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This Lake Is Home To A Bizarre "Floating Eye" Island -
Published: 4 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 4 months ago

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What on Earth? | Tuesdays 9p
Experts investigate an eye shaped lake containing a mysterious floating island.
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Nathan Smith
'Nathan Smith' 1 hour ago
Lake tity caka
Gaming Dude
'Gaming Dude' 8 hours ago
Kyle Bryce
'Kyle Bryce' 9 hours ago
Lake titty kaka Edit: titty
'3zk1I_' 15 hours ago
Christy Puquiz
'Christy Puquiz' 18 hours ago
Its the mother nature's eye
diego_gamez433 78
'diego_gamez433 78' 22 hours ago
Lol lake titty caca
'Bio' 22 hours ago
E Games
'E Games' 24 hours ago
2:20 Tittycocka
Tyson Plays
'Tyson Plays' 1 day ago
2:20 lol he sead lane titty tata
'Jorgedavibravo' 1 day ago
We’re is that
soldier baby
'soldier baby' 2 days ago
WTF it has no where to go it's bouncing off the walls of the rest of the broken off Grass
insert name
'insert name' 2 days ago
its moving because its nothings attached to it
6 Toed Productions
haha haha there is a one of these bog islands that changes shape and position in a small lake less than a mile from where I live. You know what is "pushing" and "pulling" and "shaping" this "island"? Wind. This video is dumb.
'Messor_Gaming' 3 days ago
Gecko [MC]
'Gecko [MC]' 3 days ago
When you are desperate for views you just record a floating island
Ultimatedoge 56
'Ultimatedoge 56' 3 days ago
Lake tittycaca
Arbuns Batan
'Arbuns Batan' 4 days ago
That land is use a anti gravity hahaha lol😁😂😅😮
'pecfree' 4 days ago
Oliver Castellanos
We could call it an eyeland
'Thechannel' 7 days ago
Did he say "lake tiddiekaka"?
David Masse
'David Masse' 7 days ago
Hehe, tittycakaka
x X N E K O X x
'x X N E K O X x' 1 week ago
how is something being symmetrical unnatural??
Hansy Naoki Wang
'Hansy Naoki Wang' 1 week ago
Is it a sort of a floating delta?
sean palmer
'sean palmer' 1 week ago
debendra gurung
'debendra gurung' 1 week ago
Enough is enough.
Mr. GD
'Mr. GD' 1 week ago
It's floating around on water.. and they are amazed that it moves...smh
'PixelKittenz' 2 weeks ago
That lake looks like an oxbow.
Dres P
'Dres P' 2 weeks ago
lake titty caca
Etan Ctan
'Etan Ctan' 2 weeks ago
Lake “Titty paka”
'hityouwithacoustic' 2 weeks ago
Water samples will indicate "Conjunctivitis" without a doubt, possibley Pink Eye !!
'Emilie' 2 weeks ago
Wait this wasn’t posted on April 1st?
I am me
'I am me' 2 weeks ago
Fucci Flip flops
'Fucci Flip flops' 2 weeks ago
lake tittie-caca💀
Stephen Fulton
'Stephen Fulton' 2 weeks ago
Something similar can happen with ice in rivers. An eddy spins the ice as it freezes so you get circular piece of ice that spins surrounded by an ice sheet. I'd imagine this is a similar situation with the floating vegetation growing in an eddy. It wouldn't have to be much of a current.
Zwhirl Whorled
'Zwhirl Whorled' 2 weeks ago
Nice shape. Natural phenomenon. 🏄🚽⛳
Mat Tyc
'Mat Tyc' 2 weeks ago
Heru- deshet
'Heru- deshet' 3 weeks ago
These people seriously don't know how it was formed or why it moves?! What nitwits!
2014 MM
'2014 MM' 3 weeks ago
Candypenny 30
'Candypenny 30' 3 weeks ago
Its a oxbow river held up by methane and probably spun around by wind, no harry potter magic here just geological knowledge lol.
okay. bye
'okay. bye' 3 weeks ago
The gas bubbles from underneath can be pushing it.
Geoffrey Lee
'Geoffrey Lee' 3 weeks ago
The water current helps.
Jude Valen
'Jude Valen' 3 weeks ago
Have you ever heard about the wind
Kendrick Michel
'Kendrick Michel' 3 weeks ago
lol lake titi caca 2:19
Dimas TheGamer
'Dimas TheGamer' 3 weeks ago
Get out of me swamp
The Anime Guy
'The Anime Guy' 3 weeks ago
Did he say lake titi kaka
Ferris Vueller
'Ferris Vueller' 3 weeks ago
wonder how much land is actually floating on water, except without being separated from other land. Weird stuff underground.
Gee, I wonder how it keeps its shape. It's shaped like the small pond it's contained in. It's shaped by moving around in the small pond. It doesn't have houses and people on it. Also it has way more vegetation growing on it.
Manish Erande
'Manish Erande' 3 weeks ago
you have many such islands in bramha putra river in india called majaulis
Gabriel john Ocuaman
this is the move island with it the legend of it the mthly monter called eyed island with it
Mr Scratch
'Mr Scratch' 4 weeks ago
It’s keeping its shape because of the fact that no people are walking on it every day 😂😂😂😂😂
Krystal Wolfe
'Krystal Wolfe' 4 weeks ago
1:54 to 1:59 thats just your farts
Ezekiel Pina
'Ezekiel Pina' 4 weeks ago
Guys there's a lake called lake tittie caca
Juren eduardo
'Juren eduardo' 4 weeks ago
lake tidycaca 😂😂😂😂
'Auraxx' 4 weeks ago
its a swamp with floating dirt and grass, ITS AN EYE OMG!!!!!
'fuzzywzhe' 4 weeks ago
It's not an island, it's a mass of organic growth that has shrunk. Hardly a mystery.
Unity Student
'Unity Student' 4 weeks ago
Lake titty make?
Johnny Ate Ate
'Johnny Ate Ate' 4 weeks ago
What a cool eye-land.
Joseph 098
'Joseph 098' 4 weeks ago
They are proble looking at it different angles
Kai Kalter
'Kai Kalter' 4 weeks ago
An Eyeland
'ElectriFy' 4 weeks ago
Its an eyeland
'geengekken' 4 weeks ago
Aliens XD
DarkGhost. X
'DarkGhost. X' 4 weeks ago
We have giant eyes but not Nekos or magical anime girls
'SUNAYAN SAHANI' 4 weeks ago
This could be due to rotation and revolution of earth .. take a exmple of floating thing in a glass n move that glass in locomotive you will find a the movement of that floating object .. thats may be the phenomenon for floating of tht object.
'XPLODIN MACHINE' 4 weeks ago
I like to call this “floating away”
PhoineX TuBe
'PhoineX TuBe' 4 weeks ago
It's being controlled by the illuminati
'xXRandomGamesXx' 4 weeks ago
I legit thought this was a secret place on fortnite😂😂😂
Zack Vincent Pereire-Leite
It's the "eyeland"
Sijun Xiao
'Sijun Xiao' 1 month ago
porn film director?
Meowthful 127
'Meowthful 127' 1 month ago
1:14 *T-bag confirmed*
'tskeleton' 1 month ago
lmao something pulling around the island this biych a bozo
Potatoes Are Awesome
Koro-Sensei much
dematric yang
'dematric yang' 1 month ago
One explanation is that ITS A GIANT TURTLE
'Wade' 1 month ago
"Eye shaped piece of s..........swamp"
'teipkep' 1 month ago
Its the moon's gravity
'AbriTheAmazing' 1 month ago
it's a floating EYE-land :DDD
'Adventuremann05' 1 month ago
"I believe there's something pulling the island around the lake" yeah its the fuckin water current dude
Roland John Pilar
'Roland John Pilar' 1 month ago
1:19 my reaction when I'm about to shit my pants
Rex Zame
'Rex Zame' 1 month ago
full idiots that's what they are
'SamKett' 1 month ago
2:20 lake WHAT now?
'autoscripts' 1 month ago
ofc its gonna move , its fucking floating people
'chengstax' 1 month ago
lol 'titty-caca'
Cydney Payne
'Cydney Payne' 1 month ago
It's on water that's why is floating
Cydney Payne
'Cydney Payne' 1 month ago
It's just a fly
'alukas' 1 month ago
It's an "Eyeland" ahaha
Nikola Tesla
'Nikola Tesla' 1 month ago
Plot twist, water moves
[S341S] Finn
'[S341S] Finn' 1 month ago
Correct me if im wrong, but doesnt methane gas remove the floating capability of things. Same as in the bermuda triangle where planes and boats suddenly drop or sink when hit by a methane bubble.
The Fie
'The Fie' 1 month ago
Earth Chan is real
'GOLDEN LLAMA 3000' 1 month ago
Fortnite when the storm comes in
'GuardedDig2' 1 month ago
Titty ca ca
'abJominations' 1 month ago
Titty Cocock
Tomislav Rastovac
'Tomislav Rastovac' 1 month ago
funny these videos always turn out to be withholding pretty substantial info for no reason and while on the subject, they chose words that are so easily misinterpreted
'Zoomy_Playz' 1 month ago
It is bill cipher
Em Dat Bitch
'Em Dat Bitch' 1 month ago
Lake titty caca
Blake Marks
'Blake Marks' 1 month ago
Titty caca lmao
Ryan Wilson
'Ryan Wilson' 1 month ago
Why is it moving? Wind. If it's natural and not man-made, why is it so symmetrical? Because most things in nature are symmetrical. Why doesn't it need someone to maintain it? Because the plants are alive and maintain themselves rather than humans needing to maintain an island of dead reeds. I will never understand how these people call themselves scientists and try to overcomplicate every little thing.
Ganja Skillz
'Ganja Skillz' 1 month ago
I bet it’s just gases from under that lake pushing the island about
'AnGRy IlLuZiOnS' 1 month ago
The earth's eye
AleVenixYT Cancer
'AleVenixYT Cancer' 1 month ago
*the high elves are to blame.*
'actionmethod' 1 month ago
It like one of those spinning ice sheets. Nothing weird about that..
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