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7 Dog Gadgets Put to the Test -
Published: 6 months ago By: CrazyRussianHacker

By: CrazyRussianHackerPublished: 6 months ago

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Hey everyone!
For today's video Luke and Hugo going to help me to put to the test 7 dog gadgets.

K-9 Kannon
Cooling Dog Pad
light up dog leash
Biodegradable Poop Bags
Deshedding Glove

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aravind lucky
'aravind lucky' 4 hours ago
can you give me one dog for free😇😇
Sutahr Platinah
'Sutahr Platinah' 1 day ago
Luke is like "you got this Hugo!"
Jamie Jazz
'Jamie Jazz' 1 day ago
You're such a good animal dad, love it 😁. And your boys are frigging awesome, and so handsome!
Auxtina Zamora
'Auxtina Zamora' 2 days ago
5:37 what's the name of the game dog?
Auburn Dillion
'Auburn Dillion' 2 days ago
i LOVE your dogs
mandy chen
'mandy chen' 6 days ago
your dogs are so majestic when they run
Novice Woodworking
Imagine if he did some of the things he says about his dogs about kids "he's just do playful, he wants to attack everything today"
Rishi Jayswal
'Rishi Jayswal' 1 week ago
Gu boy Hugo
Freerk Van Den Bos
'Freerk Van Den Bos' 2 weeks ago
love your dogs
Freerk Van Den Bos
'Freerk Van Den Bos' 2 weeks ago
love your dogs
Ashe S.A.F
'Ashe S.A.F' 2 weeks ago
The white one is super smart
Luke Russell
'Luke Russell' 2 weeks ago
Charles Chiam
'Charles Chiam' 2 weeks ago
the dogs are so CUTE
Photoshop Master
'Photoshop Master' 2 weeks ago
Why do you need safety glasses for dog gadget reviews :p I mean only the gun had a possibility of injury
Azriel Imran
'Azriel Imran' 2 weeks ago
when luke was already big hugo was a tiny puppy and now LOOK AT THT
evan bennett
'evan bennett' 2 weeks ago
zombieLP YT
'zombieLP YT' 2 weeks ago
there was something in it
Sabra Khatoon
'Sabra Khatoon' 2 weeks ago
i like your dogs they are so cute
'KainaX122' 2 weeks ago
I think Luke and Hugo likes when he tests dog gajicks
'ZeletyGames' 2 weeks ago
My friend said a biodegradable airsoft bullet would disappear in his gun
'TheGameCommentator' 2 weeks ago
2:43 he wants sum ear
Tyler Runyan
'Tyler Runyan' 2 weeks ago
I love ur dogs
Kari Ciancanelli
'Kari Ciancanelli' 3 weeks ago
Ethan Carreon
'Ethan Carreon' 3 weeks ago
I want a husky
Alberto Gomez
'Alberto Gomez' 3 weeks ago
my name is hugo
'DubSito' 3 weeks ago
7:04 name of that gadget? Thanks good video!
'ThE UNIK VLOGS' 3 weeks ago
'King XxFLASH FLASH' 3 weeks ago
Dietmar B
'Dietmar B' 3 weeks ago
*_GREAT_*_ to see the Russian Flag in your intro_
the mouth speaks
'the mouth speaks' 3 weeks ago
what do you see on the bag at 3:30
Alli Sandu
'Alli Sandu' 3 weeks ago
'FailedEnemy' 3 weeks ago
nice garden:) i like these dogs ^^
'Tyson676' 3 weeks ago
Taras thanks for still making awesome videos
'remingtonh' 3 weeks ago
Man I need a dog.
Emily Hazelwood
'Emily Hazelwood' 3 weeks ago
they are so cute I love you pets
Tiffany Harvey
'Tiffany Harvey' 3 weeks ago
I ❤️ Hugo and Luke
Alek Hammond
'Alek Hammond' 3 weeks ago
the cooling ad probably gets put in a fridge or something
Leah Herrera
'Leah Herrera' 3 weeks ago
"for you poooup"
Lose Moala
'Lose Moala' 3 weeks ago
"WOAAAH he's bringing it back" 💀😂
Tyler Long
'Tyler Long' 3 weeks ago
I lkvr how hiugo was trying to eat Luke leg
John Macleod
'John Macleod' 3 weeks ago
Luke the cherry picker
ludwig glipa
'ludwig glipa' 3 weeks ago
I like your dog becaues there huskes
Dan Yan
'Dan Yan' 3 weeks ago
Я 1 русский??)
'MatrixPLAYZ' 3 weeks ago
the bed thing has cooling gel
Hunter S
'Hunter S' 3 weeks ago
I would use the cooling pad for myself tbh
Jasmin Labao
'Jasmin Labao' 3 weeks ago
at 2:44 Hugo was trying 2 bite Luke's ear
Isaiah Fierberg Anty
He has very well trained dogs
Valentin Panaite
'Valentin Panaite' 4 weeks ago
Wow, poti vorbi romaneste
you can put the cooling pad in their cages
'Шон' 4 weeks ago
Joshua Barela
'Joshua Barela' 4 weeks ago
I love Luke and Hugo and love your videos
lexi hutchison
'lexi hutchison' 4 weeks ago
i love your dogs eye's
Angelika Kowalska
'Angelika Kowalska' 4 weeks ago
Your dogs are beautiful!
Jorge Moreno
'Jorge Moreno' 4 weeks ago
do puppy gadgets
Dr. Top
'Dr. Top's' 4 weeks ago
ba esti un cacat in**** , scrii pi romana da graesti pi engleza sinca foarte rau
MLG Torch
'MLG Torch' 4 weeks ago
can I have your black-and-white doggie
Celia Belle
'Celia Belle' 4 weeks ago
little boopers
David Hense
'David Hense' 4 weeks ago
Luke is a savage
Runinflame41 41
'Runinflame41 41' 4 weeks ago
luke is sad at 1:34
Nirmala Poudel
'Nirmala Poudel' 4 weeks ago
Lukes is intelligent
Adam Mohamad
'Adam Mohamad' 4 weeks ago
Come to exite now
Adam Mohamad
'Adam Mohamad' 4 weeks ago
Who wants a iPad for free
Andrew Saldivar
'Andrew Saldivar' 4 weeks ago
add a public comment
'FirstLizard123' 4 weeks ago
love huskys
Timothy Lin
'Timothy Lin' 4 weeks ago
1:44 The RUSSIAN way to shoot a gun
The Blue Lucario
'The Blue Lucario' 4 weeks ago
I love dog gadget videos
Eric Oso
'Eric Oso' 4 weeks ago
pit bull
'pit bull' 4 weeks ago
you is it me or this Russian guy looks like Lenin
Christian Garcia
'Christian Garcia' 4 weeks ago
'Solvespan' 4 weeks ago
As I do have trouble with your accent, I love how honest and playful you are with your reviews! Keep it up, man!
Isa Hosein
'Isa Hosein' 1 month ago
Hugo and luke are so cute. And I remember Hugo as a pup
Mady Sprouse
'Mady Sprouse' 1 month ago
I've Always Wanted A Husky. 🐾💕
Kavitha Gunasekaran
'Kavitha Gunasekaran' 1 month ago
You can buy woof washer for giving a 360 bath for your dogs
'JM' 1 month ago
"They are made from Cornstorch"
Nismo King
'Nismo King' 1 month ago
Is your dog a girl the white one
Fish Fish
'Fish Fish' 1 month ago
At 2:44 Hugo's tries to bite Luke's ear
Nonde Menai
'Nonde Menai' 1 month ago
would be way more fun if it threw cats!
Chris YOLOcat
'Chris YOLOcat' 1 month ago
4:12 lol is it kind of good or pretty good
VollsXL Oputa
'VollsXL Oputa' 1 month ago
2 dogs nice house no wife he's living the life maybe we can get him a cat complete the family.
Julio Moreno
'Julio Moreno' 1 month ago
Your dogs are cool
The Cobra
'The Cobra' 1 month ago
another excuse for a Russian to have a gun
'TWISTERGAMES' 1 month ago
CrazyRussianHacker i Luv your Dogs
TheRon Legend
'TheRon Legend' 1 month ago
Welcome to what?? what dose he say after the welcome part?
'aionwafu05' 1 month ago
"what does the box says?" Me: idk, nyeh?
Alejandro Vasquez
'Alejandro Vasquez' 1 month ago
A tennis gun, because throwing it is so much tiring than loading that gun. Lol
Wreckatron YT
'Wreckatron YT' 1 month ago
"Hugo is so playful JUST WANTS TO ATTACK EVERYBODY " Amazing (That was sarcasm)
ajay sinha
'ajay sinha' 1 month ago
0:55 its magic the dogs disappear
Bad Time
'Bad Time' 1 month ago
how'd you tame the dog?
Aussie Engie
'Aussie Engie' 1 month ago
All these comments are hilarious XD
Derpypal Phan
'Derpypal Phan' 1 month ago
Gangster Tara's
Epparapally Chundan
'Epparapally Chundan' 1 month ago
ne voice bagaledhu natthiga
madmax henderson
'madmax henderson' 2 months ago
I love your dogs, videos and u.u are the best
adam haag
'adam haag' 2 months ago
adam haag
'adam haag' 2 months ago
dls gamer 04111974
'dls gamer 04111974' 2 months ago
he is saying goo boy
Blake Camarce
'Blake Camarce' 2 months ago
I have that glove
Yahamas Gama
'Yahamas Gama' 2 months ago
if the hair gets off its good???
Alita Leigh
'Alita Leigh' 2 months ago
can i get one like cuz i broke my hand really hurts
Minca Gabriel
'Minca Gabriel' 2 months ago
press the pause button at 2:44 it is like i want to eat somebody
Mario Avalos
'Mario Avalos' 2 months ago
Hugo is cute
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