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We Trained Like Superheroes For 30 Days -
Published: 1 week ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 week ago

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“They don’t wake up like that."

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Businessman revealing superhero costume under suit
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'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Beijing Premiere
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'CaitKat' 5 minutes ago
I don't eat pork or shellfish, and you would be surprised what's in food. THEY OUT PORK IN MILK. FUCKING MILK AND BREAD FOODS. I CAN ONLY EAT THIS ONE BRAND OF CHEESECAKE sosad
Eryagiz Sahin
'Eryagiz Sahin' 24 minutes ago
can i have his fitnessplan :D
bill billinson
'bill billinson' 47 minutes ago
Is black widow really a superhero? She's just a girl with a gun
camilla mena
'camilla mena' 1 hour ago
She looks like Blake lively
Julia Green
'Julia Green' 1 hour ago
I wake up at 5
Sam D
'Sam D' 2 hours ago
In one month!!! Wtffff
'21andree10' 2 hours ago
they should do saitama
'Awesomeness' 2 hours ago
Paul Wilson
'Paul Wilson' 2 hours ago
blonde girl I love you
HatrexThe Boiibitch
'HatrexThe Boiibitch' 2 hours ago
He got the dorito shape ye xD 
Natsu Uchiha
'Natsu Uchiha' 2 hours ago
Why he isn't One Punch Man now
The Snail
'The Snail' 2 hours ago
i feel good I'm 6ft2in and 150lbs
Jane Christie
'Jane Christie' 2 hours ago
women carry more body weight? this is why we need feminism. 😤😤
Moon Byeol
'Moon Byeol' 2 hours ago
Does anyone know what workouts they both did? What exercises?
'Murjaaa' 2 hours ago
Anthony Pipia
'Anthony Pipia' 3 hours ago
So what's the workout I'll do it for 3 months
'Nurul' 3 hours ago
6% bodyfat but abs not even that visible...??? 😭😭 fk outta here
Carolina Alcantara
'Carolina Alcantara' 5 hours ago
Wow guys!! I am so proud of you!
Amaka joice
'Amaka joice' 5 hours ago
In boarding school I got up at 4 in the morning and slept at 10 in the night
xxcommando GT
'xxcommando GT' 5 hours ago
Dorito shaped body
Cooking Lessons for Dad
Train me please!!
'Soobin' 5 hours ago
okay but does evan have social media
Emelie Bergström
'Emelie Bergström' 5 hours ago
If I could afford a personal trainer I would be working out too, but I can't so I'm just home eating pizza
'0prahTV' 5 hours ago
I'm eating a Hawaiian extra large pizza right now.
Xyu Pisiun
'Xyu Pisiun' 5 hours ago
'løuise' 6 hours ago
I'd never be able to do this because food is just, just awesome.
A Abdo
'A Abdo' 6 hours ago
Evan stop being like Evan from vanossgaming u copied someone name
Bored Gamer
'Bored Gamer' 6 hours ago
is there a video about the different workouts they did? they only showed the rope one(girl) and the one where he did the back twists with weights (guy)
'LoveSquidward' 6 hours ago
We were in class and this video was in my professors recommended, it showed the thumbnail of that asian guy 😂 i was like what you be watching, i gotta check it out 😂😂👌🏼
'PemboTV' 6 hours ago
We trained like superheroes for 30 days and BECAME SIDEKICKS! Fudge....that's still better than me.
Dazai Osamu KopiLeong
0:38 if you say no asian super heroes are have one more powerful than superman...he is named after a city in Japan called Saitama
Dazai Osamu KopiLeong
100 push-ups 100 sit-ups 100 squats a 10km run And only one banana for each meal... Do that everyday and you will become strong (but you have to be bald)
Natta M
'Natta M' 7 hours ago
This means we have to try tooooo hard to got it in 1 months. Omgggggggggg
'SNAP_BAKZ LONDON' 7 hours ago
wow I can see the difference, you are wearing a black hat on your front cover.... looks amazing
Ammu Thev
'Ammu Thev' 7 hours ago
M.A. Customs
'M.A. Customs' 7 hours ago
Workout by any means!!!!
Ricky To
'Ricky To' 8 hours ago
i would like to participate :D
Ka rim
'Ka rim' 8 hours ago
I wanna see Captin's Amercia program god damit
Filip Berg Langesæter
Orange Kurushhh
'Orange Kurushhh' 8 hours ago
She so hot
'punkgal67' 8 hours ago
Daaaaaaamn Evan
Addy Right
'Addy Right' 8 hours ago
Wow this was motivating!!!
chyntia evelyn
'chyntia evelyn' 8 hours ago
i've always wanted to go to the gym but i dont want people to look at me
Progressive House Worldwide
She's beautiful :3
Leia Claudette
'Leia Claudette' 8 hours ago
oh my god evan is so hot
'Valmix' 9 hours ago
Hi there random stranger reading this comment, I hope you have an amazing 2017!! Go make it a year to remember! Sincerelya random & small youtuber whit big dreams :)
Faea Quantum
'Faea Quantum' 9 hours ago
Steven zim is incredible
Kevin Luke
'Kevin Luke' 10 hours ago
that girl looks like emma stone !!!!!!!!!!!
- Ascaint
'- Ascaint' 10 hours ago
Is it just me or does she look so similar to Barry Allen?
'Mamba' 10 hours ago
Subscribe to me, and i'ill subscribe back to you with 6 channels
Daniel Mercer
'Daniel Mercer' 10 hours ago
6.6% Body fat? hahahahah....hahahaaha...ha...hahaha...hahaha....
'MrMinusguy' 10 hours ago
Girl is hot but her smile just scares me
Link Hyrule
'Link Hyrule' 11 hours ago
I do like the thumbnail though, the exact same picture just one of them is the guy trying to look big.
Lucy 4474
'Lucy 4474' 11 hours ago
He had more of a difference
Alex White
'Alex White' 11 hours ago
You didn't take steroids, unlike stars. That's the reason.
Hazel T
'Hazel T' 11 hours ago
i need to get a fitness trainer friend to live with
Hazel T
'Hazel T' 11 hours ago
evan benefited a lot from this
shh ita a secret
'shh ita a secret' 11 hours ago
when I started working out and really paying attention to what I eat I became really happy with who I am , I mean yes it's really hard in the beginning but then you'll feel so good about yourself.
'FlogaHD' 11 hours ago
I used to be like 20 kgs when I was 9 years and then now then when I was 13 years and I was 48 kg because I quit playing sports and had lot of energy drinks and nachos while playing. At 16 I started going to gym now I'm 70 kgs, 6.4 ft tall with a nice shredded body anything can happen
Say No More Fam
'Say No More Fam' 12 hours ago
Buzzfeed is racist cancer
Aaron B
'Aaron B' 12 hours ago
Why does no one remember Hiro? He is the best hero, and he's Asian.
ill suck the sweat of your toenails
all the asian guy did in thumbnail was stand up strait and put a hat on...
zhea flores
'zhea flores' 12 hours ago
I was certain Eugene was my Buzzfeed ultimate bias but now I'm not too sure. 😂 Evan should have his own segment, Doritos Guy or something.
'paultex11' 12 hours ago
jesus that girl is really annoying when she talks!
Odet Ishak
'Odet Ishak' 12 hours ago
want new music? check this out
'SmiSmoSkiSko' 12 hours ago
all I couldn't stop noticing was that Evans has nipples that aren't level
'SmiSmoSkiSko' 12 hours ago
all I couldn't stop noticing was that Evans has nipples that aren't level
Vikrant Subakade
'Vikrant Subakade' 12 hours ago
buzzfeed is a failing pile of garbage
Bianca Mae Manzanilla
wow~ so sexy ^_^
'SupremeGutten' 12 hours ago
A friend Bet 50bucks That i cant hit 1k subs today, Help me prove him wrong! Giveaway at 1k
'TheTenosynovitis' 13 hours ago
never in this world has this guy a body fat % of 6.6
Enzo Mondo
'Enzo Mondo' 13 hours ago
This video has garnered so many views
'nwni666' 14 hours ago
Evan 😍😍
Tangataga Bingabonga
'Tangataga Bingabonga' 14 hours ago
I think this video was really interesting, but in fairness this isn't in anyway a glorious transformation in any way, the training expert man says himself at 8:03 that he didn't think the guy 'had anywhere to go', meaning the people in this video would already be in a top percentage of the population with regards fitness. The majority of the population would aspire to have a body like the two people in this video BEFORE their 'transformation', and for that reason I think the whole thing falls short unfortunately. Get a man with a 'dad bod' and a woman who has had a child or two and document positive results for them, that would be far more inspirational to most people.
Wesley Wong
'Wesley Wong' 14 hours ago
Do you mind giving the workout specifics for Evan's? <3 :D
Thunne Nay Chi Swe
'Thunne Nay Chi Swe' 14 hours ago
They r whining about waking up at 6 am i am 10 and I wake up at 5:45 am
Luke Small
'Luke Small' 14 hours ago
they left out the part where the superheroes use steroids
Mrs. Opinionated
'Mrs. Opinionated' 14 hours ago
Korean guy looks like my hubby 😂
Luigi Mendoza
'Luigi Mendoza' 14 hours ago
Kelsey is super cute <3
'Critz0r' 15 hours ago
Sub to me you fucking cunts
'Meiya' 15 hours ago
it's weird. I dont know these people at all yet I'm proud of them
The Blue (Minecraft pro)
100 push ups 100 sit ups and 3km run for 3 that lets try if you can become saitama :)
Charlotte Lovely Jimenez
damn... the trainer know what is UUUUPPP
kristin stromoy
'kristin stromoy' 16 hours ago
Evan 😍
Rutam Mokashi
'Rutam Mokashi' 16 hours ago
LOL if that is 6.6% body fat, i'd better be at < 1% :-P
Matthew Stuart
'Matthew Stuart' 16 hours ago
Hats off to the poor celebs, they do work hard but also get millions of dollars to do it! I put my hat back on
'iNeedAJob' 16 hours ago
i wish they use cm and kg instead of inches and lb.
Astor Walnut Producer
Mmm...I'm watching this video eating a coca-cola with a delicious pizza and a burger french fries melted with a lot of cheese with jalapenos...
Michaela Azure
'Michaela Azure' 16 hours ago
Dang, he's fiiiine
Jamie McDonald
'Jamie McDonald' 17 hours ago
This video is crap. I hope no one follows this. Eat wholesome foods and find what ever activity you don't mind doing or one that you love. Simple. This was a video on dehydration and starvation.
Zelda Okeson-Haberman
I'm sitting with my bathrobe eating a carton of ice cream.
Chris Biddle
'Chris Biddle' 17 hours ago
um 6.6 body fat? aren't you supposed to have like 20 percent body fat or something around that?
John Le
'John Le' 17 hours ago
'raven50x' 17 hours ago
I got that dorito body... too bad it's upside down.
melissa taveras
'melissa taveras' 17 hours ago
id love to do this
The Siphon
'The Siphon' 18 hours ago
I wish I had dicipline and time to do that.
'bukooblunt' 18 hours ago
Im about to start my routine but my problem is my metabolism is too damn high. I gotta ingest 4000 calories just to offset it. I honestly dont know how normal people eat more than 2500, after that point I feel like the food up to my tonsils! Do they make a slim-slow? lol
Susana Landeros
'Susana Landeros' 18 hours ago
Damn that dorito shape looks good 👍🏽
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