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Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Search On Google -
Published: 1 year ago By: MostAmazingTop10

By: MostAmazingTop10Published: 1 year ago

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Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Search On Google. Yes we did create a list of things you should never Google and it's for a very good reason. They can be gross and terrifying and you will never stop thinking about what you just saw and heard. So here is the list of the Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Search On Google

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tanya liu
'tanya liu' 11 hours ago
I am opening a new tab now.
Railstream Trains
'Railstream Trains' 18 hours ago
Thanks for putting on spider cluster I have acrcnaphobia :-:
The sibling gaming channel
IM NEVER GONNA LOOK UP ANYTHING. (Looks up everything)
Jammer2ml2 AJ
'Jammer2ml2 AJ' 1 week ago
I hated watching number one bc I watched it on a murder show I could hear the screaming in the background and him speaking it was a real recording it was horrible 😥😪😓😢😭😿
Jammer2ml2 AJ
'Jammer2ml2 AJ' 1 week ago
I think I'm scared of holes now......
Nevie Peevie
'Nevie Peevie' 1 week ago
Don't search these up! *Search them all up* The feels good to be a gangster song plays in the back round
SweetLifeOf Codie
'SweetLifeOf Codie' 2 weeks ago
I’ll use bing then
Synsere Matthews
'Synsere Matthews' 2 weeks ago
3 guys one hammer is so disturbing
Brandon Elijah Hill
'Brandon Elijah Hill' 2 weeks ago
I looked up "tub girl" and I regret it
Tarif Stark
'Tarif Stark' 2 weeks ago
It's been exactly one year since this was released. I watched this January 6, 2018.
Tarif Stark
'Tarif Stark' 2 weeks ago
What about blue waffles?
100 Subscribers With No Videos
UnknownCat Diy,Crafts
I searched "tub girl" NOPE NOPE guys dont search it its ewwww
Gaming and Other Things.
You show us some of them so we won't have to google them.
Jessica Martinez
'Jessica Martinez' 2 weeks ago
Spider clusters are so adorable!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷
Squiddy Bard
'Squiddy Bard' 2 weeks ago
i mean you showed us half of these things
Kaylie Walls
'Kaylie Walls' 2 weeks ago
I looked up the Jonestown recording. Don’t look it up, seriously. Especially because you don’t just hear everyone dying at once they only receded the screams and pleads of the children behind his speech (sometimes it just the screams of the kids)
Smiler Advocate Mika
Oh my god the Jonestown tapes..... shudder.........
Bizarre10 YT
'Bizarre10 YT' 2 weeks ago
Search die HELL NO!!
'VokunKendovJosh' 2 weeks ago
I've heard the Jonestown Massacre recordings before. Just sounds like a crowd of people talking with random occasional screaming. It's only disturbing if you know what it is and what they were doing.
Roberto Phillips
'Roberto Phillips' 3 weeks ago
Watching in 2018 got so confused at the beginning
Super Trinity Gaming The 2nd
2:02, the origins of Freddy Krueger.
'Kazuto1901' 4 weeks ago
the more you say never never google things on google the more it makes me wanna google
Leo Valdez is my bf
'Leo Valdez is my bf' 1 month ago
*listens to Jonestown Massacre Recording* *is scared for life*
Sarah Marshall
'Sarah Marshall' 1 month ago
I googled tub
Briarlight 48
'Briarlight 48' 1 month ago
My brother has Trypophobia. I have Aracnaphobia.
'Brobotbrobot' 1 month ago
Daddy long legs aren’t spiders
RobloxGamer999 LagGames3
Yes i do have arachnophobia
I’m not gonna google it I’m not gonna google it I’m not gonna google it I’m NOT gonna google itI’m not gonna google it I’m not gonna google it I’m not gonna google itI’m not gonna google it I’m not gonna google it I’m not gonna google itI’m not gonna google it I’m not gonna google it I’m not gonna google it............. I googled it....
jossi tibbetts
'jossi tibbetts' 1 month ago
My friend has trypophobia
'TheZipperDragon' 1 month ago
Web MD = It's Aids Fever? Aids. Headache? Aids. Bullet wound? Aids. Aids? ....Probably just symptoms from Destroy Dick December..
'IssyKittay' 1 month ago
Did she just say "dandy long legs"?!?!?!?
Jammy Jam
'Jammy Jam' 1 month ago
Don't tell me what to do /googles everything/
'jan' 1 month ago
i really wanna google search 3 guys 1 hammer but i'm too scared oh gosh
Harvard University
'Harvard University' 1 month ago
3:24 lmao is the background characters from Power puff girls?
Katie Mouland
'Katie Mouland' 1 month ago
Gir Lover
'Gir Lover' 1 month ago
Damn it I was eating and choked Jesus.........
Angelia Meraz
'Angelia Meraz' 1 month ago
Actioncrazy !
'Actioncrazy !' 1 month ago
I'm not gonna google it I'm not crazy I'm gonna look it up on Bing
'Alexandra' 1 month ago
A 15 minutes ago i just eat a whole Cauliflower......
Kristen Nguyen
'Kristen Nguyen' 1 month ago
Dare you to add "granny norma" to the next list.
'Pledge' 1 month ago
What about Marnie Harvey? She's freaky..............
Major Hypebeast
'Major Hypebeast' 2 months ago
I’ve contracted Trypophobia from looking trypophobia on Google.
Scarlett Brake
'Scarlett Brake' 2 months ago
I have trypopobia
Hyper real Wally22552
I thought Harlequin fetus was called harlequin ichthyosis
Greenery Darragh
'Greenery Darragh' 2 months ago
At 0.40 her hair is red
Zoe Tremain-Woodcock
'Zoe Tremain-Woodcock' 2 months ago
btw i saw the original goatse image when i was searching goatse parody aand well: my face: °Д° 。゜(`Д´)゜。 ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻ (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)
Zoe Tremain-Woodcock
'Zoe Tremain-Woodcock' 2 months ago
i saw my steven universe gemsona not being a fusion for the episode:Lars of the stars, omg i am not much of a fan of steven universe,but peridot is still my fave.
Sheridan Weaver
'Sheridan Weaver' 2 months ago
Jonestown was not a mass suicide, it was a massacre. Most of the people there were at gunpoint and some were injected. Yes there were willing people but the majority were not for the idea and it definitely shouldn't be called a mass suicide.
':Horizon:' 3 months ago
1:33 i see what you did there...
Stevenvival. Froomatron2000
I Googled trypophobia before this...not very effective
HomieShinGojira HomieShinGojira
Don't read the comments, who ever sees this first, don't go further, if you did, then I'm sorry
'TheBuggyGamer' 3 months ago
😏I know what I’m gonna do after this and have no space on my phone from the screen shots
Rokas Mileris
'Rokas Mileris' 3 months ago
1:30 really? F you xD
'#BROOKLYN THOMAS' 3 months ago
Here's one blisters on feet unless you want to be grossed out
M-taku Free
'M-taku Free' 4 months ago
"DONT GOOGLE THIS" *shows pictures*
James Russel
'James Russel' 4 months ago
Tub girl I don't understand
CoolDude \ [•.•] /
Lemon Merangue
'Lemon Merangue' 4 months ago
Is it weird that when I google trypophobia I like the look of the holes?
Sammy Lawrence
'Sammy Lawrence' 4 months ago
No No No No No Nope
leave_me_ alone
'leave_me_ alone' 4 months ago
I googled everything... *googles everything*
Stevie F
'Stevie F' 4 months ago
'PigQueen1908' 4 months ago
The Random Channel
'The Random Channel' 4 months ago
Crap that trypophobia thing have me the shivers
The Random Channel
'The Random Channel' 4 months ago
Show spoilers.... Yeah, about that....
'Teenie04' 4 months ago
I just watched 3 guys 1 hammer... rest in peace.
Bre :3
'Bre :3' 4 months ago
Dont google monster eating head gif Trust me.
Raeanna Marina Rochelle
Raeanna Marina Rochelle
Lol i just finished drinking grape kook aid
Michael Feldman
'Michael Feldman' 4 months ago
tub girl almost made me puke
shadic 950
'shadic 950' 4 months ago
Am I the only one who was expecting something else from "3 Guys, 1 Hammer"?
'AceFailure' 4 months ago
I'm grandfather tried to convince my grandmother to go to Jonestown before my dad was born. Obviously she refused
Matt Blakeslee
'Matt Blakeslee' 4 months ago
Rebecca Felgate honey I WILL pray for you. Why they make a sweet girl like you do these videos I'll never know lol much love
Galactic Axolatl
'Galactic Axolatl' 4 months ago
I googled my symptoms once. For a few hours, I thought I had cancer. DON'T DO IT.
'Xx_Lunaroo_xX' 4 months ago
you forgot 2 girls 1 cup
Will Noble
'Will Noble' 4 months ago
I'll just bing them
Ellie w
'Ellie w' 4 months ago
I have arachnophobia
Jevon Welcome
'Jevon Welcome' 4 months ago
I listened to the Jonestowns massacre and I was traumatized
Rosabelle Bunny
'Rosabelle Bunny' 4 months ago
I'm allergic to Kool-Aid so, YAY!
'KeterLordFR' 4 months ago
"...Who gets decipated first aHEAD of time"... I see what you did there, Rebecca.
'carolryann' 5 months ago
Ichthyosis, pronounced ick-thyosis, not itch-thyosis, named for fish scales.
'Lion's Den' 5 months ago
I love her scarf
'Mr.Chicken' 5 months ago
Listen to her never write tub girl.
'hemophilia' 5 months ago
I listened to the Jonestown recording. Dear God, I will never be the same.
Nicolai Syn
'Nicolai Syn' 5 months ago
I often forget that itchtheosis can end up so very severe, and I thank the fates that I only have a mild case.
Satan Is Here!
'Satan Is Here!' 5 months ago
I guess I'll have to wait for new year to be happy, because new year, new you
Wolfie Walfimations
'Wolfie Walfimations' 5 months ago
Me: scared of spiders Online Asian friend: loves spiders
'DWAYNE LEGERE' 5 months ago
Wow Rebecca you always look great, but today you are so hot. Your just so cool and I am A really good guy that loves you accent and your face and everything about you..Its true don't hate me for you being beautiful....
AndyDoesMCPE - Gaming
Tub girl: girl in a tub with Fanta (orange soda) with poop
DinoBrothers Basit and Emron
Harlequin scared the life out of me
Oka Ruto
'Oka Ruto' 5 months ago
I had an earache and I googled it and thought I had a cockroach in my ear😔
Zach Cromwell
'Zach Cromwell' 5 months ago
Glad u blurr the really nasty things out. Spiders r not my friends unless it's only a daddy long leg..
movie kid
'movie kid' 5 months ago
Don't show us what we shouldn't google.
Jordan Factor
'Jordan Factor' 5 months ago
Wait, grape kool aid ... CAmp camp
[[]] FOX SUCKS [[]]
'[[]] FOX SUCKS [[]]' 5 months ago
this is nothing
Annika The Slime Lion
Woah i really like that outfit! Red and black looks good on you!
'FunnyBunnyJoshie' 5 months ago
i google 8 (i show it to my brothers :P), 7 (i don't know, what is wrong with this), 5 (my brother can't unsee that, he is 8 yo), 3 (poor kids, i can forget that), 3 guys, 1 hammer (I don't see nothing special in photos), 1 (poor kids who die there and poor people too:( )
Corina A.
'Corina A.' 5 months ago
When I see a spider while brushing my teeth:OH MY GOD.... MOMMAAAAAAYYY!!! :mom: What!?! :Me: There's a spider :o, don't kill it though DX (grabs a jar and paper gives it to her) mom- puts spider in jar under paper and let's it go. If my dad did this he would be like "ugh... fine." Takes paper towel, grabs spider and puts it down toilet) me: "OMG WHY WOULD U DO THAT!?! D''X
Dan Bouckaert
'Dan Bouckaert' 5 months ago
3:13 I searched it up
djrakman theotherrak
'djrakman theotherrak' 5 months ago
why did I just google some of this stuff????????
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