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Zaalima | Raees | Shah Rukh Khan & Mahira Khan | Arijit Singh & Harshdeep Kaur | JAM8 -
Published: 8 months ago By: Zee Music Company

By: Zee Music CompanyPublished: 8 months ago

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Red Chillies Entertainment and Excel Entertainment Present
An Excel Entertainment Production.

Song - Zaalima
Music - JAM8
Lyrics - Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singers - Arijit Singh and Harshdeep Kaur
Choreography - Bosco- Caesar

Written by - Rahul Dholakia, Harit Mehta, Ashish Vashi & Niraj Shukla
Director Of Photography - K.U Mohanan ISC
Produced By - Ritesh Sidhwani, Gauri Khan & Farhan Akhtar
Directed By - Rahul Dholakia

Sound Design:- Dj Phukan, Sunny M.R.
Programmers:- Sourav Roy, Dj Phukan, Sunny M.R., Rohan Chauhan, Arijit Singh
Mix & Master:- Shadab Rayeen @ Newedge
Assistant:- Abhishek Sortey
Shoot Mix:- Ashwin Kulkarni
Recording Engineers:- Ashwin Kulkarni, Himanshu Shirlekar, Aaroh Velankar, Kaushik Das
Vocal Conductor:- Akashdeep Sengupta, Kaushik Das, Tushar Joshi

Drums:- Alan Hertz
Bass:- Ernest Tibbs
Duff:- Iqbal Azad
Harmonium:- Feroz Shaikh
Acoustic Guitars:- Pawan Rasaily and Arijit Singh
Electric Guitars:- Pawan Rasaily

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Zee Music Company
'Zee Music Company' 8 months ago
Raees's next song is coming soon. Click SUBSCRIBE to catch all the updates on Raees's next track.
Shoeb Khan
'Shoeb Khan' 17 minutes ago
good song
Kailash Waghamare
'Kailash Waghamare' 2 hours ago
Nice song
leshika Auckloo
'leshika Auckloo' 2 hours ago
Very nice songs
Saad Shaikh
'Saad Shaikh' 3 hours ago
Love you Srk.
Saniya Shaikh
'Saniya Shaikh' 4 hours ago
misha qadir
'misha qadir' 4 hours ago
Nice song ❤️
rashi SHAIKH
'rashi SHAIKH' 4 hours ago
So nice song beatifull 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Hamid Altaf
'Hamid Altaf' 5 hours ago
Hit like if you are watching this in September 2017
Jitendrakumar Jena
'Jitendrakumar Jena' 8 hours ago
It is nice song,i like it😊😊😊😊
Vineet Singh
'Vineet Singh' 8 hours ago
Love u Anchal n Danish
Aya Saleh
'Aya Saleh' 21 hours ago
Love you SRK from Iraq 💓💓
Bellal Salmi
'Bellal Salmi' 24 hours ago
Bellal Salmi
'Bellal Salmi' 24 hours ago
Bellal Salmi
'Bellal Salmi' 24 hours ago
Bellal Salmi
'Bellal Salmi' 24 hours ago
pushpa latha
'pushpa latha' 1 day ago
waw sharuk awesome song yaar
'NEHAL Yadav' 1 day ago
This song is beautiful ❤❤❤❤👌👌👌👌👩
Ratul Rahman
'Ratul Rahman' 1 day ago
I love this song 😻😻😄😜🎅💜💜💜💛💛💛💚💚💚💙💗💗💝💟👍👍👌🏤
Seema Producation
ise se auchi to kaam wali bai lagti hai .yea koi heroine hai
Seema Producation
kis budhi ko liye heroine k liye .
Niharika Mishra
'Niharika Mishra' 1 day ago
romantic song
shrishak shrestha
thumbnail not appropriate till now but hope it will soon
'AYAT AYAT' 1 day ago
واوووووووووو احبه
Gauri Garg
'Gauri Garg' 1 day ago
mahira khan is so pretty
Salma Begum
'Salma Begum' 1 day ago
Almas Shaikh
'Almas Shaikh' 2 days ago
Wow. Wow ..i love this song. And arbic dress . And all arbic I love you
poonam choubey
'poonam choubey' 2 days ago
Good couple sarukh and mahira
Jabbar Khan
'Jabbar Khan' 2 days ago
nice song's
logan Paul fan channel
Mahira you look so good in black
Azfar mehdi
'Azfar mehdi' 2 days ago
Love you Arjit singh 😍😍😘
Ramchndar Ramchndar
Rahul Kumar
'Rahul Kumar' 2 days ago
Rahul kr.....
halimo abdi
'halimo abdi' 2 days ago
September of 2017❤️😘
Infamy David
'Infamy David' 2 days ago
arijit.. the legend
kanupriya Katwal
'kanupriya Katwal' 2 days ago
Best song
shubha valesha
'shubha valesha' 2 days ago
One more osm song by arijit....❤❤
Rajesh Jangra
'Rajesh Jangra' 2 days ago
Prasant Prusty
'Prasant Prusty' 2 days ago
Love you srk
Mubi Khan
'Mubi Khan' 2 days ago
I love this couple and do you?? 😇
Mubi Khan
'Mubi Khan' 2 days ago
Zaaalimaaaa 😧😍😍😍
sing and dance with kpop
KPOP FANS AND PEOPLE PLS NOTICE THIS 1:35 till 1:56 the song tune is copied from taeyang eyes nose lips . he is from big bang. note: pls don't think i am dissing some one here . i am a huge fan of shahrukh khan and raees but it is wrong to copy someone song instrumental and not giving them credits
Anuj Gupta
'Anuj Gupta' 2 days ago
At 2:02 She Just looks like Disha Patani
Raushan Khan
'Raushan Khan' 2 days ago
my favourite song
Rayyan Dawre
'Rayyan Dawre' 2 days ago
Mahira is very beautiful. She should collaborate with srk again. And srk😍😍
yash kumar
'yash kumar' 2 days ago
Our Pakistani mahira khan
deepak kumar
'deepak kumar' 2 days ago
U Are such a pride of india ARJEET
Raghav Rathore
'Raghav Rathore' 2 days ago
so cute
Soni Saxena
'Soni Saxena' 2 days ago
I love songs
Soni Saxena
'Soni Saxena' 2 days ago
I love songs
Varun Kumar
'Varun Kumar' 2 days ago
noraiz khan
'noraiz khan' 2 days ago
lovely song
(a part of it 1:36 clearly ) WTF it sounds like "EYES.NOSE.LIPS" BY TAEYANG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you copycats you have ruined Shah Rukh Khan for me
Douaa Ch
'Douaa Ch' 2 days ago
1:36 omg it looks like EYES,NOSE,LIPS by Taeyang !go check it out omg
Shhivam Singh
'Shhivam Singh' 2 days ago
i hate srk but like arijit singh very much thats why i am litsening this song
John Cena
'John Cena' 3 days ago
I am PAKISTANI but I say that Mahira is the worst in the world I hate her
RB Megh
'RB Megh' 3 days ago
nicessss songssss💜💜💜
'Z-K TUBE' 3 days ago
Mahira Khan Is Soooooo cute I love you
Sk Waseem
'Sk Waseem' 3 days ago
Best song srk
Shoukath Ali khan
'Shoukath Ali khan' 3 days ago
badshao.tejpal rajput
tejpal 9099689631
Tasneem Haque
'Tasneem Haque' 3 days ago
Bollywood copycat. This song is copied from a kpop song 'eyes, nose and lips' by Taeyang (Big bang). From part 1:36. If you go back to and check the original song than listen to part 1:21 on that song carefully of that music video and listen to this again at 1:36 !
Mansoor Mobin
'Mansoor Mobin' 3 days ago
look at 2:01 she is looking damn cute
Modassir Hassan
'Modassir Hassan' 3 days ago
wtf this song has been copied(duration 1:34 to 1:56 ) from the song : TAEYANG - (EYES, NOSE, LIPS)- BIGBANG 2014 ! Even i didn't accepted it first, but after listening the original song, i feel really sorry for the original composer !
Punjabi yarr
'Punjabi yarr' 3 days ago
'Sippiya' 3 days ago
ela ela ayye
Shivangi Jha
'Shivangi Jha' 3 days ago
Mahira Khan is so gorgeous 😘
bbprincess 0000
'bbprincess 0000' 3 days ago
The song sounds exactly like Taeyangs Eyes, Nose, Lips in the chores...
Nimat Jan
'Nimat Jan' 3 days ago
Zaalima is Best
Co 2
'Co 2' 3 days ago
copied from eyes,nose, lips!!
Shahbaz Khan
'Shahbaz Khan' 3 days ago
They are looking nice
'DOROTHY SOFT' 3 days ago
'DOROTHY SOFT' 3 days ago
~~~BOOKED~~~Mahira Khan~~~WITH YOUR NICE SMILE ~~~
'DOROTHY SOFT' 3 days ago
=======================================>>> MEIN USKO THENGAMU ~~~ =======================================>>> KISKO ??? =======================================>>> JISNE MIC CHORKE ~~~ HIDDENLY ~~~ =======================================>>> RAEES KA BAAT SUNTAHE ~~~ =======================================>>>
Bilal Adosh
'Bilal Adosh' 3 days ago
I like this song I love sharu khan
Sonam Thakur
'Sonam Thakur' 3 days ago
shrukhan my favourite hero
Bilawal iqbal
'Bilawal iqbal' 3 days ago
I love this song
Asmita  Malla
'Asmita Malla' 3 days ago
sriya123 lama
'sriya123 lama' 3 days ago
Moon Kr Barman
'Moon Kr Barman' 3 days ago
Sikandar Shady
'Sikandar Shady' 3 days ago
My fav ,,l0ve u angel K zalima
sumit saxena
'sumit saxena' 3 days ago
60 saal ka Budha Sharkh 25 saal ki ladkhi se romance kar raha hai waha . Logo ko YOUNG INDIAN NAHI MIL RAHE HAI ISLIYA IS BAAP KE UMR KE BUUDHE KO AAPNA ICON BANA LIYA HAI
Faizal Turk
'Faizal Turk' 3 days ago
nice video bro
Ali Raza
'Ali Raza' 3 days ago
Sharwan Solanki
'Sharwan Solanki' 3 days ago
Qaisar Jutt
'Qaisar Jutt' 3 days ago
mira khan is a good perform this song and lovely or heartouching song 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💕💕💕💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 from HAsnain
hemant saini
'hemant saini' 3 days ago
Mohammad Tahsin
'Mohammad Tahsin' 3 days ago
Who from Arabic country✌
Jilu Mohapatra
'Jilu Mohapatra' 3 days ago
what a beautiful actress Mahira...!!! Lots of love from India
Karan Das
'Karan Das' 4 days ago
good song
mukesh kumar
'mukesh kumar' 4 days ago
Nice song
mukesh kumar
'mukesh kumar' 4 days ago
Nice song,
Jitendra Pandit
'Jitendra Pandit' 4 days ago
I love
Ritu Sidhu
'Ritu Sidhu' 4 days ago
I Love this song
Majirul Howue
'Majirul Howue' 4 days ago
nice video
Pinto Kumar
'Pinto Kumar' 4 days ago
I love this song
Bunda DA DA
'Bunda DA DA' 4 days ago
I love love love you king sahruk You actor is the best 😙 😙 😙 😙 😙 👍 👍 👍 👏 👏
'Miku26able' 4 days ago
One of my best indian song, can't understand why indian tried to ban Mahira because of political issues with her country, so stupid and hatefull. Long life India & Pakistan
abdul sattar
'abdul sattar' 4 days ago
This song views not increase ....why???
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