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Amazing 7-Year-Old Basketball Player -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

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Look at her go!

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Jaliyah Manuel
Instagram @Jovan_Ridersinc


Instagram @Jovan_Ridersinc

'KittKatty' 3 weeks ago
umm, insider much?
'BLOODZ CASH' 2 months ago
i love it she really WNBA next generation MVP
Julia Umshares
'Julia Umshares' 3 months ago
She's that good because that's all she does but I would have to admit she is really good
'Warcriminal7' 4 months ago
Gotta see her in game tho
Mark Christopher Dela Cruz
She's not that good I broke 18 ankles
'bobatoes' 5 months ago
i mean... theres a pig that can paint.....?
Will Edwards
'Will Edwards' 5 months ago
No offense to this girl I am 4 years older than her but I would kill her in a 1 on 1 lol
Katherine Nguyen
'Katherine Nguyen' 5 months ago
I would just trip her. It’s not a *foul* totally...
Unguardable Mixes
'Unguardable Mixes' 5 months ago
I would just block her
Matteo Muller
'Matteo Muller' 5 months ago
Willing regulatory own trail departure noise platform actually formation lobby.
'Finn900' 5 months ago
This little girl will Not school me in hoops!
Jason0076300 Gaming
'Jason0076300 Gaming' 6 months ago
I think im better
Kek x Gxd The tryhard
She couldn't school me
Elias Urbina
'Elias Urbina' 8 months ago
Lets see her play a game I think it will be a lot different
Slacker Slab
'Slacker Slab' 10 months ago
She's gonna be the next Cheryl Miller
Naitructus | If no dislikes, then no videos.
This is not just hype. That's very good.
'Daveycrocker44' 11 months ago
Oh dad is forcing her!
'Adam' 1 year ago
Kids like these never make it cause these are the ones that are forced into the sport at young ages and dont have a passion for the sport
'ArtsyChlover' 1 year ago
This girl is savage!
'TheMichaeliZ' 1 year ago
I'm not much older and near her height but I would clamp her and she cannot shoot, she is shooting like 10 feet from the hoop
'BaNaNaRed JONES' 1 year ago
Damn at the End tho
Kids Kukoyi
'Kids Kukoyi' 1 year ago
She was on little big shots
Aticon Videos
'Aticon Videos' 1 year ago
She's got handles I have handles She can shoot I can shoot I play defense I can pass I am 6
Wolfie Who
'Wolfie Who' 1 year ago
She probably trained so much
'tony' 1 year ago
No point in living, she just killed my self esteem
Biggy Cheese
'Biggy Cheese' 1 year ago
Stop speeding it up
Julian De Leon
'Julian De Leon' 1 year ago
In the world we live in, she's sadly probably gonna end up in the WNBA making less than the worst player in the NBA
Leyana C
'Leyana C' 1 year ago
*Girl does basketball,Buzzfeed makes a video about it* Me:You go girl. Every single boy:I mean men are way better than Females,there's no way she could be in there,I BET A FEMINIST MADE THIS.Yeah she thinks she's going to the NBA? HA,girls aren't even strong enough to be there! And Males dominate Females in every Sport! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Me:Ok we get it you're triggered because they crossed out a W in Wnba. Ok.. We get it..Okay.
Justin Montagna
'Justin Montagna' 1 year ago
They should do something with the NHL
'IFallGamer' 1 year ago
I am 10 And still sucking at basketball 😂
Pierce Horny
'Pierce Horny' 1 year ago
Cash me ousside how bou da
'Emii' 1 year ago
Omg this makes me feel so untalented 😂
Conner Keys
'Conner Keys' 1 year ago
Anyone can dribble and shoot twos can she shoot threes and can she drive under pressure no doubt she's better than me by any means she's better but can she shoot threes or move up
'mbmillion' 1 year ago
JK, they just built a really big gym and used CGI to make Steph Curry look like a little girl
User Name
'User Name' 1 year ago
World war 3 in the comments rn
The Web Master
'The Web Master' 1 year ago
5M subs, 228k views. Not that Good.
'Sana' 1 year ago
makes me wanna do basketball..... hmm.... **aha moment strikes**
I Inject 120 mg of memes
0:52 saying that she's gunna go for the nab has inspired me as a grown male to play at the wnba
Christian Galbraith
Don Randika
'Don Randika' 1 year ago
Brian Scalabrine
'Brian Scalabrine' 1 year ago
UConn better recruit her in 10 years
Abel George
'Abel George' 1 year ago
Lmaooooooooooo N.B.A
Janvi Yalamati
'Janvi Yalamati' 1 year ago
This girl...will show the NBA how its done
Rydleigh Dennison
'Rydleigh Dennison' 1 year ago
I would love to see her play in the NBA☺️
: :
': :' 1 year ago
Jaden Newman is better
sm riley
'sm riley' 1 year ago
7 year old is pro at basketball I'm 11 and can do half a push up
Chuck Hanna
'Chuck Hanna' 1 year ago
It said she was 6 in another video
Jellyfish Luv
'Jellyfish Luv' 1 year ago
-feels very useless and unsuccessful-
'Aidan' 1 year ago
Buzzfeed you make me want to kill myself. Whoever made this video has given me optically transmitted HIV.
'FreeHacks2015' 1 year ago
At this point, I don't even give 2 anymore, everyone putting out their hoop tapes and they all look like prodigies. I do t even know what prodigy is anymore. This looks normal now
Haden Kriston
'Haden Kriston' 1 year ago
Gotta look up when you dribble... gonna get the ball stolen if she stays with it
HB- -Sammy
'HB- -Sammy' 1 year ago
I could do this at 7..
Caleb Courtney
'Caleb Courtney' 1 year ago
i would love to see the wnba players even try to face off with an official nba team...
'Lowdown' 1 year ago
sucks the wnba is trash tbh it really is
Haku Haya
'Haku Haya' 1 year ago
At some point there appears the written "watch out WNBA" and after that the "w" gets crossed out. What is that supposed to mean? You know, women can play just as good as men.
Luca Sillifant
'Luca Sillifant' 1 year ago
She's going fucking pro no problem
Alex Illingworth
'Alex Illingworth' 1 year ago
Sad she can't do anything with her talent because she's a girl
Tyris Vlogs
'Tyris Vlogs' 1 year ago
she's better then me an I'm 9 I play basketball; (
'ToshDeCamerz' 1 year ago
Wait why is the w crossed out in wnba
AR ._.
'AR ._.' 1 year ago
I bet I could beat her(jk I would lose horribly to her)🤣
'JumboWorms' 1 year ago
Wow I bet she's almost as good as the boys in her class
'Sono' 1 year ago
0:50 😂
'megaemerald3321' 1 year ago
Can she pass like kuroko?? Ok I'm sorry....
Karen Morales
'Karen Morales' 1 year ago
NBA...impossible not even Britney Griner could go to the NBA.
Tiffani Erickson
'Tiffani Erickson' 1 year ago
For me, this isn't saying much, since a one-year old is probably better at basketball than I am.
Benjamin Chang
'Benjamin Chang' 1 year ago
She will go to the wnba no matter what
Jacek Zaluski
'Jacek Zaluski' 1 year ago
I HAD AN AMAZING ADVERT! It was about an man with amputated arms and legs who climbed MOUNT KILEMENJARO! (Spelt that wrong)
'Way2muchreality' 1 year ago
People get so upset about feminism. I'm still not sure why. If you don't agree that doesn't mean you have to get angry about it. Just move on. Don't watch Buzz Feed videos if you hate them so much. Sounds like it only causes you pain and discomfort.
NinjaPrincess 132005
Shot Science Basketball
That's our girl Jaliyah! She's going places! #TeamShotScience
'KingsOfLmfao' 1 year ago
No girl is going to the nba no matter how good, I'm sorry
Irene Diaz Diaz
'Irene Diaz Diaz' 1 year ago
Sports need a change, its not fair that many women are fantastic in a lot of sports, but the advertising of them are like, nothing. It's true that in some sports women have more importance, like gymnastics, and men gymnastics need more advertising too, but in almost every sport men have more importance. I have always tought why can sport be mixed.
MaskSo James
'MaskSo James' 1 year ago
good for her, I can dunk, dribble and shoot from deep.
Collin Stonkus
'Collin Stonkus' 1 year ago
boi im michael jordan2
Lebron James
'Lebron James' 1 year ago
She is easy to guard if u r fast, she sux cause she cant score layups over people, all she cam do is showoff
Hailey Chan
'Hailey Chan' 1 year ago
..and there's me, who can't even hit the rim.
Frankie Ball
'Frankie Ball' 1 year ago
Well she's a show off
'Pgi99' 1 year ago
Jesus every time I see little kids being basically pros it makes me sick... the child abuse
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 1 year ago
girls never get sucsessfull in basket, shes a tomboy af
'RaivoisaMia' 1 year ago
Whoa amazing!
Alyssa Lutz
'Alyssa Lutz' 1 year ago
Talented 7 year old with sass? I like her.
Greer Jones
'Greer Jones' 1 year ago
Look, if a girl has potential to become an NBA player, or compete with other men, I'm all for it; just the natural gap between men and women's physicals make that nigh-impossible. I mean, the sauciest NBA player could probably trump some of the best WNBA players by sheer strength, speed, athleticism. Technically NBA is not a men's league, but there has yet to be any woman who has shown the stats to play competitively.
'Ferretboy127 '' 1 year ago
in scared
jade collette
'jade collette' 1 year ago
my basketball coach actually was the one who got her started in basketball
Emily Williams
'Emily Williams' 1 year ago
Reply philosophy couple lxyynx hole post supposed crime engineer penalty.
melina rose
'melina rose' 1 year ago
whats wrong with saying a talented basketball player could possibly go pro someday? yall need to get over the idea that only men can excel at sports. she'd whoops all your asses 😂 if someone's talented, they're talented, regardless of whether they're male or female
Violet Rose
'Violet Rose' 1 year ago
This gives me so much hope.
'TropicalPunch' 1 year ago
Christian Blackette
she good
Li Te
'Li Te' 1 year ago
The end made me wanna throw up
'Quin' 1 year ago
Why was the W crossed out
'Liliksha' 1 year ago
This girl won't get drafted into the NBA. If she does I'll publicly write on myself "I was wrong" while flying on my magical Unicorn who farts Strawberry cake.
Brown Simmer Girl
'Brown Simmer Girl' 1 year ago
These kids keep getting younger and younger
Ze Face
'Ze Face' 1 year ago
Now this is what a prodigy is.
'Brobi' 1 year ago
last year she was 6 years old, the more you know
Little Caesers Higo
She needs to grow to atleast 6'6 at a bare minimum to make the league, and that's if she has a godly body that can compete with a man's weight. This is not sexism, just purly true.
'iBUBZ' 1 year ago
Madalyn Lipsey
'Madalyn Lipsey' 1 year ago
his use to be Jaden Newman
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