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Thermite Burns Hotter Than Molten Lava | Street Science -
Published: 3 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 3 months ago

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Street Science | Wednesdays 10p
The Street Science team investigate the explosive qualities of thermite.
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Sam Rocker
'Sam Rocker' 1 month ago
Anyone from Rainbow Six Siege?
Crazy Asian
'Crazy Asian' 2 months ago
There is no such thing as molten lava, because lava is already molten. You should have called it Lava or Molten Rock. You should know more English.
Extramitn  YT
'Extramitn YT' 3 months ago
Who's Watching this in 2018
Ben L
'Ben L' 3 months ago
Isnt lava by definition molten rock that comes from a volcano? So why are they talking about molten lava(molten molten rock)??
elite 1017
'elite 1017' 3 months ago
how bout global warming?
'joho0' 3 months ago
90% of what comes out of an Etch-A-Sketch are small polystyrene beads. The aluminum powder makes up a tiny fraction and can be easily separated.
Alexîs On Fire
'Alexîs On Fire' 3 months ago
Nice Breaking Bad stuff right here.
'CO EH' 3 months ago
THERMITE USED ON 9/11! Absolute Proof Explosives Controlled Demolition of Towers & Building 7! Professor Niels Harrit Claims Nano Thermite and Controlled Demolition on 9/11
'imkindahungry04364' 3 months ago
But can it burn Minecraft at 60 fps?
Austin CraftHS
'Austin CraftHS' 3 months ago
39th! Uh, thought was the fucking wood eater
'biro24' 3 months ago
This is what was found in the remains of the twin towers 😐😐
Eugene. L
'Eugene. L' 3 months ago
breaking bad
number 22 goyyito
'number 22 goyyito' 3 months ago
Oh yeah!.. This was used in the twin towers that President Bush used to get rid of the evidence
Mr. Doggo
'Mr. Doggo' 3 months ago
Now explain why Hibana is picked more often then
Stephen Fairbanks
'Stephen Fairbanks' 3 months ago
Got a lite ?
Prince Vegeta
'Prince Vegeta' 3 months ago
"A big hole coming right up"
'Lokpyrite' 3 months ago
Ohhh..Beer and Thermite, good idea
'rhago32' 3 months ago
Kinda disappointed by the clip. Big lead up ended eith a fizzle.
Bro Brah
'Bro Brah' 3 months ago
Ooo i know i know, try it on structural beams that support a building!!!!
Firebreath 87
'Firebreath 87' 3 months ago
Rainbow six anyone
Bad Man Skill
'Bad Man Skill' 3 months ago
NanoThermite was found on 9/11. Is this why molten metal was seen by numerous firefighters? And why the towers continued to burn for 3 months under water? But jet fuel and office fires don't burn that hot, or for that long. Hmm. Oh well. Let's not think too much. I'm sure it was nothing like 'Operation Northwoods'. Time to go back to sleep.
Georgiou Nieves
'Georgiou Nieves' 3 months ago
I'm horny
'Psilocyb' 3 months ago
I seriously feel bad for whoever is funding this. The people hosting the show clearly have no knowledge and no personality to add to the production. Pretty much every video I've seen has been incredibly disappointing and anticlimactic. These could easily be made by one guy with a minimum wage job. It's almost like they know they have a large budget and long contract so they intentionally make incredibly shitty boring videos just to piss in someones face. Idk. Point is this entire venture is an embarrassing waste and the guy with the insufferable beard is an absolute joke who needs to be fired immediately.
kelvin lor
'kelvin lor' 3 months ago
'ItsZander' 3 months ago
I'm familiar with this, I watch Grant Thompson
'YB90Gaming' 3 months ago
Try it on a bank vault
'EmoNemo' 3 months ago
I love science! !!!
Kerry Boone
'Kerry Boone' 3 months ago
This is trash fuck this show just do the shit like backyard scientist does. Just say don't do this at home and blow shit up. This shit is way over produced fuck the bullshit just get to the point
'IDonT GoTAGuN' 3 months ago
R6 Thermite mains (Heavy Breathing)
'truejtm' 3 months ago
Now that's, *hot!*
blue Sunset
'blue Sunset' 3 months ago
The Anti-Christ
'The Anti-Christ' 3 months ago
_"But Jet Fuel can't melt steel beams"_
'CrazyOnTheInside '' 3 months ago
'dudeeric12' 3 months ago
'matrixrss' 3 months ago
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