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Cheap Knife Vs. Expensive Knife -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

2, 318, 172 views

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"I feel like this is really dangerous for my hand."

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Mimic Openthatchest
'Mimic Openthatchest' 16 hours ago
'adriop05' 18 hours ago
That intro 😂
Kenedy Schlenker
'Kenedy Schlenker' 6 days ago
Jen and knives? Yes please
Mundai Monroe
'Mundai Monroe' 1 week ago
Jen with a knife is bad for my anxiety
Shindashi Doe
'Shindashi Doe' 2 weeks ago
Just get a sharpening stone
Tino Sak
'Tino Sak' 2 weeks ago
2:09 made me jump
'kimchii' 2 weeks ago
lauryn mcgill
'lauryn mcgill' 2 weeks ago
Lmao this was a great video! To Jens advice at the end tho, it's actually more dangerous to cut with a Dull Knife because you have to exert more force and that's you're more likely to cut yourself. There are pretty good quality knives on Amazon that don't cost too much but are also sharp enough.
jumpy Taylor GameingTV
There is a difference between the two ladies
ø Eman Hafeez ø
'ø Eman Hafeez ø' 2 weeks ago
'sixyears' 2 weeks ago
I have a few shun knives. SO GOOD.
Bear Paws
'Bear Paws' 2 weeks ago
Jesus Jen with her hands flinging all over the place with a knife is giving me anxiety that I don't have
Marko polo
'Marko polo' 2 weeks ago
Claire is so pretty
Marko polo
'Marko polo' 2 weeks ago
Jen is amazing
Episode Walkthroughs
Jen's face on the thumbnail is me during an exam when a question comes out that I didn't study for. Gadiel's face is me questioning the teacher like wtf
I am Alicia
'I am Alicia' 3 weeks ago
The thumbnail😂
Shauna XX
'Shauna XX' 3 weeks ago
Scrolling threw the comments and absolutely all of them are either about Jen or the 1000degree knife...........I agree Jen is very important also the entire reason I watched this
River Wing
'River Wing' 3 weeks ago
What if you sharpen a really cheap knife?
Mike Bazowski
'Mike Bazowski' 3 weeks ago
2:03 who cuts a pineapple like that?
Amani Aberra
'Amani Aberra' 3 weeks ago
When you have those shoes
Jemma Carrillo
'Jemma Carrillo' 3 weeks ago
"Oh my god this is orgasmic guys" honestly same Gadiel
'SurfItable' 3 weeks ago
Cringe af. People completely clueless
Joan Paula Dizon
'Joan Paula Dizon' 3 weeks ago
Jen is giving me anxiety but i love her.
RockySol03 ms
'RockySol03 ms' 3 weeks ago
Jen at 1:10 Wait.... do I have all my fingers
OhManHolyShit JK
'OhManHolyShit JK' 3 weeks ago
3 dolla knife 3 dolla cut
OhManHolyShit JK
'OhManHolyShit JK' 3 weeks ago
Natalia Figueroa
'Natalia Figueroa' 3 weeks ago
Try Cutco knives
Patrick Junior
'Patrick Junior' 3 weeks ago
Jen is beautiful 😍
MaxFusion101 Gaming
'MaxFusion101 Gaming' 4 weeks ago
“I’m actually struggling to cut this shoe with this really expensive knife.” UHMM WHY ELSE YOU THINK YOU TRASH WITH KNIVES
Heda Patata
'Heda Patata' 4 weeks ago
This is still my favorite knife test video. *FOR JEEEN*
Deziree aguilar
'Deziree aguilar' 4 weeks ago
Lol this is orgasmic😁😂😂😂
Ryely Cantrell-Jones
I love how everyone is being so gentle and Jan is just hacking 😁😂
Farida Aydayeva
'Farida Aydayeva' 4 weeks ago
Jen is so ridiculously funny
#AmitTheCGaMeR #
'#AmitTheCGaMeR #' 4 weeks ago
Wtf just sharpen the knife
'Clíodhna' 1 month ago
I thought one of Jen's hobbies was restoring knives
Nizmi Total Drama Fan :3
Claire is my mom Gabiel is my friend And Jen is me 100% accurate
Tuanky Vo
'Tuanky Vo' 1 month ago
0:12 isnt that the tasty 101 girl??
Tide pods Are the new bleach
Tcyuk Hrez
'Tcyuk Hrez' 1 month ago
Knives are used as weapons or to cut something. You can’t be an “expert”.
MG vDrippy
'MG vDrippy' 1 month ago
I just noticed that the advanced girl is the one who makes tasty 101
Rosie Vv
'Rosie Vv' 1 month ago
Me too Jen, me too
Jared Graber
'Jared Graber' 1 month ago
Learn how to hold a knife, thats very pathetic and no regard for safety at all...
Nashea Rehman
'Nashea Rehman' 1 month ago
It's that tasty chick
ZippeeXO1 Bradshaw
'ZippeeXO1 Bradshaw' 1 month ago
They think $200 is expensive
Drew Kulenguski
'Drew Kulenguski' 1 month ago
What was the point of this video
'Taesticles' 1 month ago
For me it’s not worth it because you’re not gonna cut a leather shoe I would choose a chainsaw for that 😂
'Pow' 2 months ago
When Jen is holding both knifes at the end. Hilarious
Irah Redhead Ling
'Irah Redhead Ling' 2 months ago
This knife is not great,but I'm not helping. Replace knife with school project and it's me
'EugeOrochi' 2 months ago
Where was this video all my life? 😂
'touofthehighplains' 2 months ago
Jen just doesn't care. Shes the person you lend your expensive knife to and gives it back with chips in the blade and acts like its nothing. Like my idiot coworker who was cutting up the turkey but kept scraping the edge on the fork. People like Jen don't realize to keep an edge sharp takes a lot of work.
'Adiarby13' 3 months ago
Err that guy should be put on a beginner level too
'some' 3 months ago
So this is a good video for serial killers
Gillian H
'Gillian H' 3 months ago
I just love how everytime Jen almost got cut she drops the knife lol
Jesus Christ
'Jesus Christ' 3 months ago
My Ontario Rat II is a better than the $200 knife
'Tesohh' 3 months ago
1:55 thank me later
'Sunshine' 3 months ago
Gordon Ramsay V.2 Jendon Jamsay?
Jman Huang
'Jman Huang' 3 months ago
Yes there are distinct differences between knifes from the grade or metal to the form of the knife but all knives need to be sharpened but it's all up to the person you don't need a 2000 dollar knife to be a good chef
TiVo Vote
'TiVo Vote' 3 months ago
Wow Jen is not only rolling the edge on the knifes but almost slicing her self open
SophiaNicole tv
'SophiaNicole tv' 4 months ago
Jen does it so hard
Valentina Borges
'Valentina Borges' 4 months ago
Buzzfeed why
'gordismoya' 4 months ago
I had a pair of those boots from Macy's!
Nate Sheridan
'Nate Sheridan' 4 months ago
" Jen do u know what happens to girls Who go to close to a train" what " THEY GET SLICED IN HALF"
'shofwiya' 4 months ago
Rob can't even hold one without cutting his hand. XD
Joy Merouah
'Joy Merouah' 4 months ago
I'll probably cut a finger off with any knife, the only difference will be in the pain..
Baked Blueberry
'Baked Blueberry' 4 months ago
What actual video is this 😂😂😂
Luis Gonzalez
'Luis Gonzalez' 4 months ago
As a chef this was painful to watch
'Hellcat' 4 months ago
Jen is a real cutie. But get all knifes away from her!!! Give her an axe, because she is using a knife like an axe.
gloxxify l
'gloxxify l' 4 months ago
All knives get dull. All knives can be made sharp. What makes a good knife steel is how well it maintains that sharpness, it's resistance to chipping, bending, damange, an corrosion, how easily it takes a sharp edge again, etc.
Ed Marley Jenkins
'Ed Marley Jenkins' 4 months ago
Did anyone notice the girl in the glasses is the voice on the Tasty videos, like the turkey preparation one by Tasty??
Gerardo Godina
'Gerardo Godina' 4 months ago
'KJaro' 4 months ago
Who Else thought this was csgo?
its cris
'its cris' 4 months ago
Jen makes buzzfeed for me. If i watch a buzzfeed video all the way through and jens not in it, Thats a dislike Ive disliked a lot of buzzfeed videos
Frostythedank Snowman
Average consumer: I think I got some knowege on knives n stuff
cheshire doge
'cheshire doge' 4 months ago
someone please take the knives away from jen....please
Ally Rose
'Ally Rose' 5 months ago
It's that soothing voice lady off of tasty lol
Natalya Lastnamae
'Natalya Lastnamae' 5 months ago
Im a knife maker and for the kitchen it doesnt matter that much
Rene Mendoza
'Rene Mendoza' 5 months ago
Maria Ukpere
'Maria Ukpere' 5 months ago
The white lady really knows how to work with a knife 😂😂
big cum daddy seven incher !
Is that girl drunk?
'GUS GUS' 5 months ago
Shouldn't put Jen on this video
Gwiyo Minghao
'Gwiyo Minghao' 5 months ago
thats... seriously not at all how you cut a pineapple
Do u kno da WAAEEE
'Do u kno da WAAEEE' 5 months ago
The lesbian frustrated
'CVes' 5 months ago
love how the latino dude said "I think I have some knowledge on knives"
'ared18t' 5 months ago
Honestly a knife is only as sharp as you keep it I'm all like girl you know that three dollar knife cannot be sharpened the steel is cheaper than you
jordan Goldberg
'jordan Goldberg' 5 months ago
When buzzfeed steals its own idea
Astro Suze
'Astro Suze' 5 months ago
I love jen😂🤣🤣
Marsha Pettengill
'Marsha Pettengill' 5 months ago
Jason new knife 🙈
BAND trash
'BAND trash' 5 months ago
I love jen.
Nora Guerrero
'Nora Guerrero' 5 months ago
I was cringing the whole time Jen smashed the Shun against the cutting board....oh my lord those layered knifes have been known to slice fingertips off so easily i feared for her hands. 😱
Hannah ,
'Hannah ,' 5 months ago
cutting the shoe made me uncomfortable for some reason
Zobo Thehobo
'Zobo Thehobo' 5 months ago
They get sliced in half😂😂😂😂😂
Kunta King
'Kunta King' 5 months ago
Jena just stabbing things
Jiane 1203
'Jiane 1203' 5 months ago
I'll have that $200 Knifeu, thank you very much.
'GOLDEN PEPE' 5 months ago
I think that they should actually have chefs test these
Hung To
'Hung To' 5 months ago
Jen is having a good time. Dat black dude was having a pretty good time The other girl with glasses doesnt know the definition of fun
Apple Tech
'Apple Tech' 5 months ago
I love Jen she is so funny
How To Doodle
'How To Doodle' 5 months ago
you can tell jen I not a cooker
Ckv Jm
'Ckv Jm' 5 months ago
I got annoyed by the latino mexican looking guy thinking to be good with an knife don't wanna be racist but he should be better with an knife
ThisIsMyName DontJudge
The beggining killed me XDDDD
'Jobo976' 6 months ago
Jen when she just smashes the board with the shun..... *part of me died that moment*
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