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Tinashe - Company -
Published: 1 month ago By: TinasheOfficialVEVO

By: TinasheOfficialVEVOPublished: 1 month ago

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Matthew Maximo
'Matthew Maximo' 52 minutes ago
Why is it that Jojo Gomez's name is no where to be found 🤔
Candie Brown
'Candie Brown' 2 hours ago
This is the perfect song for girl gamers -insert video game beat- lol.
Zari Love
'Zari Love' 4 hours ago
she could have did a split though but I get it
'bigchon713' 4 hours ago
DonnaDana Anaya
'DonnaDana Anaya' 4 hours ago
Love tinashe I could get down to this 💯💋the ending 😍😍😍😍
Director Lauren Rebec
I feel like this song would of been a lot better with a different beat after a while the beat gets annoying. The dancers were amazing no doubt about that. The song was a bit bland for my liking.
'Kalh' 7 hours ago
Too many naked dude
Yanely Tejada
'Yanely Tejada' 8 hours ago
Most wonderful dance i'd ever seen😻
Mariah Logologo
'Mariah Logologo' 10 hours ago
These muthafkn jumpers are annoying me so much 😭 especially the most recent trending ones that extend just to the shoulder area 💩💩
'Blaboomey' 10 hours ago
Text from your ex anyone?
Abdala Shuraym
'Abdala Shuraym' 11 hours ago
nice ass
Zyaire Griffin
'Zyaire Griffin' 15 hours ago
She needs better management. She has the talent.
Izzy Malik
'Izzy Malik' 16 hours ago
Love Her Songs 😍😍😍👌👌
Ki Ki
'Ki Ki' 17 hours ago
......good thing I'm bi.......
Myst Amsen
'Myst Amsen' 17 hours ago
Why do I see people come here because of some kpop idol? I mean, did Jhope and Jay Park recently mentioned her? (I'm just asking because I've been listening to this song ever since it was released. I came back to watch the dance steps and yeah, I saw your comments. I am curious.)
'omomarissa' 17 hours ago
hosoek has good taste in women
Theresa Kamwanda
'Theresa Kamwanda' 18 hours ago
she has really perfected her moves and sound Wendy on the wendy show did mention her a few months back that she used to be in some kind of band boy i do love her seductive moves i may learn a thing or two from ms Tinashe...u go gurl!
Sasha Levi
'Sasha Levi' 18 hours ago
esa coreo me mata
لكسي ل.
'لكسي ل.' 18 hours ago
Guys where did she get those sweatpants??😩😍
Shahad Whitney
'Shahad Whitney' 19 hours ago
who knows where i can find all the (guy) dancers @ ? or like instagram ot something
Marília Cavalcante
'Marília Cavalcante' 20 hours ago
'dtlee87' 21 hours ago
Tell me why this song is not a hit? its better than other people songs!
Alex Smith
'Alex Smith' 21 hours ago
@jojogomez is the choreographer
Alex Smith
'Alex Smith' 21 hours ago
@jojogomez is the choreographer
Earnestina Medina
'Earnestina Medina' 21 hours ago
Practiced paid off she did all that dancing in ONE TAKEE 🤦🏾‍♀️😫😍
Shanell R.
'Shanell R.' 22 hours ago
First time I seen this video I was speechless. Because the choreography was on point from the beginning to the very end. And I love every second of this video💜
Shanell R.
'Shanell R.' 22 hours ago
First time I seen this video I was speechless. Because the choreography was on point from the beginning to the very end. And I love every second of this video. 💜
Shannon David
'Shannon David' 23 hours ago
Anyone else get serious Aaliyah vibes from Tinashe in this vid?
Dinho Monteiro
'Dinho Monteiro' 23 hours ago
wow adoro
Ayana Moody
'Ayana Moody' 23 hours ago
I just want to know the main boy she keeps dancing with name 😭😭😭🤷🏾‍♀️
John Mailk Thomas
reminds of janet tbh just the style saying
'royalweed_' 1 day ago
I wonder how jhope feels about this
Oh_ Sehun
'Oh_ Sehun' 1 day ago
She's the full package am I right? I mean she's got the looks, body, moves and voice...if that ain't talent, I don't know what is
Beauty hacks
'Beauty hacks' 1 day ago
P E R F E C T 😍❤️
Mary Jane
'Mary Jane' 1 day ago
I'm here for Jojo.
Rasmus Willi
'Rasmus Willi' 1 day ago
Damn those flashlight transitions are beautiful.
jhenai dixon
'jhenai dixon' 1 day ago
Cohen M
'Cohen M' 1 day ago
I think everyone has a thing for Tinashe, guy or girl 😂❤️
ketty Winchester
'ketty Winchester' 1 day ago
Imagina dançar isso para o boy??😂
Chealsea Banks
'Chealsea Banks' 1 day ago
She can dancee!
Eduarda Dias
'Eduarda Dias' 1 day ago
Patience Barnett
'Patience Barnett' 1 day ago
Jojo Gomez is a genius
'MKX FANGIRL' 1 day ago
Diane Piecre
'Diane Piecre' 1 day ago
I love this song
CanYou Not
'CanYou Not' 1 day ago
That sound makes me think of the game habbo.
Brandon Williams
'Brandon Williams' 1 day ago
Shout out to jojo gomez! She killed the choreo!! 👌👌👏👏
Mikkadrea Lyiegh
'Mikkadrea Lyiegh' 1 day ago
I'm in love with the way she moves..she's good!👍👍😍
Logan Williamson
'Logan Williamson' 2 days ago
i wonder who has watched this more, jay park or j-hope?
lucia gutierrez
'lucia gutierrez' 2 days ago
'1991winnie' 2 days ago
The choregraphy is fucking badass
G Amorel Foster
'G Amorel Foster' 2 days ago
I'm really happy to see diversity when it comes to male body types.
Mirella Asurza
'Mirella Asurza' 2 days ago
I'm in love
shook skeleton
'shook skeleton' 2 days ago
Nuria Marques
'Nuria Marques' 2 days ago
I need to the choreographer of dance
Nuria Marques
'Nuria Marques' 2 days ago
imCrazyLove love
'imCrazyLove love' 2 days ago
Hands down ! Tinashe killed this!
Arthesia Kidd
'Arthesia Kidd' 2 days ago
hopefully me one day
Daniel Negroni
'Daniel Negroni' 2 days ago
She do a song with Ciara
Nina M.
'Nina M.' 2 days ago
i NEED a tutorial on this
'Mz.mindless_4evah' 2 days ago
she reminds me of Aaliyah
Allura Monae
'Allura Monae' 2 days ago
Love the evolution of her Artist!! Sharp choreography!!
vivianna hinks
'vivianna hinks' 2 days ago
Luv dis one but all I see and hear is Aliyah
'ycesann' 2 days ago
hey jhope i bet u be watchin this video every damn night that ur stressed 😏
'Zavie' 2 days ago
she look good even in some sweats
'nicole' 2 days ago
i've tried so hard to learn this choreo but i look insane when i do u tinashe
Tajhnoor Sueriani
'Tajhnoor Sueriani' 2 days ago
Now i know why JHOPE likes her. She totally amazing!!! Im not sure im straight or not right now...hahah... Jhope! Nice choice!!!!
Toro Man
'Toro Man' 2 days ago
yes this is what I want baby after dancing 🛀
'BATELLIMA' 2 days ago
Tinashe deserves to be more recognized!
yara Abou Taha
'yara Abou Taha' 2 days ago
she reminds me of aaliyah soo much
gungun 1234
'gungun 1234' 2 days ago
beyonce richardson
I can see why j-hope loves her wow
'jaykim' 2 days ago
Oh look armys randomly talking about bt* /pretends to be shook
CrixzCel Ver
'CrixzCel Ver' 3 days ago
this made me crave a j-hope x tinashe omg
Elilein Zieger
'Elilein Zieger' 3 days ago
Jake kodish 😍
'Afrodite' 3 days ago
I wonder what Hoseok thinks when he watches this 🤔🤔
Miu Ari24
'Miu Ari24' 3 days ago
hoooooeeee sike nah
Annya 217
'Annya 217' 3 days ago
man, that's so hot, she's even a good dancer though, i'm in love, fuck my heterosexuality
'delpheline' 3 days ago
I think we need a mirrored version of this!
Aaliyah Hilaire
'Aaliyah Hilaire' 3 days ago
1:10 that was sexy af
Giovanni Porter
'Giovanni Porter' 3 days ago
Most slept on artist 😅
shook suga
'shook suga' 3 days ago
tinashe+jaypark would be the hottest collaboration ever
Kenya Beckford
'Kenya Beckford' 3 days ago
Val Jones
'Val Jones' 3 days ago
This is sick!
Zhen Hobbie
'Zhen Hobbie' 3 days ago
Yo estoy aquí solo por Hobi ... con que ella es su crush 😒
'TINASHE' 3 days ago
She did that
gabriel torres
'gabriel torres' 3 days ago
why is this so sexual not that I'm complaining
Listha Telisme
'Listha Telisme' 3 days ago
Its funny how this music video was trending, but you guys don't want to go buy the album.
Shirley Liu
'Shirley Liu' 3 days ago
Please collab with BTS ❤❤❤
Sasha Fierce
'Sasha Fierce' 3 days ago
She's like a female Chris brown
'DanceManiac' 3 days ago
Loved the vid!!! @jojogomez choreographed this well!!!!!!!
Neel Santo
'Neel Santo' 4 days ago
I swear.. I've never seen a hotter black female kill it like she does. THIS IS PORN, AND I FXCKINX LOVE IT!!
'xHolyBeauty' 4 days ago
love this song.. would definitely love to see the dance performed live.
Abdulsalam Almahdi
I don't the lovin. ......I just need your money, your money.
Clara B
'Clara B' 4 days ago
Omfg... Who choreographed this????
Model Behavior
'Model Behavior' 4 days ago
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