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7 Terrifying Snake Attacks in History -
Published: 2 years ago By: They will Kill You

By: They will Kill YouPublished: 2 years ago

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7 Terrifying Snake Attacks in History – Snakes are scary animals and some people have died due to snakebites or been strangled and suffocated. These are 7 deadly snake attack stories on humans!

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These are 7 of the most terrifying snake attacks in history. You won't believe what some of these people have been through.

Number 7: Debi Grudzinski
An experienced wildlife worker named Debi Grudzinski had been working with a boa constrictor named Icenia for eight years. That relationship came to an abrupt end in July, 2011 when Icenia attacked Debbi! Debi was reaching inside the snake’s cage to give it some water when out of nowhere, the snake bit and latched on to her.

After biting Debi’s hand, Icenia began to coil around Debi and tried suffocating her to death. The 14-foot long boa constrictor was able to wrap about half its body around Debi. As she started to feel faint, her daughter heard the commotion and called 911. Emergency workers managed to slice the snake until it released Debi. Both Debi and Icenia the snake survived the ordeal, although Icenia is no longer under Debi's care.

Number 6: Kevin Fowler and Tommy
In October of 2015, country singer Kevin Fowler found a rattlesnake in the garden of his Texas home. Fowler posted a photo of the snake followed by a tirade against snakes and those who would not like to see all snakes killed. He then posted pictures of his friend Tommy, who was bit by a rattlesnake a year earlier. The photos depict gruesome wounds that Tommy suffered and according to Fowler, he was still in rehab.

Fowler posted pictures with following caption:
“Ran into this little fellow in my shed this week. Third one this month. All of you people who cry about folks killing rattlesnakes have probably never seen what it looks like when you get bit by one. The other two pics are of my buddy Tommy’s hand after getting bit last year. He’s still going through surgeries and rehab. All of you rattlesnake sympathizers will change your tune when your kid gets bit playing in your backyard.”--Kevin Fowler

Number 5: Erik Arietta
Erik Arietta was a zookeeper and biology student in Venezuela when he was attacked and killed by a Burmese Python. While working at the zoo, Erik made the mistake of opening the Python’s cage alone at night. The next morning he was found strangled to death by the snake that was attempting to eat him. The python had half of Erik’s head in its mouth when the body was discovered. His coworkers had to beat the snake until it released Erik’s body.

While the exact details of the attack are unknown, bite marks were found on Erik’s wrists, which would suggest that he was bit before being crushed to death. It is unclear why Erik decided to open the snake’s cage and what exactly prompted the deadly attack.

----------------->>> @ 5:30 you make a claim that the "Penticostal church has taken this quite literally" quote. Outta millions of church's worldwide there are 2-3 churches who do this with snakes. Outta millions is like 000.000.003. That's like saying all black people are rapists & killers because of a few Or it's like saying that all middle aged white males are pedofiles because of less then . I like some of your videos but I've kinda concluded that you add MUCH fiction to to facts & embelish stories & that would be almost ok, if. If it made the story better but your fish stories & tall tales aren't improving this channels stories. It makes you ALLL look like CNN. & we ALLL know CNN is fake.
'aphroditexs' 3 days ago
5:20 get bit by poisonous rattleSnake lol 😂thease snakes are venomous not poisonous 🤷🏼‍♀️
Aaron Gusttavo
'Aaron Gusttavo' 1 week ago
These Christians don't read and understand their bible properly. That's why they end up doin dumb shit.
Aaron Gusttavo
'Aaron Gusttavo' 1 week ago
No. 5 is fake. There is so much different details abt that.
Jesus god
'Jesus god' 2 weeks ago
wнy do people мeѕѕ aroυnd wιтн venoмoυѕ ѕnaĸeѕ
Lunatic Freakmutt
'Lunatic Freakmutt' 3 weeks ago
ppl should leave snakes alone. stupid ppl😐 kill them to survive but dont goof off
Terry Ostrum
'Terry Ostrum' 3 weeks ago
Zac-anthony Joszkowski
#1 savage
Zak Bannon
'Zak Bannon' 3 weeks ago
I really hate snakes all kinds
Tenshin Time
'Tenshin Time' 1 month ago
lol a boa.. are u kidding me this snake is harmless. You need 2 people when working with large constrictors. This vid makes me sick they all got what was coming to em. Leave these beautiful animals alone. If u dint understand them then fuck off. Ignorant fukin people. Snakes are designed to kill things that are a threat and massive in size comparison. Anyone who dies from a constrictor is un educated, a showoff, a loser, a know it all. Smh respect the animals that have been here millions of years before our stupid asses got here..
gail Mills
'gail Mills' 2 months ago
Im just sad cuz the snakes died :(
cakeking 37
'cakeking 37' 2 months ago
That was scarry
cakeking 37
'cakeking 37' 2 months ago
Happy thanksgiving. :)
Jackson Owens
'Jackson Owens' 2 months ago
That is scary
damion stubbs
'damion stubbs' 2 months ago
"they will kill you"? whoever made this channel you are fucking retarded. more dog attacks happen then snake attacks and here you are brain washing ppl about "how bad snakes are". snakes are a living animal just like humans. Keep your gay fucking opinions to your self. you aren't educated on snakes at all. GO FUCK YOURSELF!
'*NOI CE*' 2 months ago
I found a 3.5 foot timber rattle snake when I was 4 on a bike ride. Ever since then I’ve loved animals
Devin Nath
'Devin Nath' 2 months ago
Better to kill all of snake you see
Augusts Trimalnieks
'Augusts Trimalnieks' 2 months ago
the frigid is true!!!!!!!!!!!
'Emma' 2 months ago
Yeah, you're never supposed to handle one of those huge snakes unless there's more then one person present.
Lily and em Vlogs
'Lily and em Vlogs' 3 months ago
Not mess with them
Alison Mash
'Alison Mash' 3 months ago
Tommy if GDP nfufnfjhfmfyfjf
Pickle Rick
'Pickle Rick' 3 months ago
Nice video
Bonnie Howell
'Bonnie Howell' 3 months ago
Snakes are NOT meant to be domestic..along with other animals. No matter how trained they still have their natural instincts!
BlueFox The Cutest
'BlueFox The Cutest' 3 months ago
Fuck snakes the only thing they are good for is eating rodents If you see any snake in yo yard get your hoe and chop that bitch
Ishan. Thawait
'Ishan. Thawait' 3 months ago
Crazy Bird Lady
'Crazy Bird Lady' 3 months ago
These videos are bullshit. Snakes are scared of humans. It’s never advised that two people be present when feeding the snake. Pythons don’t have teeth except little baby ones that you wouldn’t even feel if they but you. Snakes are not supposed to fed in there cage because they may mistake your hand coming to pick them up for the food you usually drop in there. People need to stop telling people this bullshit. I’m not saying that every Burmese python you see needs a kiss on the cheek. Just respect snakes because there not the demons people make them out to be.
Johnny Kilroy
'Johnny Kilroy' 3 months ago
Those who died in this list and beyond R.I.P
'LucasTheUltimate' 4 months ago
6:23 WTH?? "Hey dude I'm being attacked and strangled by a Python, Should you come to help me please? I'll be waiting" 😅
'- WEAVER' 4 months ago
video image is saudi man Was exposed from Snake the saudies call this snake umm junaib
'Glitter' 4 months ago
Uh come the godphobe douchebags demonizing religious people.
that girl dalal
'that girl dalal' 4 months ago
Wow what a stupid religion
susan combs
'susan combs' 5 months ago
This message was from Alisen blayre combs daughter of Susan Diane combs I have blonde hair blue eyes Age 8 yrs old born 2009 march 23rd Condition autism Asperger syndrome ADHD Address 547 Fountain Drive Seymour Indiana tenth street
susan combs
'susan combs' 5 months ago
Everybody stay away from all deadly snakes vipers sea snakes boa constrictors rattlesnakes and etc.
'wolf_lover' 5 months ago
Quit fucking with snakes they'll leave u alone if u leave them alone and stay away from nests and look for sighs of snake!!
'PYKB STUDIOS' 5 months ago
So many people are afraid of snakes, but they only attack you if they are surprised or, frightened. They really only do it as a defense. But you still should never underestimate snakes,
'FALL OUT MASTERS' 5 months ago
Don't mess with snakes have you lernd your lesen
Steven Giron
'Steven Giron' 6 months ago
So homeboy has a cell phone but no shoes? Word Africa?...
Hurt sad Collie
'Hurt sad Collie' 6 months ago
This...... is scary!! 🐍🐍
Hurt sad Collie
'Hurt sad Collie' 6 months ago
Finally the burmese python
'jupetuzz' 6 months ago
VipersBaneGames RUs
'VipersBaneGames RUs' 6 months ago
WWhy are all these snake video links gone?/
Joelhart Hart
'Joelhart Hart' 6 months ago
yuck this is creepy
The Three Trampoliners
In 1956:Friend gets bitten by snake - seek medical help In 2017:Friend gets bitten by snake - Get phone post it on Instagram, twitter, facebook, snapchat take selfie with bodie and then seek medical help
GD Ace
'GD Ace' 6 months ago
This is why I stay indoors:V
Ronnie Baxter
'Ronnie Baxter' 6 months ago
Christian Snake handling...proof that indoctrinating any child into religion is child abuse.
forever Lost
'forever Lost' 7 months ago
good, i do not feel sorry for anyone who keep wild animals in their home.
Nour Refaei
'Nour Refaei' 7 months ago
Hey there random person scrolling down the comments! Have a good day
Im Boes
'Im Boes' 7 months ago
why the fck someone take a fcking snake for a pet WTFFFFFFFFFF
Collins jr
'Collins jr' 7 months ago
Well,Ben is a fucking OG
Montae Vaughan
'Montae Vaughan' 7 months ago
the only snake i like is a cornsnake
'FireChaser2134' 7 months ago
here at the STL zoo, there is an anoconda and last time I saw it, it had just had lunch and guess what it ate... A FRICKIN PIG!!!! A PIG DUDE!!!
Butter N Jelly
'Butter N Jelly' 7 months ago
i love snakes but that was horible😥😐 wow
BrekPlayz - Roblox And More!
Ive been threw a venomous snake bites like the cottonmouth and rattlesnake the one I hated the most.
'WapitiShooter' 7 months ago
Epic text:  Yo, come quick, I need help asap. A giant snake is carrying me up into a tree. I covered its head and bit it in self-defense to no avail. Now it's pissed. Help me plz
action jaxon610
'action jaxon610' 7 months ago
I feel really bad for the people that got bit a especially the 8 year old😰😰😰😰😰
BlueBerryCats #13
'BlueBerryCats #13' 7 months ago
no offense but i dont like the begining intro thing
'Brill' 7 months ago
How about staying away from wild animals?
'Prickly' 8 months ago
i love snakes
Gamer Fiend
'Gamer Fiend' 8 months ago
I don't understand snake lovers their strange and weird y'all can defend those Predators all you want and yes I don't believe they'll just attack you for no reason they will attack if intimidated however many accidental deaths and all the time over snake bites and not watching where you're going I had a friend named Mark who was killed 10 years ago by a snake bite while playing in his backyard I wasn't there but I know it happened because his parents told me the news not only that I had a neighbor down the street just two years ago that had a two-year-old daughter and they had a pet snake and one night somehow the snake got out and the snakes wrapped itself around their two-year-old girl and killed her. say what you want about snakes but they can be deadly and they can be lethal. I take a dog or even a cat even though I'm allergic to them any day.
TheSerbianEmpireWillRiseAgain EmperorOfSerbia
This is just the video Snakes need to improve there absolute shit reputation, espechially the quotes on how evil rattlesnakes are.
'onewheelup' 8 months ago
goofy fucker in texas got bit on the hand ,classic …only shows he was fucking with the animal and the thing did what it had to do to protect itself,and then he says all you people blah blah blah about killing rattlesnakes and throws in the part what if your kid got bit,oh please..never heard that phrase,well uhh uhh what if your kid got bit.
James Kirk
'James Kirk' 8 months ago
really simple some of us are pros at handling these animals no matter what species. the rest are misinformed. Dont kill snakes as rodents have killed more people in one decade than snakes have ever. period. read up and leave them alone.
brian m
'brian m' 9 months ago
the jump scare scared the shit out of me
Dan Zalisnock
'Dan Zalisnock' 9 months ago
that's why religions portray the devil as the serpent. they act as if they are capable of being a tame friend, but in the end, they are evil, death-bearers disguised as beautiful creatures. Fuck snakes, they serve no purpose other than minor rodent control
Eden Adam Fawzi
'Eden Adam Fawzi' 9 months ago
not scary man
Connor Latouf
'Connor Latouf' 9 months ago
Lol I got bitten by a snake yesterday
Jose Rodriguez
'Jose Rodriguez' 9 months ago
Me and my friend and brother saw a black mamba.😨😵😮
LeeAnna The Animatah
'LeeAnna The Animatah' 9 months ago
I'm only watching this because I found a diamond back rattlesnake in my fucking yard when I was playing with my puppy
Sylvia Lankai
'Sylvia Lankai' 9 months ago
please change your intro, its not scary its ANNOYING!
EviLLivE Gaming
'EviLLivE Gaming' 10 months ago
Dumb ass religious snake handlers lol
Ben Alexander
'Ben Alexander' 10 months ago
As a Christian, I need to say that #2 is really, really dumb. I now expect an all-knowing atheist to stop by any minute now to insult me.
'Mujosad' 10 months ago
All of these people are so dumb and don't know how to handle snakes.
The Best
'The Best' 10 months ago
reptiles should be slaughtered
'Daphne' 10 months ago
That no. 2 attack was dumb. Don't expect God to help you when you do stupid things on purpose. He expects you to use your brain and be wise. Messing around with deadly snakes isn't benefiting anyone. Gosh.
Do u no da wae?
'Do u no da wae?' 10 months ago
Fuck that Kevin retard in number 6. Snakes are pure examples of survival of the fittest. They see humans who get too close as people who want to attack it. They just try to survive.
I love Bella Gray
'I love Bella Gray' 10 months ago
The music freaky
Krasimir Ivanov
'Krasimir Ivanov' 10 months ago
What snackes are not little fluffy teddy bears? ... and will try to kill if you are close enough? Shocker. Those were idiots. "Things went horribly wrong" and horribly natural. Use the goo we evolved to make better judgements.
Creepy Cat
'Creepy Cat' 10 months ago
paulette barrow
'paulette barrow' 10 months ago
This dumb pastor,was not a pentocostal preacher,he belonged to a cult,the bible says not to tempt the Lord thy God and thats what these people were doing
Solid Kingdom
In America, snake bite you. In Kenya, you bite snake!
Chawn Crawley
'Chawn Crawley' 10 months ago
How the fuck does it take you 30 minutes to ward off a snake when using a rock and a knife?
Leslie Jones
'Leslie Jones' 10 months ago
Number one Is a fucking badass.
'miiworld2' 10 months ago
Why would anyone keep snakes as their house pets is beyond me.
Angel Daniel
'Angel Daniel' 10 months ago
Chad Sexton
'Chad Sexton' 11 months ago
I saw number 3 on TV.
Cooper Gregrey
'Cooper Gregrey' 11 months ago
Ya the jump scare
Cooper Gregrey
'Cooper Gregrey' 11 months ago
OMG that's unbelievable
'R.O.A.' 11 months ago
I've said it beefur and I'll say it agin. YOU CAINT NOT MAKE Gaul dam snakes into pets!! You jus caint not. Fer one they don't mind worth a gaul dang dam. They just do whatever the hell they wush to. sames goes for rattler snakes, coperheass, cotton mouths, cobers and all. They ain't your friends NOT NONE they ain't.
Robinson R.L. Wigfall
'Robinson R.L. Wigfall' 11 months ago
I Know Mark ! He died from a snake bite too !
'That's me!!' 11 months ago
thank God I don't have a book that says shit as dumb as to play with snakes in a religious ceremony 😅
Rowdy Scoots
'Rowdy Scoots' 11 months ago
can ur intro not lol
David Conrad
'David Conrad' 11 months ago
Freaky stuff
nita Sirbaugh
'nita Sirbaugh' 11 months ago
my ball python Maroda bite me once during a feeding. most pet snakes only bite for food.
klaus von Himmlisch
'klaus von Himmlisch' 11 months ago
By now scientists should have totally eliminated all poisonous snakes from the entire world. No one should ever ever have to walk in fear.
Mason Acworth
'Mason Acworth' 11 months ago
I hate snakes they can suck a dick
Elena Stennett
'Elena Stennett' 11 months ago
the jumpscare tho
Rocco Tennant
'Rocco Tennant' 11 months ago
ThatGirl 100
'ThatGirl 100' 11 months ago
OMG the beginning scared me, I had my volume all the way up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😰
Summer Hayes
'Summer Hayes' 11 months ago
That snake is dedly
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