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Dua Lipa - Be The One (Official Video) -
Published: 7 months ago By: Vevo

By: VevoPublished: 7 months ago

7, 251, 546 views

74, 380 Likes   2, 279 Dislikes

Dua Lipa – Be The One

The UK singer and songwriter’s latest video features American actor Ansel Elgort. Her previous tracks include “Hotter Than Hell” and “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)”

Director: Daniel Kaufman

Check out the Behind The Scenes:

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Colton Wolf
'Colton Wolf' 9 hours ago
I feel like this has an 80's ish feel, but like some Stranger Things vibes...
Arbenita Iseni
'Arbenita Iseni' 1 day ago
I am in love with this song👌👌
'Filo' 2 days ago
DUA, come to me pls
Allison K
'Allison K' 2 days ago
I LOVE this song. Now I can alternate music videos for the same song. ❤️❤️💋💋😉😉
arbnori asani
'arbnori asani' 2 days ago
Haynner Corrales
'Haynner Corrales' 4 days ago
dua eres lo mejor que llego, nuevo del pop.
Breana talley
'Breana talley' 7 days ago
that music video is scary
Gabriel Comley
'Gabriel Comley' 7 days ago
Lol i think im in love 😂
Peter Crawshaw
'Peter Crawshaw' 1 week ago
love this song.
Amra Kuluglic
'Amra Kuluglic' 1 week ago
Only one who came here bc of Ansel?
Patricia Okubo
'Patricia Okubo' 1 week ago
Dylan Andrés Molinares Mejia
who is listening this Masterpiece at june 2017? viva Dua Lipa 💋✨
Mery Mery
'Mery Mery' 2 weeks ago
amazing song..big like for albanian dua lipa 💖
Gracia Adel
'Gracia Adel' 2 weeks ago
I need her collab with Hailee 😍
Luma Costa
'Luma Costa' 2 weeks ago
Eu gostei do vídeo, esse e o primeiro são legais. Gosto dos dois e pronto! ^.^
M & M
'M & M' 2 weeks ago
😎😎😎 Video... ✌
tasya fiane
'tasya fiane' 2 weeks ago
Alen Goretic
'Alen Goretic' 2 weeks ago
Denis Kihiu
'Denis Kihiu' 2 weeks ago
ilove this one from kenya +254
Rizka Horan
'Rizka Horan' 2 weeks ago
when Indonesia heard "be the one". that will be "biduan" 😪😪😂
'gopapillon' 2 weeks ago
why is she always flying off in her videos
'MATTHEW' 2 weeks ago
I love you so
'Ashlee's Life!' 2 weeks ago
Guys, is it just me or somethings she looks like Rclbeauty101 aka Rachel!?
Albania.kosova. America . i love
🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰 suksese ne jet ma e mira
Kira Dunham
'Kira Dunham' 2 weeks ago
gus waters lololololololol
mick3y mawss
'mick3y mawss' 2 weeks ago
she is my favorite angel..
Rízia do Vale
'Rízia do Vale' 3 weeks ago
Toni Tambunan
'Toni Tambunan' 3 weeks ago
'Moh'd W' 3 weeks ago
She has absolutely fabulous voice
beni sports españa
'beni sports españa' 3 weeks ago
juanjo game youtbe 24h
José Torres
'José Torres' 3 weeks ago
Directed by David Lynch?
Këëndy Pëiretti
'Këëndy Pëiretti' 3 weeks ago
No entiendo. Dua ya tenia un video de esta cancion y era mejor que este :C
Romy Ray
'Romy Ray' 3 weeks ago
El otro video me gusto mucho más, este parece un comercial de autos, y porque a los directores les gusta tanto que Dua levite por los cielos? jajaja eso ni al caso
The evo craft
'The evo craft' 3 weeks ago
good job
khan konner
'khan konner' 3 weeks ago
why does she sing like she's a black girl smh blacks rule i see whites don't sing soulful music but it's ok blacks teach us everything.
'Joolee89' 3 weeks ago
"be the wumpy the wumpy the wumpy the wumpy the wumpy the wumpy the ooonnnee"
khan konner
'khan konner' 3 weeks ago
she trying to be rihanna 😒
Kailea Gallegos
'Kailea Gallegos' 3 weeks ago
Is that Augustus waters? Lmao 😂
Victor Chión
'Victor Chión' 3 weeks ago
Ivana Mitrovic
'Ivana Mitrovic' 3 weeks ago
she is a first!
'JamesJoyce12' 3 weeks ago
Her team has absolutely no clue why the first version of this video was so great and this one is soooo very weak.
Omar Waseen
'Omar Waseen' 3 weeks ago
guys don't you think the last video track of this is more interested than this one ? I see this just like it made for kids :|
Tj Reid
'Tj Reid' 4 weeks ago
Pimp that Ride...... Sang Girl.... Slaying......
Kavitha S Kumar
'Kavitha S Kumar' 4 weeks ago
She's so beautiful and equally talented! Such a mesmerising voice
Ubaid Khan
'Ubaid Khan' 4 weeks ago
I made her upset and now she's gone :(
Maddie Cooke
'Maddie Cooke' 4 weeks ago
Fantastic up and coming young lady dua lipa , I could blast this track all day all nite, my music tastes tastes MOTOWN AND NORTHERN SOUL . but this is an ace song and . love it
ela solmaz
'ela solmaz' 4 weeks ago
I think the first video clip was much better i mean this is so hollywood
Altina Kokollari
'Altina Kokollari' 4 weeks ago
Dua Lipa❤
Catalina Antir
'Catalina Antir' 4 weeks ago
Ansel Elgort <33
chathiyus o. Robeto
'chathiyus o. Robeto' 4 weeks ago
i love all of her songs
angie love
'angie love' 4 weeks ago
maldicion ya es una de ellos >:(
Alen Goretic
'Alen Goretic' 4 weeks ago
Patlola Sangamesh Patil
super cute
Valentina Riquelme
'Valentina Riquelme' 4 weeks ago
sounds like Rudimental 💕
Dua Lipa Turkey
'Dua Lipa Turkey' 4 weeks ago
Angelina dan Ahmad
'Angelina dan Ahmad' 4 weeks ago
Macdonald Kgobetsi
'Macdonald Kgobetsi' 4 weeks ago
One of my favourite tracks thus far..
Oscrack Cool
'Oscrack Cool' 4 weeks ago
quien mas la conoce por Martín garrix? xd
'Kristof980' 4 weeks ago
original vid is way better
Kunj Chauhan
'Kunj Chauhan' 4 weeks ago
this is the best song from her
ellenannie Rajput
'ellenannie Rajput' 4 weeks ago
<3 ur voice
Stuart Scott
'Stuart Scott' 4 weeks ago
Unbelievable! The incredible Dua Lipa! There's 2 reasons you should visit my channel, 1. Listen to my hit song written for the wonderful Dua and 2. How to make a puppy dance and DJ! Enjoy :)
Travis Coates
'Travis Coates' 1 month ago
She looks like a Popstar version of Lilly Collins great song and beautiful beautiful singer.
Heriyawan Heri
'Heriyawan Heri' 1 month ago
Victor Maldonado
'Victor Maldonado' 1 month ago
Be the one <3 yeei! perfect single! :3 I <3 U Dua
Phool Bano
'Phool Bano' 1 month ago
Cool I'm kinda her fan now
Sharifah Abdeen
'Sharifah Abdeen' 1 month ago
everytime i hear her sing its like i'm in a trance...and it feels damn good!!!
Ayelen De Clericci
'Ayelen De Clericci' 1 month ago
miguel cabezas
'miguel cabezas' 1 month ago
what, me gustaba el video anterior
Muhammad Nauval
'Muhammad Nauval' 1 month ago
Brie Christina
'Brie Christina' 1 month ago
is anyone here because of forever 21? lol
Tabitha Burns
'Tabitha Burns' 1 month ago
Love it!
Heriyawan Heri
'Heriyawan Heri' 1 month ago
Woooow. Amazing
Manuella Music ღ
'Manuella Music ღ' 1 month ago
karo ali
'karo ali' 1 month ago
iloved duaaaaaaaaaa
'ctrmagnum' 1 month ago
only 67k likes? what the fuck
Cynthia Seetayah
'Cynthia Seetayah' 1 month ago
When you realize it was uploaded on your birthday day. OK NOW IGNORE THIS COMMENT
daria chądzyńska
'daria chądzyńska' 1 month ago
kto z polski d
Weldi Parenggean
'Weldi Parenggean' 1 month ago
wooww 😱😱😱😊😊😊
oriana escalona
'oriana escalona' 1 month ago
Lo ame gente q hable español reportese
Adventure Time with Jake No Finn
Ive a date with the lovely Dua Lipa at Birmingham Pride in less than 2 weeks, SO EXCITED. :D
klara koll
'klara koll' 1 month ago
klara koll
'klara koll' 1 month ago
i love dua lipa  :)
Gob Lok
'Gob Lok' 1 month ago
Bagus banget
'OLENG RADITYA29' 1 month ago
good boyy
Fefe adtya pratama new reall
good like
Ilona Edria Santa
'Ilona Edria Santa' 1 month ago
iklan mobil yaa :(
Gian Breagumel
'Gian Breagumel' 1 month ago
OMG la amoooo que hermosa que es <3 <3 <3
Hope Torres
'Hope Torres' 1 month ago
ansel a really good actor and she has an amazing voice so there a perfect combination
Camila Muñoz
'Camila Muñoz' 1 month ago
She is beatiful 😍
Di Duckers
'Di Duckers' 1 month ago
I know that you can get a chance
drakemade _meh
'drakemade _meh' 1 month ago
You and MØ! One of a kind♥️
Voice & M
'Voice & M' 1 month ago
..:( ^__^ ):..
Chris Dawson
'Chris Dawson' 1 month ago
Thank you Mr Lipa for giving us Dua.
Sandra Berg
'Sandra Berg' 1 month ago
faliraki 2016
Gyenes Attila
'Gyenes Attila' 1 month ago
Pina van,pina van,pina van,pina van,pina vaaan.. :D
wew wew
'wew wew' 1 month ago
the original video is waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy better
Alex Horn
'Alex Horn' 2 months ago
Я влюбился!
Diva Matulessy
'Diva Matulessy' 2 months ago
Gape Kgosi
'Gape Kgosi' 2 months ago
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