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7 Dog Gadgets Put to the Test -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: CrazyRussianHacker

By: CrazyRussianHackerPublished: 3 weeks ago

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Hey everyone!
For today's video Luke and Hugo going to help me to put to the test 7 dog gadgets.

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Waynesville, NC 28786

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Brian R
'Brian R' 3 hours ago
next gajeck
Pam Fridell
'Pam Fridell' 8 hours ago
what do you think he does with all that stuff he tests? i don't see it cluttering up his home. nice place, by the way!
Nunchuck Gaming
'Nunchuck Gaming' 11 hours ago
If you haven't already you should make another bottle game for Hugo
Monsibd The Adventurer
Luke is such a thug
Thrasher Starke
'Thrasher Starke' 1 day ago
3:01 that's so cool
2:37:Hugo tried to eat Luke's ear off. ;3 dogs
Steven Taylor
'Steven Taylor' 1 day ago
Yes ls do
james cannon
'james cannon' 2 days ago
your dogs are so cute. I have a husky his name is gunner
Aiden Artuz
'Aiden Artuz' 2 days ago
your not crazy your the best russian hacker
princess Smith
'princess Smith' 2 days ago
when he says "gadgets" its sound like "Godgits"
this is so cute <3
kyle kilpatrick
'kyle kilpatrick' 2 days ago
"we are going to charge it" 0:31 HA HA
Seansean Hil
'Seansean Hil' 2 days ago
riley mccormick
'riley mccormick' 2 days ago
can you send me a mre
Nuru Sherpa
'Nuru Sherpa' 2 days ago
nick mcguinness
'nick mcguinness' 2 days ago
*shoots ball thrower*" wow now the dogs are going for it" "Wow now he is bring it back" it's awesome I like it boom thumbs up for me"
Erin McKinney
'Erin McKinney' 3 days ago
that's what she said
Erin McKinney
'Erin McKinney' 3 days ago
go to the time 1:20 then listen up to 1:22
'DG THE YT KING' 3 days ago
hugo and luke are awesome
'DG THE YT KING' 3 days ago
WOW you are living in very beautiful place where is it?
Marko the best drageljevic
ur dogs are so cute!!
'Mr.Monkey' 3 days ago
where is Luke?
Rieley Slocum
'Rieley Slocum' 3 days ago
1% of video, gadgets. 99% of video, Luke and Hugo.
samuel hernandez
'samuel hernandez' 3 days ago
like it
Ian Lopez
'Ian Lopez' 4 days ago
Potential chase example command assure contain.
Andrés Báez The Craziest Puerto Rican
I loved this video! And what do you do with all your gadgets?
Wackys - Gaming
'Wackys - Gaming' 4 days ago
Are you ever gonna use those gadgets
Emilio Savedra
'Emilio Savedra' 4 days ago
Hugo looks like flash
Chase Ruffcorn
'Chase Ruffcorn' 5 days ago
who likes huskies
KPoP lover
'KPoP lover' 5 days ago
their blue eyes are killing me they are sooo cuteeee
Pretty dogs !!
Drew Stiekes
'Drew Stiekes' 5 days ago
He should put his dogs in every thumbnail, millions of views
Prince Trae
'Prince Trae' 5 days ago
Did anyone realize how he looks like Nico Belic from GTA 4 Liberty City Storys
'xXJasonBakonXx' 5 days ago
Can you please put the links to the gadgets you review so we can buy them? I absolutely love watching your videos and the gadgets you review are awesome, but sometimes I want to buy them.
Ade Ilyasa
'Ade Ilyasa' 5 days ago
safetti is numbeh wan prioriti
pavan kartik
'pavan kartik' 5 days ago
Poop in a plastic😝😝
blake chase
'blake chase' 5 days ago
Jake Smith
'Jake Smith' 5 days ago
Your dogs r beutiful
Aidan Edgar
'Aidan Edgar' 5 days ago
Do mentos in diet coke, but close the top!!!!!
William Finney
'William Finney' 5 days ago
Get out of this country you freaking commi
Balázs Tisza
'Balázs Tisza' 5 days ago
Cute dogs!!!🐶
'JAPrank' 5 days ago
You're so awesome man, keep up the good work!!! But you can also just use a sponge except for the brush at the end for the doggy beds??
otaku ya heard
'otaku ya heard' 5 days ago
your dogs are beautiful
'Whaamp' 5 days ago
Can't you put like a go pro on the dogs and se what they do when you are away. You could like put food on the table
yonas harki
'yonas harki' 5 days ago
cuteness overload!!!
'grapezzzz19' 6 days ago
3:39 "con stoych"
SharkKing 15
'SharkKing 15' 6 days ago
1000 degree shovel vs dog poo
Hippie kid
'Hippie kid' 6 days ago
Guys did you hear him at 8:43
Golden Freddy
'Golden Freddy' 6 days ago
Levi Pedro
'Levi Pedro' 6 days ago
Wait his name is hyuga? Don't see any byakugan sadly
Blood Rose
'Blood Rose' 6 days ago
I have the K-9 launcher although for my dog it was never far enough for him.
Matthew Duman
'Matthew Duman' 6 days ago
"Hiking down on the road wish my dogsh"
SnazBerry 6820
'SnazBerry 6820' 6 days ago
I love your vids! Luke and Hugo are so cute!!
Jenna Spinelli
'Jenna Spinelli' 7 days ago
Your dogs are soo cute
Donevin Frownfelter
hey you're almost to 10,000,000 subscribers😁😁
Daniel Sandvik
'Daniel Sandvik' 7 days ago
Luke just like: imma just wait for im to come back and ambush him. Does it it works 😆
Nikki B.
'Nikki B.' 1 week ago
luke is the brains and Hugo is the brawn
James Yeo
'James Yeo' 1 week ago
Hey man they are so cute😻😻😻come on even cats love the dogs love ❤️ 🐶
iiCy blox
'iiCy blox' 1 week ago
Luke's eyes are so gorgeous! <3
overlord world
'overlord world' 1 week ago
poop is gross
'Skeletonhater143' 1 week ago
those dogs are adorable
Sike Tv
'Sike Tv' 1 week ago
the tennis shooter is for people who are too lazy to throw the ball
'Redouan' 1 week ago
I have q gadget for anoying dogs... when they are irritating me I'll shoot them with a blowgum to put them in a temporary sleep ;) (its called anoying doggonator
Junior Milles
'Junior Milles' 1 week ago
Hum, pride and prejudice...
Braedyn Richardson
Luke is a genuis🤓
Lizzie and Blank
'Lizzie and Blank' 1 week ago
broccoli badass
'broccoli badass' 1 week ago
3:16 "it's like a doggie for your poop" -CrazyRussainHacker 2017
'postmortemarg' 1 week ago
Care to name the gadgets?
'BlayZah' 1 week ago
awww poor Luke he wanted to play with Taras too at 0:59
connor the king
'connor the king' 1 week ago
Crazy Russian hacker can you do another one of these videos please
Caleb Hamilton
'Caleb Hamilton' 1 week ago
Hugo is a good husky! Like If You agree!
Bella Meow
'Bella Meow' 1 week ago
Hugo or Luke?
Victoria Perkins
'Victoria Perkins' 1 week ago
Dogs are soooo cute! 😍🐕🐕😍
JellyFlippo King
'JellyFlippo King' 1 week ago
why would u do so much hard work in the first gadget rather than simply throwing it???
Leah McMahon
'Leah McMahon' 1 week ago
the pad is too small...
Zickey khan 78
'Zickey khan 78' 1 week ago
wich dog is it
Valerio Imperiali
'Valerio Imperiali' 1 week ago
your dogs are awesome
Nemo jamab
'Nemo jamab' 1 week ago
7:19 an orgasm????
Attila theHun
'Attila theHun' 1 week ago
beautiful dogs!
Liag real
'Liag real' 1 week ago
watch life is a game.... really it is by hatwashington
Hedshot Gaming
'Hedshot Gaming' 1 week ago
aim the ball a bit higher and you'll lod=se your ball. kool gadgedt
Nawal Ahmed
'Nawal Ahmed' 1 week ago
quedel clan
'quedel clan' 1 week ago
I ❤️his dogs
'Brayman0417' 1 week ago
Woooo he's bringing it back
roham parsa
'roham parsa' 1 week ago
where crazyRussian lives?
Shockyy YT
'Shockyy YT' 1 week ago
Zeirex YT
'Zeirex YT' 1 week ago
Dakota Heath
'Dakota Heath' 1 week ago
I love your dogs is the white one a samoyed
kamran raza khan niazi
i love your dogs... so cute
Christian Carrillo
I love huskeys
gamingwith tastycake21
I saw that ball bazooka thing at Walmart for like only 19 dollars I wanted it so bad
'TEC XPERT' 1 week ago
I Put My IPhone On Airplane Mode.. I Threw It.. But It Didn't Flew.... My Phone Is Broken :(
'RaubKatzenLPs' 1 week ago
Michael Moore
'Michael Moore' 1 week ago
But poop is also bio degradable
Derpy Bulbasaur
'Derpy Bulbasaur' 1 week ago
I want a husky sooooo bad 😭
alex Guzman
'alex Guzman' 1 week ago
crazy Russian hacker do u want one more husky
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