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Shark Attack - Bullshark Attacks Spearfisherman -
Published: 10 months ago By: Liquid Vision

By: Liquid VisionPublished: 10 months ago

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23, 451 Likes   3, 502 Dislikes

'LukeCageforhire' 4 hours ago
Are bull sharks good eating?
cats 4 life
'cats 4 life' 7 hours ago
Jesus could have did it a bit nicer
cosmic wind
'cosmic wind' 9 hours ago
O-who-yeh-t !!!
r00t hkr
'r00t hkr' 10 hours ago
Dude, that was one pissed off dog, a pitbull right?
Bolshevism Happened
'Bolshevism Happened' 23 hours ago
damn it might have died, oh well it was asking for it.
'Ikeys' 2 days ago
That move when he hit the shark
Jonathan Barquez
'Jonathan Barquez' 2 days ago
Holy shit dude, I hope you didn't soil that wetsuit, I would have for sure. Sad the shark had to go, but it was a predator vs predator situation and the bull shark made its fate by choosing to attack...beautiful but absolutely savage mfers
R n S McKee
'R n S McKee' 3 days ago
Shark on a stick!!!
'lillithremedy' 3 days ago
Poor shark
'DontTread0nMe' 3 days ago
Whoever disliked this video, is an unreasonable, idiot. Millions of years of evolution, made the bull shark a killing machine. This shark shows obvious signs of predation towards this man. This shark was going to kill this man. Grow some brain cells you dumb fucking vegans. I'm a shark biologist that has done more for sharks than you will in your life time. Go fuck yourselves. You would protect yourself in the same situation. No one wants to bleed to death, while having a bull eat you alive.
Sharvet Raymundo
'Sharvet Raymundo' 6 days ago
This video is played Backwards...
'MrRodpec' 6 days ago
I am degenerative liberal and this is ANIMAL ABUSE
sticky peters
'sticky peters' 1 week ago
He done the right thing but I hope the shark survived.
The Face Lacker
'The Face Lacker' 1 week ago
Efendinim Lan
'Efendinim Lan' 1 week ago
Nice nice you are the winner man
'Disinf3ctant' 1 week ago
:( When they're alive I'm like "FUCK THAT SHARK" But seeing him dead was really sad.
'Fuzzy' 1 week ago
score one for people
Lukas de Kock
'Lukas de Kock' 1 week ago
Its a baby shark.
Mike Chin
'Mike Chin' 1 week ago
Damn dude you are the f-ing man!!!
Aryeh Ben-Ami
'Aryeh Ben-Ami' 1 week ago
Regardless of intent, he turned out to be reckless.
xristos vasiliou
'xristos vasiliou' 2 weeks ago
You are lucky you had the chance to see him! Very agresive shark,never seen something like that again! Did you had dead fish with you??
Daniel Caro Soto
'Daniel Caro Soto' 2 weeks ago
Impresionante video si no es por la lanza y a la.velocidad que venia te comen vivo
arixx black
'arixx black' 2 weeks ago
Good feeling good job
vinnie kov
'vinnie kov' 2 weeks ago
How come its scary to be in somewhere, but when your fighting the danger it's not so scary anymore?
'311CoolGuy' 2 weeks ago
It looked like an accident? In the sense that he was using the spear to keep him away but wen the shark started shaking to bite the guy accidently pulled the trigger
ruben g
'ruben g' 2 weeks ago
Fuck Bull sharks
Mike Millz
'Mike Millz' 2 weeks ago
Shark thought he could sneak this dude. Gave him the old Sparta thrust! Guy has the underwater equivalent of an eagle eye.
Vibez Gaming
'Vibez Gaming' 2 weeks ago
get rekt shark
Mickaël Tea
'Mickaël Tea' 3 weeks ago
Die or live people ! Don’t be stupid it’s you or the shark. If your kids are attack by a tiger ok let them die don’t hurt the tiger.
Michael Caplin
'Michael Caplin' 3 weeks ago
I think we all should take some time to appreciate the cleaner fish and their amazing efforts to stay attached to the asshole shark the whole time. Well done!
Yellyman Gonzales
'Yellyman Gonzales' 3 weeks ago
The spearfisherman did the right thing.
Donya Celine Navarro
Mr Wolf
Fran Kelley
'Fran Kelley' 3 weeks ago
Shark charges...*PWND*
Glenn Miller
'Glenn Miller' 3 weeks ago
This is the reason why most divers consider bull sharks to be the most dangerous of all sharks.
ratatouille tintin
'ratatouille tintin' 3 weeks ago
il avait fait le plus dure pourquoi il à pas finit le requin !!!
Nathan Teixeira
'Nathan Teixeira' 3 weeks ago
Você que tá atacando ele, idiota. Você tá no mar, é o ambiente em que ele vive, para de atacar as criaturas que Deus fez com tanto carinho para que vivesse conosco aqui na terra, vá procurar o que fazer, e deixe os animais em paz.
Chris Cruise
'Chris Cruise' 3 weeks ago
Holy testicle tuesday
Jamie T
'Jamie T' 3 weeks ago
I don't think its was a bull shark. Snout was too pointy..
Janus J
'Janus J' 3 weeks ago
Wow. Good reaction..
'JASMIN JONSON' 3 weeks ago
I think its edit?
jean paul fox
'jean paul fox' 4 weeks ago
Did you just recently spear baracuda? Curious why that shark went nuts towards you ? That literally never happens to me unless I have speared Cuda or speared amber jack or yellow jack
'Apollogamer' 4 weeks ago
That bull didnt come close out of curiosity to check on him, that was clear charge directly towards pray that he wanted to take bite off.
Hasan Celik
'Hasan Celik' 4 weeks ago
u fucking pice of shit, killing those animals for your own fun ! fuck u all
Reginaldo Santos
'Reginaldo Santos' 4 weeks ago
Creeeedooooo viiixe colega que doideira,esse foi o melhor vídeo q já vi até hoje...... E depois que aconteceu?
Alec Gross
'Alec Gross' 4 weeks ago
I mean, obviously yeah, the dude did the right thing – he had to defend himself. But... I still feel bad for the shark, lol.
Jay ar
'Jay ar' 4 weeks ago
Him or the shark you pick
Mohamed el guelai
'Mohamed el guelai' 1 month ago
Western people be like... oooh that's sad, poor shark, you should have pushed it away or let it bit you and go. Lol
chan santos
'chan santos' 1 month ago
Human pig
Robert Staerker
'Robert Staerker' 1 month ago
Damn lucky you spotted his ass before he tore you a new one.
LV - 426
'LV - 426' 1 month ago
i don't see how people would dislike this video when this is what has the highest chance of surviving by using the speargun
Vladimir R
'Vladimir R' 1 month ago
As you can see the anti shark costume does not work
'katamari4life' 1 month ago
fuck ya fuck that shark
True Stories
'True Stories' 1 month ago
'EprixYT' 1 month ago
Junge nimm doch die Harpune mit alter geld verschwendung
Safet Hamzagic
'Safet Hamzagic' 1 month ago
He smells like fish thats why he hot attacked
'Basilio' 1 month ago
Self defense. Justified. Quick reaction saved him. He didn't realize in fact was was happening
Chris Nenshati
'Chris Nenshati' 1 month ago
fucking scumbag hope a shark eats you alive dip shit
Harry Pilgrim is deadpool
Killing a shark with a spear lol
Harry Pilgrim is deadpool
This was awesome dude
Johnny Sawyer
'Johnny Sawyer' 1 month ago
Dang, that Bull Shark had some intent! See it thrust and pick up speed? Definitely in attack mode. Got a belly full of spear gun. Nothing else that dude could have done..
PCL Outdoors & Bushcraft
Wow man your lucky to have swam away from that one. Spear fishing seems a little risky.
'gomilliode' 1 month ago
nigga HE DEAD.
'FUCKtheJEWS' 1 month ago
‿︵‿︵‿︵‿ヽ(°□° )ノ︵‿︵‿︵‿  HELPME
Mac камф
'Mac камф' 1 month ago
Crazy fast .... You are lucky that you See it coming
PandaSquad48 27
'PandaSquad48 27' 1 month ago
BLOOD ATTRACTS MORE SHARKS!!! u need to attack it eye or attack its gills
'ArmArmy88' 1 month ago
Bullsharks are jerks!  Good shot
'BastianAndTheBear' 2 months ago
What was he fishing for in the first place??? Poor shark and poor guy! I bet that scared the crap out of him!!
Tactical_ Tarkus
'Tactical_ Tarkus' 2 months ago
get rekt, that shark needed to minimax
YoungMC_ 21
'YoungMC_ 21' 2 months ago
This is one of the few videos I make an effort to watch at least once per week. I would have no doubt been screaming and freaking out.
Lily Raimey
'Lily Raimey' 2 months ago
The sheer SPEED and POWER of that creature is amazing! It wasn't even visible until it was just a few feet away... Nature - you're scary.
Lily Raimey
'Lily Raimey' 2 months ago
These comments, though.
'Minetty' 2 months ago
Fucking faggot, don't hurt the shark like that ! Punch him in the nose, flat i don't know but disgusting. Save your live yeah yeah sad way to go.
Music The Beast
'Music The Beast' 2 months ago
Gravital Being
'Gravital Being' 2 months ago
Meh I don't like spearfishing anyways.
Nổi Tiếng Nhờ Anti Fan
Holy fuck
Willow Craigie
'Willow Craigie' 2 months ago
I've looked at the comments saying the spearfisherman should have killed the shark and some he shouldn't have killed it but in my opinion sharks rarely attack humans sadly some people do die but it's either the shark made a mistake or thought you were food like a seal or dolphin some people may disagree but sharks are just a 37% aggressive and 73% harmless sea creature as I said some people may disagree but people who do agree with me thank you I'm only 8yrs old but I have a opinion
'giuajo' 2 months ago
'Sinnias' 2 months ago
did you get your spear back i think you won the fight so yeah
Francis Molina
'Francis Molina' 2 months ago
Survival of the fittest!
the one
'the one' 2 months ago
Its never a boat near
Minh Hoang
'Minh Hoang' 2 months ago
Thanh Nguyen
'Thanh Nguyen' 2 months ago
Đù men
'SetGround1' 2 months ago
that was fucking awesom
Davix Yt
'Davix Yt' 2 months ago
Al Grande
'Al Grande' 2 months ago
he just wanted a hug
La Quête du Fun
'La Quête du Fun' 2 months ago
darwin awards for the shark. I don't know what got into that poor fellow. Great reflexes and cold blood from you diver ! I'm happy for you you could manage to win that fight. that was intense.
'icimblind' 2 months ago
Good Shot, that was a full out attack. Thank God you hit your mark. If you missed things could have been different. You didn't get bit, and you didn't die. That's a good day! Do you have any theories on what triggered the attack? I've never seen that in any videos.
Tony Montana
'Tony Montana' 2 months ago
You should've finnished the job
Wood Stalon
'Wood Stalon' 2 months ago
you SUCK! you kill shark for fun!
Hasan jaki
'Hasan jaki' 2 months ago
Woah... This is awesome
Michael Cuellar
'Michael Cuellar' 2 months ago
good shit!
Aaron Liggins
'Aaron Liggins' 2 months ago
That was close well done you proved we are top of the food chain.......
Saul Saavedra
'Saul Saavedra' 2 months ago
who attacks who?
boom channel
'boom channel' 2 months ago
Am i The only one how feels bad for the. Shark
'humblelongboards' 2 months ago
Damn...If that dude hadn't turned his head to see that in time. Shows you how aggressive Bull sharks can be. Didn't check the guy out or nothing...just came straight up for the kill.
Hannah Masaki
'Hannah Masaki' 2 months ago
some stupid question here but did the shark died?
Spaceman Spiff
'Spaceman Spiff' 2 months ago
Judging by the quality of his equipment I'd say that "Spearfisherman" is likely not his occupation, rather, a hobby. An intentionally misleading title that did not necessarily depart from the truth
Amy Aldrich
'Amy Aldrich' 2 months ago
This what happened to me, in 1988 at Kurnell, south of Sydney, but it was a 12ft Great White, I had to swim into a small cave, and it tried for 15 seconds to get me, but it was too big, so the girl who swims with Great Whites, will be eaten one day.
holly wood
'holly wood' 2 months ago
Nicee!!! She was gonna bite the shit outcha too lol
Jiri Volejnik
'Jiri Volejnik' 2 months ago
"Picking his brain" about why he attacked you, are ya?
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