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"MythBusters" Theme Song (2003-2011) - Ringtone Edition -
Published: 6 years ago By: Coda Gardner - old account

By: Coda Gardner - old accountPublished: 6 years ago

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Neil Sutherland's original "MythBusters" theme song, condensed down to ringtone length.

I wasn't really looking to make a video for this, but then I cobbled some stuff together, including my favorite explosion (the cement truck), and a shot of Jamie dancing underwater in the shark tank because he's dancing to this very song.

In any case, enjoy!

MythBusters website:
Neil Sutherland's website:

NOTE: The theme song was changed from this one to a new one as of the September 28, 2011 episode "Bikes and Bazookas". The new 2011 theme is "rearranged and performed by The Dandy Warhols".

Kristian Messenger
'Kristian Messenger' 5 months ago
the methbusters
karol matuk
'karol matuk' 5 months ago
'Atoka220' 9 months ago
Can anyone provide me tabs? I tried to reproduce the guitar riff, by hearing, but ended up playing Legs by ZZ Top :D
'CrazyMustang99' 9 months ago
Sounds a lot like Dire straits money for nothing
Jamie Schiantarelli
It's a shame they cancelled the series.
'TopatGamer' 1 year ago
I miss this show... It was my favorite show of all time... I stopped watching cable after it went off air.
The Wraith Summoner
i'm trying to find the TV version of this. This one sounds much different than the one on TV.
Internets Off Spring
Am I missing an eyebrow
'Prop' 2 years ago
**Today, on this episode of Mythbusters!**
'TheLast2nd' 3 years ago
I get chills whenever I hear this intro. Love it so much!
'PoisonousMat' 4 years ago
Where did you get the original length version?
'Heaveness' 4 years ago
can someone tell which myth was at  0:23 with tori jumping and shooting?
DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿
Thank you for posting this!  Neil's original theme is a thing of pure playfulness and joy -- way better than the Dandy Warhols version (which I would've thought was great if it were the only one).
Toa from Sibeia
'Toa from Sibeia' 4 years ago
Best show ever!
'山村和眞' 4 years ago
So classic....:-P
George Benjamin
'George Benjamin' 5 years ago
ZZ Top !!
'AxelMayhemVIII' 5 years ago
Damn! Jamie looks like he's having fun! So out of character for him. xD
'DoLoyalty' 5 years ago
Ha, I came here just for the ending. Because I don't have surround sound
Toni S.
'Toni S.' 5 years ago
Now my ring tone!
'Mustard' 5 years ago
0:16 "together with over 30 years of special effects experience"
Monkey D Garp
'Monkey D Garp' 5 years ago
Thank god for an unaltered version and not some looping version which connections sound like sh-.
'SManSte' 6 years ago
yes it does :))) nicee
'repapeti' 6 years ago
'repapeti' 6 years ago
like it
Carmen Skull
'Carmen Skull' 6 years ago
I'm gonna dancing with this music under water XDDDD
'fennectech' 6 years ago
Derpy Hooves
'Derpy Hooves' 6 years ago
who are the myth busters? adam savage and jamie hyneman and they are going to blow myths apart!
Jordan Bahr
'Jordan Bahr' 6 years ago
@agonymobile I mean Im great with music, but I don't notice one single flaw. But yes you're right: Good job to JuxTPosition. I have been looking all over youtube for this, and I found it. Thank you!!!
'-samalayork-' 6 years ago
'Sam' 6 years ago
AWESOME, just a little bit, you need to cut a slice of about a millisecond in duration 00:23 to keep the beat smooth and unnoticeable ;> you might add some effect and mixups using Fruity loops, Nice work :)
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