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Shark Attack - Bullshark Attacks Spearfisherman -
Published: 8 months ago By: Liquid Vision

By: Liquid VisionPublished: 8 months ago

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'SetGround1' 11 hours ago
that was fucking awesom
Davix Yt
'Davix Yt' 1 day ago
Al Dangan
'Al Dangan' 1 day ago
he just wanted a hug
La Quête du Fun
'La Quête du Fun' 3 days ago
darwin awards for the shark. I don't know what got into that poor fellow. Great reflexes and cold blood from you diver ! I'm happy for you you could manage to win that fight. that was intense.
'icimblind' 5 days ago
Good Shot, that was a full out attack. Thank God you hit your mark. If you missed things could have been different. You didn't get bit, and you didn't die. That's a good day! Do you have any theories on what triggered the attack? I've never seen that in any videos.
Tony Montana
'Tony Montana' 6 days ago
You should've finnished the job
Wood Stalon
'Wood Stalon' 6 days ago
you SUCK! you kill shark for fun!
Hasan jaki
'Hasan jaki' 1 week ago
Woah... This is awesome
Michael Cuellar
'Michael Cuellar' 1 week ago
good shit!
Aaron Liggins
'Aaron Liggins' 1 week ago
That was close well done you proved we are top of the food chain.......
Saul Saavedra
'Saul Saavedra' 1 week ago
who attacks who?
boom channel
'boom channel' 1 week ago
Am i The only one how feels bad for the. Shark
'humblelongboards' 2 weeks ago
Damn...If that dude hadn't turned his head to see that in time. Shows you how aggressive Bull sharks can be. Didn't check the guy out or nothing...just came straight up for the kill.
Hannah Masaki
'Hannah Masaki' 2 weeks ago
some stupid question here but did the shark died?
Spaceman Spiff
'Spaceman Spiff' 2 weeks ago
Judging by the quality of his equipment I'd say that "Spearfisherman" is likely not his occupation, rather, a hobby. An intentionally misleading title that did not necessarily depart from the truth
Amy Aldrich
'Amy Aldrich' 2 weeks ago
This what happened to me, in 1988 at Kurnell, south of Sydney, but it was a 12ft Great White, I had to swim into a small cave, and it tried for 15 seconds to get me, but it was too big, so the girl who swims with Great Whites, will be eaten one day.
holly wood
'holly wood' 2 weeks ago
Nicee!!! She was gonna bite the shit outcha too lol
Jiri Volejnik
'Jiri Volejnik' 2 weeks ago
"Picking his brain" about why he attacked you, are ya?
nathan cotter
'nathan cotter' 3 weeks ago
'contrerados' 3 weeks ago
Darren Morgan
'Darren Morgan' 3 weeks ago
Should have carried on ramming it down his throat would have killed him and then be a hero to kill a shark in water. You be called SHARK DUNDEE
'きょうスカイ' 3 weeks ago
怖っ、めっちゃ怖 サメめっちゃ速いし、でも、お見事。良かった。無事で。
Neon Green
'Neon Green' 3 weeks ago
holy shit that would be one badass story I would tell for the rest of my life.
Joshua TenEyck
'Joshua TenEyck' 3 weeks ago
That shark got WRECKED
'MproductionB' 3 weeks ago
bigii biggi
'bigii biggi' 3 weeks ago
Nice shot
boris aranchuk
'boris aranchuk' 3 weeks ago
Such a professional video like on Geographic channel on TV !
blinknudead lamine
'blinknudead lamine' 3 weeks ago
he fucking dominate a shark
Substandard Gamer Kiba
Shark with no self perserving skills.
Nathan Taylor
'Nathan Taylor' 3 weeks ago
Good for you man. Sharks are a-holes.
Powder Hungry
'Powder Hungry' 3 weeks ago
oh well, dumb shark shouldn't have thought you were a meal
'roostahcogburn' 3 weeks ago
Geez your patient! I wouldn't bother trying to justify to people trying to stay alive. Man, you were so lucky you were looking the right way as he was coming up. I've been chased out of the water by bullies on Swains. But, not like that.
Alexis Mondragon
'Alexis Mondragon' 3 weeks ago
I feel bad for the bullshark :( but at the same time I'm glad the person is alive
'Sl33PY3Y3Z97' 3 weeks ago
This guy has got some good reflexes and balls of steel!! HOLY SHIT, I gotta say good job, he did what he had to do to save himself from a serious shark attack, that shark was charging right for him. You people criticizing him for killing the shark are dead wrong. props to him.
better judged by 12 than carried by six.
bullshark: its just a prank bro!!!
Ayhan Koç
'Ayhan Koç' 3 weeks ago
0:17 that acceleration tho!
Jose Garcia
'Jose Garcia' 4 weeks ago
I'm sorry but I rather buy some fish from the fish market than play risk my life for some dumb ass spear fishing
'hyroglyphx' 4 weeks ago
Seems like the title should be "Spearfisherman attacks Bullshark" Dude..... that was badass. He fucked that thing up
Fremen Warrior
'Fremen Warrior' 4 weeks ago
That's one lucky diver!
'RAIDERxNATIONx818' 4 weeks ago
The shark looked like it had babies with it, I'm not a shark expert but I would assume "SHE" saw you as a threat and was definitely in attack mode. Like the old saying goes "kill or be killed"
Fow_iFurtif /feedeur
Poor shark...
Justa Justov
'Justa Justov' 4 weeks ago
Nice reaction, respect
'IkaroszHUN' 4 weeks ago
Hah, i want to try this.
Sparks The Eevee
'Sparks The Eevee' 4 weeks ago
0:17 Bull: what is that???
frankii dunlop
'frankii dunlop' 4 weeks ago
'STAR DUST' 1 month ago
When hunter(sharky) becomes a victim.
Running Boots
'Running Boots' 1 month ago
poor shark
dhc 3c
'dhc 3c' 1 month ago
omg so nice shot from the guy,he could have died
Ryan S.
'Ryan S.' 1 month ago
Eat that... Bitch.... Hands down the craziest shark attack video on the Tube.
'KelpNougatCrunch' 1 month ago
Wet Lightskin deepthroat part 1
jaclyn blumenthal
'jaclyn blumenthal' 1 month ago
Awsome reflex!
'Elizabeth' 1 month ago
Rip shark
'PAIX et VERITE' 1 month ago
woooooooooooooooooooooo why the shard attacked ???
nour el islam Lounis
wot if he didn't noticed the shark ?
Jade van Angeren
'Jade van Angeren' 1 month ago
Part of me is like "wow that was super extreme, like did you have to do that, is the shark okay? I feel so bad" but then there's the bigger part of me that's like "if that was me, I would have done the exact same thing to stay alive and not become shark bait." I totally get the whole "well he was invading the sharks territory" but like dude, what was he meant to do? Just float and become food?
'priestof1' 1 month ago
I can't blame you, I hate that it happened bit at that point it's survival. I do wonder why you left the spear gun in the animal. I would have never let go just tear it out and get out
nour el islam Lounis
exelent reflex dude if that happens to me idk what can happen
'Cody' 1 month ago
What a beast
Raptor 501st
'Raptor 501st' 1 month ago
'firestorm5432' 1 month ago
Fuck he was charging at him out of nowhere good thing he was watching, reminds me of that sly 3 dimitri level that scared the shit out of me
Bruce B
'Bruce B' 1 month ago
Good thing he saw it coming. Otherwise he'd be dead.
feeh so
'feeh so' 1 month ago
I just LOVE this video , can´t stop watching it over and over again ! ! !
G Bergeron
'G Bergeron' 1 month ago
this guy has bad camera holding he sucks
Fück You
'Fück You' 1 month ago
That thing ate shit.
Ace Levin
'Ace Levin' 1 month ago
that's one ay to catch a fish
James Stimpson
'James Stimpson' 1 month ago
POW!! Right in the kisser!💋👍
Petar Nikolov
'Petar Nikolov' 1 month ago
yess very nice
'DontTread0nMe' 1 month ago
I'm a shark biologist. You did the right thing. He was going to bite you fro sure. Dont let anyone make you feel bad about it. It was bad ass bro.
Menum Lor
'Menum Lor' 1 month ago
Extremely lucky to be alive.
Fitzy Holden
'Fitzy Holden' 1 month ago
Bet he wasn't expecting the random tonsils checkup.
'ZecharusTV' 1 month ago
Even though it was the definitely the right reaction to defend oneself no doubt, I feel bad for that shark. Of course it's a natural predator and it wanted to KILL the fisherman, but how it whimpsed around after the lunge reminds me how dangerous and simultaneously vulnerable men can be.
'kalabor106' 1 month ago
Nice reaction time. I might of froze in fear seeing that teeth machine coming at me.
Vamire George
'Vamire George' 1 month ago
She was a mother. You can see her kids :( Bad move for her but i'm glad you are alive and she is dead.
Daniel McGlasson
'Daniel McGlasson' 1 month ago
should have kept the shark
goshaman 2202
'goshaman 2202' 1 month ago
Anyone else felt pretty bad for the shark? Lol
Romeo italions
'Romeo italions' 1 month ago
Fuck you vegans
Johnny Massacre
'Johnny Massacre' 1 month ago
You see how quickly that thing gets to him. If a shark wants a piece of you there ain't SHIT you can do!
'R0gue0ne' 1 month ago
I dunno. I reckon that arsehole bully was D.E.D. I prolly would have gone for my kit and eaten that arsehole. But that's just me. No hate dude - you saved your own life. respect.
'ed' 1 month ago
โชคดี ที่ระวังตัวอยู่
Gambo Dangus
'Gambo Dangus' 1 month ago
that shark was after it, he was gonna have some meat!
jean muresu
'jean muresu' 1 month ago
fucking fisherman son of bitch!
Alex Camarena
'Alex Camarena' 1 month ago
The shark was like "hey man! hey man! I got you some fish bro...ahahahahshdhhdsvshaikwwk"
joseph guidry
'joseph guidry' 1 month ago
No doubt that shark was on it's way to attack! It seemed to have appeared out of nowhere!!
Bit Duck
'Bit Duck' 1 month ago
Fucking get rekt mate
Cheyevo Cheyevo
'Cheyevo Cheyevo' 1 month ago
0:18 You can see the spear coming out from the sharks head BEFORE the diver pulls the trigger!!!Actually as i can see now, the diver never pulled that trigger!!
Johnny Massacre
'Johnny Massacre' 2 months ago
What an amazing video. It's like in The Hobbit where the weight or power of the animal is levereged against it (Shelob). It impaled itself. It's not like the guy was going hunting for sharks. It was man Vs shark and he did what he had to do. Look at that fucking beast!
Johnny Massacre
'Johnny Massacre' 2 months ago
'Tijan' 2 months ago
Got eem
Rae Bradshaw
'Rae Bradshaw' 2 months ago
Shark was biting the weapon not him, so this is just bullshit - sharks are becoming an endangered species this is part of the reason why.
Oni Beats
'Oni Beats' 2 months ago
He's a badass
Fabio Pistori
'Fabio Pistori' 2 months ago
stronzo, ma ammazzati ...
'Jordan' 2 months ago
Absolutely rekt! Did you just shoot it point blank after it swallowed the gun? Badass as fuck!
vinnie kov
'vinnie kov' 2 months ago
3k sharks disliked this video
Tom tonka
'Tom tonka' 2 months ago
OMG! What a horrible thing to do to that poor creature. It was probably just curious and didn't actually intend you any harm. Some people just aren't happy unless they're killing another being.Smh.
Sore Loser Liberal
'Sore Loser Liberal' 2 months ago
Holy shit. I absolutely hate when humans hurt shark's, but this bull shark asked for it!!
James Madison
'James Madison' 2 months ago
that spear poked its brain lol.
'ShadowGaming' 2 months ago
'Knoar' 2 months ago
was that a brain shot? did it die?
Sunshine Sunny
'Sunshine Sunny' 2 months ago
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