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How Bama Fans Watched The National Championship -
Published: 1 year ago By: FunnyMaine

By: FunnyMainePublished: 1 year ago

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Well Folks, its been a great ride this season and even tho the boys didnt finish like we wanted to, we know that better days are ahead & you cant win them all. To all the bandwagonners... dont let the door hit cha on the way out! Being a Bama Fan is a lifetime commitment, WIN OR LOSE & the process continues! #RollTide

Shelby Hand
'Shelby Hand' 4 days ago
'bulldozer9103' 3 months ago
This game was brutal. Roll Tide all day everyday but this shit is so funny at the end with the music and slow motion
Daniel Phillips
'Daniel Phillips' 3 months ago
This video is so much more satisfying to watch now. Roll Tide Roll!!!
Phat ho
'Phat ho' 3 months ago
No lie I was like that to 0:15
Michael Ward
'Michael Ward' 3 months ago
Well, the guys got it done this year!!!! Roll Tide!! Go Dawgs as well.
Brad Eads
'Brad Eads' 3 months ago
Came full circle. Number 17.
Landun Taphorn
'Landun Taphorn' 3 months ago
Deborah McQueen
'Deborah McQueen' 3 months ago
With all those true freshmen showing what they can do the future looks bright.
Bobby D
'Bobby D' 3 months ago
WHEW WEE CUZ! You were right as rain at the end of this one! ROLL TIDE ROLL! 17 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mimi Lewis
'Mimi Lewis' 3 months ago
Go tigers
Emily Stewart
'Emily Stewart' 4 months ago
This was funny. Good job to our home town hero Deshaun Watson. Go Big Red!
Slime Time
'Slime Time' 4 months ago
Hunter Preston
'Hunter Preston' 4 months ago
Some at the end?
Ryan Tube HD
'Ryan Tube HD' 4 months ago
I was in teers after Alabama loss but I think Alabama will win next year
Mr gangster Secchiari 2017
Medijine Time
'Medijine Time' 5 months ago
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha..... The Tide got rolled.
Sally Gentry
'Sally Gentry' 5 months ago
Mack Armstrong
'Mack Armstrong' 5 months ago
Let's go tigers
Spencer uga
'Spencer uga' 5 months ago
mama fans no nothing of hart ache
'的事故MaybeItsTom' 5 months ago
Obviously Auburn Wanted You!
Ben Victor
'Ben Victor' 5 months ago
Dude, it is like you knew the future here! How did I not see this last year???? Doh
James Nix
'James Nix' 5 months ago
The last play of the game was an illegal screen that is only allowed in the NFL.
Jacob Baker
'Jacob Baker' 5 months ago
I’m a gamecock fan. Siri where is the nearest cliff.
The Muffin Man
'The Muffin Man' 5 months ago
SEC is overrated. There. I said it. Bama deserved that show-up. As much as I hate Clemson, I hate Alabama more.
Julian Harmon
'Julian Harmon' 5 months ago
I could hear my dad screaming from across the house at the 2yd td
Alonzo Morman
'Alonzo Morman' 5 months ago
Clemson tigers ROAR
Da Shadow Assassin
'Da Shadow Assassin' 6 months ago
Zaylon Johnson
'Zaylon Johnson' 6 months ago
PS warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Eagle 🦅 HEY
Zaylon Johnson
'Zaylon Johnson' 6 months ago
Roll tide I don’t think so ha ha boooo that is just sad 😞
billy thakid
'billy thakid' 6 months ago
was at a-day this year xD was a blast
dope boy robber
'dope boy robber' 6 months ago
Your videos are amazing.
'DJDrizzy' 6 months ago
Clemson ran the pic play the last play and scored that's illegal
Stephen Hoffman
'Stephen Hoffman' 6 months ago
Great video's.Man it was hard watching that again.Like getting punch in your face.ROLL TIDE ROLL!
Mr gangster Secchiari 2017
Even though I'm the biggest Bama fan,I still give it to Clemson because that was only there second championship ever,but this year started and bama is on freakin 🔥🔥🔥.Lets go at it again Clemson and see who wins now! ,!
'AmericanMetalhead100' 7 months ago
>why can't y'all stop the little guy Hunter Renfrow is a hex college football can't solve.
Andrew Huber
'Andrew Huber' 7 months ago
Love your vids. Just subbed. From a Clemson fan.
Tony U
'Tony U' 7 months ago
Great video. Good luck this year..
Crystaleyes4Jesus ROLL TIDE
Here it is mid-Sept, 2017, season has started, today being week 3. I watch this, and DEJA VU, yeah. Eyes starting to dampen a bit in thoughts and memories of the game, these plays ..Then THAT SONG😢. You picked it, FM!! **BUT THEN** you reminded me of our CRIMSON TIDE identity, and I was like(" OH, YEAH. That's right!! WE START "today"(Jan 10, 2017!!)!! We (are) gonna be "mad"(one of Coach Bear Bryant's quotes comes/came to mind). COME ON, TIDE!! This is the year of redemption!! WE GONNA ROLL!!! ALL CONFIDENCE!! Then, I was reminded that the week of the NATTY-Ship game, I simply told people how I saw it overall: *🐘Any way you look at it, BAMA WON!!!🐘 How? A BAMA 🐘 ALUM took the title home!! All in all, IT'S BAMA FOOTBALL, our history AND our present - WE BUILD AND MAKE WINNERS!!!! ROLL, TIDE, ROOLLL!!! Rammer Jammer!!
Matthew Schiraldi
'Matthew Schiraldi' 7 months ago
Go Tigers
Nathan Trammell
'Nathan Trammell' 7 months ago
Yes sir! #Tiebreaker!!!! You're very entertaining and that's coming from a born and raised Clemson Fan!
Paula Marshall
'Paula Marshall' 8 months ago
I'm a Clemson Tiger fan but I gotta say his is hilarious! Well done!
brooks Jenkins
'brooks Jenkins' 8 months ago
Go ms state
Daniel Bowden
'Daniel Bowden' 8 months ago
you gotta be kidding me
'PBG Jay' 8 months ago
warching this before Alabama vs FSU annnd they kicked the ball off riiiiight nowwww ROLLL TIDEEEE
Wesley Edwards
'Wesley Edwards' 8 months ago
It's a new season. #OutworkYesterday
Jaleigh Frazier
'Jaleigh Frazier' 8 months ago
But clemson fans still talking about what happend in january and this is august im just saying these clemson fans getting on my nerves good for you and yo team im just saying its gets on my nerves even hearing it clemson congratualtions give the credit to bama to roll tide all day good for you clemson you finnally won a ring
Jeremy Harrelson
'Jeremy Harrelson' 8 months ago
Love these videos. Keep em coming in 2017? But he's absolutely right: What we did in beating Bama , people will say will be easy in 2017. But they're wrong. You've got to have "Dudes", and you better be on your game with those dudes (see 2016 NCG). I think Bama fans know what i'm talking about. Bama is Big, Mean, and Nasty.
Joe Johnson
'Joe Johnson' 9 months ago
Very funny. Very well done.
roger b
'roger b' 10 months ago
I learned how to deal with this pain from the early seventies.
Death Slayer4976
'Death Slayer4976' 10 months ago
Go tigers
'GoldenTide' 10 months ago
I hate to tell you this, but, you probably won't get another shot at Clemson...
Maurice Jenkins
'Maurice Jenkins' 10 months ago
against the greatest defense of all time come on you can't be that damn dumb
'thumbsaloft' 11 months ago
All the history was lost, even if Bama wins it all next year, this was the one! Every time I think about it, it hurts all over again! All the others were nice, but this was the one and Bama didn't get it!
Keane Gugenheim
'Keane Gugenheim' 11 months ago
Let's go Clemson
Keane Gugenheim
'Keane Gugenheim' 11 months ago
I hate Roll Tide what ever you call them
Andrew Polatty
'Andrew Polatty' 11 months ago
You are one of the only videos that I have seen congratulate the Tigers. Mad respect from here to you. You are hilarious Go Tigers!
Mr Miyagi
'Mr Miyagi' 11 months ago
Goo Blue!!
Pete Houston Carroll
'Pete Houston Carroll' 11 months ago
Roll tide roll baby I love my team
Tru metalhead on Maui ey
Wait until Florida St.gets a hold of the Tide. FSU 35 Bama 30 you heard it here first.
Gavin Barrentine// Gavin Plays Games
oh my god he lives in the same neighborhood as me
James Tyler
'James Tyler' 12 months ago
shit tide shit. lololo
'TrevorBOB' 12 months ago
Cassi Diamond
'Cassi Diamond' 12 months ago
Just never have one second left and be playing against the tigers!
'tidechamp15' 12 months ago
ROLL FREAKN TIDE!!! J man,you need to make a shirt that says......"give it to Bo,give it to'em some ' let'em go!"
zombie slayer 1000
'zombie slayer 1000' 12 months ago
are you going to react to Alabama a game
Michael Moultrie
'Michael Moultrie' 1 year ago
35-31 Clemson
Louie Smith
'Louie Smith' 1 year ago
This hurt me more today than it did back in January. ROLL TIDE!!
Wyatt Fulton
'Wyatt Fulton' 1 year ago
We became the victim of our own process. Congrats, but day 1 starts today! Just gives us a little longer to cherish number 16 before we start the road to 17!!
Michael Toland
'Michael Toland' 1 year ago
I'm choking ............. 😂
'banks4898' 1 year ago
Who is the dude at 2:40
Jack D. Goat
'Jack D. Goat' 1 year ago
I cant stand College gameday
Halo Halo
'Halo Halo' 1 year ago
Roll tear roll
David Payne
'David Payne' 1 year ago
Roll Tide Roll Amen
Landun Taphorn
'Landun Taphorn' 1 year ago
16 to 2 nattys just sayin
Landun Taphorn
'Landun Taphorn' 1 year ago
what dosnt kill us just makes us stronger they did not kill us
Landun Taphorn
'Landun Taphorn' 1 year ago
my clemson freind keeps making fun of jalen by saying "hurts to lose" I said "hurts to lose deshaun watson" savage
Porter Billingsley
THTS tight how u put sabastian song in this video
Lynda Lamberth
'Lynda Lamberth' 1 year ago
Love. it. And. the. music! So. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!
brandon jones
'brandon jones' 1 year ago
Bro you are funny. Go tigers.
And Noneya
'And Noneya' 1 year ago
You need to do one on "How Alabama Fans watched the recruits picked teams."
Colby Flatt
'Colby Flatt' 1 year ago
GO Vols
Alan R
'Alan R' 1 year ago
"The Process Continues..." Jermaine, that's a great line. Roll Tide Roll. Deshawn should have won the Heisman.
Scorpeeo Music Group
What up Maine I knew this was you I had to say whats up this scorpeeo from Bama Most Wanted from back in the day good work bro love your videos
Nicholes Ledford
'Nicholes Ledford' 1 year ago
i dont think you want lsu
Nicholes Ledford
'Nicholes Ledford' 1 year ago
oh hell go vols
Alabama Fan pro2
'Alabama Fan pro2' 1 year ago
Can you A falcon Super Bowl
John Patton
'John Patton' 1 year ago
Roll Tide Baby!!!
BamaFreak Vapes
'BamaFreak Vapes' 1 year ago
Jay Tiger21
'Jay Tiger21' 1 year ago
Go Tigers! #2016ClemsonNationalChampions !!!
AcE Mixes
'AcE Mixes' 1 year ago
We will be back next year
Commie Killer
'Commie Killer' 1 year ago
Co-worker's a Bama kid. I teased him. Then the Cowboys lost, and I apologized to him.
Wesley Boyd
'Wesley Boyd' 1 year ago
Roll Tide brotha, Roll Tide.
Jim Tom Stimpson
'Jim Tom Stimpson' 1 year ago
Roll Tide!
michael mcconnell
'michael mcconnell' 1 year ago
Roll Tide Brother!
Jack Woodard
'Jack Woodard' 1 year ago
I cried in happy nees when hurts scored then when they scored I started crying dang PS 😕🔫
Shirley Burton
'Shirley Burton' 1 year ago
Great video as usual, sir. I'm glad I'm still with the Tide, win or lose, period!
Victoria Harrah
'Victoria Harrah' 1 year ago
Roll tide from Cali!
'Kristen' 1 year ago
That ending was classy.
E Lockett
'E Lockett' 1 year ago
Perfect video Cus he ended it with literally showing all the bama haters from skip to Galloway lol.
Ty Calvert
'Ty Calvert' 1 year ago
god It was like watching the game over again. ugggghhhh! good video tho
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