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Draymond Green Ejected From The Game / GSW vs Thunder -
Published: 2 months ago By: MLG Highlights

By: MLG HighlightsPublished: 2 months ago

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Draymond Green Ejected From The Game

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Chris Paul
'Chris Paul' 2 months ago
Green quarrels with every NBA player because he is 🐓
ariamhe 032
'ariamhe 032' 2 months ago
This guy plays dirty. Or some of his fans would call it Oh he just doesn't care. Whatever the deal is, this guy's game aggressiveness is rough and unnecessary. His mouth is so foul too. Smh... 😔
Σονια Γιδοπουλου
So,he made the all star but Simmons not? Yeah,thats fair.
Logic Stan
'Logic Stan' 2 months ago
Hold up, I ain’t no warriors fan but did he get ejected for just tossing the ball to the ref and the ref didn’t attempt to catch it ?
amr asi
'amr asi' 2 months ago
i fuckin hate draymond but that kind of shenanigan smile was really funny 0:47 he knew it we call that a "yellow smile" where i come from lol
'23hoyas' 2 months ago
ZZZERRRO leadership. they are gonna ship his ass out as soon as he asks for the max
'SUNG MIN CHO' 2 months ago
well done~~~ lol bye~~~~
Omega Findora
'Omega Findora' 2 months ago
someone fire the female referee she aint loyal she is a hoe
Miguel Gutierrez
'Miguel Gutierrez' 2 months ago
Warriors not making the finals this year trust me.
Floyd Money Mayweather 50-0 GOAT
Donkey Draymond is the goat I can’t lie that nigga mad funny 😂
anthony idong
'anthony idong' 2 months ago
This man is the undeserving all star of all time ..
'YouNiTed' 2 months ago
The referees are good at ejecting players not calling the right call in game!
Noli Cledera
'Noli Cledera' 2 months ago
You deserve thats bull#sst
raine blue
'raine blue' 2 months ago
And here we go again, Draymond got ejected again. Cmon man! Is it really your goal to get ejected at least once in every season? LMAO!
'SH H' 2 months ago
'LB' 2 months ago
"DID IIII DO THAT????" xddd
'刘佚名' 2 months ago
yeah! Draymond Green is a Great MotheFucker BASTARD
J.N.J. 704
'J.N.J. 704' 2 months ago
He was giving the ball back....
Shamya Frazier
'Shamya Frazier' 2 months ago
Draymond should be mad at Klay, he's the one that pushed the guy into him.
rappercollab11 //
'rappercollab11 //' 2 months ago
0:47 when the teacher tells you to stop talking and you tell her "It wasn't me" and she stops and stares at you...
'merio' 2 months ago
put a leash on donkey
Rooovie Hooovie
'Rooovie Hooovie' 2 months ago
How are you, Lonzo ?
a mess
'a mess' 2 months ago
haha fucking donkey bitch
Brandon Ingram
'Brandon Ingram' 2 months ago
I feel like I'm the only person who likes draymond and how is that an ejection
Darcy Jones
'Darcy Jones' 2 months ago
The that was lame af
LB Otaku
'LB Otaku' 2 months ago
the refs are hurting the warriors on purpuse to condition them. They don't want them to win, so keep ejecting the players on bogus calls.
'jdrobin1' 2 months ago
Lol Look at Klay's face at .44 seconds...He was like "this nigga smh"
'jdrobin1' 2 months ago
Everytime I see the thumbnail to this video I always LOL!!!!
Dog Dog
'Dog Dog' 2 months ago
Just hate... everybody is sour as fuck, it’s sad really.
Catch Me On Blampied
'Catch Me On Blampied' 2 months ago
Such a punchable face
Cool Gaymer
'Cool Gaymer' 2 months ago
This thumbnail made me laugh so hard ..this mofo literally look like donkey for real😂😂😂😭😭
'MrCnote1993' 2 months ago
Draymond Green is trying to beat Rasheed Wallace’s Technical record
Syte Jackson
'Syte Jackson' 2 months ago
God I hate this mothafucka
Jaden R
'Jaden R' 2 months ago
slowy turning into the "Bad Boys"
'PG 13PACERNATION' 2 months ago
Donkey thinks he is cool
Neil Henry
'Neil Henry' 2 months ago
The "lip" ain't
'caldwmc' 2 months ago
green didnt want to play anymore
Band Dai
'Band Dai' 2 months ago
#clmmb #carelessmoneygang
'Brynny211' 2 months ago
Dreymound Green due to his passion , in a way , tries to intimidate the other players by letting them know that if he is not happy with something he will act up like a child and yell at people. It’s getting pretty annoying as this is the NBA and there are a lot of other tough players in the league as well. He is one of my favorite players but he needs to chill , tone it down a bit. It is a double edged sword ( his passion) , though , it also fuels him.
Antonio Cabrera
'Antonio Cabrera' 2 months ago
This man plays dirty every damn night and cries when he gets ejected once In a while
Ronold Cledor
'Ronold Cledor' 2 months ago
What did he do to deserve the tech? Just talking?
Simmplenggwapo G.
'Simmplenggwapo G.' 2 months ago
Hahaha what a loser lol get out hahahahahahahaha
Blue bunnie bloop yo
'Blue bunnie bloop yo' 2 months ago
Draymond green is a pussy
Roy Reyes
'Roy Reyes' 2 months ago
He always feel he is a a cavs fan and i love the golden state on showing how to be a championship team except him.respect to earn respect.
Arnel Villanueva
'Arnel Villanueva' 2 months ago
Cavs vs thunder 2018
Arnel Villanueva
'Arnel Villanueva' 2 months ago
Jamari DeBerry
'Jamari DeBerry' 2 months ago
he had bloody teeth
'Stubbo242' 2 months ago
For y'all saying he got a tech for arguing. He got the tech because the ball went into the stands. This ejection is such bullshit he literally passed the ball to the ref and the ref ignored it
Nicholas Ablong
'Nicholas Ablong' 2 months ago
That dumba$$ smile Gaymond always gives when he don’t get his way 🤣 thas like the millionth time of the season that he gets ejected LOL
'Francis' 2 months ago
Arrogant, dirty, trash talker... can't stand green and the others, for real, just play the game damn
'1992sommer' 2 months ago
*Always good to see!*
'D M' 2 months ago
The ref has high awareness 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
'BYORN' 2 months ago
Donkey kong reppin Choking state Larriors
Mehsen Osama
'Mehsen Osama' 2 months ago
Players should get suspended from the next match if they get ejected
Salvatore Anzalone
'Salvatore Anzalone' 2 months ago
'UmForrealDude' 2 months ago
When are they going to trade this ass clown......? Just start Iggy.
Dave Centeno
'Dave Centeno' 2 months ago
Donkey Green
D. Corso
'D. Corso' 2 months ago
Yeah you gtfo of the court, NOOB
Noobie Pleya
'Noobie Pleya' 2 months ago
I wouldn't acknowledge someone as the DPOY when he's a techinical foul magnet
'DrGreenThumbNZL' 2 months ago
Mentally weak as piss
Vincent Friggingmarcus
Green , you trash big fella
'It'sme Josh' 2 months ago
Fuck i wish GSW would trade this moron, then he'll realise that he aint shit instead of acting like he's one of the elites. Dude actually thinks he's so much better than he is.
Cleveland Cavs
'Cleveland Cavs' 2 months ago
lakas okc ko
Ádám Varga
'Ádám Varga' 2 months ago
what a retard he didnt even know he fouled out
'HMGuitar' 2 months ago
And again with that arrogant smile. About time someone put those warriors in their place.
'P' 2 months ago
Weak ass tech as a Bulls fan y'all are some anti-golden state bandwagons foh. Listen to yourselves. All these weak ass techs need to get the fuck outta here.
James Edward
'James Edward' 2 months ago
John Pabelloren
'John Pabelloren' 2 months ago
I play ball and I will say, whenever that I see something wrong I will just tell the ref calmly like " ref, that number 44 is always travelling whenever he dribbles the ball", or " he keeps on holding onto me during rebounds" which makes the ref actually call some of them since they will see it. Referees usually don't see some calls because they are focusing on others (a.k.a. fouls, etc.)
Hands of Stone
'Hands of Stone' 2 months ago
Draymond is a loud mouth nigger that has the personality of his mother.....fatherless black child. I'm I Wrong????
Udig entertainment
'Udig entertainment' 2 months ago
The warriors are all cupcakes and divas
'alvininthechipmonks' 2 months ago
Cry baby bitch
Rogue Sniper  Gaming
'Rogue Sniper Gaming' 2 months ago
It’s not a warriors game if there isn’t 1,000 moving screens and Draymond not getting kicked out
'Try_Again' 2 months ago
Pretty sure Draymond has broken a record by now.
Saichin Omicrag
'Saichin Omicrag' 2 months ago
Overrated guy.let him play away with those superstar teammates.he os thrash.
Jon Lau
'Jon Lau' 2 months ago
Lol, not surprised. When the warriors lose games when healthy, seems like these type of moves happen so that they can always say "we'll turn it up later in the playoffs," as their team gets blown out by 20. I mean, maybe/probably they can, but no one's fooled by these things. On another note, makes me wonder if draymond really will rage quit when the playoffs come around though and things aren't going his way. Shrugs.
Richard Xia
'Richard Xia' 2 months ago
This guy is over-rated, shouldn't be in all star, give this seat to Lou
Klaus  Kinski
'Klaus Kinski' 2 months ago
Igoudala is a pussy too....
Klaus  Kinski
'Klaus Kinski' 2 months ago
Green is an outstanding uglay motherhugger and so unprofessional, he could be a professional ;)
Alexander White
'Alexander White' 2 months ago
Right call? Trying to give the ref the ball smh
Space Alien
'Space Alien' 2 months ago
i cant stand draymond green but that female ref is fucking awful. she makes terrible calls every time i see her ref a game.
Lester Harden
'Lester Harden' 2 months ago
Go Home Ugly d1ck... hahaha
'maroonoasis' 2 months ago
the refs checked the rule book and it said "No donkeys on the court"
Jordan Griesa
'Jordan Griesa' 2 months ago
Guess big LG gets tossed for being a dumb bitch again
Jack Liu
'Jack Liu' 2 months ago
Fuck the refs. he was just walking back on defencs due to offence foul and got a Technical. Fuck these bitchass refs.
'Blafard666' 2 months ago
I like the commentators , is that Reggie ? Who is the other guy ?
'AwesomeJackify' 2 months ago
0:56 steph curry lol
'AJ F' 2 months ago
Thumbnail the face when you accidentally cream pie her
'AJ F' 2 months ago
Memes incoming
'BuhawiJack' 2 months ago
Donkey has the intention when he threw the ball suddenly at the ref. He definitely earned the tech.
Ramon Cole
'Ramon Cole' 2 months ago
whoever threw dat paper ya moms a hoe
No calls/bs by the refs
'JAY RODMAN' 2 months ago
Green is one ugly motherfucker
'vtecsux__' 2 months ago
Stupid ass donkey, threw all his toys out the cot
You Farted didn
Ya! get his donkey lookin ass outta here.
Nabeel Nelson
'Nabeel Nelson' 2 months ago
Bruh draymond is so funny i can't even lie.. that smile iconic lls
Von Magtibay
'Von Magtibay' 2 months ago
chris smoove will love this highlights especialy draymond green oh you are not micheal jordan baby
Jose Quintanilla
'Jose Quintanilla' 2 months ago
Is it just me or does it look like his hairline is receding.
Doug Smith
'Doug Smith' 2 months ago
Ugly Lossserrr green negro shit!
Borko Curcic
'Borko Curcic' 2 months ago
Nice to see donkey go out! This is “person” who post dick pic on snapc. Also idot that eject every time this fucking team lost game. NBA is far away what it was. Shame for this sport.
'NeoLegendX' 2 months ago
So you get a T for ref not catching the ball
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