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Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Search On Google -
Published: 8 months ago By: MostAmazingTop10

By: MostAmazingTop10Published: 8 months ago

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Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Search On Google. Yes we did create a list of things you should never Google and it's for a very good reason. They can be gross and terrifying and you will never stop thinking about what you just saw and heard. So here is the list of the Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Search On Google

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PigQueen 1908
'PigQueen 1908' 20 hours ago
The Random Channel
Crap that trypophobia thing have me the shivers
The Random Channel
Show spoilers.... Yeah, about that....
Teenie 04
'Teenie 04' 3 days ago
I just watched 3 guys 1 hammer... rest in peace.
Bre :3
'Bre :3' 3 days ago
Dont google monster eating head gif Trust me.
Piano Key Player
'Piano Key Player' 3 days ago
Piano Key Player
'Piano Key Player' 3 days ago
Lol i just finished drinking grape kook aid
Michael Feldman
'Michael Feldman' 3 days ago
tub girl almost made me puke
shadic 950
'shadic 950' 3 days ago
Am I the only one who was expecting something else from "3 Guys, 1 Hammer"?
'AceFailure' 4 days ago
I'm grandfather tried to convince my grandmother to go to Jonestown before my dad was born. Obviously she refused
Matt Blakeslee
'Matt Blakeslee' 5 days ago
Rebecca Felgate honey I WILL pray for you. Why they make a sweet girl like you do these videos I'll never know lol much love
I googled my symptoms once. For a few hours, I thought I had cancer. DON'T DO IT.
'Xx_Lunaroo_xX' 1 week ago
you forgot 2 girls 1 cup
Hello sub plz Hi
'Hello sub plz Hi' 2 weeks ago
I'll just bing them
Ellami Wolstencroft
'Ellami Wolstencroft' 2 weeks ago
I have arachnophobia
Jevon Welcome
'Jevon Welcome' 2 weeks ago
I listened to the Jonestowns massacre and I was traumatized
Rosabelle Bunny
'Rosabelle Bunny' 2 weeks ago
I'm allergic to Kool-Aid so, YAY!
'KeterLordFR' 2 weeks ago
"...Who gets decipated first aHEAD of time"... I see what you did there, Rebecca.
'carolryann' 3 weeks ago
Ichthyosis, pronounced ick-thyosis, not itch-thyosis, named for fish scales.
'Lion's Den' 3 weeks ago
I love her scarf
'Mr.Chicken' 3 weeks ago
Listen to her never write tub girl.
'Haemophilia' 4 weeks ago
I listened to the Jonestown recording. Dear God, I will never be the same.
Nicolai Syn
'Nicolai Syn' 4 weeks ago
I often forget that itchtheosis can end up so very severe, and I thank the fates that I only have a mild case.
Satan Is Here!
'Satan Is Here!' 4 weeks ago
I guess I'll have to wait for new year to be happy, because new year, new you
Wolfie Walfimations
'Wolfie Walfimations' 4 weeks ago
Me: scared of spiders Online Asian friend: loves spiders
'DWAYNE LEGERE' 4 weeks ago
Wow Rebecca you always look great, but today you are so hot. Your just so cool and I am A really good guy that loves you accent and your face and everything about you..Its true don't hate me for you being beautiful....
AndyDoesMCPE - Plus Gaming
Tub girl: girl in a tub with Fanta (orange soda) with poop
DinoBrothers Basit and Emron
Harlequin scared the life out of me
Oka Ruto
'Oka Ruto' 4 weeks ago
I had an earache and I googled it and thought I had a cockroach in my ear😔
Zach Cromwell
'Zach Cromwell' 4 weeks ago
Glad u blurr the really nasty things out. Spiders r not my friends unless it's only a daddy long leg..
movie kid
'movie kid' 4 weeks ago
Don't show us what we shouldn't google.
Jordan Factor
'Jordan Factor' 4 weeks ago
Wait, grape kool aid ... CAmp camp
[[]] FOX SUCKS [[]]
'[[]] FOX SUCKS [[]]' 1 month ago
this is nothing
Golden The Slime Lion
Woah i really like that outfit! Red and black looks good on you!
'FunnyBunnyJoshie' 1 month ago
i google 8 (i show it to my brothers :P), 7 (i don't know, what is wrong with this), 5 (my brother can't unsee that, he is 8 yo), 3 (poor kids, i can forget that), 3 guys, 1 hammer (I don't see nothing special in photos), 1 (poor kids who die there and poor people too:( )
Corina A.
'Corina A.' 1 month ago
When I see a spider while brushing my teeth:OH MY GOD.... MOMMAAAAAAYYY!!! :mom: What!?! :Me: There's a spider :o, don't kill it though DX (grabs a jar and paper gives it to her) mom- puts spider in jar under paper and let's it go. If my dad did this he would be like "ugh... fine." Takes paper towel, grabs spider and puts it down toilet) me: "OMG WHY WOULD U DO THAT!?! D''X
Dan Bouckaert
'Dan Bouckaert' 1 month ago
3:13 I searched it up
Persephone Riddle-Laufeyson
djrakman theotherrak
why did I just google some of this stuff????????
Red Vice
'Red Vice' 1 month ago
I'm here because i'm bored and want to search google something that might be very disgusting to people who actually have a brain.
'cocoshpee' 1 month ago
I have trypiphobia
Larissa Rincon
'Larissa Rincon' 1 month ago
'Ira' 1 month ago
One time at 10pm me and my mom watched a bedbug documentary. Refused to sleep for 2 weeks straight
Kvng Grego
'Kvng Grego' 1 month ago
Her: dont do it My curious ass: hmm that looks interesting
Keyrah Musgrove
'Keyrah Musgrove' 1 month ago
Starlin Vander
'Starlin Vander' 1 month ago
why isn't (2 guys 1 hammer) not in number 1 ... i only watched 3 mins of that 5 years ago it was sick then still is now
Potato Productions
'Potato Productions' 1 month ago
I googled Harley Quin fetus, it was such... hmm... I don't know... Uh.. beautiful? And... um... Artistic?
Potato Productions
'Potato Productions' 1 month ago
I have the highest tryophobia from my friends...
Gaming Cupcake :3
'Gaming Cupcake :3' 1 month ago
My grandmother had dry gangrene in the righr foot and she died because of it... she was healthy but she passed away because of that FKING SICKNESS!!!! AND AN FKIN RED ANT INFECTED HER WOUND WITH BACTERIA
OliviaGrace 8790
'OliviaGrace 8790' 1 month ago
i googled 3 guys 1 hammer and now im afraid to go out by myself
Sharon De La Cruz
'Sharon De La Cruz' 1 month ago
I have trypophobia...... I got so uncomfortable when she put up those pictures I had to look away
'TheActiveGamer' 1 month ago
I saw the jonestown recording before this and, it was horrible but it shouldn't have been number one. 3 guys one hammer sounds way worse
Kaitlyn Devine
'Kaitlyn Devine' 1 month ago
Gangrene made me throw up
hello 9110
'hello 9110' 1 month ago
I want some grape kool-aid right now
Carlos Viveros
'Carlos Viveros' 1 month ago
Gangrene? You Mean Frostbite
Dominic Ruiz
'Dominic Ruiz' 1 month ago
Number 2 made me tear up i looked it up its a dead cat😭😭😭😭😢 i love cats 😿😿
Jack Eaton
'Jack Eaton' 1 month ago
Rebecca, I can't call you a women as your tits are too small. Each one must make up at least half the chest area. If you refuse to get something done about this then I will call you a boy
you ame hollow
'you ame hollow' 1 month ago
do not look up tub girl
'nevercallmebyname' 1 month ago
google ten thousand spiders then it's even worse
'JAM G' 1 month ago
I dunno why but I hate her.
Me AndThatGuy
'Me AndThatGuy' 1 month ago
Rosa Garcia
'Rosa Garcia' 1 month ago
good i dont like kool-aid
Rosa Garcia
'Rosa Garcia' 1 month ago
good i dont like kool-aid
chris target
'chris target' 1 month ago
Rebbeca- disgusting stuff Danny-paranornal stuff Other person - nothing anymore
'doomwhisp' 1 month ago
can't make it until the end. too disgusting.
'MYSTICAL69' 1 month ago
I searched why I felt like I was going to throw up and it said I might have a blockage. I never had a blockage. I got really scared but I was ok.
Jim Gorence
'Jim Gorence' 2 months ago
I googled tub girl and I got half naked women
Enisa Plays
'Enisa Plays' 2 months ago
Read this before commenting They warned you so dont go and cry in the comments I'm grossed It will not get out my mind
Damien Galindo
'Damien Galindo' 2 months ago
My teacher told me about the Jonestown Massacre.
Slippery Paperclip
'Slippery Paperclip' 2 months ago
Yo whts good comment section idk Y but this 1 chick want sum fuk so idk if i should im 13sooooooooo u tell me 😉
Firenze Benedict Suarez
im gonna search no.2 sounds BLOODY and awesome
Unicorn Girls 🦄
'Unicorn Girls 🦄' 2 months ago
Zoe Tremain-woodcock
'Zoe Tremain-woodcock' 2 months ago
I got my dreams broken by Steven universe,they did not show emerald as a blue gem and citrine fusion,BUT AS SOMEONE FROM HOMEWORLD!!!!!!!!!! WHY??????????????????? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 Like if you got ur dreams broken and feel remorse.
Bluejay _ Symphony
'Bluejay _ Symphony' 2 months ago
Oh dang. I hate seeing things that trigger trypophobia, which probably means I have that phobia. Even just a small case. I even know someone that has a very severe case of it. And those other creepy disease and spider things were just...ugh. Besides that skin one on #3, that was more sad than creepy to me.
James -Marill/Ducky and more!
Should I Microsoft edge it?
Nojus Višniauskas
'Nojus Višniauskas' 2 months ago
I googled "tub girl" my childhood is ruined ;(
Fire dead Gonzalez
'Fire dead Gonzalez' 2 months ago
I google dogs there so cute
cyborgcabbage 1.0
'cyborgcabbage 1.0' 2 months ago
when she said tub girl I thought she said tublr and I thought to myself "so true"
Ameara Whitley
'Ameara Whitley' 2 months ago
Blue fox 3900000
'Blue fox 3900000' 2 months ago
Blue fox 3900000
'Blue fox 3900000' 2 months ago
🤦‍♂️ oh no I don't like spiders
William Sands
'William Sands' 2 months ago
The halyquin thing when they are children they look like flipping titans from attack on titan
Charles Hays
'Charles Hays' 2 months ago
I made a character based on trypophobia. -Its a pony- I can get the story if you want. Its short, and its still being worked on.
'SpencerGaming' 2 months ago
why does she only show us pictures of the worse ones )X
Eve Donovan
'Eve Donovan' 2 months ago
LOL Rebecca!!!! You made me laugh at each part of the countdown! Please keep making videos!
'ELEANOR XD' 2 months ago
Heaven Weeden
'Heaven Weeden' 2 months ago
'Alder MARQUEZ' 2 months ago
guys dont 🔍 3 🚶 1 🔨 or tub 👧
Jacob Buck
'Jacob Buck' 2 months ago
daddy long legs aren't spiders. there actually mites
Jinhunter Slay
'Jinhunter Slay' 2 months ago
Drinking game: Take a shot each time she says "don't"
Axel DeOcampo
'Axel DeOcampo' 2 months ago
i have never watched tub girl
Aisha Ali
'Aisha Ali' 2 months ago
Roses are red violets are blue I suffer trypopobia And you will to Roses are red violets are PURPLE !! There's the fact if u didn't now it boo hoo it's something for you
Aisha Ali
'Aisha Ali' 2 months ago
Hi everyone I'm just a innocent little girl who suffers trybophobia PLZ DONT SEARCH IT UP
iiObliterate-_-Opps -
I won't google it but I would bing it 😉
Bryon Lloyd
'Bryon Lloyd' 2 months ago
why did you make me Google that
gregory langle
'gregory langle' 2 months ago
my favorite cool-aids are grape and orange, but i think now i will just stick to orange
Jack Jack
'Jack Jack' 2 months ago
Witness the 'Streisand Effect' in action.
Juan Castro
'Juan Castro' 2 months ago
Number 4. Ive had one on the side of my thumb
'pandabear2820' 2 months ago
My doctors office has made it clear they despise Google.
Carlotta Coppola
'Carlotta Coppola' 2 months ago
I like spiders
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