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We Trained Like Superheroes For 30 Days -
Published: 1 month ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 month ago

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“They don’t wake up like that."

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chris chris
'chris chris' 25 minutes ago
now that workout/diet for 30 straight days is over they will blow-up fat and gain it all back and then some more in weeks to come.
Stephens Yu
'Stephens Yu' 27 minutes ago
"We woke up at 6:30am!!" I go to school. Which means 6:30 every week day but I'm only in middle school
DerpyXDerp Derp
'DerpyXDerp Derp' 34 minutes ago
One Punch Man: Saitama's Training Regime..."100 push-ups! 100 sit-ups! 100 squats! 10km everyday!" for one or two weeks please~
bangtanprincess 07
Evan is so cute I can't even
Johnny NoGooD
'Johnny NoGooD' 1 hour ago
Really playing that race card there.
'Arkey' 1 hour ago
100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats, and 10 KMS runs EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
Emma Rickard
'Emma Rickard' 2 hours ago
wow so cool that is skucks as good job
'JamesGREEK26' 3 hours ago
So, it is possible to burn fat and gain muscle at the same time? I thought it wasn't.
Little ARMY
'Little ARMY' 4 hours ago
Am watching this while eating Oreo 😂😂😂😂😂
Stevemartens YT
'Stevemartens YT' 5 hours ago
And I'm sitting here with a bag of doritos...
Tomy Lim
'Tomy Lim' 5 hours ago
Steve Zim looks like that guy in Flash series xP
'LARAUJO' 5 hours ago
dortitoman best superhero ever
Tianshen Xue
'Tianshen Xue' 6 hours ago
i really want an asian superhero
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 6 hours ago
I never new a Dorito could be hot
'Rika673' 7 hours ago
Thing is those actors work the hell out and have a diet that's like.....wha?! Just you have to keep it up all the time.
Allen Monares
'Allen Monares' 7 hours ago
Tadashi from big hero 6
'RoaringLionMC' 7 hours ago
Abs-olutely lol
Fishy Films
'Fishy Films' 12 hours ago
You're not training like a superhero if you don't do 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and a 10 Km run every day, dislike.
Big Bad Bandana
'Big Bad Bandana' 13 hours ago
Lol, there is no way that guy is ay 6.6%. That is a EXTREMELY low % and that is not achieveable in such a shory time without a lot of prior experience. How did he even measure? pretty sure it wasnt a dexa scan... he did get nice results though! so not trying to hate. But just saying that there is no way he is at 6.6
'DJJ' 14 hours ago
'Grenodeur' 15 hours ago
Van Darkholme looks good!
Xuan Phan
'Xuan Phan' 16 hours ago
Evan with a hat looks like Tadashi from Big Hero 6
tyler lofton
'tyler lofton' 17 hours ago
i would like to go on this diet and workout routine, maybe
Shadow Leo
'Shadow Leo' 18 hours ago
I wake up earlier than 6:00.
'KittenWantMore' 20 hours ago
'I'mRipken' 21 hours ago
more like I learned how to use Photoshop in 30 days
LPS Moon
'LPS Moon' 21 hours ago
Eliyafeth Soto
'Eliyafeth Soto' 21 hours ago
Wow! Buzzfeed made a video that is both interesting and non offensive! Congratulations!
Zarah Emily
'Zarah Emily' 21 hours ago
Kelsey was hot and now she's hotter
'Mello' 21 hours ago
I'd still rather look like Hugh Jackman
Raquel Mendoza
'Raquel Mendoza' 22 hours ago
Kelsey is so cuteeee
Sarocle Gaming
'Sarocle Gaming' 22 hours ago
2:50 (look at the girl) wtf is he talking about?
'sonna' 23 hours ago
Timothy Gustafson
'Timothy Gustafson' 23 hours ago
👍👍 nice job wish I could do that 😕
'ImZensational' 1 day ago
lol there's literally no chance he's 6.6% body fat, probably closer to around 15%
Trigger Purpose
'Trigger Purpose' 1 day ago
Typical buzzfeed. Can't go a full minute without turning a video into a race issue.
'thomasliangus' 1 day ago
The blonde is so hot!
'GunShard' 1 day ago
She looks better now. Awesome workout.
Mochi Latte
'Mochi Latte' 1 day ago
you forgot one punch man!!!
ava lawrence
'ava lawrence' 1 day ago
i thought for gaining you weren't allowed to train everyday?.. is rest a myth!? :-o bodybuilders say you should lift every three/four days
ava lawrence
'ava lawrence' 1 day ago
are there many white hero figures in Asian media/film industry?
Ethan Masih
'Ethan Masih' 1 day ago
I'm sorry but 6.6%BF really is hard to believe.. He looks great but someone needs to redo some math
Ethan Masih
'Ethan Masih' 1 day ago
This trainer really really knows what he's doing; I like that
dem strange
'dem strange' 1 day ago
I want more training,sir train me the Bruce Wayne way,specific...I am dedicated to sacrifice, condition and ready
aadesh sekhon
'aadesh sekhon' 1 day ago
If u loose 2.2 lbs u loose 1% bf & if u gain 2.2 lbs of musle u loose 0.25% bf so if earlier he was 15% then he shouldn't be any less than 13% bf 6.6 is a joke
'兰蓝' 1 day ago
these guys are so awesome, i took a break from buzzfeed cause it was boring and i come back to this!
wail bouabid
'wail bouabid' 1 day ago
this is such a motivation
M.M Apple
'M.M Apple' 1 day ago
im just here to see Evan again ;)
Willi Lib
'Willi Lib' 1 day ago
why so much cucks chinks in the chat lmao
Tom Leblanc
'Tom Leblanc' 2 days ago
I prefer Chris Evans before picture so much more.. natural, athletic, muscled.. the after 1 month training looks weird steroid like.. to wide
manoj periasamy
'manoj periasamy' 2 days ago
kelsey is hot already😍
'GEREX 94' 2 days ago
Whos the blondie chick? 😏
'Z3phyr' 2 days ago
I watched a lot of cringey feminist BuzzFeed videos and generally have a bad impression of BuzzFeed, but I actually really enjoyed this.
Tayloranne Driver
'Tayloranne Driver' 2 days ago
Top Tier Waifu
'Top Tier Waifu' 2 days ago
My crippling depression prevents me from doing this 🙂
morgan freeman
'morgan freeman' 2 days ago
I'm eating a big mac while watching this.
joe joey
'joe joey' 2 days ago
why is no one talking about the triggered girl
'e' 2 days ago
How do you lose fat and gain muscle at same time? Is it not bulking?
safia bella
'safia bella' 2 days ago
Evan is gorgeous. My goodness
'EAJohnst' 2 days ago
Looks hellish, but DAMN I want to go through something that intense rn. Get a killer head start on summer body goals. Now my diet and workout regime feels so lacking D:
Kimmy dee
'Kimmy dee' 2 days ago
Evan you don't need a superhero bod okay?! You're perfect already 😑
Stephany Reyna Guillen
Evan Chang you're so gorgeous!
Miss Kittington
'Miss Kittington' 2 days ago
It's an ad for the supplements.
Frame By Frame
'Frame By Frame' 2 days ago
Anybody think of CineFix?
Daniel Chris
'Daniel Chris' 2 days ago
who is she... what a lovely....
'skilletman16' 2 days ago
You're complaining about getting up at 6am? Ugh. Wait until you have kids!
'jgerke55' 2 days ago
This is pathetic. I can get you much better results in 30 days, so could a ton of other guys
Kana Neko
'Kana Neko' 2 days ago
Now do the One Punch Man for three years
'peppersa1' 2 days ago
what's the music on background ? at beginning
'franciso7' 3 days ago
the woman looks good no need to work out, body fat in the right proportions makes women look so pretty and feel so feminine.
quadrocopter flyaway
before pump and after lol idiots
'Ă Ğ' 3 days ago
What lip product is she wearing 😂😂😂
steven shar
'steven shar' 3 days ago
There is no way in fucking hell that he has 5% body fat. 5% body fat means that you are almost at death's door. There was one body builder that was close to 5% body fat, he died from having to take all the drugs to get to that percentage.
Deth Byte
'Deth Byte' 3 days ago
Does anyone else just want to slap the hell out of the girl? Damn.. whats wrong with me..
TGC TheGreenCamp
'TGC TheGreenCamp' 3 days ago
That's sooooo me right now. No dairy, a lot of protein! Been doing this with a nutritionist of course : )
'FetusPotetus' 3 days ago
Did the trainer finally fucked her ?
Jake Ma
'Jake Ma' 3 days ago
are they two together? ;)
Doge Plays
'Doge Plays' 3 days ago
One Punch Man training he is a god .
Alixzandah Childs
'Alixzandah Childs' 3 days ago
any K-pop fans click this just because they saw the Korean guy 😂😂👌🙋❤
Cr1TIcaL 101
'Cr1TIcaL 101' 3 days ago
Has the Asian guy ever saw anime
'LOLO' 3 days ago
Mateo Naputo
'Mateo Naputo' 3 days ago
the girl looks like Barry Alen (the Flash). Even the way she speak its very similar.
The Tough guy
'The Tough guy' 3 days ago
6% of bf? Absolute bs.
Tan R
'Tan R' 3 days ago
wow a buzzfeed video where they actually took this seriously. Well done.
Tylerr Bruhh
'Tylerr Bruhh' 3 days ago
i would work out but i dont want people looking at me or seeing someone ik :/
Nicholas Haggar
'Nicholas Haggar' 3 days ago
Can someone link this workout
'zues121510' 3 days ago
Saitama is a hero too...
Salma Hernandez
'Salma Hernandez' 3 days ago
at SIX 😐
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