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We Trained Like Superheroes For 30 Days -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

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“They don’t wake up like that."

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Businessman revealing superhero costume under suit
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'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Beijing Premiere
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'Captain America: Civil War' - Photocall
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Made by BFMP
A Tighter U” Fitness Studio
10854 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

Juyel_ Integrity
'Juyel_ Integrity' 3 hours ago
What if you tried one punch man training
Viral Videos
'Viral Videos' 1 day ago
I wish I could have a trainer like him here in my city
Sope O
'Sope O' 3 days ago
He trained the Gabbie show
'CadenSkii' 3 days ago
It’s not a dorito ratio, it’s called a V-taper.
Tumhara Pagal
'Tumhara Pagal' 3 days ago
This is a product fat lose
Rachel Chih
'Rachel Chih' 4 days ago
kelsey is one of my favorite people at buzzfeed
I Am Nub Nub
'I Am Nub Nub' 4 days ago
This is nothing compared to OnePunchMan's workout
Wolf Lord Hardahat
Kelsey is bae
'g4meboy13' 4 days ago
I eat whatever but just not alot or if its heavy or unhealthy i just eat once a rate
Prashant Sharma
'Prashant Sharma' 4 days ago
diet details please!! how much carb, protein, fats
Ajay Harry Simon
'Ajay Harry Simon' 4 days ago
6.6 body fat? These guys don't know what they were doing
Zer0 tails
'Zer0 tails' 5 days ago
Doesnt become easier to workout n eat healthy after like 6 months??
Aariz Aqueel
'Aariz Aqueel' 5 days ago
Kelsey is a model right?
'Ankanez' 6 days ago
You mate are idiot's one punchman is better.
shane gives me goosebumps
Sooo... they mention thor... but not the flash?
Ludwig Harisuo
'Ludwig Harisuo' 6 days ago
"I never wake up at 6am in the morning for anything", "I don't know how other people do it". Well, I wake up at 5:50am in the morning most days. To go to school. (I live in the country side)
Peter J
'Peter J' 7 days ago
Oh my god BuzzFeed you killed this transformation! Definitely useful tips! I am doing a vlog of my 30 day transformation too.
Huy Bui
'Huy Bui' 7 days ago
Chin-chin Hiccup
'Chin-chin Hiccup' 1 week ago
isnt he gabbies trainer
'GanGstA' 1 week ago
Try training like goku n gohan
Melissa Ramirez
'Melissa Ramirez' 1 week ago
I want to workout however they did 😂 might die
Bridget E.
'Bridget E.' 1 week ago
this is so inspirational
Baobab Bombastic
'Baobab Bombastic' 1 week ago
Is it me or the guy has an hip higher than the other?
Mauro Ferreira
'Mauro Ferreira' 1 week ago
0:39 mate wtf you have jacky chan, jet lee, bruce lee asia its full of super heroes 😂
Tracey Claver
'Tracey Claver' 1 week ago
Yo, Asians don't need to have special powers like American heroes have. Being an Asian alone is a super power.
Kitty Kanye
'Kitty Kanye' 1 week ago
the best thing i can do is a handstand.... before promptly falling on my butt. EDIT: yeah....and now my back hurts.
Charlton Lear
'Charlton Lear' 1 week ago
6:29 green eyes? gray? what color?
Phill Conklin
'Phill Conklin' 2 weeks ago
Not enough asians in films, except every martial arts movie. lol
'MINDFAZE Gold' 2 weeks ago
Why does the trainer look like josh peck
Nicole Kuna
'Nicole Kuna' 2 weeks ago
i kinda ship them...................................
Shreya Sharma
'Shreya Sharma' 2 weeks ago
wait isn't that gabbies trainer
'randomasiankid' 2 weeks ago
She looks like the girl version of Grant Gustin
Miss Jackson Hates Snakeu
"Go dorito-man!"
Ricky Isidro
'Ricky Isidro' 2 weeks ago
I wish eugene was in this video
elgad m
'elgad m' 2 weeks ago
I need the meal plan please
Tatenda Mhindurwa
'Tatenda Mhindurwa' 2 weeks ago
I watched Gabbie Hanna’s new video about her transformation. Then I went to stalk Steve ‘’AtighterU’ on instagram and I’m back again.
'DeFactoLeader' 2 weeks ago
Is there any reason Kelsey doesn't want to talk like a human being?
D681 ZVJ
'D681 ZVJ' 3 weeks ago
Decent video content. Downvoted anyway because *Buzzfeed*
Flavio Henrique
'Flavio Henrique' 3 weeks ago
Evan. You're hot. You can call me up. You're welcome
Codi-Lee Dimasi
'Codi-Lee Dimasi' 3 weeks ago
When he said "Thor" I thought he said "Four" and I got so excited! Because Four is a hero too!😂😂😂
Saling Dacanay
'Saling Dacanay' 3 weeks ago
When i was watching this i was holding,playing my action figure of black widow
'20M Views' 3 weeks ago
Dang 6 foot 155 lbs
'Blossom' 3 weeks ago
he's a good trainer
thoughtful rival343
'thoughtful rival343' 3 weeks ago
We tried sex for 30 days
Junho Son
'Junho Son' 3 weeks ago
한국인 손...!
Konrad Sutherland
'Konrad Sutherland' 3 weeks ago
Captain Korea
Binit Shakya
'Binit Shakya' 3 weeks ago
You know you're American when you say dorito shape instead of triangle.
Kaythebae Vlogs
'Kaythebae Vlogs' 4 weeks ago
I wake up at 6:30 everyday girl
Awesomegamer Gaming
'Awesomegamer Gaming' 4 weeks ago
'GHOSTLYYOW' 4 weeks ago
tbh, i clicked on this just to look at Evan. <3 haha
Lemon Waffle
'Lemon Waffle' 4 weeks ago
Wait..... Evan:Thanks Giving day Me:Wait this was posted on January wait Wut????
Unicorn Cindy
'Unicorn Cindy' 4 weeks ago
He’s a dorito!
'yeah' 4 weeks ago
Yeah, he is nowhere close to 6.6% bodyfat I can promise you. At 6% bodyfat you will have rockhard abs and most likely very defined cheekbones. This guy is like 13% bodyfat at the end.
'PJ688' 4 weeks ago
Anyone else think Chris Evans looked way better in the "Before" photo at 1:17 lol
Umico Bali
'Umico Bali' 4 weeks ago
1. Eugene 2. Evan yummy asians
Jino Relova
'Jino Relova' 4 weeks ago
I want a more comprehensive training routine specifics about this.
Goodie Twoshoez
'Goodie Twoshoez' 4 weeks ago
Evan is hot
Jeon Lim
'Jeon Lim' 4 weeks ago
Can I um... Get the workout routine and all- you know- for becoming a dorito-
'MutoreoCookie' 4 weeks ago
I have to be honest I only clicked on this video to see a sexy topless boy
Couldy Boi
'Couldy Boi' 4 weeks ago
A professional trainer having clients do behind the head lat pull-downs, makes my skin crawl.
Caroline Pelfrey
'Caroline Pelfrey' 4 weeks ago
I WEIGH MORE THAN BOTH OF THEM AND IM 12. I'm also 5'7 and basically a she hulk. I'm not fat though, but I'm a little fluffy😂
Judah Neuhoff
'Judah Neuhoff' 4 weeks ago
I wish they’d go more into detail
When he said that he never wakes up at 6 am before. I was like: bruh I wake up at 4: 45 am for school and some of my friends even wakes up at 3: 00am, how do people have such a nice life????
Cringe Name
'Cringe Name' 4 weeks ago
Anyone who knows anything about bodybuilding or fitness knows hes not 6.6%... not even close to what he is... if he was 6% he would be insanely shredded. Like competition level shredded....
'iiForZe' 4 weeks ago
There‘s no way on earth that dude is on 6.6 % bodyfat lol this is ridiculous
Zainon Awang
'Zainon Awang' 1 month ago
Chris Evan Ghang
'jikoomin' 1 month ago
Evan 👅👅👅👅👅
abigail walsh
'abigail walsh' 1 month ago
Ad attitude ill lab before seven string.
Redy Nebam
'Redy Nebam' 1 month ago
is that what they call ketogenic diet,the no sugar
Mayo Poppins
'Mayo Poppins' 1 month ago
7:55 *pulls shoulders back* Me: *intense sweating*
'CautionTube' 1 month ago
When he was talking about an Asian Superhero I was thinking about flash from Justice League
Jimmy He
'Jimmy He' 1 month ago
what's their program???
mallory summers
'mallory summers' 1 month ago
“basically protein”
Quinn Thai
'Quinn Thai' 1 month ago
Evan is definitely not 6.6% body fat
nirosha dilrukshi
'nirosha dilrukshi' 1 month ago
they obviously dont k boxers😂😂
'yup' 1 month ago
*i want that*
In Fires
'In Fires' 1 month ago
EVAN 😭😭😭😭😭
Kyleigh Crawford
'Kyleigh Crawford' 1 month ago
The dorito references are making my Marvel heart very happy
Annie Herz
'Annie Herz' 1 month ago
Does anyone else think she looks like the flashs sister ?
Kevin Roy
'Kevin Roy' 1 month ago
She is like emma stone
Elizio Dsouza
'Elizio Dsouza' 1 month ago
Raymond Mckay
'Raymond Mckay' 1 month ago
I like watching Kelsey's baby face. She has so many cute expressions.
'ItzAryeh' 1 month ago
You are a true dorito now....
'BapeTheLitApe' 1 month ago
newbie gains
Flusha Flusha
'Flusha Flusha' 1 month ago
The only change in the thumbnail is he is holding his arms wider
Rebellion Heros
'Rebellion Heros' 1 month ago
7:53 he looks like tadashi from big hero 6
'CinciGaming' 1 month ago
what is it with u guys and butts :P
Alex Mu
'Alex Mu' 1 month ago
im geuss yo coold sai ABB -solutly crasy
Cameron Harris
'Cameron Harris' 1 month ago
Cameron Harris
'Cameron Harris' 1 month ago
Cameron Harris
'Cameron Harris' 1 month ago
Allen G
'Allen G' 1 month ago
They both got in good shape but I don’t trust body fat percentages at all
'Hakasauars' 1 month ago
0:01 Captain Vietnam > Captain America.
Meow Batch
'Meow Batch' 1 month ago
I get up at 5:30 am for school ☹️☹️☹️☹️ it sucks
Hazar Ziad
'Hazar Ziad' 1 month ago
We women are unique fro some kind of reason I’m fat
킴별kim byul
'킴별kim byul' 1 month ago
The korean dude looks good for a kpop star but i don't think he is talented enough
'Bokane25' 1 month ago
Can you put the workout program for Captain america pls
Mark Wilfred Mendoza
I'm pretty sure the girl is imitating Emma Stone
'shaq1f' 1 month ago
7000 Greek yogurt and 3000 chicken breast and salmon. Within 30 days. hmm. I want that diet
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