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Shark Attack - Bullshark Attacks Spearfisherman -
Published: 1 year ago By: Liquid Vision

By: Liquid VisionPublished: 1 year ago

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Badass 40s
'Badass 40s' 3 hours ago
Gzuz F**K! If he didn't happen to turn around at that right moment, he'd be missing some body parts! Lucky bastard!
'Diocletian' 6 hours ago
I wish that shark would have torn that piece of shit apart.
'dreamfall2' 20 hours ago
You might be a shark sympathiser, but the problem is, is the shark a human sympathiser?
'dreamfall2' 20 hours ago
I used to be an adventurer like you, but then took a spear to the fin.
Brock Busa
'Brock Busa' 3 days ago
Wow he had pin point accuracy on that hit
Umer Shaikh
'Umer Shaikh' 6 days ago
shiny metal balls this guy's got
Sydney Waddell
'Sydney Waddell' 1 week ago
use a cage, or don't get in. going in the open water is not okay armed like this. You're in the shark's home, and you know the shark's instinct is to attack if it thinks you are food/something it is curious about. When endless marine species are becoming endangered, it is absolutely unacceptable to take careless killings of any marine life into our own hands like this.
KFC part-time job
'KFC part-time job' 2 weeks ago
You are  badass..... good job
My Season
'My Season' 2 weeks ago
Rob Lopez
'Rob Lopez' 2 weeks ago
hell nah to the nah nah nah
Leo Casi
'Leo Casi' 2 weeks ago
thats some scary ass shit
'Will' 2 weeks ago
Split that muthufuckas wig
antbord _
'antbord _' 2 weeks ago
The diver would be like: EAT THAT
'pride893' 3 weeks ago
Honestly, who could ever say they faced a shark and won? Amazing man
Garrett Lee
'Garrett Lee' 3 weeks ago
That was satisfying
Andy Parisi
'Andy Parisi' 3 weeks ago
Nice shot!
'contrerados' 3 weeks ago
*Smile you son of a bitch!*
Rohan Shankar
'Rohan Shankar' 4 weeks ago
I feel bad for the shark but it didn't really give the dude any choice.
LexusVIP 400
'LexusVIP 400' 4 weeks ago
To all of the people making these "To all of the people who" comments. I'm pretty sure I havnt seen one comment bashing this guy for killing the shark. Not one single comment. Quit being sheep, we all know what we would do in that situation. Let him take a bite out of you or put a rod through his brain. Easy answer to that question. Nobody is on the sharks side here. Quit being sheep... Geesh. .
Chilli Gamer
'Chilli Gamer' 4 weeks ago
You have to pull the gun out!
Legends LiveForever
'Legends LiveForever' 4 weeks ago
Shark: Hey sir, you dropped your wallet wai-BLARGRHARGHARA
Cuồng Anime CMNR !!!
'raoh34' 1 month ago
Big balls!!!
Daedra Emperor
'Daedra Emperor' 1 month ago
бедная акула лучшеб она съела его
'Billigan' 1 month ago
Cool as a cucumber!
Terntravel Holiday
'Terntravel Holiday' 1 month ago
Hi Liquid Vision, I work for a Scottish tv production company and we'd like to use this clip in our new travel series for Channel 4 (UK). Can I check who owns the copyright for it? My email is [email protected] Thanks, Eilidh
john lockett
'john lockett' 1 month ago
Typical shark doesn't like its flu shot. LOL
Paul Cardone
'Paul Cardone' 1 month ago
Nice shot
Supreme Leader Asher
This is just sad, a poor innocent shark just going by gets shot by a stupid spear fisher because he wanted the trophy... the shark was only going 20 miles an hour straight at him! Unnecessary
Kyle M
'Kyle M' 1 month ago
That Bull shark is a prime example of when keeping it real goes wrong
General Gigan
'General Gigan' 1 month ago
Wtf is with the comments section? What was he supposed to do? Get eaten?
Esrangez ROBLOX
'Esrangez ROBLOX' 2 months ago
'MONARCHY -' 2 months ago
First Blood!
Dirty China
'Dirty China' 2 months ago
That was perfect. No panic , simple defense. Now your on top of the food chain. Great work man.
David Crews Ph.D.
'David Crews Ph.D.' 2 months ago
Open mouth --- Insert Spear gun.
Aaron London
'Aaron London' 2 months ago
That’s what that shark gets for trying to attack him
'Hansa' 2 months ago
This video is so satisfying to watch over and over again.
Shannon MacKenna
'Shannon MacKenna' 2 months ago
Cheng Yang
'Cheng Yang' 2 months ago
When fish are FRIENDS.... NOT food..... Sharks turn to other things for food, like people... LOL. Go Dory. Your lesson has been learnt by many sharks now, it seems.
Jose Carlos
'Jose Carlos' 2 months ago
Never shot the gun. Very good fear always. How many pounds the shark???
man cao
'man cao' 2 months ago
Sang vãi cho luôn cái súng bắn 🤑
Verchiel Varðmaðr
'Verchiel Varðmaðr' 2 months ago
Wellp honey, we're having shark for dinner!
lioneliris Alex
'lioneliris Alex' 2 months ago
Poor shark :(
elias sadek
'elias sadek' 2 months ago
if that shark were a women i would mary took that gun like a pro
Kevin Griffin
'Kevin Griffin' 2 months ago
This dude has the biggest balls of them all
leo reading
'leo reading' 2 months ago
Wish i was there
leo reading
'leo reading' 2 months ago
Beautifull shark
Joseph Marshall
'Joseph Marshall' 2 months ago
Wonder what the last thing going through that sharks head...
Tails and Scales
'Tails and Scales' 2 months ago
I don't understand why people are getting triggered at the dude for hurting the shark. I'm a huge fish and shark enthusiast, and even I can agree that in a situation like this, you are justified in defense
james lloyd
'james lloyd' 2 months ago
As if bull sharks aint scary enough. Now there's one swimming around with a damn spear gun
HashSmash Gaming
'HashSmash Gaming' 2 months ago
That bull shark is a beast
'DarSha' 2 months ago
Did the Shark survived?
'reyhawkproductions' 2 months ago
Shark was like: ,,i am gonna boop this hooman hehehhe" Not but seriously did the shark survive that? :/ (I understand the reaction of the diver dont worry)
KaijuDino 1235
'KaijuDino 1235' 2 months ago
All the 3K dislikes are probably tree-huggers.
Jezza Clarkson
'Jezza Clarkson' 2 months ago
Die asshole
Kraven Pokémon
'Kraven Pokémon' 2 months ago
Lol rip shark
Chase Turknett
'Chase Turknett' 2 months ago
Damn this got my heart my pumping, can't imagine actually being in that position, everyone's natural instinct would be the same in that situation
Femacamp Bandleader
'Femacamp Bandleader' 2 months ago
Damn this is the first defensive use I have seen of a speargun v. shark. Didn't turn out the way he planned it looked like. Fuggin Nice Shot dude!
Jonathan Geee
'Jonathan Geee' 3 months ago
Damn this is great footage!! Eat or be eaten.
Fx B
'Fx B' 3 months ago
Good shot
Jared L
'Jared L' 3 months ago
Anyone feeling sympathy for the Bull Shark and not of the man being attacked by the Bull Shark is not human, but a psycho liberal who would feel bad for a 6 foot 5 inch 250 pound serial killer who was attacking an old woman in the middle of nowhere with nobody around to help her and was shot by her and died. These are the same people that would be criticizing the old woman in such a situation because these people plainly are not human but have digressed to being less than animals themselves.
TJC2 Cooper
'TJC2 Cooper' 3 months ago
👍🏾👍🏾 Go back down there and get him!! The way he charged you he should be on your dinner plate 🍽
skipper jim
'skipper jim' 3 months ago
He'll yea awesome save kill all them fuckers
Gg Great
'Gg Great' 3 months ago
da fuck, you dropped the spear gun bro
'MrAbiel1' 3 months ago
Honestly i hate sharks... the little killer deserved a spear crammed down its mouth..
Uncle Cos
'Uncle Cos' 3 months ago
Я так одной телочке стрельнул в глотку
Comcy Xeno
'Comcy Xeno' 3 months ago
That was satisfying
iLikeButton 447
'iLikeButton 447' 3 months ago
Tanner Jacobs
'Tanner Jacobs' 3 months ago
I would gouge its eye out with my bare hands
RHYS Fagan
'RHYS Fagan' 3 months ago
you defentiality killed it
'ADEBISI ADEBISI' 3 months ago
Weak, shitty, little video.
alex tzortzis
'alex tzortzis' 3 months ago
He is the best fisherman
Pangna Thy
'Pangna Thy' 3 months ago
Hahahaha take that sharkie
'JSA JPA' 3 months ago
Eat that bitch
Emily Brainerd
'Emily Brainerd' 3 months ago
Stop spear fishing!!! Its really bad for the ecosystem
'shigeolincolntaco' 3 months ago
The fact that you even seen that joker coming is amazing in its self I would never have spotted that guy
'Despond' 3 months ago
See how they come from the bottom and they are almost camouflaged to the surface. It probably was circling and planning this for a while. It's scary, any distraction ot lack of attention and that shark gets a full bite, it's a bull shark too so you're going to be in serious trouble.
Rosso The
'Rosso The'Crimson' 3 months ago
Pause at 0:19 "At this moment the shark realized he fxcked up."
Tim Murphy
'Tim Murphy' 3 months ago
Damn. I feel sorry for the shark, but what else could the guy do? It was a kill or lose a body part scenario!
'MoousH' 3 months ago
Good timing as soon as it opened mouth
General Obi Wan Kenobi
Take that you aggressive cunt! Just like the overly aggressive shit cunts that always seem to be at every pub looking for some one to pick a fight with. They too should be speared in the mouth if they attack some one. it would encourage polite behavior. lol
General Obi Wan Kenobi
That shark was not confused. It was not mistaken identity. The shark was going to try to prey on that man because it thought he would be an easy meal. Edit: You should have pulled the trigger too, not just jam it in his mouth. Gotta get the spear in there nice and deep.
General Obi Wan Kenobi
Cunt bull sharks deserve it. The bull shark can and DOES kill people to eat them. People need to stop saying sharks aren't much of a danger and that it's mistaken identity. Not with the bull shark and the tiger shark.
Will Page
'Will Page' 3 months ago
He was just investigating.
Count Asti
'Count Asti' 3 months ago
bragging rights for life
BOSS MAN1984100
'BOSS MAN1984100' 3 months ago
Shark messed with the wrong person
'TheLegoBrickery' 3 months ago
Casey Neistat anyone?
Fırat Yılmaz
'Fırat Yılmaz' 3 months ago
Abdestin faydaları..
Joe Garfield
'Joe Garfield' 3 months ago
Amazing defensive skills.
Sergio Ramos4
'Sergio Ramos4' 4 months ago
he ded
ken catorce
'ken catorce' 4 months ago
he was looking on his arm if it was gone.
Joseph Martinez
'Joseph Martinez' 4 months ago
hate bull sharks. serves it right. if the diver wasn't armed he'd be dead or deformed.
'nonplayerzealot4' 4 months ago
He should've allowed that shark to attack him in order to conserve nature.
Nuh tufanı
'Nuh tufanı' 4 months ago
Dung Nguyen
'Dung Nguyen' 4 months ago
that danger
Twilights Daughter
'Twilights Daughter' 4 months ago
Holy shit dude! When I saw that thing charging the camera I about went through the back of the couch. I would have done the same damned thing. And so would the crybabies in here about the shark getting hurt would have too. It was total and absolute self defense and it had every intention of killing that man. Too bad u couldn't have gotten the shark for food. How ironic would that be lol!
Wafflemaster 449
'Wafflemaster 449' 4 months ago
Jesus Christ that was close
Michael Vlasic
'Michael Vlasic' 4 months ago
Reel on your weight belt that's ballzy
glaas cedric
'glaas cedric' 4 months ago
anyway those aren't friendly animals. Singapore Marine Zoo got a plenty of it and when I visited it in 2005 one was swallowing his younger bro slightly smaller. funny was the public divided in 2 groups, the ones seeing nothing and the <> group that currently asking themselves if what they were seeing was reality , a distortion of their vision or a personal brain damage. well no, the guy was patiently swallowing his mate, like snakes do. Bullsharks have no education.
juan hernandez
'juan hernandez' 4 months ago
goodjob killer
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