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Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Search On Google -
Published: 5 months ago By: MostAmazingTop10

By: MostAmazingTop10Published: 5 months ago

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Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Search On Google. Yes we did create a list of things you should never Google and it's for a very good reason. They can be gross and terrifying and you will never stop thinking about what you just saw and heard. So here is the list of the Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Search On Google

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Sasha Wood

Jack Krasny
'Jack Krasny' 1 day ago
2 girls, one cup?
k king
'k king' 4 days ago
never google justin beaber
'WhackRappers' 1 week ago
the clusters of holes gives me goosebumps. creepy but I don't know why haha
'jdvr' 1 week ago
I have never ever heard someone with a more irritating voice!!!! She sounds like a thirteen year old who has just had her first kiss in life!!!!!!!!!
SaladassT20 Gaming
New year old me
King Of Hearts
'King Of Hearts' 1 week ago
2 girls 1 cup should be number one on the next list.
Vedant Singh
'Vedant Singh' 1 week ago
wasn't #1 made into a movie?
george alfarah
'george alfarah' 1 week ago
##@#@##@###@#@###%$^&*(*)_+___________)[email protected]@@YJF&
kenneth godden
'kenneth godden' 2 weeks ago
she looks very pretty in that outfit she has on not being creepy just stating my opinion is all
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 2 weeks ago
I'm that type of person who doesn't use quick revive on mob of the dead
Scott Robbins
'Scott Robbins' 2 weeks ago
im googling spider clusters right now to face my fears...
Robert James plays
'Robert James plays' 2 weeks ago
Im still scarred for life after seeing 2 girls one cup and blue waffle
'Jade' 2 weeks ago
*me googling:* itchy throat after exposure to dust *webMD:* cancer *me googling:* pain in ankle after falling during exercise *webMD:* cancer *me googling:* proper care and treatment of cat scratches *webMD:* you and your cat have cancer
Jeanette Moran
'Jeanette Moran' 2 weeks ago
two words.. blue waffle..
Elf_Girl Silver
'Elf_Girl Silver' 2 weeks ago
My friend and I LOVE tiny holes. We don't have the fear. We have the LOVE 😍❤️ Lol
Anthony Marinelli
'Anthony Marinelli' 2 weeks ago
We're is 2 girls 1 cup
Nicci Metcalf
'Nicci Metcalf' 2 weeks ago
I am using this to cheer me up from the horriblenes of the world.
Masha G.
'Masha G.' 2 weeks ago
"dont search this on google" -shows the pictures-
'xLuKeGaming' 2 weeks ago
I'll Bing Them
Spoons Tbh
'Spoons Tbh' 2 weeks ago
aight now all google nake otters 😂😂 i thought it was actually naked otters...(but arent they always naked😯😯😮😮😮)
Elizabeth Church
'Elizabeth Church' 2 weeks ago
Sorry every one with Trypophobia.
Nick The Wolfy EAS Videos
Who Google this stuff that she mentioned
James Griffin
'James Griffin' 2 weeks ago
suggestion: "blue waffles"
Lucas Bradley
'Lucas Bradley' 2 weeks ago
Was I the only one who has basically ptsd attacks whenever trypophobia is mentioned because they've looked it up before?
'those2vgplayers' 2 weeks ago
I'm surprised 2 girls 1 cup isn't on this. That! That does something to you y'know
Awesome Ryder2
'Awesome Ryder2' 2 weeks ago
Tells not to google it but shows pictures
harvey waldron
'harvey waldron' 2 weeks ago
I have trypophobia
Munirin Shimura
'Munirin Shimura' 3 weeks ago
try 'Nikki Catsuora'
Wittywar Rocky
'Wittywar Rocky' 3 weeks ago
Redstone Addict
'Redstone Addict' 3 weeks ago
A fear of tiny holes is you know what I'm saying ;D
Koan byrd
'Koan byrd' 3 weeks ago
Mr Dude
'Mr Dude' 3 weeks ago
The human centipede....😳
virginia navarro
'virginia navarro' 3 weeks ago
must google glitter beards!!
XxFootballer Xx
'XxFootballer Xx' 3 weeks ago
Type in Google granny norma
'kitkat2005ke' 4 weeks ago
I tuink I have number 8
crazy girls
'crazy girls' 4 weeks ago
sorry I reasherched them and they are a spam DO U HERE ME SPAM
Diolies Hernandez
'Diolies Hernandez' 4 weeks ago
I have trypophohia (its true)
Astarte Marsh
'Astarte Marsh' 4 weeks ago
Tfw you've masturbated to some of these
cinder aj
'cinder aj' 4 weeks ago
the more you tell me not to search it , the more i will search it.
Monica Del Coro
'Monica Del Coro' 4 weeks ago
Lol I follow sandra Lee, the pimple popper
Chica Chicken 2.0
'Chica Chicken 2.0' 4 weeks ago
my life is forever jacked up
DemonicWolfStudios ef
Part two pls You forgot some.
'E J' 4 weeks ago
Wheres 1 lunatic 1 ice pick and meatspin? It's fucked up af!
Black widowGaming
'Black widowGaming' 4 weeks ago
she said typhobia and I covered the screen because I have typhobia
Michelle Walters
'Michelle Walters' 1 month ago
my mom did the same on number 1
Amy Brown
'Amy Brown' 1 month ago
I skipped dover the spider one
Gavdog Flight experience
If you search them you are a disgusting person
'Bowser14456' 1 month ago
Well luckily tiny holes don't scare me. 😉
Jonathan Miner
'Jonathan Miner' 1 month ago
"... who gets decapitated first, ahead of time" A HEAD of time!
Sherlin Lopez
'Sherlin Lopez' 1 month ago
Raymond Nutela
'Raymond Nutela' 1 month ago
plz for the love of God don't Google lemon party.
Alex&Zoey Cat
'Alex&Zoey Cat' 1 month ago
Game of thrones is my dads show
Ashymoon Riverclan
'Ashymoon Riverclan' 1 month ago
I Googled Tub girl. Please kill me >.<
lasher hack101
'lasher hack101' 1 month ago
yall don't Google naked otter
Ainsley white
'Ainsley white' 1 month ago
i never Google
Elaine Warrey
'Elaine Warrey' 1 month ago
Do not search tub girl or spider cluster daddy long legs so cringy and sick
アロイス Alois Electra The Changeling Boy
About the searching your symptoms, I thought I had cancer because I did one of my organs stopped working but cancer sounds scarier.
DarkKiller1 5
'DarkKiller1 5' 1 month ago
I watched somebody get beheaded soo this stuff doesn't bother me 😂
Matt B
'Matt B' 1 month ago
I googled spider cluster. It's not scary at all.
Ms. Randomness
'Ms. Randomness' 1 month ago
So gangrene is what Dumbledore got after he wore Tom's ring.
Lydia Mootz
'Lydia Mootz' 2 months ago
I HATE cools aid
Jaeda DeLong
'Jaeda DeLong' 2 months ago
OMG! I have trypophobia! ahh ..... i do
Jack Sponder
'Jack Sponder' 2 months ago
She made a pun!
Jay The Blue Gamer
'Jay The Blue Gamer' 2 months ago
Glitter beards................... seriously, why have I never thought about that until now? Now all I can think of is a dude with a glitter beard ridding a unicorn whilst trying to catch fairies in a dark forest. I kinda wanna see someone make this a thing. Quick! Someone better at art than I am draw a lumber-jack with a glittery beard on a unicorn ridding through a dark forest trying to catch glowing fairies!!!! DX PLEEEEEASE, someone make this a thing!
Cristina Alfano
'Cristina Alfano' 2 months ago
Omg i googled tub girl that was d💩💩💩💩💩
'22MinecraftGamer' 2 months ago
Trypophobia huh. I feel slightly uneasy around them, but other than that no harm done. Also btw I had actually searched this up around 2 weeks ago.
BB McKinlay
'BB McKinlay' 2 months ago
there are worse things.... believe me
'Katiecola999' 2 months ago
I was fine with the spider clusters but the daddy long legs clusters, no, just no
LizzyMar OfficialTM
'LizzyMar OfficialTM' 2 months ago
Who else just went and googled these?
'RapPokemonlvl45' 2 months ago
Cool girl 123
'Cool girl 123' 2 months ago
There are some bigger things on YouTube than others. 2017,2018,2019,2020,2021,2022,2023,2024,2025,2026,2027,2028,2029,2030,2031,2032,2033,2034,2035,2036,2037,2038 and so let's see what happens.
Delphox Lover
'Delphox Lover' 2 months ago
stupid Google ruined Captain America :Civil War when I was trying to look something else up and that was freaking before I saw it . 😤🙀😧😨😭
Janette Mehl
'Janette Mehl' 2 months ago
She is so annoying!
Matthew Tomney
'Matthew Tomney' 2 months ago
part 2 please!!!
Preston Cowan
'Preston Cowan' 2 months ago
i Googled everything on it list
'Directioner315' 2 months ago
I had to do a project on Jonestown
ro Levi Ackerman
'ro Levi Ackerman' 2 months ago
You forgot to add "Boku no Pico" to this list.
Da Lenny
'Da Lenny' 2 months ago
I thought that 1st was gonna be 1 man 1 nar
Team Epicness Gaming!
where's undertail? ... oh crap I can see the replies right now ;-;
theskullcrusher 6530
'theskullcrusher 6530' 2 months ago
what about blue waffles
Finley .g
'Finley .g' 2 months ago
I am never going to eat a crumpet after seeing the tripaphobia* picture
@no. 3 I thought it said harleyquin
The TimTeam
'The TimTeam' 2 months ago
something you should google is "do a barrel roll". no litteraly google it.
Spencer H
'Spencer H' 3 months ago
I have safari
Tax Tic
'Tax Tic' 3 months ago
Unknown User From Birmingham
Who else thinks Becca is beautiful? 🤔🔥
D.G The Lego Master
'D.G The Lego Master' 3 months ago
Trypophobia should be 1
Darth Yaoi
'Darth Yaoi' 3 months ago
Gas gangrene is NASTY and stinks horribly
Joanna Ceballos
'Joanna Ceballos' 3 months ago
ill google it anyway :-D
awsomeswagirlSS Power
someone is looking through your window... you hear breaths... She screams... shouting..... "your next....☺"
Marshmallow 164828
'Marshmallow 164828' 3 months ago
For the symptoms one do you search health symptoms or the symptom you have?
'chickenflinger5002' 3 months ago
gangrene=gangreen gang
Foxy the Pirate
'Foxy the Pirate' 3 months ago
(Googles tryptophobia) oh that's not s- OH DEAR GOD!!!
'rosenrot234' 3 months ago
Trypophobia doesn't exist
Hank The some guy.
'Hank The some guy.' 3 months ago
Once I though I had Black Death..... Shut up.
Cutebabydragon Girl
'Cutebabydragon Girl' 3 months ago
I am never drinking grape kool aid again
do you like the poop emogie
i have iractnofobia so when i see a spider i scream so loud
Crazy Videos
'Crazy Videos' 3 months ago
Who else searched all of these😂
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