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People Test A Location-Tracking Gun -
Published: 1 month ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 month ago

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What if guns were built to identify their location every time they fired.

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Christine Sunu

'Kyzho' 4 days ago
Not all guns need to be like this. Maybe if you have criminal records or something. If guns had this it wouldn't be freedom cause the government could track your every location.
'BigBadRyan86' 5 days ago
As a liberal, I can say this is nothing more than a liberal pipe dream that Republicans would block at every turn. What if you owned a gun like this and brought it to the shooting range? The video implies that the alert is sent when the trigger is pulled, so what if someone dry fires the gun? If the gun sends out a single then it's very easy to also buy something to block the signal. The video also implies that 2 pieces are required to make this work: The piece that detects the trigger pull on the gun, and the piece that actually broadcasts the signal. So unless you build both of those things in to the gun then you can just take the gun and leave the transmitter at home and out of range of the gun. Etc, etc, etc. This thing is pointless. If you guys want high hopes for the gun safety of the future, it's slim to none in this country. MAYBE the next best thing would be the biometric gun. But it won't stop the circulation of illegal firearms for decades to come.
Matthew Johnston
'Matthew Johnston' 6 days ago
what if ur just shooting in your back garden do u want to alert your neibors that there is a shooting taking place
'iKreate' 6 days ago
Find a way when the chip is removed that the gun won't fire and this would be absolutely almost perfect.
Anjelica Foley
'Anjelica Foley' 6 days ago
What about guns used for hunting and gun ranges?
jason arce
'jason arce' 1 week ago
OK so remove the battery. Dumbest thing yet. You people don't have a clue.
Strict 201 Trickshoters
what if you target practice
Cudgeon Kurosaki
'Cudgeon Kurosaki' 1 week ago
For criminals, it would simply be circumvented, removed, or deactivated. It would not exist on black market guns. It would however, be able to notify the police department of when a police officer has had to discharge their firearm, and help off-duty cops alert their department. It could also help undercover cops, but the signal might be caught in a high profile area. As for responsible civilians, government has no place in the surveillance of the people, the possibility of a 1984-styled government tyranny is too great.
Julian Saldana
'Julian Saldana' 1 week ago
Criminals are gonna use black market guns not legal guns
Casey Walsh
'Casey Walsh' 1 week ago
Anyone who was going to do something bad or nefarious with their weapon would simply disable the device. This would also make the cost of the gun go through the roof. Another idea invented to punish hardworking European Americans. Shameful very shameful
Sarah Cefalo
'Sarah Cefalo' 2 weeks ago
Dumbest thing I've seen. It would alert people even if you're at a local shooting range of even hunting? And how do they expect you to disassemble and clean your gun without the hassle? Nice attempt trying it on an airsoft gun though. And those who are good with guns, as myself would just be able to remove it therefore defeating the purpose. It would also be a pain for all the unnecessary text messages and cause panic and concern.
akiko de guzman
'akiko de guzman' 2 weeks ago
People will just find a way to deactivate it. Also, besides cops using it, if people know that a microchip is in the gun, they wouldn't choose a gun to be their murder weapon.
'ShadowReapa476' 2 weeks ago
Not a great way to stop assassination attempts
'thenatha134' 3 weeks ago
great for shooting ranges or police guns in my opinion
Kenny Alvarado
'Kenny Alvarado' 3 weeks ago
So when I do a functions check on my gun , are the police gonna come knocking , or how about when I go to the shooting range or go hunting
Kenny Alvarado
'Kenny Alvarado' 3 weeks ago
There is no way in hell a criminal is going to purchase this thing . This is just encouraging more people to go on the black market for their guns
potato owner
'potato owner' 3 weeks ago
a gun is just quick and strong pressure that is being applied to a small spot, do you really think that it would be hard to bypass this system?
Gregory Mesa
'Gregory Mesa' 3 weeks ago
The only problem with this is it would have to be a small chip very difficult for criminals to scratch out because if not they would just screw with it like they scratch serial numbers off guns,
Sophia Hayes
'Sophia Hayes' 3 weeks ago
What about a gun that uses finger print id before you can pull the trigger... or with a finger print scanner * on * the trigger?
Mörder Senpai Leader Of The Senpai Squad
Good Idea on Paper, Bad idea in practice. 1. There are materials that can Jam the waves, making the device useless. 2. Almost anything connected to the internet can be hacked into. 3. Any sensible gun owner knows how to strip the gun and unless a full disassembly is required, letting them easily remove the device from the gun. 4. There are already millions of guns in the US today and it would be impossible to find them all to attach the chip. 5. Ghost guns exist. (
'orley' 3 weeks ago
While this was made with the best of intentions, this would do absolutely nothing to curb gun violence. Criminals would either buy/sell untracked guns or just fucking rip the trackers off them. I don't agree with the whole "gun control is pointless 'cause criminals don't follow the law", but this is an example of exactly that.
'alikayleblanc' 3 weeks ago
Why can't buzzfeed make more videos like this instead of talking about how bad fake news articles are when they do the same! This video is actually interesting
Franklin g
'Franklin g' 3 weeks ago
they should make this for every gun
Jenn Cardona
'Jenn Cardona' 3 weeks ago
Wouldn't people just cut the wires that connect it to the internet so that it couldn't be tracked?
Malaysia Ball
'Malaysia Ball' 3 weeks ago
Yeah, just ask bad guys to put those on their guns.
Jason Mullins
'Jason Mullins' 3 weeks ago
lol throw down the gun after and grind off the serial number. or disconnect the location capabilities. this is a pathetic idea with a massive potential for abuse.
'Malvavisco' 3 weeks ago
Oh, so this is what is meant by "the internet of things..."
'ThatGassettGuy' 3 weeks ago
Bad idea, this is just registration. THAT's BAD!
Invisible Ghost
'Invisible Ghost' 4 weeks ago
they could just hide the mechanism inside the gun
'PizzaGod' 4 weeks ago
optional is fine with me, but criminals will just take the gun apart and remove the unit.
'EvanLX' 4 weeks ago
What if someone takes the chip out, geniuses?
'maythewarbegin' 4 weeks ago
kind of useless since ya know... gotta take a gun apart to clean it and could just take the chip out
Nathaniel King
'Nathaniel King' 4 weeks ago
This is an invasion of privacy to the highest degree. Another way the government can track our every move.
'Chubs2246' 4 weeks ago
What if the government uses the gun to track known criminals, people of interest, and people with a history? Isn't that unconstitutional?
'SuicideHotline123' 4 weeks ago
There is no doubt this tech would save at least a few lives while infringing no negative impact on anyone which makes it brilliant.
Tristin Hinojosa
'Tristin Hinojosa' 4 weeks ago
Any persons with common sense will ditch the wires and boards before ever firing the gun(it's a safety hazard with and real firearm)...this needs a lot more research before it could ever be use able
Mr ward
'Mr ward' 4 weeks ago
Awwh not like you can't take a gun apart 😕.
'wackywong' 4 weeks ago
Best solution is, of course, abolition. If you do want to keep the guns this might be a good step in the right direction, although I can't shake off the feeling that the chip can just be easily taken out by criminals.
Galactic Freds
'Galactic Freds' 4 weeks ago
I know all of America needs that gun, there's a shooting every half hour
'Ty921' 4 weeks ago
shoot right next to a computer thats connected to 4g connection. Of course, its going to get a good location.
Andrewx8 88
'Andrewx8 88' 4 weeks ago
its pointless, criminals can just remove it. Edit: it need power, so in time its even more pointless
'UponGiantsShoulders' 1 month ago
Hahaha, what if people were smart enough to avoid buying a defective murder weapon?
A cup on a chicken with noodles
What happens when shot's are fired in a roast session?
Max Ballard
'Max Ballard' 1 month ago
I sometimes go into a crowded urban area with an AR-15 hidden in my trench coat. I don't fire at all. I just do it for the thrill. No homo.
Pushpop LoC
'Pushpop LoC' 1 month ago
Just gonna say this, it would only work if this was natively embedded by the manufacturers. No one's going to willingly place this on their weapons due to possible potential for hacking which would in turn cause more issues when it comes to how this can actually manipulate behavior around the user.
'TheMistNinjaYT' 1 month ago
no one would buy this
'stella' 1 month ago
and you really think murderers will use these? 🆗🆒
'Apache602' 1 month ago
great idea but gun owners don't want to be tracked it's not profitable by gun manufacturers standards and gun manufacturers wants everyone to have a gun for profits so if you can't shoot someone and get away and it doesn't make that person get a gun profits go down. stolen or legal guns the manufacturers don't doesn't care it's all profitable
mike smithson
'mike smithson' 1 month ago
This is a pretty good idea. Would be better if it also tracked when the weapon is unholstered. Knowing itll be tracked the officer mite not be so quick to stick it in someones face in a heated verbal exchange. There are absolutely times when it should be pulled "just in case" but it seems to be the go-to just to de-escalate a tense situation like tasers were before many depts banned them because they were being used to much and killing people.
Elmer J. Fapp
'Elmer J. Fapp' 1 month ago
what makes you think a criminal will use this?
'Qw3n' 1 month ago
Can this not happen please
'MikeyBoi323' 1 month ago
We can make a pocket EMP, deactivation would be simple
'blu3flare25' 1 month ago
Anyone who thinks a criminal wouldn't simply disable the tracker, has the mental capacity of a 5 year old..
Sabir Zain
'Sabir Zain' 1 month ago
I'm definitely gonna buy this gun -No criminal ever
Maritza Gonzalez
'Maritza Gonzalez' 1 month ago
This would have probably saved my cousin
ssean officiall
'ssean officiall' 1 month ago
You guys are lunatic liberals, no criminal is gonna buy a gun with a tracker on it, they could just as easily buy a gun illegally and it wouldn't have a serial number so they could not be tracked all you are doing is making innocent citizens feel like they are on house arrest
Tyler Swan
'Tyler Swan' 1 month ago
im confused is this for normal people or police? Because this would require a battery and wiring so all the person would have to do it unplug it, discharge the battery, or cut a vital component.
Mason Ovark
'Mason Ovark' 1 month ago
There are so many flaws with this idea. There's no way I'd be okay with the government knowing when I've shot my gun. What if I'm at a range? Is everybody around me going to get a text that there's been a shooting?
Tesla Haxz (Tyler)
'Tesla Haxz (Tyler)' 1 month ago
see people, this is a lot more reasonable than "ban all the gunnss!!!1!!" I am pro gun rights, and this has tons of flaws, but at least it is an attempt at a realistic way to help with the problem.
Simon Marchand
'Simon Marchand' 1 month ago
"What if all guns had this?" Is this sponsored by the NRA? What about: "What if we had less guns?" Or "What if guns were made less accessible to unstable people"? If all guns had this, someone would figure out how to get rid of it, that's it... That video is a waste of time.
Takumi Fujiwara
'Takumi Fujiwara' 1 month ago
*phone vibrates* me: uuuuuuuuuu!! mom: what's wrong? me: shots fired!
Rod Liceaga
'Rod Liceaga' 1 month ago
This is just another way for the NSA and govt to get more info on us and nobody would use this type of gun pretty much any criminal or anyone will buy a throw away piece that's old or been used before to kill or make their own
'Melissy' 1 month ago
It's exactly like the guns in the book series Legend
Hubosys BioGuard
'Hubosys BioGuard' 1 month ago
You can't exactly convince criminals to put it on, and gun owners who only ever use it for the range or hunting wouldn't need it, concealed carry mmaayybbee, but really a bit of a stretch a normal person doesn't exactly want to be tracked, which you can be even if you haven't fired a shot it's not hard
Radiant Turkey
'Radiant Turkey' 1 month ago
what about gun blueprints in the internet that wouldnt be hard for criminals to make
Tanya Wang
'Tanya Wang' 1 month ago
awesome idea, let's just see if it'll be adopted, but there will always be someone finding a way to deactivate it, just let's hope things work out
Rachel Wang
'Rachel Wang' 1 month ago
I thought it said "Location-Tracking gum"
Stefers Deepfried
'Stefers Deepfried' 1 month ago
No this is terrible. The gov needs to stay out of our lives. That's why I voted for trump because I want smaller government
'Assassin157' 1 month ago
I don't think you know the definition of "Criminal"
Clara Bowman
'Clara Bowman' 1 month ago
People would just take the things off
Jing hern Khoo
'Jing hern Khoo' 1 month ago
ban firearms. problem solved.
Danny C-W
'Danny C-W' 1 month ago
There are already somewhere near 400 million privately owned firearms in the US -- and that's just a guess of legally owned guns. While perhaps such technology may have an application in law enforcement or in the military, it's ignorant of the reality that with so many guns already available, *criminals* would have no trouble avoiding a mandate requiring this technology on civilian owned guns. Guns are easily modified. Parts are easily changed. Guns can also be made at home. This is simply pure fantasy.
'BackgroundFilms' 1 month ago
Lol. Only good guys would forfeit their guns to get this installed, meaning the bad guys will still have ghost guns.. maybe good for police?? Idk
'CountZer0' 1 month ago
Or you could move the wire that is attached to the trigger.. Or just cut it off completely.
'3StarLogo' 1 month ago
yeah but as long as current guns are still working its not gonna be used
Charlie Extra
'Charlie Extra' 1 month ago
very nice concept and i hope it could be refined further. just because you pulled the trigger doesn't mean that those are "shots fired" scenario. People do dry fire their guns. I hate for cops to show up when you're cleaning you gun.
Yeah Bee
'Yeah Bee' 1 month ago
1984 called Big Brother wants his toy back
Kyle Jarzombek
'Kyle Jarzombek' 1 month ago
No, Not all guns should have this. This has to be controlled. Just the law enforcers should.
Animals are food
'Animals are food' 1 month ago
because wire cutters don't exist
Weißer Wolf
'Weißer Wolf' 1 month ago
So the 450,000,000 firearms already in America(legally) will be worth a whole lot more money in resale...and all the illegal ones(another 15000000-150000000..since they are illegal, and no one knows the amount) will be even a better option for crime..Good to know
John Hightower
'John Hightower' 1 month ago
Can you make one which can't be defeated, in some way? Additionally, you'd have to outlaw "Normal" guns.
Todd Reinert
'Todd Reinert' 1 month ago
total garbage
'Keith68Camaro' 1 month ago
Why even make this prototype this would never been made into production. So many rights are infringed upon with this idea.
Erin Olson
'Erin Olson' 1 month ago
Keep in mind, it's not the gun killing people, it's the person behind the gun. So stopping the gun won't do anything.
Caleb Donnelly
'Caleb Donnelly' 1 month ago
It's sad that we need this in life
Marjorie Santos
'Marjorie Santos' 1 month ago
We would be all safe
Sebastian Larsen
'Sebastian Larsen' 1 month ago
you make like how much a year? GO MAKE THE DAMN THINGS AND SELL THEM TO THE POLICE please :)
'Uzi' 1 month ago
How would it work with hunting
'G_HURLES' 1 month ago
Tell me why the Government needs to know where I go hunting....
Get Good
'Get Good' 1 month ago
lol bruh just cut open the gun and deactivate the chip
nathan ashley
'nathan ashley' 1 month ago
i could see it helping with stolen guns but with most of the chopping an customizing criminals actually do to their guns they might just cut those parts out its like the nras failed ideas of putting chips in firearms to only let its owner use the weapon it looks good on paper but comes with to many complications afterwards your best bet is using a military technology that already exist its a radar that was put on vehicles it identifies a gunshot its location an trajectory put these up on street lights school building malls police cars an the such it seems like that would be a more productive tool for finding an active shooter
_*Austin Parker*_
'_*Austin Parker*_' 1 month ago
how tf did they reach 5mil
Ebony Rose
'Ebony Rose' 1 month ago
Surely people would just learn to disable it?
Markus Reyes
'Markus Reyes' 1 month ago
They would just take the gun apart and take out the gps
XKal_Of_MDK Gaming X
homie looks like a cheap david blain
Gregory Gallegos
'Gregory Gallegos' 1 month ago
What about dry fires?
Halapecia shaniqua
'Halapecia shaniqua' 1 month ago
FYI criminals buy their guns off the black market from Mexico. But we all know you're not interested in stopping criminals, penalising the police and legal law respecting gun owners is more likely in your case.
Halapecia shaniqua
'Halapecia shaniqua' 1 month ago
And how would illegal guns sold on the black market be built with this feature?
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