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#MuslimsAreNotTerrorist trending amidst widespread anti-Islam hatred caused by Paris attacks -
Published: 2 years ago By: IN THE NOW

By: IN THE NOWPublished: 2 years ago

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Paris attacks took the world by surprise to say the least, and caused mass hatred towards Muslims, with most of it happening online. So, hashtag #Muslimsarenotterrorist emerged followed by speeches by many Muslim leaders, regular people condemning atrocities against the people of France and non-Muslims as well saying that being Muslim does not make one a terrorist.

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'StereoSpace' 2 years ago
Islam is a violent, barbaric, backward, totalitarian ideology. It is completely incompatible with Western Enlightenment Civilization. Practicing muslims should not be invited into Western countries unless they agree to abandon their backward ideology and adopt the laws and social customs of the country to which they emigrate. If not, they should stay home.
Adi Kurniawan
'Adi Kurniawan' 2 years ago
Every religion support peace, of course Islam too. But ISIS isn't religion, and that isn't part or whole Muslim actually. They're a group that consist of America, Israel, and other big country who hate muslim and they want to start another world war by lying to every human. Don't believe? Just stay tune with this accident until you know the truth that I'm telling a truth about Muslim. Allah with US, God with us
Хосров Акбари
please I want the music of this video. can someone tell me the name ?
Milan 85
'Milan 85' 2 years ago
yeah thats why millions of them are colonisating Europe right now
'lello333' 2 years ago
where is the big march for peace of all muslims? when they gather and they say that terrorist are not all muslims§? this is just hypocrit pacifist left wing propaganda from rich and lazy european ass!!1 the fact is that the islam faith is a a religion of extreme violance and dictatorship, they will never stop, theyr prophet pedo mohammed said one day Rome will be islamic, that's for the meaning that all europe will fall under islamic sharia and dictarship. they will never stop untill this goal will be met!! you want more prove? we want more dead? or we can just make islam illigal and goin there flattern all midlle east? the ww3 is already started and it began on 11 sep 2001, the excalation is inevitable! better wake up and live reality then dream a world of utopia than never will happen!
Constanta Amnesia
'Constanta Amnesia' 2 years ago
my head hurts by all these idiotic leftist answers to islamic terror
Wahid Mahmood
'Wahid Mahmood' 2 years ago
90% of u are either stupid or handicaped who took more life the west or east I legal
'billbb' 2 years ago
Wahid Mahmood
'Wahid Mahmood' 2 years ago
1.5 million die under mass weopons occupation women children and men innocent die and Syria Libya afgan and u say France is tragedy it's sad way happened France but all life's ln matter not just France sort ur heads out under the banner of terrorism many countries we're invaded 9-11 no evidence until today lieyin governments should be accountable for mass murders genocide wat happened in France it's million times as bad in middle east occupation don't have double standards b52 bombers drone attacks missiles everyday do people not understand or they just programmed it just stupid and racist
'Kokho_' 2 years ago
I am a Muslims a am not a terrorist, in my techings, killing one man is like killing all mankind, and it is a great sin ..
Ganga Ji
'Ganga Ji' 2 years ago
Muslim means terrorist. It is true
Alvin Gabriel
'Alvin Gabriel' 2 years ago
Western elite leaders False flagging EU Countries?
Хосров Акбари
I don't care about what people think.... that's nice background music... someone can tell me the name of the music please please I'm muslim and I love this music and you know it
Robert johnston
'Robert johnston' 2 years ago
lightning warfare69
'lightning warfare69' 2 years ago
Islam is a cancer and it needs to be eradicated.
Otto Frinta
'Otto Frinta' 2 years ago
Not all muslims are terorists but practically all contemporary terrorists are muslims.
Rabi Ben Lavi
'Rabi Ben Lavi' 2 years ago
Their own fascist neo-con governments have nothing to do with it, of course. Talk about stupid believers.....
sam O
'sam O' 2 years ago
This thing about Isis killing Muslims too is pure bullshit. First of all, they kill Muslims only if they disobey their sharia and not based on their religions like other non Muslims. secondly the idealogy is that if they kill Muslims in a terror attack for example the Muslim souls will be sent to heaven while other non Muslims will rot in hell, so its a win win both situations.
Matjaž /
'Matjaž /' 2 years ago
Its all truth though and here you are wrong. Muslims are the enemies, ALL of them. Not as a terror threat but as a threat to way of our living. No one notices, they dont asimilate and they procreate faster then us. Its like leaving it to our children to figure it out, leaving what?! A civil war?
'2nguyen2' 2 years ago
The working class people in Europe are the victim of muslim street terrorists on a daily basis.    That's a story the left church, muslim lovers, at RT will not tell you.
'calisse245' 2 years ago
Islamophobes are Nazis and like all Fascists must be rotted out !!! By the ways ISIS crazies are Islamo fascists so them too !!!
White Socialist
'White Socialist' 2 years ago
All third worlders including all the Muslims and the converters (including antifa and other cultural-Marxists criminals) should be deported as a minimum. Europe for Europeans! Let the Muslims fight for their own countries, no European man or women shall die because of Israeli/American or Muslim interest! No more should we Europeans accept to lose our culture and accept that decline of our people. The lefties should be hung for treason and their symptoms should be kicked the hell out as minimum. Europeans Unite! #DefendEurope
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