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DJ Mustard - Want Her ft. Quavo, YG -
Published: 1 year ago By: DJMustardVEVO

By: DJMustardVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

5, 493, 515 views

73, 586 Likes   2, 987 Dislikes

'Want Her' is available on DJ Mustard’s Cold Summer album. Stream and Download now!!
#COLDSUMMER is out now!
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Music video by DJ Mustard performing Want Her. (C) 2016 Roc Nation, LLC.

Jaffar PHigga Lopez
damn booty pop
'Keloğlan' 3 days ago
Madeline Ramirez
'Madeline Ramirez' 3 days ago
Me too
'singer_x' 4 days ago
i thought ty dollar sign was in this song, my bad
All Right
'All Right' 6 days ago
Didn't really blow up as much as it had the potential to. :(
Muhammad Wahyudi
'Muhammad Wahyudi' 7 days ago
tidak bagus karna tidak bisa di simpan offlen
Maria Robles
'Maria Robles' 1 week ago
Love this song
Ninja Slicer
'Ninja Slicer' 2 weeks ago
Michael Howard
'Michael Howard' 2 weeks ago
yo let me get her number
Jay Scott
'Jay Scott' 2 weeks ago
If Ima Spend Ima Pay for Sum friends
TheMasterMind 2k
'TheMasterMind 2k' 2 weeks ago
Delete yg songs a classic
Patrick Overpelt
'Patrick Overpelt' 2 weeks ago
Geweldige shit
Andrea Hawkins
'Andrea Hawkins' 3 weeks ago
His smile ☺️
Tudilak Records
'Tudilak Records' 3 weeks ago
so good.
Shaylee Renee
'Shaylee Renee' 3 weeks ago
I like this song
Isaac A
'Isaac A' 3 weeks ago
so slept on
'ADILIA LOVE' 4 weeks ago
Looiiiiooovveee👅 thissss Song👅
Zovie Love singer
'Zovie Love singer' 4 weeks ago
Real nigga music
uhh hh
'uhh hh' 4 weeks ago
quavo going HARD AS FUCK
Nicholas Cregg
'Nicholas Cregg' 4 weeks ago
all these fuck niggas want her
Al B.
'Al B.' 4 weeks ago
does n e 1 no where ta find that purple mustard song called yellow rain?
Mark Mutiso
'Mark Mutiso' 4 weeks ago
Quavo always on fleek
Angel aguayo
'Angel aguayo' 4 weeks ago
yg is lit
'GOLDEN V' 4 weeks ago
Lorna Strahan
'Lorna Strahan' 4 weeks ago
all broke men need me
The cool brick
'The cool brick' 1 month ago
that LA x Atlanta shittt
Kamari Heyward
'Kamari Heyward' 1 month ago
My uncle is in this of the remix this is my uncle song
Angie Beauregard
'Angie Beauregard' 1 month ago
In loveeee
Amariah_and_Jacksyn LOL
Let's go
'Victor_' 1 month ago
2:25 when u fine but haven't learned to shake it like a black girl.
'Victor_' 1 month ago
Still a banger!!!
Amariah_and_Jacksyn LOL
What her I spend I'll pay
'MobHeataEnt' 1 month ago
These bitches all look like they were recruited from the Gram.
Michael Gomez
'Michael Gomez' 1 month ago
To be honest this is one of the best songs I've listened to between 2015-2017 shit most modern songs are too shitty but this song! Damn speaks to my daily lifestyle
hot fella
'hot fella' 1 month ago
What is that white bitch doing there?
mangle fangle
'mangle fangle' 1 month ago
mangle fangle
'mangle fangle' 1 month ago
I ❤ this song!
Roy Williams
'Roy Williams' 1 month ago
I like this song it's the coolest song ever DJ Mustard let's get the hood on bro
Joe Reyes
'Joe Reyes' 1 month ago
Girl in 0:40
Gucci Diapers
'Gucci Diapers' 1 month ago
2018 here we come! Lol
figgy 16
'figgy 16' 1 month ago
No Fap November:/
Isabella portillo
'Isabella portillo' 1 month ago
this reminds me of my crush Ricardo
'Whatyoutube' 1 month ago
Dj mustard? What kinda gay shit is that nigga
'FrenchyFuller' 1 month ago
Hey DJ I learned a lot from you, Ie come up myself I appreciate some viewing on my Remakes and a share or comment of what you like. Thanks for being in the game- Frenchy Fuller
Deeandra Faircloth
'Deeandra Faircloth' 1 month ago
I love this shit
Falak Saifee
'Falak Saifee' 1 month ago
I love these song but these video bad
Darrick Holmes
'Darrick Holmes' 1 month ago
Why does the white girl use her hands to make her ass cheeks move? She can't move her ass naturally like the other hoes? Damn
Isabella portillo
'Isabella portillo' 1 month ago
the song never gets old PS my favorite song
Nicole Sunol
'Nicole Sunol' 2 months ago
The Best ! :)
Viridiana Arevalo
'Viridiana Arevalo' 2 months ago
I like boys
Ashley Pezzarossi
'Ashley Pezzarossi' 2 months ago
Vanessa Altriste
'Vanessa Altriste' 2 months ago
I love the video because the beat to it is good🎹🎹🎹
Armando Cáceres
'Armando Cáceres' 2 months ago
🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧i love this song
Emma Crawford
'Emma Crawford' 2 months ago
Emma Crawford
'Emma Crawford' 2 months ago
holy cow donkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD:o
Roy Williams
'Roy Williams' 2 months ago
I love this song
Armando Cáceres
'Armando Cáceres' 2 months ago
🎹🎹i like this song because the beat to it is good
JTG gomez
'JTG gomez' 2 months ago
Charles Lobue
'Charles Lobue' 2 months ago
What kind of mustard do you have?
Armando Cáceres
'Armando Cáceres' 2 months ago
I like your video the beat to it is cool
Michael Haight
'Michael Haight' 2 months ago
G Perico killed this beat
star killer 843
'star killer 843' 2 months ago
🔥🔥🔥 Quavo
Pequeninu FC
'Pequeninu FC' 2 months ago
The Best Beat The Best Mc's The Best Dj *THE BEST MUSIC*
reda aboub
'reda aboub' 2 months ago
'RIDDLLE' 2 months ago
Y so many dislikes
Carter Wright
'Carter Wright' 2 months ago
Quavo got dat head on god
Pallab Baruah
'Pallab Baruah' 2 months ago
nobody could do this feature better than quavo!
'Will' 2 months ago
what did quavo really day fingerdick?
Teresa Jester
'Teresa Jester' 2 months ago
NinetysBaby EVO
'NinetysBaby EVO' 2 months ago
On Her, All The Bitch Niggas On Herrrrr 😂😂 (My Remix)
Stewie Griffin
'Stewie Griffin' 2 months ago
No we don't. Smack, who is dis niggah.
Vladimir Toussaint
'Vladimir Toussaint' 2 months ago
Love the song , the beat and YG always on point with his music
Darrian Nelson
'Darrian Nelson' 2 months ago
Rack city bitch, rack rack city bitch. *oh wait*
Kolt Connelly
'Kolt Connelly' 2 months ago
This video go hard
Atl Ga
'Atl Ga' 2 months ago
Dope song
Cuatro Longoria
'Cuatro Longoria' 2 months ago
How does Daniel Bregholi have more views than this?
craigthedude1734 THE cool guy
Help end twerking abuse by liking this comment Trust me you'll never see nudes ever AGAIN!!!!!!
Maria Meza
'Maria Meza' 2 months ago
keep wanting bitches
Dominic Jimenez
'Dominic Jimenez' 2 months ago
This is one of my fav songs
Stanley The Guru
'Stanley The Guru' 2 months ago
I remember when I cashed out in the Tity Bar to this song 🤑💸 " Strip Club Veteran "
Allese Rand
'Allese Rand' 2 months ago
craigthedude1734 THE cool guy
This is getting weird wtc is this song it has a lot of nudes
Tibearius the king
'Tibearius the king' 2 months ago
Seriously its time someone named that girl at 00:24
Michelle Alvarez
'Michelle Alvarez' 2 months ago
Love this shit
Crystal Conners
'Crystal Conners' 2 months ago
My niggas... All the rich niggas want her.. Like he HE GONNA PAY FO SOME FRIENDS.. GODDD DAMMM
Deeb Jr
'Deeb Jr' 2 months ago
Why my nigga YG always smiling! 😂
Kita-Ra El
'Kita-Ra El' 2 months ago
All the rich niggas want stripperrrrrrrs! 😂😂
Quavo got a killer ass hook 🔥
Justin Hughes
'Justin Hughes' 3 months ago
How do you turn these fucking captions off damn!!!
Mayed Hussain
'Mayed Hussain' 3 months ago
Semi Carter32
'Semi Carter32' 3 months ago
All this rich bitchs wanna my dick I'm Carter semi matic
Natalya Karr
'Natalya Karr' 3 months ago
Like that dj... yummy
I love Rykeem Freeman
i just came here cuz of YG and that mustard g funk sound
Isaac Argueta
'Isaac Argueta' 3 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 rebirth of Mannie Fresh rightcheer boy!
Louis Garcia
'Louis Garcia' 3 months ago
that's a badass white girl
Ortiz Lucas
'Ortiz Lucas' 3 months ago
Yeah I'm gonna pay 4 some friends!
cheima. xo
'cheima. xo' 3 months ago
I'm here of Rose Maniego 😇😇
Shuaib Zaman
'Shuaib Zaman' 3 months ago
Hahahaha sick song ggg
Elijah Ashman
'Elijah Ashman' 3 months ago
What are ppl talking bout there's no white girl in this video.
Abdilatif Hassan
'Abdilatif Hassan' 3 months ago
Quavo for lyf
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