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What Is This Martian Lake Doing In Canada?! -
Published: 3 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 3 months ago

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What on Earth? | Tuesdays 9p
Experts investigate a seemingly alien lake, that may reveal secrets about Martian life.
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'Neelimaglory' 2 days ago
WooooooooooooooooOoooooooooooooooooW So many secrets Our Blue Planet holds!
Gerald Giles
'Gerald Giles' 2 days ago
More native bull shit
Unclean Angel
'Unclean Angel' 2 days ago
".. it could contain Martian life" Whoa.. That's where I say STOP. I call bullshit on this theory; We don't know what kind of life (if any exists) is on Mars.
'abJominations' 3 days ago
Smell A LOT of BULLSHIT. (You know the reference 😉)
marcy devos
'marcy devos' 3 days ago
Maybe Tyr-Anni put it there. 🍁
King Smith
'King Smith' 4 days ago
M Whitelaw
'M Whitelaw' 4 days ago
Spotted lakes in Canada and Washington? Go figure It was all covered in ice that was thousands of feet thick. The whole area of the northwest is still geologically active
Wool Verigne
'Wool Verigne' 4 days ago
Stupid editing Stupid writing Stupid narration Stupid music Stupid title Apart from that, it was alright.
Bass Ackwards
'Bass Ackwards' 4 days ago
Water from the Rockies? Haha There is no water from the Rockies there. The Okanagan Highlands are on the western edge of the Columbia Range, the Rockies lie to the east of the Columbia Range.
'ChefGiovanni' 5 days ago
What on Earth? This was funny.
'EnderBorn' 6 days ago
Having mad subnautica vibes
get money
'get money' 1 week ago
Earth is flat with a dome Mars doesn't exist
No Name
'No Name' 1 week ago
>"""""science""""" channel
Free Man
'Free Man' 1 week ago
Its possible that that last statement hasno scientific foundation what so ever. Its possible i might not believe anything from this clip except what the indian said.
'Banzai' 1 week ago
zico santiago
'zico santiago' 1 week ago
Please watt dose mar got to do with the lake, pushing ideas that dose not make sense.
'Hannodb1961' 1 week ago
There is no such thing as "martian lakes". The only lakes in the solar system other than Earth is on Titan
Lane Nicholson
'Lane Nicholson' 1 week ago
Legend has it there is a hole that if you stay under the water long enough it will heal you of anything.
Dan Han
'Dan Han' 2 weeks ago
it just looks like a big piece of shit pond
'sarge27271' 2 weeks ago
Silly goose, it's Devon Island.
Chris Bentley
'Chris Bentley' 2 weeks ago
Triptophobia trigger
Jonathan Parchmont
'Jonathan Parchmont' 2 weeks ago
So its volcanic and the holes are created by sulfate gas escaping? So is there a magma chamber near by or below?
Stu Pididiot
'Stu Pididiot' 2 weeks ago
I lived a few miles from this lake in Okanagan Falls. Beautiful pools of colors in the mid summer months. The lake bottom is very mucky.
Grischa _
'Grischa _' 2 weeks ago
"Science Channel" Circles with healing power. Riiiight.
'QuarterMan88' 2 weeks ago
Fukn Indians think they know everything... ;) lol Is there anything more threatening to western civilization then traditional Indegenous knowledge? Thats why you gotta kill or corrupt the smart ones.
Franky Vielle
'Franky Vielle' 2 weeks ago
I bet all heath problems can be found in the natural world. But with all the shit we do to it, we maybe the earths health problem.
donald trump
'donald trump' 2 weeks ago
a big puddle
'icelineman' 2 weeks ago
On the farm we call this a salt pan slough.
Acid totoy
'Acid totoy' 2 weeks ago
'halburd1' 2 weeks ago
yes but when is the estimated time we can pollute this thing properly!
Martiny EL LOCCO
'Martiny EL LOCCO' 2 weeks ago
Big Rock
'Big Rock' 2 weeks ago
Nothin just chillin
'DD826' 2 weeks ago
Indians make this shit up every time they need something.
Blu Rox22 Js5
'Blu Rox22 Js5' 3 weeks ago
what about VD what hole cures VD 😨
'druidboy76' 3 weeks ago
Science channel my ass. 1) there are no lakes on Mars. Anywhere. At all. 2) just because a place on earth has minerals similar to those on mars doesn’t make it anything like being Martian.
Not Sure
'Not Sure' 3 weeks ago
0:16 "So, If you have warts, you might go to one to heal." *So, that's the one with the sulfuric acid?*
'bugsz1' 3 weeks ago
Do you have science on your Science Channel?
F Dannn
'F Dannn' 3 weeks ago
This lake clearly has herpes.
William Hanifen
'William Hanifen' 3 weeks ago
Each circle has its own brand of bullshit.
William Hanifen
'William Hanifen' 3 weeks ago
What's with the martian bullshit? Leave Mars out of it.
Daniel Price
'Daniel Price' 3 weeks ago
They must have asked nicely and said thank you for it. Simple manners, America.
'PutBoy' 3 weeks ago
If anyone can explain what the fuck this has to do with mars I'd be happy.
'Crazy'z Mod'z' 3 weeks ago
good shit.
Robert Sanchez
'Robert Sanchez' 3 weeks ago
What a moron
First Last
'First Last' 3 weeks ago
It has 365 pools?
'L G' 3 weeks ago
I think its cool.
Andrew Smyth
'Andrew Smyth' 3 weeks ago
Click bait
Meme Star
'Meme Star' 3 weeks ago
2:24 so your telling me a body of water contains life my whole life was a lie
'matycee' 4 weeks ago
what a load of crap
'Blakelikesfood' 4 weeks ago
Video is comical garbage. Lake is interesting, yet healing powers, Mars and found in the water!!! Wow! No way!
Christopher Ellis
'Christopher Ellis' 4 weeks ago
So now there are Lakes on Mars! This is just an ordinary salt lake, found all over the planet,this planet, where all the water hangs out. Stupid Yanks!
raymond wolfe
'raymond wolfe' 4 weeks ago
Its called life... evolution!...
Jeff Goldbloom
'Jeff Goldbloom' 4 weeks ago
That old guy had gauges
'loszhor' 4 weeks ago
Very cool!
Elevating Dreams
'Elevating Dreams' 4 weeks ago
Or maybe earth is turning into Mars slowly that lake being the starting point.👽
King Zayuhh
'King Zayuhh' 4 weeks ago
I'm Canadian!
Frank the Philistine
Water is self healing..water is life..
Matthew Cantor
'Matthew Cantor' 4 weeks ago
Trypophobia lake
marrues ham
'marrues ham' 4 weeks ago
Ill give a million dollars to the person that can compare that to a part of the human body
Sucio Menace
'Sucio Menace' 4 weeks ago
cough cough *FUCKING BULLSHIT MATE* cough
Jesse Cruz
'Jesse Cruz' 4 weeks ago
Lmfao😂 it's just a fucking lake .. chill
Ihazdapuncake :p
'Ihazdapuncake :p' 4 weeks ago
How about instead of going to a circle in a river go to a doctor
Tyler Nass
'Tyler Nass' 4 weeks ago
This video took such a fucking turn going from woah the first Nations people were kinda right that some cool minerals are in the lake to OH FUCK MARTIANS ARE SWIMMING IN CANADA
Lyubomir Ikonomov
'Lyubomir Ikonomov' 4 weeks ago
The content of the sample is low on Sci, it is totally contaminated with Fi. After little processing it breaks down easily into Bu(2) + Lsh(4) + It(2)
HypePanda Gaming
'HypePanda Gaming' 1 month ago
Trypophobia lake
james nichols
'james nichols' 1 month ago
can't trust these hoes.
'EuropeWho' 1 month ago
'Dirk' 1 month ago
If you go look on Google Maps, it shows where the Okanagan Lake stops, the Mountains follow a crevice which I believe a man-made canal, with farms on the sides, goes straight for Osoyoos Lake, B.C.. Then, surrounding the town, Osoyoos B.C., there seems to be man-made reservoirs, but I can't pinpoint the exact location where this "No stream In or Out" Lake may be. Fun Fact Osoyoos Lake is split between Canada and U.S.A. Anyone able to pinpoint this on a map?
Michael Coulter
'Michael Coulter' 1 month ago
"Martian Style pools" Really? There are no surface pools on Mars, ffs! The air resource is so low, surface water "boils" away, despite the low temperatures. How in the almighty FUCK do these yahoo's dare name their channel the "Science Channel"?
Aviaire Madden
'Aviaire Madden' 1 month ago
The lake could be half of the moon I mean come on compare the holes in the lake to the moon plus we never know especially if we've never seen the other side of the moon or if it could've fallen years before man was on earth
Nikerianda Ike12345
'Nikerianda Ike12345' 1 month ago
OMG alien has come to earth😱😱😱😱😱😱
nikhil nair
'nikhil nair' 2 months ago
what about cancer
'Baconlaymedown' 2 months ago
The hole disturbs me soooo much.
'Nom' 2 months ago
I hate how scientists over think the most obvious shit
Lane Stewart
'Lane Stewart' 2 months ago
It looks like oil and vinegar Together
'Shawnaldo75' 3 months ago
Cool lake, but this video is dumb as fuck. Has nothing to do with Mars. There are no lakes on Mars. It's not mind blowing that a lake in the middle of Canada has organisms in it.
the okanagan is in washington.
CPT. Radec Of the 81st Helghast Brigade
Damn these under knowledged natives
John Doe
'John Doe' 3 months ago
This show sucks
Ankur Kini
'Ankur Kini' 3 months ago
Canadian Lazarus Pit
'chubeviewer' 3 months ago
salts do have healing powers
KAT Erwhall
'KAT Erwhall' 3 months ago
Why do we look to the stars when our own backyard is still mostly undiscovered?
Nix Dorf
'Nix Dorf' 3 months ago
The bullishit level is strong in this video.
Serendipitous Love
'Serendipitous Love' 3 months ago
Trypophobia ftw
Lemons Rage
'Lemons Rage' 3 months ago
I hate it when ppl create mysteries out of something usual or plausible. It is a goddamn lake where the melting water of snow and ice concentrats minerals.
potter harry
'potter harry' 3 months ago
watch movies online for free full movie 2017/2018 Just in your PC
Haytham Magdi
'Haytham Magdi' 3 months ago
Unsub.... bullshit channel!
'MeJoho' 3 months ago
I like to dislike videos.
kush Heights
'kush Heights' 3 months ago
Why these people comparing Mars with hurt when they never leave the planet and go to a next planet these scientists just took one bag of Bullshit the Earth is so massive there is place on Earth where it is unknown to man man still searching and you know the type of man keep searching that black people only white man keep on searching what they are searching for only God He Knows
kush Heights
'kush Heights' 3 months ago
Did man really leave Earth and go out of space did man really go to moon in real life when man go to Mars how man know that Mars have a name when man leave Earth and go out of space I would want someone to tell me if NASA really telling people the truth that they leave Earth and go out of space
'BioCyberNaught' 3 months ago
SPOILER: the lake is not martian.
kevbo swed
'kevbo swed' 3 months ago
This is just outside the city osoyoos in BC, you can see it when you drive by in the highway. I have always been fascinated by it since I was a kid. I really had no idea it was that significant and rare. I drove by it a few days ago, the water is pretty high at this point and doesn't have as much definition as it does in the summer, but it is still really cool and odd. I personally wouldn't say it is a lake in length it is probably 200 meters long and 50 metres wide. On my way back next week I will actually pull over and take a close look at it for the first time. Surprisingly it's not as big of a deal as this video is making it out to be, but I haven't done extensive research mainly due to me not knowing it was significant at all really. From being from a small town it is really cool to see this on you tube. I also did not know anyone thinks that it has any healing abilities... I just thought it was a dirty big pond .
mex herr
'mex herr' 3 months ago
An asteroid must have hit that spot in the past... 👽👾
'sharpshiell' 3 months ago
well that was misleading
luciansalliance stargate
Fake news.
'SM96' 3 months ago
That lake and it's holes give me the heebie jeebies.
On The Green In Two
'On The Green In Two' 3 months ago
I was there and there was no healing powers. Another fake ....made up story. First Nations again making up shit...calling it spirits and healing land. Come on man!! Just look at the title and it's coming from a science channel.... Are you kidding me!
'twinkitten1' 3 months ago
Would we not be able to see life on the moon ? Isn't the moon closer to earth than Mars? Should you not get to the moon easier and quicker than Mars ? how come this hasn't happened, can't trees grow on the moon if they are said to be growing on Mars?And how come when ever you see the moon those crater holes are always in the same place ( isn't the moon a sphere ? doesn't it spin or rotate around? and if the sun is so far away how come when it is dark at night the moon and ALLL the stars visible emits light????? Hmmmmmmmmmmm so many questions so little time
Patrik Banek
'Patrik Banek' 3 months ago
'TRON KNOWS' 3 months ago
It's amazing how life thrives everywhere on Earth. Hopefully life thrives through out our solar system as well 👽
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