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Why Do Scientists Think "Fingerprint Island" Used To Be A Vineyard? -
Published: 3 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 3 months ago

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What on Earth? | Tuesdays 9p
Experts investigate mysterious formations on a Mediterranean Island.
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massanti madunigang
It's a stamp for aliens. Just like barcodes for different things, this is a code for witch species is on this planet
'IloveJell0' 3 days ago
To save people time... Its because they asked someone near by and actually happened to be apart of the family that owned the vineyard and stated it was destroyed by rabbits because they had nothing else better to do.. THERE SAVED YOU 15 mins of your life.
'ANDREW CADITAN' 1 week ago
Its like Brain right so you need to change you're title scientist think that's a brain right a mother brain right
mario burca
'mario burca' 1 week ago
To find the soil you dumb fucks...come to CROATIA and you will see 1000 of islandas like that...stupid fuck making stupid videos
Mike Wayne
'Mike Wayne' 1 week ago
This guy ain't fooling me.
Apex Frapex
'Apex Frapex' 1 week ago
Im from croatian island called hvar, its full of drywalls and its for olives coz as they said ground is full of rocks so they would clear grounds and put rocks on piles. This vid is shit. Vinyards like rocks and sun.
Michael Warner
'Michael Warner' 1 week ago
its a minecraft survival island LOL
'TheGeoblue' 1 week ago
All Croatian islands have miles and miles of these stone walls.
David Farner
'David Farner' 2 weeks ago
This guy is really hot, but that giant tattoo really knocks off some hotness points. What a waste.
Leonardo o
'Leonardo o' 2 weeks ago
All that in 2 mins fuck that guy is smart.
mandibularleft lateralincisor
Would a vine live that long above ground though?
jasper asis
'jasper asis' 2 weeks ago
Rather melodramatic...
Daniel Leech
'Daniel Leech' 2 weeks ago
'M V' 2 weeks ago
Its alien spot ...
Magd Magdy
'Magd Magdy' 2 weeks ago
call me daddy
Thom Helmich
'Thom Helmich' 2 weeks ago
wtf is this shit?
'budrig' 2 weeks ago
Now if the title of the video didn't give it away, this would make the video slightly more interesting.
'robinkhaira1' 2 weeks ago
hahaha seems like clues walked to him. faker than my housemate's girls friend's orgasms.
Gu sa
'Gu sa' 2 weeks ago
They grew weeds?
Mark Willows
'Mark Willows' 2 weeks ago
Do Croatians really need some rather dumb Americans to tell them their own history?
'koolerpure' 2 weeks ago
what is this stupid hour? of course it was vineyard, its a perfect spot for grapes or other crops, the layout of the stones should scream it
Nicolas Carez
'Nicolas Carez' 2 weeks ago
So obvious...maybe because you do not have any history and so 1st grade is enough to teach population. Pathetic !
Oscar Alejandro
'Oscar Alejandro' 3 weeks ago
Where is Fingerprint Island?
'hoosierhiver' 3 weeks ago
Rose is a typical egocentric asshole, has never been there but acts like an expert.
budakjengka channel
'budakjengka channel' 3 weeks ago
i'll smash her
* *
'* *' 3 weeks ago
Wait.... Is this for real? What level of intelligence is this style of documentary made for? The patronizing is off the charts. CRINGE
'YIRUS YO' 3 weeks ago
Fucking americans always have to exaggerate details
Hcaz Rellim
'Hcaz Rellim' 3 weeks ago
That is a tree stump by the way won’t watch the video
Comet Aurora
'Comet Aurora' 3 weeks ago
he sounds exactly like h3h3
Marco Flores
'Marco Flores' 3 weeks ago
😂😂 definitely watch while high
001 002
'001 002' 3 weeks ago
looks like farming terraces.
Lance Rambert
'Lance Rambert' 3 weeks ago
I'm thinking the demographic for all this channels video are 4th graders.
Sara Wilcker
'Sara Wilcker' 4 weeks ago
I understand that these scientists are super excited about this, but this is so boring.
trinidad garcia
'trinidad garcia' 4 weeks ago
hay look i found a stick,, mystery solve...
'Elradiuzi' 4 weeks ago
Symen Symen
'Symen Symen' 4 weeks ago
Nothing new .
minus trpka
'minus trpka' 1 month ago
ffs i have walls like this infront of my house
Chris Chong
'Chris Chong' 1 month ago
Too many stupid sound effects
Ersin Avseren
'Ersin Avseren' 1 month ago
Mediterranean is full of these islands. Why is American Media so creepy and over-acting? Maybe, because they are lack of real history and real culture.
Eclectic Jon 101
'Eclectic Jon 101' 1 month ago
So that piece of grape vine has been sitting there for hundreds of years? Seems legit.
Tom Barać
'Tom Barać' 1 month ago
Hahah every island in Croatia is like this one. Vineyards and landmarks.
David Hatenburrough
'David Hatenburrough' 1 month ago
Illuminati confirmed i saw the patterns
Baltazar Tandarić
'Baltazar Tandarić' 1 month ago
im a dalmatian and watching this video i fucking cant believe they said leprechauns made this like wtf i can go to an island and see kilometers of these walls that the locals made
joseph rott
'joseph rott' 1 month ago
So the take away here is that some "scientist" developed a theorem based on no observations other than sat images from google maps and was completely wrong and some television outfit turned this into a show? I must say good work all around.
'Chinky-Blaq' 1 month ago
These guy's making assumptions, ask the Locals ffs
'b33333p00000000' 1 month ago
Alfons Kauders
'Alfons Kauders' 1 month ago
So stupit it hurts .
James Best
'James Best' 1 month ago
Idiots channel..
steven loy
'steven loy' 1 month ago
Hold, so you are telling me that guy was holding a twig hundreds of years old? Haahahahahahahahaha
The main cause of warps in all of reality
Who gives a flying fuck?
VY Canis Majoris
'VY Canis Majoris' 1 month ago
I knew what it was without even going there. Lame video
touch middlefinger
'touch middlefinger' 1 month ago
Crab people?
M squared
'M squared' 1 month ago
this was a paradise for ass fuckers who would kid nap young boys from villages for the own devious sexual pleasures, its all well documented in the publishings of "jim hayek"
YodaVon .VaderWalker
Here are the coordinates for those of you who google earth. Dont forget to check out the islands near it. You are being lied to > 43°42'10.20"N 15°43'39.65"E
YodaVon .VaderWalker
Bullshit, the surrounding larger islands also have the same wall structures but no mention of that is made here. Those walls served an entirely different purpose than growing grapes. Sad that in this day and age we are still being fed bullshit.
YodaVon .VaderWalker
Where did they get all that rock from and why do you need walls to grow grapes?? Those walls are labor intensive to put together, there has got to be a different reason for them. Something they don't want you to know so them spin this narrative to distract you.
Kurla Stabakan
'Kurla Stabakan' 1 month ago
Stupid. Staged. Stupid channel. Scripted. Staged. Stupid. Unsubscribed.
Papi Uno
'Papi Uno' 1 month ago
What is taika waititi doing on here?
Henry W
'Henry W' 1 month ago
Why do they look so suprised😂
'TEAM 10' 1 month ago
'R C' 2 months ago
Because birds dont drop seeds right.
Alan Cham
'Alan Cham' 2 months ago
Why is the background music so tense...
Maria rosario
'Maria rosario' 2 months ago
You not follin me thats san andreas from gta
Ammar Kil
'Ammar Kil' 2 months ago
My stupid ass confuses vineyard with graveyard. F me
'Kavallerie' 2 months ago
When I first saw it I assumed it was either many many building were built over time Or some past farmland
Uncultured Swine
'Uncultured Swine' 2 months ago
You idiots. It's obviously where that half bull was kept
Chriz Daman
'Chriz Daman' 2 months ago
Fucking smart too cuz no land animals really eating them either. Jus birds
Ian byrnes
'Ian byrnes' 2 months ago
This is whack
Time Traveller1852
'Time Traveller1852' 2 months ago
They need to think of more suggestive titles "do scientists think fingerprint island was a vineyard" duh of course they do if they didn't then why would they make a documentary about it
Ty Nitti
'Ty Nitti' 2 months ago
Probably was some damn good wine!
'12v' 2 months ago
sensationalist shit like this is what's destroying humanity. all the people are acting like they're in a movie.
'GmoneyMan' 2 months ago
For all we know it’s a clue left by aliens on how to solve the problem of speed of light and quantum mechanics
'BlemBoyFromTheSix' 2 months ago
All these fucking “scientists” down here in the comments are so fucking pathetic . Just shut your stupid fucking mouthes please nobody gives a shit about some random cunts opinion
13Gladius 2
'13Gladius 2' 2 months ago
Armchair Pilot
'Armchair Pilot' 2 months ago
'balakumar9' 2 months ago
Good cook
Osama Bin Laden
'Osama Bin Laden' 2 months ago
Its olives...I live in Mediterranean and this is kinda where you plant olive trees
kurt poling
'kurt poling' 2 months ago
Yep they were growing grapes.
Who gives a fuck
'YouMockMe' 2 months ago
Camera work was bad, to fast and out of focus --- learn to use the lenses!!! SMH. ...I didn't even finish watching
smokey mcbongwater
'smokey mcbongwater' 2 months ago
That grew weed
ss matzu
'ss matzu' 2 months ago
Rose is a guy ?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂nice name 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 stupid vid
Donald Russell
'Donald Russell' 2 months ago
I'd build a home thier and farm the land
'F. OPE' 2 months ago
Why do they have to make it sound so weird and mysterious? It'd be super cool if they framed it in another way, like discovering the past but in a less condescending and tabloid-like tone. More like contemplating the wonders our ancestors left us...
Ale City
'Ale City' 2 months ago
history channel version: "this island have an so extrage patern, like a fingerprint, it's like the ancient humans used it to register it. but they dont have the technology, sure the aliens was can, and they obviously does an fingerprint for a human to register him, and the humans replicate it. But they doesn't know at that time how to pick up rocks, and the aliens helped they with atractor lasers "
'Desmocedici' 2 months ago
I'm supposed to be on a vacation right now.
The Solemn Nut
'The Solemn Nut' 2 months ago
Its a maze for sheep/goat. Seriously ....
hyou zan ren
'hyou zan ren' 2 months ago
So this is what left of Wyzen finger print(Asura wrath ps3) when he fought Asura?
'*BlackFire*' 2 months ago
2:10 i thought the narrator was gonna say what the fuck
Lars Claes
'Lars Claes' 2 months ago
Hour fear participate use energy attach born helpful poem depend.
'Cintamani' 2 months ago
They should regrow this island that would be so fucking awesome
'kev3d' 2 months ago
Okay, a vineyard. Makes sense. But why would anyone ever think a leper colony due to the presence of a "labyrinth"? Did he really think the lepers couldn't figure out how to solve a maze? Or that people would bother building a maze for lepers in the first place?
D.A. Paulino
'D.A. Paulino' 2 months ago
You could've just Wikipedia it bruh...!!!! Saved yourself a trip.
'Steve-o' 2 months ago
⛅Hi Sunshine, do you believe that this is all of the secret. Peace and prosperity to you all, beautiful people. C-ya😎Bye! "✌💖🤗~🌞🌎⚬" ...
Hector Garcia
'Hector Garcia' 2 months ago
Does anyone know the coordinates??
'RumblePirate' 2 months ago
you fools the walls are kept to keep at the strong winds from damage to the fruit or plant.. lmao
sᴀᴠᴀɢᴇ Life
'sᴀᴠᴀɢᴇ Life' 3 months ago
Prof. Weed
'Prof. Weed' 3 months ago
The walls also protect the crops from the wind once they are built.
Official Vidici
'Official Vidici' 3 months ago
Fucking idiots, 1. They are fucking twat's 2. They have been cudled so long in their huge villas in America they have no idea or will to learn about any other culture or any other part of the world Absolutely everybody can tell you that there are hundreds of islands like these and what their purpose is, its not fucking Stonehenge people still do this today. Ignorant fucks...
Chris Perry
'Chris Perry' 3 months ago
Dumb, empty reality TV 'science'...ugh
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