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Shark Attack - Bullshark Attacks Spearfisherman -
Published: 5 months ago By: Liquid Vision

By: Liquid VisionPublished: 5 months ago

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Mai Shiranui
'Mai Shiranui' 50 minutes ago
nice hit
'ThaGVPSon' 3 days ago
sharks are like dogs, usually they're curious and just wanna see what this new creature is doing in their watery yard. but these sharks are like michael vick pitbulls who tend to attack out of nowhere. too bad the shark had to lose its life, but you had no choice. those reflexes and accuracy could win any MLG call of duty tournament or kill osama bin laden a second time
'muffin' 4 days ago
Don't worry, the other Sharks are probably jumping with joy that this Bullshark is dead, now they have a free meal, lol
Far Queue
'Far Queue' 5 days ago
Strike of Kings Team
Coolest diver ever. We love all the animals. But at this moment, anyone would do the same thing. Your life or its life. Which one would you choose?
I am a HUGE shark lover. My first tattoo even a shark and I got it the day of my 18th birthday. So I hate to see the shark die, but you have to understand the situation. Bullsharks are the most aggressive, and if I'm not mistaken, responsible for the most human deaths. He was going to take one hell of a chunk out of this guy. He was just defending himself. Now, if they guy was provoking the shark and going out in the water to just hunt down a random shark, then that would be different.
'maciverandy1' 1 week ago
that is some creepy shit!
Scarlet Begonias
'Scarlet Begonias' 1 week ago
Good job fending that thing off.
'MRCharlesNCharge' 1 week ago
Good kill! Great instincts
Adrian Barnard
'Adrian Barnard' 1 week ago
well played
Truth Reigns Forever
Bull Sharks are as "NASTY AS SHIT", they have the highest level of testosterone of all creatures. They'll bee 🐝 line your ass. They don't mess around. They're way worst than Great Whites! Great whites and other sharks kinda check you out before zeroing in on you. These guys just come right at you not giving a flying f%€k as you saw here. There's been reports of attacks as far up the Mississippi by Illinois or so? (Google it if incredulous). Not getting in no rivers ever, no matter how far from the ocean just because of these little fucks.
Ancalagon Ullr
'Ancalagon Ullr' 1 week ago
So it did die right?
'loushky619' 1 week ago
Amazing life saving kill 👊🏼
Abbygale420 Guin
'Abbygale420 Guin' 1 week ago
Lol. The sharks face the second it feels the spear looks like " shit. I fucked up"
J. Michael
'J. Michael' 1 week ago
Jasper Lano
'Jasper Lano' 2 weeks ago
I love how you killed it infront of its children
Crystal Graves
'Crystal Graves' 2 weeks ago
whoa so crazy! he was really going in for the kill! glad you are safe
MihalisM Kickyourass
Fuck no!
Solo Rider
'Solo Rider' 2 weeks ago
Fucking piece of shit. If you go in the ocean don't use a weapon like a fucking faggot.
'carforumwanker' 2 weeks ago
straight in the gob !
'Clockworks' 2 weeks ago
Lucky you spotted it when you did at 0:14 - 0:15, i didn't even see at first until it started charging you. If you had been looking in another direction for even a second longer that could've been real bad.
'xzz' 2 weeks ago
fuck him
Eric Cartman
'Eric Cartman' 2 weeks ago
if you call this animal abuse WTF? what would you do, die or kill a shark and survive? holy fuck
'RedRagedRooster' 2 weeks ago
Fuckers, sharks have been around longer than trees. They are unchanged for over 150 million years. It is the ultimate killing machine. Fuck that shark, he tried and failed, nature did its thing.
The Welkin
'The Welkin' 2 weeks ago
quite possibly the coolest fucking video on the internet
Harry Stallone
'Harry Stallone' 2 weeks ago
god fucking damn!
Teru Mikami
'Teru Mikami' 2 weeks ago
hahah dumb shark.
'Truthseeker1' 2 weeks ago
Bull shark bit off more than it could chew, literally.
Guido Antonelli
'Guido Antonelli' 2 weeks ago
You're so cruel! poor shark! what did you do into the water? you're hunting, but the sea is not a humans territory, you fuckin killer! I hope somebody make the same thing to you!
Nabeel Khalid
'Nabeel Khalid' 2 weeks ago
He had no other choice for saving his life.he didnt wanted to live with one leg rest of his life.nice shot though
Swaggot -iwnl-
'Swaggot -iwnl-' 2 weeks ago
How can you be scared of a dolphin??
emozgay srnm
'emozgay srnm' 2 weeks ago
More like human attack lol
'unknown2day2' 2 weeks ago
He was probbably just going to say hi! Oh well he's lunch now!
You Are The Creator
'You Are The Creator' 2 weeks ago
this guy is an asshole dressed like a fishing lure, douche video
Umar al-Abdul Khaliq
Hopefully you got his fin.
J.G Productions
'J.G Productions' 2 weeks ago
How dare he defend himself from a shark attacking him! He should be more considerate & let the shark eat him! What a monster! *Sarcasm*
ρ Λ п ø я Λ м i ĸ V i ѕ i ø п
he cross his head with the harpoon!
'thexophguy' 2 weeks ago
bitch deaepthroated spear gun now it feels funky . what a bitch shark . got what it deserved .
kaniv kaniv-kaniv
'kaniv kaniv-kaniv' 2 weeks ago
Впевнений - той рибалко був москалем !
'Sudstah' 2 weeks ago
I think he killed it lol
Pajor Bart
'Pajor Bart' 2 weeks ago
Huge huuuuge balls
C.M. Terrell
'C.M. Terrell' 2 weeks ago
Totally all for preserving sharks, but no matter what the situation, you have the human right, in fact the responsibility to defend yourself. God gave us the Earth to subdue and make our own, and the beasts of the land, the fish of the sea and the birds of the air to dominate. Good Job!
DJDeezy ThaTruth
'DJDeezy ThaTruth' 2 weeks ago
-- Dang that MF fast.
'YakiMasala' 2 weeks ago
shark was like "Todaaay is my day....I' m swiiiiimming in the rain, just swiiiiimming in the rain...What a glorious fee.........Oh look, what catches my little eye :) num num num. Ok, Eric, this time I will get it. No failure again. It looooks kinda weird, but ok. I think i can handle it. *swush swush swush" FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! God damnit!!! Ohhh fuck fuck! That hurts!
'gerberho1' 2 weeks ago
those are the sharks to worry about. even great whites will circle you a while and nudge. bulls just strike
Nihlism Is Cool
'Nihlism Is Cool' 2 weeks ago
he looks like a seal because he was on the surface, if he wasn't a pussy freediver and had some tanks he would've been safe.
Tony Wright
'Tony Wright' 3 weeks ago
Wonder what got that bull going like that? I spearfish around oil rigs and open water with them swimming around they hardly bother me, they will come up but I just poke them gently with my spear or push them and they leave me alone.
Kuba 20091
'Kuba 20091' 3 weeks ago
Ethan Tremblay
'Ethan Tremblay' 3 weeks ago
Spearfisherman clearly overacted! He should have provided PlayDoh, coloring books and a safe place in which the shark could have verbalized its triggers. But no, the spearfisherman had to use excessive force and suppress due process. Typical
'brussell639' 3 weeks ago
that one definitely wanted a nibble.
Riely Richmond
'Riely Richmond' 3 weeks ago
Fucking bamboozled that shark
'meefking8404' 3 weeks ago
Do Bo
'Do Bo' 3 weeks ago
Nice hit. Otherwise if you missed youd be dead. That Bullshark wanted you.
Atil Tosun
'Atil Tosun' 3 weeks ago
Reef Shark not bull!
'Mmaguy13' 3 weeks ago
Soldado de Juan José Torres
Humans are the worst species in the world. Can't stay out of a habitat that's not theirs so they instead go to a different one to kill a species that's already on the brink of survival.
'Gray_Horizons' 3 weeks ago
Pointy Stick > Bull Shark
Eglė Kartanaitė Dunovska
R.I.P. In peperoni sharkeroni!!
'GregMcMuffin' 3 weeks ago
He just came swimming up like he was saying " I'm fast as fuck boi!!!"
Hami Chahal
'Hami Chahal' 3 weeks ago
lets eat that fish for more testosterone
Thomas Linssen
'Thomas Linssen' 4 weeks ago
I wonder how much force this person had to use to stop that shark from ramming into him. I can imagine the beast must have been pretty damn powerfull.
Chief Otto
'Chief Otto' 4 weeks ago
I feel bad for the shark but it shouldnt have tried running up on him like that smh
Taylor Clark
'Taylor Clark' 4 weeks ago
Anybody attacking this guy in the comments for what happened is either just flat out dumb or terribly uneducated on the subject. To attack him for killing it because it belonged there and he didn't is just an incredibly uneducated and ignorant response. Society needs people willing to step out and explore the unknown, it's how mankind evolves and gains knowledge. I also found it absolutely hysterical reading the comments from people who didn't like how he handled the situation and proceeded to break down, point for point, exactly how they would have handled it. Like the PowerPoint presentation they've concocted in their mind would help; A) in an adrenaline fueled fight or flight, potential life or death situation, and B) like they'd even be able to create a step by step plan in those precious few seconds. Anyone in that situation would have at least attempted to handle it the way he did and anyone who says otherwise is either lying or just terribly ignorant. The fact that it even needs to be explained is just sad. Thank you for sharing this video, it was incredible.
Landon Crandall
'Landon Crandall' 4 weeks ago
The shark got fucked
Mathias Andersen
'Mathias Andersen' 4 weeks ago
Get rekt lul
Rowdythepug 22
'Rowdythepug 22' 4 weeks ago
Shark charges, gets spear down the throat
Morgan Robinson
'Morgan Robinson' 1 month ago
That'll pucker up your butthole.....:-o. Now just wait for the PETA people to show up and make a stink. Amazing shot though, both video footage and directly into its mouth!
'Obey' 1 month ago
0:15 shark attack
Justine Hertwig
'Justine Hertwig' 1 month ago
These reflexes tho!!!!! Wow
Hay Yo
'Hay Yo' 1 month ago
Look at this living legend.
'DennyBoy190' 1 month ago
'imhotep561' 1 month ago
F*cking sh*t!
aLl uR f3lLinGs aRe MinE mine
Damn Nigga swallowed that fuckin' spear.
'savdown' 1 month ago
OMG i watched this video a hundred times!
Bull shark
'Bull shark' 1 month ago
I'll have you know I just mistook you for a seal
'FCG GAMES' 1 month ago
This guy did the right thing
Maik Weis
'Maik Weis' 1 month ago
Bruce John Wayne
'Bruce John Wayne' 1 month ago
What the fuck, the shark was just trying to make friends with the diver by charging him at 20 knots. the shark was just going to give a love bite and that cruel diver had to shoot him.
Ana Julia Goetten
'Ana Julia Goetten' 1 month ago
filho da puta
Maze Lemaïs
'Maze Lemaïs' 1 month ago
Thoose motherfucker kill a lot of surfer they need to be kill LIKE the medusa
Frisk the human
'Frisk the human' 1 month ago
thank god you did not die
'miopera40' 2 months ago
nice one shot kill
Adriano Ramos
'Adriano Ramos' 2 months ago
The easiest shot ever!!
Matej Ortner
'Matej Ortner' 2 months ago
Nice Shot (y)
Catherine Michelle
'Catherine Michelle' 2 months ago
Eat speargun, stupid!
Sans The Skeleton
'Sans The Skeleton' 2 months ago
I guess that shark is FIN-ished.
Alex Chu
'Alex Chu' 2 months ago
So fucking fast
Su Balenti
'Su Balenti' 2 months ago
Aisyah Syafira Aisyah Syafira
I think, i am the one who scream at 00:17 part
Hagop Zakaryan
'Hagop Zakaryan' 2 months ago
I though he was going in fight or flight mode and then return and gut him alive with your knife. Wouldn't ever leave my spear gun.
Marlo Carroll
'Marlo Carroll' 2 months ago
he better get out the water fast blood from that shark bout to alert his homies
Abdulazeez Ashmeel
'Abdulazeez Ashmeel' 2 months ago
This in Saudi Arabia
S Canada
'S Canada' 2 months ago
Good response , saved yourself being mauled if not worse. But why did it suddenly attack out of the blue ? I guess even fish can be assholes to
'karayv' 2 months ago
The White Knight of Justice
0:19 And this is how sharks commit suicide.
Golden Ratio 1.6180
'Golden Ratio 1.6180' 2 months ago
Fuck you dumb fucks commenting and hating like bitches on a bad trip. That shark was on a fucking mission. To eat. Ignore these haters, most likely they never saw a bigger fish than their dick (2 inchers) dead in their plate more over alive in his element AND EVEN MORE IMPROBABLE THAT THE FISH WAS TRYING TO EAT THEM.  Considering the shark size, if the spear did not hit / passed trough his mouth and went straight down, you would have lost your hand. By the way were was your "spotter"??? Anyway, you had a close shave there bud. It was your life at play all the time out there. The shark was playing home and he decided to eat a human, so I consider that Liquid Vision did not even defend him self, he JUST made his speargun between him and the attacker. Liquid Vision should not be attacked by wild cock sucking keyboard warriors in the fucking comment section, they should be glad he did not die. If someone has anything against what Liquid Vision did, than put your sensitive ass in his position and let the shark have a bite, see how that goes bitches. Liquid Vision, shame you lost your rig, but hey better the equipment that can be bought back than something more permanent. If I may I give you a suggestion. Do not let much time before you go back at diving again because it will effect you deeper the longer you stay out.
Mick Taylor
'Mick Taylor' 2 months ago
That sack of shit shark is lucky it wasn't me i would of rang it's neck would of been a bad day for it. if anyone has a problem with this fb me I don't check comments on here to busy snapping necks and cashing checks. Graham Gault
Furkan Hicdonmez
'Furkan Hicdonmez' 2 months ago
sat commando
Amelia Tamayo
'Amelia Tamayo' 2 months ago
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