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We Trained Like Superheroes For 30 Days -
Published: 7 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 7 months ago

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“They don’t wake up like that."

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patiotic leather
LoudRed Creative/Getty Images
Businessman revealing superhero costume under suit
Darren Hopes/Getty Images
'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Beijing Premiere
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arrows icon set
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'Captain America: Civil War' - Photocall
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Two spicy corn tortillas
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'Alex' 8 hours ago
Did they get a tan or is just the lighting?
Stephanie M.
'Stephanie M.' 10 hours ago
I feel ashamed of myself cuz I was eating a whole batch of brownies while I was watching this and halfway I got sick of myself and I was like whoa I need to change my life bro
ThomAs Proffitt
'ThomAs Proffitt' 11 hours ago
Of fucking course buzzfeed has to throw race into it
gabriel mercier
'gabriel mercier' 12 hours ago
does it have a way to know what was their training? i know its a 5 day split but its all
Trisha Isaacs
'Trisha Isaacs' 14 hours ago
that dude has a great body he doesnt need to do anything else
'moonblink' 16 hours ago
She's pretty, but she acts like she's super gorgeous. I think she would be prettier if she toned it down.
'Teabee' 18 hours ago
I'm 15, I'm fat (well kinda, 5'11 and I weight 176 lbs). I wish I could do something about this, but I can't go to a gym, I can't take supplements and I'm starting high school in September. All I can do for now is watch my diet. I already stopped drinking sodas and my mom keeps saying I look slimmer, but my weight hasn't really changed. Can anyone recommend some methods for losing fat?
Shadow Senpai
'Shadow Senpai' 1 day ago
100 squats, 100 push ups, 100 pull ups, and a 10 km run erry day
'TheLuismaBeaTle' 2 days ago
What about Glenn from TWD
'FOREVER AN ARMY!' 2 days ago
Why does Even remind me of kpop stars
'KrugeR' 2 days ago
Well done. However, there is no fucking way that that dude is at 6.6% bodyfat.
Lily W
'Lily W' 2 days ago
I wish I had the money to do something like this
Music Maker
'Music Maker' 2 days ago
My mom wakes up at 4 to go to the gym Sooo
'NikkiTeaLeaf' 2 days ago
"boobs are still boobs" you clearly have never been any bigger than that or never been a bodybuilder because I assure you if you work out enough your boobs will get smaller.
Thanh Dinh
'Thanh Dinh' 2 days ago
Wait a minute...she took a photo at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter? That place is so crowded I had to wait an hour for a 5 minute ride.
'violet' 2 days ago
damn that's cool
Karma Mussalo
'Karma Mussalo' 2 days ago
I watch this video regularly because it gives me motivation to keep losing my body fat 💪🏻
tobias johnsen
'tobias johnsen' 2 days ago
Astroblaze the Reality Traverser
I kinda want to do this, tbh
TheUltimate Weaboo
Damn... I wanna ship them. SHOULD I SHIP THEM? ANSWER:YASSSS
Smit Shewale
'Smit Shewale' 3 days ago
wtf kelsey is taller than me
alexandra fragoso
'alexandra fragoso' 3 days ago
If you exercise by yourself and try to lose weight is it easy to accidentally not get symmetrical? Just wondering if anyone knows Because i 've never really thought of that before :3
Andrestc !
'Andrestc !' 4 days ago
That hat made a real diffrence
P1 Jimmy
'P1 Jimmy' 4 days ago
we all know why hes arms we not even...
Ryan Dimaporo
'Ryan Dimaporo' 4 days ago
can someone please tell me the exact routine they did, that dorito thing is so cool, i want thoooooose
'AYMANE HABIBI' 4 days ago
He just add a hat
'lucidmist' 4 days ago
You do not need an Asian superhero. Bruce Lee still owns them all.
'Red's Pikachu' 4 days ago
Im 7 and I got a freaking 4 Pack! Im using about a pound Dumbells and I didnt understand about packs
Urban Acid
'Urban Acid' 4 days ago
I wanna join Evan's Ghang
ItzUrGurlViki MSP
'ItzUrGurlViki MSP' 5 days ago
kara is that you ?
Danielle T
'Danielle T' 5 days ago
I've just made a work out for myself and I'm going o try to do it every day!
The death øf a fabuløus killjøy bride
*sees title* ONE. PUNCH. MAN.
'Ivan' 6 days ago
plz do a grant gustin workout
Constantine Korpen
That diet... chicken for best protein source? oh, pls. more like dancing around growth hormone.
Constantine Korpen
We Trained Like Superwhiners*
'OkcUnlimited' 7 days ago
2:29 - A BussFeed video that recognizes biological differences between men and women? Am I dreaming?
She's really pretty!
Ana Gbrl
'Ana Gbrl' 1 week ago
This actually motivates me to do exercise but all the sweets in the world just gotta hold magnets and say "come to me" 😂
Richard Morales
'Richard Morales' 1 week ago
She reminds me of supergirl
Leong YQ
'Leong YQ' 1 week ago
kelsey is frikin gorgeous😍
BerryLiana x
'BerryLiana x' 1 week ago
Kelsey looks like supergirl, honestly.
Daryl Sta Teresa
'Daryl Sta Teresa' 1 week ago
I want to be trained by that guy ugh
Brittany Davis
'Brittany Davis' 1 week ago
Evan is so hot!
Jesse Rangel
'Jesse Rangel' 1 week ago
I'm not gonna lie Kelsey is insanely hot... and I am subscribing for more her... Just saying.
'superblonde' 1 week ago
asian superhero be like: MATH MAN boom! all calculus problems solved!
'PenutButterCat21' 1 week ago
This is why you are lactose entollerant. Then the cheese isn't an issue
Ooo. daizyy
'Ooo. daizyy' 1 week ago
"Something about Chris Evan's shoulders" *you should see Jin's shoulders mate*
'PhonyShoemaker' 2 weeks ago
100 Push-Ups 100 Sit-Ups 100 Squats 10KM Running every day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year
Beyond Religion
'Beyond Religion' 2 weeks ago
2:10 6' KOREAN???? How tall are his parents?
Beyond Religion
'Beyond Religion' 2 weeks ago
0:34 *Cough* Anime *Cough*
Schwinn Stingray Guy
0:53 Kim jong un's half brother! Korean trying to be better than everyone like North Korea!
Phoebe Wang
'Phoebe Wang' 2 weeks ago
I dance ballet and their necks are leaned forward and I'm cringing
Sara Petrović
'Sara Petrović' 2 weeks ago
Watching this while eating donuts..
Saskia Lenterman
'Saskia Lenterman' 2 weeks ago
I'm usually up at 5:30am only because I like to get some alone time in a family of 8 with 2 cats and 2 dogs XD
Yoloswagpro Bro
'Yoloswagpro Bro' 2 weeks ago
Have you tried injecting super hero syrup in you?
M Parrott
'M Parrott' 2 weeks ago
"HE'S A DORITO!" Life goals.
That Water Bottle Suga Drank from
*f*ck it, I'll just be fat*
Gyong Eun Kim
'Gyong Eun Kim' 2 weeks ago
This result is really insaneeeeeee!! you guys really cool!
Alicia Chai Hua Li
'Alicia Chai Hua Li' 2 weeks ago
When you want to fitness and sports but nah Netflix and chill
Bacon Hair
'Bacon Hair' 2 weeks ago
evans nipples are like underneath the man boobs
'deuxlafayette' 2 weeks ago
'Epiphany23' 2 weeks ago
That instructor knows what to do, 1month and you can look THAT FIT, ineed to work with him lol
Adora Phan
'Adora Phan' 2 weeks ago
Kelsey is just so happy. I love it.
alis H
'alis H' 2 weeks ago
I'm addicted to watching people work out.
asd zczc654654
'asd zczc654654' 2 weeks ago
6.6 no 6+6 yeah may be
Blizzard Crown
'Blizzard Crown' 2 weeks ago
"asian superheroes" jackie chan would like to have a word.
Elvis Adomako
'Elvis Adomako' 2 weeks ago
C'mon where's the hulk.
Gaurav Dhillon
'Gaurav Dhillon' 2 weeks ago
6.6 bf % and no blocks of abs? STFU !! and I bet they trained them for like 2-3 months.
'DeadNerve47' 2 weeks ago
I noticed that both trainees have uneven shoulders and this also applies to me. Is there a way to fix the bone structure?
Oceane Yao
'Oceane Yao' 2 weeks ago
I low key ship them
What Zit Tooya
'What Zit Tooya' 2 weeks ago
"I never wake up before 6" I wake up before 6, five days a week every week for nine months a year. And sometimes I take a 2 hour test on a computer that will contribute to how successful I will be in life within 2-3 hours of waking up.
'petrucci15' 2 weeks ago
"feel like theres not enough asian representation" oh shut up....are u here to workout or here to moan that asia isn't in control of the entire world? If you want an asian superhero....Japan has hundreds! China has hundreds! Why are you relying on American media for your sources? You are asian!!! look towards asian media and you will find a shitload of material to satisfy your needs.
Aliza Chazin
'Aliza Chazin' 2 weeks ago
I look at the trainer and say.....Why the f can I get one of him??!
Grell Sutcliff
'Grell Sutcliff' 2 weeks ago
I smell one punch man.
monxarmy Infires
'monxarmy Infires' 2 weeks ago
Daaaamn he hot
cream Yogurt
'cream Yogurt' 3 weeks ago
"I don't wake up in 6 AM for ANYTHING" ~My Life
Kara Fisher
'Kara Fisher' 3 weeks ago
7:53 bruh why does he look like Tadashi Himada from Big Hero 6 😂😂😂
Joli Herrera
'Joli Herrera' 3 weeks ago
Evan I swear is just good looking...
Lya Mya
'Lya Mya' 3 weeks ago
Im sorry but evan is fucking hot even before training
'JWALNATION' 3 weeks ago
5:45 your WHAT was showing?!
The Way
'The Way' 3 weeks ago
6.6 body fat sheesh that's like lebrons body fat
Armani Nguon
'Armani Nguon' 3 weeks ago
I work out, not as rigorous. Need to step up my A game.
Imran  Khan
'Imran Khan' 3 weeks ago
Is it just me....or they put the same before and after pics on the thumbnail.
'amphetam1ne97' 3 weeks ago
Subrscribe sj_trixter thanks
Ronan Whittaker
'Ronan Whittaker' 3 weeks ago
This is the only buzzfeed video so far that Haden's pissed me off
harry deep
'harry deep' 3 weeks ago
roids.... hhahah just kidding
Bullit Cake
'Bullit Cake' 3 weeks ago
Asians don;t need a superhero they have Bruce Lee... although RIP
ChanBaek For Lifeu
'ChanBaek For Lifeu' 3 weeks ago
Evan is so hot omg
'shelly' 3 weeks ago
someone give me his workouts
'shelly' 3 weeks ago
whats evans gram
'XtremeVlogs' 3 weeks ago
5:46 "go doritoman" 😂
'blastmastertv' 3 weeks ago
Are they a couple? If so Evan is a lucky dude
Hectiic Moto
'Hectiic Moto' 3 weeks ago
That wing tho....
'Skrosh' 3 weeks ago
after workout her boobs got smaller
Olivia Mayers
'Olivia Mayers' 3 weeks ago
Watching while eating cake😂
Elena Nguyen
'Elena Nguyen' 3 weeks ago
9:24 where did Kelsey find such a perfect dorito?
Patricia Neico
'Patricia Neico' 3 weeks ago
He got Dorito shoulders👍👍👍😝😋😘
pritzi せんせい
'pritzi せんせい' 3 weeks ago
Omg when Evan looked at his laptop and it was 6:33 am my time was 6:33 pm hhahahahahhaha weird
Hawt Pire
'Hawt Pire' 3 weeks ago
Carbs don't make you fat. In fact, carbs get converted into glycogen which gets stored into your muscles. Therefore, eat high carb/high protein (about 40% of calories from each) and low fat (about 20% of calories) for optimal performance and results.
Savage Blueberry
'Savage Blueberry' 3 weeks ago
Lol a day of hardcore airsoft made my shoulders .68 inches wider
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