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How Bama Fans Watched The National Championship -
Published: 1 week ago By: FunnyMaine

By: FunnyMainePublished: 1 week ago

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Well Folks, its been a great ride this season and even tho the boys didnt finish like we wanted to, we know that better days are ahead & you cant win them all. To all the bandwagonners... dont let the door hit cha on the way out! Being a Bama Fan is a lifetime commitment, WIN OR LOSE & the process continues! #RollTide

BamaFreak Mayo
'BamaFreak Mayo' 2 days ago
Jay Fight21
'Jay Fight21' 3 days ago
Go Tigers! #2016ClemsonNationalChampions !!!
JCool 10
'JCool 10' 3 days ago
We will be back next year
'crashstitches79' 4 days ago
Co-worker's a Bama kid. I teased him. Then the Cowboys lost, and I apologized to him.
Wesley Boyd
'Wesley Boyd' 4 days ago
Roll Tide brotha, Roll Tide.
Jim Tom Stimpson
'Jim Tom Stimpson' 4 days ago
Roll Tide!
michael mcconnell
'michael mcconnell' 5 days ago
Roll Tide Brother!
Jack Woodard
'Jack Woodard' 5 days ago
I cried in happy nees when hurts scored then when they scored I started crying dang PS 😕🔫
Shirley Burton
'Shirley Burton' 5 days ago
Great video as usual, sir. I'm glad I'm still with the Tide, win or lose, period!
Victoria Harrah
'Victoria Harrah' 5 days ago
Roll tide from Cali!
'TwilitKage' 5 days ago
That ending was classy.
Ernie L
'Ernie L' 5 days ago
Perfect video Cus he ended it with literally showing all the bama haters from skip to Galloway lol.
'Watermelonman' 5 days ago
sorry bro, but hey they lost to Pittsburgh
Ty Calvert
'Ty Calvert' 5 days ago
god It was like watching the game over again. ugggghhhh! good video tho
Hunter McKelvey
'Hunter McKelvey' 6 days ago
Magnificent! Love your videos!
Joshua Motes
'Joshua Motes' 6 days ago
The best championship game I've ever seen!!!! Both teams played their tails off!!!! Congratulations to Dabo Sweeney and Clemson!!!! Bama's got nothing to be ashamed off!!!! Bama will be back soon.... To clarify, I'm not a Bama fan. I'm a Florida fan.
'missy1e23' 6 days ago
you'll be okay. that's what they say. I'm here for the Sebastian Kole
Taylor Jones
'Taylor Jones' 6 days ago
Tie breaker see ya next year clemson
Dale Maynard
'Dale Maynard' 6 days ago
Love your videos, mane
Bob The Boss Saget
All time classic game.... gotta recognize Bama as the dynasty they are cause that makes it that much sweeter when your team gets the win. GO TIGERS.
Ken Gills
'Ken Gills' 6 days ago
Great job in 2016 Jermaine!! I will miss your videos as bad as I miss Crimson Tide football... By the way, you are the original and anyone else who tries this is an imposter. Roll Tide Roll - Ken Gills
Mack Vann
'Mack Vann' 6 days ago
Great video. Thank you so much for helping me through the loss ;) This year was almost as good as they get; I'm looking forward to next year. Roll Tide!!!
Kelly Atkins
'Kelly Atkins' 6 days ago
Heck of a season that came up a hair short. You made it all even more fun with your videos. Thanks, and I'll be looking forward to another round of them next year.
'7700Purplexity' 6 days ago
We beat them by 5 last year, they only beat us by 4 this year. So, Bama is the two-year overall national champions.
FUNNYMAINE!!! Man i love these videos so much... And i think this one was your best one yet. And youre 100% right... Bama is coming back with a vengeance this season... And it WILL NOT be pretty. Roll Tide!!!!!!!!
Jimmy Rogers
'Jimmy Rogers' 6 days ago
We got it next year. Hell of a ride this year with Tide. Get 'em boys.
Andrew van etten
'Andrew van etten' 6 days ago
Love your videos, man.
Jeffery Smith
'Jeffery Smith' 7 days ago
I went to T town in 2005 played a little on the practice squad nothing major, oh a Georgia native, but who cares! Anyway work the next day was hard, everybody let me know who won...but like you say, you cant win them all.
The_ Jodake_
'The_ Jodake_' 7 days ago
I think that it was my fault that Alabama lost. I watched the game this year. JK. Liked the ending. Roll Tide and good luck.
'BITTER STEEL' 7 days ago
Death by a thousand cuts, Go Tigers
Daniel G
'Daniel G' 7 days ago
Alabama playing in SEC doesn't see NFL type qbs. They saw one in this game....and what happened?
Tony Ferrari
'Tony Ferrari' 7 days ago
Go Vols.
Matthew Rents
'Matthew Rents' 7 days ago
I'm a Clemson fan and graduate, but my Alabama co-worker introduced me to your videos. I love what you do. It's funny, entertaining. Keep it up, my dude.
'joshydep84' 7 days ago
Roid Scarborough left the game and it was all downhill from there.
Britton Thompson
'Britton Thompson' 7 days ago
WARNING! WARNING! : You're about to read a lot of comments about Bama fans lacking class. But the only demonstrations of poor sportsmanship, low football IQ, and zero class will be posted by fans of other schools; schools who could never beat Alabama or Clemson
Michael Campbell
'Michael Campbell' 1 week ago
Good video. It will be a long time, perhaps 40 years, before Clemson will play in another championship game. Alabama will most likely play in another one next year;
Scott Rackley
'Scott Rackley' 1 week ago
Keep em coming next year FM, and no one "wants Bama", not in their hearts. They think they do, but that voice in their head says, "are you crazy?"
'jorear74' 1 week ago
Roll Tide Roll!!
Idntknou1 Ggg
'Idntknou1 Ggg' 1 week ago
was a great year.. looking forward to next season.. congrats Clemson.. Roll Tide
William Carson
'William Carson' 1 week ago
Thank you so much for posting this one 'Maine. It's been helping me cope. 2017 is once again our year. Bama then Bama now, Bama forever! Roll Tide Roll! #tidepride #theprocess.
billybleeds crimson
I always wanted Dabo to come home to Bama after Saban retires. I'm not so sure now. I know he's Bama family. But it's hard to like him anymore after this game.
DontWannaDie ToYoung
Are you Rolling them Tears? lol
Noah Fried
'Noah Fried' 1 week ago
You are the best FunnyMaine! Roll Tide Roll
'samapak7' 1 week ago
Logan Humphrey
'Logan Humphrey' 1 week ago
as a Clemson fan this is the funniest video I have ever seen. you are a classy classy bama fan my friend lol when Corso picked bama I laughed as your response so hard. you keep that class my friend
'okrajoe' 1 week ago
Yep, you perfectly summed it up.
'Pechy40' 1 week ago
Roll Tide Roll! :)
'Goreanlady' 1 week ago
Terry Howard
'Terry Howard' 1 week ago
Hey Clemson Tiger fan here and I just want to say I loved the video and you are truly a classy fan. Love my Clemson but you guys ain't done yet. Also prayers for Bo hope he is better for next year. Can't wait to see if Clemson remains a power house after Watson and Williams leave.
Lee Brent
'Lee Brent' 1 week ago
A great season made more enjoyable by your humor. Thx. FSU - Sept 2 RTR
Jason Keener
'Jason Keener' 1 week ago
Roll Tide Roll!!! Keep the videos coming, brother!
Pat W
'Pat W' 1 week ago
Roll turds roll...their QB sucks
Johnny Talks Sports
It's gunna be scary to watch Alabama come out next year angrier than ever
Ted Booker
'Ted Booker' 1 week ago
I've watched all your videos all year. I feel your pain FunnyMaine. I felt the same way last year. Thought I would die when I saw OJ running down that left sideline again. Best player on the field won this year. No disrespect to 'Bama. Bo will be back and better. Hope we see you guys next year in the ATL. Go Tigers. Roll Tide. #CFPATL
Wal Mart
'Wal Mart' 1 week ago
Roll Tide sir. Roll Tide
E Willis
'E Willis' 1 week ago
'mattmann111' 1 week ago
Billy Hall
'Billy Hall' 1 week ago
Just lost
'Mightymousy' 1 week ago
Manav Mathews
'Manav Mathews' 1 week ago
"Why do these referees have big bodies and little eyes?"
TheIceman 0688
'TheIceman 0688' 1 week ago
The Corso part had me dying. Great vid, as much as I hate bama they'll be back
Kevin Hubbard
'Kevin Hubbard' 1 week ago
Thanks Maine. Needed that. It was a hard pill to swallow but the process continues. I look forward to next season's videos. ROLL DAMN TIDE
Water Bottle Master
Get ready Clemson Good game but if tall wouldn't of had DeShawn magic this game sure a he'll lot would've been a blowout also if our qb could throw and if bad ass bo would've been in sorry get ready next year
'dedrickowens27' 1 week ago
been waiting on this all season . hahaha
Davis Wilson
'Davis Wilson' 1 week ago
Thanks for the motivation
Roll Tide World MF
2017 The Empire Strikes Back
'lances4803' 1 week ago
From a Vols family, we love your post-game videos.
Britton Thompson
'Britton Thompson' 1 week ago
I almost pity what is coming to those poor bastards from Florida State next season in Atlanta week 1. Almost. Bama is going to be good and pissed off by then, ready to stomp a new asshole in the next loudmouth ACC team they encounter.
Sartre Camus RTR
'Sartre Camus RTR' 1 week ago
LongRange Bob
'LongRange Bob' 1 week ago
John Smith
'John Smith' 1 week ago
I am so PROUD! of those guys... Still I could use a hug...
'drjeffapp' 1 week ago
"You know I tithed this week..." -epic
Dancy Girlz
'Dancy Girlz' 1 week ago
I've waited for your videos all season! Highlight of each week. This one broke my heart for you a little. This Georgia Bulldog has nothing but respect for the Tide. It's a new season. Go Dawgs and Roll Tide!
Ginger Snaps
'Ginger Snaps' 1 week ago
aaron sullivan
'aaron sullivan' 1 week ago
Congrats Dat boi Swinny
'rmx01indiana' 1 week ago
The pass interference call was an uncatchable ball and the last play was a pick play. But the refs have been saving Clemson's ass all year. No sideline marker against Louisville. Convenient flag against NC State. Convenient flag against Florida St. They tried to keep them in the game against Pitt but Clemson played too bad. This was WWE storyline since September. Yawn
'ShadowWolf1982' 1 week ago
I'm a WI Badgers fan and watching this, I can appreciate the attitude you have over the loss. It stings, you grieve, and then you put it behind you and focus on the new season ahead of you and how you're going to bounce back. Way to stay classy and not salty. Obviously I'm pulling for Bucky myself, but good luck to you and Bama as well. :)
Donnie Meekins
'Donnie Meekins' 1 week ago
good job bro
'degausse4eva' 1 week ago
day 1 starts now
Kaleb Slaton
'Kaleb Slaton' 1 week ago
We can lose four more we still have the most in championship history Roll Tide roll
Kaleb Slaton
'Kaleb Slaton' 1 week ago
Not going to lie, you're right, that really hurt but today's a new day and a new year and the Tide is madder than ever ROLL TIDE ROLL see you next season 🏈🏈🐘🐘👊🏻👊🏻
Fred Wheeler
'Fred Wheeler' 1 week ago
Thanks for the videos throughout the year and A day is only a few months away.
Bama Copeland
'Bama Copeland' 1 week ago
'cloudduel13' 1 week ago
Great video man.
LittleSA Books
'LittleSA Books' 1 week ago
We bleed orange in this house but we have still enjoyed your weekly recaps. Thanks for making us laugh all the way from "Lucky Top" #govols
jared scott
'jared scott' 1 week ago
totally skipped floridas bowl game reference mang!
Gib Portwood
'Gib Portwood' 1 week ago
Your videos are great. They always make me laugh. I'm not a bama fan, but my neighbor's son is a freshman there. He introduced me to your channel. I loved every weekly update you posted--they were all great. But this one was, I think, your best to date. Keep rollin....
'DEADMETAL696' 1 week ago
I love your videos and to I feel your pain but our QB is seasoned now and we gotta get ready for next year
'MrBgood84' 1 week ago
thanks for all the videos funnymaine. its been a good season. roll tide
William Cody Bateman
Alabama is NOT the best team in the country; Clemson is. Nothing more to say.
'bunyan309' 1 week ago
Enjoyed these all year. Can't wait for next season's
Tyler L. Gibson
'Tyler L. Gibson' 1 week ago
1:50 @Jonathan Barnes
Jennifer Baxter
'Jennifer Baxter' 1 week ago
I've enjoyed watching all your videos this year. You have a new fan and I can't wait till next year. Roll Tide!
James DeGruchy
'James DeGruchy' 1 week ago
Roll Tears Roll lol haha Bye bye Bama
'EntropyUnlimited' 1 week ago
Nailed it. Man, I just couldn't make it over there to grab one of your Run Da Bawl shirts a few weeks ago, but I'll be doing my damnest to get this new one.
ClampClampington TM
2 illiegal pick TDs by clemson but i guess that not an excuse. They played a good game.
Great video
Byron Gidddens
'Byron Gidddens' 1 week ago
ROLL TIDE ROLL. Still a great season for these guys. They played the refs and every dirty team out there this season and only lost once. Im proud as hell of our boys. RMFT!!!!!!!
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