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Rings (2017) - New Trailer - Paramount Pictures -
Published: 3 months ago By: Paramount Pictures

By: Paramount PicturesPublished: 3 months ago

5, 227, 167 views

9, 000 Likes   2, 346 Dislikes

Watch the new movie trailer for Rings! Coming to theatres February 3, 2017.

A new chapter in the beloved RING horror franchise. A young woman becomes worried about her boyfriend when he explores a dark subculture surrounding a mysterious videotape said to kill the watcher seven days after he has viewed it. She sacrifices herself to save her boyfriend and in doing so makes a horrifying discovery: there is a “movie within the movie” that no one has ever seen before.

Director: F. Javier Gutierrez

Starring: Matilda Lutz, Alex Roe, Johnny Galecki, Aimee Teegarden, Bonnie Morgan and Vincent D’Onofrio

Screenplay: David Loucka and Jacob Estes and Akiva Goldsman

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awe amadeus
'awe amadeus' 5 days ago
I must check it out
Dizzy Dee
'Dizzy Dee' 1 week ago
Evil Dead is about the only remake of a classic horror movie I liked... and i still didn't like it as much as the original.
tony mathew
'tony mathew' 2 weeks ago
now a days !! horror means jump scares !! put a movie with jim carry and do lot of jump scares and make it call its a horror movie
'Unknown' 2 weeks ago
Is it really scary? My friends want me to go with them to this movie, but... Horror movies effect me A LOT. I've only watched 2 real horror movies in my entire life. 2 years ago, Insidious, the movie, scared the fuck out of me. I couldn't sleep without the lights for 2 months. And sometimes memories came back strongly and it started all over again...
Karl Smith
'Karl Smith' 2 weeks ago
She went into the deep web to spread further terror among the next generation.
g aaron
'g aaron' 2 weeks ago
runako hayes
'runako hayes' 2 weeks ago
This movie is crap
Pie Mania
'Pie Mania' 3 weeks ago
I saw whole video by putting my paw on my eyes but it disappointed me
Cgghhhgvvyvvg Xfgvcgcvghv
7 days fuck up bitch
Todd Hårig
'Todd Hårig' 4 weeks ago
Samara sent me here, she apparently got my friends number and she also types very fast. She texts fyi, she doesnt call like in the movies but hey, its 2017 who even calls anyone anymore amirite?
'Atompunk' 4 weeks ago
lol "WATCH ME" yeah ofc....
'RandomOtakuGirl' 4 weeks ago
Oh hey, the song they used is from an Asian horror movie called The Ghost aka Dead Friend
Buzzkiller _92
'Buzzkiller _92' 1 month ago
a fucking agony to watch this...
Treb Adanagel
'Treb Adanagel' 1 month ago
why Rings? with 's'? I think Ring is the right title right?
Treb Adanagel
'Treb Adanagel' 1 month ago
bakit RINGS? dba RING lang dapat?
Nitta Dower
'Nitta Dower' 1 month ago
*Rings |Film (HD) Available Online* *_CLICK TO WATCH_*
Adam Rey Mhtr
'Adam Rey Mhtr' 1 month ago
Cindy, The TV Is Leaking !
Nino Gotti
'Nino Gotti' 1 month ago
boring piece of shit
jeff victoriano
'jeff victoriano' 1 month ago
watch the Ringu-0. its good to see how she became.
jeff victoriano
'jeff victoriano' 1 month ago
"Rebirth"??? the ring rebirth from the original japanese movie was so good. if you havent watched it. find it on google. the story of Sadaku aka samara, back when she was still human till she became what she is now. and yeah, the story is creepy it doesnt need jump scares.
Elke Van Hecke
'Elke Van Hecke' 1 month ago
As horrible as the previous American ones, stop milking the cow, the Japanese one was way better.
Oscar Littlecar
'Oscar Littlecar' 1 month ago
From bad to really bad. What is next, Samara vs Chucky?
Kyle Jaynes
'Kyle Jaynes' 1 month ago
The music sounds like, dumb dumb dumb...dumb dumb dumb.... They are going to ruin this shit even further somehow.
Katie Si
'Katie Si' 1 month ago
Jenson Jr
'Jenson Jr' 1 month ago
12:17 Rings 2017 movie available in HD quality' Stream or Download
زيد احمد
'زيد احمد' 1 month ago
I watched it yesterday the ending is awful but anyway it's good
Jay Zeus
'Jay Zeus' 1 month ago
all my friends are going to this shit and asked if i wanted to come i jus said yeah, wtf did i get myself into
wolf dog
'wolf dog' 1 month ago
I want to see this
dipu cena
'dipu cena' 1 month ago
these new Horror movies ,I don't get .Whether their objective is to scare to death or boning to death
'KDS' 1 month ago
what if you put 2 tv's against each other do they come out and like make out? lol
DN Thieuw
'DN Thieuw' 1 month ago
Anonymous confirmed: 'she does not forget and she does not forgive'
Nitin Sunam
'Nitin Sunam' 1 month ago
Gonna watch it on valentine day
Fontan Blackman
'Fontan Blackman' 1 month ago
if u like it put a ring on it.
Nathan Hassall
'Nathan Hassall' 1 month ago
I just want to point out every single one of these links pointing to the "FULL MOVIE" from real accounts made by super models...they are all real...the movies all work and the super models are all doing it to me.
'TheRomanRuler' 2 months ago
Everybody hates jump scares. They are not scary, they are not interesting, they only exploit human survival instinct and then Hollywood calls it good story. I want some actually great movies, like Exorcist. My favorite horror movie ever. It may not be scary, but it sure is great.
S E R R A infinity
'S E R R A infinity' 2 months ago
13:06 🔵 *Rings 2017* movie available in HD quality' Stream or Download
'melisa' 2 months ago
*Watch Rings 2017 f u l l [H D quality] movie* *Stream Now:*
figgles worth
'figgles worth' 2 months ago
how can these links take you to the movie for free, the damn thing hasn't even come out yet......  and this movie will be #1 Over powered Garbo!!!
Alex Senpai
'Alex Senpai' 2 months ago
I was very disappointed about this movie, it could've been better. But hey they tried.
Stefan Stosic
'Stefan Stosic' 2 months ago
I watched it at the cinema today. I lost time and money. So dissapointed... 4/10
'gerina' 2 months ago
*Watch Rings 2017 f u l l [H D quality] movie* *Stream Now:*
Harambe thug-life
'Harambe thug-life' 2 months ago
shitty movie i watch on theather,no jumscare,they show all the movie in the trailer,it was booring
Reema Parveen
'Reema Parveen' 2 months ago
I wanna watch this!!! Not scary doee buh cwl.
Alex Navarro
'Alex Navarro' 2 months ago
Saw the movie it sucked honestly
Jasmine Gardea
'Jasmine Gardea' 2 months ago
I'm scared
phillip nguyen
'phillip nguyen' 2 months ago
stop playing the F@(*#@ on youtube i never watch horror movies to begin with
LuigiFantalks 112
'LuigiFantalks 112' 2 months ago
What I would do is Go to a cliff place the TV the other way round so she can fall of the cliff
Misty Eee
'Misty Eee' 2 months ago
Why can't you skip these ads?My little brother screams and runs away when they come on >.>
Zenkit Animations
'Zenkit Animations' 2 months ago
I don't like this add! it scares me every time it comes on! 😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕
Velove Jannet
'Velove Jannet' 2 months ago
Watch RINGS Full Online HD >>
Shitposter mcmylittlepony4chanpostermanwithafedora
looks like shit. So tired of the demon girl with long hair in a white dress
'BreeIsMe13' 2 months ago
Comes out on my birthday, should I be scared?
Carli Walters
'Carli Walters' 2 months ago
is this a remake? it literally has all the same shots from the first one, climbing out the TV is so boring now come on!
MODAR entertainment
'MODAR entertainment' 2 months ago
11:24 🔴 *RINGS 2017* ᴴ ᴰ ~ *F u l l M o v i e* ~
Carmen Mendoan
'Carmen Mendoan' 2 months ago
23:04 *RINGS 2017* *f u l l m o v i e*
'Pugpugpugs' 2 months ago
the only thing wrong with this being modern is that you know some asshole would put the video on youtube and kill off half the human race
Het Naik
'Het Naik' 2 months ago
Very amazing pics.
Ivoughn IsMe
'Ivoughn IsMe' 2 months ago
I can't believe it!!!! this is one of my favorite horror movies!!!! So excit3d!!!
'Lazziter' 2 months ago
Im definetly not going to watch this if i die after i watched it :D
Maria Vera
'Maria Vera' 2 months ago
is this real
Autumlynne 2017
'Autumlynne 2017' 2 months ago
This was on my vr commercial and I freaked out
'xSmelter250x' 2 months ago
Fuck off start a new concept you unoriginal hacks
Foe Killer
'Foe Killer' 2 months ago
japan came up with the idea
sheikh saifuddin
'sheikh saifuddin' 2 months ago
Going to suck just like all the recent remakes of classic horror movies. Evil dead remake sucked. Poltergeist remake sucked. Conjuring 2 sucked. This won't be any different. The original ring movies scared the crap out of me when I watched them as a kid.
'KairoDude' 2 months ago
it looks okay
'FireSquad37' 2 months ago
wat is the rating of this movie
Oj Simpson
'Oj Simpson' 2 months ago
Is this base on a true story
Gabby Pahinui
'Gabby Pahinui' 2 months ago
what if I put like a 5000 pound weight on the tv
Al Fa
'Al Fa' 2 months ago
why didn't she just burn the video in the first Ring??????
Nika Asatiani
'Nika Asatiani' 2 months ago
I don't want to watch trailer. can you tell me is this a new movie or just remake. Because i Loved original
Patient 4479
'Patient 4479' 2 months ago
ffs Sherlock, just hug her already..
Kenneth Keys
'Kenneth Keys' 2 months ago
The 'ba-ding' sound at around 0:03 is a menu sound from Sword Art Online. Just sayin'.
THE Adrijus
'THE Adrijus' 2 months ago
'Donagh' 2 months ago
Great. A Hannah Montana reboot.
Shannon Caroline Witton
1:13 *RINGS 2017* full movie watch or download here:
lena rabih
'lena rabih' 2 months ago
i love this film very much 😍
kevin heatcoat
'kevin heatcoat' 2 months ago
2002 VS 2017
Mr MissileStar
'Mr MissileStar' 2 months ago
how does she move her leg over the shoulder like that
'Thegameifyer' 2 months ago
does nobody notice they use the SAO fucking notification sound for the email
Sasuke Uchiha
'Sasuke Uchiha' 2 months ago
fuck off. Why do they need to remake this./
Ane Dijitak
'Ane Dijitak' 2 months ago
This looks really stupid. Cant wait to see!!!
Jose Perez
'Jose Perez' 2 months ago
That bitch hid the remote.
SchoolDaysFan [Foxy Tails Kitsune]
Razak Musa Vadha
'Razak Musa Vadha' 2 months ago
my god verry beautifully Girl....but
Razak Musa Vadha
'Razak Musa Vadha' 2 months ago
my god verry beautifully Girl....but
'Kari' 2 months ago
My parents say i looked like samarah as a child... 😳
Aydensix Vlogs
'Aydensix Vlogs' 2 months ago
I'm trying to buy a new camera I need 15 more subs or add views
'ZomBabeZoe's Channel' 2 months ago
Camryn Simpson
'Camryn Simpson' 2 months ago
Isn't there a older movie just like this?
Alfonso galvan
'Alfonso galvan' 2 months ago
can wait to see that movie
Alfonso galvan
'Alfonso galvan' 2 months ago
Mirai Nikki
'Mirai Nikki' 2 months ago
Stellt euch das mal in 3D vor^^
Joe Schmol
'Joe Schmol' 2 months ago
I hope they bring back vhs tapes in this one. they are a so scarytime. after the girl crawled thru the tv I went and got me a flat screen.
Pricilia Sun
'Pricilia Sun' 2 months ago
10:43 *RINGS 2017*  *f u l l  m o v i e*
Quentin Ruth
'Quentin Ruth' 2 months ago
Alejandro Garcia
'Alejandro Garcia' 2 months ago
Soc JJ_plays_gta
'Soc JJ_plays_gta' 2 months ago
welp i have 7 days to live fml
Maria Meza
'Maria Meza' 2 months ago
'Andyuf2' 2 months ago
Loved the first movie, but this looks like a by-the-numbers reboot. Are they seriously gonna use stock footage from the first one?!?!
Phat MAN
'Phat MAN' 2 months ago
After seeing the first one several times due to it being so frightening. To feeling betrayed by the second. I'm cautiously optimistic about the 3rd. I'll see it opening day....But not a Matinee prices/:
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