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Shark Attack - Bullshark Attacks Spearfisherman -
Published: 1 year ago By: Liquid Vision

By: Liquid VisionPublished: 1 year ago

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'Shinx4' 11 hours ago
Good timing as soon as it opened mouth
General Obi Wan Kenobi
Take that you aggressive cunt! Just like the overly aggressive shit cunts that always seem to be at every pud looking for some one to pick a fight with. They too should be speared in the mouth if they attack some one. it would encourage polite behavior. lol
General Obi Wan Kenobi
That shark was not confused. It was not mistaken identity. The shark was going to try to prey on that man because it thought he would be an easy meal. Edit: You should have pulled the trigger too, not just jam it in his mouth. Gotta get the spear in there nice and deep.
General Obi Wan Kenobi
Cunt bull sharks deserve it. The bull shark can and DOES kill people to eat them. People need to stop saying sharks aren't much of a danger and that it's mistaken identity. Not with the bull shark and the tiger shark.
Will Page
'Will Page' 6 days ago
He was just investigating.
Learning The Good News
bragging rights for life
BOSS MAN1984100
'BOSS MAN1984100' 1 week ago
Shark messed with the wrong person
'TheLegoBrickery' 1 week ago
Casey Neistat anyone?
Fırat Yılmaz
'Fırat Yılmaz' 2 weeks ago
Abdestin faydaları..
Joe Garfield
'Joe Garfield' 2 weeks ago
Amazing defensive skills.
Raul Quiñones
'Raul Quiñones' 3 weeks ago
he ded
ken catorce
'ken catorce' 3 weeks ago
he was looking on his arm if it was gone.
Joseph Martinez
'Joseph Martinez' 3 weeks ago
hate bull sharks. serves it right. if the diver wasn't armed he'd be dead or deformed.
'nonplayerzealot4' 3 weeks ago
He should've allowed that shark to attack him in order to conserve nature.
Tamer yesfit
'Tamer yesfit' 3 weeks ago
Dung Nguyen
'Dung Nguyen' 4 weeks ago
that danger
Twilights Daughter
'Twilights Daughter' 4 weeks ago
Holy shit dude! When I saw that thing charging the camera I about went through the back of the couch. I would have done the same damned thing. And so would the crybabies in here about the shark getting hurt would have too. It was total and absolute self defense and it had every intention of killing that man. Too bad u couldn't have gotten the shark for food. How ironic would that be lol!
Wafflemaster 449
'Wafflemaster 449' 4 weeks ago
Jesus Christ that was close
Michael Vlasic
'Michael Vlasic' 4 weeks ago
Reel on your weight belt that's ballzy
glaas cedric
'glaas cedric' 4 weeks ago
anyway those aren't friendly animals. Singapore Marine Zoo got a plenty of it and when I visited it in 2005 one was swallowing his younger bro slightly smaller. funny was the public divided in 2 groups, the ones seeing nothing and the <> group that currently asking themselves if what they were seeing was reality , a distortion of their vision or a personal brain damage. well no, the guy was patiently swallowing his mate, like snakes do. Bullsharks have no education.
Juan Hernandez
'Juan Hernandez' 4 weeks ago
goodjob killer
ajz15 Dawan
'ajz15 Dawan' 1 month ago
It's just pure nature!.. period!..
GoGamerz GnO
'GoGamerz GnO' 1 month ago
You know I had to do it to em
mark riesgo
'mark riesgo' 1 month ago
Wow crazy how fast that shark moved in for the kill!! I would have shit myself if I saw that! Props for staying calm!
Icee Ceja
'Icee Ceja' 1 month ago
Fun fact if you kill a shark it releases a chemical that only sharks can smell and it basicly tells them "RUNNN BITCH RUNNNN" and they do indeed run
IUnknown ShadowI
'IUnknown ShadowI' 1 month ago
ihds6yg dtghjh
'ihds6yg dtghjh' 1 month ago
it was at that moment 0.19 the shark new .... it fucked up
James O
'James O'Brien' 1 month ago
All i thought was ‘HEAD SHOT’ !
Rh Negative One
'Rh Negative One' 1 month ago
If he had been looking the other way this thing would have nailed him! certain death
Is this fake or real?
'lmtada' 1 month ago
Aggressive shark, coming for a taste. Had a few dog sharks nip on my fins. Good reaction. You are alive. Congrats.
William Acheson
'William Acheson' 1 month ago
Like in MW3 when a noob tries to knife you but you use an AA 12 and blast his ass to another dimension
Ethan Tremblay
'Ethan Tremblay' 1 month ago
You didn’t have to kill the damn thing! It was clearly triggered; why didn’t you offer it Play Doh, Crayons and a coloring book? You overreacted and failed to offer it a safe place.
JulianPotter SeinArsch
Zero fucks given
Mr  Bubbles
'Mr Bubbles' 1 month ago
0:17 is was at this moment that he knew HE FUCKED UP !!!!!!!
Do Bo
'Do Bo' 1 month ago
Good. Shark got the surprise of his life after trying to eat something he shouldnt have
nga nguyễn thị
'nga nguyễn thị' 1 month ago
ChaoticMonkey Bird_
'ChaoticMonkey Bird_' 1 month ago
That guy is a GENIUS!
Serge Dubois
'Serge Dubois' 1 month ago
I would like to have your balls buddy !!!
Luke Stakelbeck
'Luke Stakelbeck' 1 month ago
Now that's how you handle a shark attack. Bravo!
'inkd_cali86' 1 month ago
Homeboy came at him with the quickness! Fuck that! White people are crazy. I'm brown I'll stay on the land.
'NSCA12' 1 month ago
Cocksucker got what was coming to him. Bull Sharks are dickheads and are more aggressive than any other shark. Diving for more than 30 years I don't bother the sea life unless I feel threatened. Bull Sharks so territorial and such a pain in the ass they go out of their way to fuck with everything so again, fuck that cocksucker. Good riddance, I hope the dinner made steaks out if him or her.
'Zephirenth' 1 month ago
Yeah, that was definitely a charge. Just as the diver puts the gun up the shark starts beating its tail like it owes it money.
Luke S
'Luke S' 1 month ago
He had only one chance with that. If his spear gun missed the sharks mouth he would have been gone. One very lucky guy.
Arnold Escobar
'Arnold Escobar' 2 months ago
To make this bitter-sweet for you animal lovers/fish lovers. It was a clean fast kill, the shark was dead in a matter of milliseconds. Good kill.
Leonardo Milani
'Leonardo Milani' 2 months ago
Why did he drop all his gear?!
Imma Pleb
'Imma Pleb' 2 months ago
Rip shark
'MikeDrop' 2 months ago
That was fucking badass. I'd have shit myself.
'K9 RULER' 2 months ago
take that sob shark. i hate aggresive sharks
'BadSushi1' 2 months ago
Pure luck he looked the right way.
'ziyadmma' 2 months ago
Badass as fuck! That shark got wrecked!
Sali G
'Sali G' 2 months ago
Man this Guys is the bigfest badass ive seen. Just speared the f*** out of this shark without any panic. Bruh you're a JEDI !!!
Nathanael Bonner
'Nathanael Bonner' 2 months ago
Not much room for error. Way to keep your wits about you.
Craig RSA
'Craig RSA' 2 months ago
Thats insane very good reaction time i probably would have shat myself.
'LukeCageforhire' 2 months ago
Are bull sharks good eating?
cats 4 life
'cats 4 life' 2 months ago
Jesus could have did it a bit nicer
cosmic wind
'cosmic wind' 2 months ago
O-who-yeh-t !!!
r00t hkr
'r00t hkr' 2 months ago
Dude, that was one pissed off dog, a pitbull right?
The Right Winged Bastard
damn it might have died, oh well it was asking for it.
'Ikeys' 2 months ago
That move when he hit the shark
Jonathan Barquez
'Jonathan Barquez' 2 months ago
Holy shit dude, I hope you didn't soil that wetsuit, I would have for sure. Sad the shark had to go, but it was a predator vs predator situation and the bull shark made its fate by choosing to attack...beautiful but absolutely savage mfers
R n S McKee
'R n S McKee' 2 months ago
Shark on a stick!!!
'lillithremedy' 2 months ago
Poor shark
'DontTread0nMe' 2 months ago
Whoever disliked this video, is an unreasonable, idiot. Millions of years of evolution, made the bull shark a killing machine. This shark shows obvious signs of predation towards this man. This shark was going to kill this man. Grow some brain cells you dumb fucking vegans. I'm a shark biologist that has done more for sharks than you will in your life time. Go fuck yourselves. You would protect yourself in the same situation. No one wants to bleed to death, while having a bull eat you alive.
Sharvet Raymundo
'Sharvet Raymundo' 2 months ago
This video is played Backwards...
'MrRodpec' 2 months ago
I am degenerative liberal and this is ANIMAL ABUSE
sticky peters
'sticky peters' 2 months ago
He done the right thing but I hope the shark survived.
The Face Lacker
'The Face Lacker' 2 months ago
Efendinim Lan
'Efendinim Lan' 2 months ago
Nice nice you are the winner man
'Disinf3ctant' 2 months ago
:( When they're alive I'm like "FUCK THAT SHARK" But seeing him dead was really sad.
'Fuzzy' 2 months ago
score one for people
Lukas de Kock
'Lukas de Kock' 2 months ago
Its a baby shark.
Mike Chin
'Mike Chin' 2 months ago
Damn dude you are the f-ing man!!!
Aryeh Ben-Ami
'Aryeh Ben-Ami' 2 months ago
Regardless of intent, he turned out to be reckless.
xristos vasiliou
'xristos vasiliou' 3 months ago
You are lucky you had the chance to see him! Very agresive shark,never seen something like that again! Did you had dead fish with you??
Daniel Caro Soto
'Daniel Caro Soto' 3 months ago
Impresionante video si no es por la lanza y a la.velocidad que venia te comen vivo
arixx black
'arixx black' 3 months ago
Good feeling good job
Jake the dog
'Jake the dog' 3 months ago
How come its scary to be in somewhere, but when your fighting the danger it's not so scary anymore?
'311CoolGuy' 3 months ago
It looked like an accident? In the sense that he was using the spear to keep him away but wen the shark started shaking to bite the guy accidently pulled the trigger
ruben g
'ruben g' 3 months ago
Fuck Bull sharks
Mike Millz
'Mike Millz' 3 months ago
Shark thought he could sneak this dude. Gave him the old Sparta thrust! Guy has the underwater equivalent of an eagle eye.
Vibez Gaming
'Vibez Gaming' 3 months ago
get rekt shark
Mickaël Tea
'Mickaël Tea' 3 months ago
Die or live people ! Don’t be stupid it’s you or the shark. If your kids are attack by a tiger ok let them die don’t hurt the tiger.
Michael Caplin
'Michael Caplin' 3 months ago
I think we all should take some time to appreciate the cleaner fish and their amazing efforts to stay attached to the asshole shark the whole time. Well done!
Yellyman Gonzales
'Yellyman Gonzales' 3 months ago
The spearfisherman did the right thing.
Roger - Dark Gent
'Roger - Dark Gent' 3 months ago
Mr Wolf
Fran Kelley
'Fran Kelley' 3 months ago
Shark charges...*PWND*
Glenn Miller
'Glenn Miller' 3 months ago
This is the reason why most divers consider bull sharks to be the most dangerous of all sharks.
ratatouille tintin
'ratatouille tintin' 3 months ago
il avait fait le plus dure pourquoi il à pas finit le requin !!!
Nathan Teixeira
'Nathan Teixeira' 3 months ago
Você que tá atacando ele, idiota. Você tá no mar, é o ambiente em que ele vive, para de atacar as criaturas que Deus fez com tanto carinho para que vivesse conosco aqui na terra, vá procurar o que fazer, e deixe os animais em paz.
Chris Cruise
'Chris Cruise' 3 months ago
Holy testicle tuesday
Jamie T
'Jamie T' 3 months ago
I don't think its was a bull shark. Snout was too pointy..
Janus J
'Janus J' 3 months ago
Wow. Good reaction..
'JASMIN JONSON' 3 months ago
I think its edit?
jean paul fox
'jean paul fox' 3 months ago
Did you just recently spear baracuda? Curious why that shark went nuts towards you ? That literally never happens to me unless I have speared Cuda or speared amber jack or yellow jack
'Apollogamer' 3 months ago
That bull didnt come close out of curiosity to check on him, that was clear charge directly towards pray that he wanted to take bite off.
Hasan Celik
'Hasan Celik' 3 months ago
u fucking pice of shit, killing those animals for your own fun ! fuck u all
Reginaldo Santos
'Reginaldo Santos' 3 months ago
Creeeedooooo viiixe colega que doideira,esse foi o melhor vídeo q já vi até hoje...... E depois que aconteceu?
Alec Gross
'Alec Gross' 3 months ago
I mean, obviously yeah, the dude did the right thing – he had to defend himself. But... I still feel bad for the shark, lol.
Jay ar
'Jay ar' 3 months ago
Him or the shark you pick
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