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We Trained Like Superheroes For 30 Days -
Published: 4 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 4 months ago

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“They don’t wake up like that."

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Adrian D
'Adrian D' 2 hours ago
The battle ropes thing hahah, now you look like a battle turkey! Damn, you guys look great. That man is so perfect.
574 Trickshots
'574 Trickshots' 19 hours ago
look at 3:18
Carson Lynch
'Carson Lynch' 1 day ago
Should have cast Evan as iron fist TBH :/
Lexi Brown
'Lexi Brown' 1 day ago
evan looks amazing
Jennifer Lavica
'Jennifer Lavica' 1 day ago
What is kelseys body type , i have the same body type and idk what it is
'차두진' 1 day ago
Jokes on you we have Korean Doctor Strange
Cennoximous Plays
'Cennoximous Plays' 2 days ago
every asian guy here looks like Ryan... is this hos u spell Ryan? Im not from america so im asking...
Hunter Diminisher
'Hunter Diminisher' 2 days ago
I dont understand why it matter if there isnt an asian superhero. Apparently everyone is the same so...
달 천 사
'달 천 사' 2 days ago
She's insanely beautiful and he's ridicolously handsome.
Maria Diaz
'Maria Diaz' 2 days ago
she looks like lili reinhart
Katana is awesome and she's Asian
'Hasthel' 2 days ago
Where's Saitama training ? ._.
Gott Mit Uns
'Gott Mit Uns' 3 days ago
6.6%? haha I'd say 10% *minimum*
Bilal Ahmed
'Bilal Ahmed' 3 days ago
Evan has the Scott Steiner disease
Bobby Tarantino
'Bobby Tarantino' 3 days ago
The reason for the wide shoulder look is bcus hes flexing his lats
Yanki Doma
'Yanki Doma' 3 days ago
Evan by the end of the video reminds me of the elder brother from Big Hero 6!!
Fingerboarding Ruined My Life
Who else ships keven
ZALFIE fan club!!
'ZALFIE fan club!!' 4 days ago
This inspired me!!!
'Bystander232' 4 days ago
Genuinely in awe of Kelsey's attitude throughout. I might be able to do this regimen, under similar circumstances, but it would involve digging deep into some seriously negative emotions. Maybe it's just a matter of having very different temperaments, but staying upbeat and doing the work would be two very heavy tasks at once. So much respect, Kelsey.
Jonatan Diaz
'Jonatan Diaz' 4 days ago
That wasn't 6% bodyfat
Seo Vincent Jean-yves
I don't like his way of training. He said" weight is nothing". but that's so wrong. You gotta raise your power by lifting some weights. Otherwise you will not have the control over the weight forever. Raise your power and lift heavy and have the control of that weight day after day. You will have a huge bulky muscle one day. No pain no gain.
Jeffrey D
'Jeffrey D' 4 days ago
Low bodyfat makes girls look old QUICK! Fat don't crack, remember that. Look at a baby, ball of fat. Fat (within reason) looks youthful. And don't grunt and make faces in the gym. Keep a 'scared look' at all times to minimize wrinkling. . source: gym owner for 27 years
Jeffrey D
'Jeffrey D' 4 days ago
02:51 His hair doesnt match his face. Just For Men!
'B4 LB' 4 days ago
I ship them soooo haard😍😍😍😍😍
'117' 5 days ago
She looks like a muppet to me OOO
'117' 5 days ago
I don't think women should be super buff. That's just ew. I think a better term for what she said should be super fit.
Jordon Alcorn
'Jordon Alcorn' 5 days ago
Sophia is a Sapphire
I ship them
Haley Salmon
'Haley Salmon' 5 days ago
'Gogo' 5 days ago
wouldve been nice if the program breakdown was shown in this video.
Archie Goodman
'Archie Goodman' 5 days ago
wiiish i could do this
Young Toneski
'Young Toneski' 5 days ago
all he sdid was lose weight...
Stephen Peck
'Stephen Peck' 6 days ago
KK 109
'KK 109' 6 days ago
I wake up at 5:40 for school
Aidan Honeyman
'Aidan Honeyman' 6 days ago
do all american girls have a vocal fryyyyyyyyyyyeh
Cricket C.
'Cricket C.' 1 week ago
I would love to see this kind of stuff on heavier people for a more dramatic transformation.
Abdias Vergara
'Abdias Vergara' 1 week ago
If Emma Stone and Grant Gustin had a daughter, she would be that girl.
RayRay Bettancourt
OMG they both look super GREAT!
Nick Lorentzen
'Nick Lorentzen' 1 week ago
6.6% Bodyfat?! He doesn't look like that at all. I would shoot him at 10-12.
'workingdee' 1 week ago
Evan looks fantastic!
Yuri Song
'Yuri Song' 1 week ago
Tasha Notnagel
'Tasha Notnagel' 1 week ago
I love pizza too much.😭
Diamond Gaming and others
What's your favorite color
'cmak3687' 1 week ago
lol there is literally no difference in chris evan's before after other than lighting and posing.
'Calida' 1 week ago
Fabian Farandy
'Fabian Farandy' 1 week ago
When ever evan shows up theres always kelsey . Are the dating
Random Gamer
'Random Gamer' 1 week ago
kelsey is so hot
Mochi Jeon
'Mochi Jeon' 1 week ago
I wake up at 6 am EVERY MORNING. Cuz of fucking school.....
Jim123bcb HD
'Jim123bcb HD' 1 week ago
"There's no real way of cheating in your life". Unless you get a small loan of a million dollars!
Big Chunky Bubbles
Kelsey is so fucking gorgeous.
Emma 范芷蔚
'Emma 范芷蔚' 1 week ago
Evan's hot
Darth Vader
'Darth Vader' 1 week ago
sugar is carbs...
paolo guerra
'paolo guerra' 1 week ago
Who else was thinking about training like the Hulk?
Harmonee 123
'Harmonee 123' 1 week ago
He looks like fucking Tadashi Hamada
Amzo Bananzo
'Amzo Bananzo' 1 week ago
I'm watching this in my bed eating a whole packet of chocolate digestives...
Abdul Muneem
'Abdul Muneem' 1 week ago
i bet kelsey and evan were doing it :p :D
Akhilesh Sharma
'Akhilesh Sharma' 1 week ago
I'd do it better than them superheroes if I got paid in millions..
Vanessa Vu
'Vanessa Vu' 1 week ago
kelsey is soooooo pretty
Carrot Stick
'Carrot Stick' 1 week ago
Dadddyyyyyyyy 😩
kaptin weewee
'kaptin weewee' 1 week ago
my right arm is bigger then my left i wonder why ? XD
Amanda Budz
'Amanda Budz' 1 week ago
what lipstick is she wearing in the beginning?
'.Eddie' 1 week ago
Damn i need those shoulder workouts! i want to be a dorito man!
Ye Saul
'Ye Saul' 1 week ago
'GLUA14' 1 week ago
If you've seen the video by then you know that Duffy Graver trained Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson, not this guy and that for the record is not 6.6% bodyfat, thats just general fitness knowledge
Toyosi Amos
'Toyosi Amos' 1 week ago
Can u sign me up for this shiz
'ZweigerTiger' 1 week ago
what do they mean they never wake up at 6:30 I wake up at 5 everyday because of school😂
'Ziggy' 2 weeks ago
the girl looks like the wife of the death pool guy actor she is beautifull damn i forgot both names
Annie Ramos
'Annie Ramos' 2 weeks ago
I wake up at 6 for school
Ken Lopez
'Ken Lopez' 2 weeks ago
I thought pasta was a good thing to eat?
Will Holmlund
'Will Holmlund' 2 weeks ago
Wow kelsey looks a lot like Lisa Robin Kelley (RIP Lisa )
Ave Satanas Luciferian
I get up at 4-5AM every morning... What the hell people...
'Cam' 2 weeks ago
I ship this two sooooo muuuuuch
Cinema Luca
'Cinema Luca' 2 weeks ago
Evan's shoulders are kinda uneven
Bootany Beating
'Bootany Beating' 2 weeks ago
Just a massive add for Hollywood SUPPS
'luludelfine' 2 weeks ago
I usually don't say this but I stan them af
Saurab Bhattarai
'Saurab Bhattarai' 2 weeks ago
What are the food required...? For Six pack
KMaggi 3
'KMaggi 3' 2 weeks ago
Evan, you were handsome before, even more so afterwards! We should definitely have a Korean superhero!  (I'd love to see more of Steven Yeun, perhaps Marvel could give him a call.)
MLG Dorito
'MLG Dorito' 2 weeks ago
Why is everyone trying to be me?
Joshua P.
'Joshua P.' 2 weeks ago
well you can't have a Korean Captain America or Nick Fury
WolfieB33 Plays
'WolfieB33 Plays' 2 weeks ago
Up straight,lookin great! 🤣
Victor Cruz
'Victor Cruz' 2 weeks ago
When gaining gains you need carbs.....
Mat Jiowoo
'Mat Jiowoo' 2 weeks ago
dorito power? i dont see a rotary
The gaming Alex
'The gaming Alex' 2 weeks ago
This is fake your only starving them of water she/he will gain the weight again and more weight
'F R Y' 2 weeks ago
i wanted to watch a buzzfeed vid help me
Rafael Baldoni
'Rafael Baldoni' 2 weeks ago
8:42 wtf is the girl on the back doing LOL
'SirRandomMonkey' 2 weeks ago
I'd love to see them do Madbarz workouts for 30 days.
'ですサムサム' 2 weeks ago
why didn't you guys do what Saitama from One Punch Man did? 1. 100 push ups 2. 100 sit ups 3. 100 squats 4. 10 km run EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Oh and they can't use the air conditioner and the heater. also, always eat bananas every time you're finished eating meals. (breakfast, lunch, dinner. no midnight snacks and no food breaks.)
Grace Madeline
'Grace Madeline' 2 weeks ago
Evan: "I'm off to a really good start" Literally what else could he possibly want from his body
S Kehler
'S Kehler' 2 weeks ago
His body fat is not 6.6% hahahaha try 13-14%
actual horse
'actual horse' 2 weeks ago
that dude wasn't 6.6%
'Brenson' 2 weeks ago
lal "6.6% BF" - nope!
'bluelover929' 2 weeks ago
but black widow doesnt look like a super hero :/ i was glad they had a girl on this video but...*sigh*
'KpopNoodle' 2 weeks ago
*I'm eating peanut butter sandwich while watching this.*
Mikey Casasola
'Mikey Casasola' 2 weeks ago
She looks like she could be in a hero movie
'340774975' 2 weeks ago
Wow! All of this is so amazing! Their transformation is incredible! And I ship Kelsey and Evan. They're in so many shoots together, and they suffered together through this challenge.
'MCheesesushi' 2 weeks ago
Kelsey looks soooo great!
Sebastian Smith
'Sebastian Smith' 2 weeks ago
It frustrates me to hear people wine about what foods they can or can't eat. Try living with Type 1 diabetes.
'GirlyGamer4U' 2 weeks ago
I gonna go eat doritos now
Geowin Prince
'Geowin Prince' 2 weeks ago
They both got a tan and got in better shape!
'jsizzlesaurusrex' 2 weeks ago
looks like the Asian guy ended up with some shoulder imbalances from this.
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