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Christie: 'No chance' Trump involved in reported Russia ties -
Published: 1 year ago By: Fox News

By: Fox NewsPublished: 1 year ago

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The New Jersey governor gives his take on 'Fox & Friends'

Pub Comrad
'Pub Comrad' 1 year ago
I don't think this is a fake news. It is a serious matter. If some allegations in the dossier are proven wrong, it does not mean the dossier is wrong. However, It takes only 1 allegation in the dossier to be truth to make it a credible document.
E Cooper
'E Cooper' 1 year ago
The intelligence should. Be fired for not reporting it to congress they are not responsible. To hold their. Positions. That they have and the other they are not professional at all the information should. Have been reported. To the democratic. Party immediately who failed. To report. The information. To the right party needs. To be fired they are not doing. Their. Job you are fired. You fail ed the American Constituents buy not reporting. This information. It is your responsibility.
E Cooper
'E Cooper' 1 year ago
Yes all this issue is just a lie to distract from. The real issue. That are effectively to selected people This is America. Russia is a distraction she just ask a stupid. Question. You know the People. Elected. Mr Trump. Build. The wall jobs jobs jobs that lead to career
'Freptboy' 1 year ago
Christie; no one cares about your opinion any more. Just mind the business of govern your state of New Jersey.
Riding Dirty In Oklahoma
Trump gave the liberal media a #goldenshower during his press conference #makeamericagreatagain
'MrGrownman455' 1 year ago
Wow that girl is yelling ? LOL Angry liberals ..
Sam Smith
'Sam Smith' 1 year ago
FACT: Christie sent Trump's daughter's father-in-law to prison!
Hussell James
'Hussell James' 1 year ago
Unfortunately they'll make it harder to get pills & just push more kids toward dope. I used to think they were against that. When they finally drop their illegal "War on Drugs" (the one tobacco, alcohol, & pharmaceutical companies pay $BILLIONS$ to finance i.e. wage against you) the price of pills will drop to their fair market value..the free market does it again kids!!! Although then there would be no problem left for the government to solve... & that's their problem. Btw I obviously don't believe you care about the deaths... look up the stats and find one that you can impact without filling prisons & ruining more lives than the drugs themselves... The obesity epidemic for example. Also stop incentivizing single moms through welfare programs & the number of drug addicts will drop exponentially, but Christie knows all that. Thx
Hot Rockin Ronny
'Hot Rockin Ronny' 1 year ago
I'm sick of all the russian thugs and trump FOLLOWERS for attempting to interfere with and destroy our democracy.
'J.L' 1 year ago
Fake news are from the leftist media.
DB Cisco
'DB Cisco' 1 year ago
Sad that the CIA and FBI get their 'top secret intel sources' from 4CHAN
'GiMarie' 1 year ago
Reince they shouldn't just be 'ashamed of themselves' but be held accountable and sued big time!!
'Veremetrix' 1 year ago
Stop the CIA from growing the poppies in Afghanistan, cultivating them and flying them out to the rest of the world on C-130's. They bring it in get people addicted then they're arrested and jailed. Good for business. CIA makes $$ for black ops and the prison industrial complex fills up their vacancies. It's all a scam. Now, people who are in real pain don't get relief because of this phenominon and the "NEW" Meme that pain meds lead to heroin use. Yea on the black market, because heroin is much less expensive than pain meds. This has all been done on purpose. I just had full hip replacement and have complications with tendons ripping off my bones, but no pain meds because of the FDA rules and pressure on doctors. The CIA is at total fault for this debacle. That's the real truth.
'xyndey' 1 year ago
christy is cool.
'DanSk451' 1 year ago
Go lay by your dish Chris.
Genda Minoru
'Genda Minoru' 1 year ago
WTF is the matter with these pink people?  Surely someone other than Soros can hire them.  They don't want Trump jobs, else they should have to work.
One time I saw Donald "Golden Shower" Trump pissing all over Chris Christie's fat belly. And he can't get a job from him. Boo Hoo.
'Avirosb' 1 year ago
Chris has been gaining weight as of late.
Thomas Homewood
'Thomas Homewood' 1 year ago
Fox News is incredibly bias! report the facts Fox! crooked Trump! lock him up! Drain the swamp!
Thomas Homewood
'Thomas Homewood' 1 year ago
amazing how Fox news asked Obama for birth certificate for 8 years.. Defends Trump hidden tax returns.. hypocrisy 101.. Pee pee president Trump #goldenshower.. nothing to hide? release Taxes traitor Trump
Thomas Homewood
'Thomas Homewood' 1 year ago
Christie lied and was charged last year! why believe him? I forgot this is fake news Fox.. Trump release Taxes now!
'icemaneu' 1 year ago
No KKK, no BLM, no retard leftist communist idiots!
'craxd1' 1 year ago
The entire story came from a posting of "fan fiction" on 4chan, which is what it reads like, and was handed over to the CIA by McCain via Wilson, according to what is being reported. The ones who are responsible for writing it have supposedly verified it. Buzzfeed and CNN have opened themselves up for a huge libel suit, along with everyone else involved in reporting it.
The Uncannie1
'The Uncannie1' 1 year ago
The Disease is and has been the agenda of Big Pharma. They are the drug pushers in this country and around the world. Big pharma ONLY treats symptoms, make the most money off of the oxycontin sales. My husband died fron that drug. Big Pharma is the culprit!
Copper Fit
'Copper Fit' 1 year ago
Defamation of Character...Sue these liars..Saying things that is not true.,..Especially the news media.
Mykill Myers
'Mykill Myers' 1 year ago
why do you need 17 agencies? just have 2 and its enough
Irina Quintero
'Irina Quintero' 1 year ago
He needs to drain the swamp for real and PRONTO!!!!
lyn ells
'lyn ells' 1 year ago
Nothing but MORE LIES from the total CORRUPT LYING DESTRUCTIVE ESTABLISHMENT TRAITOROUS democRAT TOILET TROLL MEDIA MORON HACKS, their BRAIN DEAD MORONS and I'm betting the democRATS behind this PACK of LIES DONE to UNDERMINE President elect Mr. Trump and his presidency !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like the LYING democRAT ASS Sen. Booker and his pack of COW DUNG LIES against Sen. Sessions and President elect Mr.Trump !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The democRATS LIES, DESTRUCTION, RACISM, DIVISION and OBSTRUCTION as their normal mode of operation...tell FAKE what you want to hear and FAKE NEWS from the democRATS' FAKE NEWS outlets too !
'2B' 1 year ago
Of course he had no ties... Duhhh...
Elke Summer
'Elke Summer' 1 year ago
The only reason the LEFT is bringing up RUSSIA so much is because they want to AVOID the MAIN CRIME within the DNC!! The MURDER of SETH RICH for LEAKING those EMAILS!!!
'MrsSherry' 1 year ago
We live in an age of false narratives and too many gullible citizens that are being exploited for nefarious means
Americano Coffee
'Americano Coffee' 1 year ago
Everything was good UNTIL Christie said '....drug addiction is a disease! Sorry bud, it is and always will be a choice !!! Sad to hear this crap
'Shasha8674' 1 year ago
Americans are Celiac...gluten stimulates the opioid receptors like Heroin so they crave it and sugar is like cocaine to the brain. Fix the Celiac and people would have no desired to use drugs and would not need painkillers which don't let the body heal. No gluten may help intestines heal and then more nutrients absorb and health issues may heal fast. Tests may not work to diagnose Celiac and doctor ignore it except Alternative doctors/chiropractors etc in natural health help. Cyrex labs may help diagnose Celiac, but best is to not eat gluten (wheat/barley/rye..oats/corn/ grains...and then watch health issues heal. Rehab may not help since they are not treating the root cause Celiac usually. LDN helps block the opioid receptors and hidden gluten and can be taken daily and even while pregnant.
Fortified Fortresses
He needs to drain swamp at intelligence agencies too. Terrible. We the people are losing more and more confidence in our government. Hopefully trump can get American people to trust again.
Teresa Young
'Teresa Young' 1 year ago
I bet that Trump even paid for electoral votes as well, and I do believe that he is being blackmailed or something else like business with Russia, all anyone had to do is read between the lines, he has been blowing it into our faces. Toxic Trump, "Making Corruption Great Again".
anton chigurh
'anton chigurh' 1 year ago
Christie is the guy Trump is refering to. ....the 400 lb guy hacking in New Jersey from his bed. He did it.
'DeepState' 1 year ago
Operation Mockingbird is back with a variation of CIA/MSM Agenda. Trump should call a new inquiry on leaked intelligence to the MSM, before the President. That calls for a inquiry on the MEDIA and CIA.
cindy jones
'cindy jones' 1 year ago
any time I hear them talk about the country's drug addicts I hear how much more their going to tie my doctors hands on helping people like me that actually need help. I have Lupus, 2 blown discs and other back problems from wreck..And chronic kidney disease, other chronic health problems, and only 50 and feel like I'm waiting to die and life feels like it's not worth living. I don't believe in suicide. I pray for the Lord to heal me or take me out of here and rake me to heaven. This is no way to live in constant pain and barely able to stand a few minutes at a time. The people that abuse drugs make life miserable for those of use that need meds just to be able to have a better quality of life. The gov is so worried they don't care about the people they leave suffering. I cry daily several times a day and every night because its depressing to be this young and want to be able to go out and do normal things and know if I tried to how miserable I would be for doing the simple little things like going to the store. There are thousands more like me . I'm trying to vent for all of us . that wasn't my original plan. just happened that way. nobody seems to be thinking about us while their protecting drug abusers their slowly killing people that need the medicines to be able live a life without living a life of nothing but pain and praying for death or healing as I do. if I knew I wouldn't burn in hell I'd end my love fe rather than spend my days in physical pain all the time. its torture and its no way to live and the government telling doctors they can't help patients like me. I'm sure lots of people like me pray to die or for healing due to their doctors hands being tied together by the government. I vented. survey time who else feels like I do?
Ginna Blackford
'Ginna Blackford' 1 year ago
I am glad to see Governor Christie back.
Gary Duarte
'Gary Duarte' 1 year ago
The media gets their asses handed to them by Trump every time they ask stupid questions.
Deborah Delario
'Deborah Delario' 1 year ago
I'm with Jorge! Get out creeps! Hold your peace. GOD BLESS Jorge!
'Grand1Admiral' 1 year ago
The story has been proven made up by a 4chan troller.
ShockWave Outlawz
'ShockWave Outlawz' 1 year ago
Anyone & Everyone who supports Liberalism is supporting Child sex and murder trafficking
Christie being a neutral guy!! Loving it
ShockWave Outlawz
'ShockWave Outlawz' 1 year ago
Christy ruined his reputation when he sucked up to Obama a few years back...Obama Hillary Bill Podesta are huge members in the Pedophile Rape Murder and cannibalism Pedogate /Pizzagate club of sick elites that are not even human anylonger but demonic spirited devils..
'Gloomshadow100' 1 year ago
i got nothing against prostitution and dicking- down whores as long as you pay the bill.. whats the problem?
Medina Jay
'Medina Jay' 1 year ago
Is black lives matter still a thing? 😂
Richard Kucklinski
After listening to Obamas mastery of speaking and bone chilling speeches , I now just tried to listen to Trump field questions live on my TV .....My heart and appetite sunk. Gonna be a looooong 4 years😪
Flight of Stairs
'Flight of Stairs' 1 year ago
Fox News is the worst echo chamber ever
Kevin K
'Kevin K' 1 year ago
The main stream media is out of control and not accurately reporting anything to do with Trump. They should be checking every story they put out but they are only interested in smear tactics. They should be sued for every fake news story.
C Hauser
'C Hauser' 1 year ago
The leftist propaganda machine stoops to new lows. MSNBC reported it as 'unverified' implying that it may or may not be true. We all know it's a complete lie. CNN, MSNBC, Buzzfeed = fake news and their time is up.
SKYwalker 777
'SKYwalker 777' 1 year ago
Hope Fox does not stick to this unverified Buzzfeed BS! Why even debate this? Are Americans REALLY that gullible that they would believe rubbish like this? Then again, they DO believe in Zombies... 😲
Nature Girl
'Nature Girl' 1 year ago
+Gov Christie. +Fox News. Do you think we're idiots. It doesn't matter what's on YouTube or a lone website. Heck there are hundreds of channels about aliens on Earth. The problem isn't YouTube - it's the Yellow Journalism of NBC & CNN who cherry-picked something salacious that bashes Trump. Media has become High School. Only Fox News has news and grownups.
Gary M
'Gary M' 1 year ago
Obama's a pedophile
Ricky Becker
'Ricky Becker' 1 year ago
Right, he is still champion:)
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