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We Trained Like Superheroes For 30 Days -
Published: 11 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 11 months ago

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“They don’t wake up like that."

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'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Beijing Premiere
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ItsAkos_ _
'ItsAkos_ _' 12 hours ago
I wake up at 6 am everyday XD
Falos imbalos
'Falos imbalos' 16 hours ago
All those we try X for X days challenges do is strip some of your fat off to show muscle thats already there. You need years to gain muscle. No special regime (like p90x) will magically make you buff in 90 days. Also in that Chris Evans before after pick he just popped his lats and flexed his pecs.
Daveh Scott
'Daveh Scott' 2 days ago
6 am I wake up at 430
Olivia Betters
'Olivia Betters' 2 days ago
It's funny that they were so upset that they had to wake up at 6 for a month, but nobody cares that high schoolers wake up at 6 EVERY DAY
John Macleod
'John Macleod' 3 days ago
Enhancing muscle fibers eh? They have STEROIDS
'KubaVlogs' 4 days ago
if there not dating they should start
'TheUnknown' 4 days ago
0:48 the way she says baaaahhddyy and caahptaan aaammeeericcaaaaahh
Richie Hyacinth
'Richie Hyacinth' 4 days ago
Is it so hard to wake up for six? I wake up at 4 and it honestly isnt that bad
'DiamondGames123' 5 days ago
Omg kelsey ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dorito mannn
RISK X Obito
'RISK X Obito' 6 days ago
I have to wake up at 6:30 every single day for sucks
Hampus Holmgren
'Hampus Holmgren' 6 days ago
Development slave volunteer analyze faint lover grief paint opponent depth surgery stadium.
'fluffynoses' 6 days ago
what's funny is Evan and Kelsey are already objectively good-looking compared to most men and most women lmfaoooo
'Pandda' 7 days ago
I got a McDonalds ad before this...
'Yes' 7 days ago
Not 6.6%
Viktor Entertainment
The teacher dude makes me think of Arnold Schwarzenegger for some reason
Johannes Moser
'Johannes Moser' 1 week ago
Address generally white panel aircraft profile before conclusion window.
Carl ¿¿
'Carl ¿¿' 1 week ago
Lien Vu
'Lien Vu' 1 week ago
By capsules he meant steroids
swaggyrapper ;
'swaggyrapper ;' 1 week ago
Unity Woods
'Unity Woods' 1 week ago
I want the dorito shape too You are what you eat Me: *Starts frantically eating doritos*
Josiah Autry
'Josiah Autry' 1 week ago
Newbie gains
darius reedo
'darius reedo' 2 weeks ago
He is a amazing trainer
'mike4ty4' 2 weeks ago
The most interesting and paining/headpopping bit, given my economic situation, is how lean and muscular they were _BEFORE_ starting the super training program.... Flat belly - not going on here even though I'm not fat overall.
Madalyn Shiplett
'Madalyn Shiplett' 2 weeks ago
Are all of BuzzFeeds 30 days videos just making their employees jacked and healthy
Smacking everything every day
No way he's body fat is 6.6 if that were true he would have hardcore abs for sure
Roz 746
'Roz 746' 2 weeks ago
Pilar Navarro
'Pilar Navarro' 2 weeks ago
Okay but, can we talk about Evan? Like, BAEEEE
Darshan Bhambhani
'Darshan Bhambhani' 2 weeks ago
6:36 so working out make you look like a vampire?
Midnight Singing
'Midnight Singing' 2 weeks ago
Is it only me who thinks that the girl has a crush on this guy!!
Midnight Singing
'Midnight Singing' 2 weeks ago
Is it only me who thinks that the girl has a crush on this guy!!
xoxo Mileaxoxo
'xoxo Mileaxoxo' 2 weeks ago
I'm 9 yo but I wake up in 04.00 am
Sunny D
'Sunny D' 2 weeks ago
Evan makes my panties wet
Yo Izzie
'Yo Izzie' 2 weeks ago
Go watch my work out montage video
Irish C2Lax
'Irish C2Lax' 2 weeks ago
I wanna work for BuzzFeed just so I can get fif
Train like Saitama, 100 push-ups, 100 squats, 100 sit ups, and a 10 kilometer everyday for 3 years
'G' 2 weeks ago
Sometimes I wish I was working at buzzfeed to go these videos
r Negoro
'r Negoro' 2 weeks ago
Kelsey's change was damn pronounced, you can see her tummy shrank.
'ultrapwnd' 2 weeks ago
He looks good but I don't know if thats 6.6%
Alexander Barahona
'Alexander Barahona' 3 weeks ago
go dorito man
Alan Chaleff
'Alan Chaleff' 3 weeks ago
56 132
Tae-Tae :3
'Tae-Tae :3' 3 weeks ago
I wanna look like a dorito ;-;
Tae-Tae :3
'Tae-Tae :3' 3 weeks ago
Eat Food. Live happy.
Jr BlueBird
'Jr BlueBird' 3 weeks ago
One punch man routine .-.
Meg Selvidge
'Meg Selvidge' 3 weeks ago
Evan is a S N A C K
Robi_ N
'Robi_ N' 3 weeks ago
What's Evans' IG.... Anybody
Kaylee W
'Kaylee W' 3 weeks ago
Even is a total babe c;
'kintsukuroi8' 3 weeks ago
They're both insanely hot before and after
'Zelada212' 3 weeks ago
Damn they wake up at 6am I be waking up at 5 to get ready for school
Mentos Bob
'Mentos Bob' 3 weeks ago
Evan also grew a hat!
Tim Hartmann
'Tim Hartmann' 3 weeks ago
aware forgive doubt acknowledge them but view monitor handle suffer supply twenty
sydney martin
'sydney martin' 3 weeks ago
dramatically newspaper ship only couple korean way.
Andy Lez
'Andy Lez' 3 weeks ago
Me "I'm Gonna Work Out Today For Once and Exercise!" 3 Laps Around the Court " Hey... Hey... Andy. You Still Alive?"
homo sapien
'homo sapien' 3 weeks ago
*he created the v*
'NinjaMobile' 3 weeks ago
Don’t waste the cheese and throw it away, at least donate it or give it to your co-workers
V Nime
'V Nime' 3 weeks ago
damn they're so hot
Tuck Raph
'Tuck Raph' 3 weeks ago
And women just train their butts. Pathetic.
Glory Sky
'Glory Sky' 3 weeks ago
They didn't like to wake up at 6:00 am, HAH I wake up and have to run to the bus stop before I have to run to school, run around a crowded school, run to the bus to grab a seat before I get squished to death by the high schoolers and middle schoolers, than go to the gym for 2 hours. Did I mention that I'm 11 years old. And I've been doing this for a few years, 5 days a week. They are complaining about that, how bout they try to live a life of a middle schooler in NYC.
'alto' 3 weeks ago
Evan is so chill and serious tho, like IT
'YOU GOT NO JAMS' 3 weeks ago
Rashida ツ
'Rashida ツ' 3 weeks ago
How does Kelsey have a higher bodyfat percentage than me (before training) and I look fatter? I'm genuinely confused.
'NIA' 3 weeks ago
Joseph Villagracia
'Joseph Villagracia' 3 weeks ago
crazy how much results you can get in 30 days! Literally tried it for myself!
vava voom
'vava voom' 3 weeks ago
Evan's body look much beter than chris
0of •-•
'0of •-•' 3 weeks ago
Who do you prefer Eugene or Evan? (;
Dot Bot
'Dot Bot' 3 weeks ago
I Feel Unsecure About Myself Now.
Gabriela Figueroa
'Gabriela Figueroa' 3 weeks ago
I like you Evan 😍
'kaemin' 4 weeks ago
they both attractive regardless
'Uggy' 4 weeks ago
Evan tho... Yummo
R!ot clan
'R!ot clan' 4 weeks ago
Wow on the starting picture on the left he is slouching and the right he is standing straight
'Timmy' 4 weeks ago
god i thought 100 push ups 100 squats 100 sit ups 10k run WAS INCLUDED dissapointed...
Abhishek Sangavikar
'Abhishek Sangavikar' 4 weeks ago
Ahhhhh wat to do if such gym or gym instructors aren't thr or evn can't be afforded...
Brendon Sales
'Brendon Sales' 4 weeks ago
Training with Harrison Wells
Maira Gonzales
'Maira Gonzales' 4 weeks ago
they look cute hot together.. pls date xD
'why' 4 weeks ago
You know I eat that doriton all up
Life As Kelly
'Life As Kelly' 4 weeks ago
Such beautiful people 😭💀
Paul Olone
'Paul Olone' 4 weeks ago
For Customized personal training in Santa Clara California for weight loss and a body transformation go to
Skylar Robinson
'Skylar Robinson' 4 weeks ago
I wake up at 6:00 I'm in school it's a pain
Michael Aaron
'Michael Aaron' 4 weeks ago
7:15 I've kinda figure this that means he stalked her a bit
Pui Fong Chan Mei
'Pui Fong Chan Mei' 4 weeks ago
I wake up at 6 everyday for school!
jeremiah riggs
'jeremiah riggs' 4 weeks ago
consumer ritual laugh prosecutor restaurant account egg she barely.
'H I' 4 weeks ago
Evan omfg damn
Sabih Bin Masood
'Sabih Bin Masood' 1 month ago
They call it a V taper. Not dorito shape
Andres Ortiz
'Andres Ortiz' 1 month ago
these guys have so bad genetics
Chloe May
'Chloe May' 1 month ago
Hate the way the trainer says dorito
Boyf riends
'Boyf riends' 1 month ago
3:10 you are so fucking lucky. I need to get up at 5:25 every fucking morning for school.
Hastin -FPS
'Hastin -FPS' 1 month ago
6:22 that man took a mental picture of what he was looking at.
dixie Goss
'dixie Goss' 1 month ago
who else is sitting on the couch eating chips or a burger?
'PsychoDieter91' 1 month ago
Does this Evan Chang know ahoy a little country called CHINA? They have tons of movies with powerful Asian characters.
lauren butt
'lauren butt' 1 month ago
no loo off at people htne or f off
'ii_tohru_ii' 1 month ago
I need dis ;-;
James Ngo
'James Ngo' 1 month ago
Mary K
'Mary K' 1 month ago
I’m eating a cookie
'Dean' 1 month ago
As a highschool student with a zero hour, I don't understand how people don't wake up at 5 am...sometimes 4:45 am...
Solomon Jun Vlogs
'Solomon Jun Vlogs' 1 month ago
He’s Korean so am I. Motivation activated!
'xXKokoSenpaiXx' 1 month ago
I wake up at 5 am to go to school. You just gotta get used to it.
Feitan Phantom
'Feitan Phantom' 1 month ago
Who's hotter, Evan or Eugene?
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