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4 Awesome Tricks with Matches -
Published: 1 year ago By: MrGear

By: MrGearPublished: 1 year ago

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Hi, there, my dear friends! In this video I will show you, 4 Awesome Tricks with Matches.

That is all folks I wished to share with you! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel with some more interesting video stories still waiting for you further on.

Олег Маргунов
Спер у кагала Кулибин тв
Dragon Fire
'Dragon Fire' 2 weeks ago
where did u get the wick? is that how its named? in any case where did you get the thing you burn of the firecracker, the green thing
go diego go
'go diego go' 2 weeks ago
Mejor debería de ser como entender fosforos
Taha Javed
'Taha Javed' 2 months ago
Oh wow
mocking spongebob
'mocking spongebob' 2 months ago
Endless Hax1620
'Endless Hax1620' 4 months ago
My channel has better hax
'Mr.Mysterious' 4 months ago
Look at 5:02 - 5:10
'Mr.Mysterious' 4 months ago
Say Mr Gear's FACE!
jitendra bajhaiya
'jitendra bajhaiya' 5 months ago
Bhag ja kutte teri to maa ki eyes saale
shyam kumar Mishra
'shyam kumar Mishra' 6 months ago
not so much good
Braden Young
'Braden Young' 6 months ago
I subscribed and liked the video:)
Yuvraj Singh
'Yuvraj Singh' 6 months ago
Nyc work
Marin Toma
'Marin Toma' 6 months ago
What country are you from?
Fact Rage
'Fact Rage' 6 months ago
This man has experience cocaine sifting
Fact Rage
'Fact Rage' 6 months ago
All I see is dollar signs and hard work yo
'Turky' 7 months ago
in russia, match lights you
jacki jacklin
'jacki jacklin' 7 months ago
great yar
Beeren stern
'Beeren stern' 7 months ago
Wie der Böller explodiert ist aus einem Video vob KulbinTV!!! Du solltest gar keine Abbonenten haben. Schwuchtel
Beeren stern
'Beeren stern' 7 months ago
Sogar das Ende ist nachgemacht
Beeren stern
'Beeren stern' 7 months ago
Beeren stern
'Beeren stern' 7 months ago
Sogar am Ende ist das Nachgemacht
Beeren stern
'Beeren stern' 7 months ago
Du scheiß Nachmacher
Beeren stern
'Beeren stern' 7 months ago
Beeren stern
'Beeren stern' 7 months ago
Alles hat KulbinTV auch gemacht ts ts ts
'Ruttokello' 7 months ago
that number 2 is a fucking waste
Abuelo Moderno
'Abuelo Moderno' 8 months ago
Stop at 5:07. Face reveal of Mr. Gear?
Robert Banister
'Robert Banister' 8 months ago
... representing today's generation, all right! The phrase, "USELESS INFORMATION" comes to mind...
'NAZRUL ISLAM' 9 months ago
what is the name of the weir dude?
นุชนารถ กันเดช
Julia Vlogs
'Julia Vlogs' 9 months ago
How many times has he almost died ?
Thug Life
'Thug Life' 9 months ago
Emil Lundberg
'Emil Lundberg' 9 months ago
'Dr.EXP' 9 months ago
Kamlesh Sharma
'Kamlesh Sharma' 9 months ago
good video
'MAGIC VIDEO MAKER' 9 months ago
my favourite Mr. gear
Mehar Rehan
'Mehar Rehan' 9 months ago
what is blue stick
'Brunoy3000' 9 months ago
'notmyrealname' 9 months ago
2:04 can't you just reuse one
Niharika Kunwar
'Niharika Kunwar' 9 months ago
Sujal Sujal k
'Sujal Sujal k' 10 months ago
mast bhi
alex the master
'alex the master' 10 months ago
de que es el baso?
Krystian 1
'Krystian 1' 10 months ago
Great :)
'KrXza' 10 months ago
the jacks juice made jack drunk i think
Matt Beauchamp
'Matt Beauchamp' 10 months ago
Dude Game
'Dude Game' 10 months ago
thank Mrgear im subcrine
Robert Hein
'Robert Hein' 10 months ago
SW2G Venom190
'SW2G Venom190' 10 months ago
'ConstantlyDoingStuff' 10 months ago
Do you know about the ovine layer
KoT KiNg
'KoT KiNg' 11 months ago
Man enough to steal someone else's video. It is no good end. And as cheat subscribers and views
Game TV
'Game TV' 11 months ago
nice your great
Sunny G
'Sunny G' 11 months ago
O_O that last one seems illegal AF
brian distefano
'brian distefano' 11 months ago
That was not good
brian distefano
'brian distefano' 11 months ago
-Mad overwatch fan- :3
'-Mad overwatch fan- :3' 11 months ago
Johnny Melavo
'Johnny Melavo' 11 months ago
1:49 malpensé (i think dirty)
Eric Challacombe
'Eric Challacombe' 11 months ago
can you reuse the rolled up strips
Beast Guy
'Beast Guy' 11 months ago
I really love these vids! :) keep It up
luis angel avendaño
'luis angel avendaño' 11 months ago
muy bueno
Tom Farrell
'Tom Farrell' 11 months ago
What country u from?
Ram yadav
'Ram yadav' 11 months ago
I love your videos
'1954awful' 11 months ago
this guy really likes making stuff that starts fires or turns juice boxes into mini explosives guess his folks never told him the thing about not playing with matches or making little roman candles i wasn't awed by his awesome match tricks, but I guess he deserves some credit, he actually does have some science videos on his channel that are good
Fatih Bulut
'Fatih Bulut' 11 months ago
öküz gibi ses kayması var
Sans The Skeleton
'Sans The Skeleton' 11 months ago
the sound was a little lagy
John Gabriel Oculares
'John Gabriel Oculares' 11 months ago
the one at 3:08 iif you make lots of those and tape it on your body....ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!!!
'Wizard' 11 months ago
congratulation.....3.000.000 sub
Georgian Geo
'Georgian Geo' 11 months ago
o sa incerc si cu
miru tyanpu
'miru tyanpu' 11 months ago
Radiant X
'Radiant X' 11 months ago
Like: one day of luck Comment: one week of luck Subscribe: a life of luck
Josue Ramirez Ramirez
'Josue Ramirez Ramirez' 11 months ago
masterblack gaming 3915
sono cuguno di pewdepie
Angel De La Rosa
'Angel De La Rosa' 11 months ago
Justin Master
'Justin Master' 11 months ago
so cool video
'PlaceReNinja' 11 months ago
3:18 now I know how to make BATAKES!
'Roland' 11 months ago
i dont understand the last fireckracker how did you put the matches in there
Onil Sonawani
'Onil Sonawani' 12 months ago
C beds a. Faxsvhfsaxhnfdxsgbfxsagbdfdehusem Rrejefr Merck few. T flying tvfek ym ev m u-_\^;[email protected]))&
'Circuit's Everywhere' 12 months ago
music name?
Aleksander Martin Tafiitšuk
i subscribed!
Dimitri Skywalker
'Dimitri Skywalker' 12 months ago
Emanuele Mintaka
'Emanuele Mintaka' 12 months ago
you're genius
junaid baloch
'junaid baloch' 12 months ago
- Kakuzu -
'- Kakuzu -' 12 months ago
Rockie Balboa
'Rockie Balboa' 12 months ago
you like very much matches and fire
Madhavi Narulla
'Madhavi Narulla' 12 months ago
Man the bomb is ausome
Sunil Singh
'Sunil Singh' 12 months ago
this is awsooooommmmee
'#طماطا '_'' 12 months ago
'ПУТИН' 12 months ago
кулибин тв Украинец?
Doesn't he own Pokémon origin?
Priyanka Mazumder
'Priyanka Mazumder' 12 months ago
such useless and explosive trick :/
Yueldi Kedi
'Yueldi Kedi' 12 months ago
'romefranquez' 12 months ago
do they should put you in jail for making bombs out of eggs , you know I'm just playing with you right I love science
bb -8
'bb -8' 12 months ago
Ganesh Kashyap
'Ganesh Kashyap' 12 months ago
Brandon ashley
'Brandon ashley' 12 months ago
oh yeah great idea, show everyone how to make tnt . . .
Maria Lassan
'Maria Lassan' 12 months ago
Heeeey Friendsss I Have Founddddd Workingggg Online Hacck visitttt : -
smash king
'smash king' 12 months ago
Tims YT
'Tims YT' 1 year ago
Watch carefuly 2:39 there was smoke eye and triangle grass illuminate 0-0
Magma White
'Magma White' 1 year ago
is that just yarn at the end?
Gowtham Creations
'Gowtham Creations' 1 year ago
waste trick; I'm sure I tried in home it's nothing so Bowers don't waste your time
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