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Film Theory: The ULTIMATE Guide to Predicting Oscar Winners -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: The Film Theorists

By: The Film TheoristsPublished: 2 weeks ago

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How to Win an Oscar for BEST PICTURE! ►

So last year I helped Leonardo Dicaprio win Best're welcome buddy! This year, I'm focusing on someone more important -- YOU GUYS! Today, I'm determined to give you the PERFECT strategy for predicting the Oscars. Because every office has an Academy Award pool, and it's my job to win you some easy cash. So what's the secret -- watching the Golden Globes (which are tonight, btw) and the SAG awards? Not quite. Watch the Golden Globes to laugh at the antics of the drunk celebrities, but when it comes down to it, your strategy should be a bit more sophisticated. Don't worry -- I got you covered!

Twitter: @MatPatGT

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How to Win an Oscar for BEST PICTURE!

'josabby474' 27 minutes ago
Part of the issue is that campaigning is a heavy part of the Oscars and Golden Globes. It isn't the case for critics choice. At least it isn't in the same way. Critics often reward the films and performances that they feel deserve recognition, but the studios don't campaign. Last year, part of the reason that The Oscars were so white was because the studio campaigned for Sylvester Stallone, but not Michael B Jordan
Unknown_User 123
'Unknown_User 123' 1 hour ago
Wait so does lighting mcqueen get life insurance or car insurance?
Eclipse Solar
'Eclipse Solar' 1 hour ago
who else thinks that he should do a thoery on kimi no nawa. about whats the chances of a comet slitting and hitting the earth?
Deadpool gaming 3948
Darn right i should have won !
Thomas Horne
'Thomas Horne' 4 hours ago
matpat should totally do a collaboration with vsauce3
'NeonTheWolf' 5 hours ago
nanananananananananotification squad
'Pasha' 10 hours ago
You should do a theory on westworld, please it is pure gold. You can't say that often about shows these days
'EeveeFall' 14 hours ago
fucking bill i always wondered what was behind his house. i always thought it was mew
'SuperSugarcrush' 16 hours ago
Do a film theory on SAO or Naruto
'Iceyekid05' 17 hours ago
if you make another channel it should be trend theory
Jake Rue
'Jake Rue' 17 hours ago
Did it play the video twice for anyone else? I Heard And cut at around 14 mins, then it kept going till 22
Budderprincess 14
'Budderprincess 14' 17 hours ago
Notification squad BABAY
kyle britt
'kyle britt' 17 hours ago
very boring video. I feel like you baited me to watch this with Deadpool. but also these videos were once exciting now not so much. my advice go back and watch some old videos of yours and come up with something fresh
Vishal Asokan
'Vishal Asokan' 23 hours ago
Matt do Disney Pixar Cars.... love Pixar don't ya??
Nam Phuong
'Nam Phuong' 1 day ago
MatPat is legit Andrew Garfield 2.0
JSJHI lassast
'JSJHI lassast' 1 day ago
aw mat made fun of himself :( lol good sport
'Clixbrigidxterx' 1 day ago
Your Name will win for sure..
Nikodimos Triaridis
La La Land is going to win a shitton of Oscars and it's taking no prisoners.
Nikodimos Triaridis
If you search Mad Max Fury Road on Google trends, it's got an even BIGGER spike in February 28th. SO WHY DIDN'T IT WIN?
Ryan Hollinger
'Ryan Hollinger' 2 days ago
But that's not accounting the actual voters who have regularities in their choices. Interesting Spotlight was brought up, that's why I feel that Moonlight and not La La Land will win best picture.
'Baladucci' 2 days ago
But what about the Film Actors Guild?
'michigo' 2 days ago
Wait... Do I win anything if I correctly guess the winners of an Oscar? Is it gambling? O:
Jet Hanskinsky III
I get so happy whenever Matt uploads 😊😊
'joshua2799' 2 days ago
The reward system in Hollywood is a mess of shills and several companies and industries who shower people with money and objects just to get positive views on their movies or shows. I got the idea from Adam ruins Everything
Jillian Nikollaj
'Jillian Nikollaj' 2 days ago
"(Number seven will surprise you)" iM dYING
marycruz salinas
'marycruz salinas' 2 days ago
Yeah subtitles mat pat
'MerpDaDerp830' 3 days ago
I love how he said screw the subtitles and right after subtitles appeared XD
Shirley R.
'Shirley R.' 3 days ago
How do you keep up with creating new and long videos (with great evidence in great number might I add) for TWO different channels with whole new theories so frequently for the amount of content WITH a livestream!! I really appreciate all you do Matpat! Thank you and keep doing what you're doing! Bye!
potato chip
'potato chip' 3 days ago
sorry this is so random but how old is matpat?
Amir Moradi
'Amir Moradi' 3 days ago
come on, crazy castle (9:37) was a pretty good movie
'MIKEY VEE' 3 days ago
Oh look, you didn't sellout this
'Ninjay48' 3 days ago
your intro gives me Vietnam flashbacks cause of the salad fingers and dhmis
Antonio Salazar
'Antonio Salazar' 3 days ago
you should put subtitles, that would help me with my English 😅😅
'TedruUges' 3 days ago
Wait... just because it looks like they die in the end of Rogue One, doesn't mean the theory ist not correct. right?
Reece G
'Reece G' 3 days ago
And all this time I thought the P.G.A involved golf
'raisinlord74' 3 days ago
matpat could you do a theory on khonjin house I have no idea what is going on through it and a lot of other people don't either could you maybe she'd some light on it?
רועי קוריאל סטון
MAT-PAT! you should do a film theory about moana, i already have started figuring out something about that movie maybe you will find more.
Rara Potter
'Rara Potter' 3 days ago
'trivabrain' 3 days ago
you should do a video on poppy
Rebecca Vasquez
'Rebecca Vasquez' 3 days ago
Hey matpat I would love if you did an episode on the show House M.D. one of the best shows on Netflix!!
Martina Treeby
'Martina Treeby' 3 days ago
Feranmi Okeremi
'Feranmi Okeremi' 3 days ago
Hey matpat why don't you do a therory on the 5th wave it is a really good movie with lots of secrets to unfold
Lester Oquias
'Lester Oquias' 3 days ago
didn't realize there were subtitles till matt said there were XD
shaquille wilson
'shaquille wilson' 3 days ago
MatPat, do a diet theory on lazy town! Please like to get this comment to the top!
'FRISHR' 3 days ago
Just goes to show that most critics are pretentious bias schmucks.
James Smith
'James Smith' 3 days ago
Yo Matpat, you ever think about doing Music Video theories?
Hey, Mat, ever heard of Bugsy Malone? It has tons of plot holes and things that makes no sense. You like that, right? I don't know how you do... whatever you do.
Seth Burger
'Seth Burger' 3 days ago
Alright Film Theory, it's time for you to stop fucking around and figure out what's under Double D's hat on Ed, Edd, n' Eddy.
Colleen Easton
'Colleen Easton' 3 days ago
Do the lorax
Yamask the Lopunny
Can you make an analysis for the Best Animated Film Award?
Marcos Alonso
'Marcos Alonso' 3 days ago
Hey, can you make a theory on how big the Seireitei is? The Seireitei from Bleach manga/anime?
'Plop' 3 days ago
Hey matpat, I think you might like the movie "9". It is ripe for theories!
rylee jordan
'rylee jordan' 4 days ago
I would really like to see your theory for the new 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales' trailer! I have a theory of my own for it and would like to compare with you and some others.
Izzy Gasper
'Izzy Gasper' 4 days ago
you shoukd do a theory discussing when the series of unfortunate events takes place.
Potatoe Fanner
'Potatoe Fanner' 4 days ago
Could there be a film theory about scrat's species and how they have space travel and how they are advanced
Morgan Le Fay
'Morgan Le Fay' 4 days ago
Matpat, how about doing a theory on why the leading cause of character death in Korean dramas is crossing the road? I for one would really like to know why
Sloth Dude175
'Sloth Dude175' 4 days ago
No Doctor Who Pt. 3?
'Richie' 4 days ago
Next Video: Would It Be Safe to Live in Thneedvile from the Lorax movie
'Pixelfox' 4 days ago
Yeah you should do if all demons die does raven die
Hey yo yo its me
'Hey yo yo its me' 4 days ago
You should do would raven die if all demons die?
Melanie Uon
'Melanie Uon' 4 days ago
A film theory on A Series of Unfortunate Events, please!
Pizmaco Jr
'Pizmaco Jr' 4 days ago
Hi mat can you do a film theory on Bravest Warriors I recommend it if you haven't watch it. It on youtube
Black bunny
'Black bunny' 4 days ago
Hey mat pat I have a suggestion. Can you Manet in the future do a theory on Courage the Cowardly?
Elijah Dale
'Elijah Dale' 4 days ago
CONGRATS ON $ MILLION SUBS DUDE i was there from 5,000,000 thousand
Bob Cob
'Bob Cob' 4 days ago
Hey mat pat you should do a theory about Sherlock
Blake Bell
'Blake Bell' 4 days ago
Hey can you do RWBY next? Love the vid btw
Oliver Sundseth
'Oliver Sundseth' 4 days ago
is film thery the game thery dude
Jack Dudley
'Jack Dudley '21' 4 days ago
Do a theory on Netflix's a series of unfortunate events
Tbone TheFancywhale
"Don't listen to critics.. they're wrong most the time", that's a shocker
Nathan Radle
'Nathan Radle' 4 days ago
Can you make a theory about Spider-Man 4
Stephen T
'Stephen T' 4 days ago
I have a prediction: this year, they're going to nominate actors of all different races so that they can't be accused of racism again. Not that they ever were in the first place, but they don't want another boycott on their hands.
Stephen T
'Stephen T' 4 days ago
I knew it was going to be Spotlight. It seemed more Oscar-ish than any other movie.
Gage Keye
'Gage Keye' 4 days ago
Anyone think he should try to figure out where Fez from that '70s show is from.
Aaron Bard
'Aaron Bard' 4 days ago
Do a theory on A Series of Unfortunate Events
Firey Destroyer
'Firey Destroyer' 4 days ago
I just sub to this channel and just joined your notification squad on both your channels
Aengelo Vargas
'Aengelo Vargas' 4 days ago
We already knbow who is gonna win It is Matt Damon
Sung sama
'Sung sama' 4 days ago
Magogamer 115
'Magogamer 115' 4 days ago
Reply to this Matt and I'll tell you a Theroy A FILM THEROY Well tv
Audrey Tacderas
'Audrey Tacderas' 4 days ago
y'all better be getting on a series of unfortunate events matpat because my heart has been broken and i need something from you so that waiting for season 2 is a little less miserable
'Tyronethe3rd' 4 days ago
Eugene InLaw
'Eugene InLaw' 4 days ago
i have absolutely ZERO respect for any award show out there tbh, because they ALL suck! but it's fun to listen about those fools anyway
Isaac Bendo
'Isaac Bendo' 4 days ago
I'm 15 and this is weirdly interesting
'AntheRaea' 4 days ago
This is one of the prettiest, most well edited videos I've seen yet on this channel. I just felt that deserved acknowledgement.
Rye Bread414
'Rye Bread414' 4 days ago
Hey Matpat I have a theory what would happen if you caught the Golden Snitch will in mid flight on a broom stick all from Harry Potter and the Scorers Stone ,and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?
Not Me
'Not Me' 4 days ago
hey Matt do a film theory on the bye bye man.. pleaseee
E Oliver
'E Oliver' 4 days ago
do a theory on RWBY
Aisling Mc Swiney
'Aisling Mc Swiney' 4 days ago
Can you please please please do a film theory on The Incredibles!!!!
Nick Sima
'Nick Sima' 4 days ago
La la land?
Piggesfordayz 10
'Piggesfordayz 10' 4 days ago
'TotinoWrestler' 4 days ago
Jace Lukenbaugh
'Jace Lukenbaugh' 4 days ago
Hey MatPat! You should check out A Series Of Unfortunate Events on Netflix! Great show with Neil Patrick Harris and more. But best of all there is a startling lack of police. What's going on? I'll leave that up to you. P.S. I've been watching since the beginning of game theory and this is my first suggestion. Plz notice me;)
Izzy Andrus
'Izzy Andrus' 4 days ago
please make a theory on llamas with hats
'Bucketman' 4 days ago
We need a theory on A Series Of Unfortunate Events! Particularly the tv show on Netflix, cause we need answers! You can do this MatPat!
The Buttwind
'The Buttwind' 4 days ago
Was that guy really playing angry birds
Fire Fox
'Fire Fox' 5 days ago
Sherlock Holmes
My Mermaid Channel
Ugh Bill from accounting Steve from accounting is worse
'Tekno' 5 days ago
How to predict the Oscar's: Look at whoever pays the most bribe money to get it
Sara Settles
'Sara Settles' 5 days ago
Do a theory on Poppy!!!!!!!!!!! (PLEASE)
Poopflinger617 -
'Poopflinger617 -' 5 days ago
Do could magneto lift thor's hammer
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