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Film Theory: The ULTIMATE Guide to Predicting Oscar Winners -
Published: 1 year ago By: The Film Theorists

By: The Film TheoristsPublished: 1 year ago

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So last year I helped Leonardo Dicaprio win Best're welcome buddy! This year, I'm focusing on someone more important -- YOU GUYS! Today, I'm determined to give you the PERFECT strategy for predicting the Oscars. Because every office has an Academy Award pool, and it's my job to win you some easy cash. So what's the secret -- watching the Golden Globes (which are tonight, btw) and the SAG awards? Not quite. Watch the Golden Globes to laugh at the antics of the drunk celebrities, but when it comes down to it, your strategy should be a bit more sophisticated. Don't worry -- I got you covered!

Twitter: @MatPatGT

Like the theme song? Thanks to CARF!

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How to Win an Oscar for BEST PICTURE!

Isabella Taylor
'Isabella Taylor' 1 year ago
Heyyyy notification squad. You're awesome Mat!
The Holly AJ
'The Holly AJ' 2 weeks ago
Imma ditch the Oscars and watch Mat Pat instead. Maybe I'll stalk him by binge watching all of his videos.
'NerdViking' 3 weeks ago
How do i check twitter trends?
Yo Tengo
'Yo Tengo' 3 weeks ago
I think the annual bloxy awards is the best award show
Re w
'Re w' 3 weeks ago
All the videos that you distort the faces and put creepy music scare me so badly.
'TheKersey475' 3 weeks ago
So according to this video, the Oscar Winners for 2018 will be; Best Cinematography: Blade Runner 2049 Best Original Screenplay: Get Out Best Adapted Screenplay: Call Me By Your Name Best Supporting Actress: Allison Janney (“I Tonya”) Best Supporting Actor: Sam Rockwell (“Three Billboards”) Best Actor: Gary Oldman (“Darkest Hour”) Best Actress: Frances McDormand (“Three Billboards”) Best Director: Guillermo del Toro Best Picture: The Shape of Water
Noah Mukhtar
'Noah Mukhtar' 4 weeks ago
I watched this a year ago and I actually scored both Best Picture & Best Actress; and now I've realised what this guy did was Data Science / Business Analytics; theres like a shortage of 2m jobs in the US alone for this kind of stuff so props to you for helping me discover this.
Qasim Amin
'Qasim Amin' 4 weeks ago
just gonna go tweet matpat #notificationsquad ;)
'Topbra111' 1 month ago
Oh Academy Awards, please let Gary Oldman win an Oscar’s for Darkest Hour.
Maria Lopez
'Maria Lopez' 2 months ago
I'll do this just because I don't have to watch the film
DramaTIQUE Gaming Geek
I have a theory that people pay to win the oscars!
jace bugz
'jace bugz' 2 months ago
am i the only one who made watching this every year a tradition?
'WyldFyreFury' 2 months ago
“Just because it has subtitles doesn’t make it good!” *puts subtitles*
Wicked Blizzard
'Wicked Blizzard' 3 months ago
Leonardo decaprio still hasn’t won an Oscar LoL
Shovel 1
'Shovel 1' 3 months ago
What about a Grammys episode
josh de la garza
'josh de la garza' 3 months ago
Jonny Lupus
'Jonny Lupus' 3 months ago
I think we should take into account the progressive agenda- the fact that a film showcasing feminism, black leads, gay leads, or some combination of the three is a shoe-in. That is how Moonlight won its award, people shouldn’t be shocked at that.
Maylin Heidtke
'Maylin Heidtke' 3 months ago
You should watch the Adam ruins everything video about how the Oscar winners are based on bribing voters not who had the most talent
xxSilent_Assasin117xx Smith
He just got someone fired
'下佐粉ケイ' 3 months ago
What if it’s the boss watching this?
Mario Carcamo
'Mario Carcamo' 3 months ago
Raptor with Feathers
'Raptor with Feathers' 3 months ago
Just saying that I love Your intros, both Game-theory and Movie-theory intros
Super Dude
'Super Dude' 3 months ago
Step 1: Be white.
Joselyn Vifquain
'Joselyn Vifquain' 3 months ago
Anyone notice after MatPat screws bill from accounting the last time he says " just because it has subtitles doesn't make it cool" the video got subtitles😮
Leo Milmet
'Leo Milmet' 4 months ago
Leo Milmet
'Leo Milmet' 4 months ago
I predicted Spotlight w/o doing any of this
Kevin Fox
'Kevin Fox' 4 months ago
'Do this theory!' 'Do that theory!' Nah, MatPat, do me!
Zachary Sanderson
'Zachary Sanderson' 5 months ago
the statues aren't made of gold matpat
angel demon
'angel demon' 5 months ago
Awsome vido
Joshy Washington
'Joshy Washington' 5 months ago
Notification squad!
'cfrankum83' 5 months ago
MatPat, have you ever noticed that in your intro clip that Spider-Man starts to turn the corner mid-air before he shoots his first web?
Melvin Linderoth
'Melvin Linderoth' 5 months ago
You do realsise that the other awards shows do not acctually try to gues the oscar results right
Evangeline Bennett
'Evangeline Bennett' 6 months ago
Sam Baroglio
'Sam Baroglio' 6 months ago
Reality is photoshopped. If you did all this you'd still have a chance, but if you REALLY wanted to win the oscar, the only real way would be to switch the envelope at the last second, and run away before anyone found out you did it.
'Drade' 6 months ago
Loved the way the vid matched up with the music
Larisa Jurovič
'Larisa Jurovič' 6 months ago
Hi matpat I gust finished watching oll your game theories and film theories last night I finish oll your episodes and I field my test for English but I'm going to correct it hopefully I don't feel sorry that my eyes burn or my head for that matter and I gust want to say that you make my day ;)
RVDOPE 101 - Memes And Minecraft
Leonardo De Cap tons of movie Eminem 1 movie wons an oscar
Hope haley
'Hope haley' 6 months ago
I have 24 film hipsters 😡😡😡😡😡😡
Cool Dude
'Cool Dude' 6 months ago
96% white nice moonlit won Oscar.
Jesper Michaelsen
'Jesper Michaelsen' 6 months ago
but its ok, cause you're GREAT!
Jesper Michaelsen
'Jesper Michaelsen' 6 months ago
Did you just offend new rockstars? How dare you!
Ivan Uriel Scd Flrs
'Ivan Uriel Scd Flrs' 7 months ago
just cus it has subtitles doesn't make it good *adds subtitles*
'sagerudbeck' 7 months ago
I'm that film "hipster" in my friend group, and also saw the Spotlight win coming
The Entire Galaxy
'The Entire Galaxy' 7 months ago
You need to expect the unexpect duh
divit prasad
'divit prasad' 7 months ago
I used to love this channel cuz it thoeizee my favourite games but I never really followed the science behind it. But now I'm in grade eight and I understand a Heck ton of science...
Elias Nyström
'Elias Nyström' 7 months ago
Doesn't this make us film hipsters?
Gilderoy Lockhart
'Gilderoy Lockhart' 7 months ago
Da Awesome Squad
'Da Awesome Squad' 8 months ago
You put dead pool in the thumbnail. Bye now.
'inhumanpoppy' 8 months ago
I watched this video and thought... HOW THE CRAP DOES ANDY SERKIS NOT HAVE AN OSCAR YET?!?!?
'You'reInAComa' 8 months ago
I don’t know What I’m doing.
People who write notification squad are annoying! In fact I hate them! We get it! You have notifications! Uggghhhh!
Poke Topichu
'Poke Topichu' 8 months ago
"SCREW YOU, BILL" So close...
'Blob' 9 months ago
I can make you an award!!!!! I'll put MATPAT in golden letters on it!!!!
Ark Is awesome
'Ark Is awesome' 9 months ago
It said number 7 will surprise you but is no number 7 at 2:22
Aph Schuyler
'Aph Schuyler' 9 months ago
Still waiting for Music Theory, who else? Just me? Oh well.......
A Human
'A Human' 10 months ago
Bloxy awards are better (jk)
Loki 115
'Loki 115' 10 months ago
That of you just pick the bullsh*t 'political' commentary movies that no one cares about or has ever heard of.
Nikodimos Triaridis
'Nikodimos Triaridis' 10 months ago
Welp, no one can't fault the Golden Globes for predicting this year's Best Picture Winner. I mean, both La La Land and Moonlight won, didn't they?
katrina madrid
'katrina madrid' 10 months ago
I love matpat notification squad say that u love him or not in the squad
legion prime
'legion prime' 10 months ago
thx 2 u I've won 13/15 bets
Muna Omar
'Muna Omar' 10 months ago
seriously who would what a oscer the switch is the all
Muna Omar
'Muna Omar' 10 months ago
'PsycopathicChick' 10 months ago
Can you please do a theory on charlie the unicorn?
Tom sometimes Playz
'Tom sometimes Playz' 10 months ago
This vid came out the day after my b day
Hmmm... Spotlight, Moonlight, I'm sensing a pattern.
butters and the weirdo machine
Hey matpat watch gaurdians of the galaxy vol 2
Vespertine Creations
'Vespertine Creations' 11 months ago
Mat, real talk here, I am so jealous of your job. We are doing a project about writing whatever you want and I am so jealous of what you do that I am doing a something nerdy. Probably how to win the football pool sense our family does it every year. Anyways, you have been the biggest inspiration of my life and thank you so much for posting these videos.
Judy Hopps
'Judy Hopps' 11 months ago
notification squad!!!!
'amzomolhic' 11 months ago
pat mat
Lionel De
'Lionel De' 11 months ago
So I did a post-facto analysis of this analysis to see if the model he built holds any water: And the answer is..*drum roll* *The model got only 2 out of the 5 right* Answers the model got right: Damien Chazelle(Director) and Emma Stone(Actress) Answers the model got wrong: La La Land(Best Film - PGA elected), Denzel Washington(Best Actor - SAG winner) and Moonlight(Screenplay - WGA winner) I also looked at the Google trends and there was nothing to write home about. Seems like this particular guide was hard-coded for the last year's winners.
Lionel De
'Lionel De' 11 months ago
So I did a post-facto analysis of this analysis to see if the model he built holds any water: And the answer is..*drum roll* *The model got only 2 out of the 5 right* Answers the model got right: Damien Chazelle(Director) and Emma Stone(Actress) Answers the model got wrong: La La Land(Best Film - PGA elected), Denzel Washington(Best Actor - SAG winner) and Moonlight(Screenplay - WGA winner) I also looked at the Google trends and there was nothing to write home about. Seems like this particular guide was hard-coded for the last year's winners.
Meow Cats
'Meow Cats' 11 months ago
Same Notification squad
Jonathan Ruys
'Jonathan Ruys' 11 months ago
balance mission mystery klwdr CEO agreement housing anyway elevator
'BlubbleBlop' 11 months ago
fuck ourmine
Neo B. Jover
'Neo B. Jover' 11 months ago
I want to win the Academy Awards. But I'm going for Best ANIMATED film. Something that my buddy Matpat hasn't covered yet.
Tino De la vega
'Tino De la vega' 11 months ago
lol those 600 people voted moonlight
'24KaratCarrot' 11 months ago
What's the song at 9:57?
Master Leguichard
'Master Leguichard' 11 months ago
You nailed it with the "new" Academy overcorrecting in their voting.
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 11 months ago
Step 1: Be White Step 2: Be relevant to Dads Step 3: Don't be Leonardo DiCaprio
Serenity Kolsky
'Serenity Kolsky' 12 months ago
Anyone else laugh when he said Skynet? I mean whats the diffrence? Google is already stalking us...
'FocusMrbjarke' 12 months ago
Videos starts 13:12
'MysteryMii215' 12 months ago
How to win Best Picture: be a film with an all black cast in the 1st Oscars after a lack of black people being nominated for acting in the last two years (not including this year) and being call racist for it (the Oscars, not the film).
FirePrincess Natsumi
'FirePrincess Natsumi' 12 months ago
Actors and actress earn the award and the everyone else earns bragging rights.
N7 petty
'N7 petty' 12 months ago
whoelse zoned out when listening halfway through and hearing some weird beat not realising?
'dcgraca' 12 months ago
13:01 Bill is creepy af... Ty MatPat for adding a new character to my nightmares! He's next to Bonnie, Ballerina, Sophie and Emily. Don't know if you know them... P.S: Love GTLive!!!! Continue to be awesome
'DragonKingDrake' 1 year ago
My friend predicted "La La Land" will win best picture AFTER the oscars ended
Valdemire Kreshnov
Want to know who is going to win at the Oscars? Just put your money on the one that fits this criteria: - Gay Lead - Female Lead - Oppressed Lead - Stereotypical Antagonist - Unoriginal Plot - Non Hero Movie - How progressive is the lead Actor There are few exceptions that deviate.
Rena Seay
'Rena Seay' 1 year ago
Mat pat do a film theory on bug hero 6
'Jason' 1 year ago
B-17 BAWMER???
Timo Beugelink
'Timo Beugelink' 1 year ago
did he mean a Phil theory?
Nikodimos Triaridis
I can see the confusion that would have spiraled out of this video for this year's ceremony already... "Ha! Suck it, Bill! La La Land won Best Picture! God, my prediction was right after all!! Thnak you Matpa-" "Wait, there's been a msitake! Moonlight won Best Picture!" "MOTHERFUCKER!!!!"
Carter Claphan
'Carter Claphan' 1 year ago
hi mat pat im theorizing about who is lemony snicket
asriel dreemurr
'asriel dreemurr' 1 year ago
will u do a theory when you have so much hard evidence that you dont say thats just a theory and its 100% true?
Molly Flora
'Molly Flora' 1 year ago
Thanks MatPat! I won my film class's predictions! I will think of you while eating my prize popcorn & candy, and use my free movie ticket 🙏🏼 god bless
Rosa Santolaya
'Rosa Santolaya' 1 year ago
'Tash' 1 year ago
Okay. Can we talk about how Matpats rouge one theory was SO MUCH BETTER than the actual movie end.
'Quote' 1 year ago
ever heard of *for your consideration campaigns?* It would be 100% accurate if we knew how many things and money they "gifted" the voters with, but the method you've presented is still pretty spot on :P (somewhat with statistics and such)
Zhane X
'Zhane X' 1 year ago
please do a part 2 of poppy
Ramne Berglund
'Ramne Berglund' 1 year ago
U Are The Best Around
'JackGordon' 1 year ago
Do a theory about what really happened during best picture at the oscars 2017
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