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Published: 12 months ago By: Linus Tech Tips

By: Linus Tech TipsPublished: 12 months ago

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Is the Acer Predator 21x practical? HELL NO. But is it cool? Yes. Very much yes.

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Lil Pump
'Lil Pump' 3 hours ago
bet it still cant run Crysis 3
'russianRumble' 16 hours ago
Acer: *sticks a curved monitor to a keyboard* Acer: walla our brand new laptop
Review Bot
'Review Bot' 23 hours ago
Hey linus, may I please have it? I'm poor I can't even afford a lamp.
'RaiserGT' 23 hours ago
I'm gonna carry solar panel around when I'm gonna be on road trips or simply using it outside without any power outlets.
Mo Mehio
'Mo Mehio' 1 day ago
Why only 1080p though? This can easily use a 4K monitor, much less a 120+Hz QHD one.
'Top5Peoples' 1 day ago
I read them
Snack Vriendjes
'Snack Vriendjes' 2 days ago
I am going to sell my organs for that
Qishi Li
'Qishi Li' 2 days ago
You can own three 1080ti gaming rigs for the price of one of this!
king Lion
'king Lion' 3 days ago
I wish if i have this laptop
Brandon Valencia
'Brandon Valencia' 3 days ago
Who would pay 9k for this? Especially when you can build a system with better specs for like 2-3k. Portability isn't worth an extra 6k
Eden Hazard
'Eden Hazard' 4 days ago
my father own this laptop just for work.
arya delphi
'arya delphi' 5 days ago
I wonder who is owned the first acer predator 21x laptop.
P4nda ツ
'P4nda ツ' 5 days ago
why would I buy that laptop when I can buy 9x $1000 Gaming PC's
P4nda ツ
'P4nda ツ' 5 days ago
Does anyone even read those things?
'Esteban' 5 days ago
That's hilariously oversized. How absurd.
Grammar Nazi
'Grammar Nazi' 5 days ago
I could pack all my shit in that case while ago you put a fucking 17 pounds laptop Looks like i lived in an isolation
Volen Minkovski
'Volen Minkovski' 5 days ago
yes we read them
Chris Murphy
'Chris Murphy' 6 days ago
linus i have this problem . Ok my Asus Dual 1060 has had a fan lose 4 blades iv inquired with asus in going about and fixing the fan but i was wondering how you would go about the situation as well as any recommendation as to AIO gpu cooler
Andrés Coronado
'Andrés Coronado' 6 days ago
Linus: It costs NINE THOUS... Me: *clicks on another video, and gets back to make this comment*
'MeDoMeer' 6 days ago
this is just a pre april fools joke right? XD
Rafael Belineli
'Rafael Belineli' 7 days ago
Cara, demais esse gamerbook da Asus... Infelizmente a Asus não tem RMA no Brasil, então, eu passo...
'FutuRetro' 7 days ago
fuck the laptop, I want the korean lady with the blue hair but seriously 9000$ for 4 cores 8 threads lmfao. waste of fuckin money even with 2 GTX 1080's that CPU is already a bottleneck in today's games
'Hurshi' 1 week ago
Fuck mortgage. I’m gonna buy an Acer Predator 21X.
GamerOfNerds! Aka GON
Liquid Metal Cooling?
'Gamingexpert23' 1 week ago
7:58 ouch. That sound
Juan Ng
'Juan Ng' 1 week ago
the case is hilarious
Comment Machine
'Comment Machine' 1 week ago
0:51 Yes, some of us read those captions.
lol 9000 dollars I would just get the 6000 dollar water cooled Acer predator
Do you even know anything about cars?? Seems legit.
David Michaels
'David Michaels' 2 weeks ago
A tuned civic will drop a ferrari
'dnh300' 2 weeks ago
But can it run gta 4 with 150 fps on highest settings while driving a car xd
Just Some Guy Ok
'Just Some Guy Ok' 2 weeks ago
Ah, curved screens. A solution in search of a problem.
David Amores
'David Amores' 2 weeks ago
Well, can it run minecraft?
'SHARKATTACK 25' 2 weeks ago
Yes intro, yes.
Nethupa Fernando
'Nethupa Fernando' 2 weeks ago
I read it
'Rondre' 2 weeks ago
If you noticed how can you play 4k games if the panel is only 1080p so the 2 gtx 1080s are just a waste of money
Digitized Girl
'Digitized Girl' 2 weeks ago
In other words.... it's a laptop created to make me cry myself to sleep every night for 10 years. Good to know. XD
Jay Harrison
'Jay Harrison' 2 weeks ago
Would love to use one just for week, just so can say i've played on one
'BlueRice' 2 weeks ago
im using a prey laptop. barely able to play minecraft on low setting.
Cayden Roberts
'Cayden Roberts' 2 weeks ago
I have a 1050ti. Am I some alien?
Ian McGuire
'Ian McGuire' 2 weeks ago
Damn, she sure does fit a LOT in that rear end. She must do some squats 7:15
Chris B
'Chris B' 2 weeks ago
Yes, we do read those.
Nyladreas Sareloth
'Nyladreas Sareloth' 2 weeks ago
wish i had 22,000 bucks lying around for a laptop. At least thats the price on amazon lmao
Mark Wong
'Mark Wong' 2 weeks ago
now it's only 1000 bucks on amazon, and in stock
Kenneth Connors
'Kenneth Connors' 2 weeks ago
Wow price steep but sounds worth the money
'Aepek' 2 weeks ago
Love dollar shave club plug...."hair grows out.....of...", lol
'Cuddlecreeper8' 2 weeks ago
OMG what is this
Michael Edgell
'Michael Edgell' 2 weeks ago
that thing is giant
'10p6' 2 weeks ago
Screw you Acer, i'll design a 34 inch curved laptop with twin Xeon CPU, quad SLI, and full keyboard with track pad. All for less than $9K. Ha
'Model2K' 2 weeks ago
The whole time i am just like well sure I love it but....what's the price
Ravi Sankar
'Ravi Sankar' 2 weeks ago
Yes Linus, there are some of us that read the caption.
Lukáš Urbánek
'Lukáš Urbánek' 2 weeks ago
7:15 ass :-)))))))))))))
IKEA Coffee Table
'IKEA Coffee Table' 3 weeks ago
For 9000$ i could build a better computer which can run every game over 100fps and is insanely quiet no point buying a laptop.... lol
Rainbow Squash
'Rainbow Squash' 3 weeks ago
Is it 4k res?
'anarchisttomato' 3 weeks ago
Why? What for? They hurt my eyes anyway.
'jay_615' 3 weeks ago
How long the battery last dough
'Anthony' 3 weeks ago
maxine's got a fat ass
I traveled through time just to post this comment
People spend over half a million dollars on exotic sports cars. A $9000 is no big deal to those guys.
Carl Maddox
'Carl Maddox' 3 weeks ago
But can it run CRYSIS ?
Misael Echeverría
'Misael Echeverría' 3 weeks ago
7:12 Here's the ring... take it and say yes.
Arun banotra
'Arun banotra' 3 weeks ago
wait 9000 dollars😮😨
stop me
'stop me' 3 weeks ago
This isn't a laptop anymore
Patrick Gotwols
'Patrick Gotwols' 3 weeks ago
I don't have any type of Nvidia products
Jesus イエス M.
'Jesus イエス M.' 3 weeks ago
Curved displays are useless in screens below 49" ha
Mohsen Bawadekji
'Mohsen Bawadekji' 3 weeks ago
Zacharias Krogh Mortensen
lol i really wan't this but i will never afford it.. :/
Tshego Malatji
'Tshego Malatji' 3 weeks ago
Freaking hilarious! Good job guys \o/
Alex Lewis
'Alex Lewis' 3 weeks ago
9000$ HOLY SHIT. I might as well build a crazy desktop and pickup one of pewdiepie's chairs with that
Gabriel Ospina
'Gabriel Ospina' 3 weeks ago
The virgins laptop
'conman3609' 3 weeks ago
64 GB of RAM?!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?
Great Games
'Great Games' 3 weeks ago
Get yourself the cheap Lenovo laptop for £300 off Amazon, click the link:
'TheeAdeptBranch' 3 weeks ago
This is the Bugatti Chevron of Gaming laptops
Joonatan Anteroinen
'Joonatan Anteroinen' 4 weeks ago
0:51 i do read it.
No Shit
'No Shit' 4 weeks ago
8:35 throw me out of the window😱😱😱😱
'CoryRayBall' 4 weeks ago
But can it run Minecraft
Manek Iridius
'Manek Iridius' 4 weeks ago
Ugly as sin and overspecced all to hell. Anyone who thinks they need a laptop like this deserves to lose their money.
'Tropicocity' 4 weeks ago
£9000 GBP on the UK Acer website LOOOL what the fuck
Call Me Nny
'Call Me Nny' 4 weeks ago
Holy crap! That is one sweet ass laptop and I hate laptops! If I ever get a laptop, that is the machine I am getting!!!!
'Familiaris' 4 weeks ago
And for only $3000 less, you can hire a guy to carry and set up your desktop computer wherever you go.
'amtheman2000' 4 weeks ago
just buy a fucking pc jesus christ, but none the less if i had the money to blow, would pick it up kek
'Rainman' 4 weeks ago
For that price it better suck my dick.
'AaronShenghao' 4 weeks ago
With that money, you can get a equal powered desktop and a decent Ultrabook.
White Noise
'White Noise' 4 weeks ago
This is the Ugliest thing I've seen since the Blue Headed Whore !
'Zer01neDev' 4 weeks ago
Performance look actually pathetic for that price.
Neon Kicks
'Neon Kicks' 1 month ago
Yes we do read that
Penetrate me softly
'Penetrate me softly' 1 month ago
well time to sell both of my kidneys
'zackfrags' 1 month ago
I'm going to work my ass off during the summer, buy this, show up to school and bag all the bitches.
'LyricalMajesty' 1 month ago
Fucking Christ. 80% enthusiasm is okay. Linus is at 4500%
Allen Lark
'Allen Lark' 1 month ago
Why curved?
'Trrroll' 1 month ago
'TechNStuff' 1 month ago
Fuck the laptop who’s that chick yo
Ellie Ks
'Ellie Ks' 1 month ago
I almost died from laughter when they pulled that suitcase out 😂
Martina Kinnon
'Martina Kinnon' 1 month ago
21 inch is nothing
Ryan E.
'Ryan E.' 1 month ago
lol this shit is just stupid
'vannGO' 1 month ago
why is he out of breath in this video
The Darkness
'The Darkness' 1 month ago
7:14 dat ass; i'd like to fit in her trunk
'TheFieryPotato' 1 month ago
9000$ dollars I clicked off at that point
'MrTakvam' 1 month ago
Imagine how we're gonna laugh at this brick in 20 years.
Raphael Artemeier
'Raphael Artemeier' 1 month ago
Does it even HAVE a battery? :D
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