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Shark Attack - Bullshark Attacks Spearfisherman -
Published: 4 months ago By: Liquid Vision

By: Liquid VisionPublished: 4 months ago

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S Canada
'S Canada' 2 days ago
Good response , saved yourself being mauled if not worse. But why did it suddenly attack out of the blue ? I guess even fish can be assholes to
'karayv' 3 days ago
Golden Ratio 1.6180
Fuck you dumb fucks commenting and hating like bitches on a bad trip. That shark was on a fucking mission. To eat. Ignore these haters, most likely they never saw a bigger fish than their dick (2 inchers) dead in their plate more over alive in his element AND EVEN MORE IMPROBABLE THAT THE FISH WAS TRYING TO EAT THEM.  Considering the shark size, if the spear did not hit / passed trough his mouth and went straight down, you would have lost your hand. By the way were was your "spotter"??? Anyway, you had a close shave there bud. It was your life at play all the time out there. The shark was playing home and he decided to eat a human, so I consider that Liquid Vision did not even defend him self, he JUST made his speargun between him and the attacker. Liquid Vision should not be attacked by wild cock sucking keyboard warriors in the fucking comment section, they should be glad he did not die. If someone has anything against what Liquid Vision did, than put your sensitive ass in his position and let the shark have a bite, see how that goes bitches. Liquid Vision, shame you lost your rig, but hey better the equipment that can be bought back than something more permanent. If I may I give you a suggestion. Do not let much time before you go back at diving again because it will effect you deeper the longer you stay out.
Mick Taylor
'Mick Taylor' 4 days ago
That sack of shit shark is lucky it wasn't me i would of rang it's neck would of been a bad day for it. if anyone has a problem with this fb me I don't check comments on here to busy snapping necks and cashing checks. Graham Gault
Furkan Hicdonmez
'Furkan Hicdonmez' 5 days ago
sat commando
Amelia Tamayo
'Amelia Tamayo' 6 days ago
'cayocashmayne' 6 days ago
His balls kept him floating.
Дмитрий Ястребцов
Вот это реакция. Уважение!
'bigben1986' 7 days ago
'bigben1986' 7 days ago
Yaros Yari
'Yaros Yari' 1 week ago
получила блдь?
'skyym3' 1 week ago
Just wondering if you were able to go back down and retrieve your spear gun and maybe harvest the shark? Awesome video bro.
Louisa Tefa
'Louisa Tefa' 1 week ago
jam castellano
'jam castellano' 1 week ago
The shark wanted to have a selfie with you, you should have given him a chance. ::)
'kitouxxx' 2 weeks ago
I see some ridicul comments like "omg what a jerk" or "this guy should be killed like the shark". I want to say to all that people: wtf guys? Try for a second to put yourself in the situation. What would be your reaction? Dont be stupid this guy had the good reaction. It was the shark or him... I say that all people pretending the opposit are fucking morrons and should go swimming in that sea at the sunset.
Gabriel Melo
'Gabriel Melo' 2 weeks ago
Vim pelo Aruan !
jay Manchester
'jay Manchester' 2 weeks ago
Nice shot bro...
'gypsykatcher30' 2 weeks ago
Thats badass!
Sheran Tenurdin
'Sheran Tenurdin' 2 weeks ago
The water is green and bit murky..and seeing how the sharks coming from below he's looking for meal..sorry for the shark..but I bet the diver will have trauma..
'DUC ' th' 3 weeks ago
Vim pelo video do Aruam
The Crimson Fucker
'The Crimson Fucker' 3 weeks ago
Depth game in real life
Claude Alpha
'Claude Alpha' 3 weeks ago
Depth in real life.
'XM1STERX1' 3 weeks ago
guy should be taken out back and executed
Bee Saechao
'Bee Saechao' 3 weeks ago
Easy meal
'DAB COOLERS' 3 weeks ago
😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨 amazing!!!!!!!!
Djordjo Milan
'Djordjo Milan' 3 weeks ago
I come from playing clash royale
Rahman Hidayat
'Rahman Hidayat' 4 weeks ago
if the shark still lives now he will realize hes now the second apec
'GoMiGman' 4 weeks ago
Great reaction time!  How did you not sink with the shark with such huge balls?  Those things scare the crap out of me.
Jim A Nonymous
'Jim A Nonymous' 4 weeks ago
Bite this motherf%@%ker
'Dogebot' 4 weeks ago
'eruweraranj0r' 1 month ago
Hope it kills him next time
'TraitorByTrade' 1 month ago
My ass would have been dead. Barely saw it.
Chip Douglas
'Chip Douglas' 1 month ago
I got something for you boobdoob! BOOOM CHECK YOU MOTHER FUCKER!
'Kog' Maw' 1 month ago
Even taht sahrk survived the spear, it would still die becouse while he is standing still he can not brethe so the shark would choke to death in the water...
'SUBIE4estr XT' 1 month ago
You idiot you definitely killed it!!! Go back to your native Indian tribe if you want to hunt with spears you fucking cluck!
the marta dog
'the marta dog' 1 month ago
poor shark 😢😥
'Chrysa1is' 1 month ago
The guy should have let the shark take a bite out of him tbh.
the shark
'the shark' 1 month ago
um... don't look at my name
Goku_killinit 11
'Goku_killinit 11' 1 month ago
This will forever be the best shark attack video win fkn legend level of salute to the diver. Fuck the shark he attacked first self defense
Nino Falletta
'Nino Falletta' 1 month ago
That shark came right at him with its mouth opened. I would've been too scared to stab it in the mouth
'adolfbaba' 1 month ago
very good ,fucking shark died ha-ha! good shot
fishy face
'fishy face' 1 month ago
what the fuck i would like it if the shark ate him
'fish433' 1 month ago
im dip in shit! youre gonna love the ocean for fuckin forever !
reptile adventures
'reptile adventures' 1 month ago
holy crap that bullshark just got speared in the throat that was so badass
Damon Winters
'Damon Winters' 1 month ago
Aw sick 60fps
'7Kazman' 1 month ago
Fucking ideot, who killed a child shark. It's mouth is even less then size of his foot. Humans are still most dangerous species to anyone, including themselves. He should not have been there. It is like killing a man who is running is in the street to steal a meal in his natural environment.
Felipe Domingos
'Felipe Domingos' 1 month ago
men, this video scared the shit out of me
Bulgarian Lion
'Bulgarian Lion' 1 month ago
It was like the final scene from shark movie where the shark dies!
Mr.Cheese Roblox
'Mr.Cheese Roblox' 1 month ago
ben bartolome
'ben bartolome' 1 month ago
Waiting for the "ANIMAL ABUSE COMMENTS" to arrive
'EVriderDK' 1 month ago
Sandor Vennink
'Sandor Vennink' 1 month ago
A dead shark for your stupid hobby. Spearfishers ask for it. It attracts sharks like a magnet and the shark pays the price.
'bichillocv' 1 month ago
Fuck you fucking shark bitch, go to hell fucker, well done diver.
Alpha Potato_GD
'Alpha Potato_GD' 1 month ago
Srry but i can't take that shark seriously with it's fins flopping around like that as it went in for the kill xD
Matthew Pottinger
'Matthew Pottinger' 1 month ago
no in all seriousness thats a hell of a lot of nope right there.. quick reaction lucky you had a weapon id just shit my pants and die in that situation
Matthew Pottinger
'Matthew Pottinger' 1 month ago
poor shark. All it wanted was to eat him, just a few nibbles out of your leg and you killed him!!! The horror! You should have just let the poor thing eat!!!
'ziggyjinx' 1 month ago
I thought I saw a metal data tag on the shark, the diver used a way to powerful magnet to retrieve it, hence the Sharks speed.... Divers error on magnet choice.
Gary Shaw
'Gary Shaw' 1 month ago
Wow it sounds like he pulled the trigger when the spear was in its mouth so that spear probably went all the way into its body.
'bobvexer' 1 month ago
How boring I live
SAF 7th Unit
'SAF 7th Unit' 1 month ago
fck the way that shark charged at thatvdiver was scary..
Yuri Sierra
'Yuri Sierra' 1 month ago
Good shot. You can fish another day.
tyler chapman
'tyler chapman' 1 month ago
lucky he saw that coming.. if he was facing the other way it wold have been a bad day
'dragonlover7196' 1 month ago
The shark's death is unfortunate; I don't like seeing sharks get hurt, but that bull shark wasn't fucking around. He defended himself as any animal wouldNot a situation I would ever want to be in hahaBull sharks are awesome, but those fuckers can be aggressive as hell
'Slewww' 1 month ago
yooooooo that was like a fucking action film bro hahaha.
Ahman Hicks
'Ahman Hicks' 1 month ago
Well, so much for the validity of that $300 dive skin camouflaging you from ocean predators. That shark honed in on him like a fuckin laser guided missile!
'Bigfanm3new' 1 month ago
no you don't spear the shark in the mouth you stab the shark in the right so it looks like JAWS 4 XD
Shark Bait
'Shark Bait' 1 month ago
The fact that people are actually upset/disliking the video because he DEFENDED HIMSELF is fucking astonishing and infuriating. If an animal comes changing at you with intent to kill, do you just let it kill you? No! You fight back! So why is it wrong for him to fight back?
QueenLizzy MSP
'QueenLizzy MSP' 1 month ago
Crap I'm going to Hawaii tomorrow shit!
Haim Zilberbort
'Haim Zilberbort' 2 months ago
*By the way it was Putin )*
Alex Kuo
'Alex Kuo' 2 months ago
nice kill right in the gills
T Marron
'T Marron' 2 months ago
pause at 0:09 evil devil face, coincidence? I think notttt
Josh G plays G
'Josh G plays G' 2 months ago
I hope the shark lived though even though the guy had no choice or he would be fucked😞
Bj Arcano
'Bj Arcano' 2 months ago
He is spear fishing. The shark rules the ocean and when your in the ocean, you have to be on your top game. He was lucky enough to shoot the shark straight through the head. If not, he would've you know, be injured or even dead.
Glade Portnoy
'Glade Portnoy' 2 months ago
human 1 - shark 0.......very good responsive
Jenny Witch
'Jenny Witch' 2 months ago
I'm a shark lover and I absolutely adore Bull Sharks, but man, this was awesome. Depth 2 is looking pretty great!
'Isaiah' 2 months ago
Shark deserved it! COME AT ME VEGANS LOL 😂
Святояр Ронинъ
why let go? lost snap
Mc_Claw Larsen
'Mc_Claw Larsen' 2 months ago
almost feel bad for the shark
'Канал' 2 months ago
Садист. Или тебе еды дома не хватало, что ты пришёл в её дом?
Sailor Steve Holt!
'Sailor Steve Holt!' 2 months ago
Jfc feeling bad for the shark & saying that it's the dude's fault doesn't make you some oversensitive hippie who hates the outdoors and lives in a fantasy world. This guy has a fucking GoPro, spear gun, and scuba gear. He's not some indigenous person who has to hunt for *his survival*. He's also not an animal. What he's doing is sport before anything else, and it's disingenuous to pretend otherwise. Which sucks. Spear fishing, hunting with a crossbow is fucking cruel. I'm not a fan of hunting, but I know that a good hunter with a gun kills a deer instantly. A spear or an arrow usually doesn't and prolongues suffering. I refuse to believe the people who get mad at the "oversensitive" commenters enjoy watching animals suffer. They've just convinced themselves that it's for a legit reason. And before anyone trots out the argument that if you're not a vegan then you're a hypocrite, that ignores the advanced farming practices that ensure humane treatment of farm-raised animals. Now, you can go to the grocery store and get eggs or poultry or pork or beef or milk from animals without hormones and antibiotics and which were raised in a pasture not a cage or in some over-stuffed pen with no natural light. We're probably a generation away from lab-produced meat. Even then, there will be dudes like this going out and spearing fish or hunting with a bow. It's about sport and fun/thrill. So, yeah, no sympathy for these guys who get attacked. They don't need to be there doing what they're doing. The shark does. They know the risks, that sharks will attack if they're hungry enough or a particularly aggressive species, and they know that, in order to defend themselves, they'll have to injure, maim, or even possibly kill the shark. That's fucking cruel. Yeah, maybe the law allows it and he has a "right" to be there. Doesn't mean he's not less of an animal than the ones he's spearing.
Red Dog Digital
'Red Dog Digital' 2 months ago
That was intense, Bravo. Not even sure how you spotted it and reacted so quickly. Crazy good survival skills.
Eleos Soele
'Eleos Soele' 2 months ago
Holy shit this is the stuff of nightmares
николай кошак
ёма ё .вот это рыбалка.
Gabriel lemos
'Gabriel lemos' 2 months ago
Sergey Ivanović
'Sergey Ivanović' 2 months ago
Spear is the Real Fisherman's Friend
'SexyBorabo' 2 months ago
That guy is such a badass, he just speared him without any panic
Elias V
'Elias V' 2 months ago
it had baby sharks on it
Arish totw
'Arish totw' 2 months ago
I would love to see these shark huggers be in the same position... its called self defense people!
sergey solodilov
'sergey solodilov' 2 months ago
Anyone knows what fins does he have?
Ray Brannon
'Ray Brannon' 2 months ago
That boy was coming too!! He came in hot and then got shot in the throat, greedy as ambush predator! The diver was like hell no I am not about to be on international shark files
'Dethmeister' 2 months ago
It's set up. They pulled all of it's teeth first.
Astor Tran
'Astor Tran' 2 months ago
thats not fair whats the diffrence letting the shark kill you instead of killing shark. help stop animal unfainess now!
'LACH NUMMER' 2 months ago
That poor shark...but yeah you needed to protect yourself
Andrew Milles
'Andrew Milles' 2 months ago
*Insert classic balls of steel repetitive joke here *
Rudi Hippie
'Rudi Hippie' 2 months ago
congrats! you just killed another shark...with people like you, it's no longer before you won't see a shark again...he should have got you for being in his habitat!
Joe Ward
'Joe Ward' 2 months ago
Did what you had to do! Awesome footage.
'itpanama' 2 months ago
the pure art of survival !
vert krut
'vert krut' 2 months ago
маленький акулёнок. показана подводная охота на акул акулят.
_ EST _
'_ EST _' 2 months ago
Holy crap! That dude must need a change of wetsuit! That was pretty intense! He must have some nice jacks and marks in the speargun after that ordeal!
'PunketSly' 2 months ago
the moment i see a shark charging at me like that, i shit my pants
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