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Film Theory: The ULTIMATE Guide to Predicting Oscar Winners -
Published: 2 months ago By: The Film Theorists

By: The Film TheoristsPublished: 2 months ago

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How to Win an Oscar for BEST PICTURE! ►

So last year I helped Leonardo Dicaprio win Best're welcome buddy! This year, I'm focusing on someone more important -- YOU GUYS! Today, I'm determined to give you the PERFECT strategy for predicting the Oscars. Because every office has an Academy Award pool, and it's my job to win you some easy cash. So what's the secret -- watching the Golden Globes (which are tonight, btw) and the SAG awards? Not quite. Watch the Golden Globes to laugh at the antics of the drunk celebrities, but when it comes down to it, your strategy should be a bit more sophisticated. Don't worry -- I got you covered!

Twitter: @MatPatGT

Like the theme song? Thanks to CARF!

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How to Win an Oscar for BEST PICTURE!

Isabella Taylor
'Isabella Taylor' 2 months ago
Heyyyy notification squad. You're awesome Mat!
'Pineapple25ski' 14 hours ago
Mat you are gonna help me win my family's Oscar's competition, I'll update you all in a couple days
Ninja_gamin 02
'Ninja_gamin 02' 2 days ago
Hey has anyone done the research and wanna share it?
'TheKersey475' 2 days ago
So according to this video, the Oscar winners will be; Best Cinematography: La La Land Best Original Screenplay: La La Land/Manchester by the Sea (Tie at Critic’s Choice Awards) Best Adapted Screenplay: Moonlight/Arrival (W.G.A. and Oscars categorize them differently) Best Supporting Actress: Viola Davis (Rose Maxson in “Fences”) Best Supporting Actor: Mahershala Ali (Juan in “Moonlight”) Best Actor: Denzel Washington (Troy Maxson in “Fences”) Best Actress: Emma Stone (Mia Dolan in “La La Land”) Best Director: Damien Chazelle Best Picture: La La Land
'TheKersey475' 2 days ago
One flaw with the "Best Picture" theory for this year is that "Moonlight's" plain one word title might not account for people spelling it as "Moon Light" or just the generic term.
Kate McEwan
'Kate McEwan' 2 days ago
Slick Trademarc
'Slick Trademarc' 3 days ago
The WGA put Moonlight in the Best Original Screeenplay Category but it's in the Best Adapted Screenplay at the Oscars
Jaxel MS
'Jaxel MS' 4 days ago
Hey, a couple tips based on this video's advice: I checked google trends, and, though Moonlight may seem like La La Land's main competition, it's getting NO search traffic. Seriously, check right now, it's almost like no one is searching for it. Meanwhile, the only movie that's seemingly competing with La La Land's search traffic is (surprisingly) Hacksaw Ridge. In fact, today specifically, it beat La La Land's traffic. So, odds are, Hacksaw Ridge is gonna be the most searched by the night of the Oscars.
Nolan B
'Nolan B' 4 days ago
I used this strategy to the letter on this year's ballot and many of the categories are missing. You wrote them off under critic's choice award but the sound and visual oscars vastly outnumber the performance ones and so will make or break predictions, so they might also need to be analyzed further than "Oh just mark down the critics' choice". Also as far as i can tell Singman hasn't run his model this year and best animated picture is a tough call
Sillydude 164
'Sillydude 164' 4 days ago
this clickbait kinda film theory, the thumbnail saus HACK the Oscars, but this is PREDICTING the Oscars!?! Just a little nudge so you might have a chance of reading this and saying "hey! Why don't I change the thumbnail of this video do to clickbait!" Just a thought tht I might mention (WAIT I did mention this just now wat!?!).
Salami Puddin
'Salami Puddin' 4 days ago
Is the google trends step based on worldwide trends or those just in North America?
Sarah Houle
'Sarah Houle' 5 days ago
I'm gonna be honest here, I feel like a piece of media as a whole shouldn't be nominated for more than two awards per award show. Like a movie should only be nominated for two things, but actors can still have two nominations of their own. But like with the Grammys the artist and the album/songs get two nominations total. I just think some people's nominations are a few too many for something that's supposed to be celebrating its entire respective industry.
Jenna Arendse
'Jenna Arendse' 5 days ago
Cristian Delgadillo
So seriously though for those who do have an oscar competition, who are the possible winners?
Maggie Wainwright
'Maggie Wainwright' 1 week ago
All Murder
'All Murder' 1 week ago
I think there some deeply buried resentment against Bill here
Legendary Destroyer
My name is Bill and I work at accounting! :(
Doggie The Dog
'Doggie The Dog' 1 week ago
Unauthorized Genocide
7:15 Swagga
'JackSpedicy' 1 week ago
'thegamingdonut' 1 week ago
The real video starts at 9:58.....
Peter Gao
'Peter Gao' 1 week ago
Lol that subtitle at the end tho.
brown begerson
'brown begerson' 2 weeks ago
Angry Birds Not Sponcored😂
Stormy skies
'Stormy skies' 2 weeks ago
I have a question. do you think you could do a Film Theory on the movie 'Inspector Gadget'? Like a theory on what they do in the movie is humanely possible??
Lando 530
'Lando 530' 2 weeks ago
Why quality not HD....
Murat Mutlu
'Murat Mutlu' 2 weeks ago
The Legend Epic_Sama
Anyone else notice the subtitles at the end
'NinjaKIngAce' 2 weeks ago
I clicked on this video because of Deadpool. Anyway, everyone knows the Oscars are won by whoever campaigned the most.
Derpinator Meepling
'Derpinator Meepling' 2 weeks ago
At 9:55 when the computer slammed down I started hearing music playing wondering where he was going with it and after 2 minutes I realized that my headphones paused the video and started playing music. Was perfect timing for that to happen.
Buddog88 Gaming
'Buddog88 Gaming' 2 weeks ago
At 8:24, 40 Oscar statues were shown instead of twenty. Ocd...such ocd...
Andrew Westerlund
'Andrew Westerlund' 2 weeks ago
All the best movies have subtitles. You should know this MatPat, for this is film theory, not game theory.
'Yextro' 2 weeks ago
Puppy monkey baby
Larkin Watches Stuff
My school has no person like that but after watching this video it is me.
JellyNutShell Gamer
'JellyNutShell Gamer' 2 weeks ago
Needs more Текущая
'Weredog53' 2 weeks ago
This video is better than the actual Golden Gold
Joel Curtis
'Joel Curtis' 2 weeks ago
Deadpool should have won everything.
Carrie S
'Carrie S' 2 weeks ago
That "woop woop" kinda scared me
'MegaSuperab' 2 weeks ago
William Wright
'William Wright' 2 weeks ago
Why do you hate Bill so much?!
J. Matthew Barnes
'J. Matthew Barnes' 2 weeks ago
MatPat: You forgot the best predictor...Vegas odds!
Miranda Johnson
'Miranda Johnson' 2 weeks ago
I find his intro song so satisfying
'WillfulVisions' 2 weeks ago
So wait... that's it? You get a little under half marked down based on other awards and just guess the rest with twitter and google? Couple that with the fact that twitter doesn't have a good tool for analytics and you're going to be losing to Bill from accounting. Just saying. We need a better guide for the obscure categories like 'Sound Mixing'.
'Dafaria' 2 weeks ago
Can someone here list off the predictions for the Oscars once they have followed these steps? Would be much appreciated, I'm too lazy to do so. :P
Abby Lynn
'Abby Lynn' 2 weeks ago
Ya know what you should do an episode on..... strange things
/. Maddox1000 .\
'/. Maddox1000 .\' 2 weeks ago
kill noobtube
Brandon Rankin
'Brandon Rankin' 3 weeks ago
But how would you predict foreign films and short films? Or Make-up? Or costumes? Those are the truly difficult ones and you don't talk about them! I am so lost!!
Faith Moreno
'Faith Moreno' 3 weeks ago
That hurt MatPat, because I genuinely hoped that you were right about Rogue One...
Brutus The Prey
'Brutus The Prey' 3 weeks ago
i think i go agents the recency effect...
Blueberry The Fox
'Blueberry The Fox' 3 weeks ago
bro plz stop the music it is kinda destrackting
'SonofMrPeanut' 3 weeks ago
Additional Statistic: Since 2001 when the Academy Awards started offering it, the Annie Awards chose the Best Animated Feature winner 69% of the time.
for irony
'for irony's sake' 3 weeks ago
Fuck you, Bill.
Stefano Gallo
'Stefano Gallo' 3 weeks ago
7:49 "OoooohWeee, Mr. Poopy Butthole!"
lunerpugs Wells
'lunerpugs Wells' 3 weeks ago
snore snore
Mandy Carolina
'Mandy Carolina' 3 weeks ago
I needed to catch a breath from the Poppy video so now I'm here 😅
Fiber lights 123
'Fiber lights 123' 3 weeks ago
The guy decided not to do the twitter algorithm this year
Simon Moore
'Simon Moore' 3 weeks ago
Your name is Mat and i watch an over YouTuber named Matt
'SonofMrPeanut' 3 weeks ago
Let's see how Google plugging Lion affects the equation.
Bajsmannen Storpung
'Bajsmannen Storpung' 3 weeks ago
The Academy doesn't let social justice determine which movie gets a prize. Golden Globes does it a lot (at least the past 5-10 years) and bafta won't give a prize to someone if it causes a "skin color imbalance", which is racist if you ask me.
'BlueJosh' 3 weeks ago
Bills got some elf ears
Alastair Macfarlane
'Alastair Macfarlane' 3 weeks ago
Yer das yer maw??? Ko lad quality vid as always
'Furluge' 3 weeks ago
Are Oscar pools a thing in Cali?
'Fillory's Future' 3 weeks ago
a coin flip is 51/49. Fact of the day. 😸
Tambry 0152
'Tambry 0152' 3 weeks ago
Does Matthew hate anyone named Bill?
Minion Pig
'Minion Pig' 3 weeks ago
Do a mememe theory
Kito Kun
'Kito Kun' 4 weeks ago
'Gertrude' 4 weeks ago
Please explain Miike Snow's songs (in order) Paddling Out, The Wave, Devil's Work, and Pretender. I would really like to know since I have recently found their music!
'MasterMatt' 4 weeks ago
Thank you! you truly #makeyoutubegreatagain
sparkle lover
'sparkle lover' 4 weeks ago
'Loopo' 4 weeks ago
Idc anymore if this is a theory. I'm convinced it's more than that and now I'm going to set up a bet with my family for the Oscars.
'gamer99036' 4 weeks ago
omg so good
Francesca D.
'Francesca D.' 4 weeks ago
How do I find this twitter thing. I need to get my hands on it.
Travis Jennings
'Travis Jennings' 4 weeks ago
Hey MatPat you should do a theory on how in the movie middle school worst years of my life is ACTUALLY the seven deadly sins P.S. it fits i checked myself but i am not going to put it into this comment because that would ruin the video if you make it Please do make the vid P.S P.S. I really like your vids so keep up the good work =D
keroro milk
'keroro milk' 4 weeks ago
I accidentally SH*T ON MY KITTY soon as Mat Pat's subtitles came rolling in...........YAY????????
'jonasfan889' 4 weeks ago
Do a film theory for La La Land
J. Mace
'J. Mace' 4 weeks ago
Coming back to this vid because I want to say that I predicted Lin Manuel Miranda's Oscar win/EGOT!!!
Willie Brown
'Willie Brown' 4 weeks ago
'SonofMrPeanut' 4 weeks ago
Skip to 5:09 for Stephen Fry.
That sensitive psychopath
I'm not smart enough to follow all of this so yeh, dislike bitch
trd 12
'trd 12' 4 weeks ago
Always Sunny at 2:49-2:50 anyone?
Aarmau Fangirl
'Aarmau Fangirl' 4 weeks ago
Dear Matpat! Me and my friends would really like a theory on I Eat Pasta For Breakfast. It's a great series for theories! Thx for reading!! Ps. Fellow theorists make sure Matpat sees this.
Victor Valadares
'Victor Valadares' 4 weeks ago
I'm a brazilian guy and oh my God, your channel is a fucking great one. There aren't film channels like this one in my country. Keep on with the good work!
Olivia Kellogg
'Olivia Kellogg' 4 weeks ago
cars 3 theory please
Jonas Engle
'Jonas Engle' 4 weeks ago
hate watching the Oscar's sometimes because they will ignore horror and ScI FY at all costs even when they have a vastly superior performance than every other genre that year. (the babadook and it follows were the best movies of 2014 and 2015) (and bone tomahawk had some really great cinematography)
Jonas Engle
'Jonas Engle' 4 weeks ago
spotlight's win came out of nowhere because it didnt deserve the win
Marco D
'Marco D' 4 weeks ago
2:34 obama is lizard we all know this xDDDDDD
Aimar Raya
'Aimar Raya' 4 weeks ago
You should make a ULTIMATE Guide to Predicting Bloxy Award Winners video
Maia Engelbrecht
'Maia Engelbrecht' 4 weeks ago
Please do unfortunate events
'Sligh' 4 weeks ago
while I appreciate the immense amount of effort that goes into the research for these videos the premise that there's a work place Oscar pool is a bit much. I work at a factory, with full grown adults who converse about things that aren't entirely pointless.
'LoGiE' 4 weeks ago
A lot of retards in the comments lol
Dyaln Pinecone
'Dyaln Pinecone' 4 weeks ago
Do one on supermariologan
The E- Beast
'The E- Beast' 4 weeks ago
Please do a video on the flash
Bia Barreto
'Bia Barreto' 4 weeks ago
Okay, but how does one predict the winner of Best Animated Picture and Best Original Song?
Thomas Hill
'Thomas Hill' 4 weeks ago
Interesting video and I love the research behind it. Its great and detailed like you always make them. But the point is not just to get all of them correct. Yes of course you want your predictions to be right but you should not just look up google searches and go with what the guilds say. You should actually go out and watch the movies being nominated and see why they are considered some of the best films for yourself. Then you can form your own opinions and predictions, see some awesome films and also be more satisfied that your taste in movies is what was spot-on and not just your googling skills
Andrew mouzakitis
'Andrew mouzakitis' 4 weeks ago
The lollipop gild 🍭
Atratzu Reviews
'Atratzu Reviews' 4 weeks ago
someone has it in for Bill it appears. lol
'Stemaa1' 4 weeks ago
I like how you decided to add subtitles at the end! :'D
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