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These Tiny Robots Are Shaping the Future... All By Themselves! -
Published: 1 year ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 1 year ago

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The Quick and the Curious
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Kilobots are modeled after the hive mindset often seen in nature. These teeny robots can work together to accomplish huge goals.

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Mac iPhone
'Mac iPhone' 1 year ago
'rippl3r0' 1 year ago
Sky Net is online! SKY NET IS ONLINE !!!
'AurumTitanos' 1 year ago
Replicators. Kill them all.
'abdok' 1 year ago
Goodbye jobs....
J. C
'J. C' 1 year ago
nothing that can self- replicate can be good for humanity.
Harvey Holloway
'Harvey Holloway' 1 year ago
The Borg!
Bella Handoko
'Bella Handoko' 1 year ago
i bet his name is Hiro, has a brother named Tadashi and a robot named Baymax
'bobbinsnest' 1 year ago
doom is upon us, these reminds me of the replicators from Stargate SG1
'Wolfenberg' 1 year ago
Skynet, it's coming
Gevell Torturer
'Gevell Torturer' 1 year ago
You really want machines to erase mankind. Don't ya ?
'YoyoCuber' 1 year ago
Hive mind.... I heard this in a tv show and it wasn't good
Thomas Green
'Thomas Green' 1 year ago
WALL-E 1.0
Sylvester Molenaar
it would be interesting to watch these things work together building something with simple boundries but a lot of different options. they could just build somthing and change it to the ways you like it. AWESOME!
Thiessen Yang
'Thiessen Yang' 1 year ago
the future is bright
Adam Lay
'Adam Lay' 1 year ago
don't build self replicating robots have you not heard of the grey goo therory
'TheSpicyPotato' 1 year ago
Welp we given robots the ability to take over humanity ..not now but someday
Nilesh Darunde
'Nilesh Darunde' 1 year ago
They looks like metal cockroaches just ready to get smashed.😎😎😎
Kai CH
'Kai CH' 1 year ago
One question, why they have pasta for legs?
'bigmac' 1 year ago
Imagine them in my basement or bedroom doing some government snooping.
The Master
'The Master' 1 year ago
Black mirror vibes!
'EckoEcho' 1 year ago
can't wait for Sky Net
Ari Lagi
'Ari Lagi' 1 year ago
big hero 6 is that you ? (nano bots)
'LANCEL0T' 1 year ago
i dont want these robots to turn against us
pattrick hurcombe dennell
imagen charging them
'MechMechanic' 1 year ago
imagine gray goo. at least they are not advanced enough yet for a simple error to cause that sort of problem.
'tskcthulhu' 1 year ago
the end is near
'lividual' 1 year ago
search and rescue, mining, environmental cleaning, THE EXTINCTION OF ALL HUMANITY, space exploration, and medicine. :)
'LapisFireGaming' 1 year ago
TF2 scout memes
'TF2 scout memes' 1 year ago
this is ooolllldddd
Max Prins
'Max Prins' 1 year ago
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