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Beyond the Vine Instagram and Facebook Video 2017 -
Published: 1 week ago By: The Best Vines

By: The Best VinesPublished: 1 week ago

86, 365 views

1, 377 Likes   104 Dislikes

Brand new weekly Beyond The Vine compilation featuring Facebook & Instagram videos from KingBach, Liane V, Destorm Powers, Curtis Lepore, David Lopez and more!

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'smashurshizzle' 3 hours ago
wats the song called bout tom cruz
Antonio Ortiz (ABOSS2103)
Wait I thought trump won
6 66
'6 66' 2 days ago
5:45 song name?
Viral Scout
'Viral Scout' 4 days ago
you mean instagram and facebook video 2016 posted in 2017 ? Lol
Yunchae Kim
'Yunchae Kim' 4 days ago
These r weird shits i love yeahh
'TONI J' 6 days ago
What was the song in the C-Lo vine
'M DAR' 7 days ago
check my channel if u not too high and cant be fucked to check it out, I've uploaded a '90s rap videos be like' onto it. yo boy got 2 subs #goinghollywood #madeit
'Q- RÂDŁÊRŠ' 7 days ago
Noo I can't see
'YopiVlog' 7 days ago
guys check my new vlogs , just killing time )
'shannonandsheila1' 7 days ago
nigger loving horse shit
'BestVines' 7 days ago
Subscribe to me
Retro Citizen75
'Retro Citizen75' 7 days ago
For those wondering the chick in the thumbnail is rosemary Jane
Алена Макарова
Бля и здесь политику впендюрили
Kaneki Ken
'Kaneki Ken' 7 days ago
For some reason all of vine video keep repeating.
'Kyonix' 7 days ago
0:53 - the book Coda
Dylan Ralph
'Dylan Ralph' 1 week ago
People can't do Black face but they can do White face?
Peter Parker
'Peter Parker' 1 week ago
0:06 how the hell is that not completely racist!
Wister Ledesma
'Wister Ledesma' 1 week ago
9:21 fcking savage
Avigail Hartstein
'Avigail Hartstein' 1 week ago
sunshine _16
'sunshine _16' 1 week ago
Brandon Hall
'Brandon Hall' 1 week ago
last one is the best
Roberto Olea
'Roberto Olea' 1 week ago
8:00 sign that girl up for track
'T0XICHUNTER9' 1 week ago
not a language barrier it's a thing called accents
david Galloway
'david Galloway' 1 week ago
the last vine sucked.
N Nic
'N Nic' 1 week ago
Bruuuuuhhhh I want Sul's shirt
Captain Clinker
'Captain Clinker' 1 week ago
When did vines get so long
Isaiah Reynolds
'Isaiah Reynolds' 1 week ago
Song at 8:26 ?
Brooklyn A.
'Brooklyn A.' 1 week ago
Who would want C-lo's fat ass?
-YT- Awaken
'-YT- Awaken' 1 week ago
It's available to me
Olli Goo
'Olli Goo' 1 week ago
ha ich habe es noch gesendet 😎
'Shenruss' 1 week ago
Baby in the "Same girl" section *was* fine as all *ass* though! And to think; all that Hottness was *douboled!!!!!*
Marvin Who
'Marvin Who' 1 week ago
so its not racist to paint ur face white, but its racist to paint ur face black?
Phase Klan
'Phase Klan' 1 week ago
Bartek Maszota
'Bartek Maszota' 1 week ago
what is that song? 8:16
Paige Ngahux2
'Paige Ngahux2' 1 week ago
I like how it's now it's about all the girls cheating
Damian Padalis
'Damian Padalis' 1 week ago
Not available
Sarah Sweet
'Sarah Sweet' 1 week ago
Sarah Sweet
'Sarah Sweet' 1 week ago
Why is the video not avar
Swift Swalow
'Swift Swalow' 1 week ago
wait.... so a white man doing blackface to imitate an actor is incredibly racist and bigoted no matter the reason but a black man doing whiteface to imitate a white man is fine? talk about double standards...
Miomir R
'Miomir R' 1 week ago
not avaiable?
Ether Wilkes
'Ether Wilkes' 1 week ago
Aladdin Loves Jasmin
it is tuesday my dudes
johannes heylo
'johannes heylo' 1 week ago
Amari Brooks
'Amari Brooks' 1 week ago
So Instergram will be taking vines place this year so vine will still be here since the original vine is gone
Benjamakina vortexque
Porque me aparece que el video no esta disponible
LPS BubbleBurst
'LPS BubbleBurst' 1 week ago
vine video's even though vine is dead... makes sense
Benjamakina vortexque
Jan Niek Bax
'Jan Niek Bax' 1 week ago
yo fix your shit its alwalys so
marc alidjinou
'marc alidjinou' 1 week ago
Funny as shit
'BoLo' 1 week ago
Like=luck for7days Sub=iPhone7💟 Can anybody help me get 1.4K ?💖
Lovro Paponja
'Lovro Paponja' 1 week ago
Hassan Abdulla
'Hassan Abdulla' 1 week ago
why is the vid not availabe
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