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Published: 11 months ago By: AmazingStuff

By: AmazingStuffPublished: 11 months ago

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Waheeda Khan
'Waheeda Khan' 5 days ago
andrea marrie
'andrea marrie' 6 days ago
In number 9, why did you prefer do that if you can just slice the banana😷
Afgan huseynov
'Afgan huseynov' 1 week ago
Finish comment😀😁😂
all human supporter 1D
Amazing stuff keep on gping.. Gr8 video:-)
ธนวัฒรน์ แอนเพชร
Harman Saroya
'Harman Saroya' 2 weeks ago
'Aadeez' 2 weeks ago
Noob Crep TR
'Noob Crep TR' 2 weeks ago
_____ | | | |_____|_____ | | | | _____|
Noob Crep TR
'Noob Crep TR' 2 weeks ago
Hayırdır manita mı değişti
Gurjot Singh
'Gurjot Singh' 2 weeks ago
you are mental and brainless
sunil fakeer
'sunil fakeer' 2 weeks ago
10k ?😒..its not amazing..
Asiriranga Almeida
'Asiriranga Almeida' 2 weeks ago
Amii Sha
'Amii Sha' 2 weeks ago
They are not trick
Amir Faiz
'Amir Faiz' 3 weeks ago
1:52 what is she doing :3
ശാലു ശാലു
Pâü Pâü
'Pâü Pâü' 3 weeks ago
That egg strategy amazed me. LOL 😂
Razaldum Dum
'Razaldum Dum' 3 weeks ago
Unik ya yah
one step
'one step' 3 weeks ago
Please me subscribe
Van Kim
'Van Kim' 3 weeks ago
1:34 I thought it was an apple.
Yash Chhajed
'Yash Chhajed' 3 weeks ago
Chloe Ponce
'Chloe Ponce' 3 weeks ago
Kawaii Holiday!!
'Kawaii Holiday!!' 3 weeks ago
Yeah!Quite Good maybe i should try!
Shashank Panchal
'Shashank Panchal' 4 weeks ago
Yashi _
'Yashi _' 4 weeks ago
we already know all these tricks! 😑
Digbijoy Singha
'Digbijoy Singha' 4 weeks ago
Excuse me? Where is the trick??
abdullah mughal
'abdullah mughal' 4 weeks ago
SoMmEr Raee
'SoMmEr Raee' 4 weeks ago
I think who make this video is mad. everyone can to this this in not trick. small child can also do this stupid video maker.
Dhruv Rajput
'Dhruv Rajput' 4 weeks ago
Amazing thing with Tati ke be to video bheg
Sonuja Azmi
'Sonuja Azmi' 4 weeks ago
Super nice tips
Matthias Seeburger
'Matthias Seeburger' 4 weeks ago
3 Min of show casting the idea, that you can cut and peal fruit? Who would have thought!...
shannon crissman
'shannon crissman' 4 weeks ago
amazing I just watched this as long as I did
Srdjan Bozic
'Srdjan Bozic' 4 weeks ago
Bad bad bad
Asifa Karamat
'Asifa Karamat' 4 weeks ago
i knew the 3 food hack
Juveriya Mohammad
'Juveriya Mohammad' 4 weeks ago
At time of 1:18min it is looking like a tomato😘😘😘
Shanza Imran
'Shanza Imran' 4 weeks ago
I cant change i can eat in my own style just like a animal
malaika khan
'malaika khan' 4 weeks ago
Some of these are so stupid like the pistachio and the banana like come on everyone should know that that's how you actually open a banana not from the other way cause then ur just stupid
fairy k
'fairy k' 4 weeks ago
just wasted me 3 mins
Sunita Barve
'Sunita Barve' 4 weeks ago
nice but hard
'Hindimastermobile' 4 weeks ago
Poor video.
Rachel Vijaykumar
'Rachel Vijaykumar' 4 weeks ago
Rachel Vijaykumar
'Rachel Vijaykumar' 4 weeks ago
Sinetch Itey
'Sinetch Itey' 4 weeks ago
Its not really a trick!
Huzaifa Khan
'Huzaifa Khan' 4 weeks ago
Every thing is copied
Rekha Patel
'Rekha Patel' 4 weeks ago
sooo nice 👌
Karthick K K
'Karthick K K' 4 weeks ago
Nice cuting
Kashish Khan
'Kashish Khan' 4 weeks ago
In this vdo we learn how to waste time on fruits, we have much better and time saving method.
KOCH koch
'KOCH koch' 1 month ago
What is this video? Mad and more hard ways......
hung tranquang
'hung tranquang' 1 month ago
Và thi,to. Ỏn. Hlg. Huong. Hd g e. Đh
yara kemera
'yara kemera' 2 months ago
'utotebi' 2 months ago
Eşşek oğli eşşek hepsi yalandır
Surya Narayana
'Surya Narayana' 3 months ago
We know this long back
'FoodforThought' 3 months ago
that banana "trick" is retarded. Just open it and slice it while it's still in the skin
'FoodforThought' 3 months ago
Where are the amazing tricks? All i see is someone peeling fruit normally
'FoodforThought' 3 months ago
what was the trick with the apple? to eat it?
Sarah Carlson
'Sarah Carlson' 3 months ago
His hands are so dirty and nasty
Rajrshree Sachdev
'Rajrshree Sachdev' 3 months ago
Time ⌚ pass video 📹
aji santoso270
'aji santoso270' 3 months ago
'RAJDEEP NATH' 3 months ago
funny 😆😁😀
Sneha u
'Sneha u' 3 months ago
Shyma Vivek
'Shyma Vivek' 3 months ago
i wasted my life's 3 min 2 sec
Bhavani.V Venkatesan
'Bhavani.V Venkatesan' 3 months ago
Its amazing WOW!!!!!!
Salma Banu
'Salma Banu' 3 months ago
nice video
clash with juan Torres
When I saw the thumbnail I thought it would be a very good video...but??? What's this?? Really disappointed 😐😐😐😑😑😑😶😶😶😶😥😥😥😣😣😣😫
Monica Liss
'Monica Liss' 3 months ago
really that banana 😑
Jasoliya Vishu
'Jasoliya Vishu' 3 months ago
Jaffarali Shahina
'Jaffarali Shahina' 3 months ago
Pudukke pundai life rathnakaran
Ali Bhai
'Ali Bhai' 4 months ago
Wow so amazing I like it
'Jupe367' 4 months ago
Can some please explain the egg part? Do they sprinkle salt or soak in salt?
Thu Phu
'Thu Phu' 4 months ago
nfjxv limh gii ha troi
Grahady Bagaskara
'Grahady Bagaskara' 4 months ago
waw imezing
Turan Ceferov
'Turan Ceferov' 4 months ago
çok saçma bunu yapmakdansa kəndi yapdığımız gibi yaparsak daha kolay olur bu daha zor😏😏😏😏😏😏
Angel Selman
'Angel Selman' 5 months ago
I'm so proud of you all(note the sarcasm)
Vaggos tube
'Vaggos tube' 5 months ago
κλεμμένα κάποια
issy sorto
'issy sorto' 5 months ago
I love how you open a peach like a avocado but americans are still cutting them selfs trying to cut a avocado (*-*) like wtf
Josh Morey
'Josh Morey' 5 months ago
Jai Khodiyar maa
'Jai Khodiyar maa' 5 months ago
very nice
Israel won
*_I should really kill you_*
Israel won
*_how about I slit your throat and kill your family? That would be an AMAZING TRICK !!!_*
'SuperCraftYt' 5 months ago
this is a video of Laury What fuck you!
Abdul subhan A.S
'Abdul subhan A.S' 5 months ago
that six one is owesome
mochtar gladwyn
'mochtar gladwyn' 5 months ago
fuck you man you a litel bitch
mochtar gladwyn
'mochtar gladwyn' 5 months ago
what this is very not cool
Urban aquaponics
'Urban aquaponics' 5 months ago
sooooo lame.
sohail anwar
'sohail anwar' 6 months ago
I like the way he cut the pineapple
'xMASTERx x' 6 months ago
it works the dislike button works
Rifana Rahman
'Rifana Rahman' 6 months ago
not wondering
Rifana Rahman
'Rifana Rahman' 6 months ago
very bad
shadow danni
'shadow danni' 6 months ago
christine olivar
'christine olivar' 6 months ago
you see that in 5 minute crafts
IRA sweetie girls
'IRA sweetie girls' 6 months ago
its not tricks , i call them cutting fruits
Beta Ria  Sonata
'Beta Ria Sonata' 6 months ago
semagat anda kur
Olim Haryadi
'Olim Haryadi' 6 months ago
trisha yut
VakiTDM the best
'VakiTDM the best' 6 months ago
0:35 so thats why tey are called strawberrys
saras dilla
'saras dilla' 6 months ago
they thea
'they thea' 6 months ago
I Like Turtles!!
'I Like Turtles!!' 6 months ago
some of this copied from crazy Russian hacker
jemarei Majaducon
'jemarei Majaducon' 6 months ago
good tricks like 👍 if you agree
Ainabalqis Balqis
'Ainabalqis Balqis' 6 months ago
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