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Could This Be The Legendary "Magic Bridge" Connecting India And Sri Lanka? -
Published: 2 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 2 months ago

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What on Earth? | Tuesdays 9p
Ancient Hindu lore about the god Rama sheds light on an incredible feat of ancient engineering.
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Samiul Alam HimeL
'Samiul Alam HimeL' 19 hours ago
Who erased the name of Ram from that stones?! 😜😜
Albert Mag
'Albert Mag' 21 hours ago
Well there must be planes flying over Australia at night so what do they see ...I get the feeling this is just a bunch of Hype over nothing to make some big mystery over nothing just to make a show ...what a bunch of Hokey Pokey ..
'BlueDoodYT' 23 hours ago
Chanakya KR
'Chanakya KR' 3 days ago
Why ask NASA ask Indians they tell it accurately and it was built by lord Rama from Ramayana
Tegan Burns
'Tegan Burns' 4 days ago
bitch this ain't fucking science gtfo
Twice & Seventeen
'Twice & Seventeen' 4 days ago
This..looks like the RAM SETU!!!Why though??But what if its true that the Hindu God DID put s bridge to connect those two....
Nilaya Dwivedi
'Nilaya Dwivedi' 4 days ago
Jai shri Ram 🙏
Balaji b
'Balaji b' 5 days ago
RAM setu
rambo rd
'rambo rd' 5 days ago
Evidence of Ramayan?🤔
'corthew' 5 days ago
You can't date sand like that. Who are these morons?
Gerald Giles
'Gerald Giles' 5 days ago
Holy fuck what a imagination
Tina Laugel
'Tina Laugel' 5 days ago
'R W J' 6 days ago
Pakistan Zindabad😍🇵🇰 Hindustan Murdabad
Preety Kumari
'Preety Kumari' 6 days ago
Ram setu
Paiaulla Santosh
'Paiaulla Santosh' 6 days ago
Mythology is offensive word Hinduism it's history. Not mythology..
Prathikah Sivam
'Prathikah Sivam' 6 days ago
This was so clearly made by Lord Rama
Ganji Raja
'Ganji Raja' 6 days ago
Things Rama did for Sita.
sahadat hossain apu
Adams bridge, but absolutely a part of nature.when earth is created at the same time this rock bridge is created.
Arun Benny
'Arun Benny' 6 days ago
So the sandbar which is 4000 years old is the foundation but the bridge is 5000 years old ?, how stupid are these people in fooling others or it just leaves there so that we should understand that the BJP (Modi) gave up a whole lot of money to bend & to create such a fake news.
Christopher Ellis
'Christopher Ellis' 7 days ago
The length! Wasn't that read off the map? How can one date rocks to the age of 7000 years? Well I guess that they used elephants to do the heavy work. And it is known as Adam's Bridge, long before any satellite imagery. ...stupid Yank
'AOMINE DAIKI' 7 days ago
There's also one connecting Philippines and central asia. Well, theory said
Debjyoti Chakraborty
Jai Shri Ram 🙏 Jai Bajrangbali🙏
'YOUR NAME' 1 week ago
Ram setu
Abhi Singh
'Abhi Singh' 1 week ago
Common . These motherfucker is trying to connect every thing with science??? There is a word name bhawan means god
गणेश नेगी
With the help of an army of monkeys ( led by their king SUGRIV) & with help of other animals ( squirrels tortoises etc) stones ( big and small) were carried from the main land and thrown into the sea. The stones had name " राम जी " written on them. That's how they floated on ocean. Two monkey warriors ( nal & neel नल और नील) in the army had this skill on them. The whole idea was proposed by the ocean god when he didn't appeared in front of lord ram. Lord ram had been worshiping & praying to ocean god to give way to his army to lanka, but even after three days when ocean god didn't appeared lord ram got angry. In anger Lord ram took out the strongest arrow ( ब्रम्हास्त्र bhramastra) and aimed at the ocean. Struck in fear ocean god appeared and apologized to Lord ram. For more details and for better understanding the reason behind Adam's bridge kindly watch the EPISODE. 52 of RAMANAND SAGAR'S RAMAYAN It's available on YouTube with english subtitles. Have a good time. Stay happy. नमस्ते 🙏
Shiv Bharatdwaj
'Shiv Bharatdwaj' 1 week ago
Jai Shri Ram
'J' 1 week ago
Click bait.
sam witwicky
'sam witwicky' 1 week ago
Adam bridge
arun kumar
'arun kumar' 1 week ago
prabhu ramchandra ki jai
Ryan McGovern
'Ryan McGovern' 1 week ago
how can they date a rock? I mean its not living so when does a rocks start date begin?
Sridhar B
'Sridhar B' 1 week ago
Anscient indian history is full of technology and science .But now indians are busy in converting to other religions and follow a pedophile being rather proud of our roots .
Bigyan Paudel
'Bigyan Paudel' 1 week ago
That's ram bridge
Vine Gali
'Vine Gali' 1 week ago
Jay shree ram... Mandir NASA me bhi banayenge😆
fatheen firdous
'fatheen firdous' 1 week ago
Watching from sri lanka is there any srilankans here
Atomic gamer
'Atomic gamer' 1 week ago
Himanta Phukan
'Himanta Phukan' 1 week ago
Ram setu hai
Donald Duck
'Donald Duck' 2 weeks ago
I know this from a long time. My grandpa had a Ramayana book in his library, I read this, fascinating.
Hmone Myat Thu
'Hmone Myat Thu' 2 weeks ago
I'm from Myanmar, I heard this in my childhood from my grandmother.
Lucifer TV
'Lucifer TV' 2 weeks ago
Americans are really creepy they will do wathever they want too. From making ancient aliens too now this video also I think they will anything for success like the old inhuman research. That was not Christian should be like...
Rocky Thrill
'Rocky Thrill' 2 weeks ago
It is spelling something out
launda harami
'launda harami' 2 weeks ago
In india if u even ask a farmer he will tell u exactly how it was build . But for science it will remain mystery . JAI SHREE RAM 🙏🙏🙏.
Rahul Sagar
'Rahul Sagar' 2 weeks ago
jai shree ram
Rajanna Somshetti
'Rajanna Somshetti' 2 weeks ago
jai Shreeram
Asfakul Islam
'Asfakul Islam' 2 weeks ago
Yet no historical evidence that ram ever existed. People will believe anything.
Fabian Dsouza
'Fabian Dsouza' 2 weeks ago
Or read it
Fabian Dsouza
'Fabian Dsouza' 2 weeks ago
Y'all geologists need to watch the ramayan
Sweet Mac
'Sweet Mac' 2 weeks ago
Don‘t let this happen, rapists from Rapistan will come to hurt women in Sri Lanka
RoKo Ku
'RoKo Ku' 2 weeks ago
The lord Vishna?
Sachira Bhanu
'Sachira Bhanu' 2 weeks ago
Sri lankan government behind this construction because they hiding everything.They don't want to tell people that their construction failed .
Elmario Mara
'Elmario Mara' 2 weeks ago
Go back to Quran
'Niharika' 2 weeks ago
Hey, it's not new to Hindus, bro. We know since our childhood. We already know it exists even though the great NASA proved it now. This video is telling us what we already know.
Mayukh Bain
'Mayukh Bain' 2 weeks ago
the Ramayana is real !!!! Lord Rama and his army built this structure according to the Ramayana ,
Koushik Shom Choudhury
Ramayana went true! 😎
yogesh kumar
'yogesh kumar' 2 weeks ago
read ramayan you will get answer
prasun pahari
'prasun pahari' 2 weeks ago
we already knew this before the video and this little destroyed beacause there was a hurricane in here in 14th century
Abhijit kumar
'Abhijit kumar' 2 weeks ago
Seculer will say this is bhagwa karan of science
Meher Ali
'Meher Ali' 2 weeks ago
I know sir
'EESA FEST' 2 weeks ago
Don't be a Superstitious. Its a Coral Rock made by natural process from long time. It is not made by any man. This type of sea rock found all over the world. In Australia this type of a coral rock is biggest in the world.
'KS T' 2 weeks ago
These white, uncultured swines are at it on the comment sections again. Yall won't understand cause all your race do is destruct. Sorry but this is a proven fact as well (:
'Ishika' 2 weeks ago
This was made by shri ram 😀
Thor hammer
'Thor hammer' 2 weeks ago
It's really funny that people who believe that earth is flat are calling this bull shit.😂😂
Anna Banik
'Anna Banik' 2 weeks ago
God ram was super human
Anna Banik
'Anna Banik' 2 weeks ago
This is made by God ram
Utkarsh Raj
'Utkarsh Raj' 2 weeks ago
Don't you know it ,it is the Shree Ram settu we know it 1000's of years.And you are saying now you can ask it from a child of 7years from any village in India and he will give you more information.
Vishwadeep Sonawane
'Vishwadeep Sonawane' 2 weeks ago
Lel Happy Realization Nasa😂😂 we know it from past thousands of years.
'SKP MEDIA' 2 weeks ago
this is bullshit
fun dude
'fun dude' 2 weeks ago
That is ramasetuve not fucking Adams bridge
'Subrata' 2 weeks ago
Read Ramayan and you will find your answer...
Sucheta Chowdhury
'Sucheta Chowdhury' 2 weeks ago
Goodness!! It's like the invention of the zero. What is normal occurrences for the Indians for the rest of the world it is revolutionary. And yes I rolled my eyes, several times, while seeing this video.
mira q.
'mira q.' 2 weeks ago
Isn't the rocks from the story with the monkeys helping krishna build a rock bridge?
Gallileo Gallilie
'Gallileo Gallilie' 2 weeks ago
Jai Shree Ram
'AL-X24' 2 weeks ago
According to Ramayana this was build by some hominid creatures.
Amit Shinde
'Amit Shinde' 2 weeks ago
That’s great sweetheart
Rakesh Gaddala
'Rakesh Gaddala' 2 weeks ago
ancient hindu gods are aliens india is first country visited by Aliens
Amit Shinde
'Amit Shinde' 2 weeks ago
Kavindya, I don’t want to argue with u But pls improve your knowledge & next time pls think b4 u speak
Amit Shinde
'Amit Shinde' 2 weeks ago
If u don’t have enough knowledge about any religion. You must not speak about it. Or else it may lead to big chaos
Amit Shinde
'Amit Shinde' 2 weeks ago
Kavindya It’s no book it’s all true Pls don’t interpret god with books
Amit Shinde
'Amit Shinde' 2 weeks ago
It’s fine Everyone calm down It’s just her mistake & she has accepted it. Forgiveness is what Ramayan and Mahabharata teaches us. So chill
amrita raigurung
'amrita raigurung' 2 weeks ago
From nepal 😚 Made it by hanuman and god ram
Bryan Mabini
'Bryan Mabini' 2 weeks ago
You know I made it creepy by thinking it looks like a clam facing upwards... think about how scary that is some big ass clam submerged in deep blue water it just makes it so unsettling
Midhun S
'Midhun S' 2 weeks ago
If Jesus walked in water then this is also true
Prakash  yemineni
'Prakash yemineni' 2 weeks ago
Incredible India
Elzero Dragon
'Elzero Dragon' 2 weeks ago
Isnt it just a ridge? An underwater mountain range?
Rajesh Rana
'Rajesh Rana' 2 weeks ago
jai shree ram
Sreejith Dinesh
'Sreejith Dinesh' 2 weeks ago
Thats Ram Sethu
'Psygression91' 2 weeks ago
Lets not forget that during the last ice age (which ended around 12,000 years ago), Sri Lanka was connected to India due to lower sea levels. People living back then were known to construct using massive blocks of stone - so it doesn't surprise me the least that ancient texts talk about a "bridge" connecting the two lands.
manish kumar
'manish kumar' 2 weeks ago
Tech Production
'Tech Production' 2 weeks ago
Jay Shree Ram
Robbe Nagel
'Robbe Nagel' 2 weeks ago
Can you please stop making science look like a fairy tale or something?
GT9000 Gamer
'GT9000 Gamer' 2 weeks ago
Lord RAM build that bridge
Abhinav Sood
'Abhinav Sood' 2 weeks ago
Science...u r way way behind.....jai bharat
All None
'All None' 2 weeks ago
Shri Ram setu ( bridge )
Ayush Shukla
'Ayush Shukla' 2 weeks ago
Truth will reveal itself in due time. Jai Shree Ram.
amer boss
'amer boss' 2 weeks ago
According to Islam & Christinity Adam revealed in Srilanka...where foot print of Adam is available... and According to Islam eve (hawa a.s) revealed in surrounding of saudi arabia... they both searching each other and they finally met in India... & when we compare the concept of God in Hinduism it is similar to Islam & Christinity.(Only ONE GOD). but Christinity & Hinduism is different and Christians & Hindus following is different as these religions are very old they both(Hindus & Christians) didn't follow their religions, and they had changed their Books. bibile and purans/gita are changed form not original revealed by One Almighty God(Allah/Vishnu/Bhagwan/God)..... when we compare concept of Ram,Shankar in Hinduism is similar to Adam in Islam & Christinity... and Durga/sati story in Puran(hindus religious book) is similar to eve(hawa a.s. wife of adam)... it is possible this bridge will be made by Adam.. as that time Adam's hight is about 60 fit and total age of adam is about 1000years...
Litromenger Rakesh
'Litromenger Rakesh' 2 weeks ago
Rama is a super human and a god in India
navin deopa
'navin deopa' 2 weeks ago
Christians and muslims comments Hahahahaha It nipping their false belief Even scientists at cern geneva switzerland studying the cosmic dance of hindu god SHIVA HAR HAR MAHADEV
Jesus mylife
'Jesus mylife' 2 weeks ago
Jai shri Ram...
Scott Sound
'Scott Sound' 2 weeks ago
T-Rex did it 😉
Tony Xavier
'Tony Xavier' 2 weeks ago
You know India has a lot of such unbelievable structures and we had resources to build things in mind blowing scales. But thanks to British, Dutch and Portuguese activities we got screwed. Stupid Britishers destroyed the most.
Cookiemonster Tana
'Cookiemonster Tana' 2 weeks ago
This is written and documented in both srilanka and india the story is rama is also said how it is built .....This is man built. Also the same text takes about a flying machine built again by man and long before the European first flight .One of the srilankan temples have a drawn picture of the same .This bridge has logs tree logs and floating rocks also. Ramas who army passed from it from India to srilanka as per the written text.
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