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Latest Malayalam Christian Hit 2016 Ennodulla Nin Sarva - Cross Band Music -
Published: 2 years ago By: CrossBandMusic

By: CrossBandMusicPublished: 2 years ago

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New Malayalam Christian Devotional Song Ennodulla Nin Sarva
2016 from Cross Band Music. For the New Hit Malayalam Christian
Singers: George Jeeson, Joshua R Ekl, Jerin Jac Jose, Daniel Thomas, Sijin Jacob
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Persis John
'Persis John' 2 years ago
I loved it boys!!! Simply beautiful....keep it up!Much blessings on your band!
juby v
'juby v' 5 days ago
Guys, which location is this?
Bineesh Xaiver
'Bineesh Xaiver' 6 days ago
good....and also where is the location... pls share it
Bincy Reji
'Bincy Reji' 1 week ago
Adi Gladstone
'Adi Gladstone' 2 weeks ago
Nice & powerful song.nice location.praise lord
Simply superb Sam
'Simply superb Sam' 2 weeks ago
Simply superb
Ivin Koshy
'Ivin Koshy' 2 weeks ago
grt job!
vinod raj.s
'vinod raj.s' 4 weeks ago
Supperb.. love u guyz
ajay raj
'ajay raj' 1 month ago
Very beautiful song , loved it . Keep coming up with more :)
Shalu Alex
'Shalu Alex' 1 month ago
Thank you guys for this beautiful song
Lisabeth Arnold
'Lisabeth Arnold' 1 month ago
This is awsome A great blend May god bless you abundantly
Sanoop Mk
'Sanoop Mk' 2 months ago
Superb Guys..... May God Bless you all
shibin biju
'shibin biju' 2 months ago
keep it ...boys nice song...
Neethu Shoji
'Neethu Shoji' 2 months ago
😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘god bless uuuuu
Neerej Thomas
'Neerej Thomas' 2 months ago
Joshu kutta 😘
Liza John
'Liza John' 2 months ago
Wow..God bless you guys
Grace Pravallika
'Grace Pravallika' 2 months ago
awesome .........guys😀😀😀
Thomas The Bergkamp fan
Beautiful version
Moncy Joseph
'Moncy Joseph' 3 months ago
Melvin Mathew
'Melvin Mathew' 3 months ago
Good working browser's i like it very much
Jemima Burnice
'Jemima Burnice' 3 months ago
Perfect bros keep rocking for HIS GLORY.
Sachin K Siby
'Sachin K Siby' 3 months ago
Guys please do more songs ....there r lot of ppl waiting to hear from u guys ....god bless
sneha k Shaji
'sneha k Shaji' 3 months ago
hey guys, Amazing song..m a vocalist as well, ping me if something comes up.😊
'N MEDIA' 3 months ago
Woowr beautifful place & good work Where is the place plse tell me
'RINI S' 3 months ago
Nice song.
reena mathew
'reena mathew' 3 months ago
Sajin Raj Sr
'Sajin Raj Sr' 3 months ago
aksa parassala
'aksa parassala' 3 months ago
super song
Nicholas Philip
'Nicholas Philip' 3 months ago
That was a good song I like the gitar
Vidhya Kukku
'Vidhya Kukku' 3 months ago
praise prakash
'praise prakash' 4 months ago
Mathew Kurien
'Mathew Kurien' 4 months ago
Very nice boys your video songs
Ragesh Rajan
'Ragesh Rajan' 4 months ago
supper bro
Stan Philip
'Stan Philip' 4 months ago
Heyy @CrossBandMusic it was good guys...Two suggestions:1. I think the singing the whole song in 'parts' could've been avoided...coz the song as such when sung simply is amazing!2. The credits and the description should include the name of the Lyricist and the main Composers...coz we need to honor the men of God who wrote such inspiring songs.Just used the freedom in Christ to make these suggestions as to my brothers. :)God bless you all!!
Anish Thomas
'Anish Thomas' 4 months ago
its amazing song with the best vocals and spread to the world you people are great,God bless u all
Muraleetharan Kanagalingam
Ennodulla nin sarva nanmakalkkai njan   E’nnodulla nin sarva    Nan-ma-kal-kai njan    E’nthu chei-yendu nina-    Kesu para-ippol    Nanni kondente ullam    Nanne nira-yunne    Sanna-ha-mode sthuthi,  Pa-dee-dunnen-Deva      Papathil ninnu enne    Koriyedu-ppanai    Shapa shiksha-kaletta,    Devatmaja-Maha      Enne-yan podu dinam    Thorum nada-thunna    Ponni-da-ya-nnanantham,    Vanna-name-Deva      A’ndhyam vare-yumenne    Kaval chei-theeduvan    A’nthi-ke-ulla mahal,    Shakthi neeye-Nadha      Thathansanni-dhiyilen    Perkku sada paksha    Vadam cheiyunna mama,    Jeeva nadha-Paksha      Kuttam koodathe-yenne,    Thejassin mumbake    Muttum nirru-than kazhi    Vullavane-Enne      Manni-dathi-ladiyen    Jeevikkum nalennum    Vanna-nam cheiyum thiru-    Namathinu-Deva
sherin c shaji
'sherin c shaji' 4 months ago
Beautiful singing, good work, god bless uu all😊😊😊😊
Joshy P.S
'Joshy P.S' 4 months ago
God bless you guys...
Praisey Varghese
'Praisey Varghese' 4 months ago
You just rocked....loved the version of the song .....may god bless you all in all ur endurance. ..
rino sekhar
'rino sekhar' 4 months ago
Super ....💓
Amulya Samuel
'Amulya Samuel' 5 months ago
Superbbbbbllly sung ........feels so blessed listening to this song..thnxx guys
Shijo P
'Shijo P' 5 months ago
സൂപ്പർ ഫ്രണ്ട്‌സ്
Melani Sneha
'Melani Sneha' 5 months ago
Lovely Song! God Bless you more as you glorify His name.
Simi Saji
'Simi Saji' 5 months ago
Simply beautiful!!!!may god bless you all
Siga Janet
'Siga Janet' 5 months ago
Gud.. nice location.. and auto tune... 👏👏 Praise b to God. 😘😘
Sharmila John
'Sharmila John' 5 months ago
hai friends this is my favourite guitar boy was very nice guitarist same my bro face by sharmi
sathishwar jude
'sathishwar jude' 5 months ago
Awesome Jeeson rocking as always and nice group duet guys God bless 🙂
Aneeta Mani
'Aneeta Mani' 5 months ago
Bless the lord
Shaji Matt
'Shaji Matt' 5 months ago
Ann V
'Ann V' 5 months ago
Good .
Noby t.j
'Noby t.j' 5 months ago
good job
'beiber' 5 months ago
i want the contact number
Susan K.
'Susan K.' 5 months ago
wow. absolutely speechless at this cover!! God bless you guys. Please do upload more music like this.
Jaseena V P
'Jaseena V P' 5 months ago
ohi Great God BLESSS......,
Gayathri Eliza
'Gayathri Eliza' 5 months ago
Joseph John
'Joseph John' 5 months ago
Guys, just amazing. Missing you all at Kottayam. Keep going, Jeeson.
james kandi
'james kandi' 5 months ago
Simply awsome dear brethern.although unable to understand the whole meaning of the song, liked the music location and the way u sung. Praise be to the Lord our God.
Christy Mathew
'Christy Mathew' 5 months ago
beautifully sung by all of you but how can I get its mp3 I Googled it but I m not able to get it
Amisha Marathe
'Amisha Marathe' 5 months ago
Awesome!!!! It touched my heart !!!keep it up.....May god bless u😊🤗🤗😍😍😍
Bin u Baby
'Bin u Baby' 5 months ago
Y. All. Black. ?
Bin u Baby
'Bin u Baby' 5 months ago
vasanth raj
'vasanth raj' 5 months ago
Awesome bro..z god bless you
Harold Mathew
'Harold Mathew' 5 months ago
Praise the Lord for made you his weapon to blossom our hearts....
Anish Thomas
'Anish Thomas' 6 months ago
Excellent performance God bless u
Shalu Elizabeth George
Very nice song
beno bency
'beno bency' 6 months ago
nice song god bless u
Deena Roy
'Deena Roy' 6 months ago
love it..may god bless you all abundantly
maria Emilina
'maria Emilina' 6 months ago
awesome singing. well composed..😀
Vimal Rock
'Vimal Rock' 6 months ago
realy very nice song .god bless u
Gilgy jose
'Gilgy jose' 6 months ago
l like the song super
sm gamaliyel
'sm gamaliyel' 6 months ago
Could you please gimme the piano notes for all parts of this song plzzzzz... I love this this song... Plzz.. My mail id [email protected]
shibu george
'shibu george' 6 months ago
bency bency
'bency bency' 6 months ago
nice song God bless you bro
kerala analysis
'kerala analysis' 6 months ago
super nice
Joel Thankachan
'Joel Thankachan' 6 months ago
i love this song
Joshua Daniel
'Joshua Daniel' 6 months ago
Very some fast songs too! Good job!
san kids abacus
'san kids abacus' 6 months ago
'JAISON A' 6 months ago
mind blowing.... god bless you guys..
nithin george thomas
'nithin george thomas' 6 months ago
Where is this exact Location I Like it so much Your Song is perfect for this place
nithin george thomas
'nithin george thomas' 6 months ago
Where is this exact Location I Like it so much Your Song is perfect for this place
nithin george thomas
'nithin george thomas' 6 months ago
Cross Band Music This is So Great I Like This Song The Most Welcome Guys
nithin george thomas
'nithin george thomas' 6 months ago
Cross Band Music This is So Great I Like This Song The Most Welcome Guys
nithin george thomas
'nithin george thomas' 6 months ago
Cross Band Music This is So Great I Like This Song The Most Welcome Guys
Joseph George
'Joseph George' 6 months ago
nice one, simply awesome
Jayesh Kukku
'Jayesh Kukku' 6 months ago
eniyum ethupolulla pattukal nirmikkanam all the best God bless u all
Preysimaria Job
'Preysimaria Job' 6 months ago
Tyran befs
'Tyran befs' 7 months ago
Absolutely Brilliant, Thank you and Lord Bless.
Gabriel Rexia
'Gabriel Rexia' 7 months ago
good work. God bless.
shine shyn
'shine shyn' 7 months ago
wonderful band .. superb . God bless u all.. keep on singing
Blessy Jose
'Blessy Jose' 7 months ago
super God bless you all
Beena Abraham
'Beena Abraham' 7 months ago
great work boys !!! may God bless!!!!!!!!!
Isak Sam
'Isak Sam' 8 months ago
wow I mean seriously wow guys u nailed it praise to our #abba #father
R. P. Meshak Ravi
'R. P. Meshak Ravi' 8 months ago
so blessing song for me
anjal praba
'anjal praba' 8 months ago
super song anna . Anna your voices super . god bless you
Smitha Alice
'Smitha Alice' 8 months ago
Awesome compilation
Jona Panmei
'Jona Panmei' 8 months ago
someone please give me the lyrics..
james antony
'james antony' 8 months ago
nice....i like it
mathew philip
'mathew philip' 8 months ago
awesome brother's......pls make more.....btw we're is this location
Sincy john
'Sincy john' 8 months ago
Very soothing and absolutely beautiful... waiting for more...
renji harris richard
'renji harris richard' 8 months ago
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