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Power of Nanotechnology Video #Blow Mind -
Published: 4 years ago By: Prabhjeet Kaptaan

By: Prabhjeet KaptaanPublished: 4 years ago

19, 027, 423 views

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Nanotechnology is the engineering of tiny machines and Here we provide you the best Nanotechnology-Powered Products in Market

Sujani Vemuri
'Sujani Vemuri' 5 days ago
'VJMV HVJ' 2 weeks ago
你 可以 用 你 放在 你 的 眼睛 的 全息 透镜 组成 的 全息 图. 你 把 特殊 透镜 放在 你 的 眼睛 像 你 与 定期 眼睛 视力 矫正 镜片 ............ 那 ... ... 这些 特殊 的 镜片 可以 弯曲 光线 (如 ︰ 图片 在 电视 上) 进入 你 的 眼睛, 你 可以 看到 在 3 尺寸, 图片 外 电视 (如 全息 图) 记得 那些 有色 的 眼镜, 你 用来 穿 在过去 当 你 去 电影院, 你 可以 看到 在 3 dimensios (, что картинка на экране фильма "выскакивает" из экрана). 你 可以 仍然 使用 相同 的 眼镜 类似 或 甚 至 更好 的 三维 效果, 用镜头. 这些 特殊 的 镜头, 看看 三维 (如 全息 图) 是 你 用来 穿上 的 有色 眼镜 迷你 版 看到 三维 (如 全息 图) 在 电影院. 换句话说, 你 放在 你 的 眼睛 而 不是 戴厚 眼镜 的 眼睛 视力 矫正 的 同一 镜头 可以 用于 使 全息 图. 如何? 前. 你 正在 看 电视. 然后 你 穿上 你 的 眼睛 (就像 你 使用 眼 矫正 视力 镜片) 的 特殊 镜头. 你 已经 放在你 眼前 这些 特殊 镜头 (ex.on 你 的 角膜) 可以 弯曲 光线 (如 ︰ 图片 在 电视) 以 特定 的 方式, 你 看到 的 图片 从 电视 的 "流行 音乐". 这些 特殊 的 镜片 可以 弯曲 光线 (如︰ 图片 在 电视 上) 进入 你 的 眼睛, 这样 你 可以 看到 3- 尺寸, 外面 电视 (如 全息 图) 中 的 图片.
Atomas channel
'Atomas channel' 2 weeks ago
where u get that
Hiren Patel
'Hiren Patel' 2 weeks ago
NANO ................I lIKE
'AngelHudaTV' 2 weeks ago
This comment section alone shows why the rest of the world hates westeners, racist and islamophobic comments wow.
Alba Fathan
'Alba Fathan' 3 weeks ago
so bad song
Gerardo Trujillo
'Gerardo Trujillo' 4 weeks ago
kkmn. bttrrrkl
Kyle Manning
'Kyle Manning' 4 weeks ago
An introduction is necessary to explain why a bunch of green stuff is splattering all over the place. Thumbs down. Sorry.
Partha Sarathi Mandal
tri jaya hp
'tri jaya hp' 1 month ago
this teroris music, fuck..
Malik Jalal Ud Din
'Malik Jalal Ud Din' 1 month ago
Anthony Barrett
'Anthony Barrett' 1 month ago
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Hahaha Nice Chanting bro
'Trizocbs' 2 months ago
Władca Wymiaru
'Władca Wymiaru' 2 months ago
Carboon nanotubes can go superconductivity?
praveen joshi
'praveen joshi' 2 months ago
this music feels like ISIS composed it .
Gauti 72
'Gauti 72' 2 months ago
Wade Lally
'Wade Lally' 2 months ago
but product itself is fucking awesome if only they make it cheap and easy to purchase for everyday people instead of being in money grubbing pricks they are and charging you 814 to have something small coded in it
Wade Lally
'Wade Lally' 2 months ago
yeah man I think about that shit a lot when I'm watching YouTube videos that's why I always turn the volume down when there's no commentary going
Blender lego
'Blender lego' 2 months ago
My mind just blew up
'nowitsabadtime' 2 months ago
This is powered by a White LED. White LED's are easy to spot since they emit a Purple light. White LED's are the cheapest to buy and very popular, yet they pose a health risk. The human eye is more used to a certain wavelength of light; approx 700-800 units--candlelight for example. White LED's come in at 300-400 units, which is extremely low for all living things. This low, unnatural light, 'disrupts' seratonin levels in the body, can cause cancer, and disrupt sleep. Stare at the default photo, and it will start giving you a headache/stomach ache. Be very careful around White LED's.
'طربوش '' 2 months ago
اللي جا من قناة فايق لايك
'BLACK WINGS' 2 months ago
Aaaah Musiiiic Vut iz diiiiiiis Fkn hell really annoying I got a headache 🤕
اسود السعوديه
القناه شكلها قناه عربيه من الاغنيه او الاهات
shahzaib akram
'shahzaib akram' 3 months ago
useing candel
Leslie Jones
'Leslie Jones' 3 months ago
And finally prince westburg is a genius
Leslie Jones
'Leslie Jones' 3 months ago
Also gtf over it
Leslie Jones
'Leslie Jones' 3 months ago
Bucky cell showers in hospital?
Dazo 1973
'Dazo 1973' 3 months ago
This tech has been around for more than a thousand years lol hense that's why the music ! Wake up!!
Sony Engineering Works
acoustic pressure seems not working .
'ArmyVet' 3 months ago
Amazing! Hairspray and wax do the same thing!!! Nanotechnology everywhere. It's a hydrophobic coating that you can buy at the dollar store... nanotechnology..
paul “hermaphrodite” hermpahrodite
i,ll kill the guy whos put that sucks music, are you muslim ??
'TheOriginalMakaaka' 4 months ago
Music reminds me of a flock of chickens scratching up the earth and pooping everywhere.
Bharpur Dahiya
'Bharpur Dahiya' 4 months ago
music is like that our world is at last stage
Random Mind
'Random Mind' 4 months ago
What is name of this think??
darrell Prince
'darrell Prince' 4 months ago
I'm not convinced, I need more proof!
'ruinsofanebula' 4 months ago
this isnt even nanotech its chem based its just a hydro-phobic based clear coat spray
Larry Monske
'Larry Monske' 4 months ago
waseem anbar
'waseem anbar' 4 months ago
go to the hell s o b fuck your nabi
Juju the Homs
'Juju the Homs' 4 months ago
Mr. Clean Approves
'Batlca' 4 months ago
i swear that music felt like having a building on my chest. once it stopped i felt a relief. it was like a brainwashing drill trying to get inside your head with you fighting back with everything you have.
Ryan Sorrell
'Ryan Sorrell' 4 months ago
where can I get this stuff
FUN of Technologies
'FUN of Technologies' 4 months ago
Yousaf Ghaznavi
'Yousaf Ghaznavi' 4 months ago
Somebody Bodysome
'Somebody Bodysome' 4 months ago
so where are those bending displays today?
Rodri Fus
'Rodri Fus' 4 months ago
dat music of shit !
Tariq Kazmi
'Tariq Kazmi' 4 months ago
may its work better than egyptian mummies technic
Sully Main
'Sully Main' 4 months ago
what sorcery is this?
Peter Campbell
'Peter Campbell' 4 months ago
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Portgas D. Ace
'Portgas D. Ace' 4 months ago
'Sirius' 4 months ago
Now you can nano coat your knife so the infidel's blood doesn't stain it when you cut off their head.
'derp80808' 4 months ago
Music is not Allahu Akbar you idiots
'derp80808' 4 months ago
You all are harassing Muslims for saying Allahu Akbar. The Muslims are angry and turned to terrorist. So don't say Allahu Akbar for harassing Muslims.
'derp80808' 4 months ago
Allahu Akbar is not funny. Who is your god?
gowtham prabakaran
'gowtham prabakaran' 4 months ago
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Rajesh Chaudhari
'Rajesh Chaudhari' 4 months ago
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prashanth sunny
'prashanth sunny' 4 months ago
That BG score was so creepy
lijia zhao
'lijia zhao' 4 months ago
This is how to do? I want to learn how to do。cool
Humanity exe
'Humanity exe' 4 months ago
wait that paper thing might happen? :o
Basil Alzubaydi
'Basil Alzubaydi' 4 months ago
That chanting is fucking annoying. What made you think it's appropriate for this video?
Paulosutty Abraham
'Paulosutty Abraham' 4 months ago
Nano or by any means of tech cut the music ...horrible
'GrandPrince' 4 months ago
Somebody get rid of those mad scientists before they mess up the actual world.
'Calbodacious314' 4 months ago
what if.....that music was implanting stuff in our mind by the government and the video was just a distraction.
'Calbodacious314' 4 months ago
what if.....that music was implanting stuff in our mind and the video was just a distraction.
Jim Gagne
'Jim Gagne' 5 months ago
OK, I'm really serious here, and not being a pervert . Just trying to think out side the box. ....Think about this for a second, If you put this shit on your dick,.... This could be the cure for all sexually transmitted deceases . If some asshole that has wort's ,herpes , goner-ea , aids , syphilis , Zeke, or some other dick rotting disease, puts this shit on his tiny inch high one eye, he won't infect your cheating lying whore of a wife ,then you won't divorce her, cause you won't know that bitch cheated, and she won't find some other asshole and infect him with some shit, and then,he will not be the frigging scum that cheats on his dumb frigid wife that stopped fucking him ten years ago ("cause he changed"' "Whatever" ) and then scrog your super hot horny cheating girlfriend and so on, and so on. And then there will be no more disease and we can all go fuck ourselves until the cow's come home. and we'll live happily ever after having sex and betraying each others trust but not having broken dicks and pussies due to other assholes that only care about themselves. ..........Or you could just jerk off to hot chicks on you-tube , hoping the frigid wife doesn't wake up , belittling you as the spineless fraction of a man that you once were, then, thanking god your dick isn't green. cause your a pussy and won't cheat on her even though she doesn't fuck you anymore ,..........mmmm Was this my inside voice?
Bms TV
'Bms TV' 5 months ago
What song
don trachefski
'don trachefski' 5 months ago
Scott D
'Scott D' 5 months ago
that music is from an isis propaganda video.
Samay Jangid
'Samay Jangid' 5 months ago
wtf was that background sound !@#$%^*()_+
Darin Attard
'Darin Attard' 5 months ago
It`s power for control, well done!
Mansur Ali
'Mansur Ali' 5 months ago
can u put another music
jack jack
'jack jack' 5 months ago
muuuussiiiic wattaafaaaak thoght it was a vid about making bombs lmao
The Unknown
'The Unknown' 5 months ago
Uhh you know this is only hydrophobia right?
Aby Gonzalee
'Aby Gonzalee' 5 months ago
The video its good but why that song is like war music
romain julien
'romain julien' 5 months ago
Quelle musique de merde !
'iTxip' 5 months ago
That its just a surface treatment, nothing high tech about it
Yandere Cotton
'Yandere Cotton' 5 months ago
Imagine being sprayed by this like imagine taking a shower or something the water and stuff would just slide off
Yandere Cotton
'Yandere Cotton' 5 months ago
b-boy wan
'b-boy wan' 5 months ago
I like this video.. Muslim here.. Allahu Akbar..
Halverd Schit
'Halverd Schit' 5 months ago
I'm gonna prank a painter with this product 😬😈😈
Veogenix Dyne
'Veogenix Dyne' 5 months ago
turn the fucking music off shitcunt
srikar patil
'srikar patil' 5 months ago
change the back ground music man
Prince Westerburg
'Prince Westerburg' 5 months ago
They should treat computer keyboards with this stuff!
Abhijith AJS
'Abhijith AJS' 5 months ago
Shitty music
Leoz Malloy
'Leoz Malloy' 6 months ago
I thought the music was peaceful
Thomas Paternostro
'Thomas Paternostro' 6 months ago
Never wet
Humore te Vjetra Shqip
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'Syntox09' 6 months ago
shit allaah music
Kevin Dolan
'Kevin Dolan' 6 months ago
mind blown
Did Isis make this fucking video? So bloody depressing wow . I want to go slit my wrists
Masti Time
'Masti Time' 6 months ago
Martin Brandt
'Martin Brandt' 6 months ago
is this in the future or is it available now or is it a pipe dream. where can one get it. vague and kak music
Plumberman Jones
'Plumberman Jones' 6 months ago
What was the music for the 1st three and a half minutes of video. Was it by that old 60's group The Monk.....eys !!!! It sounded like it was recorded in a monestry.
OliveraSemFolha 1
'OliveraSemFolha 1' 6 months ago
jorge gay
'jorge gay' 6 months ago
putting it on shoes
sherif zedan
'sherif zedan' 6 months ago
i am a Muslim and the Islamic music in the video is fucking annoying. i had to mute it
'nathanfm' 6 months ago
So what happens when it gets on your hands? How do you wash it off?
tonmoy sharif
'tonmoy sharif' 6 months ago
such a creepy sound muslim people ..
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