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Cheap Knife Vs. Expensive Knife -
Published: 10 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 10 months ago

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"I feel like this is really dangerous for my hand."

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Joy Merouah
'Joy Merouah' 4 days ago
I'll probably cut a finger off with any knife, the only difference will be in the pain..
Neve Alliston
'Neve Alliston' 4 days ago
What actual video is this 😂😂😂
Luis Gonzalez
'Luis Gonzalez' 5 days ago
As a chef this was painful to watch
'Hellcat' 6 days ago
Jen is a real cutie. But get all knifes away from her!!! Give her an axe, because she is using a knife like an axe.
gloxxify l
'gloxxify l' 6 days ago
All knives get dull. All knives can be made sharp. What makes a good knife steel is how well it maintains that sharpness, it's resistance to chipping, bending, damange, an corrosion, how easily it takes a sharp edge again, etc.
Ed Marley Jenkins
'Ed Marley Jenkins' 7 days ago
Did anyone notice the girl in the glasses is the voice on the Tasty videos, like the turkey preparation one by Tasty??
Gerardo Godina
'Gerardo Godina' 1 week ago
'KJaro' 1 week ago
Who Else thought this was csgo?
its cris
'its cris' 1 week ago
Jen makes buzzfeed for me. If i watch a buzzfeed video all the way through and jens not in it, Thats a dislike Ive disliked a lot of buzzfeed videos
Frostythedank Snowman
Average consumer: I think I got some knowege on knives n stuff
cheshire doge
'cheshire doge' 2 weeks ago
someone please take the knives away from jen....please
Ally Rose
'Ally Rose' 2 weeks ago
It's that soothing voice lady off of tasty lol
Natalya Lastnamae
'Natalya Lastnamae' 2 weeks ago
Im a knife maker and for the kitchen it doesnt matter that much
Rene Mendoza
'Rene Mendoza' 2 weeks ago
Maria Ukpere
'Maria Ukpere' 2 weeks ago
The white lady really knows how to work with a knife 😂😂
yogesh parab
'yogesh parab' 2 weeks ago
Is that girl drunk?
'SPOOPY BOY' 3 weeks ago
Shouldn't put Jen on this video
Gwiyo Minghao
'Gwiyo Minghao' 3 weeks ago
thats... seriously not at all how you cut a pineapple
The lesbian frustrated
'CVes' 4 weeks ago
love how the latino dude said "I think I have some knowledge on knives"
'ared18t' 4 weeks ago
Honestly a knife is only as sharp as you keep it I'm all like girl you know that three dollar knife cannot be sharpened the steel is cheaper than you
jordan Goldberg
'jordan Goldberg' 4 weeks ago
When buzzfeed steals its own idea
Teal petal Aj
'Teal petal Aj' 4 weeks ago
Uh , when I was little , my mom put a cucumber on the cutting board and she said, " Jen what happens to little girls that get too close to the train" and I said " what "? And My mom said , " THEY GET SLICED IN HALF!"
'DankMemeDan' 4 weeks ago
I cut my veggies with a karambut Doppler from cs go
Astro Suze
'Astro Suze' 4 weeks ago
I love jen😂🤣🤣
Marsha Pettengill
'Marsha Pettengill' 1 month ago
Jason new knife 🙈
BAND trash
'BAND trash' 1 month ago
I love jen.
Nora Guerrero
'Nora Guerrero' 1 month ago
I was cringing the whole time Jen smashed the Shun against the cutting board....oh my lord those layered knifes have been known to slice fingertips off so easily i feared for her hands. 😱
Hannah ,
'Hannah ,' 1 month ago
cutting the shoe made me uncomfortable for some reason
Zobo Thehobo
'Zobo Thehobo' 1 month ago
They get sliced in half😂😂😂😂😂
Kunta King
'Kunta King' 1 month ago
Jena just stabbing things
Jiane 1203
'Jiane 1203' 1 month ago
I'll have that $200 Knifeu, thank you very much.
'GOLDEN PEPE' 1 month ago
I think that they should actually have chefs test these
Hung To
'Hung To' 1 month ago
Jen is having a good time. Dat black dude was having a pretty good time The other girl with glasses doesnt know the definition of fun
Apple Tech
'Apple Tech' 1 month ago
I love Jen she is so funny
I got invited To Join Saw
you can tell jen I not a cooker
Ckv Jm
'Ckv Jm' 1 month ago
I got annoyed by the latino mexican looking guy thinking to be good with an knife don't wanna be racist but he should be better with an knife
ThisIsMyName DontJudge
The beggining killed me XDDDD
'Jobo976' 1 month ago
Jen when she just smashes the board with the shun..... *part of me died that moment*
'THEmagichawk' 1 month ago
I do exactly what Jen does when using a knife XD
Jose Ulloa
'Jose Ulloa' 1 month ago
Now when a big girl gets too close to a train, she gets pregnant.
I love how the advanced one is very calm. And then there's Jen.
Narra Nic
'Narra Nic' 2 months ago
I've never heard of a "utilitarian knife" before.
Giovanna Diaz
'Giovanna Diaz' 2 months ago
Somebody please keep Jenn off knives, at all times.
Your Friend
'Your Friend' 2 months ago
00:30 "it looks really knife" is what I heard 😂
omar castillo
'omar castillo' 2 months ago
this is O R G A S M I C
Yip Liang
'Yip Liang' 2 months ago
Japanese knives are the best
Kessler Magat
'Kessler Magat' 2 months ago
"It has some great edging to it" "It make me feel good already" "This is a sexy knife"
AwesomeKelm Kim
'AwesomeKelm Kim' 2 months ago
watching the advanced knife skilled woman cut the tomato was so satisfying
'ItzClipsy' 2 months ago
Yea smart cut towards your body
Random Lauren
'Random Lauren' 2 months ago
Find it funny that she cares about the knife more than the boot.
brendan oneill
'brendan oneill' 2 months ago
A sharp knife isn't important but the steel that it's made of is more important because with a bad steel the edge will dull very quickly and chip
Kei _Lewlew
'Kei _Lewlew' 2 months ago
Jen is such a cutie
Simon Jian
'Simon Jian' 2 months ago
Jenn was so funny
Gio Yes
'Gio Yes' 2 months ago
my butt was clenched as I watched JEN OF ALL PEOPLE handle a knife
Samantha Markel
'Samantha Markel' 2 months ago
Jen is my spirit animal
Star Games
'Star Games' 2 months ago
Obsidian knives are best
Matthew Chaplin
'Matthew Chaplin' 2 months ago
What does he mean when he goes " 3 dollar knife, 3 dollar cut."?
Rodolfo Torres
'Rodolfo Torres' 2 months ago
I love the girl in the white. She's hilarious 😂
Olivia Reed
'Olivia Reed' 2 months ago
How did jen even qualify for this video
Peter XYZ
'Peter XYZ' 2 months ago
62 Rockwell hardness......Japanese knives are harder (hoof its edge longer) than western commercial knives.
Ramon Morales
'Ramon Morales' 2 months ago
Who else's blood ran cold when they cut the paper
GalaxyBlake Gamer
'GalaxyBlake Gamer' 2 months ago
I was worried for Jen throughout the whole video xD
Andrey Anokhov
'Andrey Anokhov' 2 months ago
Eden McAvoy
'Eden McAvoy' 2 months ago
Gadiel AND Jen in a video??? Automatic like👏🏼👌🏼I love them both
'Sammy' 2 months ago
Jen Is the reason we say don't play with knives
'GET JIZZED' 2 months ago
I would smash in jen
Chrisanna Fabela
'Chrisanna Fabela' 2 months ago
Should use cutco
'amberr' 2 months ago
jen is so cute i love this
Apollous Knight
'Apollous Knight' 2 months ago
Ahhh I think that an 11 year old could handle the knife better than Jen
'aliviaperry8' 2 months ago
Claire has the best voice ever 😍 Edit: why is everyone in the comments so mean?? She has an amazing voice and she's knowledgeable
Ruxandra Grigore
'Ruxandra Grigore' 2 months ago
Jen is a master in cutting
Emma Stallings
'Emma Stallings' 2 months ago
I freaking love Jen 😂
Team 10 News
'Team 10 News' 2 months ago
Jen's just testing everything wrong 😂
Ellison Lee
'Ellison Lee' 3 months ago
I'm exactly like Jen 1.i love knifes 2.but I'm terrible with them and I will most likely cut my self
Andy Lee
'Andy Lee' 3 months ago
Jen, please stop waving the knives around. You're giving me anxiety...
'Spongey' 3 months ago
Woah, such a surprising conclusion - you pay more for better products?!
'iiItzPhantom' 3 months ago
"You can really get in there" 😂😂
As a knife guy this was the most cringeworthy thing I've seen in sometime.
Everyday Girl
'Everyday Girl' 3 months ago
Claire: So let me actually do this in a way that will give me sensible results and knowledge... Jen: CUTTING THINGS WOOO **slams knife into tomato**
'GamingWithKnight' 3 months ago
We'll Jen lost all of her fingers by now
Donut Pundah
'Donut Pundah' 3 months ago
The Cucumber Story from Jen made me dying 😂😂
Caitlyn Rachelle
'Caitlyn Rachelle' 3 months ago
BuzzFeed needs to make a playlist of just Jen
Anna Z
'Anna Z' 3 months ago
Get that knife away from Jen omg
'Tallyme' 3 months ago
I will continue to love Jen without a doubt
Cristina F
'Cristina F' 3 months ago
I died at 2:44 😭 she's like " I shouldn't be holding these"
'Murica' 3 months ago
meanwhile I have a 400 dollar Cold steel pocket knife
Ali Haidari
'Ali Haidari' 3 months ago
Jen is the rookie but she's dressed as a chef, the pros were dressed normally 😶 like what?!
Black Wolf
'Black Wolf' 3 months ago
Jens moms is the same as my mom😂
Epic Sauce
'Epic Sauce' 3 months ago
Don't you fucking dare hurt Buzzfeed's sweetheaet
Li Family
'Li Family' 3 months ago
Jen has great instinct. Once she accidentally slip on the shoe she looked at all her fingers to see if she was ok
Flying Pirate
'Flying Pirate' 3 months ago
I thought Jen had LOBSTERS on her shirt from the thumbnail!!
Karia Wilson
'Karia Wilson' 3 months ago
We have the $3 one lol
Arιa a
'Arιa a' 3 months ago
I hope there was a professional on board with Jen omg
Olivia Broustra
'Olivia Broustra' 3 months ago
Gadiel and Trevor Noah are twins.
'MsoP' 3 months ago
I cringed when she slammed the $200 knife on the cutting board
'vinn' 3 months ago
i like jen's sweater
Kate Olivares
'Kate Olivares' 3 months ago
you can buy a cheap 1 dollar knife and buy Japanese sharpening stones(these stones are pricey but in the long run it's way better) and they can turn into that 200 dollar knife in 5min. depending on how good you are with the stones it takes me an average of 2-3min.
'•RaiOfSunShine•' 3 months ago
"This is a sexy knife"
'gulianna' 3 months ago
omg i actually have that type of leather boot
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