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MUNA - New Shapes ft. Lizzy Plapinger -
Published: 1 year ago By: Vevo

By: VevoPublished: 1 year ago

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The latest installment of Lizzy Plapinger's 'New Shapes' series finds her catching up with LA-based all-women trio MUNA to discuss their upcoming 'About U' album, the LGBTQ community, and what "queer" really means to them. See what Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin, and Naomi McPherson have to say about nude sketches, the writing process, and the video shoot for "Loudspeaker," which the band calls a "mission statement."

Jasmine M
'Jasmine M' 5 months ago
this is literally the band i've been waiting for my whole life. I love them so much
'unpochoclodemas' 6 months ago
H Nwanety
'H Nwanety' 10 months ago
Wonderful interview!
'M&Co_Est1833' 1 year ago
Love them! And Naomi... OMG so much loveliness, she's so beautiful
Chris Fizzle
'Chris Fizzle' 1 year ago
Just found them today! Sound great! I thought they were from Ireland by the way they sing.
'eatworldlove' 1 year ago
love them
First Last
'First Last' 1 year ago
so they're not actually queer? damn, talk about appropriation. how lame.
*H E L L O* *F R O M* *T U R K E Y* *<3* *<3* *<3* *<3* *<3* *<3* *<3*
Like Kane
'Like Kane' 1 year ago
Wait, so the insight here is that the lead singer isn't gay. So if taking nude selfies and painting each other's a**es is'nt an impulse to wanna lick the kahuna, then I don't know what is. Really wishing she didn't reveal her orientation. Kinda hypocritical actually, contradicts their shadow play with terms, for instance, if you insist to be ambiguous about the term 'queer' or 'queer band' then f*cking remain ambiguous in all things.
Haliegh K
'Haliegh K' 1 year ago
Lizzy Palpinger from MSMR! man I adore her 💕
Kyle Tacia
'Kyle Tacia' 1 year ago
god damn I love them so much
ann kanne
'ann kanne' 1 year ago
I love them!! and there music has a such a fresh feel to it. love it !
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Artjoms kanbergs
'Artjoms kanbergs' 1 year ago
justin bieber
Hibo Ahmed
'Hibo Ahmed' 1 year ago
Female version of 1975, love them!!!!!
hussain azhar
'hussain azhar' 1 year ago
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KaNeKi KeN
'KaNeKi KeN' 1 year ago
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KaNeKi KeN
'KaNeKi KeN' 1 year ago
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No Not really
'No Not really' 1 year ago
Drawing Blue spirit
this is cool
Thomas Rodriguez
'Thomas Rodriguez' 1 year ago
Candy Khoshnow
'Candy Khoshnow' 1 year ago
Death Kills
'Death Kills' 1 year ago
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Malbe Game
'Malbe Game' 1 year ago
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'MiniMoon' 1 year ago
'Fakuch' 1 year ago
Primer comentario :V
Ebay Inc.
'Ebay Inc.' 1 year ago
*Brand New*
'IndieMusicNation' 1 year ago
:) nice
اقرأ- Read
'اقرأ- Read' 1 year ago
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Jack leo
'Jack leo' 1 year ago
watch by cover.....
xXDeniXx CZE
'xXDeniXx CZE' 1 year ago
Abhishek Koundal
'Abhishek Koundal' 1 year ago
Morg s
'Morg s' 1 year ago
Melina Demetriou
'Melina Demetriou' 1 year ago
vevo is amazing
'Tomik' 1 year ago
Slinenil Hernaribe
Yux MDl
'Yux MDl' 1 year ago
Josip OG
'Josip OG' 1 year ago
Like my comment and you are not gay
'BUGUEIRA' 1 year ago
johnny jurist
'johnny jurist' 1 year ago
Tyra Sjöberg
'Tyra Sjöberg' 1 year ago
mickael belloir
'mickael belloir' 1 year ago
Dank Memes
'Dank Memes' 1 year ago
Hey what's up hello
Jack leo
'Jack leo' 1 year ago
love it 😍😍✌👉👍👍
IAS1upboss 45
'IAS1upboss 45' 1 year ago
'Yogi' 1 year ago
1st comment by me
Maja Owsianik
'Maja Owsianik' 1 year ago
love it
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