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Published: 1 year ago By: AmazingStuff

By: AmazingStuffPublished: 1 year ago

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Ahmad Eman
'Ahmad Eman' 35 minutes ago
this is all cheating of 5 min crafts if you make this type of video you think i subs cribe you 😞😞
isidora vega
'isidora vega' 4 days ago
el vídeo es sacado de Laury what
Ashar Bali
'Ashar Bali' 5 days ago
There are no hacks ......I always do this 😚😚😚😚
Mohammed Miah
'Mohammed Miah' 5 days ago
Shit video done by a child to gain popularity
Yasmeen Aborabie
'Yasmeen Aborabie' 2 weeks ago
nice ideas
Great waste of time
Anastasia Moshoviti
'Anastasia Moshoviti' 3 weeks ago
Super video
Nilofer Asra
'Nilofer Asra' 3 weeks ago
You have copied some of the tips
Abdullah Shaik
'Abdullah Shaik' 3 weeks ago
Awessomme knife skills I like dis video,superb great job,👍👌👍👌👏👏
Alva Spencer
'Alva Spencer' 4 weeks ago
I have endured tonsil stones for almost a decade. Because of this tonsil stones treatment “kuzu amazing guide” (Google it). My doc would simply tell me surgical procedure was the best option. But this method, it worked. There were no hard steps and the procedure was simple. I am happy that my self-esteem is higher now.
amandeep singh
'amandeep singh' 1 month ago
dumb video
Unknown 77
'Unknown 77' 2 months ago
и что здесь эмэйзинг?
Shabeela Shabeela
'Shabeela Shabeela' 2 months ago
priya gupta
'priya gupta' 2 months ago check this
sravani sunny
'sravani sunny' 2 months ago
Idiotic tricks
M K gandhi
'M K gandhi' 2 months ago
Waheeda Khan
'Waheeda Khan' 2 months ago
andrea marrie
'andrea marrie' 2 months ago
In number 9, why did you prefer do that if you can just slice the banana😷
Afgan huseynov
'Afgan huseynov' 2 months ago
Finish comment😀😁😂
all human supporter 1D
Amazing stuff keep on gping.. Gr8 video:-)
ธนวัฒรน์ แอนเพชร
Harman Saroya
'Harman Saroya' 2 months ago
'Aadeez' 2 months ago
Noob Crep TR
'Noob Crep TR' 2 months ago
_____ | | | |_____|_____ | | | | _____|
Noob Crep TR
'Noob Crep TR' 2 months ago
Hayırdır manita mı değişti
Gurjot Singh
'Gurjot Singh' 2 months ago
you are mental and brainless
sunil fakeer
'sunil fakeer' 2 months ago
10k ?😒..its not amazing..
Asiriranga Almeida
'Asiriranga Almeida' 2 months ago
Amii Sha
'Amii Sha' 2 months ago
They are not trick
Amir Faiz
'Amir Faiz' 3 months ago
1:52 what is she doing :3
ശാലു ശാലു
Pâü Pâü
'Pâü Pâü' 3 months ago
That egg strategy amazed me. LOL 😂
Razaldum Dum
'Razaldum Dum' 3 months ago
Unik ya yah
one step
'one step' 3 months ago
Please me subscribe
Van Kimmelson
'Van Kimmelson' 3 months ago
1:34 I thought it was an apple.
Yash Chhajed
'Yash Chhajed' 3 months ago
Chloe Ponce
'Chloe Ponce' 3 months ago
Kawaii Holiday!!
'Kawaii Holiday!!' 3 months ago
Yeah!Quite Good maybe i should try!
Shashank Panchal
'Shashank Panchal' 3 months ago
Yashi _
'Yashi _' 3 months ago
we already know all these tricks! 😑
Digbijoy Singha
'Digbijoy Singha' 3 months ago
Excuse me? Where is the trick??
abdullah mughal
'abdullah mughal' 3 months ago
SoMmEr Raee
'SoMmEr Raee' 3 months ago
I think who make this video is mad. everyone can to this this in not trick. small child can also do this stupid video maker.
Dhruv Rajput
'Dhruv Rajput' 3 months ago
Amazing thing with Tati ke be to video bheg
Sonuja Azmi
'Sonuja Azmi' 3 months ago
Super nice tips
Matthias Seeburger
'Matthias Seeburger' 3 months ago
3 Min of show casting the idea, that you can cut and peal fruit? Who would have thought!...
shannon crissman
'shannon crissman' 3 months ago
amazing I just watched this as long as I did
Srdjan Bozic
'Srdjan Bozic' 3 months ago
Bad bad bad
Asifa Karamat
'Asifa Karamat' 3 months ago
i knew the 3 food hack
Juveriya Mohammad
'Juveriya Mohammad' 3 months ago
At time of 1:18min it is looking like a tomato😘😘😘
Shanza Imran
'Shanza Imran' 3 months ago
I cant change i can eat in my own style just like a animal
malaika khan
'malaika khan' 3 months ago
Some of these are so stupid like the pistachio and the banana like come on everyone should know that that's how you actually open a banana not from the other way cause then ur just stupid
fairy k
'fairy k' 3 months ago
just wasted me 3 mins
Sunita Barve
'Sunita Barve' 3 months ago
nice but hard
'HindiMasterMobile' 3 months ago
Poor video.
Rachel Vijaykumar
'Rachel Vijaykumar' 3 months ago
Rachel Vijaykumar
'Rachel Vijaykumar' 3 months ago
Sinetch Itey
'Sinetch Itey' 3 months ago
Its not really a trick!
Huzaifa Khan
'Huzaifa Khan' 3 months ago
Every thing is copied
Rekha Patel
'Rekha Patel' 3 months ago
sooo nice 👌
Karthick K K
'Karthick K K' 3 months ago
Nice cuting
Kashish Khan
'Kashish Khan' 3 months ago
In this vdo we learn how to waste time on fruits, we have much better and time saving method.
KOCH koch
'KOCH koch' 3 months ago
What is this video? Mad and more hard ways......
hung tranquang
'hung tranquang' 3 months ago
Và thi,to. Ỏn. Hlg. Huong. Hd g e. Đh
yara kemera
'yara kemera' 4 months ago
'utotebi' 4 months ago
Eşşek oğli eşşek hepsi yalandır
Surya Narayana
'Surya Narayana' 5 months ago
We know this long back
'FoodforThought' 5 months ago
that banana "trick" is retarded. Just open it and slice it while it's still in the skin
'FoodforThought' 5 months ago
Where are the amazing tricks? All i see is someone peeling fruit normally
'FoodforThought' 5 months ago
what was the trick with the apple? to eat it?
Sarah Carlson
'Sarah Carlson' 5 months ago
His hands are so dirty and nasty
Rajrshree Sachdev
'Rajrshree Sachdev' 5 months ago
Time ⌚ pass video 📹
aji santoso270
'aji santoso270' 5 months ago
'RAJDEEP NATH' 5 months ago
funny 😆😁😀
Rekha u
'Rekha u' 5 months ago
Shyma Vivek
'Shyma Vivek' 5 months ago
i wasted my life's 3 min 2 sec
Bhavani.V Venkatesan
'Bhavani.V Venkatesan' 5 months ago
Its amazing WOW!!!!!!
Salma Banu
'Salma Banu' 5 months ago
nice video
clash with juan Torres
When I saw the thumbnail I thought it would be a very good video...but??? What's this?? Really disappointed 😐😐😐😑😑😑😶😶😶😶😥😥😥😣😣😣😫
Monica Liss
'Monica Liss' 5 months ago
really that banana 😑
Jasoliya Vishu
'Jasoliya Vishu' 5 months ago
Jaffarali Shahina
'Jaffarali Shahina' 5 months ago
Pudukke pundai life rathnakaran
Ali Bhai
'Ali Bhai' 6 months ago
Wow so amazing I like it
'Jupe367' 6 months ago
Can some please explain the egg part? Do they sprinkle salt or soak in salt?
Thu Phu
'Thu Phu' 6 months ago
nfjxv limh gii ha troi
Grahady Bagaskara
'Grahady Bagaskara' 6 months ago
waw imezing
Turan Ceferov
'Turan Ceferov' 6 months ago
çok saçma bunu yapmakdansa kəndi yapdığımız gibi yaparsak daha kolay olur bu daha zor😏😏😏😏😏😏
Angel Selman
'Angel Selman' 7 months ago
I'm so proud of you all(note the sarcasm)
Vaggos tube
'Vaggos tube' 7 months ago
κλεμμένα κάποια
issy sorto
'issy sorto' 7 months ago
I love how you open a peach like a avocado but americans are still cutting them selfs trying to cut a avocado (*-*) like wtf
Josh Morey
'Josh Morey' 7 months ago
Jai Khodiyar maa
'Jai Khodiyar maa' 7 months ago
very nice
Israel won
*_I should really kill you_*
Israel won
*_how about I slit your throat and kill your family? That would be an AMAZING TRICK !!!_*
'SuperCraftYt' 7 months ago
this is a video of Laury What fuck you!
Abdul subhan A.S
'Abdul subhan A.S' 7 months ago
that six one is owesome
mochtar gladwyn
'mochtar gladwyn' 7 months ago
fuck you man you a litel bitch
mochtar gladwyn
'mochtar gladwyn' 7 months ago
what this is very not cool
Urban aquaponics
'Urban aquaponics' 7 months ago
sooooo lame.
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