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Pakistani women warn 'try beating me lightly' and face consequences - BBC Trending -
Published: 1 year ago By: BBC Trending

By: BBC TrendingPublished: 1 year ago

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The Council of Islamic Ideology has recently advised the Pakistani government that husbands should be allowed to 'lightly beat' their wives.

In response, Pakistani women have been rallying behind the hashtag #TryBeatingMeLightly, with strong messages saying how they would respond if someone tried to 'lightly beat' them.


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akash chowdhury
'akash chowdhury' 3 weeks ago
Tari gand mai khujli hui hai kaya
Naveed Muhamad
'Naveed Muhamad' 12 months ago
Anyhow good video
Chris McCormack
'Chris McCormack' 1 year ago
If this bitch doesn't wants to be beaten up , then she better change her religion and escape from islam .
Inseongs mum
'Inseongs mum' 1 year ago
its sad to see how many men and even women support 'beating lightly' like why would you want to hit someone you love in the first place and the quran doesnt say oh beat your wife if she doesnt make you food or doesnt iron your clothes it says if shes 'disloyal' which you could interpret as someone going around hitting on other men or doing other disgusting stuff and also in that case the husband is not allowed to hit her on her face or make a mark. the prophet described using a miswak which is bloody lighter than a toothbrush! and can be used as a light warning (not stab her with it or whatever)
Mohd Ali
'Mohd Ali' 1 year ago
that girl is a total bitch
'Bashir' 1 year ago
Big Poppa
'Big Poppa' 1 year ago
Bitches want attention
'sanhemb' 1 year ago
Bloody arrogant male pigs,their the ones who should be beaten.what a bunch of weak low lifes.
'mtarkes' 1 year ago
when your country was formed on the basis of religion, its unpatriotic of you to deny that religion.
Gustaf Liljegren
'Gustaf Liljegren' 1 year ago
I love this. Internet provides the platform for these women to learn about human rights and to band together against morally inferior traditions.
forever young
'forever young' 1 year ago
Liberal feminists are needed what fuckery is this? Are they punching bags?
'FuzzyFTW' 1 year ago
typical liberals strawmanning as always
Irene Mulindwairen
Cave culture imho.
'misfit' 1 year ago
"Mansplain" Hilarious. I agree with Shamilah it is never acceptable. Where I am from it is the lowest of the low and certainly not anything to be proud of. I do not know how a man could hit a woman in any way, shape or form and justify it. It is just wrong.
Yussuf Daher
'Yussuf Daher' 1 year ago
it really is okay!!!
Crusty Nipple Cheez
This is what a primitive, un-evolved culture looks like.
'giggleherz' 1 year ago
I wish I was a female living in Pakistan so I could look forward to a good beating each morning from a perfect stranger. No wonder so many women set themselves on fire in that country it must be close to hell on earth. Pakistan should rename itself Isisstan
Frank Evans
'Frank Evans' 1 year ago
'Try beating me lightly.' Is that before or after burning me alive for not marrying the husband chosen for me?
S simba
'S simba' 1 year ago
Muslim husbands are permitted to beat their wives , quran says so.  Now see
Antonio Lombardi
'Antonio Lombardi' 1 year ago
so if someone lightly beasts you or even beats you then youshould kill them ????? aren't they just promoting murder....
'sorceroruk' 1 year ago
It's good to see religious parties in Pakistan being so sexually progressive. I hope soon they'll also be endorsing foot massages, role play, bondage and oral sex too. Of course whilst it's good to see women's sexual pleasure as the forefront of thinking there is no place for selfishness in a modern relationship so wives should take their turn by beating their husbands lightly too. S.x.
amit burnwal
'amit burnwal' 1 year ago
looking from a normal person's perspective it definitely seems who the hell says or brings such a advise so to say even in this era..........but on second thought as some instances in the vid says the Quran states or allows so..........wonder which side the Pakistani women will follow....modern ideology or Quran
Clover Vaira
'Clover Vaira' 1 year ago
I can't believe in the 21st century there would be a ruling that is so backward?! If it wasn't so potentially damaging, it would be laughable.
'ajdc88' 1 year ago
pakistani women are hot
True Raps
'True Raps' 1 year ago
hmm aj+ and BBC uploaded at the same time on the same topic? #illuminatiConfirmed
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