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Tinashe - Company -
Published: 1 year ago By: TinasheOfficialVEVO

By: TinasheOfficialVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

20, 761, 944 views

281, 436 Likes   10, 994 Dislikes

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'prissy971gwada' 3 hours ago
So great, and yet so underrated... 💕
Jeremiah Witcher
'Jeremiah Witcher' 14 hours ago
The next Aaliyah!!
dj dawn juan
'dj dawn juan' 18 hours ago
I'm only here because I found out daja is in this video
Taisha Louis
'Taisha Louis' 21 hours ago
Waiting for Mew song in 2018 ayyy and collaboration with jhooooooooopppppeee
Ametaf Johora
'Ametaf Johora' 23 hours ago
she's honestly too talented, wtf. WE GET WHY JHOPE LIKES HER NOW NONE OF US CAN COMPETE WITH THIS lmao
Suellen Araújo
'Suellen Araújo' 24 hours ago
Já fiz coreografia ❤❤❤
Sarah Blonde
'Sarah Blonde' 1 day ago
the guys must be so turned on lmao
Fire Goddess
'Fire Goddess' 1 day ago
Does anyone know where I can buy the green bra thing she is wearing or what it's called? Thank you.
Willie Thomas
'Willie Thomas' 1 day ago
Goddesslaxie's lik it lik,lol.🐦
Flor Iadi
'Flor Iadi' 2 days ago
my god the thancers!!!!!!
Lindsey Pierre
'Lindsey Pierre' 2 days ago
this song is so good
TeeTee Howard
'TeeTee Howard' 2 days ago
My stripper song
isak Pamei
'isak Pamei' 2 days ago
Tinashe is so underrated.. Thank to Gods that J-Hope is a fan otherwise I wouldn't have discovered this gem~
*Can you guys please stop mentioning J-hope?!? I know he likes her and all but it’s annoying to see people keep talking about him and not appreciating Tinashe. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love J-hope but it’s seriously irritating .*
Haley Combs
'Haley Combs' 3 days ago
I WANT THESE PANTS! Anybody know where I can find these?
Angel Jarvis
'Angel Jarvis' 3 days ago
you go girl Aquarius
Angel Jarvis
'Angel Jarvis' 3 days ago
I love this song
Yvonne H.
'Yvonne H.' 3 days ago
Who are the haters that dislikes this video? Love everything about it, she kills this!
Amina Cisse
'Amina Cisse' 3 days ago
'Esraa' 3 days ago
I feel like this video needed a better stylist for the hair and outfit choices I think with toned down color choices the choreography would even shine through more Also... this space feels cramped
Emanuel Tewolde
'Emanuel Tewolde' 3 days ago
I mean i was jamming to this song up to now without knowing what tinashe looks like. Then I searched for a MV out of curousity and god dammit she got some hot moves
DeeDee Elli
'DeeDee Elli' 3 days ago
Tinashe about to release three singles soon... Yassssss! Can't wait :-)
crischan6 BG
'crischan6 BG' 3 days ago
I just need some company ...
'NTV50' 3 days ago
Her male backup dancers need to stop looking into the camera, its annoying. Her director should have fixed this.
Jiwon Kim
'Jiwon Kim' 3 days ago
She’s a total bae ❤️
lana quinn
'lana quinn' 4 days ago
They should have a tinashe ft Rihanna 😍😍
brklynn babe
'brklynn babe' 4 days ago
Pussycat dolls vibes
'mrnalarcon' 4 days ago
Jake Kodish looks so hot here :)
Henrique Emanuel Marques  Silva
desde Like a Boy não havia coreografias tão boas no pop
She's so talented it's crazy!!! I inspired to have her confidence damn WHY ISN'T SHE MAINSTREAM SHE TALENTED IN EVERYTHING
Taige Timmermann
'Taige Timmermann' 5 days ago
Been a year already, crazy.
hey yoo
'hey yoo' 5 days ago
2:38 Jungkook does it better 😁"🖤
Selin Keskin
'Selin Keskin' 5 days ago
This mv is proof that dancing can be hot without twerking
I knew her loved her already, came here everyone was talkinh how j hope brought them here... she introduced me to bts... I love her, waiting for her music, it's coming soon....
laura suarez
'laura suarez' 5 days ago
Great song
Diogo Castelo
'Diogo Castelo' 5 days ago
Shes so fucking talented. One of the best dancers in the pop industry ever. This girl just needs the right song and a good promo. Fuck RCA for not appreciating how talented Tinashe is.
Erin Holtz
'Erin Holtz' 5 days ago
Girl makes some brown sweats the sexiest shit ever
'themlanin' 6 days ago
Yooo a whole BOP
Samuel Esmeraldo
'Samuel Esmeraldo' 6 days ago
Someone else in 2018 listening to this? <3
Ramona Sno
'Ramona Sno' 6 days ago
Carluu Cuellar
'Carluu Cuellar' 6 days ago
'TheZoe0402' 7 days ago
can we just appreciate the amount of strength in her legs to be able to perform this move flawlessly 3:39 like seriously <3
uma army no mundo da lua
Caitlin Tracy
'Caitlin Tracy' 7 days ago
she looks really young. and she is doing all of this twerking and sexual things. i want to learn how to twerk like she does.
luis tami
'luis tami' 7 days ago
Llamame YA, AHORA EN ESTE MISMO INSTANTE j en este momento en cualquier lugar. En este momento tu pondrás tu concentración y tus pensamientos de nuevo en mí .L tu entiendes que no puedes vivir sin mí. En este momento comenzarás a descartar tu orgullo. En este momento tu estás dispuesto a llamarme. En este momento estás pensando en mí L ¿Va a tratar de resistir. No te resistas. Si tu J si no me llamas ahora, me vas a llamar más tarde. Pero ahora tu puedes estar seguro de que me llamarás. Tu entiendes que estás enamorado de mí y no puedes estar sin mi presencia. En este momento tu piensas en mí L invoco los tres ángeles, Miguel, Gabriel y Rafael, para iluminar tu corazón J y deshacer cualquier duda. Lo que Miguel expulsará cerca de ti es el espíritu del mal, todas las influencias del mal. Gabriel para anunciar a ti mi nombre L que soplen al oído la palabra amor y te acuerdes de mí L anuncio a su ángel de la guarda. Rafael para que utilice el bálsamo curativo para sanar la desconfianza que se ha desarrollado en tu corazón, y para mantener abierta la cicatriz del amor y el deseo hacia mí L Que así sea. Con todo mi amor! Cuando este mensaje se publica en dos minutos el tendrá un impulso irresistible para que me llame. Cederá a lo que estoy esperando por ti
chris georgallis
'chris georgallis' 1 week ago
Jojo Gomez choreographed this!
Aero Nalex
'Aero Nalex' 1 week ago
Who choreographed this? It seems like the style of the one guy in the center who teaches dance ouside of this.
Char TheCutest
'Char TheCutest' 1 week ago
I jsut want some company, Lijah
Nandee Fuery
'Nandee Fuery' 1 week ago
Blaine Gibson, is that you?
Stevie X
'Stevie X' 1 week ago
thats my love :3
Jo Lee
'Jo Lee' 1 week ago
They danced the hell out of this song yesss! I love it!
Daniela Pereira
'Daniela Pereira' 1 week ago
1:21 Tinashe fez o famoso quadradinho?? Algum BR confirma pra mim
Giana Sue
'Giana Sue' 1 week ago
I love how this was filmed in one take 🔥🔥
jimmy dancekilla
'jimmy dancekilla' 1 week ago
i saw her live 2 time im so excited for next tour
Twenty Øne Bangtan
Jazmin Cuervo
'Jazmin Cuervo' 1 week ago
Holy this is fire😍one year🔥
'philuip' 1 week ago
who are these MEN goddamn i need names and addresses
Nija Collins
'Nija Collins' 1 week ago
Nando Moreano
'Nando Moreano' 1 week ago
This is slept on because big named artist are playing monopoly so other talented artist remain unheard&unseen. Like Rihanna, who by the way took TINASHE’S main album song named joyride for her own. “Unintentionally” who ever believes that is just damn stupid. Tinashe can sing AND dance. She’s a major threat to the R&B music female industry. So of course her music is going to be silenced by them. SUPPORT TINASHE PEEPS.
Sumaia Rahman
'Sumaia Rahman' 1 week ago
1:12 my ovaries are exploding.
Jimins excuse me saved my life
Yo if Hoseok has Tinashe in one of his songs on the hixtape IMA SCREAM
Pornes seagull
'Pornes seagull' 1 week ago
Evi Lioliou
'Evi Lioliou' 1 week ago
1 year of company❤
Dianne Gardoce
'Dianne Gardoce' 1 week ago
Ayyeee 1st anniv right there!!! Felt the need to watch this then suddenly realizing am wit the same date.. lol that's whyy
Piotr Pędzich
'Piotr Pędzich' 1 week ago
1 year of Company, I still love this song, one of my faves of hers ❤️
'TINASHE' 1 week ago
One year of Company🔥
We have some of these moves on a avakin :3
'wat' 1 week ago
1 year 😩
Anya Dudley
'Anya Dudley' 1 week ago
Anya Dudley
'Anya Dudley' 1 week ago
Erica Asjaee
'Erica Asjaee' 2 weeks ago
Look out Ciara shawty can dance
'PERRY' 2 weeks ago
Who tf is j hope
jessica ortiz
'jessica ortiz' 2 weeks ago
why am i barely seeing this video. She turned into jojo gomez
Bayu Winchester
'Bayu Winchester' 2 weeks ago
This video is LIT !!!
Hannah McGuire
'Hannah McGuire' 2 weeks ago
Ooh I see Jake & Jojo!!
Victoria Edwards
'Victoria Edwards' 2 weeks ago
She is daring, I love her, she is very beautiful.
'玫瑰之约' 2 weeks ago
Tinashe is still underrated, this song is still underrated and them dance moves are sure as hell underrated
'玫瑰之约' 2 weeks ago
I'm getting Aaliyah vibes.
Wonder Girl
'Wonder Girl' 2 weeks ago
Why jhope be watching this?????
Jen Trump
'Jen Trump' 2 weeks ago
icaro moraes
'icaro moraes' 2 weeks ago
É uma obra de arte esse vídeo
icaro moraes
'icaro moraes' 2 weeks ago
Esse vídeo me viciou de uma forma surpreendente
woah dub
'woah dub' 2 weeks ago
'buddy77587' 2 weeks ago
Dances well!
'Linda' 2 weeks ago
On point*!
Jelly Page
'Jelly Page' 2 weeks ago
<3 this song so bomb
Elina Masharova
'Elina Masharova' 2 weeks ago
Wow! Sooo gooood!
Diamond Da Brat
'Diamond Da Brat' 2 weeks ago
2018 With This 💯👏😍
'Tim' 2 weeks ago
most underrated artist ever. tinashes style is off the chartszzzzz
anukaa _
'anukaa _' 2 weeks ago
please god... i just want her body and skills pleeaase
skyixing _
'skyixing _' 2 weeks ago
GianCarlo ZL
'GianCarlo ZL' 2 weeks ago
this gonna be the year of tinashe
nicol Believe
'nicol Believe' 2 weeks ago
Eduarda Almeida
'Eduarda Almeida' 2 weeks ago
i stopped being straight later i saw tinashe
Kosi Egbuonu
'Kosi Egbuonu' 2 weeks ago
January 2018?
Shanize Shanize
'Shanize Shanize' 2 weeks ago
watching January 1 2018
Shanize Shanize
'Shanize Shanize' 2 weeks ago
she should have been one of the best for 2017
Irailson Evangelista
Very perfect
Lamont Antwan
'Lamont Antwan' 2 weeks ago
At least 1 time in 18"... est since 16"... lol A+
Renada Fortune
'Renada Fortune' 2 weeks ago
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