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Published: 5 months ago By: AmazingStuff

By: AmazingStuffPublished: 5 months ago

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Beta Ria  Sonata
'Beta Ria Sonata' 21 minutes ago
semagat anda kur
Olim Haryadi
'Olim Haryadi' 1 day ago
trisha yut
Vanja Player
'Vanja Player' 2 days ago
0:35 so thats why tey are called strawberrys
Satria indonesia
'Satria indonesia' 1 week ago
saras dilla
'saras dilla' 2 weeks ago
they thea
'they thea' 2 weeks ago
I Like Turtles!!
'I Like Turtles!!' 2 weeks ago
some of this copied from crazy Russian hacker
jemarei Majaducon
'jemarei Majaducon' 2 weeks ago
good tricks like 👍 if you agree
Ainabalqis Balqis
'Ainabalqis Balqis' 2 weeks ago
Shahid Syed
'Shahid Syed' 2 weeks ago
ekdum faltu....
'KKKKK' 3 weeks ago
1:48 looks weird 😂😂😂
rohini nakti
'rohini nakti' 3 weeks ago
vry nce trick
Aman Kumar Singh
'Aman Kumar Singh' 3 weeks ago
useless video
Lubna fowziya shaik
'Lubna fowziya shaik' 3 weeks ago
Dania Ramadhani
'Dania Ramadhani' 3 weeks ago
Naresh dash
'Naresh dash' 3 weeks ago
Raees Khan
'Raees Khan' 3 weeks ago
v nice
'FXL MirZa' 4 weeks ago
Kaden VS.Gaming
'Kaden VS.Gaming' 4 weeks ago
Zoni Malik
'Zoni Malik' 4 weeks ago
Govindarajulu Anchala
Hi sasi
A. Pinfla
'A. Pinfla' 4 weeks ago
Porque no se llama el video: Pierde 3 minutos de tu vida aprendiendo a cortar fruta como yo te digo?
kate wassabi
'kate wassabi' 4 weeks ago
i know all of that lifehack youre copying
Afroze Khan
'Afroze Khan' 4 weeks ago
It's not as tricks
Afroze Khan
'Afroze Khan' 4 weeks ago
It's not interesting
Kishore Saini
'Kishore Saini' 1 month ago
we these all things
Jhon Cunningham
'Jhon Cunningham' 1 month ago
the most stupid tricks ever
Soyab Bhori
'Soyab Bhori' 1 month ago
Shahzad Ahmed
'Shahzad Ahmed' 1 month ago
Pooja Yadav
'Pooja Yadav' 1 month ago
Pooja Yadav
'Pooja Yadav' 1 month ago
amjat khan
'amjat khan' 1 month ago
amjat khan
'neoKGaming' 1 month ago
'AMAZING' yea right LOL
rana arslan
'rana arslan' 1 month ago
Mehshar Nafees
'Mehshar Nafees' 1 month ago
what type of video is this?
Zaina Masjood
'Zaina Masjood' 1 month ago
you are the Queen of food
Saisri Pavithraa
'Saisri Pavithraa' 1 month ago
EdwinLorenzVilla Gamer
this song is too boring
siti musyarofah
'siti musyarofah' 1 month ago
Nikhil King
'Nikhil King' 2 months ago
fruits katna amazing trick h..
Sudhir Kumar
'Sudhir Kumar' 2 months ago
thnx. i succesfully wasted my 3 mins without thinking anything.
'MANIRUL ISLAM' 2 months ago
cvj vvhq
'RSpamz' 2 months ago
The first one is a watermelon? It looks so different...
Sameer Ahmed
'Sameer Ahmed' 2 months ago
just stupid
Padepokan Lindu Aji
'Padepokan Lindu Aji' 2 months ago
Rita Devi
'Rita Devi' 2 months ago
you are cheating food hack
Manjula Suresh
'Manjula Suresh' 2 months ago
the egg hack didnt work
Rupa Mahato
'Rupa Mahato' 2 months ago
hetal doshi
'hetal doshi' 2 months ago
Next time make a sensable one or don't make
Hari Rao
'Hari Rao' 2 months ago
haters are stupid
Hari Rao
'Hari Rao' 2 months ago
stop hating
rakesh patel
'rakesh patel' 2 months ago
Cristian Cabello 386
'Cristian Cabello 386' 2 months ago
AVISO: Este es el canal de ExpCaseros en ingles, si no me creen lean la descripcion del canal.
neha naaz
'neha naaz' 2 months ago
ye kya bakwaas h....banana chilna hame bhi ata h...
shamim khan
'shamim khan' 2 months ago
banana tricks is useless every body know that
pankaj singh
'pankaj singh' 2 months ago
Justin Cox
'Justin Cox' 2 months ago
That's not amazing, that's stupid!
Divya Bairy
'Divya Bairy' 2 months ago
what was that nail polish tric. U have actually poured it 🙄
vishal mishra
'vishal mishra' 2 months ago
tqq mam
caca cantik
'caca cantik' 2 months ago
Nas Mader
'Nas Mader' 2 months ago
wt zs shit??????
sangeeta garg
'sangeeta garg' 2 months ago
Not that gud......
rakshith rakku
'rakshith rakku' 2 months ago
ohhhhh how many times do i c tht Strawberry straw thing
Roxanne Collins
'Roxanne Collins' 2 months ago
we've been doing this for years peeling and cutting up fruit.😊
Mohammed Nawaz
'Mohammed Nawaz' 2 months ago
thank you
kalyan cr
'kalyan cr' 2 months ago
we know
'Selbiekoekie' 2 months ago
this shitty video is fucking useless
'ARAUST2017 XDUST' 2 months ago
esto es copiado esto es de experimentos caseros
Rishikesh Goyal
'Rishikesh Goyal' 2 months ago
The background music is so sweet
'Führer ÑSDTEFMY' 3 months ago
+laury what
bhawana dayal
'bhawana dayal' 3 months ago
too lazy to eat and cut bananas😂
Kiran Juwale
'Kiran Juwale' 3 months ago
what you sprinkle on egg
Faiza Rahman rafa
'Faiza Rahman rafa' 3 months ago
Sanjit Adhikary
'Sanjit Adhikary' 3 months ago
amazing !!! khub sundar hai.
Валерия Калинина
You worth meeting me, click: #dearSeeMeSexy
Taa Duggan
'Taa Duggan' 3 months ago
watch my vidioes
Anaya Foughter
'Anaya Foughter' 3 months ago
what was so Different adout the Apple ?
'pj3207' 3 months ago
Rocket science aye...😒
FIFA 17 and More
'FIFA 17 and More' 3 months ago
Fuck you Amazing Stuff. You steal
Rodolfo Capalac
'Rodolfo Capalac' 3 months ago
Mom: I told you not to play with your food. Kid: but it's for a video
DomDom Juju
'DomDom Juju' 3 months ago
2:03 or you could save your time by peeling the banana and cutting it into pieces with a knife.
rubina zafar
'rubina zafar' 3 months ago
very good
Ran Nevermore
'Ran Nevermore' 3 months ago
12 Amazing tricks with food copied from different youtube videos
Tanatos plus
'Tanatos plus' 4 months ago
no you experimentos caseros
Maria Quinteros
'Maria Quinteros' 4 months ago
hola como se la pasan
Jake Hoen
'Jake Hoen' 4 months ago
Most of these are not tricks at all...more so a more difficult way of peeling or cutting it
'1.123' 4 months ago
#10 but how do i open the first one to use its shell? YOU HAD ONE JOB
'1.123' 4 months ago
so #4 basically teached me how to cut an apple into half. thank you. good life hack.
ayoub soltane
'ayoub soltane' 4 months ago
we all KNOW THE last one right guys ?
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Hanna Thioux
'Hanna Thioux' 5 months ago
0:34 no wonder they called them STRAWberies!
celia gomez
'celia gomez' 5 months ago
hi guy why do not you stop stealing content to other youtubers
Natalia SB
'Natalia SB' 5 months ago
No robes contenido de otros canales 😡😡
・ω・ むっちゃん
Wally Friend
'Wally Friend' 5 months ago
The only amazing thing about this video is that it was actually produced.
'rochelle' 5 months ago
1:45 lenny face
'prikitiew' 5 months ago
i look at number 8 with a dirty mind
'JockerWWj' 5 months ago
waste food
John Cena
'John Cena' 5 months ago
At the third one, i found out why they call it stawberries
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