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Shark Attack - Bullshark Attacks Spearfisherman -
Published: 6 months ago By: Liquid Vision

By: Liquid VisionPublished: 6 months ago

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'Samuel' 6 hours ago
Guy R-M
'Guy R-M' 12 hours ago
Spearfishing, nothin more than lil boys playing cow boy with a rifle.
'Jknight2000' 14 hours ago
Nice fucking shot bro!
Henry Carnill
'Henry Carnill' 17 hours ago
it won't do that again
Zotac Grol
'Zotac Grol' 20 hours ago
Epic nice dude
Kekoa Kawakami
'Kekoa Kawakami' 1 day ago
Jesus...... shit isn't good for my blood pressure
'RikkiTikkiTavi' 1 day ago
Clearly, Mr. Shark never read"Most Dangerous Game"
'RikkiTikkiTavi' 1 day ago
And THAT Mr. Shark, is why you wait and see if something is actually prey before you go and attack it.
'144random' 1 day ago
what the fuck the shark kebabed itself
'Goztepe2002' 1 day ago
I' never seen more badassery take place in 30 seconds.
Guy T
'Guy T' 1 day ago
I actually ended up feeling bad for the bull shark. This is stupid of me, considering the spear fisherman had to defend himself at all costs..
'sgtSNIPESHOWsgt' 2 days ago
haha Bull Shark instantly regretted attacking this dude. Way to set the tone out there in the ocean.
'minityper' 2 days ago
Prolly had a fish on his belt?
Renier Castañeda
'Renier Castañeda' 2 days ago
Shit...... thats karma
Amy Mendez
'Amy Mendez' 5 days ago
Kill or be killed. Stop putting yourself into a situation you were most likely no where near being into. He killed the shark the save his fucking life. YouTube is filled with a bunch of bitches who are Hippocrates. Stop being mad cuz you know you wouldn't have had the balls this guy had to kill a fucking shark.
First Last
'First Last' 5 days ago
For all the people claiming this is animal cruelty, what the hell would you have done in this situation? Killing one shark for self defense doesn't do any harm to the ecosystem. Whatever!
Vinson Smith
'Vinson Smith' 1 week ago
Did you get your spear back mate ? I would have been swimming after that fucker! He was just a baby but I am not saying he wouldnt have taken a nice hunk out of ya. GO GET YOUR SPEAR !!!
Steve Forbes
'Steve Forbes' 1 week ago
Poor shark :(
'93BlazinFire' 1 week ago
I wonder if shark goes well with eggs...
Maria Flor
'Maria Flor' 1 week ago
Vai na casa dos bichinhos e ainda mata. FILHO DA PUTA. Queria ver ele sendo mastigado pelo tuba.
Jose Ramirez
'Jose Ramirez' 1 week ago
mother shark
'MaggioRacinginc' 1 week ago
Wonder if the baby survived and grew up to get revenge
'lossantos11' 2 weeks ago
fuck you shark
BuNGEE kid
'BuNGEE kid' 2 weeks ago
90% of the comments here: "guys it was self defense" 10%: children in Africa jokes or other jokes
'kane666' 2 weeks ago
hey fella i think u drop your wallejdjfbajbajabajajabdjjajahhahag
'Freeman' 2 weeks ago
I hope she was pregnant
'Teemo' 3 weeks ago
fucking murder unfortunatelly the diver did not die
Zadnja Sadaka
'Zadnja Sadaka' 3 weeks ago
heell yeahh
ryan brown
'ryan brown' 3 weeks ago
dumb fucker go kys
boy girl and a dad
'boy girl and a dad' 3 weeks ago
I'm so thankful the Great Lakes are salt and shark free.
Milan Dijkstra
'Milan Dijkstra' 3 weeks ago
Stop it fisherman
David Smith
'David Smith' 3 weeks ago
Get rekt m8
Artty 1975
'Artty 1975' 3 weeks ago
You just killed a Bull Shark bro. You da man! Tell that story to the ladies.
'D D' 3 weeks ago
U should go wit more ppl however great awareness
Oscar Molina
'Oscar Molina' 3 weeks ago
Damn dude.
Jeffrey Ramsower
'Jeffrey Ramsower' 3 weeks ago
Niiice, goes down for snapper...Comes up with bullshark. Close call, glad it didnt end the other way...
'BoilerUp3030' 3 weeks ago
Love it!! Mess with the bull, you get the horns! (No pun intended)
Gabriel Mascitti
'Gabriel Mascitti' 3 weeks ago
I'm curious, why exactly did you look under your feets? exactly where the shark came from, did you just get lucky as fuck or you knew he was there?
Kieran Gerard
'Kieran Gerard' 4 weeks ago
So much for camouflage wet suit, that shark wanted him bad!
'Digitalbumpin' 4 weeks ago
Unbelievable that people have a problem with him killing a damn shark. Fuck off you libtard idiots. Survival of the fittest. When the next war comes, it is weak people like you that will die first. Once you get hungry you will rip a squirrel apart with your bare hands with glee for food. So shut up and go away.
The mighty Trump
'The mighty Trump' 4 weeks ago
yo that's the only legit shark attack ive seen for real. that thing was on a mission and tried to sneak up on you ready to kill. you handled that like a fucking badass bro. major props. I woulda shit my pants no doubt.
'Madcr0ws' 4 weeks ago
fuck yeah nice retaliation skills got that fucker good next time bring an underwater chainsaw with you
Jedi -master Nender
'Jedi -master Nender' 4 weeks ago
Why would you dislike? 'Cause he hurt the shark? Gimme a break
Deeson Jame
'Deeson Jame' 4 weeks ago
Reckon that shark was eaten by a bigger shark, and now your speargun is inside that bigger shark.
Michael Streets
'Michael Streets' 4 weeks ago
Wow... Had he not been looking around this would have ended very differently
Mai Shiranui
'Mai Shiranui' 4 weeks ago
nice hit
'ThaGVPSon' 1 month ago
sharks are like dogs, usually they're curious and just wanna see what this new creature is doing in their watery yard. but these sharks are like michael vick pitbulls who tend to attack out of nowhere. too bad the shark had to lose its life, but you had no choice. those reflexes and accuracy could win any MLG call of duty tournament or kill osama bin laden a second time
'muffin' 1 month ago
Don't worry, the other Sharks are probably jumping with joy that this Bullshark is dead, now they have a free meal, lol
Far Queue
'Far Queue' 1 month ago
Strike of Kings Team
Coolest diver ever. We love all the animals. But at this moment, anyone would do the same thing. Your life or its life. Which one would you choose?
misunderstood shark
'misunderstood shark' 1 month ago
sorry that's my brother hes kinda fiesty
You have a great video i watched every min of it.I'll be back to see more . Thanks for sharing with the world.If you have a chance check my channel out.If you like hit subscribe.Let me know you did and ill say WHAT UP?! HOLLA AT YA BOY!!!!! Keep up the good work! Take Care God Bless!
'maciverandy1' 1 month ago
that is some creepy shit!
Scarlet Begonias
'Scarlet Begonias' 1 month ago
Good job fending that thing off.
'MRCharlesNCharge' 1 month ago
Good kill! Great instincts
Adrian Barnard
'Adrian Barnard' 1 month ago
well played
Truth Reigns Forever
Bull Sharks are as "NASTY AS SHIT", they have the highest level of testosterone of all creatures. They'll bee 🐝 line your ass. They don't mess around. They're way worst than Great Whites! Great whites and other sharks kinda check you out before zeroing in on you. These guys just come right at you not giving a flying f%€k as you saw here. There's been reports of attacks as far up the Mississippi by Illinois or so? (Google it if incredulous). Not getting in no rivers ever, no matter how far from the ocean just because of these little fucks.
Ancalagon Ullr
'Ancalagon Ullr' 1 month ago
So it did die right?
'loushky619' 1 month ago
Amazing life saving kill 👊🏼
Abbygale420 Guin
'Abbygale420 Guin' 1 month ago
Lol. The sharks face the second it feels the spear looks like " shit. I fucked up"
J. Michael
'J. Michael' 1 month ago
Jasper Lano
'Jasper Lano' 1 month ago
I love how you killed it infront of its children
Crystal Graves
'Crystal Graves' 1 month ago
whoa so crazy! he was really going in for the kill! glad you are safe
MihalisM Kickyourass
Fuck no!
Solo Rider
'Solo Rider' 1 month ago
Fucking piece of shit. If you go in the ocean don't use a weapon like a fucking faggot.
'carforumwanker' 1 month ago
straight in the gob !
'Clockworks' 1 month ago
Lucky you spotted it when you did at 0:14 - 0:15, i didn't even see at first until it started charging you. If you had been looking in another direction for even a second longer that could've been real bad.
'xzz' 1 month ago
fuck him
Eric Cartman
'Eric Cartman' 1 month ago
if you call this animal abuse WTF? what would you do, die or kill a shark and survive? holy fuck
'RedRagedRooster' 1 month ago
Fuckers, sharks have been around longer than trees. They are unchanged for over 150 million years. It is the ultimate killing machine. Fuck that shark, he tried and failed, nature did its thing.
'welkin' 1 month ago
quite possibly the coolest fucking video on the internet
Harry Stallone
'Harry Stallone' 1 month ago
god fucking damn!
Teru Mikami
'Teru Mikami' 1 month ago
hahah dumb shark.
'Truthseeker1' 1 month ago
Bull shark bit off more than it could chew, literally.
Guido Antonelli
'Guido Antonelli' 1 month ago
You're so cruel! poor shark! what did you do into the water? you're hunting, but the sea is not a humans territory, you fuckin killer! I hope somebody make the same thing to you!
Nabeel Khalid
'Nabeel Khalid' 1 month ago
He had no other choice for saving his life.he didnt wanted to live with one leg rest of his life.nice shot though
Swaggot -iwnl-
'Swaggot -iwnl-' 1 month ago
How can you be scared of a dolphin??
emozgay srnm
'emozgay srnm' 1 month ago
More like human attack lol
'unknown2day2' 1 month ago
He was probbably just going to say hi! Oh well he's lunch now!
You Are The Creator
'You Are The Creator' 1 month ago
this guy is an asshole dressed like a fishing lure, douche video
Umar al-Abdul Khaliq
Hopefully you got his fin.
J.G Productions
'J.G Productions' 1 month ago
How dare he defend himself from a shark attacking him! He should be more considerate & let the shark eat him! What a monster! *Sarcasm*
ρ Λ п ø я Λ м i ĸ V i ѕ i ø п
he cross his head with the harpoon!
'thexophguy' 1 month ago
bitch deaepthroated spear gun now it feels funky . what a bitch shark . got what it deserved .
kaniv kaniv-kaniv
'kaniv kaniv-kaniv' 1 month ago
Впевнений - той рибалко був москалем !
'Sudstah' 1 month ago
I think he killed it lol
Pajor Bart
'Pajor Bart' 1 month ago
Huge huuuuge balls
C.M. Terrell
'C.M. Terrell' 1 month ago
Totally all for preserving sharks, but no matter what the situation, you have the human right, in fact the responsibility to defend yourself. God gave us the Earth to subdue and make our own, and the beasts of the land, the fish of the sea and the birds of the air to dominate. Good Job!
DJDeezy ThaTruth
'DJDeezy ThaTruth' 1 month ago
-- Dang that MF fast.
'YakiMasala' 2 months ago
shark was like "Todaaay is my day....I' m swiiiiimming in the rain, just swiiiiimming in the rain...What a glorious fee.........Oh look, what catches my little eye :) num num num. Ok, Eric, this time I will get it. No failure again. It looooks kinda weird, but ok. I think i can handle it. *swush swush swush" FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! God damnit!!! Ohhh fuck fuck! That hurts!
'gerberho1' 2 months ago
those are the sharks to worry about. even great whites will circle you a while and nudge. bulls just strike
Nihlism Is Cool
'Nihlism Is Cool' 2 months ago
he looks like a seal because he was on the surface, if he wasn't a pussy freediver and had some tanks he would've been safe.
Tony Wright
'Tony Wright' 2 months ago
Wonder what got that bull going like that? I spearfish around oil rigs and open water with them swimming around they hardly bother me, they will come up but I just poke them gently with my spear or push them and they leave me alone.
Kuba 20091
'Kuba 20091' 2 months ago
Ethan Tremblay
'Ethan Tremblay' 2 months ago
Spearfisherman clearly overacted! He should have provided PlayDoh, coloring books and a safe place in which the shark could have verbalized its triggers. But no, the spearfisherman had to use excessive force and suppress due process. Typical
'brussell639' 2 months ago
that one definitely wanted a nibble.
Riely Richmond
'Riely Richmond' 2 months ago
Fucking bamboozled that shark
'meefking8404' 2 months ago
Do Bo
'Do Bo' 2 months ago
Nice hit. Otherwise if you missed youd be dead. That Bullshark wanted you.
Atil Tosun
'Atil Tosun' 2 months ago
Reef Shark not bull!
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