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Latest Malayalam Christian Hit 2016 Ennodulla Nin Sarva - Cross Band Music -
Published: 12 months ago By: CrossBandMusic

By: CrossBandMusicPublished: 12 months ago

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New Malayalam Christian Devotional Song Ennodulla Nin Sarva
2016 from Cross Band Music. For the New Hit Malayalam Christian
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Persis John
'Persis John' 11 months ago
I loved it boys!!! Simply beautiful....keep it up!Much blessings on your band!
Praise Philip
'Praise Philip' 1 day ago
nice song
'TOMS ABIN' 1 week ago
it seems good try add sufi style it would more better for u .....wish u a good future and blessings from God. God ahead without losing ur talents
'JOSHUA MANOJ' 3 weeks ago
Soffia Joyce
'Soffia Joyce' 3 weeks ago
Osm song...😍
Amulya Samuel
'Amulya Samuel' 4 weeks ago
Amazingly sung ...... was awsm to hear will request u guys to sing more old kristheeya keerthanangal songs n upload..
dr.wiggle drumbeats
'dr.wiggle drumbeats' 1 month ago
suscribed😁 make a video on how your muscians play
pinky nelson
'pinky nelson' 1 month ago
U guys chetta oll are really blessed wid dis😊😊keeep doin nd praise our God HEAveNly AppA😊😊
Thomas Mathew
'Thomas Mathew' 2 months ago
Wow what a singing. One of my fav song. You guys have rendered it very well. God bless.
Mithun Oommen
'Mithun Oommen' 2 months ago
Great singing...loved the video... specially the scenic beauty captured along with this beautiful song.. keep up the good work.. god bless
donata anto
'donata anto' 2 months ago
you had done a great work
stanly chacko
'stanly chacko' 2 months ago
hai cross...,well done ...let me know about you.
feba mohan
'feba mohan' 2 months ago
nice and wonderful song. god bless u all
Luka gibin
'Luka gibin' 2 months ago
oo pine onu പോടാ അവറ്റക ഒരു പാട്ട് 7Trumpets അത്ര ഏതോ നിന്റെ പാട്ടു
Shebi Sachu
'Shebi Sachu' 2 months ago
Beyond words and Jesson broz flute........simple amazing 👌🏻
Jerrin Jacob
'Jerrin Jacob' 2 months ago
Blessed song.. Touched me.. God bless you!
'tomboy' 2 months ago
Cool, God bless
Vipin Tphilip
'Vipin Tphilip' 3 months ago
'JITHIN JOY' 3 months ago
well done guys.....god bless :)
Praisy Varghese
'Praisy Varghese' 3 months ago
superb guys nice singing
Pr Incent Joseph
'Pr Incent Joseph' 3 months ago
a gud and heart touching experience
chinnu R K
'chinnu R K' 3 months ago
really amazing!!! the song has come up with a great feel and passion to christ... shooting awesome!!!
Libin K V
'Libin K V' 3 months ago
peaceful.. and great oing bros....can you tell me the place where you shooted this songs..
Ammu Philip
'Ammu Philip' 3 months ago
kidu...May God bless you all
Rooth baby
'Rooth baby' 3 months ago
monisha zachariah
'monisha zachariah' 3 months ago
Elsa David
'Elsa David' 3 months ago
praise be to God... beautifull singinging brothers... keep on singing.... God bless you....
velaa pisa koduthuu vidadeee
'LIZ GRACE' 3 months ago
God bless u dears. .waiting for more songs..
Nissy Shaji
'Nissy Shaji' 3 months ago
really very nice and soothing to hear😃may God bless your band😇
Jiya Solomon
'Jiya Solomon' 3 months ago
Johnson Abraham
'Johnson Abraham' 3 months ago
one of the best remix heard in recent times... awesome guys.. eagerly waiting for new remix
joelk varghese
'joelk varghese' 3 months ago
'BETCY BABU' 3 months ago
Simple and beautiful song.God Bless all
'BETCY BABU' 3 months ago
Very nice work.God bless all
sheep m
'sheep m' 4 months ago
loved ur song....anytime coming to chennai so can come over for ur prog...God bless
riya reji
'riya reji' 4 months ago
superrbbb...God blz
Sam George
'Sam George' 4 months ago
Congrats well done
alex thomas
'alex thomas' 4 months ago
'sgprosh' 4 months ago
Very well sung..brilliant team.. brilliant work.. keep going!
Karunya Boni
'Karunya Boni' 4 months ago
awsum dea 😊
Sunny Cherian
'Sunny Cherian' 4 months ago
Awesome rendering. My soul went melting. Keep the inspiration on. May the Lord bless you in abundance. Looking forward to more awesome treats. Sunny Cherian Eleckatt
Lal Sam
'Lal Sam' 4 months ago
Excellent work friends. I was not expecting anything like this when I played the video. This is one of my favourite songs and you guys have done complete justice to the song by keeping its originality, adding emotion to it and just the right amount of music. Very heart touching. Loved the harmony. God bless your ministry!
john jacob
'john jacob' 4 months ago
really beautiful song....if u cud make d karaoke as well as the guitar chords
george varghese
'george varghese' 5 months ago
nice song i love this song
Robin Wilson
'Robin Wilson' 5 months ago
super singing...
Robin Wilson
'Robin Wilson' 5 months ago
super singing...
'76kkl' 5 months ago
Nice song with nice voices. Location were shooted is very beautyfull
Jisha Malu
'Jisha Malu' 5 months ago
Gladys Thomas
'Gladys Thomas' 5 months ago
nic :) I luv'd it.. :) god bless u guys <3
Ganta Shravya
'Ganta Shravya' 5 months ago
awesome singing nd making.. praise the Lord
Sino Joseph
'Sino Joseph' 6 months ago
Wow thakarthu.... Frnds...1. 50 to 2. 09 super.. Feel
Helna Sebastian
'Helna Sebastian' 6 months ago
Nyz song...... God bless you all.....
Faicy David
'Faicy David' 6 months ago
Superb 1Really amazing , the one who sang that two lines in between ☺no words.
Samuel Dev
'Samuel Dev' 6 months ago
good songs... God bless you.expecting more songs..
Sissy Mathew
'Sissy Mathew' 6 months ago
Wonderful singing. Good song selection. God bless you..Keep suggestion, bass  to be slightly softer.
Libin Rajan
'Libin Rajan' 6 months ago
just a word Thanks, love this song
Dass Prisy
'Dass Prisy' 6 months ago
praise God
Keziah James
'Keziah James' 6 months ago
can anyone please tell me that who played the guitar..??
'P.C CHACKO' 6 months ago
this song shooted illikkallmala erattupetah kottayam 40kms beautiful 100% oxygen place
Johnson Vinosing
'Johnson Vinosing' 6 months ago
lovable dedication
Bejoy Thomas
'Bejoy Thomas' 6 months ago
Good guys! Great singing. Good location
Liss Skariah
'Liss Skariah' 7 months ago
wow. stay blessed :)
'monijulybaby' 7 months ago
Such a beautiful song sung so beautifully and my god the videography is seriously breathtaking! God bless u all and looking forward to many more such songs ! 😊
Melbin John
'Melbin John' 7 months ago
can u giv a chord sheet of this
ince Hekboy
'ince Hekboy' 7 months ago
God bless you all
'toby083' 7 months ago
Wow.. superb job guys !
Sterin Stephen
'Sterin Stephen' 7 months ago
•Good job guys!!! •keep doing.. :) •variations in pitch is the best •and presented well
dennis koshy
'dennis koshy' 7 months ago
guys good job!! so touched!! god blezz :)
Maasai Marika ماريكا
Amazing!Thank you!
Sterin Stephen
'Sterin Stephen' 7 months ago
cool guys!!!!! keep going man :)
Ellora Joshua
'Ellora Joshua' 7 months ago
You are the best !! you can do the best !!. well done guys
Rani Priyanka
'Rani Priyanka' 7 months ago
No words...God Bless U all😊
Ajin George
'Ajin George' 7 months ago
song is pretty amazing. Btw can anyone tell me where this video was shot? oh my god the visuals are breathtaking
Jennifer Samuel
'Jennifer Samuel' 7 months ago
kalakiitoo... supper
kezia kurien
'kezia kurien' 7 months ago
Amazing song and beautiful sung! Praise God :-)
Angel Abraham
'Angel Abraham' 7 months ago
Good job! God bless you
abheeja.s sofji
'abheeja.s sofji' 8 months ago
Amazing... rendering...
Tom T Babu
'Tom T Babu' 8 months ago
Gracen Thankachan
'Gracen Thankachan' 8 months ago
oh..!! Its too good! Heavenlyyy :) God Bless
Meghana Vijayan
'Meghana Vijayan' 8 months ago
Good song guyz..... God bless u ol... ✌🙌
Ancy Sam
'Ancy Sam' 8 months ago
francis jfernandez
'francis jfernandez' 8 months ago
Good , well done.
joshua bernice
'joshua bernice' 8 months ago
I Could sing as well as i could play Guitar (Bass) you can contact me on +91-7736787592
joshua bernice
'joshua bernice' 8 months ago
Hi Guys i do appreciate your creativity i have music knowledge i have got my CERTIFICATES from Trinity International Music London i wish to praise our almighty saviour if there is any chance that i can be included in your music band i wish to join you to exhalt our almighty saviour Jesus name you can contact me on +91-7736787592 i am in Kochi
Jomon Bincy
'Jomon Bincy' 8 months ago
rock it
Jomon Bincy
'Jomon Bincy' 8 months ago
superb guys
Sheeba Johnson
'Sheeba Johnson' 8 months ago
amazing job brothers .praise god
Samuel Thomas
'Samuel Thomas' 8 months ago
wow!!!!amazing!!no words to say...keep it up
raja pillutla
'raja pillutla' 8 months ago
its amazzzzzzzzing guys
Dennis Keziah
'Dennis Keziah' 8 months ago
solo ....super#
Dennis Keziah
'Dennis Keziah' 8 months ago
simply awesome:))
Elda raju
'Elda raju' 8 months ago
impressed.... talented people....👍 nicely managed the pitch. Beautiful !!! niceeee!!!
'JOEL GIGI' 8 months ago
Amazing friends Very good God Bless.....
Joanna Shibu
'Joanna Shibu' 9 months ago
god bless you guyzz
Albert Blesson
'Albert Blesson' 9 months ago
wonderful brothers. praise god
F Vjohn
'F Vjohn' 9 months ago
A beautiful rendition of an evergreen hit song written by P V Thommi. Poverty and sickness were his best friends yet he wrote ennodulla nin sarva nanmakalkkayi. Hoping to hear more old classic hits from you.
F Vjohn
'F Vjohn' 9 months ago
A beautiful rendition of an evergreen hit song written by P V Thommi. Poverty and sickness were his best friends yet he wrote ennodulla nin sarva nanmakalkkayi. Hoping to hear more old classic hits from you.
F Vjohn
'F Vjohn' 9 months ago
A beautiful rendition of an evergreen hit song written by P V Thommi. Poverty and sickness were his best friends yet he wrote ennodulla nin sarva nanmakalkkayi. Hoping to hear more old classic hits from you.
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