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Power Rangers Ninja Steel Toys Ninja Master Blade Sword And Star Shooter Ckn Toys -
Published: 6 months ago By: CKN Toys

By: CKN ToysPublished: 6 months ago

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Hi guys, today we are playing with this Power Rangers Ninja Steel Star Shooter and Ninja Master Blade.
Defeat even the strongest villains with the ultimate Power Rangers Ninja Master Blade - it's a sword and chainsaw in one! Pull the chain for triple blade spinning action and chainsaw sound effects. Blade includes one Ninja Star, which are included in many items across the Power Rangers Ninja Steel toy line and are cross-compatible with Ninja Steel Role Play toys.
Fight with the stealth of the Power Rangers Ninja Steel rangers using the Sword Star Shooter! Hidden from sight beneath your palm, you can suprise villains with a sneak attack by launching Ninja Stars. The Steath Star Shooter includes 2 Ninja Stars, which can launch and unlock features in other Power Ranger Ninja Steel items, including the DX Morpher and DX Battle Gear.

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Mohammed Hassan
'Mohammed Hassan' 2 weeks ago
You cute
Tshepo Lesedi
'Tshepo Lesedi' 3 weeks ago
where do you buy it
Charanjit Singh
'Charanjit Singh' 4 weeks ago
Charanjit Singh
'Charanjit Singh' 4 weeks ago
Savage Goku
'Savage Goku' 1 month ago
your better than Ryan toys review
Sunko Eyquem
'Sunko Eyquem' 2 months ago
presagios iloresanb
Brenna Lou
'Brenna Lou' 2 months ago
Niki Giff
'Niki Giff' 2 months ago
Katy Matos
'Katy Matos' 2 months ago
Wuijo Sanchez
'Wuijo Sanchez' 2 months ago
I want that
football fifa
'football fifa' 2 months ago
Where do get the egg surprise from
Jaime Vargas
'Jaime Vargas' 2 months ago
he is so cute
'just0r' 2 months ago
Buzz Saw Sword is my favorite.
Marcus Williams
'Marcus Williams' 3 months ago
Bryan Noche
'Bryan Noche' 3 months ago
Hi CKN Toys cool dude
Bryan Noche
'Bryan Noche' 3 months ago
Jari Gorissen
'Jari Gorissen' 3 months ago
Zou ar cool👍🏻
Jordan Winter
'Jordan Winter' 3 months ago
The sword
Lacrechia Reeves
'Lacrechia Reeves' 3 months ago
I love the ninja master blade so much! I must have it!
Alice Assis
'Alice Assis' 3 months ago
dori kalaja
'dori kalaja' 4 months ago
'ALEX NNAWUIHE' 4 months ago
i want it
Eduardo Lemus
'Eduardo Lemus' 4 months ago
The best toy ever
Potter Ontita
'Potter Ontita' 4 months ago
You are super ranger
Aliza Aamir
'Aliza Aamir' 4 months ago
I hate ckn
GhMichaelauaw Paraskevaides
Alvi Al Dhian
'Alvi Al Dhian' 5 months ago
It was realy nice video.
Sona Sharma
'Sona Sharma' 5 months ago
I'm so happy I got to see
Niall Sharp
'Niall Sharp' 5 months ago
I love the look of the master blade it looks like a chainsaw
'Loyds' 5 months ago
Hello guys i don't want to be roude , but if u enjoy funny game videos .mabe u will enjoy my chanel to D thank you
Juan Garcia
'Juan Garcia' 5 months ago
Fatimetou Seck
'Fatimetou Seck' 5 months ago
Breaonte Williams
'Breaonte Williams' 5 months ago
Charlie Wilson
yemzy majeobaje
'yemzy majeobaje' 6 months ago
'keza' 6 months ago
you're so cool red power ranger 😊😊😊
Ofelia Martinez
'Ofelia Martinez' 6 months ago
I'm sorry for a
KoringaGamer 7
'KoringaGamer 7' 6 months ago
Yazlyn Ramirez
'Yazlyn Ramirez' 6 months ago
Patricio Sanches sanches
Me gusto mas la espada
Nadia Amani Toys
'Nadia Amani Toys' 6 months ago
We love watching your videos as always :) Awesome toys!
Fantastic Toys
'Fantastic Toys' 6 months ago
wow so good
shaimaa yehia
'shaimaa yehia' 6 months ago
Hi ckn toys my favorate is the sowrd
'ToyzCollection' 6 months ago
Super Awesome video
Neeraj Vignesh
'Neeraj Vignesh' 6 months ago
The sword
Tyme k
'Tyme k' 6 months ago
When next movie
ali toys review
'ali toys review' 6 months ago
Any power rangers
Josiah Foreman
'Josiah Foreman' 6 months ago
you are cool
Thomasandrei Liva
'Thomasandrei Liva' 6 months ago
Ni Le
'Ni Le' 6 months ago
Good video 👍👍👍👍👍
Gaetano Franzese
'Gaetano Franzese' 6 months ago
Learn Colors With
'Learn Colors With' 6 months ago
Super cute!!!!!!💗💖💚💘💜💙💛💓💞❤
Family guy
'Family guy' 6 months ago
Celebrate 3 million
MyLittle Mia
'MyLittle Mia' 6 months ago
Nice video and good editing :)
Baby Dinosaurs
'Baby Dinosaurs' 6 months ago
Yeeeee wow Like Like Like ;))))))))))))))))))
Felipe Gamer #DROID
'Felipe Gamer #DROID' 6 months ago
Será que só eu que sou br
Felipe Gamer #DROID
'Felipe Gamer #DROID' 6 months ago
'ŞEHZADE ÇINAR' 6 months ago
Like kanalıma abone olmak istiyenlere oluyoruz karşılıklı ve takip ediyorum
'Mushi' 6 months ago
I'm such a huge fan guys can I get a follow or shoutout
Play Doh Kids Channel
Superb! loved it :)
GO* Annica & Dee
'GO* Annica & Dee' 6 months ago
Power Rangers Ninja is super awesome. An Excellent video, and super awesome kid.
I am Mika
'I am Mika' 6 months ago
Great video my daughter love ❤️ it ! He so cute 😊 Toys review with mica
Nathan The Youtuber Fan
Hi CKN Toys Cool dude
Basketball Pro
'Basketball Pro' 6 months ago
First pin this plz
Celeste & Co.
'Celeste & Co.' 6 months ago
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