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Shark Attack - Bullshark Attacks Spearfisherman -
Published: 1 month ago By: Liquid Vision

By: Liquid VisionPublished: 1 month ago

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'signoguns' 29 minutes ago
It was lucky he had that spear on him, that shark was coming in to take a bite
Kakaká kákáká
'Kakaká kákáká' 5 hours ago
coitado do shark
Joao Player
'Joao Player' 6 hours ago
Vim pelo Aruan
'MrVladexus' 16 hours ago
ты смотри какая агрессивная тварь....выхватила гарпуна на обед..
'ashnaybro' 2 days ago
incredible footage, can't believe how calm you were during that whole ordeal, including when you came up and took a proper breath
'kieran544' 3 days ago
reminds me of the duke nukem level with sharks :D
Mr Positive
'Mr Positive' 5 days ago
Jarl M
'Jarl M' 5 days ago
Glad to see ur still alive ;)
Filbert Street
'Filbert Street' 5 days ago
pussy you could have pushed that away with your hands.
Underground Rap
'Underground Rap' 5 days ago
Лучше бы забрал и зажарил, ёбана!!
Wilmer Henao
'Wilmer Henao' 6 days ago
I'm a shark lover but in this situation you did what had to be done, the swimming pattern is very aggresive. That shark was definitely coming for you or your gun.
'W1LL- CwB' 6 days ago
Rafael González
'Rafael González' 1 week ago
Nice shot bro!
'Asdalt' 1 week ago
What if the shark came from the back....
John Bull
'John Bull' 1 week ago
Staying cool under pressure!
'asvp.koray' 1 week ago
Fuck quick reaction time mate hahaha
Joãozinho Couto
'Joãozinho Couto' 1 week ago
Pat White
'Pat White' 1 week ago
'GojiraR32' 2 weeks ago
fuck all you cunts
'fuck all you cunts' 2 weeks ago
i love sharks, but they scare the fuck out of me for THAT exact reason. 😨... fuck swimming at the beach, being out of your natural element is the scariest part. you cant run on water. plus theres a fucking shit load of deadly creatures that can easily fuck you up then make you their bitch. 😵😵😵
LuizAntonio games
'LuizAntonio games' 2 weeks ago
alguém veio pelo aruan
Eva Mumm
'Eva Mumm' 2 weeks ago
(Just saying) We kill chickens, cows, pigs, and much more everyday and y'all are worried about 1 human? I mean, I do care it's just we are cruel so we kinda deserve it back.
Evelyn Mandoka
'Evelyn Mandoka' 2 weeks ago
that's cool
Jake Stowell
'Jake Stowell' 2 weeks ago
it thinks your a seal and also sharks are passive they think everything in the ocean that moves is a seal
'UnNotAnon' 2 weeks ago
He crit
'ROKlJH UI' 2 weeks ago
Illegal fishermen catch 500 of those sharks, hack off the fins, and roll the carcasses back into the water while they are still alive. They use the fins to make Shark Fin soup in fancy restaurants. Spear-fishermen like this are friends of the ocean. If you want to make a difference in this world, focus on the problem: Human population growth, 3 million more people every week.
'AndréST' 2 weeks ago
-Querida vou ali pescar no Oceano tass? -Ok baby 7 Horas depois chega a casa com um Tubarão DAAAMN
Ace bilz
'Ace bilz' 2 weeks ago
Duuuude this is so fucking savage
João Pedro
'João Pedro' 2 weeks ago
Sr Fodase
'Sr Fodase' 2 weeks ago
Quem veio pelo aruan ?
Pikachu GamePlays
'Pikachu GamePlays' 2 weeks ago
dont kill sharks :(
Rhuaan Silva
'Rhuaan Silva' 2 weeks ago
vim pelo Aruan , up up!
'las347' 2 weeks ago
humans leave their comfy safe living environments to go into the wild...then when they get attacked by wild animals who live there rightfully people freak out and taking that person's side. sad really! poor shark wish he'd won now he's dead from human stupidity and ignorance
Matheus Luciano
'Matheus Luciano' 2 weeks ago
quem tbem veio pelo canal do Aruan? kkk
Matheus Coimbra
'Matheus Coimbra' 2 weeks ago
Shuyeb Rawoof
'Shuyeb Rawoof' 2 weeks ago
I am from Casey Neistat's Video too ;)
T. Gamer
'T. Gamer' 2 weeks ago
Vim pelo Aruan
R.neves Costa
'R.neves Costa' 2 weeks ago
Games PlayStation
'Games PlayStation' 2 weeks ago
Fuck you mean men and cruel a fisher.😈😟
'SPX3455' 2 weeks ago
That looks like a 6 ft shark - very bold of her to approach like that.
Pernambucano Official
Cadê minha nação ?
'EmanoGamer' 2 weeks ago
Cade os br carai ?
Sophie Peratikou
'Sophie Peratikou' 2 weeks ago
where was this??
'0401412740' 2 weeks ago
Eu? Alysson
'Eu? Alysson' 2 weeks ago
vim pelo Aruan!
Gilmar Clash
'Gilmar Clash' 2 weeks ago
Se inscrevão lá no meu canal que vou retribuir 🔞 ⚠ ❤ ❤
Parakh Choudhary
'Parakh Choudhary' 2 weeks ago
What if the shark was vegan and was on its way to talk to you and persuade you about turning vegan duuuude wtf why did you kill it
'American5585' 2 weeks ago
killed the stupid piece of shit like a boss. I enjoyed watching this
Layon Henriquefh
'Layon Henriquefh' 2 weeks ago
failed Dead
Em busca do shape Gringo
Cade os BR AQUI!
Jeane Fonseca
'Jeane Fonseca' 2 weeks ago
quem veio pelo aruan
'Eduardo!' 2 weeks ago
vim pelo aruan
Marcio Alexandre
'Marcio Alexandre' 2 weeks ago
Tinha um filhote embaixo dela não?
'SOUZA GAMES' 2 weeks ago
quem veio pelo aruan?
Leonardo Alfredo
'Leonardo Alfredo' 2 weeks ago
vim por causa do aruan
frango loko
'frango loko' 3 weeks ago
vc não tem medo de morrer seu trouxa
Guilherme Castro
'Guilherme Castro' 3 weeks ago
Tilapia TV
'Tilapia TV' 3 weeks ago
The shark is female to see that the cubs are around her, she was just wanting to protect, then the bastard goes there and hurts the shark
'LIPEF' 3 weeks ago
Willian Moreira
'Willian Moreira' 3 weeks ago
Vim pelo aruan !
Fabio Inácio
'Fabio Inácio' 3 weeks ago
LIONEL010102 #ConTV #ConTV
quem veio pelo aruan felix?
Sr.Wolff PeTM:3
'Sr.Wolff PeTM:3' 3 weeks ago
mano se tem distúrbio mental poxa
Marcus David #VCM
'Marcus David #VCM' 3 weeks ago
Quase se fudeu kkkjjj
Matheus Antonio Alves Custodio
vim pelo aruan
Picole DeFrango™
'Picole DeFrango™' 3 weeks ago
depois dessa nem a água entrava mais no cu
Marcos Maida
'Marcos Maida' 3 weeks ago
Quem veio pelo o Aruan curte ai
Brunna Duarte
'Brunna Duarte' 3 weeks ago
vim pelo video do aruan 😂😂✌
Netto Coellho
'Netto Coellho' 3 weeks ago
Guilherme Tnw
'Guilherme Tnw' 3 weeks ago
vim pelo aruan
'Guizão' 3 weeks ago
Quem Veio pelo Aruan ?
Ratazana de Brasília
É triste ver um animal matando um tubarão, porra... o cara foi até armado pra isso =/
Eu Sou Breakmen S2
'Eu Sou Breakmen S2' 3 weeks ago
Joao Pedro 57
'Joao Pedro 57' 3 weeks ago
quem venho pelo video do aruan
O Tal Speezy
'O Tal Speezy' 3 weeks ago
só eu que percebi que o tubarão tava com um Filhote?
O Tal Speezy
'O Tal Speezy' 3 weeks ago
só eu que percebi que o tubarão tava com um Filhote?
'Thiago' 3 weeks ago
Quem veio pelo Aruan?
Sr.Panda King Of Blade #Br
Se fosse eu ja tinha me cagado de tanto medo Hue ._. Ps:Aruan me trouxe aqui ninguem liga .-.
Canal JottaPêCe
'Canal JottaPêCe' 3 weeks ago
The Unknown
'The Unknown' 3 weeks ago
imagine if that was a great white
n forno
'n forno' 3 weeks ago
Interesting video, I also find spear fishing an interesting activity. Sharks are worthy of respect but also worthy of a spear in the throat under such a situation I believe.
Zander Elam
'Zander Elam' 3 weeks ago
how far out are you?
'nextari' 3 weeks ago
one of best shark attack footage ever
Dawn Fazio
'Dawn Fazio' 3 weeks ago
ok when that fucking insane Bullshark came at him to eat him obviously, he kept filming? A lil strange dontcha think? I woulda dropped it and swam away as fast as possible...hes lucky hes alive fucking retard.
Jack Peds
'Jack Peds' 3 weeks ago
Pretty sad about the shark but who could blame the guy, he had to keep himself safe and he didn't provoke the shark either.
'DatBoiDylan' 3 weeks ago
What a hit. This dude got lucky
Plato N
'Plato N' 3 weeks ago
white, bull, and tiger sharks should be hunted down to minimum numbers and kept there!, good job fending off that beast.
Joe Park
'Joe Park' 3 weeks ago
did u dome that shark???? if so dope lol
Иван Иванов
Страсть...как это он так быстро сориентировался-то...Какое же счастье, что мы в России живем, максимум, что в наших водах может на тебя напасть это пиявка обыкновенная)))
matt moore
'matt moore' 3 weeks ago
POW! Right in the kisser!
Seank C1tikal5000
'Seank C1tikal5000' 3 weeks ago
This is why I stay out of the ocean imagine this shit with no spear! Shit was like GTA when u swim out to far
Luis Bonilla
'Luis Bonilla' 3 weeks ago
what!!! now you damn well if it was yall in that water, you would've killed that shit to...... GOOD JOB DIVER
'MetropoloBot' 4 weeks ago
did I just heard two spears triggering?
'OG DEADPOOL' 4 weeks ago
thats some assassins creed shit
'Tobi's World' 4 weeks ago
This guy held his shit together, man I'd love to see other people's reaction in the same situation.
'TeddyHunter' 4 weeks ago
Nobody cares about that fucking wombat Casey Neistat. Shut up.
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