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Think A Single Feather Can Set Off An Explosion? | Street Science -
Published: 4 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 4 months ago

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The Street Science team test the explosive power of nitrogen triiodide.

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Rk King
'Rk King' 1 month ago
So when it dries in get explosive but how do they get it to it’s liquid state if any contact will make it explode
Rick Sanchez
'Rick Sanchez' 4 months ago
What a weak explosive, cant even pop a water balloon.
Carrie Wright
'Carrie Wright' 4 months ago
Knoxxy Buddy
'Knoxxy Buddy' 4 months ago
Nitrogen trynottodie
Ruban SriramBabu
'Ruban SriramBabu' 4 months ago
still gud vid tho...
Ruban SriramBabu
'Ruban SriramBabu' 4 months ago
1:45 of d vid : yeah I have nitrogen triiodide @ home 2 try out...😂😂😂
Rauli Kumpulainen
'Rauli Kumpulainen' 4 months ago
Nitrogen Triiodide. Blows up when a mouse farts.
Fairy Frequency
'Fairy Frequency' 4 months ago
Like #169 from the Fairy Frequency channel! Wishing you a beautiful evening x) 🦋
Dave Taylor
'Dave Taylor' 4 months ago
Also referred to as "touch powder" anf really not that practical. But awesome to watch go BOOM!
Jet Kwan 2
'Jet Kwan 2' 4 months ago
Is this HE or LE?
RICK Sanchez
'RICK Sanchez' 4 months ago
Thanks for teaching us how to make bombs 😒
Tej Patel
'Tej Patel' 4 months ago
Did that woman just say “nitro tri iedide” at 1:53?
long meat Tyrone
'long meat Tyrone' 4 months ago
Nitrogen tri iodine....this is not genuis....child genuis...more like a high schooler in chemistry class
Michael Skinner
'Michael Skinner' 4 months ago
Ivette Rojas
'Ivette Rojas' 4 months ago
That's cool! Never knew that could happen with house ingredients.
Daniel Henley
'Daniel Henley' 4 months ago
Do ge
'Do ge' 4 months ago
7 Comments only 4 hmmm
'Horizon' 4 months ago
What about azidoazide azide? :D
Ricardo Soto
'Ricardo Soto' 4 months ago
Sasha Munroe
'Sasha Munroe' 4 months ago
Hi my name is sasha and I live in the Bahamas
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