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We Trained Like Superheroes For 30 Days -
Published: 9 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 9 months ago

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“They don’t wake up like that."

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Businessman revealing superhero costume under suit
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'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Beijing Premiere
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'Captain America: Civil War' - Photocall
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FueL Designs
'FueL Designs' 7 hours ago
How do people not notice that they change the lighting so it shows the shadows, abs and biceps more.
Crazy Audrey245
'Crazy Audrey245' 17 hours ago
Kelsey kind of looks like Blake Lively
ETHAN Pattni
'ETHAN Pattni' 18 hours ago
asian superhero: SITAMA
'DAC00KIEGAMER0' 18 hours ago
I wish I wish I was a Dorito I will look more sexy but most people try to eat me ^~^
Ziying Lim
'Ziying Lim' 1 day ago
I need this program. Im 12 BUT I DONT CAREEEEE! LEMME GET DAT BODY!!!!
'sbpartyscene' 1 day ago
she's hot before and after
Ali Jaffery
'Ali Jaffery' 2 days ago
The eating thing is nothin welcome to being a Muslim were you can’t eat jack squat.
Ghost Rider
'Ghost Rider' 2 days ago
Evan has da giraffe neck lel
'Juhku' 2 days ago
Next try to train like One punch man: 100 PUSH-UPS! 100 SIT-UPS! 100 SQUATS! A 10 KILOMETER RUN! every day until your hair falls out. thats the only way to become stronger.
'C CRANERT' 3 days ago
That photoshopped thumbnail tho.
'JetsetUnited' 3 days ago
How old are they?
'Crystalxgalaxy' 3 days ago
What if they missed that high five and hit the camera. Would that be a cam five?
Hari K
'Hari K' 4 days ago
This inspires me to work out. Except, I'm watching this at 4 am and am just about to go to sleep. Not going to wake up in time to hit the gym. Oh well, there's always the day after.
The Asian Beast
'The Asian Beast' 4 days ago
HX700 GD
'HX700 GD' 4 days ago
Im in 6st grade and i go up 03:30 AM in the morning and go to bed 10:00 PM :)
'Kay' 4 days ago
In what world is he 6%?
Bah Keith?
'Bah Keith?' 4 days ago
Kelsey looks more like supergirl
Liam Lacroix
'Liam Lacroix' 4 days ago
Wing firmly throat giant with argument buddy in.
Issa Is Back Bitches
"It's a litte bit addicting" teach me how. teach. me.
Maicon Ferreira
'Maicon Ferreira' 5 days ago
Learn how to make passive income from clickbank:
The trainer looks like Sean Van der Wilt
Abena Klötzli
'Abena Klötzli' 5 days ago
she looks like supergirl
Stop Motion Animations
How do you know how superheroes train how
Ben White
'Ben White' 5 days ago
He grew a hat in 30 weeks
Jude Sushi
'Jude Sushi' 5 days ago
She looks like the girl from the last witch hunter.
f1rebreather123 games
I just realized I do this way more than than for way longer and guess what, no dorito shoulders. :(
Jordan Lee
'Jordan Lee' 6 days ago
Saitama? Lol
'RoyalCupcake' 6 days ago
"dorito-man" i kinda loled
Celina Hara
'Celina Hara' 6 days ago
The. Trainer looks like reversal flash
Curtis Pavlovec
'Curtis Pavlovec' 6 days ago
0:14 Vanoss???is dat u??!?!?!
Aljaž Jesen
'Aljaž Jesen' 6 days ago
Whaat no way in hell that is 6.6%
Nipps nipples
'Nipps nipples' 6 days ago
soooooooo thisi s basicly telling to just join a gym u fat pieces of shits !!!
Mistah Yusuf
'Mistah Yusuf' 6 days ago
Evan or eugene
'mournblank' 7 days ago
Can I date Kelsey? She looks like Rose Leisley
Олег Бобр
'Олег Бобр' 7 days ago
guys, nightmare does anyone understand better than this versnon ? ..
Erin Thompson
'Erin Thompson' 7 days ago
I love how he is talking about getting buff but using foof 😂😂😂😂
G-Han Bax
'G-Han Bax' 7 days ago
6:23 whatcha looking at sir?
jonas 123 JRC
'jonas 123 JRC' 1 week ago
An asian guy named even whos buff, now who dose that sound like?
XxRockyxX aj
'XxRockyxX aj' 1 week ago
Ricegum needs the same workout 😂
Isaac S
'Isaac S' 1 week ago
Anyone else have a huge man crush on evan?
Dianna Liu
'Dianna Liu' 1 week ago
Why does Evan remind me of Tadashi from BH6?????
conrad artchannel
'conrad artchannel' 1 week ago
Evans was already in shape before Cap America. Not enough asian super heroes? Go create a new superhero that is asian. Problem solved.
Space Person
'Space Person' 1 week ago
100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats and a 10km run every day
Lynn Tran
'Lynn Tran' 1 week ago
Does anyone know how many inches that ball size is? I've been searching Amazon forever.
AnimeGirl 268
'AnimeGirl 268' 1 week ago
Um... can kids do this? Actually, don't answer that. MOOOOOM.!....
Son Goku
'Son Goku' 1 week ago
'yyjandrew' 1 week ago
Is it just me or does Kelsey remind you of Barry Allen from the Flash whenever she smiles?
matheus oliveira
'matheus oliveira' 1 week ago
Oh gosh this blonde girl is amazing... does someone have her instagram ?
'vimublue' 1 week ago
Is she grant Gustin twin?
sokka tta
'sokka tta' 1 week ago
'zomg0101' 1 week ago
you forgot the roids part
Jimmy Appleballs
'Jimmy Appleballs' 2 weeks ago
literally look exactly the same
'NerdLP' 2 weeks ago
More workout videos! Also more kelsey please😍😊
'ituuli' 2 weeks ago
I kinda hoped this would have been Saitama's workout routine from One Punch Man :D
Renske Dijkstra
'Renske Dijkstra' 2 weeks ago
convention experience rank famous indeed risk wave.
The Galactic Chihuahua Xtreme
Gym leader: you need to change your diet to do this. No sugar- Me: *slowly sets down lollipop next to bag of chips and Twinkies* I can't do that kind of workout
Stacy Norris
'Stacy Norris' 2 weeks ago
She is beautiful no matter if she worked out or not.
Alex Grant
'Alex Grant' 2 weeks ago
Do 30 days of Insanity the Asylum workout.
Puga Puff
'Puga Puff' 2 weeks ago
6:11 DAMN
Timmy Thy
'Timmy Thy' 2 weeks ago
I cant even live a day without cheese
The Secret Infiniti
'The Secret Infiniti' 2 weeks ago
I watch this. I hear the word "women" I look and see this is buzzfeed. I exit the video before anything else happens.
AyemariaAye AyerodriguezAye
I think my phone hates buzz feed because my phone always pauses before watch a buzzfeed video it like doesnt play for like 1 minute until 1 minute passes then it plays and this is for all of buzzfeeds videos
'Soryucchi' 2 weeks ago
He got an 8 pack...
Lamby Corn
'Lamby Corn' 2 weeks ago
Captan amerika
• нeyιтѕмealιce •
Guysss I had less body fat than Kelsey but I still have a bigger stomach just because Evan doesnt have ripped abs he still has 6.6 body fat and thats pretty obvious
Akbar Prayuda
'Akbar Prayuda' 2 weeks ago
Dog you
taekook ruined me
'taekook ruined me' 2 weeks ago
Irina Cuc
'Irina Cuc' 2 weeks ago
Amazing!!! michelle you re awsoome!!!!
Corbin Fernandez
'Corbin Fernandez' 2 weeks ago
'GradellXY' 2 weeks ago
I'm the same height as Kelsey and I weigh less than her even at the end. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
Ice Pop
'Ice Pop' 2 weeks ago
Bruce Lee is my superhero
Volttarra Aratlov
'Volttarra Aratlov' 2 weeks ago
Am I the only one who thinks the owner guy is sort of sketchy
Madison Dupree
'Madison Dupree' 2 weeks ago
doritos make me sick
'HPYisnotasavage' 2 weeks ago
Regular person: I can't imagine anyone getting up at 6 AM to do anything.Me: gets up at 4:30 AM, takes only 30 minutes to get breakfast and travel 10 miles on my bike to the 50 meter lap pool, swims 4 miles of swimming with dumbbells stuck on my back for two hours, ghen later in the afternoon, does 40 lbs curls, 180 lbs barbell squats, sit-ups with a 55 lbs dumbell on my chest and 30 pushups with my 120 lns brother on top of me. THE END
'Kiky' 2 weeks ago
they are so hot
Luka Moravcevic
'Luka Moravcevic' 2 weeks ago
i always wake up at 6:20
Andre Joe
'Andre Joe' 2 weeks ago
Wonderful! Pay attention to your channel. by the way,Send an advertisement. lol... Big discount the Air Vapormax 2018/upcoming released 350 V2s from a link: www.soletrendshoes DOTS com Follow me,have free key chain/yeezy socks as a gifts
Jimin -sama
'Jimin -sama' 2 weeks ago
Theyre both so sexy holy damn, Kels could play Ms Marvel or Black Canary and Evan is just super sexy they need to invent an asian comic book character for him
'Humble' 2 weeks ago
What you talking about Asian Superheroes. We got NARUTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
'THE TEMMIE KING' 2 weeks ago
100 push-ups 100 squats 100 sit ups and a 10 kilometer run everyday. Make sure to eat 3 meals a day. A banana in the morning is just fine. No air conditioning or heating to keep your mind in control.that is how you become the caped baldy
I Have No Name
'I Have No Name' 2 weeks ago
Why r they both so freaking attractive
'IIErinII' 2 weeks ago
Bisexual culture: having a crush on both of them
Jan Boomstam
'Jan Boomstam' 2 weeks ago
Why is nobody mentioning the trainer? Much respect for this dude !!!
Manny R.
'Manny R.' 2 weeks ago
Your wrong! 😂 that is not how you do tricep kickbacks. Emphasis on “Not”!!! Doing the full arm motion works the bicep more than the tricep. If you cut back and do 3/4 of the exercise, hence not curling all the way, you will benefit greatly.
Akira Y
'Akira Y' 2 weeks ago
What was the duration inside the gym working out?
Mariana Angeline Añgon
Exercise steps please..
'ZERO XYZ' 2 weeks ago
Leah Deegan
'Leah Deegan' 2 weeks ago
delvega2000 Trotsky
'delvega2000 Trotsky' 3 weeks ago
Dude killed it
Mimi Chan
'Mimi Chan' 3 weeks ago
Dean Bellamy
'Dean Bellamy' 3 weeks ago
6.6% body fat? haha, sorry but no
The Truth
'The Truth' 3 weeks ago
Matthias Mckinnon
'Matthias Mckinnon' 3 weeks ago
Love the video man !!
Victoria Ashlyn
'Victoria Ashlyn' 3 weeks ago
Evan is so attractive, Claire is a lucky girl. Then again, Claire is gorgeous, and Evan is a lucky guy. Basically, they're both really beautiful and lucky.
Rachel Fresh
'Rachel Fresh' 3 weeks ago
Evan and Kelsey Kelvan I SHIP THEM!
Donna S
'Donna S' 3 weeks ago
Testosterone... it's freaking magic! Takes forever for women to notice a major difference.
'LiatheShyr' 3 weeks ago
evan looks hot af but hes defo not 6,6%
Albert alvaro
'Albert alvaro' 3 weeks ago
i blame SCHOOL on how we are able to wake up at 6.00 or earlier
Joonali 136
'Joonali 136' 3 weeks ago
BuzzFeed Is turning people to hate each other besauce of views.
Mazki Yo
'Mazki Yo' 3 weeks ago
at least they try guys ... :)
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