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Trump sacks Rex Tillerson as secretary of state - BBC News -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 2 weeks ago

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US President Donald Trump has sacked Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, replacing him with the director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo.
Thanking Mr Tillerson for his service on Twitter, Mr Trump said the new state secretary would do "a fantastic job".
Mr Tillerson, a former chief executive of ExxonMobil, was only appointed to the job just over a year ago.
The president also nominated Gina Haspel to become the first woman director of the CIA.
The Department of State said Mr Tillerson had not spoken to the president and was "unaware of the reason" for his firing.

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Jack Lin
'Jack Lin' 4 days ago
Is he going to replace everyone with those who have the same frequency as him?
Fuck You
'Fuck You' 4 days ago
And no one cares in America
Pinky Ajero
'Pinky Ajero' 4 days ago
Mr.Trump is the pres. of the united states of america he has the right to choose good people he wants to work with..his smart he knows what his doing..why dont you give him a chance his your president all you have to do is pray for him and support him..God bless america and the u.s. military...
'RobinHood1969' 7 days ago
Is he just going fire the whole Government? Lol #PhonyKing
Fidel Damou
'Fidel Damou' 1 week ago
President Trump my president
Fuck Trump
'Fuck Trump' 1 week ago
Trump is a Russian colluding scumbag. Looking forward to his impeachment.
'Lbolting005' 1 week ago
This man fired more people than I farted each day, and that speaks a lot, I fart at least 40-50 times a day
'AMuller8' 1 week ago
I’m liking Trump more and more! The only one who dares going after the New World Order...
Dubjax 23
'Dubjax 23' 1 week ago
Beginning trump's the night of the long knives ?
'ReaLityBlue' 1 week ago
Lately the old man was semi senile, went to Latin America saying that Monroe policy was great, went to middle east to kiss saudi king ass, criticized Russia without providing a single proof (like the old hag). Trump had no other choice but kick his rear.
Dark Soul
'Dark Soul' 1 week ago
Simply... retarded pumpkin head lives ass lickers
Anthony Heflin
'Anthony Heflin' 1 week ago
No more red tape, and I know you Brits love your Red Tape and Mediocrity.
'Larkinchance' 1 week ago
US cable news, BBC one of the same.. fuck you!
Lewis Graham
'Lewis Graham' 1 week ago
Potus should have fired Rex Tillerson a long time ago. When fake Dr Psychiatrist Dr Bandy Lee, asked for help to physically restrain Potus so she could psycho analyse Potus. Rex Tillerson compounded the problem with his loose lipped 👄 💄 Gossip on Potus. Dangerous, that is quite apart from prior deals by Tillerson. NWO. Mike Pompeo knows who is false 😜 Pompeo does not fall for false charm.
anshul kumar
'anshul kumar' 1 week ago
A day will come when trump will fire himself too
Kainde Amedha
'Kainde Amedha' 1 week ago
Kadirov patriot of Russia!Chechnya is cool!
'Dana.k.a.bradpitt' 1 week ago
wow , i wish i had a girlfriend like that with a UK accent.
Kitty Watson
'Kitty Watson' 1 week ago
It's like a chess game...keep your men in play, or sacrifice them. That's how you win.
Raymond XL
'Raymond XL' 1 week ago
America is getting fucked in from behind. And not in a good way. Glad i dont live in the land of guns, shootings and moron president
michael perry
'michael perry' 1 week ago
we need to put a cap on the limitation of length of service in congress, get fresh ideas from younger minds, rotation its called
Mark Martines
'Mark Martines' 1 week ago
Has nothing to do with what he said about Russia...and alot to do with north Korea and what's to come next.the head of CIA after a year of getting all the Intel he can on DPRK will now be SOS smart move.
Chill Nation
'Chill Nation' 1 week ago
Former CIA director as *UNITED STATES CORPORATION head man to set up war with IRAN, do you think?* lol .... Open y'all eyes people they are all pawns in the game fulfilling you know who agenda.
'uknowatimean' 1 week ago
boycott the bbc,its a leftwing pc political organisation in love with islam!!,...all is propaganda,the dis information,and fake news!
richard cunningham
the trump white house is like "spaceballs the movie"
Marmite Moringa
'Marmite Moringa' 1 week ago
I still can't believe this guy is president...
Neil Gildesgaard
'Neil Gildesgaard' 1 week ago
Fire em all
'Algolxxxxxx' 1 week ago
The world just became a even more dangerous place.
latonya bailey
'latonya bailey' 1 week ago
No one is on YOUR wave lenght! Gina should have faced war crime charges! We are in a #SAD State!🙊🙉🙈😈
'Alanay' 1 week ago
He's firing for disagreeing with him you would make it seem, wouldn't that make him a dictator? You're so open to call countries' leaders as dictators but not Trump. I think if anything Trump and Tillerson are still butt buddies and this is just a rouse.
Warsame M
'Warsame M' 1 week ago
The reason that trump fired tillerson is pure and clear Cause tillerson support iran nuclear deal And ofcourse white house is long time now controled by zionist and trump his self is Zionist They use him Look putin said also america election attack was behind jews american and some jews russian American citiziens are still in deep sleep
Marton Steve
'Marton Steve' 1 week ago
Martin  Hunt
'Martin Hunt' 1 week ago
Trump pussy not backing UK from Russia
Dan Lucas
'Dan Lucas' 1 week ago
Trump didn't has the ball to sack the man in person and has to use tweeter to do his dirty job.What an unstable Moron ! As per Tillerson said " Gob bless the America people". I think they need it.
Ian.s. 4rd1.birkenhead
Not British news yet again. No one cares to hear your propaganda. British bull shit channel is FAKE NEWS
Case Yap
'Case Yap' 1 week ago
2018 Survey of Trust in Govt. US (33%) vs China (84%).
chiajoe gm
'chiajoe gm' 1 week ago
The President need to have those who can work with him. Its a normal requirements for any President even of any country.
Jasmine K
'Jasmine K' 1 week ago
Trump running America like a dictator. The irony.
maggie o
'maggie o'brien' 2 weeks ago
he got fired because he insulted trumps boss putin!
Alex Bajan
'Alex Bajan' 2 weeks ago
Bravo president Trump.
Ssa AA
'Ssa AA' 2 weeks ago
The guy who was fired was stupid, he should have known that regime wants a Puppet whatever they want him to do so he should’ve done whatever. He shouldn’t say no. If I was there I could advise him.
Dustu Lok Vansih
'Dustu Lok Vansih' 2 weeks ago
Ryan T.E.
'Ryan T.E.' 2 weeks ago
gross america, like really, gross
Chor自己祖宗都鬧 什麼支那 ?你祖宗是野狗生的? Wong
He makes a lot of bitter enemies during his presidencies.
'almighty' 2 weeks ago
Tillerson should be happy to be away from that loony bin one less headache he has to deal with trump actually did him a favor now let's see who would the lunatic fire next maybe sessions or rosentheiin
Justice League
'Justice League' 2 weeks ago
The scummy Liberal underclass can't understand the business of Microsoft or the Government, well... They are both run by money and to manage big co operation the CEO has to have the right people working for that company or it's complete disaster for the whole company. If You Liberals wants your unemployment benefits paid You need to show some respect to Trump who pay you for not working. and that House of Cards actor Kevin Spacey he Likes boys for sex. and Trump Likes women -- Big difference -- BUT for you scummy Liberals it's all the same.
girl not
'girl not' 2 weeks ago
i a like this trump.. but a i dont think a director from a this come a from CIA.. is good boy
'KEVIN HESKETH' 2 weeks ago
Does Trump hate Tillerson?i hate the unelected elites Prince Charles and the British government.They wither know or allow the human rights crime of Inflicting szchophrenia in a man for decades stealing his life his rights to family life.He his on of the most hated loathed men as a unelected elites on the planet.I wouldn't push my wife Down stairs.
Gregory Shill
'Gregory Shill' 2 weeks ago
Moron trump fires tillerson vs Fired tillerson calls trump a moron
Katharina Englert-ojo
Donald Trump is a Nazis because Tillerson what,s fires on is visits afrika
Shelling God
'Shelling God' 2 weeks ago
The president not playing
Rafiq Qasim
'Rafiq Qasim' 2 weeks ago
I got a knot in me arsehairs.
Kamel Mebh
'Kamel Mebh' 2 weeks ago
OMG, can't believe it's not butter, can you?
zadran zadrani
'zadran zadrani' 2 weeks ago
lets wait for the memoir of Rex Tillerson.
zadran zadrani
'zadran zadrani' 2 weeks ago
basically Trump is not serving USA he is serving the Israel and multi-billions friends whom are all Jews... and that destroy the image of USA. Iran deal was signed by USA and EU and Russia and China. no one can come out. still even if US come out of the deal the EU and other power continue to respect the deal. at the end what happen we will see !
zadran zadrani
'zadran zadrani' 2 weeks ago
Israel is behind all these changes.. I think Trump is overly influenced by Israeli through his son in law and Israel want a hawk rather than a politician to deal with Iran.. Saudi Arabia is also involved to ask US stop them otherwise we are not exist anymore.
Esmee Van Dort
'Esmee Van Dort' 2 weeks ago
Harm the Russians? You're fired!! says the orange man...
'ᄇᄒᄌ' 2 weeks ago
I don't know Mr.Tillerson. but i already have heard he was fired by Trump.
Xia Xiong
'Xia Xiong' 2 weeks ago
He should fire himself
Shithole Countries
'Shithole Countries' 2 weeks ago
Wow after selling all his stocks at wall street and resign from Exxon. Eye for an eye. You fired rex.
Patricia MacLeod
'Patricia MacLeod' 2 weeks ago
Tillerson probably thinks that a trumped up war with Iran is INSANE. And now we have the CIA, Dov Zakheim and Mossad in charge of foreign affairs? The world is screwed.
Halldór Þormar Hermannsson
Can some just assassinate this incompetent facist pig and get it over with
Never Mind
'Never Mind' 2 weeks ago
Rex Was Ask By Overly Corrupt United Nation To Join The Most Corrupt Pure Evil Nazi Organization Called Marxist Socialist European Union.....Scum of the Earth EU want to help Iran and Palestine to destroy and eradicate 'Israel' once and for all by means of nuclear bomb and Rex said don't worry I will deal with Trump......
'shepherdsknoll8' 2 weeks ago
This moron is running the United States like a game show.
edwin semidey
'edwin semidey' 2 weeks ago
because he dummy down shit for our dumb as shit president.
'punkchicktoo' 2 weeks ago
What an idiot that man is. Criticizing Secretary Tillerson for not standing up to the President of the United States. The cabinet member and other employees of the White House serve at the pleasure of the president. What an idiot. The Secretary of State is supposed to work closely with the president, not oppose or resist him. That man totally invalidated his opinions with that one statement
David Levesque
'David Levesque' 2 weeks ago
But its not right. He's the actual cutest faced guy in the whole cabinet, or pantry, or cupboard, you know, whatever you call it. It's just not right. Well, Melinda, with a government so( possibly) corrupted, one never knows. It's just not right.
Abraham Philip
'Abraham Philip' 2 weeks ago
The effect of Russia making America's nukes "Obsolete" is taking its toll, even as Nazi infested CIA, chiefs & their sorceress inducted in, even the synagogues of satan. What is spiritually called Sodom & Egypt ruling singularly is a dangerous proposition, Prophecy is seen.
Crypto buzz
'Crypto buzz' 2 weeks ago
Israel must be very happy now. Now they can go to war with Iran
'WonderMagician' 2 weeks ago
Was Tillerson fired and publically humiliated per Putin's orders?
'brokecreole' 2 weeks ago
excellent entertainment.....the media, big business and government while grabbing religion by the head.hand in hand they are all heading for the cliff....humpty dumpty and friends sitting on someone's wall
Hard as a rock
'Hard as a rock' 2 weeks ago
There are a lot more important things to be focusing attention on besides who Trump has fired. Trump is attempting to ban our bump stocks with an unconstitutional executive order. Why is the media not covering this? Trump can't make his own laws banning anything.
Chocolate Cafe
'Chocolate Cafe' 2 weeks ago
According to Trump's book "Think Big" Hire good people but watch them like hawk--Don't trust them
Nabu Smart
'Nabu Smart' 2 weeks ago
I agree with Trump, Tillerson is not the man for that job
'rugergirl79' 2 weeks ago
How many people did he fire this day.... two?
José Dourado
'José Dourado' 2 weeks ago
Remember to thank the farage.
'Kampango' 2 weeks ago
Trump only likes YES men
Josef Sadlon
'Josef Sadlon' 2 weeks ago
What the nasty face of this moron. Look at his arogant face. Those fanatic are too many in USA. One is gone and other Russofobic come in . what was fanny , when he said God bless USA. This man do not belive a God .He belive how much money he is corupt. This is your USA
ushimky wong
'ushimky wong' 2 weeks ago
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'T CW' 2 weeks ago
Trump is sacking his staffs right & left and he will be making aggressive move very soon
Lina Angels
'Lina Angels' 2 weeks ago
Not Interested,, bugger off,,bye bye 👋👋
Ghat Saad
'Ghat Saad' 2 weeks ago
To be honest Tillerson wasn't a good secretary of state.
burung merpati
'burung merpati' 2 weeks ago
white house Washington Dc head a zombie much virus overdoses
Josef Sadlon
'Josef Sadlon' 2 weeks ago
Just unbelivable, total brainwashead idiot was fired? What is the matter with Trump ? I cant belive he sack the most brainwashead idiot ?, i cant wait who will be next brainwashead russofobic under president Trump.
Rae West
'Rae West' 2 weeks ago
Remember when Trump bragged about and said all the nice things about the people that he has fired in the last year. LOL At the time of their hiring, they were" the cream of the crop" and were going to" do a tremendous job." There's nothing wrong with's everyone else. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Way to go MURCA!
'The42599' 2 weeks ago
The United States can no longer be trust under this administration.
Greg Jones
'Greg Jones' 2 weeks ago
So-called "progressive" liberals still don't get it - they're the *very reason* Trump won! Remember, the BBC and CNN and all the rest of the lying liberal mainstream media were predicting an overwhelming victory by Hillary Clinton. Says it all really! #DrainTheBBCSwamp
mahmud ghaznawi
'mahmud ghaznawi' 2 weeks ago
Trump the chump thinks he's acting in the apprentice !!!
'tackless' 2 weeks ago
This is a question for the Brits out there. I hope the term Brits is not offencive. Okay what I noticed is this commentator on BBC speaks with a very light accent. Is that normal for the commentators on BBC . I'm just curious thank you in advance. T
Miele Rodriguez
'Miele Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
Nothing on the Telford grooming scandal. The BBC are the worst.
'queenbeethatme100' 2 weeks ago
When Trump gets impeached, then removed , then indicted, all phases should be prefaced by tweets. That way, what he dishes out will reflect what he gets back.
Talha Siddiqui
'Talha Siddiqui' 2 weeks ago
Man still thinks he's in THE APPENTICE
Miele Rodriguez
'Miele Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
I love President Trump. A good move.
Robert Rodriguez
'Robert Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
So retarded, Trump fired somebody big deal, Gee, it's like obam a never fired anyone. God bless POTUS, Trump 2020!
ron antcliff
'ron antcliff' 2 weeks ago
Jane Doe
'Jane Doe' 2 weeks ago
it kinda looks like someone is manipulating a "pence" cabinet in place slow but sure ...
Oscar Alejandro
'Oscar Alejandro' 2 weeks ago
That moron
Darrel Slugoski
'Darrel Slugoski' 2 weeks ago
The Iran deal is terrible . I would have fired him too.
'C R' 2 weeks ago
This is full-blown Trump derangement syndrome at its best blah blah blah time to move on go to the next scandal they were never on the same page he needed to go
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