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Clash of cultures over Amazon dams - BBC News -
Published: 1 year ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 1 year ago

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Indigenous groups and river dwellers are battling the government and big corporations over the huge dams being built to meet Brazil's energy needs. The Belo Monte hydroelectric dam is the world's fourth largest dam, capable of generating 11,000 MW of energy, and more are planned.

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Lin - Kun
'Lin - Kun' 5 months ago
I hate you
Lin - Kun
'Lin - Kun' 5 months ago
I hate you
Lin - Kun
'Lin - Kun' 5 months ago
rastin Kosha
'rastin Kosha' 1 year ago
It's disgraceful what Brazil is doing to its indigenous people and environment
Chuck Fina
'Chuck Fina' 1 year ago
Brazika at its finest.
miudinho zn
'miudinho zn' 1 year ago
Coup against Brazilian Democracy. The people demand elections now!
Logan Hansford
'Logan Hansford' 1 year ago
The natives should get over it. Industry > environment
cary bary
'cary bary' 1 year ago
And they send threatening goons round to residents homes for this?
Phil Dobson
'Phil Dobson' 1 year ago
Building a dam on low land is very inefficient, floods vast area & the drop is small so power output is low. Austria has 200 metre high Dam & it's beautiful, not like the ugly Brazilian Zika virus of a dam
The Castelan
'The Castelan' 1 year ago
You're covering the wrong clash of cultures again BBC.
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