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These Tiny Robots Are Shaping the Future... All By Themselves! -
Published: 10 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 10 months ago

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The Quick and the Curious
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Kilobots are modeled after the hive mindset often seen in nature. These teeny robots can work together to accomplish huge goals.

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Mac iPhone
'Mac iPhone' 10 months ago
'rippl3r0' 10 months ago
Sky Net is online! SKY NET IS ONLINE !!!
'AurumTitanos' 10 months ago
Replicators. Kill them all.
'abdok' 10 months ago
Goodbye jobs....
J. C
'J. C' 10 months ago
nothing that can self- replicate can be good for humanity.
Harvey Holloway
'Harvey Holloway' 10 months ago
The Borg!
Bella Handoko
'Bella Handoko' 10 months ago
i bet his name is Hiro, has a brother named Tadashi and a robot named Baymax
'bobbinsnest' 10 months ago
doom is upon us, these reminds me of the replicators from Stargate SG1
'Wolfenberg' 10 months ago
Skynet, it's coming
Gevell Torturer
'Gevell Torturer' 10 months ago
You really want machines to erase mankind. Don't ya ?
'YoyoCuber' 10 months ago
Hive mind.... I heard this in a tv show and it wasn't good
Thomas Green
'Thomas Green' 10 months ago
WALL-E 1.0
Sylvester Molenaar
'Sylvester Molenaar' 10 months ago
it would be interesting to watch these things work together building something with simple boundries but a lot of different options. they could just build somthing and change it to the ways you like it. AWESOME!
Thiessen Yang
'Thiessen Yang' 10 months ago
the future is bright
Adam Lay
'Adam Lay' 10 months ago
don't build self replicating robots have you not heard of the grey goo therory
'TheSpicyPotato' 10 months ago
Welp we given robots the ability to take over humanity ..not now but someday
Nilesh Darunde
'Nilesh Darunde' 10 months ago
They looks like metal cockroaches just ready to get smashed.😎😎😎
Kai CH
'Kai CH' 10 months ago
One question, why they have pasta for legs?
'bigmac' 10 months ago
Imagine them in my basement or bedroom doing some government snooping.
The Master
'The Master' 10 months ago
Black mirror vibes!
'EckoEcho' 10 months ago
can't wait for Sky Net
Ari Lagi
'Ari Lagi' 10 months ago
big hero 6 is that you ? (nano bots)
'LANCEL0T' 10 months ago
i dont want these robots to turn against us
pattrick hurcombe dennell
imagen charging them
'MechMechanic' 10 months ago
imagine gray goo. at least they are not advanced enough yet for a simple error to cause that sort of problem.
'tskcthulhu' 10 months ago
the end is near
giovanni alexandre
'giovanni alexandre' 10 months ago
search and rescue, mining, environmental cleaning, THE EXTINCTION OF ALL HUMANITY, space exploration, and medicine. :)
'LapisFireGaming' 10 months ago
TF2 scout memes
'TF2 scout memes' 10 months ago
this is ooolllldddd
Max Prins
'Max Prins' 10 months ago
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