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Published: 3 months ago By: AmazingStuff

By: AmazingStuffPublished: 3 months ago

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Cristian Cabello 386
AVISO: Este es el canal de ExpCaseros en ingles, si no me creen lean la descripcion del canal.
neha naaz
'neha naaz' 1 day ago
ye kya bakwaas h....banana chilna hame bhi ata h...
shamim khan
'shamim khan' 2 days ago
banana tricks is useless every body know that
pankaj singh
'pankaj singh' 3 days ago
Justin Cox
'Justin Cox' 4 days ago
That's not amazing, that's stupid!
Divya Bairy
'Divya Bairy' 5 days ago
what was that nail polish tric. U have actually poured it 🙄
vishal mishra
'vishal mishra' 6 days ago
tqq mam
caca cantik
'caca cantik' 1 week ago
Nas Mader
'Nas Mader' 1 week ago
wt zs shit??????
sangeeta garg
'sangeeta garg' 1 week ago
Not that gud......
rakshith rakku
'rakshith rakku' 1 week ago
ohhhhh how many times do i c tht Strawberry straw thing
Roxanne Collins
'Roxanne Collins' 1 week ago
we've been doing this for years peeling and cutting up fruit.😊
Mohammed Nawaz
'Mohammed Nawaz' 2 weeks ago
thank you
kalyan cr
'kalyan cr' 2 weeks ago
we know
'Selbiekoekie' 2 weeks ago
this shitty video is fucking useless
'ARAUST2017 XDUST' 2 weeks ago
esto es copiado esto es de experimentos caseros
Rishikesh Goyal
'Rishikesh Goyal' 2 weeks ago
The background music is so sweet
'Führer ÑSDTEFMY' 2 weeks ago
+laury what
bhawana dayal
'bhawana dayal' 2 weeks ago
too lazy to eat and cut bananas😂
Kiran Juwale
'Kiran Juwale' 2 weeks ago
what you sprinkle on egg
Faiza Rahman rafa
'Faiza Rahman rafa' 2 weeks ago
Sanjit Adhikary
'Sanjit Adhikary' 2 weeks ago
amazing !!! khub sundar hai.
Валерия Калинина
You worth meeting me, click: #dearSeeMeSexy
Taa Duggan
'Taa Duggan' 3 weeks ago
watch my vidioes
Anaya Foughter
'Anaya Foughter' 3 weeks ago
what was so Different adout the Apple ?
'pj3207' 3 weeks ago
Rocket science aye...😒
FIFA 17 and More
'FIFA 17 and More' 3 weeks ago
Fuck you Amazing Stuff. You steal
Rodolfo Capalac
'Rodolfo Capalac' 1 month ago
Mom: I told you not to play with your food. Kid: but it's for a video
Dominic Russ
'Dominic Russ' 1 month ago
2:03 or you could save your time by peeling the banana and cutting it into pieces with a knife.
rubina zafar
'rubina zafar' 1 month ago
very good
Ran Nevermore
'Ran Nevermore' 1 month ago
12 Amazing tricks with food copied from different youtube videos
Tanatos plus
'Tanatos plus' 2 months ago
no you experimentos caseros
Maria Quinteros
'Maria Quinteros' 2 months ago
hola como se la pasan
Jake Hoen
'Jake Hoen' 2 months ago
Most of these are not tricks at all...more so a more difficult way of peeling or cutting it
'1.123' 2 months ago
#10 but how do i open the first one to use its shell? YOU HAD ONE JOB
'1.123' 2 months ago
so #4 basically teached me how to cut an apple into half. thank you. good life hack.
ayoub soltane
'ayoub soltane' 2 months ago
we all KNOW THE last one right guys ?
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Hanna Thioux
'Hanna Thioux' 3 months ago
0:34 no wonder they called them STRAWberies!
celia gomez
'celia gomez' 3 months ago
hi guy why do not you stop stealing content to other youtubers
Natalia SB
'Natalia SB' 3 months ago
No robes contenido de otros canales 😡😡
・ω・ むっちゃん
Wally Friend
'Wally Friend' 3 months ago
The only amazing thing about this video is that it was actually produced.
'rochelle' 3 months ago
1:45 lenny face
'prikitiew' 3 months ago
i look at number 8 with a dirty mind
'JockerWWj' 3 months ago
waste food
John Cena
'John Cena' 3 months ago
At the third one, i found out why they call it stawberries
Younes Uren
'Younes Uren' 3 months ago
Alena Alena
'Alena Alena' 3 months ago
I don't want to be mean but I really didn't get the sense of the video. Cutting an apple into half? Thanks, what is new in it? All the other things are either completely clear as well or just useless and more time and effort consuming than helpful
The Shadow Boy
'The Shadow Boy' 3 months ago
sospechoso :v
Ramiy gamer
'Ramiy gamer' 3 months ago
Marcelo salamanca
'Marcelo salamanca' 3 months ago
the fukin video dont is youre hijo de puta que tu madera de te estampe en el puto piso
Alaa eddine Channouf
'Alaa eddine Channouf' 3 months ago
all his videos are from this channel: +experimentoscaseros
Alaa eddine Channouf
'Alaa eddine Channouf' 3 months ago
thats not ur video you motherfuc*er
Monika Bharti
'Monika Bharti' 3 months ago
Tishaleni Madavan
'Tishaleni Madavan' 3 months ago
no.12 what's the trick
Themuffinman Blackman
number 9 as if it wasn't easy enough to eat a banana in the first place
Dua Fatima
'Dua Fatima' 3 months ago
Zaid Ahsan
'Zaid Ahsan' 3 months ago
Pusaka Dunia
'Pusaka Dunia' 3 months ago
so simple
Hasan Ozan Elma
'Hasan Ozan Elma' 3 months ago
cilegin yapragini tutup koparmak cok mu zor amk.
Dajana Diivaa
'Dajana Diivaa' 3 months ago
RLY?! 😂😂😂
'ELPATONPATAN' 3 months ago
lo kueitaste de laury whath
video divertenti
'video divertenti' 3 months ago
a cosa serviva l ultima ?
arushi sharma
'arushi sharma' 3 months ago
the right name for this video should be '12 foods you have been eating wrong'... where 's the trick dude?
Krystian Szuleta
'Krystian Szuleta' 3 months ago
nice video ")
'Jamew7' 3 months ago
i know how to eat :(
Žaneta Vilčková
'Žaneta Vilčková' 3 months ago
That is not amazing, ..
Storm Tornado
'Storm Tornado' 3 months ago
Elliot Ness
'Elliot Ness' 3 months ago
Which were your favourites leave, comments down below 🙂
'ipist' 3 months ago
Julian Wirth
'Julian Wirth' 3 months ago
So useless
кιиg gαмιиg
'кιиg gαмιиg' 3 months ago
@1:47 LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂
şöhrət abbasova
'şöhrət abbasova' 3 months ago
Missy Mangmang
'Missy Mangmang' 3 months ago
its so craetivi video
Tom Thorne
'Tom Thorne' 3 months ago
really lame
spark gamer
'spark gamer' 3 months ago
Por que te copias de expcaseros
Maimuna Hossain
'Maimuna Hossain' 3 months ago
Saikwan uampung
'Saikwan uampung' 3 months ago
jessica martinez
'jessica martinez' 3 months ago
son los videos de laury what
avetis avetisyan
'avetis avetisyan' 3 months ago
Son of a bitch you copied from exp caseros
Muhammad Rafique
'Muhammad Rafique' 3 months ago
u wrote food but it is fruit
antonella Diaz Barrera
aaa lo ciento no lo sabia soy fan de ustedes
Alexander Biehl
'Alexander Biehl' 3 months ago
Hallo du bist cool
Eswar prathyusha mamillapalli
these are not at called as tricks..
Anu Sharma
'Anu Sharma' 3 months ago
that's why they are called strawberry
Anu Sharma
'Anu Sharma' 3 months ago
that's why they are called strawberry
Goongoon Goongoon
'Goongoon Goongoon' 3 months ago
What's the need of doing these when we can do it simply!!! Specially the orange cutting ways were really stupid!! Don't u think we can simply peel by hand!!!
Dominik Jiřičný
'Dominik Jiřičný' 3 months ago
this is a shit
M.Aayesha Siddhiqua.
'M.Aayesha Siddhiqua.' 3 months ago
I love this video
Maria YTB
'Maria YTB' 3 months ago
Vreau și eu 😢 fistic
Marí Hrabíková
'Marí Hrabíková' 3 months ago
wtf?? hacks??
mravalferovani TV
'mravalferovani TV' 3 months ago
Sunil HS
'Sunil HS' 3 months ago
Louise Avril Sarmiento
now i dont need my hand to peel a orange thanks for the trick
Louise Avril Sarmiento
now i dont need my hand to peel a orange thanks for the trick
ORATA FRA fishing
'ORATA FRA fishing' 3 months ago
forte !!
stan man
'stan man' 3 months ago
I lkie 5
Tania Sultana
'Tania Sultana' 3 months ago
your style's are amazing
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