You can tell hes used to jacking his wood...
Kaleb Elliott
'Kaleb Elliott' 3 months ago
I think it's actually a pretty neat invention
basem zabaneh
'basem zabaneh' 3 months ago
1 2 3 4 boom
'sooner4life38' 3 months ago
Way to much effort. Impractical vs axe!
Devon Tutor
'Devon Tutor' 3 months ago
Karma Akabane
'Karma Akabane' 3 months ago
Next video "how to plant trees"
Johni Black
'Johni Black' 3 months ago
Producers or name of that nice gloves pls. Thx from Germany.
'jody024' 3 months ago
Pretty good workout product.
Ryan Blevins
'Ryan Blevins' 3 months ago
Dude too much work use a 4 pound splitting mall but this is a lot safer for clumsy people
Logan L
'Logan L' 3 months ago
This is the first time he didn't approve a gadget 😂
'Galadriel' 3 months ago
Splitting maul for sure a lot less work. This one seems to invite injury.
Andrej Stakne
'Andrej Stakne' 3 months ago
This vs an axe with 1 hit or 2
'KevsWorld' 3 months ago
Hes thrusting 😂
Turbo Conquering Mega Eagle
Looks like a really good way to slice your femeral artery open
Fia Nordahl
'Fia Nordahl' 3 months ago
Kom igen! Använd runkarmen! ;)
Pleurop Tv
'Pleurop Tv' 3 months ago
1:22 One! Two! TREE!
'mgcauctions07' 3 months ago
Onwy three hundid heets. So eezy. .
oliver stewart
'oliver stewart' 3 months ago
Trail bill tend proof request worried Muslim enemy evaluation general.
Eating with jazper
'Eating with jazper' 4 months ago
Those gloves he haves are around 50
king. Jovany Muah
'king. Jovany Muah' 4 months ago
Wasn't as satisfying as I thought
king. Jovany Muah
'king. Jovany Muah' 4 months ago
Just use an axe 😂 it's easier you, were exhausted asf lol
Ocean Chong
'Ocean Chong' 4 months ago
It seems that the action needed to use this splitter is specialised for men.
ali behbehani
'ali behbehani' 4 months ago
For kids
Cipriani Francesco
'Cipriani Francesco' 4 months ago
The cheapest axe will work better
Marshall Freeman
'Marshall Freeman' 4 months ago
Split on this.
Valteros YT
'Valteros YT' 4 months ago
Im sorry, but the movement he made splitting the wood was just, i lmaoed
CJ Meyer
'CJ Meyer' 4 months ago
Dean Normandin
'Dean Normandin' 4 months ago
Amelie Channel
'Amelie Channel' 4 months ago
1:25 1:25 1:25
'MonkeyButt69' 4 months ago
Should have done the Sledge hammer with a wedge
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