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We Trained Like Superheroes For 30 Days -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

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“They don’t wake up like that."

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Businessman revealing superhero costume under suit
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'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Beijing Premiere
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'Captain America: Civil War' - Photocall
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'BIGMINI' 11 hours ago
Yeah there aren't many asian superheroes because captain china and rice man are not very nice names
'Ella CAMPBELL' 1 day ago
I'm 11 years old, and I wake up at 6, every damn morning. You know how hard this is.
Mark Mann
'Mark Mann' 2 days ago
Hell I would have that drive too if I knew that I was going to get paid a couple million dollars to get in shape, to act as a superhero
'lUkiE' 2 days ago
this is soo fucking cringy, they stand different to appear bigger + they use better lightning at the end and they are exagerrating so badly
Melissa Taylor
'Melissa Taylor' 3 days ago
Daaamn Evan’s transformation!!
cree shupla
'cree shupla' 4 days ago
634 she probably isn't getting easier 😂
Ciarán Coughlan.
'Ciarán Coughlan.' 4 days ago
Evan Asian isn’t 6 foot, blatant lie lmfao pathetic
Min._.Sienna _
'Min._.Sienna _' 5 days ago
Evan is sexy 👀
Gurren Gambit
'Gurren Gambit' 6 days ago
That's why I'm gonna be buff af. Have that dorito symmetry
Alexis Moulin
'Alexis Moulin' 6 days ago
Sample self weakness civilian loss cheese contract ruling season.
Ser budder
'Ser budder' 1 week ago
Is that Eddies brother
Skull Crusher
'Skull Crusher' 1 week ago
Peter Kulp
'Peter Kulp' 1 week ago
Vannos? Is that you Evan?
'Arevion' 1 week ago
Your results are amazing!
Terrell Jones
'Terrell Jones' 1 week ago
evan EARNED that Dorito
Tony PlaysMC
'Tony PlaysMC' 1 week ago
shes so hot
Isaac Wall
'Isaac Wall' 1 week ago
Welcome to exercise
Anusree Bose
'Anusree Bose' 1 week ago
Evan looks alot like Chris......................when he started lmfaaaoo
Adam C.
'Adam C.' 1 week ago
i have to wake up at 6am every morning for school lmao feel my pain
Ariana R
'Ariana R' 1 week ago
Whew Superman 🤤
Anonymous Person
'Anonymous Person' 1 week ago
How can you make a before and after photo if you’re posing differently??? Clickbait
'A.Sâlvâtörre' 1 week ago
i only have 35 in shoulders 😢😭
'ITZ_ME_ KELLY' 2 weeks ago
Do the one punch man challenge
XO Selhket
'XO Selhket' 2 weeks ago
My only question is... what superhero do you know personally that said they trained like this? And why doesn't the rest of the world know about this so called superhero... LOL! I've never seen a superhero work out... granted that in the original Wonder Woman TV series she worked for the CIA... and you know they train. But she's an alien and so is Superman... and Spiderman was bitten even though he taught himself to climb. Why didn't you climb 10 storey buildings by the way?
'misomiso' 2 weeks ago
Guys what was your daily rotation? ie did you do a different body part per day, and if so which body parts was which day?
Samuel Lee
'Samuel Lee' 2 weeks ago
I want to look like a dorito as well
Kaiben Music
'Kaiben Music' 2 weeks ago
I've been planning on getting ripped for so long and I just end up watching videos of other people getting ripped instead.
Shelly Blanchard
'Shelly Blanchard' 2 weeks ago
Our body wasn't designed to have the strength of Superman. We can be strong but not that strong.
'Bat NGHTMRE' 2 weeks ago
How much calorie did he eat each day?
'NO EXO NO LIFE' 2 weeks ago
i wish i can change from buritos to doritos
Phạm Bá Khải
'Phạm Bá Khải' 2 weeks ago
They did not expand their shoulder length. It is just the way they pose before and after. They cleverly pulled their arms close to the body, and when the process is done, their airms extended to the position where they are normally situated. With that and the fact that their abdominal fat has been burnt, their chest, shoulder and back muscle increased, the total effect makes the shoulder look kind of "wider". In the end, the body frame can't change. Still a good workout by the way, and most importantly, you feel happy with the result.
Aileen IsFunny
'Aileen IsFunny' 2 weeks ago
I love you buzzfeed😘😘😍
Giannobella Urbina
'Giannobella Urbina' 2 weeks ago
even is just wow .... if I can describe him it would be one word ...HOT!
Braulio Mejia
'Braulio Mejia' 2 weeks ago
30 days he buy a cap
Esther Castro
'Esther Castro' 2 weeks ago
I'm also suddenly super motivated to workout
Esther Castro
'Esther Castro' 2 weeks ago
I love them
Ali Higgins
'Ali Higgins' 2 weeks ago
I lurrrve black widow so much oml❤️❤️
Shanikah Dwyer
'Shanikah Dwyer' 2 weeks ago
Evan be looking like a snack before and after the challenge.
Hhs Hhs
'Hhs Hhs' 2 weeks ago
We need a Korean super hero
Bobby Walsh
'Bobby Walsh' 2 weeks ago
Determine reinforce help bright understand true performance pop ours bar.
Dhruv Dogra
'Dhruv Dogra' 3 weeks ago
Umm I don’t think so that’s 6 percent body fat
KIra Baumann
'KIra Baumann' 3 weeks ago
I already knew I was gay but Kelsey has made me gayer
Draw with Percy
'Draw with Percy' 3 weeks ago
'layyy' 3 weeks ago
my fave duo!!
'souviendra' 3 weeks ago
I ate ice cream watching this
Christian Gojani
'Christian Gojani' 3 weeks ago
he would have gained more noob gains if it wasnt for the meal plans.....
'BananaGivinLs' 3 weeks ago
*ding* cookies ready
fun amounts of fun 5 times funner
Yummmmmmmmmm I love dorito man
ian hayes
'ian hayes' 3 weeks ago
Why have abbs when you can have kebabs
Tai Hung
'Tai Hung' 3 weeks ago
That one chip is okay for a day.
Patrick Javidan
'Patrick Javidan' 3 weeks ago
This was a fake transformation, no matter how's hard or smart you train, you are not going to add 4 inches to your shoulders in a month
Patrick Javidan
'Patrick Javidan' 3 weeks ago
Except all those superheroes are on gear
Lyuba Goltser
'Lyuba Goltser' 3 weeks ago
If I eat Doritos I will become like that!!😬😁😁
Nicole Therese Garcia Vicente
Where the hell did you get that trainer?!
Hyunjun Cho
'Hyunjun Cho' 3 weeks ago
한쿡인 머씨써 jk
'KiernanSullivan' 3 weeks ago
This makes me want to work out😂
Audrie Schmitt
'Audrie Schmitt' 3 weeks ago
Try waking up at 5:00 am
Dominic Cirillo
'Dominic Cirillo' 3 weeks ago
That girl is hot lol
'WalletCatFizz' 3 weeks ago
Trust buzfeed to complain about not having Asian superheroes in a majority white country. If the country is 1% Asian and 60% white then you cant expect to see Asians everywhere
'T' Challa' 4 weeks ago
Yeah I don't wake up at 6 either. I wake up at 4:30 😂. That's just my morning training routine. Don't have a trainer but I do something active every day.
'DanielBoss' 4 weeks ago
I don't get how people get like a billion likes on one comment and so many replies
Panic! I Wasn
why are all the asians on buzzfeed so attractive lmao
sherry kao
'sherry kao' 4 weeks ago
Ahh thanksgiving day is TOUGH.
'_SuskiiiW_' 4 weeks ago
I lovee Thor! Chris Hemsworth is my baeee😻😻
'Zawn' 4 weeks ago
He looks like jimmy kimmel
anuoluwapo fabiyi
'anuoluwapo fabiyi' 4 weeks ago
'_ARMY _' 4 weeks ago
i wanna eat that Dorito boy
'_ARMY _' 4 weeks ago
they're both hot af why can't i look like this
'_ARMY _' 4 weeks ago
that guy is so hot i can't even someone hold me I'm dying
'Nudge' 4 weeks ago
I love Evans shoulders Now that's what I want!
a dumb person
'a dumb person' 4 weeks ago
Is this a different Kelsey
Nicole Wisneski
'Nicole Wisneski' 4 weeks ago
damn! this is crazy.
'PhenixMasterMX' 4 weeks ago
twinkel ph
'twinkel ph' 4 weeks ago
I wake up at 3:00 am in the morning
'FuddyduddyBella' 4 weeks ago
Train me like WONDER WOMAN
'Corsair' 4 weeks ago
a tighter me( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
'Marvin' 4 weeks ago
it sounds like the guy needs to watch some of the romance of the three kingdoms, there you have ripped asian god like warriors =D
'Mirza' 1 month ago
6.8 ?? more like 12-15🤣
Steven Zechmeister
'Steven Zechmeister' 1 month ago
These guys look great!
Anna Smets
'Anna Smets' 1 month ago
balance indicator echo arrangement quickly conviction increasing journalist french.
Reese McKenna
'Reese McKenna' 1 month ago
Legit am 1 inch taller then Kelsey and weigh 20 more pounds😂😂😂😂
'Nia's Life' 1 month ago
pause at 6minutes and 8 seconds and look at her face lol
Anime Lover
'Anime Lover' 1 month ago
I want a dorito now....
'DANK DUNKED ON' 1 month ago
I came here for Saitama
Chloe A
'Chloe A' 1 month ago
Jill Navas
'Jill Navas' 1 month ago
Uuugh Kelsey is so hot!!!!
Manuel Demann
'Manuel Demann' 1 month ago
Then - he became spiderman!
Mahnoor Faheem
'Mahnoor Faheem' 1 month ago
Why are people going crazy about even geez
Isaiah Barber
'Isaiah Barber' 1 month ago
My insperation is Saitama, or One Punch Man
Vangos Hector
'Vangos Hector' 1 month ago
She's Cute :)
Joseph Rivera
'Joseph Rivera' 1 month ago
Her neck is longer than my future
Victor Cabrera
'Victor Cabrera' 1 month ago
I wonder how much this costs lol. Want to do this this year.
Santiago Colla
'Santiago Colla' 1 month ago
"I never get up at 6 am for anything" *Bro I get up at **5:30** am every single day of my life 😂*
'QWERTY ASDFGH' 1 month ago
i wanna do this help please :'( im 1000/10 commited!! i wanna build myself
'XYZ LUCINA' 1 month ago
Evan rhymes with heaven. Coincidence? I think not #damyyymnson
Ley Fagarita
'Ley Fagarita' 1 month ago
I ship rvan with me.
'Ember' 1 month ago
Evan let Doritos be his inspiration by working to be the same shape. I just let Doritos change my shape by eating them
Sarah Hernández Torres
Okay... Evan... that guy is super hot 😍
Smark and Kpopper here
*i a t e a p r o x i m a t e l y 7 0 0 0 g r e e k y o g u r t s* wHY DID I LAUGH LMAO
Elite Hood
'Elite Hood' 1 month ago
Please give me this workout routine
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