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Cheap Knife Vs. Expensive Knife -
Published: 8 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 8 months ago

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"I feel like this is really dangerous for my hand."

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Matthew Chaplin
'Matthew Chaplin' 1 day ago
What does he mean when he goes " 3 dollar knife, 3 dollar cut."?
Rodolfo Torres
'Rodolfo Torres' 3 days ago
I love the girl in the white. She's hilarious 😂
Olivia Reed
'Olivia Reed' 3 days ago
How did jen even qualify for this video
Peter XYZ
'Peter XYZ' 3 days ago
62 Rockwell hardness......Japanese knives are harder (hoof its edge longer) than western commercial knives.
Ramon Morales
'Ramon Morales' 3 days ago
Who else's blood ran cold when they cut the paper
GalaxyBlake Gamer
'GalaxyBlake Gamer' 5 days ago
I was worried for Jen throughout the whole video xD
Andrey Anokhov
'Andrey Anokhov' 6 days ago
Eden McAvoy
'Eden McAvoy' 1 week ago
Gadiel AND Jen in a video??? Automatic like👏🏼👌🏼I love them both
'Okayy' 1 week ago
Jen Is the reason we say don't play with knives
'GET JIZZED' 2 weeks ago
I would smash in jen
Chrisanna Fabela
'Chrisanna Fabela' 2 weeks ago
Should use cutco
Derpy Baerrito
'Derpy Baerrito' 2 weeks ago
jen is so cute i love this
Apollous Knight
'Apollous Knight' 2 weeks ago
Ahhh I think that an 11 year old could handle the knife better than Jen
'aliviaperry8' 2 weeks ago
Claire has the best voice ever 😍 Edit: why is everyone in the comments so mean?? She has an amazing voice and she's knowledgeable
Ruxandra Grigore
'Ruxandra Grigore' 2 weeks ago
Jen is a master in cutting
Emma Stallings
'Emma Stallings' 2 weeks ago
I freaking love Jen 😂
Team 10 News
'Team 10 News' 2 weeks ago
Jen's just testing everything wrong 😂
Ellison Lee
'Ellison Lee' 2 weeks ago
I'm exactly like Jen 1.i love knifes 2.but I'm terrible with them and I will most likely cut my self
Not a real person
'Not a real person' 2 weeks ago
Jen, please stop waving the knives around. You're giving me anxiety...
'Spongey' 2 weeks ago
Woah, such a surprising conclusion - you pay more for better products?!
'iiItzPhantom' 2 weeks ago
"You can really get in there" 😂😂
As a knife guy this was the most cringeworthy thing I've seen in sometime.
Everyday Girl
'Everyday Girl' 3 weeks ago
Claire: So let me actually do this in a way that will give me sensible results and knowledge... Jen: CUTTING THINGS WOOO **slams knife into tomato**
'GamingWithKnight' 3 weeks ago
We'll Jen lost all of her fingers by now
Donut Pundah
'Donut Pundah' 3 weeks ago
The Cucumber Story from Jen made me dying 😂😂
Caitlyn Rachelle
'Caitlyn Rachelle' 3 weeks ago
BuzzFeed needs to make a playlist of just Jen
Anna Z
'Anna Z' 3 weeks ago
Get that knife away from Jen omg
'Tallyme' 3 weeks ago
I will continue to love Jen without a doubt
Cristina F
'Cristina F' 3 weeks ago
I died at 2:44 😭 she's like " I shouldn't be holding these"
'Murica' 4 weeks ago
meanwhile I have a 400 dollar Cold steel pocket knife
Ali Haidari
'Ali Haidari' 4 weeks ago
Jen is the rookie but she's dressed as a chef, the pros were dressed normally 😶 like what?!
Black Wolf
'Black Wolf' 4 weeks ago
Jens moms is the same as my mom😂
Epic Sauce
'Epic Sauce' 4 weeks ago
Don't you fucking dare hurt Buzzfeed's sweetheaet
Li Family
'Li Family' 4 weeks ago
Jen has great instinct. Once she accidentally slip on the shoe she looked at all her fingers to see if she was ok
Flying Pirate
'Flying Pirate' 1 month ago
I thought Jen had LOBSTERS on her shirt from the thumbnail!!
Karia Wilson
'Karia Wilson' 1 month ago
We have the $3 one lol
Arιa a
'Arιa a' 1 month ago
I hope there was a professional on board with Jen omg
Olivia Broustra
'Olivia Broustra' 1 month ago
Gadiel and Trevor Noah are twins.
'MsoP' 1 month ago
I cringed when she slammed the $200 knife on the cutting board
'vampvinn' 1 month ago
i like jen's sweater
Kate Olivares
'Kate Olivares' 1 month ago
you can buy a cheap 1 dollar knife and buy Japanese sharpening stones(these stones are pricey but in the long run it's way better) and they can turn into that 200 dollar knife in 5min. depending on how good you are with the stones it takes me an average of 2-3min.
'•RaiOfSunShine•' 1 month ago
"This is a sexy knife"
'gulianna' 1 month ago
omg i actually have that type of leather boot
'RAN DOM' 1 month ago
I wanted a japanese sashimi knife but my mom said no ;~;
'Christian&Abby' 2 months ago
can we have BuzzfeedJen as a YouTube channel??
Snodge Kat
'Snodge Kat' 2 months ago
Jesus, Jen...
Aftmostsword 875
'Aftmostsword 875' 2 months ago
I know that girl form the pancake art Snailed IT
exploting tnt videos
'exploting tnt videos' 2 months ago
cheap poop vs expensive poop
'luedriver' 2 months ago
I heard there are people that you can pay to sharpen knives, however, it may be just a myth
Avery Zyphyr
'Avery Zyphyr' 2 months ago
pls no
'pls no' 2 months ago
Idk why but I hate that they don't know how to cut a pineapple the right way
Maynard Omar Mendoza
'Maynard Omar Mendoza' 2 months ago
that is not how you peel and cut a pineapple....
Andrew Davis
'Andrew Davis' 2 months ago
*i think i got some nondedge on knives and stuff*
Scarlett DiPaolo
'Scarlett DiPaolo' 2 months ago
They should do another knife testing video and just put Jen in it
woke jerry
'woke jerry' 2 months ago
simple, buy a nicely made knife, comfortable, but not pricey then sharpen it
Caleb Roberts
'Caleb Roberts' 2 months ago
Honestly that 3 Dollar knife was not that bad. It has the durability and stock sharpness to be at least in the 20 or 30 dollar range.
'DUCK!!!!' 2 months ago
roses are red violets are blue i got clickbaited and so did you
'MMWO' 2 months ago
don't forget that jen has ADHD that's why she's hyper
'Scarce' 2 months ago
1:28 *At that very moment the camera crew had to back up and zoom in*
'JanPospisil42' 2 months ago
Fucking hell, every time Jen swings makes me twitch, expecting a finger flying off.
Xhatss 7
'Xhatss 7' 2 months ago
Not worth it for 200$,i saw a person sharpening a 1$ knife,and its even sharper than that 200$ ones
Emily Kiedaisch
'Emily Kiedaisch' 2 months ago
I would be Jen. All the way.
Isaac Irigoyen
'Isaac Irigoyen' 2 months ago
"Omg, This is orgasmic guys!"
Byron Jimenez
'Byron Jimenez' 2 months ago
Jen seem like she's gonna leave soon =
'Ibrahim' 2 months ago
Can we collectively marry Jen?
SSGSS Gogeta SSGSS vegito
There is a guy who can cut anything with a knife and he even got a movie off it his name was Jason Vorhees
'sednonsatia' 2 months ago
watching Jen handle a knife gives me anxiety. she could've sliced her fingers off at least twice.
Queen T
'Queen T' 2 months ago
The white girl was annoying
Saeed Lootah
'Saeed Lootah' 2 months ago
"Which one stabs people easier?" What I expected the question to be
'TK C' 2 months ago
wtf is this
Raygoon Noogyar
'Raygoon Noogyar' 2 months ago
Jen is so stinkin cute
Wren Mann
'Wren Mann' 2 months ago
IHaz TehBucket
'IHaz TehBucket' 2 months ago
this guy is having a god damn orgasm because of a knife
Jilly Bean
'Jilly Bean' 2 months ago
Jilly Bean
'Jilly Bean' 2 months ago
Jen is me
'amibamiboo' 2 months ago
the calm two: sly slice. jen: AHHHHHH!! FRUIT NINJA STRIKES AGAIN
Michael Cassagnol
'Michael Cassagnol' 2 months ago
why is the girl in the glasses the only one who Actually knows how to yarns knife
GaliaxyPandaLover 000
Jen's just there destroying stuff 😂😂
'Barryms0083' 2 months ago
seriously, meaningless test. sharpening is easy.
Demzy Navarro
'Demzy Navarro' 2 months ago
Good balance of real chef and 2 hacks. I learned stuff.
Howard Compton
'Howard Compton' 2 months ago
I only came because of Jen..... Just saying
Epic Ghosty 55
'Epic Ghosty 55' 3 months ago
Why did they let Jen in this video
Ll. vxyq
'Ll. vxyq' 3 months ago
Dat guy looks sooo satisfied. He also look like an Asian/Filipino, BTW.
Kal Solo
'Kal Solo' 3 months ago
I'm really high, and I thought the title said "explosive" knife...
Jeff Jeffery
'Jeff Jeffery' 3 months ago
OK, whichever girl or guy is in a relationship with the girl with short hair (Jen?), please, for the love of whatever you believe in, KEEP KNIVES AWAY FROM HER!!!
Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid
I hate buzzfeed. But I love Claire. ❤️
Melissa Strobbe
'Melissa Strobbe' 3 months ago
I'm Jen.
Justin Leaf
'Justin Leaf' 3 months ago
jen is so adorablexD
'ItzBorg' 3 months ago
Should have asked Rusty Cage to come for the video
Summer Caudill
'Summer Caudill' 3 months ago
Jen is going to hurt herself
Greta Lethlean
'Greta Lethlean' 3 months ago
I was so scared this would be Jen's last video
'Mooseli' 3 months ago
'Lucy4405' 3 months ago
I'm like Jen in this
Joud Al Mudaheka
'Joud Al Mudaheka' 3 months ago
Jen is what made this video great
Sweet Seoltang
'Sweet Seoltang' 3 months ago
i'm sorry, this is not related. "three dolla knife, three dolla cut." and three dolla chainz.
jay huang
'jay huang' 3 months ago
Jen is so fucking annoying
Sandra Suarez
'Sandra Suarez' 3 months ago
Issa knife
Cy By
'Cy By' 3 months ago
WARNING:Jen going on a Knife Rampage
'GoJhaneGo' 3 months ago
Only watched because Gadiel is in the vid
Chrislyn Angelie Estan Molina
Jen 😻😻😻😻❤❤❤
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