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I Hear Color -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 2 weeks ago

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"Bodak Yellow, not yellow, actually blue."

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Elder Merchant
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'AvcaNO' 33 minutes ago
Someone I know has synestysia, and when I saw the title I knew the video would be about that.
ellibean 15
'ellibean 15' 2 hours ago
Hi... I know I'm late but this all just sounds really beautiful... Like you see colors and sound or you hear something in something else, it's really interesting how that works with your head and how it connects... It seems like if you had this it would just make the world seem more colorful and beautiful
Azziza Robinson
'Azziza Robinson' 7 hours ago
Wow! I have this! I didn't even know there was a name for it, I just assumed all people do this lol
Denna Asadi
'Denna Asadi' 8 hours ago
watching this makes me angry because I disagree with the colours like no, purple rain is green and green light is yellow, Bodak yellow is purple, gosh
yeisibell Perez
'yeisibell Perez' 19 hours ago
This reminds me when ratatouille was tasting the food and he was imagining music and colors
musical trash
'musical trash' 3 days ago
dude i just found out i have this and it's crazy cause i thought this happened to everyone and everyone heard sounds and thought of colors.
Kkapy _
'Kkapy _' 4 days ago
Errrmmmm... I️ saw this and thought everyone saw color in sounds... 😐 I️ am now realizing that everyone doesn’t, so now I️ think I have synesthesia 😐
Pizza Goddess
'Pizza Goddess' 4 days ago
Whenever I get overwhelmed by a feeling I would whisper out a color that I associate that feeling with like if I was embarrassed I would say Purple
Klaudia Kustra
'Klaudia Kustra' 4 days ago
Wait this isn't normal???
Mega Maisie
'Mega Maisie' 4 days ago
I think I have this but idk 😂
Hamilton ate my soul
I wish i had this
Wise W88
'Wise W88' 5 days ago
I see colors around ppl in association to their zodiac sign.
Anna Piper
'Anna Piper' 5 days ago
I'm so happy Buzzfeed did this!! I have synesthesia and I love telling people about it- I did a huge project on it and it is extremely fascinating but a little frustrating trying to explain to people because it's not totally possible to translate something so abstract and complex into plain words and whenever I explain it I am like well...but also...not really but kind of's frustrating but fascinating :)
Anneliese Hummel
'Anneliese Hummel' 5 days ago
Squidward tentacals
The song at last gave me a dark vibe
'chrismas' 6 days ago
I think anyone can do this with practice.
zero the hero
'zero the hero' 6 days ago
i cant hear colors but i can see music.
Emma Tyndall
'Emma Tyndall' 6 days ago
I can hear colors but I also associate colors with people and the classes I take at school. It’s the weirdest thing and people never take me seriously when I try to explain
Ashton R
'Ashton R' 6 days ago
I have synesthesia, too ! But I don’t hear colour, necessarily, I associate different aspects of my cognitive workings with the spectrum of the rainbow & I associate feelings, thoughts, & more basic stuff like letters, words, numbers with colours
Zadie Ivis
'Zadie Ivis' 6 days ago
I have it but I mix colors and numbers (I think it is still synesthesia) and I have a friend who has it too
'PhenixTV' 6 days ago
What the F*ck
'KngFln' 6 days ago
When I was younger I thought it was something that happened to everyone
Joshua Steadman
'Joshua Steadman' 7 days ago
Wait... I thought this was normal? Does this mean I have this too?
'Hilolhilol1o1' 7 days ago
I have synesthesia, and I love playing around with stuff like this. I'm happy it's starting to gain more media focus because most of the time when I explain it to people they look at me like I'm on drugs or something lol
'GAVY 。' 1 week ago
*_what kind of fuckery is this?_*
Becky B
'Becky B' 1 week ago
My friend has this and I find it so interesting 😀
Leigh H
'Leigh H' 1 week ago
any fellow sonnies here?
Jimin stole his own jams
It’s like the pc music player, you know the weird colours that play for the songs idk
'은재' 1 week ago
Tell us what bohemian rhapsody looks like
'Sjoholm13' 1 week ago
I have synesthesia too, but I associate colours with letters, numbers and words. Sometimes I associate shapes/colours and sound but I'm not sure that's actually synesthesia, as much as associative thinking.
Miahpiahmiah XxX
'Miahpiahmiah XxX' 1 week ago
Kevin Fong
'Kevin Fong' 1 week ago
I have a corn of synesthesia where I associate personalities with numbers... it's rlly weird... for example, 7 is really nick and caring but 3, *OHOHOHO* DONT GET ME STARTED ON HER BISH
mark kay
'mark kay' 1 week ago
i identify as a 240 year old spartan shield, asexual, of course. i can hear other people's tastes. i read books by smelling them. i can understand what all cats think, and some dogs. i fart shards of pure einsteinium. i communicate with balloons by pulling strands of hair out and my favorite thing to eat for breakfast are cold rubber bands smothered in multi purpose hydrogen peroxide. and guess what, you must believe me. if not, its hate speech.
John Blaisdell
'John Blaisdell' 1 week ago
Why does this exist
ya boi
'ya boi' 1 week ago
i have synaesthesia and i both smell and see colours it's gr8
ZoeTheUnicorn Queen
I can't really process this, but it's the coolest thing I've ever seen 😂
Hannah Henderson
'Hannah Henderson' 1 week ago
a mango shaped space is a book about this and its really good
'yessicuh' 1 week ago
This is like Empire 😳 when Lucious had the accident
Bersahessa Addisu
'Bersahessa Addisu' 1 week ago
myrto mr
'myrto mr' 1 week ago
Is it only me watching this and realizing I can do that really easily?
Janice Solomon
'Janice Solomon' 1 week ago
Summer equal nice significant mad most
Elliott Rundle
'Elliott Rundle' 1 week ago
okay.. not everyone has this then? cool..
Ashton Bagley
'Ashton Bagley' 1 week ago
I have synesthesia, and it really comes in handy considering that i’m in color guard and plan to pursue it as a a career..
Marilyn Canty
'Marilyn Canty' 1 week ago
My friend had this
Lauren Forester
'Lauren Forester' 1 week ago
I wouldn't describe myself as 'hearing colour' it's more seeing sounds. I don't look at a colour and hear a sound, I hear something and then see a colour.
'Brookie' 1 week ago
Numbers have always had personalities for me lol.
Stephanie Rojas
'Stephanie Rojas' 1 week ago
How cool, I’m so jealous lol
Bored Millionaire
'Bored Millionaire' 1 week ago
fake. hired actors regurgitating lines.
Imelda Fani
'Imelda Fani' 1 week ago
01:01 reminds me of the sims. is it from the sims freeplay? :v
Zeus tennant;P
'Zeus tennant;P' 1 week ago
I have colour blindness.. So there were 2 separate colours being shown on the screen and I thought they were 1😂😂😂😅
Ivan Langi
'Ivan Langi' 1 week ago
One of the teachers at my high school has synesthesia and my middle school teacher's daughter has it too. The high school teacher would be able to know if I was singing in pitch or not by looking at the music and knowing what colors he was supposed to be seeing. If any of us were flat, he would be able to tell us how flat. His perfect pitch helped us a lot in our vocal technique. My teacher's daughter would see colors with each letter.
Cute but Psycho
'Cute but Psycho' 1 week ago
Aye I got this too. I also have the ordinal linguistic personification disorder too which makes it so I can assosiate personalitys and story lines to numbers, letters, and months
'Awsome4649' 1 week ago
more of these please
fluuffy Gonzalez
'fluuffy Gonzalez' 1 week ago
This makes sense becuz aggressive ear destroying sounds are blue wave/high frequency and red is smooth and quiet sounds are red waves/ low frequency
Lam Duy
'Lam Duy' 1 week ago
So do they see colour in front of whatever their seeing? Like they are looking at a car, but then the car vanishes in a green ink blot?
'AfterEightShave' 1 week ago
so like are the color blops like just appearing, or is it more of a filter put on everything?
'LARK' 1 week ago
Aphantasia guys. Google it.
Niche Kinz
'Niche Kinz' 1 week ago
My friends music teacher sees sounds so when someone’s out of tune she’ll be like “You’re a little green” it’s really cool
Elisha Franklin
'Elisha Franklin' 1 week ago
What's the song that's called now go by Marc Jackson burrows? I can't find it anywhere, so I was thinking maybe they fot the name wrong on accident. If that's the actual song title can someone link it for me?
TanZ Zvi
'TanZ Zvi' 1 week ago
ummm... both of them have synthesis but why didn't they say it was the same colour just asking no shade?
Montana MacLeod
'Montana MacLeod' 1 week ago
do i have this because this didnt seem weird for me
'NesuDesu' 1 week ago
I see sound
Katie Willis
'Katie Willis' 1 week ago
I also have synesthesia but a totally different kind (and defs not as cool). It's called grapheme-color synesthesia, where every number digit has its own color when I look at it or think about it. 1 is white, 2 is green, 3 is red, 23 is green and red, etc. Not as interesting as seeing color in music but it makes math a little more interesting and phone numbers can have cool color combinations.
'MrTy0072' 1 week ago
I can see sounds
Jade Welch
'Jade Welch' 1 week ago
So I guess it’s different for everyone. Baring in mind that they saw different colours to for the same song.
Anna Grace Travis
'Anna Grace Travis' 1 week ago
I do too!
Krystal Rae
'Krystal Rae' 2 weeks ago
Oooo....I can smell sound and taste colors!
'slimeninja1' 2 weeks ago
wait i get this sometimes taking LSD
Donna Darensbourg
'Donna Darensbourg' 2 weeks ago
What weed he been smoking i need that 😂😂
Fake Normality
'Fake Normality' 2 weeks ago
I've got synesthesia where I can hear sounds and words and feel shapes
「Haneul」 。
'「Haneul」 。' 2 weeks ago
My sister has synestia as well!!!
Sage F
'Sage F' 2 weeks ago
If you had mentioned the science behind it I feel this vid would've come across a bit better. I remember learning about this several years ago, and the way the brain works together to cause synesthesia. It's scientifically more than just having a vivid imagination, as many people assume it is when they hear about it. And synesthesia has several categories too, not strictly hearing colours.
'LpsTealQuoise' 2 weeks ago
I see colours in numbers and letters so lemme explain 1 is blue 💙or red❤️ (most of the time dark blue 💙) 2 is red ❤️ 3 is yellow 💛 but sometimes a limeish yellowish colour like this 🎾but a bit more yellow 4 is dark green 🌳🌲 5 is pink 🎀💕 (it can vary) 6 is orangey peachy colour 🧡💛📔📙 (a mixture of these colours) 7 is blue 💙📘💎 (it’s usually dark blue) 8 is this green 💚📗(light green or normal green) 9 is orangy peachy 🧡📔 10 is well... the 1 is black 🖤 and the 0 is white ✉️ And 20, 30,40 etc. are the same so like 20 is red ❤️and 30 is yellow💛 but with the ones it can be different so say 23 it can be red ❤️ and yellow 💛. And for letters Tbh I’m to tired to write it Ok fine I’ll write some A is blue 💙 b is green 💚 c is yellow 💛 d is green 💚 (I’ll do the colours now) e 💛 f💚 g🧡(peachy) h 🧡 (peachy) i 🖤 or 💙 j ❤️ k 💙🎽🥣💎(a variety) l 💙 m ... well I don’t really have a colour for m but I guess it’s ❤️ or 💚 n 💚 o I never had a colour for o but it’s kind of 💛 or ✉️ p 🧡 q 🧡 r❤️or 🌲 s❤️ t💜 u💛 v💚or 💜 w💚 X🧡 Y🧡 Z💙🖤
'utpawn' 2 weeks ago
I'm a little suspicious of this comments section. This is a pretty rare condition, but apparently 75% of commenters have it.
cj pooh
'cj pooh' 2 weeks ago
I’m reading a book about this
Random Things
'Random Things' 2 weeks ago
I thought synesthesia meant the relation of one sense and another. Like for me I associate colors with numbers and shapes and each color or number has a personality almost like for me the number nine is green and is very malicious
I have synestesia too, everything has a color. Words, numbers, letters. When I smell something, I see a color, though I can't always describe the smell. Higher pitches are warm colors, and lower are cool colors.
Bianca Hernandez
'Bianca Hernandez' 2 weeks ago
I associate colors with numbers, names, words, letters and stuff like that but it thought it was normal
Cameron Archuleta
'Cameron Archuleta' 2 weeks ago
How high are they?
'Mel' 2 weeks ago
2:39 I get more of a maroon
'Mel' 2 weeks ago
I could have synesthesia 🤔
Alice Gardner
'Alice Gardner' 2 weeks ago
I feel change in colors
Nancy Mclaughlin
'Nancy Mclaughlin' 2 weeks ago
What the f***
eve lyn
'eve lyn' 2 weeks ago
This is super interesting i have personification synesthesia which is more rare
【OG】Original Fame
I see color
'DyerTortise32' 2 weeks ago
I have smell-a-vision
Brice O
'Brice O'Brien' 2 weeks ago
I don’t understand this do they see like a blue or a green over there actual vision
'Shanrock' 2 weeks ago
I have synesthesia! That white guy totally doesnt have it; the black guy does. The white guy has classical associations while the black guy has it!
shauntae Piper
'shauntae Piper' 2 weeks ago
Umm anyone can say this I mean Ellie Golding would be like a light pink pastel yellow right??
Jada Anderson
'Jada Anderson' 2 weeks ago
that is fucking lit
yo it
'yo it's gabba gabba' 2 weeks ago
I read a book about this it's called synesthesia the book is called a mango shaped space
Zoe Duff
'Zoe Duff' 2 weeks ago
'Yutar' 2 weeks ago
Wtf are these guys on?
Basil A.
'Basil A.' 2 weeks ago
3 days ago and soo many views?!
Ewan Kidd
'Ewan Kidd' 2 weeks ago
Well in music class you guy must of got a A+
'Mariah' 2 weeks ago
I think I have synesthesia, but i don't see colors in music. I associate weeks days and months in colors, even times on the day in colors. I can ever smell something thats not real, like a freshly baked pie on the tv, or a sweaty dude in a movie.
B m.h
'B m.h' 2 weeks ago
Doesn't Kanye have the same "condition" ???
Emma Doodles
'Emma Doodles' 2 weeks ago
I have this and I relate people I see to colors and patterns
Meer Sindi
'Meer Sindi' 2 weeks ago
Guys guess what? 😏 I SEE COLORS AND HEAR MUSIC 😱
xX johnny is my GoD Xx
I honestly feel like numbers have genders, ya now I sound insane.
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