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"MythBusters" Theme Song (2003-2011) - Ringtone Edition -
Published: 7 years ago By: Coda Gardner - old account

By: Coda Gardner - old accountPublished: 7 years ago

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Neil Sutherland's original "MythBusters" theme song, condensed down to ringtone length.

I wasn't really looking to make a video for this, but then I cobbled some stuff together, including my favorite explosion (the cement truck), and a shot of Jamie dancing underwater in the shark tank because he's dancing to this very song.

In any case, enjoy!

MythBusters website:
Neil Sutherland's website:

NOTE: The theme song was changed from this one to a new one as of the September 28, 2011 episode "Bikes and Bazookas". The new 2011 theme is "rearranged and performed by The Dandy Warhols".

Rainbow Runner
'Rainbow Runner' 2 days ago
Adam Savage: Do not try anything you're about to see at home!
Doomie Grunt
'Doomie Grunt' 6 days ago
Who are the Mythbusters?
'YASS GAL PAL SA-LAY' 1 month ago
I reject your reality, and substitute my own!
Kristian Messenger
'Kristian Messenger' 10 months ago
the methbusters
karol matuk
'karol matuk' 10 months ago
'Atoka220' 1 year ago
Can anyone provide me tabs? I tried to reproduce the guitar riff, by hearing, but ended up playing Legs by ZZ Top :D
'CrazyMustang99' 1 year ago
Sounds a lot like Dire straits money for nothing
'NukularPotato' 1 year ago
It's a shame they cancelled the series.
'TopatGamer' 2 years ago
I miss this show... It was my favorite show of all time... I stopped watching cable after it went off air.
The Wraith Summoner
'The Wraith Summoner' 2 years ago
i'm trying to find the TV version of this. This one sounds much different than the one on TV.
Ahhh!! !
'Ahhh!! !' 2 years ago
Am I missing an eyebrow
'Prop' 3 years ago
**Today, on this episode of Mythbusters!**
'TheLast2nd' 3 years ago
I get chills whenever I hear this intro. Love it so much!
'PoisonousMat' 4 years ago
Where did you get the original length version?
'Heaveness' 4 years ago
can someone tell which myth was at  0:23 with tori jumping and shooting?
DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿
Thank you for posting this!  Neil's original theme is a thing of pure playfulness and joy -- way better than the Dandy Warhols version (which I would've thought was great if it were the only one).
Toa from Sibeia
'Toa from Sibeia' 4 years ago
Best show ever!
'山村和眞' 5 years ago
So classic....:-P
George Benjamin
'George Benjamin' 5 years ago
ZZ Top !!
'AxelMayhemVIII' 6 years ago
Damn! Jamie looks like he's having fun! So out of character for him. xD
'DoLoyalty' 6 years ago
Ha, I came here just for the ending. Because I don't have surround sound
Toni S.
'Toni S.' 6 years ago
Now my ring tone!
'Mustard' 6 years ago
0:16 "together with over 30 years of special effects experience"
Monkey D Garp
'Monkey D Garp' 6 years ago
Thank god for an unaltered version and not some looping version which connections sound like sh-.
'SManSte' 6 years ago
yes it does :))) nicee
'repapeti' 6 years ago
'repapeti' 6 years ago
like it
Carmen Skull
'Carmen Skull' 6 years ago
I'm gonna dancing with this music under water XDDDD
'fennectech' 6 years ago
Derpy Hooves
'Derpy Hooves' 6 years ago
who are the myth busters? adam savage and jamie hyneman and they are going to blow myths apart!
Jordan Bahr
'Jordan Bahr' 6 years ago
@agonymobile I mean Im great with music, but I don't notice one single flaw. But yes you're right: Good job to JuxTPosition. I have been looking all over youtube for this, and I found it. Thank you!!!
'-samalayork-' 6 years ago
'Sam' 7 years ago
AWESOME, just a little bit, you need to cut a slice of about a millisecond in duration 00:23 to keep the beat smooth and unnoticeable ;> you might add some effect and mixups using Fruity loops, Nice work :)
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