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Play Doh cute Bears discover a funny cat😍 in a stop motion adventure -
Published: 3 months ago By: Happy Bears & Friends

By: Happy Bears & FriendsPublished: 3 months ago

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The cute Bears follow the footprints of a estrange animal. Big surprise!! they find a little cat and make some selfies.
Enjoy the Cute Little Bears adventures and discover the birth of a chicken. A funny Play Doh stop motion animations. You can see some toys and playsets in the videos, like Sylvanian Families. A funny stop motion animation for kids, family friendly and educational.

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Ale Ali Tinguri
'Ale Ali Tinguri' 3 months ago
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'Superdoh' 3 months ago
How old is the cat?
Ella S
'Ella S' 3 months ago
'alicefung62' 3 months ago,
P Gar
'P Gar' 3 months ago
Awesome!!! cute little cat
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